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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  January 23, 2022 9:30am-10:00am EST

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the house newt gingrich all caught up sunday morning on fox news 10:00 a.m. live. leave it right here in foxbusiness start smart every week day with us. from 6:00 a.m. -- 9:00 a.m. eastern for mornings with maria foxbusiness but help you start your day every weekday with us on foxbusiness without affronts for this weekend, thank you so much for being with us. have a great rest of weekend and i will see you again next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: this week on was a journal large joe biden celebrates doubling down on threat to american democracy apparently biting russia to help itself to ukraine for the white house as damage control the rest the country does not find much to celebrate. meanwhile in the real america 2022 started just about like 2021 left off selling
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horrifying crime in many cities as progressive prosecutors implement the criminal justice reforms. and, time to declare an end to the covid war as joe biden places and millions of masks to americans when it be better if we all just moved on? welcome to the wall street journal at large will discuss all the solar panel washington times opinion editor charlie hirt, former miami beach mayor philip levine pretty amazing the first year biden's presidency is broken promises failed leadership, missed opportunities at home and humiliation overseas. as you survey the landscape of surging prices, covid confusion, soaring crime rates, and a democratic party that cannot persuade us on senators to vote for signature legislation, you could be forgiven for think it's not exactly been a year of achievements. but apparently would be a wrong break laxity of challenges challenges but a year of enormous progress. i have probably outperformed any what what anyone thought would happen. gerry: even the cheerleaders in the media had a hard line
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pebbly new line joe biden presented at the news conference this week. best thing to say for the president's performance wasn't managed to stay in the for two hours. >> if you wanted to prove he could stand in for charts and take it, mission accomplished. >> you saw he was pugnacious in the way he were bonded to those repeated questions. >> it's really hard to stand in front of a bunch of hostile jerks, to go an hour and 40 minutes, an hour and 45 minutes and not screw up, really not screwup it all. it's really hard to do that. gerry: you probably reach a pretty low point when the media supplied the present for standing on his feet and speaking. unfortunate for the rest of us divided performance this week was a lot like his performance over the last year, dishonest, dissembling, divisive and really quite disturbing. biden says of course the current woes which would include the continuing pandemic and restriction imposed on our lives surging
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inflation, stalled agenda at home are all a fault of cruel fate and even cruel republicans. it's a strange claim, true, it has continued to bedevil much of the world. but his administration's weirdly incoherent policies only make things worse. has massive stimulus plan clearly added fuel to the inflation required from supply change disruption. it does own democrats, not the republicans, who stopped them from getting's major legislation through congress we can at least be grateful for that. the most troubling thing i think we learned this week is how biden sees the future. the democrats effort to take over election by the federal government were going down in the biden insisted american democracy face an existential threat from republican-controlled states. now serverless gop controlled states have election draws to remove some of the accommodations made in the pandemic election of 2020. but in almost all the states it so much easier to vote than it was a few years ago.
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biden however, knowing his parties facing historic defeat in the midterm elections this year, said the vote may not be legitimate. >> the prospect to be illegitimate as a direct proportion to its not being able to get these reforms passed. gerry: we have an illegitimate election supposedly print out the white house to try to walk like the president's remarks later but the message was still clear. if we are going to lose will say the election was stolen. we have heard that before. here's the big picture the democrats for the last year ignoring the wishes of the america people elected them tried to create that you progressive utopia party or later they contemplate the mess they have made, they're now telling us that any vote to reject their ideological cuckoo land will be a fraud. so much for restoring faith and democracy we heard so much about. let's talk about the souther panel joining in now for joe biden's first or washington times opinion and fox news contributor charlie hirt former mayor of miami beach philip levine. thank you so much for joining
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us gentlemen. charlie can start with you. we saw joe biden this week to mark his first anniversary in office. the thing that struck me beside the seemingly invited russia to invade parts of ukraine and declaring the elections this year would be illegitimate, thing that most struck me about it was the sense of denial. he does not seem to acknowledge any of the problems facing the country. if he does it's not his fault rates had extraordinary first year he claims to where the greatest first years of any president in history. he sits with an approval rating of 40% at the moment facing what everything looks like to be a huge defeat in the midterm elections. what do you think? do you he understands what's going on? >> that is a great question. i do not know. it's been a hallmark of this administration all year has been whether to inflation of the border crisis, any sort of
