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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 28, 2022 6:00am-9:00am EST

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totally top shelf. now you've seen it for yourself. i think it's unique, different, one in a million. second because that about both the houses. i don't know how will top this one. which will it be? a masterpiece nestled in the woods or this enormous country maria: good friday morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday january 28th and i'm coming to you live this morning from the u.s. southern border just outside of mcallen, texas across from mexico. we are getting another firsthand look at the growing and very dangerous illegal immigration crisis, thousands of migrant crossing every day and as we have been showing you many get jetted off on secret overnight flights to anywhere they want in
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the u.s. all courtesy to biden administration. not to mention fentanyl crosses at record rate enough to kill millions of americans. i spoke with texas governor greg abbott who say it is white house has yet to acknowledge any of these issues. have you heard from president biden on this border? >> no, never. maria: never? that's incredible. you will hear more from the exclusive interview plus my conversation with five attorneys generals that are here surveying the border and suing the administration, we will get into it all morning long. markets searching for direction after yesterday's losses, it was another volatile session yesterday on wall street, investors responding to better than expected fourth quarter gdp numbers and more hawkish federal reserve signaling 5 rate hike this is year instead of 4. will the first one be a half point rate hike inspread of a quarter. the dow at one point up better
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than 6 points yesterday but ended up erasing all the gains, mornings with maria is live right now. i sat down for exclusive interview with texas governor greg abbott, but alarming as human traffic asking the amount of i we will sit deadly drugs coming into america. >> one thing that's taken place, the number of people coming across the border has continued to increase and along those lines is just astonishing the we have a president who is fail to go step up and do anything about it. over the pascal dearer year, it's been about 2 million people come across the border illegally from more than 150 different countries across the entire globe including, maria, people coming from terrorist-based nations. we have a president who is not
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protecting us by national security for allowing people from terrorist 36-base nations coming across our border and worse, the deadly fentanyl. the president does not care about the lives of fellow americans. let me tell you this, over the past years texas law enforcement seized enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in texas, california, new york, illinois and florida combined and president biden does not care. group age 18 to 45 this past year, most people died from fentanyl than car wrecks and cancer and we have a president that allows it to continue to come across the border. it's coming from china to mexico to the united states and it is texas law enforcement that's having to step up and do it. the reason texas law enforcement is doing it is because biden does not provide the adequate number of border patrol whose
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sworn job it is to secure our border instead they are just processing people who are coming across the border. it is texas who -- since the last time i saw you down here we have added about 10,000 national guard, more dps officers, we are making arrests of people coming across the border illegally and since the last time you were down here, texas is now building our own border wall. maria: yeah, that is incredible and i want to talk about that. we will go see the border wall as well. let me go back to some of the things you mentioned. first off to fentanyl. if this is being made the underline components being made in china, why is china sending thus fentanyl? i know it comes to mexico, are they trying to kill us all. we know there was covid, intellectual property activity. china is an adversary, what's the answer? >> along the lines of potentially killing people off, the audience needs to know that a deadly dose of fentanyl is
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2 milligrams, smaller than two grains of salt and before the end of this year, they'll be more than enough fentanyl seized to kill all americans so this is an existential threat to the united states, a national security-based issue especially the fact that it's coming from china. there are countless ways that this could be given to people that would kill so many americans. the president has to stop sitting in his bedroom and get out and do something about this. maria: i do not think i've heard president biden mention fentanyl once. >> i've never heard it. >> maria, he does not care. the american public needs to know he doesn't care about the deadly fentanyl. maria: i want to ask you about the lawlessness happening because the supreme court ruled that the vaccine mandate was unconstitutional, we also know that the court's rules that they have to reinstitute remain in mexico. now if you have two million
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people having breached the border over the last year and only what 267 people have been sent back to mexico, are they actually reinstating remain in mexico or are they blowing it off? >> let me put this in context, you've seen, you probably have reported on the lawlessness that we've seen in cities like san francisco and los angeles, portland, seattle, new york city where they have defund the police and have criminals who are completely disregarding law enforcement. that attitude start at the top. it start with the president and when you have a president of the united states who himself is ignoring the law, refusing to enforce the law, allowing criminals to break that law, that goes down into the entire system and that's why when biden does not enforce the border security laws, when biden allows people in the country illegally, willingly and telling the public that people get to roam around
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illegally. when biden is involved in secretly transporting people that they apprehend down here and they drop off in new york state people see that and they know that's lawlessness and i tell you what, there's an uprising in the attitude of americans about this anger and at the top and unless and in until the president himself is enforcing the rule of law and that includes the immigration laws passed by congress that exist right now and the constitution of the united states that requires the president to secure the border, one last thing about this, maria, americans are angry. the president is deploying people, risking their lives and spending millions if not billions of dollars to secure in other countries that won't have any effect in united states of america but the president would not deploy resources need to secure our own border here in the united states. maria: well, he's worried about the ukraine border.
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have you heard from president biden on this border? >> no, never. maria: never? that's incredible. i want to get back to this story that fox news has exclusive video bill did great job open this story where we have pictures of unaccompanied white males being dumped in buses and then bussed to private jets, dropped off in cities across the country, our reporters spoke with them and they said we are going to miami, we are going to houston, we are going there, are they doing this secretly so that the public doesn't find out. >> they are doing it secretly in part so the public won't find out. the other thing they are doing it secretly is because this -- it actually also is in violation of a court order here in texas.
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let me explain. texas brought a law enforcement against the biden administration for releasing people like this and they told the court they would not release any single adult men into the united states, instead they would comply with title 42 requirements and send them back and they told the court, the federal district court here in texas that they would do that, they are acting continue rare to what they told a federal judge, we will be asking the federal judge to put sanctions on the biden administration for not complying with the federal court order and not complying with federal law. maria: because title 42 said that you're supposed to send unaccompanied males back. >> exactly. maria: and all unaccompanied males are going to miami, houston. >> they are going to be in a lot of trouble. maria: where is this going because he's the president and if he's, you know, breaking the
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law, so far there hasn't been any accountability? >> you raise a great question. i tell you where accountability needs to begin. there's the president and the secretary mayorkas. and i saw calls already earlier this week by members of the u.s. house of representatives calling for the impeachment of mayorkas. that process needs to begin and that process needs to go wherever it may lead, there's lawlessness in the united states of america right now and it start at the top position in the country and need to stop and biden needs to be held accountable for the lawlessness he himself is causing. maria: well, your troopers, your department of public safety have been -- i was told that 156 miles in arizona you've got four agents. >> it's outrageous. part of the way that biden
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increasingly allows people to come across the border by biden reducing resources to deploy in the border. texas as a state is deploying more resources in the border than the united states of america as a country. texas taxpayer alone in the next two years, we are spending $3 billion to secure our border, i think that's for more than what the federal government is spending here in texas or or here in the united states. why is it the states could step up and do the job at the border, i will answer the question because biden wants open border. his party wants open borders which is why no one in leadership position are doing anything to hold the presidentable. maria: why does he want open borders? >> because he campaigned on open borders. beto o'rourke campaigned on open borders, why do they have the ideology of opening our border to people from more than 150 countries across the world, i
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have no idea, however, what i do know that it's been reckless, dangerous and deadly, not just with fentanyl drugs with people killed in the region and people's ranches being ripped apart, people's neighborhoods being disturbed. there are people in this area, you mentioned this is your fourth trip down here, i come down here on average more than 4 times a month and i talk to the locals down her about what's going on. they are angry about the president. they are angry about the democrat leadership in washington, d.c., not doing anything to keep their communities safe. maria: yeah, i want to get back to that because i've spoken with a number of ranchers and they said they ranches are getting trashed, gates broken in and they can see people are there. but you joust mentioned beto o'rourke. you've got your upcoming reelection campaign, how are you feeling, have you heard about this border crisis from beto o'rourke? >> so beto o'rourke is actually complaining about me securing the border. he's living up to the
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open-border policies that he campaigned on when he ran for president. imagine what texas will be like if we had open border beto working along the side of open border biden. it would be catastrophic and that's why so many texans including historically democrats in this region in south texas supporting me because they know i am the only one who is going to protect them to keep them safe from these crazy open border policies. maria: you want to tell us what your priorities are in a new term? >> first thing we have to do is we must continue to secure the border. second thing is we want to make sure that parents are going to have -- be put back into the rifle position of being the decision makers for their children as it concerns to their health care and their education. we shouldn't have other people telling a parent whether or not their child should wear a mask or to get a vaccine, that's a parent's right to make that decision. maria: we will have more of my
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exclusive interview coming up with texas governor greg abbott beginning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. we will slip in a short break. when we come back, we are just getting started, coming a firsthand lack at the crisis at the southern border, we are live in edenberg, texas all morning long. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, we are coming to you live from edenberg, texas, right outside of mcallen where we are getting firsthand look looking at the growing crisis, i'm here with dagen mcdowell and joe concha, we just heard part 1 of my exclusive interview with texas governor. we have not padres one peep about fentanyl despite the fact that we are seeing more than a
6:19 am
hundred thousand overdose deaths. dagen: it certainly shows a commander in call usness, joe biden does not stand up for the rule of law, he does not uphold the laws of the united states by allowing this border to be wide open and he makes no effort to save lives in this country. this is a second pandemic coming from china into the united states. fentanyl poisoning being the number 1 cause of death of young people age 18 to 45 in this country. and so you have a president that's enabling the poisoning and murder of young americans who doesn't do anything and who doesn't say anything. that's the commander in chaos.
6:20 am
maria: it's outrageous, joe, china is obviously sending the drug in and mainstream media quiet about what dagen just mentioned, 18 to 45-year-olds are dying largely because of elicit narcotics. >> think of the press conference last week, the president nearly up there for 2 hours and he isn't asked the following, this is what i would have asked and no one asked it of course, more than 2 million people crossed the southern border, two and a half total times the population of state of pennsylvania. now the leading killer as dagen just mentioned for those in the country between 18 and 49 more than covid and suicide. what are you and your vice president doing to address the border crisis, can you educate
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the american people on what fentanyl is and the fentanyl crisis is killing so many young americans, what is your plan to stop that. i'd love to hear the answer to that because i'm certain he doesn't have them nor do i think he knows what fentanyl is. >> the good news is we found the root causes, we are here in mcallen and we found the root cause, it's joe biden's policy. we will take a beck and come back and focus on the federal reserve, markets pricing in 5-plan rate hikes instead of four, what it means for your wallet when we come back.
