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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  February 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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their values they support immigration, they just think you should do it legally. congressman great to see you tonight thank you. >> thank you jackie, god bless. jackie: i'm jackie dale just your watch the evening and on foxbusiness for that is going to do it for us. thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a wonderful weekend. ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city this is wall street. >> and happy weekend to all welcome to the program the analyze the week that was an helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. rockets with the war russia no inflation numbers prices soaring to new highs. mark on where to put your money now. plus president biden warning a invasion into ukraine could be imminent as critics say the u.s. should be making the first move.
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i am sick with a retired lieutenant jenner keith kellogg about the threat of war and the messaging from this administration. meanwhile hundreds of our military members sitting at out after refusing the covid vaccine paid the big implications this could have on our national security. and then hillary clinton back in the spotlight as she denies the allegations that her campaign spied on president trump. will we see anybody else go to jail for this question rick i am asking former assistant u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy bread but first let's take a look at the week that was in a market sending another volatile week. renewed fears of a rush if you like more volatility and the worst one date sell off of the year on thursday. this is a new poll shows inflation is a top concern for americans right now with wholesale inflation running higher than expected return to me right now is montgomery's got chief strategist thanks much for being here. >> thank you maria.
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maria: how are you allocating capitol what do you think is the most important issue for us to watch in regard to our money? >> welt maria i think right now the markets are being held hostage to the situation that is escalating obviously in eastern europe. and deservedly so. typically we do leave an imprint on the market. we have seen these skirmishes before and which it is taking three -- 5% off the market after which recovery takes place over 30 -- 60 days. it is going to reduce volatility of the market in a time when the markets already struggling with a couple obviously the policy and secondly the inflation you alluded to. i think it paramount to investors at the moment is inflation because that is going to beat what drives the reaction function of the federal reserve relative to not only limit height rakes for the first time likely marks, also subsequent to
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that the pace with which it will continue to hike rates which obviously could potentially forward economic activity, and because in corporate profits which obviously the end of the date drive stock prices. maria: it is all connected, right? on thursday last week we saw the huge decline, worst day for the year. as a result we so oil prices continue to get elevated part you're talking about the price of oil cutting into people's disposable income. is that going to slow down the economy in terms of growth numbers? >> it certainly can. even though energy and the expense of disposable income is much lower today than it was when it spiked back in the early 1980s, it is still significant. and it obviously slips into other components of goods and services that aren't directly related putting gas in your
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tank. and so as a consequence, for tickly for the income cohorts the less affluent that spends a preponderance of their discretionary income which helps to fuel economic activity here in the united states, that bank that spending from the income cohorts going to be an important driver to economic growth. obviously dissipation of that spending is going to bleed into things like we saw her which is a retail sales number that was quite good. but obviously could change as the year end folds that could be worrisome for the pace of economic growth. maria: the russia story and the uncertainty over ukraine is just layered on top of already worries about this economy and the macro story as the federal reserve is set to raise interest rates we are expect the fed to raise rates in march. will they be able to have a soft landing going from this easing position to a tightening
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position, mark? how do you want to be allocating capitol as this experiment takes off? >> is going be very delicate one at that. you are right it is threading the needle. i think though the pace of economic activity even though it slowed somewhat here in the first quarter, still has a lot of momentum because of the low level of unemployment and the wage growth we are seeing for the fact that again we have an abundance of saving so collectively i think it's a set up for the economy to continue to post positive results of the valves of next year in the next. therefore we were in convinces areas that we had advocated now for quite some time, mainly those that are economically sensitive, cyclicals like financials which aren't leadership this year so far. this will as materials and industrials will perform well. maria: markets great to talk with you thanks so much for. >> thank you maria. maria: mark luschini joining us to be speaking more with the brief tired army lieutenant general keith kellogg coming up
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with the program. the first dozens of republican lawmakers not urging biden's attorney general not to interfere. into the investigation the spying of hillary clinton's campaign on president trump. could the administration try to shut it down question rick i will be asking andrew mccarthy coming up. >> eight biggest scandals and they spied on my campaign, they spied on my campaign for. >> there's no real evidence of that. >> yes there is all over the place for. >> we cannot put on things we cannot verify picked. >> leslie they spied on my campaign. mited with no annual f. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> we can't get distracted. whether it's by the latest culture were nonsense, or some new right wing lie on fox or facebook. by the way, they've been coming after me again lately in case you might've noticed. it is funny the more trouble trump gets into, the charges and