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a problem they never acknowledge it exists. they simply try to minimize it and talk about how it's really great. you listen how they talk about how great the economy is what regular voters realize the economy is not great. if they are not acknowledging they are not even acknowledging a problem you know there is no hope they're going to actually try to fix anything. gerry: philip levine you've been elected official you know what it takes to be accountable to voters. what do you make of this presidency so far? with had a year, as charlie said joe biden seems to think everything is fine or denies there's any problems going on. and yet i think most people would look at this and think there is a need for a reset right now. the president's not going anywhere with this major relation initiatives. the economy is facing inflation, covid has not gone there needs to be some kind of new thinking going on doesn't there? >> i think what it is, listening to the people what
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do people really saying out there? i do not hear people saying i was not able to vote. i do not hear people saying i cannot go to sleep at night because of ukraine. i think what people are saying is i am scared to walk out from my door in new york city, or chicago, or these other cities because her so much damn crime out there. everything is cussing more the supermarkets what am i going to do? i'm very concerned about what my kids are learning in school. my friend used to say if the economy is stupid i say something different the culture war stupid. it's not the economy. listen to the people. i think that is the challenge may be that the administration is having but there are having positive statements as well. gerry: charlie just brief of the present did say this week when he was asked, the midterm elections this year were basically going to be illegitimate if this legislation is not passed to essentially federalize the running of elections and that
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did not pass. are the democrats now in the position they accuse the republicans they don't trust elections anymore? we did spend the previous four years after making the same claim is very likely for them they generally have the media on their side. when i look back at this first year, the best indicator of where joe biden is and where democrats are right now is the fact that we have spent so much time, they have spent so much time obsessing over the filibuster. the recent have to obsess over the filibuster is because joe biden is not pursuing a broad agenda that is broadly supported by a wide margin of the american people. they are focusing on these minute issues like the election reform which has nothing to do with election reform it has to do with federalize and elections to submit democratic power in
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washington. that is not what people care about. if they focus on the broader things they would not have to worry about the filibuster. gerry: begot to take a quick break break coming up a major gaffe from president biden will sponsor international firestorm and escalate pressure between russia and ukraine but will talk about ukraine but will talk about this in more [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste
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>> russia will be held accountable if it invades it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it is a minor incursion we end up having to fight about what to do and not do et cetera. gerry: present biden's comments on wednesday alarmed officials and had damage control frenzy the ukrainian president publicly rebuked joe biden's comment reminded him there are no minor incursions and small nations. russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops along the ukrainian border. biden's comments open the door for potential russian aggression.
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our panel charlie hurt and philip levine. you said correctly were the problems of this administration is a scene we talk about things people not really care about. i think you're probably right most americans certainly americans are not wanting to fight and die to protect ukrainian sovereignty and i think we all understandt. i don't think they care that much about ukraine. thinking about the president said this week aren't the american entitled to expect a minimum level of competence from their commander-in-chief rather than something that does offer an opportunity and seem to expose divisions within the alliance of an opportunity for adversaries to make important gains? >> let me talk to about the real opportunity this opened up by president trump and now the president by that covering our southern flank that's called cuba. when the opportunity for a long time we eat could a carnival cruise ships there. both administration decided
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not to do that. my point being we have already heard russia alluded to it, but socko looked up at venezuela and cuba we left ourselves naked to the southern front. if i am pooped and i'm going to use that as a pressure point just like we did in 1963. that is the big concern americans should be thinking about right now. spending present pollutant of russia's station missiles in cuba and venezuela that certainly bring home this foreign policy crisis to american spirit charlie, let me ask you. present biden was elected he's america is back he says. he's going to restore trust in america and american alliances. what did you make of that performance this week and they clean up exercise white house had to do after words? >> i guess in his defense everything he said was incomprehensible. it's hard to pinpoint exactly what his policy is on all this.