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as a business owner, your bottom line is always top of mind. so start saving by switching to the mobile service designed for small business: comcast business mobile. flexible data plans mean you can get unlimited data or pay by the gig. all on the most reliable nationwide network. with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ maria: welcome back, stocks are lower this morning following another volatile day for markets yesterday. but look at the bright spot, apple reported record quarter
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boosting by sales. apple reported strong numbers and the stock is up 3 and a half percent right now. we are also standing by for readings on december personal income and december personal spending, we will get the core pce which the fed focuses on, all out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. joining me right now for allocating capital, wealth consultant ceo jimmy lee, jimmy, thank you very much for being here. assess this week and this year to date where markets have been so nervous about the upcoming program changes at the federal reserve? >> good morning, maria. great to be with you especially during the volatile time in the markets, yes, it's been, you know, a little different than what we are used to when it comes to volatility but for a long time i've been warning investors to be cautious especially of a high-valuation stocks where some of the retail favorites that everybody was getting into and we have seen a rotation now out of a lot of the
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high-valuation names and into some of the cyclical and value sectors as we have seen with energy, financials, consumer staples leading the way of the recent time period here, so, you know , i think that investors are trying to digest what is going to happen this year in terms of the big headwind or the fed tightening, of course, there are many critics out there of the fed that they are behind the curb in terms of raising rates and jay powell is signaling on what's going to happen and i don't think we will see any surprises. one thing that may happen which is a little bit of contrarian view today that maybe the fed ends up not as hawkish and doesn't raise as much because inflation calms down in the second half of the year and there's a chance that could happen. maria: or maybe because the markets will be so disruptive because of the rate hikes that the fed will need to get out of the way. i wonder what you feel will be the trend this year.
6:28 am
obviously jay powell said that he is going to be raising rates in march but if you're talking about four, five, some even say six rate hikes, why wouldn't he raise rates half a point in march versus a quarter point that many people are expecting, do you think we are going to get a much bigger rate hike in march than people thought, half a point increase. >> i don't, maria, i think we can afford one but i don't think chairman powell wants to be the person to be viewed as possibly causing a stock market correction even deeper than what we have today or possibly sending the economy into some sort of a recession because of the fed taking too quickly. investors are going to be viewing the speed of the tightening and gage as to whether or not it's going to be a good landscape such as
6:29 am
equities but they have been signaling exactly what they are going to do and i know the last fed meeting was viewed as more hawkish in the sentiment. i really don't see that, i think since we are a consumer-led economy, consumer is still street signing and the fed will be data dependent on that and if we get a lot of bad news that could change what i think a half a move. maria: obviously as rates go higher that creates competition for stocks, look at the ten-year today up four basis points right now. do you want to start putting money in fixed income and taking it out of stocks or are you still looking for opportunities to buy on the dip here. >> just the opposite, maria, i'm very cautious still of bonds throughout the rest of this year as i think that interest rates are going to move up especially
6:30 am
on the longer end and with the fed shortening -- sorry tightening and it's going to be difficult land escape for bond investors and i know the cliché sounds old by buying on the dip right around the 10% number on s&p 500 seems to be a good idea with a lot of support so what we've done is added to earlier in the year our sectors such as energy financials, some of the economy opening sectors that i think will benefit materials and industrials and investors, i think, will finally have a chance to get some value out of value stocks, make sure that you look underneath the hood of portfolios as we know top 5 companies, s&p 500, index investors have become overweighted and they are down more this year investing into indexes and some of the active managers are, really take a report to make sure that you're diversified, again diversification is a boring term
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but it's very important in 2022. maria: sure. jimmy, great to have you, thanks very much for checking in, jimmy lee joining us this morning. quick break and then jackson county sheriff is here to break down biden's bad border policy as we see spike in human trafficking and drug trafficking, don't miss it. we are here on the border this morning, that start at 8:00 a.m. eastern. don't miss that interview. back in a moment ♪ ♪ ♪ move to a sofi personal loan. earn $10 just for viewing your rate — and get your money right.
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6:36 am
reporting releasing tweet in part saying this is not true, reports are anything different, are completely false. meanwhile the state department is vowing to cancel the north stream two pipeline should russia invade ukraine. >> it needs to be tested and it needs to be certified and it is currently a hunk of metal at the bottom of the ocean. maria: that pipeline has become u.s. and nato's bargaining ship as they watch build-up in the border. cheryl, good morning. cheryl: dow component, i wanted to get the numbers in for you, number 1 beat on caterpillar, earnings per share 269, we were only looking for 226, as for renew a strong beat 13.8 billion, we were looking for 13.5 billion. remember it's the china commentary that we care about
6:37 am
from caterpillar, maria, i know that you do as well because that's a quarter of the sales of the asia pacific, asia pacific sales were down 8%. that's something that's going to come up on the earnings call this morning at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. north american sales only jumping 1% despite the housing boom and, of course, the commodity that we have seen forms across the country, latin american sales 15% but the china commentary analysts will want to hear more about when caterpillar start conference call at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. stock also jumping even more as we continue we are watching the stock this morning. we are also watching what's happening here in washington, d.c., supreme court justice steven breyer making it official announcing retirement at the white house yesterday. breyer outlined to finish term and end 27-tenure. he urged president biden to appoint a black woman to replace
6:38 am
justice breyer and floated a possible candidate. it's been reported previously that when biden was running for president back in 2020 he received clyburn's endorsement that he would appoint a black female to the court given a chance, maria. those are some of your headlines, we are watching a lot more earnings, back to you down in texas. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you so much. we have been closely covering this deadly fentanyl crisis at the southern border. in 2021 nearly 10,000 pounds of fentanyl was seized. that saw 40.8% year over year to 2020. here is texas governor greg abbott and what he told me yesterday about the fentanyl coming into this country. >> for the past year texas law enforcement has seized enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in texas, california, new york, illinois combined and president biden does not care. maria: i don't think i've heard president biden mention fentanyl
6:39 am
once. >> i've never heard it. maria: in a year. >> maria, he does not care. the american public needs to know he doesn't care about the deadly fentanyl. maria: joining me right now is the attorney general of west virginia patrick and ag, it's great to see you. thank you very much -- >> thank you for shining the spotlight on this critical issue. maria: it's incredible. your state is on the front lines of the fentanyl crisis. overdose deaths from the drug nearly doubled from 2019 to 2020. tell me why west virginia is particularly vulnerable? >> well, we are vulnerable because when you setouter border disaster that's going on, ultimately those ingredients that are coming from china going to the mexican drug cartels and then the product it's made, it's shipped over the border and eventually makes its way to the heartlands of america including west virginia and we are seeing fentanyl deaths and overdose rates go through the roof.
6:40 am
i mean, literally body bags are lining up at a leverage that you can't imagine because of what's happening right down here. that's outrageous and we need to have a lot more focus on president biden. it's malfeasance at the highest level. it needs more attention in west virginia national. maria: i'm wondering if this is a serious dereliction of duty because we hear president biden talk about voting rights, attacking the republicans, what are republicans for, not once has he addressed the fentanyl crisis. >> well, he hasn't, the homeland security secretary mayorkas, his position should be terminated right now. he needs to be fired immediately because you can't allow this kind of senseless death to keep going on and say, oh, well, there's nothing that we can do. we have been pressing the homeland security department biden and now we wrote a letter to secretary of state blinken, we think biden and blinken press
6:41 am
the mexican government to crack down on mexican cartels because that's where the problem is coming from. maria: the cartels are making so much money. yesterday when we were together at the border wall, the -- one of the agents told us that just from human trafficking these mexican cartels are making $100 million a week. >> that's right. maria: a week. imagine how much they are making from the drug trade. i know you said that mayorkas single-handily sabotaged the border and you sent the letters. do you think you will have any success here? what are you going to do, wait for another election or do you think there's actually a chance that he -- there will be accountability for his refusal to acknowledge all of this? >> i think americans have to rise up and as they see body bags keep lining up because of the absolutely failed and terrible policies of the biden administration, there's always hope but we have to keep the pressure up. we have lawsuits, we want them to enforce the laws. west virginia needs to put even
6:42 am
more time and resources to stopping this problem, helping what texas and others have done. we have to keep fighting. every day that there's an action means that more people are going to die. >> this was a really impressive showing yesterday. 13 ag's coming to the border because texas ag ken paxton putting the summit together. some of you had not been here before. >> cudos to governor abbott and ken paxton for organizing this because being here is a very eye-opening experience. you have the chance to see it firsthand and you see what is happening with the wall and how texas and states are helping up to step. we need to shine the spotlight on what's happening. >> tell me about the people of west virginia because west virginia senator joe manchin has been butting heads with his own party. obviously he and senator kyrsten sinema stalled president biden's agenda both sided with republicans and refuse today change the filibuster rule. why would we want to blow up the
6:43 am
senate rules and they opposed the build back better massive spending. what are your thoughts in terms of the voters, the people in west virginia in terms of what's going on with these two senators? >> yeah, i think we have to be positive when people are doing the right thing and obviously, you know, coming from me, i think it's important to note i'm rooting him on. i want him to do the right thing and west virginians like when folks stand up to the federal government on what's happening. i would ask senator manchin to use some of that energy right now to pressure biden to get him to focus a lot more on the immigration disaster, on the fentanyl flooding into our state. that's the number 1 issue from my perspective. covid is important but fentanyl, people are dying by the bucket load and it's not getting the attention. maria: what could you do about it? >> a couple of things, number 1 we are joining litigation to uphold the laws, texas is taken a lot of the lead on immigration cases, we filed the lawsuit against the homeland security department and we will train a lot of pressure with the ag's on
6:44 am
blinken, on biden, on mayorkas and others, uphold the darn law and start to pressure the mexican drug cartels. we also have to look at the financial streams, the amount of money flooding into the u.s. with the safe houses and the resources coming in. it's a huge problem and it deserves the attention, start to look at those financial streams. maria: of course. look at the journey that these people are taking. there's rape happening, human trafficking, it's absolutely so sad and not even a conversation about it in this white house. it's extraordinary. >> it's unbelievable. look, it's murder, mayhem at the highest possible level. maria: unbelievable. >> and you couldn't imagine -- this is america and our border is just being run over and the feds are not stepping up. maria: ag, great to have you this morning. >> great to be here. maria: thank you so much. patrick morrisey from west virginia. quick break and i will be speaking from the attorneys generals from 3 other states, they are here surveying the
6:45 am
border on the summit that ken paxton put together. they are suing the administration as well. we will get into it, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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all on the most reliable nationwide network. with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ maria: welcome back. we were just talking with west virginia attorney general patrick morrisey on how the border crisis is impacting his date. dagen mcdowell, joe conchai wonder what you think on what you heard from the ag about all of the fentanyl coming to west virginia. they are saying, joe, it takes 24 to 48 hours to get from the border to bigties. joe: that's amazing. can i confirm, maria, the big headline out of your reporting, did you say that mexican cartels are making $100 million per day on this?
