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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  January 30, 2022 9:00am-9:30am EST

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♪ >> from fox studios in new york city. and happy weekend to all welcome to the program analyzes the week that was an helps position you for the week ahead. coming to you this weekend from the u.s. southern border just outside of mcallen texas. i will be surveying the border crisis firsthand bringing you the scene from the ground here in texas but here with me this weekend 13 states attorney general from around the country they are alarmed over the impact the surge of
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illegal migrants having on their citizens, their states in the u.s. natural security. coming up all speaking with three of those ages representing florida, missouri, indiana brazil tells whites so fortunate for them to be with the teacher with us this weekend for my one-on-one interview texas governor greg abbott. what he's doing right now to stand up to the biden administration bad border policy protects us taking matters into their own hand to protect america with the new state funded border wall. but first other wild week on wall street. we saw the dell recover from more than 1100 drop earlier in the week by the federal reserve indicating rate hikes are coming beginning in march. plus stronger growth in the fourth quarter then we thought for the dow in the s&p 500 on track for their worst month since march of 2020. and the worst for the nasdaq since october 2008 virginia right now is chief investment strategist jim paulson for jim is great to have you this week in paris thanks so much for being here. your thoughts on the week that
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we saw what is behind all of this volatility? >> we've been a long overdue for correction. we have not had one yet and the entire bull market. we generally have one before now even. i think the biggest reason we are dealing with what we are dealing with us we are overdue for one. corrections to a lot of good things. they check exuberant sediment. they restore some better evaluations pray they take out the concentrate leadership of the market rally over all. they build some sideline and buying. this is doing all of that. if the volatility may continue for a while, emotion takes over rather fundamentals. as we move into next week we are going to seat fundamental start should be noticed again. and some stability ultimately
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restored. if i am an investor rather than a trader i would focus on where i want to be coming out of this correction how much lower it could go. maria: about to undertake a major change in policy going from all of the free money and all liquidity to a tightening phase we heard from jay powell this week they are going to start raising interest rates in march. can they do this easily moving from such an easy money policy what is your take on whether or not the reserve can achieve this all the while also dampening down inflation which is running a hot 7% year-over-year. >> one thing to keep in mind is the federal reserve does this and every recovery cycle we ever have. they eventually go away in the history of this is very rarely does the bull market or the economic and when the fed
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diverts starts changing direction from tightening. it generally takes multiple policy tightening moves over an extended period of time before but the economy gets close to end of psychic or the bull market. very odd if we suddenly ended on the fodder the fed finally ending rates in march. if i look back historically the fundamentals here are really good right now. the economic growth rate may be a little slower this year it strong by strong standards. historically as long as real earnings are rising even if the fed raises rates the stock market generally does okay overall. yes, inflation is an issue. i would say there are some early signs that make you were taking the inflation rate outcry think will stay inflated during the cycle i
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don't think will return to 2% inflation rate think is going to start to moderate and that could also help people's fears about how fast the fed might have to move. >> how do you invest today? >> i think i would certainly -- it is a year maybe you want to move away a little bit from the s&p 500. look at some broader marketplace. i would lower my capitalization to smaller mid-cap for example. i would look at adding reciprocal at t they've done well and will continue to do well all year. also at in some industrial areas. it is okay to pick up a little energy. i do think they still have some further upside to go. i would sprinkle and a little international as wellin stocks. i think tech has refreshed you can pick away at some of the
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high quality tech stocks right now. spirit will leave it there, jim paulson joining us this morning for it all states are border states when it comes to immigration crises. thirteen's attorney general are here in texas with me, you'll hear what brought them you'll hear what brought them here this week ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq every year we try to exercise more, to be more social,
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to just relax. and eating healthy every single meal? if only it was this easy for us.