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conspiracy theories about me seem to get higher. jackie: hillary clinton blowing off new bombshell findings from john durham and the dermer probe this week as many say she's trying to make another run at the white house. special counsel alleging her presidential campaign paid government technology company to infiltrate and spite on president trump before and during his time in office. now dozens of republican lawmakers is sending a letter to attorney general merrick garland urging him not to interfere into the durham investigation for a joy to is former assistant u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy print and or it's great to have it this weekend, thank you so much for being here. ss will be her this week from john durham and how you see this investigation playing out? >> maria, i think that what we are seeing from durham confirms what we have been able to glean
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from the indictments he has filed so far but i think people need to understand is that this is really proceeding onto tracks. there is the cases he has brought which i think are going to charge comparatively minor crimes compared to the framework that the narrative is emerging from which is basically a big political dirty trick. it looks like what he has focused on is the clinton campaign basically ginned up, generated and peddled to that media and to government investigative agencies, this storyline that trump was a putin puppet he was a clandestine agent of russia. then there were people who were connected to the campaign who sculpted and built that narrative. and then there are other people connected to the campaign who had privileged access to government information to try to mind in a distorted way, prop up
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the narrative. and other people who had very good connections who was a former federal prosecutor before he went into private practice. he had very good contacts with government investigative agencies. they had an end to try the storyline to the fbi and the cia. ultimately, what durham is going to write is a report much like the report that mueller wrote. i think that will probably be much more interesting than the cases he has brought which involve basically lies to the fbi. i think what durham is ultimately building toward is the final report. maria: do you think he is going to be able to prove conspiracy in these cases? a number of people tell me they think he is building a conspiracy case. >> oh well, obviously that be the kind of thing you would want to look into because this is clearly very concerted activity.
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but one of the reasons i've kind of a pushed back a little bit on the watergate comparisons for example this week is the defining thing about watergate was that it was the government officials who were abusing the governments a law enforcement and intelligence apparatus to go after their political enemies. here, at least according to their rooms and narrative so far, to his theory of the case, the fbi rather than being in on the scheme is duped. these people he is a prosecuting like durham, and igor who was involved in the steele dossier are accused of lying to the fbi. one other case he brought was against an fbi lawyer. even the fbi lawyer is accused of lying to the fbi. now i think you, i and a lot of people who follow this very closely for a number of years, are finding it hard to swallow that the fbi was like a babe in the woods here.
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[laughter] a lot of evidence of a bias against trump. but for the moment durham siri is that the bureau is not in on it. i think they would have to be for it to be the major watergate style conspiracy people are thinking of. maria: so the question becomes when, if at all, did the fbi and the cia for that matter start working with the clinton campaign? because remember and are in january of 2017 the fbi conducted three day interview with the sub source of the dossier. during that interview he said we made it up we are having beers and embellish for the steele dossier was a bunch of garbage we made it up. get the fbi conducted the edge of your three the information where they do? they proceeded with the renewal of a warrant to spy on carter page. >> three times. maria: we don't have the app it was complicit not the cap renewing that warrant spying on the trump campaign even though
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carter page was no longer even working in the campaign. when, if at all to these government agencies start working with the clinton campaign? >> i was surprised, maria, other people see and i'm sure you were to the other people seemed so surprised when the news from durham's investigation this week suggested at least that some of the internet traffic that they were looking at in order to suggest trump have this back channel of communications with putin, that some of that possibly went into the time that trump was already president. everyone acted like that was a major revelation. we'll have to see where it goes. the fact of the matter is it comes in a context we already knew that the carter page surveillance, page being a former trump campaign official, knelt from october 2016 for many months into trump's presidency. it is not a new revelation that the bureau and perhaps other
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investigative agencies were looking at trump and looking at the trump campaign while president trump was in office. there is nothing new about this. there's also no question that the fbi was complicit in investigating this. the question i think durham is going to have to answer is where they complicit in a knowing and willful way? or were they negligent and reckless? he seems to be coming down on negligent and reckless at the moment. maria: we will see. cap it is finally coming to light because women are been reporting on this for 70 years. andrew great work as always we think so for joining me this weekend. >> thanks maria. maria: i eddie mccarthy joining us. quick break then president biden says a russian invasion is imminent as critics say the u.s. should be making the first move. retired army lieutenant general keith kellogg is here on the threat of war and the messaging from this administration. >> we have demonstrated weakness