6:50 am
maria: 100 million a week. joe: thank you. maria: me too. i was struck by the number. 100 million a week p. that doesn't include the drug trafficking, that's just human trafficking. >> you're talking a billion or even a trillion dollar business at this point. ly read you what the da has to say about this, as u.s. overdose deaths reach new high claiming a new victim every 5 minutes, the drug enforcement administration revealed related overdose deaths and mexico, it goes onto say the groups are harnessing social media forms to bring drugs laced with fentanyl and fake prescription pills with one click of a smartphone. the da seized enough fentanyl to provide lethal doze to every american per your report earlier. so, yeah, this is a crisis and to your point, if you go back and lack at any transcript of any speech that the president or
6:51 am
vice president has done last year in 2021, that word does not come up once, once and yet it's killing so many americans, 100,000. the media needs to get out of this outside of maria bartiromo, that's for sure and start to tackle this administration on this catastrophe. maria: yeah, dagen, it's coming from china, we are not expecting joe biden to push china in any way. he claims he brought up covid and the origins of covid to xi jinping but they won't release the transcript, will they? dagen: no, they won't. so these are two pandemics, how many americans have to die this year and the prior under president biden and how many people need to die from fentanyl before this administration start speaking up and caring and taking steps to stop it because what they are doing is trying to hide the fact that illegal
6:52 am
immigrants are being sent across the country under the cover of the night, you wouldn't do it at night if you weren't trying to hide it, and remember bill migrants under the bridge where the faa, the biden administration banned drone flights because they didn't like the look of it. it's all about optics and not death. maria: yeah. that's right. and unfortunately this is impacting american families devastatingly. we are live from the u.s.-mexico border, we will be here all morning long. we came down and hit the ground running. here is what we did moments after arriving. i just left a meeting with many of the attorneys generals that are here, ken paxton to see this new wall that was funded by texas as well as the former wall that has a ton of gaps in it. i was told that the mexican cartels are making $100 million a week on human smuggling. we will take a break and talk
6:53 am
with some of those ag's when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ . . . i'm steve. i lost 138 pounds in 9 months on golo and taking release. golo saved my life. i was way overweight, and that's what sent me down the path, was i--i wanted to make sure and live for my kid.
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maria: well, despite all of the issues on the southern border, the economy of texas is actually surging. dozens of companies including oracle, tesla, hewlett-packard, moving to the state to escape high tax, government regulationses. here's texas governor greg abbott and what he said about the economy today. congratulations on all of the companies moving to texas. you've got texas instruments, you've got samsung building a chip factory, you've got tesla and elon musk taking his head quarters here. you've been paying extra bonuses. assess the economy for us. >> the economy in texas has never been better. as we gather today right now more texans have a job than ever before in the history of the state. we're the best state for doing business, number one state for most economic development
6:58 am
projects. we're number one in the united states as the best state for small businesses to start. and so whether you're large or small, texas is the best place for business. and we are because we have low taxes, reasonable regulation, right to work law as well as we develop the very best workforce in the united states. as a result, we've seen not only businesses moving from other states, but we see businesss in the state of texas grow and flourish. texas is a land of opportunity. let me give you an example. when i talked to elon musk which was now less than two years ago, it was first in april of 2020 and then we kind of finalized everything in june of 2020, he said he needed to build this more than mile long giga factory. he said it would take five to 10 years in california. he got the factory built in a year and-a-half in texas. we operate at the speed of business in texas. if you need permits accelerated,
6:59 am
if you need regulations accelerated, things like that, we find a way to work and the to assist the job creators and the innovators in our state and a that's why texas is the home of innovation. whether it be tesla, spacex, blue origin taking off here or all the legacy based companies. maria: yeah, a great story in texas. dagen mcdowell, your thoughts? you know, the chip shortage is one thing i brought up with the governor because we've got texas instruments here as well as samsung now building a $17 billion chip factory as well, dagen. dagen: texas in part is providing hope to bringing that production back to u.s. shores and to alleviating over time those very shortages you're talking about but i'll note as the governor was talking about, texas along with arizona, idaho and utah have recovered all of the jobs lost when covid-19 hit and it's because of the open,
7:00 am
friendly, relaxed policies of these states that push individualism and hard work and rewarding that hard work that have attracted not just businesses, but their employees as they flee places like california and new york. maria: yeah. you're right. joe? >> just quickly, the top five states that americans are fleeing, this is per money wise, new jersey, new york, i'll he no, connecticut and california. maria, dagen, you'll never guess what those five states have in common. they're run by democrats. maria: yeah. that's right. and by the way, you're also seeing 25-year highs on murder in some big cities right now. dagen and joe, stay right there. the next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now, live from the u.s./mexico border. ♪ maria: welcome back.
7:01 am
good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, january 28th. coming up, we are bringing you firsthand experience and looks at the border between mexico and texas. i'm coming to you right now from the area where there is all of this unused border construction material. this will go unused. of course, the state of texas funded this new wall behind us. coming up, an exclusive interview with governor abbott in the next hour. first, we will speak with the attorneys generalses of the nation who came to this region this weekend to survey the border crisis, that's coming up. but first, take a look at markets this friday morning. futures are mixed. extending yesterday's losses pretty much across the board. the dow industrials down 168 points, the nasdaq is lower by 5 and-a-half and the s&p 500 lower by 16 and-a-half. it has been a very nervous year as investors question the impact
7:02 am
of the federal reserve's multiple rate hikes to come. yesterday markets were higher, responding to a better than expected fourth quarter gdp, a more hawkish federal reserve, signaling five rate hikes this year instead of four. the dow at one point was up better than 600 points. but look at where it closed, down 7 and a third. the nasdaq was down 189 at the close yesterday. the s&p 500 gave up 23 points. "mornings with maria" is live right now. well, bad policy equals bad outcomes, as i've been reporting for over a year, president biden's wide open border policies have created a growing and deadly fentanyl crisis in america, among other crises. nearly 10,000 pounds of fentanyl was sized last -- seized last year, that's up 40% from 2020. i spoke texas governor greg abbott about the fentanyl crisis and where the deadly drug is coming from.
7:03 am
watch this, the underlying components are made in china. why is china sending us this fentanyl. i know it comes through mexico. are they trying to kill us off? we know there's covid, there was the intellectual property theft. china is an adversary. what's the answer? >> along those lines of potentially killing people off, the audience needs to know that a deadly dose of fentanyl is 2 milligrams. it's smaller than two grains of salt. and before the end of this i don't remember there will be more than enough fentanyl seized to kill americans. the president has to stop sitting in his bedroom and get out and do something about this. maria: i do not think i've heard president biden mention fentanyl once. >> i never heard it, in a year maria, he does not care. the american public needs to know he doesn't care about the deadly fentanyl. maria: joining me right now is indiana attorney general,
7:04 am
florida's attorney general and eric schmitt. it was important for you all to be here to see firsthand what's going on. i know you've been here a few times. but what was your reaction to what you heard from governor abbott in terms of this fentanyl crisis? eric, let's start with you in missouri. >> well, i think it reaffirms the point we've all been making. every state is a border state now. a lot of times illegal i'll immigrants are just moving through the border towns so it's a crisis and the administration has not given it serious thought, has completely opened up the southern border and these are -- these drugs and fentanyl in particular, particularly deadly, finding their way into our communities and so i think that's why it's so important for the states to band together to find solutions, why we joined with texas on remain in mexico, why we filed a lawsuit to finish the border wall. there's a lot more to do certainly the solution isn't opening the sound border, moving
7:05 am
people in the middle of the night, allowing illegal p i'm grants to travel -- immigrants to travel with arrest warrants. we need to do something about it. maria: you've been suing this administration over a lost of things, even the mask mandate as well. >> yeah. the administration doesn't respect the rule of law, that's what we figured out. they're obsessed with power and they want to fundamentally transform this country and so in our system of federalism, the states created the federal government to be a government of limited powers. we're going to do everything we can as ags, missouri has done that to push back, whether on vaccine mandates, whether it's on remain in mexico, we take those case toss the supreme court and win so we have to continue to fight back. >> you mentioned governor abbott in texas. they deserve to be thanked and you he deserve to be thanked for everything you've done. i heard it from governor abbott and ken paxton. joe biden is a law a breaker and he's helping law breakers. what is going on at the border is lawlessness and he's aiding
7:06 am
and abetting it. we as attorneys general have to take the fight to joe biden and the federal government so we can keep our country. that's what this is about. maria: it's no surprise that you see all this lawlessness around the country. it's sort of starting at that time top, i guess. look at the smash and grabs. have you ever seen anything like this? look at the union pass particular railroad in california with the fed ex boxes and ups boxes. >> this president set the tone for this administration early on, right out of the gate. what did they do? they can soled operation tall talonwhich was sent to hunt dowe sexual predators and sexual offenders. they canceled it. they canceled detainers we had on those here illegally that were committing crimes in our states, against our citizens. they started candling detainers and letting back out into our communities burglars, heroin traffickers, serious offenders. that set the stage. we sued immediately, as soon as the president took office we had to push back and start suing and
7:07 am
so they're staying ahead of the game. they'll change policies. we have to sue again. but the attorneys general in this nation are leading this fight to make sure this president follows the law. maria: yeah. >> eric mentioned that it wasn't a border crisis, just. by the time someone breaks the law at the border here, within 48 hours they're in indiana. before i came down, this is my second trip, i come down multiple times to remind myself about what's really going on down here bought it's easy to forget. without you, without others focusing on it we forget. if we do forget it's going to pop up and manifest in more expensive, more treacherous ways. before i left here, this time i spoke with the association of chiefs of police, every indiana community and i asked by a show of hands who here isn't been impacted by the biden lawlessness at the border, who hasn't had an increase in crime, increase in fentanyl, increase in death, increase in progs pro,
7:08 am
increase in human trafficking since january 2021, they all raised their happened that they did, every community. >> i can't believe more media isn't shining a light ons this. we've had transport of folks into our state, had someone killed, here in texas they lost an officer to one of these illegal immigrants. maria: he was illegal from el salvador. we talked about that yesterday. >> how is this network -- maria: we have to keep coming down here. if you don't and if we don't cover it, it will be off the front pages. they want it to be off the front pages. everything is great. there are reports that nearly 70% of migrants who illegally cross the border end up in florida. >> yeah. well, and look, this is intentional as ashley said. on the remain in mexico policy, president trump had a secure border. and- maria: at a 20 year low. >> if you came here seeking asylum you would get a court date. mexico was the waiting room.