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spirit be on the board of the migrant crisis stretching out into the interior denies states affecting cities and neighborhoods across the country. thirteen attorneys general are here in texas now for a summit that ag paxton put together. there also meeting with governor abbott to discuss ways to stand up to biden's open border policies. i spoke with three of those ag's. >> every state is a border state now because a lot of times the illegal immigrants or the drugs are just moving through these border towns and ending up in places like st. louis and kansas city in
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all parts of missouri, florida, indiana. so it is a crisis. this administration is not giving it any serious thoughts completely open up the southern border. and these drugs and pencil in particular are particular deadly. finding their way into our communities. and that's what so important estates to find solutions that's what we join the texas remain in mexico is what we filed a lawsuit to finish the border wall. there is a lot more to do but certainly the solution is not opening up the southern border, moving people in the middle of the night allowing illegal immigrants to travel with arrest warrants. this stuff is crazy. we need to call it out and do something about it. but you've been real successful severe lawsuit you been suing this administration over the mask mandate as well? >> the administration does not respect the rule of law as we figure out their process with power, and they want to fundamentally transform this country. so in our system of federals in the states created the federal government via the government of limited powers, securing the border happens to be one of those by the way. we are going to do everything
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we can come up missouri certainly done that to push back with us on vaccine mandates, whether it's on remain in mexico we take this case is all the way to the supreme court and when. >> the present set the tone for menstruation early on rent of the gate what did they do? the canceled operation talent which was meant to hunt down those who were sexual predators and sexual offenders. they cancel in that we begged them to reinstate it. then they started canceling those we had on here illegal they were committing crimes in our state against our citizens. they started canceling detainers and letting back out into our community burglars, heroin traffickers, you name it serious offenders. that set the stage we suit immediately as soon as this president took office amid a push back and start suing. so they are staying ahead of the game that will change their policies, we have to sue again for the attorneys general in this nation are leading the fight to make sure the president follows the law. >> erica mentioned it was not a border crisis. by the time someone breaks a
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lot the border here within 48 hours they are in indiana. so before i came down this is my second trip. it comes out multiple times to remind myself about what is really going on down here because it's easy to forget it without you, without others we forget. if we do forget is going to pop up and manifest in a more expensive more treacherous ways. before i left her here this time i spoke to the association of chiefs of police every indiana community i asked by a show of hands who here is not being impacted by the biden lawlessness at the border? who has not had an increase in crime, increase in fentanyl, increase in death, increasing prosecution increase in trafficking since genera 2021 question work they all raised their hand that they did. every community. >> i cannot believe more media is not shining a light on this. we have already had one of these transport folks into our state. vernie had someone killed. we have cops getting shot that here in texas they have lost an officer to one of these
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illegal immigrants. >> and illegal from el salvador that is right. we heard about that yesterday. >> house every network not covering this? >> we have to keep coming down to because if you don't know we don't cover it, it will be off the front pages for they wanted to be off the front pages everything was great there are reports that nearly 70% of migrants who illegally cross the border and up in florida. >> look, this is intentional's ashes into things, on the remain a mexico policy president trump had a secure border. >> a 20 year low. >> one of the reasons was if you came here seeking asylum you're going to get a court date but mexico was the waiting room. now, under present biden we've got them to reimplement it with their being released into the interior of the united states, given a court date never to be seen again. that is one. to present troubles moving toward the border while we see bits and pieces of it here. there's $4 million still allocated which is the nature of the lawsuit we failed to finish that wall.
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congress has already said the money aside. joe biden is literally paying contractors to not put the wall out. we were there yesterday and sought resting pieces of this wall that could go up that are not going up. >> texas asked to buy the material to pay the taxpayers they corrected themselves the federal government, biden would not let it happen very. >> that would not allow texas to buy it? why? >> osier governor desantis was how the surges over the summer. we were looking at the numbers they were at record high more than ever recorded in terms of pouring over our border unvented. we have no way is leading law enforcement officers in our state to control what is happening. now, nor that we see a dip we are still seeing record numbers. it is incredible. those were work with law enforcement every day, we are not only now saying joe biden do your job, follow the law, stop working against us. stop building programs to help these cartels. >> i was told that it arizona you've got 156 miles of border
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and they've got for border agents to cover 156 miles. so they do not have the resources pretty talk about defending the police i feel there's a little defunding of the border agents going on. >> absolute this is intentional this is intentional we heard yesterday from law enforcement $100 million a week, that's the business of human trafficking here with the cartel. that should shock everyone in this country. human beings are being moved, being sold in the united states of america because we have a southern border. we have a president who does not want to do anything about it. rex mayorkas says we have fundamentally changed immigration policy within the united states and we are doing more and 22. what they have done is they have built their own criminal organization they need their own gang site at this port they are facilitating and accommodating to human trafficking cartel, the drug cartel, they are actually taking folks in helping bring them into the interior producing the disastrous
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results. >> my thanks to the attorney general from florida, missouri and indiana. texas governor greg abbott frustrated president biden for the deadly impact of his open border policies but is now taking matters into his own hands grade might want on one with the governor, next. >> it is astonishing that one >> it is astonishing that one lawbreaker ♪ ♪ you can't buy love. or peace. you can't buy security. you can't buy happiness. you can't buy confidence. but you can invest in it. we believe that your investments should work harder for the future you imagine. and that's where our strategic investing approach can help.