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as a groundswell of american people sort of interest to the united states. there are people in washington who believe that or want to believe that. the way joe biden is handling this is a catastrophe. the only person who appreciated the confusion and idiocy of what joe biden did this week was vladimir putin. he realizes he has no strategy. he has no ability to articulate what it is he wants. we're almost left to assume this is what he wants. because again he's incomprehensible that is very, very dangerous when you're dealing with the glide like
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>> i think it's important we do not let this become mushy and bleed into the notion there some big spike in crime there isn't, there is not a big spike in crime. basically we do not have a crisis of a lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of crime part we do not have a crisis of violence. >> speaking of denial those philadelphia district attorney larry denying there is a crime spike in his city despite the
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22% increase in homicides there over this time last year. progressive denial will not stop the crime waves sweeping across united states. you can bet the relaxant policies will propagated even newly elected new york city mayor eric adams admitted this week it is not ill safe in his own city pay. >> day when i took the subway system i felt unsafe. i saw a homeless everywhere. people were yelling on the trains. was a feeling of disorder. >> will talk about this with our panel, philip levine you weren't mayor of a major city you are familiar with this. we do seem to have a phenomena across many cities in the united states of these progressive prosecutors we've seen in philadelphia was seen in los angeles elsewhere. democrats do seem to have this position at the moment they do not really want to prosecute violent crime. is it any wonder violent crime
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is increasing? >> the problem with that is not only increasing the turning them nationally. an unfortunate cause them to fault gamma side dylan democratic party. think i got married like eric adams the anti- gun unit i could type from the miami point of view we need bill de blasio back he's been the greatest and that ever happened to florida for the best thing that happened to miami. everything has moved here. spit it speaking of new york i'm afraid i got interrupted. i cannot possibly let you get away with that. as bad as things may be worse are they not going back there sorry i interrupted you carry on please. >> he thought you'd be a third term. there is no greater marketing and mammy them build a blaster
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that's been going on. the reality is the democrats are running some these progressive cities have unfortunately i am a democrat, been able to read the incompetency. it's not just the das at the law mayor's not supporting producing the turnaround let's the 1970s all over again people will not stand for it. like bloomberg and eric adams. >> it's not just incompetency it's does seem to be an ideological decision that kind of like as philip says back to that 70s the terrier will. we blame the victim speak cobble criminals. >> i cannot remember a single political issue in my lifetime where the line between what democrat politicians were saying and the results of their words and their actions is a more direct line, all republicans have to do is cut all kinds of audio, video of
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democrats are quite defend the police talk about all of this crazy stuff in their denial. in your talk about people being thrown and pushed in front of trains in new york city. your time at the highest crime rates around the country. serious crimes like murder. we have never seen a bolder, more direct line between rhetoric and action and the results of it. there are two things in politics that move voters more than anything else. one of course is personal economics, kitchen table economics. and the second is personal security paid the biden administration and democrat politicians have made catastrophes of both of these things most volatile political situation that we have seen in modern politics. >> and noncitizen voting. >> england to signal an end to
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>> our scientists believe is likely to be a micron wave is now peaked nationally. we and the certification and england. the government will no longer mandate the wearing of facemasks anywhere.
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[cheering] gerry: when he is not attending illicit parties at downing street announcing the end of covid restrictions and england. no mart mask wearing, working from home or vaccine certificates. they will simply have to learn to live with covid. is that such a bad idea quest rock meanwhile here in the united states joe biden is getting ready to hand out millions of free masks and covid test next week. only adding to the dismal impression of a never ending pandemic. let's bring in our panel, philip levine. i'm sure you just told us very amusingly how bill de blasio has been great for florida for the other thing that's been great for florida as a continuing insistence on mask wearing other states the freedoms you enjoy in florida are very, very welcome to a lot of people. is it really now time for the rest of the country to say that is it? this has now become endemic we need to move on with our lives? >> i think we talked about prime minister johnson's
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immediate action and timely action was quite contrived. he wants to get rid of these restrictions before his parliament gets rid of him let's be honest that's what that was it's pretty clear but i get it, i get it. in our country were a little behind the united kingdom were still spouting, spurring and peeking in different areas were going to see it apply to decrease redo i think masks are important? yes. can i get my kids to work mask? as good as the mayor i cannot, and constituents in my house and get them to wear them all the time. the reality is i think were going to have to live with omicron and live with covid breaks going to come, it's going to go. that's going to be our future. it took two years we will get rid of it. gerry: charlie hurt i think these admits rations across the country do not want to let go. they love having this authority they love having this control they do not want to let go. very quickly if you would. >> i think you're exactly right. it goes back to the point that this has become an issue they want to be right about as opposed to an issue they want to fix it.
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they are completely out of touch with their voters. they are still fighting a battle from two years ago as opposed to look into the future and try to fix problems and make things better. spent i've got to go important thank you very much to philip levine and charlie hurt me that that process week we back next week on wall street journal at lge ♪ ♪ jon jon welcome to bare ron's round table where we prepare you for the week ahead. i'm jack otter. coming up, 4, 5, 6, 7, how aggressive will the fed be with interest rate hikes this year? liz an saunders will explain. and later, stock picks from 2022 from one of the top investment strategists on wall street. we begin, as always, with what we think are the


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