7:09 am
under president biden they're released into the interior of the united states, given a court date, never to be seen again. two, president trump was moving forward with the border wall. we see bits and pieces of it here. there's $4 million still allocated to finish the law. congress has set the money aside. joe biden is literally paying contractors to not put the wall up. we were there yesterday and saw rusting pieces of this wall that could go up. maria: i saw it. >> they aren't going up. >> texas asked to buy the material, pay again the taxpayers for it so they can erect it themselves. the federal government, biden would not let it happen. maria: they wouldn't allow them to buy it. why? >> when we saw the surges over the summer, we were looking at the numbers, they were record high, more than ever recorded in terms of folks pouring over our border, unvetted so we have to way to control what's happening. now normally we see a dip. we're still seeing record
7:10 am
numbers. it's incredible. and as those that are working with law enforcement every day, we're not only now saying joe biden, do your job, follow the law, stop working against us. stop building programs to help the cartels. maria: i was told in arizona you've got 156 miles of border and they've got four border agents to cover 156 miles. so they don't have the resources. you talk about defunding the police. i feel like there's a little defunding of the border agents going on. >> absolutely. this is intentional. we heard from you law enforcement -- from law enforcement, $100 million a week. maria: a week. >> that's the business of human trafficking with the cartels. that should shock everyone in the country. human beings are being moved, being sold in the united states of america because we have a southern border and we have a president who doesn't want to do anything about it. it's crazy. maria: he's never been -- >> mayorkas said we fundamentally changed immigration policy in the united
7:11 am
states and we're doing more in '22. what they've done is they built their own criminal organization, they need their own gang side because they're facilitating and accommodating the human trafficking and drug cartels. they're helping bring folks into the interior. you see the disastrous results in the states. maria: what's the motivation. >> -- law breakers helping law breakers. >> here's what's interesting. in virginia, okay, the hispanic voters voted for conservative candidates, okay. because they, like everybody else in the country, appreciate the rule of law. >> that's what they fled from. they illegally came to the united states. >> it's cynical on the part of the administration. it's wrong, affecting our communities across the country and we have to do something about it. >> i think it's deeper than politics. maria: i think it's deeper too. >> they don't like america. they really don't.
7:12 am
we have to acknowledge that. there are people that want to put america not first, sometimes last and treat us like a door mat. until the american people wake up and figure it out and demand that -- what to do, to do. we're filing suits. we're investigating. ken paxton is doing a great job here. i asked do you need help. absolutely. send the guard, state troopers and game -- a game war dens. we're going to protect the border. maria: kamala harris went to honduras again and didn't stop at the border again. the last time she was here she went to the border she wasn't at the border. >> how many have been at the border? we're all raising our hands. bidens has never been here. maria: how is that possible. >> i think the american people are tired of being insulted with kamala harris talking about root causes and going somewhere else, state departments are talking about the sovereignty of other
7:13 am
countries' borders and we have a porous border. that's why his approval rating is a disaster. people don't see any leadership. maria: does the administration care? even after the polls were in the bottom of the barrel and people were rejecting the build back better agenda, they came back and started trying to push it through again. so there's a little -- either it's a tin ear or they don't care that the voters are reject whack they're selling. >> -- rejecting what they're selling. >> the radical left has taken over the democrat party a, they've talked about for years open borders and amnesty and they're getting exactly what they probably never thought they would get but they've got all the levers in washington right now tilting toward the democrats and they're doing what they said they would do. >> they're frantic about the elections coming up. prior to the elections,
7:14 am
they'll try to ram through policies. they are creating programs be in the immigration space that they don't have authority to do. maria: they don't want you to have an id to vote. >> get ready for the midterm variant. all of a sudden it's not safe for grandma to go to the ballot box, we'll have political operatives collect the ballots. maria: i'm laughing but it's not funny. the american people are questioning elections. that's not me. that's what people are saying. >> absolutely. >> as former secretary of state, if we don't have confidence in our election process, we don't have anything. and so we've got to get back to that. id is a simple way to prove you are who you say you are. maria: can you stop this? can you stop a massive amount of mail-in ballots coming for the congressional races? i mean, are we going to have a problem shutting down counting in two days like we did in 2020.
7:15 am
2020.>> in missouri we had lefg liberal lawyers come and file lieutenants. lawsuits. we won all a of them. >> we moved forward, a big win for the country, a big win for workers, a win for freedom. you get asked the question, do you think it slows them down. i think the opposite. they see what's coming, they see the tsunami coming in november. they'll do everything they can. they want to pack the court, want to add states to the union, federalize elections. a lot of those actions will be administratively and the ags will push back and take them to court an win. >> the ags are focusing on the details and the facts. when they start talking about voting rights act and they're trying to federalize elections, trying to take from the states what we were promised when we signed onto this united states of america, they're trying to
7:16 am
federalize elections. so we can't let them spin this narrative like this is allowing everyone to vote and equal voting. people can vote. we have to make sure our elections are secure. and stop trying to mischaracterize what folks are trying to do in terms of election integrity. maria: they're sticking to their guns on that. they're pounding this idea that it's the republicans trying to mess with the vote. >> don't take the premise that elections are hard or it's hard to access the ballot box. it's particularly easy in america to do this. maria: didn't we have the best showing in terms of people coming out to vote in 2020? didn't we have the best showing in terms of the african-american community coming out and voteing in 2020. so who is suppressing what? >> here's the good news, as i get around my state and a i'm sure it's true, there's something happening on the ground. it's the parents who are showing up to school board meetings who object to critical race theory and forced masking of their
7:17 am
kids. we're fighting that in missouri as other ags are. people are engaged. they see what's happening in the country and they don't like it. they see the people in charge don't love this country. they're trying to sabotage this country. >> trying to fundamentally change it. >> so it's unrecognizable. people aren't going to have it. >> it's the moms, the parents going to -- you know, when they learn this information, you see what's happened. when parents realize what's happening, they will stand up. that's why we so appreciate you shining a light on this. as a mother of a young school age child, when we hear what's going on, when we hear about folks being imported into our states that we know nothing about. i had to sue to get information about who the administration is bringing here from the border. we have no idea. maria: have you gotten any answer? >> we're in court right now. we'll keep pushing. this is par for the course with them. they're doing these things and not telling us, the one that's are supposed to be working with law enforcement to keep the states safe. i have to sue my own government
7:18 am
to get the information of who they're bringing into my state. maria: the flights are in the middle of the night. we have cameras and we have a video that shows they're bringing unaccompanied males. >> they're telling the contractors they hired, this is hush, hush, on the down low, that the american people can't find out. moms and dads are going to start screaming. they know what will happen for the next generation. maria: let's talk about the lawsuits. on the osha mandate, this was so important. i'm wondering if this was a situation where the administration said look over here, not over here, because remember, he came out with that vaccine mandate the same week as the botched withdrawal from afghanistan. so do you think that this was him knowing that it's unconstitutional. you can't tell a state, you can't tell companies -- >> i do think that -- maria: just send it out there while people talk about afghanistan. >> he was offering a figure
7:19 am
fig leafto the woke corporations want to do this anyway. >> this is a fundamental violation of freedoms. the heart of the osha lawsuit was do we really want an unelected bureaucrat without any authorization from congress or the constitution to force a medical procedure on 100 million americans. the answer of course should be no. so that lawsuit stands for much broader proposition which is the administrative a state is out of control, it's time to bring it in line and put the power back in congress but you can't move forward with these kinds of policies. that's what they're going to do. the osha mandate, we won that. cns man a date we're back in court to fight for those. i don't think medical workers should have to check constitutional rights here. >> he knew it was unlawful. he said it was unlawful and he didn't think he had the authority to do it and he did it anyway. this is happening time and time
7:20 am
again where he says i don't think i have the authority and he does it anyway. he had the cdc shut down the cruise industry for over a year. florida, the number one state for cruise, 60% of cruises come out of florida. we had to sue and we won. the judge said cdc doing that, retaking that power grabs was breath taking, oppressive and authoritarian. maria: tell me about the lawsuits that are currently pending. where are these lawsuitsheard? do you think you'll have success? >> remember the federal contractor lawsuit. that's going on. louisiana, jeff landry is involved in had that. we're expecting to be heard in supreme court soon on that we are going to be able to have the discussion again in a slightly different way. it's not an osha mandate but joe biden by executive 0rd saying o, you contracted in order to do business with the federal government has to be vaccinated.
7:21 am
>> and head start programs as well. >> we won on the head start. >> so the forced masking of kids and forced vaccination of kids, we won on that. on the remain in mexico lawsuit, missouri and texas took that to the supreme court and won. now we have to force them to implement it. the border wall lawsuit is moving forward. missouri filed against the social cost of greenhouse gases, an administrative effort to get through what they can't get passed in congress. what they'll do is weaponize the epa and a department of trans pour of station to do all these -- transportation to do these things that nobody voted on. it will cost millions of jobs. i'm glad we had an opportunity to talk about this in longer form because there's so many fights going on. my belief is we have to fight on every front, every single day. the country's at stake. maria: don't forget that joe biden is nominating sarah bloom raskin who is the wife of
7:22 am
democrat jamie raskin. he was the head of the impeachment trial against trump, he was really one of the leading voices against the last administration a. his wife joe biden is nominating to be the overseer of the banks. as a priority for the banks it's climate change. >> they're changing their language and it's important to pay attention to this. no longer climate change, it's climate emergency. the pathway to tyranny is paved with emergency orders. that's what's coming next. they're going to empower and weaponize agencies to do what they can't get done, was the american people don't want to have done and we'll be there to stop them. jobs are on the line, livelihoods will be destroyed because of this vision that the left has of what they want this country to be and by the way it doesn't square with the american people. >> that's why who your attorney general is in your state is so important. it's a huge decision. please make the right one. maria: you guys are on the front lines, you're pushing back on the agenda. what are we going to do while we're in the process?