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own words. >> the problem has grown only worse by the number of people coming across the border has continued to increase. along those lines is just astonishing that we have a president who is failing to step up and do anything about it. you talk about drugs and the border being breached and so over the past calendar year there have been about 2 million people come across the border illegally for more than 150 different countries across the entire globe including, maria, people coming from terrorist based nations. with a president in charge of national security who is not protecting us from national security by allowing people to come across our border. and then even worse, this deadly fentanyl. the president knows about this. the president does not care about the lives of fellow americans by stopping fentanyl parade let me tell you this over the past year texas lawn for enforcement is seized in the fentanyl to kill every man, woman, child and texas,
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california, illinois, florida combined. president biden does not care. i will give you this effect and that is of the age of 18 -- 45 this past year more people died of a sentinel event from covid, car wrecks, from cancer. this is deadly and we have a president who is allowing it to continue to come across the border. if coming from china through mexico, to the united states. it's a texas law enforcement the time to step up and do it. maria: this is the underlining component made in china why is china sending us this fentanyl? i know it comes to mexico are they trying to kill us off? we know there is covid there's intellectual property theft, china is an adversary what is the interest? >> a deadly dose of fentanyl is 2 milligrams it's smaller than two grains of salt. before the end of this year there will be more than enough fentanyl to kill all americans. this isn't existenial threat
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to the united states and national security based issue, especially given the fact it's coming from china and not being stopped there are countless ways this could be given to people that would kill so many americans, the president has got to stop sitting in his bedroom and get out and do something about this. >> i do not think i have heard president biden meant to mention fentanyl once in a year. >> and maria, he does not care precooked is very worried about the ukraine border right now. if you heard from president biden on this border? >> no, never. >> fox news have exclusive video bill did a great job breaking open the story where we actually have pictures of unaccompanied white males being dumped in buses and then busted to private jets being dropped off in cities across the country. our reporter spoke with them said were going to miami, were going to houston, we are going
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here, going there. are they doing this secretly so the public does not find out? >> they are doing it secretly impart so that the public will not see what is going on and will not be as angry as they obviously would be. i think another reason why they're doing it secretly is because it is in violation of the law. and actually also is in violation of a court order here in texas. let me explain. texas brought a lawsuit is a biden ministration for releasing people like this. they told the court they would not release any single adult men into the united states but instead they would comply with the title 42 and send them back. they told the court, the federal district court here in texas they would do that. they are acting contrary to what they told a federal judge were going to be asking the federal judge to put sanctions on the biden administration for not complying with the
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federal court order and not complying with federal law. ask your troopers, your department public safety has been doing such a great job. and yet they are looking at resources strained. >> part of the way biden seemingly allows people to increasingly come across the border is by biden reducing the resources that he is deploying to the border. texas, as a state, is deploying more resources to the border than the united states as america is a country. texas taxpayers alone and just the next two years we are spending $3 billion to secure the border. that's far more than the government is spending here in texas or here in the united states. why is that the states have to step up and do the federal government's job to secure the border? >> enters in the mexican cartels are luring young kids into being getaway cars into human trafficking. what is the story? >> this may be the most astonishing thing we have seen
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a rise out of this episode of cross-border activity to drug cartels they are using tiktok to attract teens in houston, dallas, san antonio to come help in the smuggling operation. in texas they'll step up and take legal action. against the tiktok because they are being an accomplice to a crime of human trafficking. anybody associated with tiktok it used to be far beyond the shame they need to be concerned about legal liability. because they are now assisting human trafficking. tiktok is connected to human trafficking, no one should have any association with that entity anymore. elizabeth: what you want to do tiktok, are you suing? when you doing just stop tiktok? >> they can monitor it's going on and make sure ads like that are completely gone what serve they have the algorithms that would become extra nearly easy to do. they should do that in a nanosecond. they failed to that were going
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to be looking to shut down tiktok will be looking for damages against tiktok. >> what about whatsapp and others of the using others? >> right now the only when i have heard of that is using this is tiktok. however any social media platform that uses the same strategy will be going after them also. >> my thanks to governor greg abbott. we reach out to tiktok and got the statement from the company, tiktok stickley prohibits content that seeks to promote or facilitate criminal activities and we would remove leaders of cartels or gangs if they were identified on our platform but we also work with third-party intelligence firms to bolster our defenses and make reports to law enforcement as appropriate. we welcome the opportunity to we welcome the opportunity to work with the governor and it's easy to get a quote at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that
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maria: another big show coming up next week and makes you turn into wall street every friday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i will see over them fox news on sunday, sending money features as libel have
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exclusive interviews with former dni john reckless will senator john barrasso and peter schweizer breaking news on conflicts of interest in washington. and china, join us sunday 10:00 a.m. eastern life and fox news plus start smart every weekend right fox news business for more warnings with maria. we hope you'll join us every weekday six to 9:00 a.m. eastern for mornings with maria but have a great weekend everybody and i will see you again monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: hello, this become the wall street journal at large biting is to make a supreme court pic and is going to be all about what she looks like of course. affirmative action on and in the court. plus, ken 11th hour diplomacy with warnings in europe has a menstruation already open the door for russian aggression? and then republican governor of virginia starts in


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