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if you can't lay your hand flat on the table, talk to a hand specialist. but what if i don't want surgery? well, then you should find a hand specialist certified to offer nonsurgical treatments. what's the next step? visit today to get started. have is that they are prepared to go into ukraine, attack ukraine. maria: touches with brassica as going putin add additional 7000 troops along the border with the gray be present abided warning and invasion into ukraine is imminent. critics say putin is taking advantage of the projected weakness in this administration adjournment retired army general keith kellogg for general's great to weekend thanks very much. assess the chessboard here for us, what is going on question
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request yes maria thanks for having me today, good to see if i think he is innovation postures he's got 70% of his army around ukraine is got by the most modern systems into place brought forces as far away as siberia. but it is all up to him we are playing two different games we are talking past each other. we keep talking about nato it is not a nato issue at all. putin said two years ago fighting nay it would be suicide for russia. to me it will be an extinction level. we keep talking nato and he keeps talking ukraine as an immediate threat to the security of russia. this is really a european issue bred my concern is we keep focusing in on russia it's almost a response instead of focusing on our greatest threat emerging and that is china. we keep getting diverted from that. do i think he has the capability
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to do it? >> yes pretties he's playing a little bit of a head game right now and keeping president biden kind of on the ropes. my recommendation to this administration is just shut up, don't keep talking about up just react to what he's going to do if and when he wants to do it. he likes to play this game, putin, and he is doing quite well. maria: general babe that's the intention the administration does not want us to focus on other things with keep talking about russia this is been a situation by the way for five years. as the democrats and the administration were saying donald trump colluded with russia when in fact all of that time of dividing our country that ccp was developing hypersonic missiles. they were stealing intellectual property. they were committing genocide. and now we have rushes a vladimir putin teaming up with chinese president, how worrisome is this partnership between china, russia and now iran is been brought into the fold as
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well. there during joint military exercises. >> yes maria that is a huge concern you are absently right about the collusion with russia. here in washington d.c. it's a pavlovian response but you mentioned russia people started drooling there was no collusion at all. what we wanted to do is push back on putin. we did that quite well. he respects and understands strength. president trump did that he pushed back a lot of times on putin pre-sometimes people did not know about it because we didn't talk about it a lot. but now you see the alignment of russia and china. china is the world's second-largest economy is kind of bolstered his flanks by doing it he, being putin paid my concern is always said in the near term you're going to see alliance not only of russia, when china, but also a nuclear capable iran then you've got a real problem. that is the reason to keep saying to people focusing on china that is your emerging threat. let europe handle russia.
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russia, to me it's a little bit of a tongue-in-cheek about russia is belter with nuclear missiles they do not pose that big of a threat. they are not an existential threat to the united states of america must the go nude nuclear parade this is we have to have a lot of balance, a lot of poison you have to understand his head fakes are not head fakes and respond accordingly we are just reacting to everything he is doing and that's a huge mistake. maria: your right make a great point by saying joe biden keeping him on the ropes that is what putin is doing. at a time when the other adversaries are getting more dangerous but meanwhile the u.s. military seems to be getting weaker. he went to get your take on this. the navy, air force, marines have discharged more than 760 service members because of their objection to the defense department vaccine met at the army said to join them as well according to some estimates at cost $15000 to recruit one eligible person to join the military. and then the 50 -- 75002 train
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equipment, prepare them for service parade there is a concern this puts our security at risk, hurts morale and a future recruitment. but once again the readiness of our military being questioned as china is investing in its military we are talking about defense spending decreasing. >> yes, maria outlook on the vaccine look i took the vaccine and probably when the very first the nation to take it because i was in the white house and part of the national security team. but i am very against the force of the military to take the vaccine and making the mandate. they are giving virtually no exception to religious exceptions. the military is going to be under pressure going forward because of this whole woke environments. report came out the government accounting office report sent our ships at sea right now are undermanned by 15%. that means we cannot even fill the birth on her chips going out to create the same you going to the same thing in the marine
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corps, the army and the air force. we have made the vaccine mandate a political issue for the military. the role of the military is quite clear to me it is to deter and if deterrence fails fight and win our nation's wars. we have made it almost a woke of military i think it's a huge mistake. the vaccine is at the very forefront of that. maria: thanks very much for your service and for your time today. we so appreciate lieutenant general keith kellogg parade don't go anywhere more wall street right after this.
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social, which is going to be launching soon plus the "new york post" columnist. this weekend on fox news at 10:00 p.m. then write your own foxbusiness start smart every weekday from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. eastern boys with maria is life every weekday on foxbusiness. belgian fronts for now, thank you so much for joining me. have a wonderful rest of the weekend. i will see you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what onto the wall street at large. this week at long last a big a justice department spotlight is focusing on just how far hillary clinton went to take down donald trump. also we are going to break down house speaker nancy pelosi's latest inflation excuse. and there is a new race car being pla


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