7:23 am
what turns this around? do you think the republicans take the house, take the senate, you're running for senate in missouri, the senate seat. what's your thoughts. >> the future runs through the show me state in missouri. >> we'll get house members, senators, elected, that understand what they're doing outside of the confines of the rule of law, on day one they can start passing legislation that says all those power grabbing rules, agencies, all those programs that you tried to implement that there's absolute liz no law for, they contradict federal law, they can come out immediately and go that is not allowed and shut it down. >> we ought to have hearings. we ought to get the secretary to talk about what's going on at the border, make them talk about what's happening here. why in the world are we allowing illegal i'm grants to use --
7:24 am
immigrants to use arrest warrants to travel, why are we moving people without answers. maria: there have been no hearings on the wide open border, there's been no hearings of china and what china is trying to do to undermine the country. why not? we appreciate your time. it was refreshing to have this longer conversation with the three of you so we will keep following. thank you. thanks for being tough on the front line for the american people. ashley moody, eric schmitt, todd rokita. we'll see you soon. we're coming to you live this morning from the southern border. we'll give you a firsthand look at the ongoing cries civiles we'll have more of my interview with texas governor greg abbott on the criminal activity affecting border towns and now as you heard every town is a border town. it all begins at 8:00 a.m. eastern. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
7:25 am
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us,
7:29 am
i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, january 28th. we are live this morning from the u.s. southern border. just outside of mcallen, texas. right on the border with mexico. we're getting a firsthand look at the border crisis, this is our fourth time here at the border and things have changed. we've got all the details. take a look t markets this half hour, futures turned negative, dow industrials now trading down in the triple digits, the dow down at the lows of the morning, down 301 points, s&p 500 down 30 and nasdaq down 33. we are in the middle of a correction. it has a been happening all year as investors worry about a multiple rate hike program from the federal reserve. yesterday was another volatile session. investors responded to better than expected fourth quarter gdp, that was strong, so it sent stocks up. the more hawkish federal reserve signaling five rate hikes this year instead of four was dominant by the close. when all was said and done the dow industrials was negative, down 7 points, nasdaq gave up
7:30 am
189 and s&p 500 down 23. markets are nervous about the fed raising rates multiple times. and we may see bigger rate hikes than just a quarter point. the white house meanwhile denying reports that president biden called a russian invasion in ukraine all but certain. cheryl casone with the details right now. cheryl, it feels like that's what most people are expecting. why is he walking this back now. cheryl: that's a great question. we need to find out more details here, maria. so at this point this morning cnn is reporting that president biden told ukrainian president zelensky that kiev could be sacked once the ground freezes and be prepared for impact. the white house is denying the report. they tweeted about it saying this is not true. reports of anything different are completely false. meanwhile, the state department vowing to cancel the nord stream 2 pipeline if russia invades ukraine. >> to be tested, it needs to be
7:31 am
certified and no gas will flow through it until those things happen. it's currently a hunk of metal at the bottom of the ocean. cheryl: it's become the biggest bargaining chip as the world watches russian troop buildup along theukrainan border many we'll see what happens today. well, back in the u.s. a dramatic shootout in houston leaving three police officers wounded and it was caught on camera. watch this. [gunfire] cheryl: the suspect fled the scene after hijacking a mercedes. he's in custody after a standoff. all three officers in stable condition. there are all expected to thankfully recover. meanwhile, police departments across the nation are struggling to remain fully staffed. officers are resigning as crime rates skyrocket and departments
7:32 am
face intense public scrutiny. many having trouble hiring new recruits. millions of americans are under a winter storm watch as heavy snowfall threatens to slam the northeast. forecasters warning it could develop into a nor'easter or what's known as a bomb cyclone with heavy snow and hurricane force winds expected across the region. parts of massachusetts, rhode island could see one to two feet of snow, maybe more. fox weather is tracking the storm. you want to tune into fox business tomorrow morning. fox weather will be live streaming on fox business they'll have all that coverage. as i send it back to you in texas, after you're done there you better come home because we're looking at a pretty big storm and that's what you're coming back to. maria: i'm a little afraid of this, cheryl. yes, i hear you and we'll be watching that. thanks for the scoop there, cheryl casone with the latest. we'll keep watching the weather as well.
7:33 am
texas taking it upon themselves to finish the border wall, along the southern border. i had a chance to huddle with several state attorneys general yesterday at one of those wall locations. this location that we were at yesterday is one of the higher volume drug areas, this is where the drugs are being transported into america. here's what i heard from the ags about this immigration crisis and how it's affecting their states. what your observation of this? >> what's interesting is ken and i were in el paso the last time i was here, i'm from missouri, and we see the human trafficking and drug trafficking but you see a lot of the same things of partially finished wall, no wall and that's a real problem. the federal government's literally paying people not to finish the wall. >> in el paso, they just need a few more miles to finish a big area. they've got all these holes that they can easily finish that will stop a lot of the problems. maria: they don't want to finish it. >> the biden administration told border patrol no, don't fix
7:34 am
it. >> when i was here last with governor de santis, people were coming across the border and walking up the fed, saying we're here. >> you have to see it to believe it to understand the problem, and the problem it creates for the other states, the fentanyl coming into the states, the human trafficking. it's incredible once you're down here and putting eyes on it ms we were saying that the drugs coming across the border takes 4 # hours to get to your -- 48 hours to get to your state. >> it's pretty incredible. >> when you look at what's going on here and you see the product is not being used to build the wall and you see the utter dereliction of duty by this administration, and then have you to have states, texas stepping up and other states trying to help, it shouldn't be this way. this is one of the principal functions, as the executive have you to defend the borders. they're failing miserably and you see it live right here. maria: you have to believe they
7:35 am
don't care about your money, they don't care about taxpayer money. there's $100 million of material here. >> what's more amazing, it's not just they're derelict. they're inviting it. they advertise they're going to let you in. everybody knows you can come here and turn yourself in. >> it's the ones we don't see, the got-aways that we only know from the evidence of the clothes hanging over the razor wire as they come into the country and sometimes with rented children to traffic fentanyl or to traffic themselves and that's the real scourge in indiana. >> much of the policies are being driven by the barr crow bs and you look at the vast space that texas has to cover and the u.s. has to cover it will have to take the resources to get off the ground to protect people. people are making policies about the safety of our policies
7:36 am
inside the safety of their bureaucrat building. maria: what an education to talk to attorneys generals from across the country. texas department of public safety lieutenant is with me right now. the dps has been doing such a great job. thank you so much to you and your team for all that you're doing. you gave us a briefing yesterday at that wall. first, tell us where we were. that wall that we were at yesterday, where you gave us the briefing and i spoke to the ags, tell us what that is. >> thank you for coming down here again. you've been to the border numerous times to talk about what's going on. we appreciate the attorneys generals coming down, ken paxton leading the group. yesterday we're at a location along the southern border where there's a high volume of activity and what i mean by that is the criminal activity, drug smuggling, that's why it's very important to have some type of barrier in place where we were
7:37 am
yesterday. that's a high traffic area for human smuggling and drug smuggling. more illicit drugs, cocaine, meth and fentanyl are coming across the river in that particular area. maria: what do they do? they put it on their person? how do they smuggle it in. how do they get it of the border? >> we have cbp at the ports of entry try to intervene those drugs. you have drugs coming by raft or bringing it on their backs as backpacks. they'll smuggle it. vehicles drive to the river bank, load up the drugs and make it into the communities and it's broken down and concealed into vehicles where they're smuggled into other portions of the state or out of state as well. maria: we were able to talk with all of these ags and get a view of this new wall that was funded by texas. greg abbott going above and beyond the governor, because the biden administration canceled all construction of the existing
7:38 am
walls. what has that new wall been able to do? i see there's a lot of gaps. >> right. i mean, what governor greg abbott has been able to do since the start of the border crisis is take that initiative and support what we are doing and be at the forefront of border security. that's proven leadership. now with attorney general ken paxton leading the group of ags that came to the border, they're able to take the fight to the federal government on the legal side and help us support what we're doing in terms of border security but we talk about the wall, if that texas wall was not there, you saw -- there were smaller gaps there in place with that border wall section but we're able to plug in resources in those smaller gaps whether it be national guard, technology cameras as opposed to having a larger gap along the border. that's why it's veigh tall for us to have -- vital for us to have a barrier in place. maria: i want to ask you about resources. how are you doing? how is your team? are you struggling with resources? how many people are out sick with covid, how many people are
7:39 am
off the job because you don't get the funding you need from the federal government. >> we felt an impact with covid recently. it has not hindered our border operations. what's unique about the state of texas is that the leadership that we have from governor greg abbott, attorney general ken paxton, state leadership being at the forefront of border security providing the funding, resources, the man power, everything that we're doing now for operation lone star is all state funded. it's fallen on the responsibility of us to secure the border because the federal government has essentially turned their back on americans and the entire country. that's why we're leading the front on this initiative right now. maria: unbelievable. the texas senate added a border security committee tasked with overseeing the funding and policies for the border wall. ag ken paxton says he's ensuring the state will maximize the efforts. tell me about that and how you'll work with that commit at this moment someone else told me
7:40 am
when -- committee. someone else told me when you look at the border with arizona and you have four agents there. >> right. so that's very ineffective. you don't have the man power to respond to sensor or camera aletters. going -- you alerts. going back to the committee, that's another example of what texas is doing. texas at the forefront of border security, they're leading the charge many that's why it's imperative we have this great leadership on our side to be able to take the fight to the federal government and provide these resources that are needed for border security. maria: let me ask you about the got-aways. we have reported that 650,000 illegal migrants have gotten away, you've seen them on surveillance cameras or you see them with technology. what technology do you have that alerts you to people that get away and what's the real number in your view. >> that's what's reported. one thing that i mentioned yesterday when i was briefing the ags was that one thing to keep in mind is that those that go undetected, that don't set off cameras, set off sensors,
7:41 am
those we don't know where they end up or who they are, but technology, we have various technology efforts that we have that support what we're doing right now. maria: sensors. >> sensors, cameras, drones, of course the boots on the ground and of course working close with our federal partners we share that intel and we're able to respond to locations where we see camera or sensor alerts. maria: let me tip my hat at you and your team and the department of public safety in texas. i want you to know that the whole country appreciates it. >> we appreciate it, thank you .maria: i want to make sure yor team knows how grateful i am and how grateful the entire country is for your work. thank you so much. coming up, more of my interview with texas governor greg abbott. first, markets, they're tanking on wall street this morning, a wild week is getting worse. we're going to take a look at the markets when we come back, put it into perspective as we see another selloff underway. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
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saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ maria: welcome back. stocks are at the lows of the morning this morning after another volatile day and week for the markets. take a look at where we stand. dow industrials now down 376 points. s&p 500 down 45, nasdaq down 126. investors are uneasy about the federal reserve raising interest rates this year. we continue to see expectation that's the fed will raise rates five, six, even more times this year. yesterday earnings was one of the stories, apple recorded a record quarter, sales up better than 11% despite challenges around the pandemic, the chip shortage and the backlog supply chain. apple shares with up 2 and a third percent, off of the best levels of the morning. we are standing by this morning on some economic data.
7:47 am
we'll get readings on december personal income and spending. we'll get the core pce report out in less than an hour, 8:30 a.m. eastern. joining me now is the ceo of stratezc. jason trener. i know you've been critical of the federal reserve having been behind the curve by implementing all of that liquidity for so long. what's your take now on what you heard from jay powell this week saying he is going to raise rates in march? >> well, maria, easing is easy and tightening is hard. and behind the curve i'm not sure quite how the distance the fed needs to get to a neutral level. we're going to get the core pce in an hour use mentioned but inflation, if you're using cpi, is 7%. if you're using core pce it
7:48 am
might be 4 and-a-half to 5% and yet the fed funds rate is zero. it gives you a sense of how far the fed those go. there are certain elements of i'mflation that i believe are transitory but i don't believe that's going to take inflation back down to 2. and even if inflation were to zero percent fed funds rate would not be appropriate. the fed has a long way to go and it unfortunately ends up being pyromaniac and fireman in terms of asset bubbles. it's not the most stable way to run an economy, i would argue. maria: so what's going on now? is this the right move for investors to have this nervousness? jason, look, we're talking about the nasdaq being down, what, 14% from the high. it's been a rough year early in the year. is this the right call, sell now? is nervousness warranted? >> well, listen, i think some
7:49 am
nervousness is warranted, maria, especially -- there are many companies as you know that haven't earned a profit and that's a function of very easy money, free money, and so those are the companies we call long duration assets where the entire value of the company is in the terminal value, out 10 years or something. those companies in my opinion are still very much at risk, if you believe inflation is going to continue to be a problem and the fed is going to continue to have to raise rates and long-term interest rates will start to increase. so i think the nervousness there is warned. i -- warranted. i would say there are parts of the market, certain sectors, that should hang in there just fine and that would be energy, basic materials, financials, maybe industrials to a certain extent. it's just the action i think is going to be a little bit different than what we've seen where it's been largely all tech or good portion of tech has been driving the market higher. i think there's going to be a pretty meaningful sector rotation that allows investors
7:50 am
to make money. it will be in different places. maria: yeah. it's a great point about sector rotation because look at energy. energy has been on fire. these oil companies' stocks are doing real well. look at the dividend payers in the utility space and energy in terms of dividends. i want to get your take on what kind of rate hikes we're going to see, jason, because if you're talking about rate hikes to come, does it make sense that jay powell raises half a point instead of a quarter point. i'm wondering if it's going to be a half a point and is that going to surprise markets? >> well, that's a great question, maria and i would say just to let everyone know, the fed is still easing. the fed is still buying securities. their balance sheet is increasing. maria: unbelievable. >> the fed's not even close to tightening. so i don't -- i would find it heart to believe the fed -- hard
7:51 am
to believe the fed will tighten by 50 basis points. i don't think that would be inappropriate, just given where inflation is and how far behind the curve the fed is. i just -- one of the problems -- we call this the hotel california monetary policy, where you can check out any time you want but you can never leave. it's very, very difficult, once you start on quantitative easing, once you start on this amount of ease, it's very hard to stop without creating pain. and this is a little bit what the fed is faced with now. they may have to make a choice between the capital markets on the one hand and fighting inflation on the other. maria: well, let me bring dagen in. because dagen, i don't know -- can anybody explain why the fed is still buying securities right now? i mean, we're still easing and i know you've complained about this as well, dagen. dagen: i can't explain it and jay powell said nothing about the timing of really starting to reduce this $9 trillion balance sheet, this bond portfolio.
7:52 am
jason, i have a theory that what the fed and jay powell are trying to do is really jaw bone asset prices down, trying to -- you've seen what's happened in the stock market so far this year. but scare the speculators with talk rather than actual walk, mean interest rate hikes or even stopping the bond buying and kind of flatten the froth, hoping that will lower inflation a little bit and that takes the pressure off of them to actually take action, whether it's through interest rate increases or reducing the balance sheet. >> yeah, dagen, you may very well be right. that could be the plan. i just -- i would -- my own personal opinion, of course we all have our opinions and i try not to criticize the man in the arena, this is a very tough job, very tough call. i just don't think it's going to
7:53 am
work. i think inflation is now so meaningfully beyond where it was that this is not the right strategy. maria: real quick on sectors, what would you buy right here if you're going to buy anything, jason or do you want to get out of the way here? >> no, i like -- listen, i like energy quite a bit still. i like basic materials, particularly those that produce commodities that go into electric vehicles, so some of the lithium companies and i also like regional banks quite a bit. i might stay away from some of the big investment banks. i think it's going to be a tough act to follow remarks they did last year but -- follow, what they did last year but some of the regional banks should benefit from higher rates and hopefully a steeper curve. i think there are places to be. they're not the place that's they were. maria: all right. jason, it's great to get your insights on all of this. great conversation. thank you so much. jason trenner joining us with the dow industrials down almost 400 points right now.
7:54 am
jason, we'll see you soon. we'll be right back. we're live from the texas border. stay with us. with my hectic life you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. voya helps me feel like i've got it all under control. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. well planned. weltoday, you have to dealted. with a lot of moving parts. you want everything to be on autopilot. and to be prepared if anything changes.
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welcome back we are getting a firsthand look this morning, another the disorder disarely at southern border live in texas this morning, the u.s. also in middle of a growing energy crisis, here is texas governor greg abbott on impact of soaring oil gas prices under the biden administration. >> on day one, president biden canceled the xl pipeline you have got oil is a up to 90 dollars a barrel hurting american family gasoline prices up 50% year-over-year what is the impact. >> first you need to double down what you just said that is high gas prices bad for everybody but for those were
7:59 am
low income it is a tax for most impoverished in the united states how bad the president united states, did campaigned on cost of oil gases talked to opec asked opec produce more oil we got enough oil to make america energy-independent right here inz texas should be pleading with texans produce more oil not opec. maria: how long will it take to get factories fired up new texas instruments 17-billion-dollar samsung i talked to ceo he said chip shortage worsened end of last year why has it taken for long to get manufacturing facilities back into america? so how long do you think it will take. >> we had, manufacturing facilities 30 billion dollars facilities, 17 planned by samsung we will be moving, as fast with they will as we did one at any i think they wanted
8:00 am
to even be in texas knew could get either faster in texas than elsewhere to wall street demand. >> a couple -- >> listen, for semiconductor facilities very complex in manufacturing, points, building part of it fine-tuning of the factory a couple years. maria: dagen mcdowell joe concha dagen your reaction companies moving to tsa good story, that we've got more chip production on horizon. >> hope companies moved with employees don't bring maybe some politics with them. >> that is what happened to a number of states, where noufrm. dagen: north carolina look at that virginia -- less you purple after youngkin's election i digress.
8:01 am
maria: dagen joe stay right there next hour "mornings with maria" begins right now live from u.s.-mexico border. maria: good morning, everybody. good friday morning to you, i am maria bartiromo, it is friday, january 28 coming to you live this morning from u.s. southern border just outside mcallen, texas we are getting another firsthand look at growing very dangerous illegal immigration crisis our fourth time at the border seeing big changes over that time, thousands migrants crossing every day, we have been showing you many of them getting jetted off in secret overnight, on flights private flights private airports anywhere they want to go courts about administration tucker carlson first broke open story about flights, it is an issue, for all cities and states, not to mention the increasing drug trafficking,
8:02 am
deadly fentanyl from china, through mexico, it is crossing on to u.s. border, at a o record rate, enough to kill millions tens of millions americans. governor greg abbott about that how cartels are using big tech to recruit american teenagers. >> a they are using tiktok, to attract teens in houston and dallas, san antonio to come help in the smuggle operation. in texas step up take a legal action, against tiktok, and because they are being accomplice to a crime of human trafficking. >> anybody with tiktok should be far beyond shamed concerned about legal liability they are shifting human trafficking. maria: you will hear more of my inclusives interview markets tanking again another
8:03 am
sell-off extending losses of the year, the dow industrials now down 338 points, s&p 500 down 40. nasdaq lower by 111. we continue to see, a number of investors worried about the federal reserve raising interest rates multiple times this year, and worry about how the federal reserve is going to do this, going from easing position to tightening position this, after another volatile session yesterday investors actually initially responded to better-than-expected fourth quarter gdp numbers then hawkish federal reserve signaling five right headaches instead of four, at the end of the day was the dominant theme dow industrials negative, one point dow up better than 600 nasdaq off worst levels s&p lower by 23 "mornings with maria" is live right now.
8:04 am
>>. maria: we have new information on streak illegal migrants dispersed into the country fox news reporter live in la hoya with more good morning to you. >> maria good morning to you, all weeklong now we have been witnessinging the massive release of predominantly single male adult illegal grants from federal custody multiple parts of texas video shot yes at san antonio airport a tip there was going to be a mass release of adult man showed up with cameras this is what we saw dozens men being released from contracted bus are american airlines term san antonio airport no children no family unities all single adult men ngo at airport waiting to receivemen they walked them in single
8:05 am
file line into airport they are essentially tree to free to travel across country wherever they would like to go not all take a look at video on tuesday in brownsville, excuse me wednesday in brownsville, another large group single adult men released by ice most men had -- dropped off in downtown brownsville parking garage ngo walked them to a bus term some hiding faces from our cameras, as i mentioned ice source told me yesterday some adult migrants they are releasing actually have criminal records, for misdemeanors, assault drug drunk driving drug possession illegal reentry i reached to ice about this did thought deny it only tell me they do these on case-by-case bases you mentioned that video tucker carlson broke showing secret flights in the middle of the night some republicanss say if
8:06 am
they take house back in 2022 there will be consequences for the administration take a listen. >> joe biden, has got a lot of explaining to do to people, who are going to look out window and see illegals that have been transported into dead of night into their neighborhoods this is something that i do fully expect a republican majority to hold president biden accountable. >> and maria, that ice source told me agent morale at lowest ever they feel right now turned into some sort of a travel coordination agencies they frequently work ngos to attractive for migrants told meal how would you feel if you had to show up to work each day the help coordinate travel make phone calls for people who have broken our lus to come here in the country illegally we send it back to you. >> it is so extraordinary we know how the democrats wanted to defund the police how that ended up.
8:07 am
now i feel there is a a little bit of a defunding the border agents going on, and only leading to disaster for america you have been doing such a great job, every day, here at the border quick i just want to get your take on something because it used to be, that these unaccompanied males would rent kids or steal kids make-believe they were a family unity to get in they don't have to do that anymore you don't have to fake it they are sending unaccompanied males on a flight, to places like miami, houston, anywhere they want to go. >> yeah maria that is what is that is pretty shocking to us as we have been down here covering this for better part eight or nine months used to seeing mass releases families kids women with children that sort of thing this week first time we've seen mass release of able-bodieded adultmen.
8:08 am
>> in la hoya this morning in exclusive interview with texas governor greg abbott i asked about the story as a result of wide-open border two million praevend last year at border hundreds of thousands getting away likely in interior of the country no information on whereabouts or human information on intentions. >> this is directly a part of the open-border policy there is a man lost his family this morning, because of biden's open-border policy same thing more dangerous would happen in the synagogue situation in -- because of this, this was a terrorist. how did -- the federal government allow the terrorist to come in to the united states of america from another country, the way a lot is happening because they are not
8:09 am
exercising the sport or strategy in ports of entry to make sure terrorists do not get in, as right now maria neither you or i have any idea how many other terrorists have gotten into this country, because of lapses by biden administration. >> i think you are seeing border agents federal agents upset, we saw that meeting this week, where agents turned back on secretary mayorkas what are you hearing from troops? how are they feeling given the fact they don't have the support, and resources, that they need to do the job. >> also, members, of border patrol turned back on secretary mayorkas also there was complaining the way president has not supporting the border patrol, not giving resources, or manpower they need to do the job, and so the president, has left the border patrol in a deplorable condition, let's go back to
8:10 am
something i was involved in, a couple months ago that was another way in which the president disrespected border patrol remember in del rio area, you had, officers on horses doing their best to do the job to secure the border, and biden came out said he was taking the -- criticizing them for using horses, i said listen if anything ever happens to those officers as governor i am going to hire those border patrol to come work the border in the great state of texas. >> i am glad you raised this i was reading something about this a few minutes ago we are waiting on a report because when i saw that video, i saw agents on horseback there was no whipping, that i could see. i said wait a minute who is talking about whipping here? there was whipping going on by the taliban in afghanistan, when there was a botched withdrawal that is he where whimming was there wasn't any whipping that i could see we are supposed to get a report on this four months when are you expecting that report?
8:11 am
actually, never the reason is because as you are articulateing i don't think anybody bad is coming out of the report they don't want it to surface makes look bad they were using reins direct it where you want to control the horse movement that is steadily what border patrol was doing they weren't with whipping anybody biden came out immediately, impulsively said they are whipping people they were not zero proof biden never apologized for falls per pet iated. >> working for hard. >> lives on line. maria: has texas seen a change as a result of all this i know economic said to of the story getting to that i know you've got a thriving situation, in the number of --
8:12 am
how have things changes on the ground result of open borders are you seeing, difference in houston dallas are you seeing crime pick up? >> well, one thing i did early on, that we reduced the effect in texas, the biden administration -- texas, entities, to stop -- all illegal immigrants in state of texas pulled those licenses no locations to put illegal grants in as a result a lot of people going elsewhere, across the entire country one reason biden moved them to other regions across the country the greatest devastation we've seen in states is within 10, 0 miles of the border, homes o broken into ranches ripped apart things like that other thing we are seeing is i give you two ways in which, a
8:13 am
person had observed devastation, but -- that is lives lost because of fentanyl also human trafficking on the rise, in texas as well as other states. a lot of -- they are there a while then -- [no audio], talked about anything, to address human traffic being i raised it first tried to open a center in downtown i said i want to be in there personally as governor to see if a victim of human trafficking biden administration said no. >> you have yeen stash houses cars so many jammed in them to get over border past agents. >> stashedr stash in cars stash into -- things that you bury people in, and stashed into railcars, things like that, so the smugglers getting
8:14 am
more innovative, because of that one of the many laws i found past session in texas he easier to arrest convict smugglers put behind bars, i signed a new law in texas a felony to manufacturer or distribute fentanyl we have better tools to law enforcement in texas to crack down on illegal activities across the border. maria: you came out with a new law about acquiring land, i want to talk about that i was reading recently that china is buying off agricultural land here, what can you tell us? >> so we learned, exactly what you are saying that is that china had -- china more often, was businesspeople, had a connection to the chinese government, they were buying land, agriculture land however really used for purpose of
8:15 am
connecting into power grid wait a minute, we are not having anybody from china, having any interconnection to the power grid we passed a law that make sure, no country or businessperson connected with country, from china, iran, north kor reta any nation hostile to united states can apply land providing any type of connection to power grid in texas. >> not only federal level this is extraordinary. >> texas, we were doing this without some -- on military bases, to have to step up protect the perimeter, of a military base not the president of the united states. that is. maria: that is extraordinary i want your take on social media how social media is part of this story, because i understand, that the mexican
8:16 am
kids into human trafficking -- they are using tiktok to transact teams houston dallas san antonio to come, help in the smuggle operation. in have texas going to step up take legal action, against tiktok, because they are being accomplice to a crime of human trafficking anybody associated with tiktok needs to be far beyond ashamed may be concerned about legal liability, because they are now assisting human traffic being tiktok associated with human traffic being no one should have association with that entity anymore. maria: tiktok making it years to conduct human trafficking. >> tiktok is promoting
8:17 am
ashifting human trafficking in texas. >> i saw get away cars adopted have driver's license when truck kicked over had 12 people in the truck so there's that get away car. >> you have that, you have so many other episodes like that, one was a horrible tragedy occurred down here a month ago, a woman and her daughter, were in a car tboebd by smuggle on getaway both killed. lostlived, there is a funeral service in el paso tonight about a texas, public safety officer working with border patrol rather than with people just apprehended, in truck tipped over he loss had the his life. lives are at risk and, again, we have a president who does not care about those people who are putting lives on the line to keep our community safe the sole reason for the president not doing his job to keep our border rescuer.
8:18 am
maria: you have been very successful in lawsuits state served as well as other ags here today tell me about what you are doing in terms of, using the court system, to make a change. >> at every turn, we are using courts to enforce the law against biden, made reference earlier president trump left in placep biden abandoned illegally weigh dent to court we won they are required -- the entire. >> same with title 42 they are dragging feet about getting that done, there are some that we have lost, i -- issued executive order to prohibit movement of buses transporting illegals wherever transporting
8:19 am
to biden administration sued us saying that executive director impeded their rights under federal law to be in charge of immigration process and federal judge ruled in their fairer we win more than we lose but in court constantly, on the battle field arena whether border land we are engaged basically begins our own government to keep our own state secure. >> what do you want to do to tiktok are you suing? what are you doing? >> we are working with attorney general right now about all different options definitely injunction to stop them let me give you an example we've taken action in the past against some other entities promoting human trafficking got them to shut that down, that is exactly what tiktok needs to do tiktok, they -- monitor what it's going on tiktok completely limited whatsoever they have algorithm easy to do they should do that in a nappo
8:20 am
second, we would be looking to shut down looking for damages begins tiktok. >> with a what about the others. >> right now only one i heard about usinging this is tiktok, however, any social media platform, that uses the same strategy, will be going after them also. maria: we followed up called tiktok, to discuss governor abbott's comments and tiktok told fox news tiktok strictly prohibits content that seeks to promote for facilitate critical after i activist would remove leaders of cartels or gangs if identified on our platform we also work with third party intelligent firms welcome opportunity to work with governor in this important area i have also seen, ads on tiktok trying to lure children in dagen mcdowell and joe concha here this morning we are going to
8:21 am
get into it when we come right back. stay with us live from texas border and we'll be right back.. . we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ zwhoo welcome back we are live this morning, from u.s.-mexico border all morning long, right outside mcallen, texas next guest a border summit brought together several states attorneys generals, first look adcrisis ag ken paxton is here right now great to see you texas ag thank you. >> we're happy to be here able to see firsthand what's going on first who have what do you feel i want to get to what happened in a moment, what do you feel the other ags have
8:26 am
learned from you gathering everybody together. >>, as you know, coming here, has given reading about it seeing on tv you get to see what is actually happening, talk to people here, get a feel for how bad things are whether related to cartels getting control of our border, whether drug trade whether spread of covid, it is pretty remarkable what is happening i think most americans even other attorneys generals didn't have a feel unless you see snietd i want to bet to breaking news right now, about this summit because yooefb you've been work being 13 ags total briefing they canceled on you tell me what happened when we were getting ready to come here, we heard a rumor that everything is off, what happened? >> we al hat had great relationship border patrol are amazing people ice doing amazing job being forced by biden administration,
8:27 am
basically to not do their job, so we planned this border, and in other words did this a month ago we were actually in briefing day before yesterday then all of a sudden 7:00 before doing whole thing with briefcases attorneys generals border patrol and with ice they told us that thenned been told to stand down not brief it. >> have you had, 12 ags coming here, meeting you here, you had promises to them that you would give briefings from ice give them abbreviation from border patrol scheduled on summit the night before you were told border patrol we can't do it. >> and ice, department homeland security, told from washington directed them to stand down and not give us the briefings we usually give them. >> do you think it had anything to do with that meeting the secretary mayorkas had the other day with border patrol, where the border patrol agents were upset one
8:28 am
turned his back on mayorkas do you think that had something to do with it. >> i would say no, i think it came from washington, 13 republican attorneys generals concerned about border i think they assumed less they know the better trying to be as nontransparent as possible. >> you know this came from above. >> yes, they did tell us came from above directed why washington. maria: they don't want to give you a briefing you sued the biden administration several times you have been successful. >>. >> um-hmm. maria: 92% overall win rate tell us about the lawsuits, right now pending, i understand you are going to file another lawsuit today. >> we are going to announce later today, here central time going to announce 9th lawsuit against biden administration so far we've been successful in all lawsuits, on illegal immigration, largely because what biden administration mass
8:29 am
done looked at federal saw said we're not doing that we sue them trying to off if them protect this country, as an example remain in mexico program that trump instituted federal law requires that asylum seekers stay in their country or get -- the biden administration ignoring that even though court orders worn that gone all the way to u.s. supreme court. >> that is right you've got court orders to put in remain in mexico policies, yet border patrol agents told me it is not happening now we heard this week there was i think 2502, or 260 people sent back compare to two million people apprehended there were actually not following court order. >> doesn't look like it we have two months of numbers, go a couple hundred treaded a month over a hundred thousand people a money just barely following the law. maria: what do you think is most important for the american public to understand?
8:30 am
about this border crisis wide open borders we have talked about fentanyl i was struck one agents yesterday christopher olivares told us that the mexican car tales make 100 million dollars a week human trafficking what is most important. i think most important for americans to understood every state is a border site from arizona new mexico california a border state drugs people transported in middle of the night with covid, all of that gets to your state within 48 hours or you know, three days you are going to be experiencing some negative effects so it is going to affect you, even if you don't realize how quickly that is going to happen. >> did you follow up call president biden at all find out why they stopped deabbreviation your 13 ie. gs were expecting. >> i wish that way but that wasn't o the administration don't respond unless we sue they don't respond don't react don't react to letter don't react to calls we don't ever
8:31 am
get any response from the government. >> ag paxton great to see you. thanks very much having us here with ags to view this as happening, thank you ken paxton, economic data hitting the tape cheryl casone. cheryl: that is right good morning first spending dow down 216 as far as consumption spending this is for december, down .6% we saw that for spending okay, to you, income a little bit of a decrease here, not as high as expected we got .3% that is the upside looking for a gain of a half percent on income ipc you talked about this i got to give thank you year over year number for pce the fed looks at 4.9%, year-over-year, for core pce, this is a 38-year high. for that reading that is inflation, we are only looking for 4.8% we got 4.9% month
8:32 am
over month number that came in like a gain half a percent up to fed powell and company the data when we're seeing the market come back a little bit right now maria back over to you. maria: i see this little improvement as you were talking cheryl maybe we are -- seeing a response, to that data. cheryl casone thank you so much we are live, this morning, in texas, and we will be right back with special coverage of the u.s. border crisis, stay with us. .
8:33 am
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men, you need to get off the couch and get with the program. with golo, i lost 50 pounds. it feels really good to be able to button your jacket and not worry about it blowing up. -(laughs) -go to to lose weight and get healthier. good friday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, january 28, we have special coverage from u.s. southern border all morning long we just heard a slew of economic data core, december personal income spending all siege to help the markets, lift from earlier lows as you see market
8:37 am
negative all three major indices in the red dow industrials down 101 points right now, well off the lows earlier, the nasdaq, is down 8 and s&p 500 down 8 nasdaq is flat, maybe that is a positive down about 2 points, president biden he related denying involvement in son hunter biden affairs all money received, from officials in china, ukraine, here is what he said about hunter biden's he overseas business dealings during the 2020 presidential debate, watch? >> -- has been questions about work your son has done in china, and for ukrainian energy company when you were vice president in retrospect was anything you go about those relationships inappropriate or unethical. nothing was unethical my son mass not made money in term of this thing about what are you talking about, china. maria: next guest reeling a
8:38 am
lot inbook biden familiar through hunter biden, received 31 million dollars, from chinese individuals, linked to highest levels chinese intelligence ccp military, it is happening, it was happening while biden was vice president of the united states, and also, during president biden's term as well. as commander in chief joining me author of the best-selling book "red-handed" how american elites get rich helping china win peter schweizer here of you done a hell of reporting in this book congratulations tell us about the conflicts that you have uncovered with regard to joe biden and family i questioned a lot on this program why president biden has yet to raise the issue of covid-19 and origins with xi jinping why doesn't push xi jinping on all bad behavior is it because conflicted because
8:39 am
he received money. >> i think absolutely component we first reported in 2018, at that time it was a story about corruption, and cronyism i would argue sufficiently dealing by bidens we tried to find out who made these deals happen, when hunter biden showed up in the beijing who opened the doors, when you look at those businessmen these are businessmen who at the time were business partners with the highest people in chinese intelligence, one of them khe fe g a business partner with vice minister for state security i will spoiblths concluded cruelties, for north american intelligence operations did chinese government officials due this money to biden not expect something in return? no, the question bhar they getting in return, there is a
8:40 am
concept in chinese intelligence, that loosely translated means big help with a little bad mouth what that basically means is they don't mind if joe biden, you know says things, about the uighurs or puts together a so-called diplomatic protest of olympics what they care about is access to western cal access to western technology, and as long as he doesn't do anything substantial there, they are going to be very, very happy with the biden administration posture toward beijing. >> i think you make great point, when you are mentioning chinese companies that people are investing in, because, we have a number of chinese companies that are tied to the ccp military, and there indices, american investors unwittingly in some cases funding expansion of ccp even as we know ccf wants to overtake united states as number one superpower. >> yeah, that is right, look
8:41 am
the big firms on wall street i talk about in the book, gladstone blackstone ray dalio bridgewater associated they know some investments are going to military plievengsed companies o silicon valley big firms microsoft, google sponsor financially tech sport research labs artificial intelligence, that are linked to chinese military. and president xi himself said that artificial intelligence is key, that if china can win that race, they will seize commanding heights in competition with united states, stakes very, very high elites paid very, very well don't seem to have a problem with the fact they are helping china, won this race, against their own country, united states. maria: i was reading a piece the other day, about ray dalio founder of bridgewater
8:42 am
associates he said china is rising and u.s. is on the decline, i thought to myself whoa how rich, china is rising while u.s. in decline hundredth i been among people funding that rise for the ccp by managing money i also understand that his son runs a charity in china. lives there as well, they have a very close relationship to the ccp. >> they do. and odious i adequated in book ray dalio said, in his book principles talked about the second most powerful man in china, and calls him a sort a quasi religious influenza on his life ray dalio's life said this man a remarkable force for good for decades i thought take a cursory look who is this man, that gets the high operatives from ray dalio, this is president xi's
8:43 am
enforceer, the commitment manager called him most feared man in china this is the guy takes political opponents gets them thrown in jail, purges political competitors this is the guy ray dalio plays out some kind of saint, it is really, really odious stuff. >> and yet ray dalio is able to write a book and maim it principles. principles. you also write about big tech elites bending to china in the book peter you write blinded by accomplish silicon valley elites help communist china achieve goal technology supremacy over west, you mentioned facebook, tesla we know apple tim cook did a big deal agreed to train chinese to understand better, how to use technology, and in return, apple got a great deal to sell phones in china is its all
8:44 am
about money for these guys? >> i think it is to a lot of them, certainly they are trying to appease their appeal to shareholders if getting great returns the problem what price you are exactly right, apple did that deal, microsoft, in order to get into china, had to agree to transfer thousands of high-paying jobs from united states, to beijing. microsoft even i mean this blew my mind microsoft even accepts interns from people's liberation army of china, i mean you can't make this stuff up, yet they happily go along bill gates praises regime privof sorts to president xi you have to wonder, the ccp has been so, strategic in terms of getting spies into united states, so they could have surveillance on u.s., and get a leg up on all of this, peter you know you've got more we want to talk to you about
8:45 am
will be my special guest sunday on "sunday morning futures" fox news we break that news with you enjoying the book so much talk about microsoft bill gates the rest on sunday, thank you peter. >> thank you, maria,we will you soon congrats on the book peter schweizer joining us today we'll be right back. .
8:46 am
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8:50 am
secure the border, and the failure to even acknowledge this crisis, that continues, joining me right now is the president of the national border patrol coins brandon thank you for being here thank you for all work you and team are doing here what is your reaction to that -- >> i am very happy to see that that actually happened this is the first time every, that a uniformed border patrol agent on government time was willing to stand up to a cabinet member to tell him what is going on show us border patrol is broken we have no resources to do the job that is necessary, and agents put on that uniform to protect american public they can't do, they get extremely upset because that is their goal their goal to ensure the safety security of american public this administration isn't allowing to you do. >> engine instead what carrying babies to hospital
8:51 am
doing what -- >> 90% of our resources in yuma right now is dead taitdz to doing administrative work, that is taking care of children, that is processing family unities processing people from around the world, uzbekistan, senegal haiti everywhere across nation people coming from resources are tied up, 156 miles of border, and only four agents patrolling 160 miles. >> what ri doing in terms of resources do you feel do agents feel the administration is defunding them? turning back not supporting them? >> all agents miles we will tell you we have the resources that are necessary to secure the border we have to have policy the policy is putting us administrative duty having border left wide own but if this administration would actually implement policy let
8:52 am
us do our job we are able to be on border, president trump proved we can secure the border we can stop immigration that is what this administration is falling. >> i was struck at new border wall we huddle with all ags one of your colleagues told us that the mexican cartels making 100 million dollars a week. >> this administration, is allowing criminal cartels to dictate our operations on the border, we should always be one step ahead of the cartels, unfortunately right now cartels are three steps ahead of us tell us exactly what we're going to do on border. that should never happen. >> they charge 4, 5, 6,000
8:53 am
dollars head to come to america mexican cartels deciding who comes to america who doesn't. >> a couple countries did depending where you come from dictates how much you pay mexican -- >> if you look at el salvador guatemala have an doctor as 4,000 china between 35,000 to 50,000 dollars scary about that is, i live in a very rich country united states richest in the world i don't have 50,000 dollars laying around people from china that are paying this 35,00050,,000 dollars when they get here going into indenureed servitude happening in united states under administration. >> china has big plans to overtake united states, thanks very much for coming this morning. >> thanks for being here that is really appreciated. >> we appreciate it, we appreciate you back with more special coverage live from
8:54 am
southern border when we come right back. stay with us. . and savings like that follow you everywhere. now, save more with allstate. ♪ because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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maria: we are reporting live from the southern border, a sharp increase in human and drug trafficking ramping up since the biden administration took office. joining me is the sheriff of jackson county, texas, andy lowderback. tell me what is going on as a result of this border since last time i i you. >> we have more supporting and assisting by the us government, by the biden administration, government sanctioned human trafficking, to a scale we have never imagined in the country before. maria: it is incredible to me these mexican cartels are making $100 million a week on human trafficking. what are they doing? putting young women to work, to have sex. what are they doing? >> a number of things. each of them in his own right,
8:59 am
adorable, you are looking at prostitution, cartel operatives, forced labor, slavery today, these are being promoted by the biden ministration. stuart: how are they promoted by the biden administrative? >> bring as many people into the country as they can every day, every minute of every day. maria: what about the drugs? sentinel coming in, 100,000 overdose deaths. >> it has been coming in and we hear nothing about it, no support for law enforcement on this issue, nothing from the white house about it, destruction of the united states at the biden administration's command. maria: you are seeking office right now. >> absolutely, seeking the seventh congressional district seat. to be allowed an aggressive voice. to try to put a stop to this,
9:00 am
at least be critical of the biden administration and what they promoted as a brought to this country. maria: the gop will have some success this november, not enough time but we have to continue this conversation. thank you for your leadership. markets selling off again, down 115 points, dagan mcdowell and joe concha, thanks for being here. stuart: apple did come in with a strong profit report. did not put much florida the market. apple is up 3%, the rest of the market in the selloff mode. the dow industrials open on the downside, down 100 points. down 10% from its november high, it is down 17% from its


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