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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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bag a passport, and a phone number written on his hand. he was safely reunited with relatives. a heroine deed and may ukraine find many more of them. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight putin sinks to a new low, bombs a maternity hospital in ukraine. cher noble in a power blackout. fears of another meltdown. china is going negative on russia and wall street warns that russia could default on its debt that could slam putin. using pretext of war on ukraine, get the far left happy, green energy, wipe out oil jobs. for this president biden criticized. he first claims i will fight to
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lower your gas prices. then just hours later says, i can't do much about that right now. then the white house ignores canada. canada saying take our oil, replace russia's crude with canada's oil. restart keystone pipeline. tonight the white house risk as recession and rising voter anger. and, where are the human rights activists? where are democrats pelosi, schumer, schiff, the "squad" on the white house moving to buy oil from human rights abusers iran, venezuela who murder and torture their own people? and this, what no one is talking about, democrat pandemic shutdowns also to blame for the u.s. energy crisis. democrat u.s. lawmakers in shocking move deploy image of a plane climate change with image of the world trade center, twin towers, comparing 9/11 to climate change. that will infuriate voters nationwide.
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this disturbing story. california parents outraged. california state regulators raided pre-schools for toddlers, without parents consent, separated those toddlers from children, interrogating them about masks. plus democrats caught on camera supporting the defund the police movement, right as the polls go south on that issue. we've got the footage. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with stocks turning positive today, ending the day in the green as oil prices dropped. on reports that iraq could increase production and u.a.e. supports increased production from opec. after the white house ban on russia's energy but morgan stanley and citigroup forecast a roller coaster ride for the the market potentially up to two months. we have mounting civilian deaths in ukraine. russia ramps up airstrikes.
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horrific images deliberately target as maternity hospital. children buried in rubble. a two-story high bomb blast. women in labor evacuated. a lot of talk about saudi arabia too. u.a.e. not taking president biden's phone calls to pump more oil upset on iran deal what is happening in yemen. edward lawrence in washington with more. reporter: liz, "the wall street journal" reporting that leaders of saudi arabia and united arab emirates refusings to set up phone calls with president joe biden this after the president, his administration sending envoys over the past several months to saudi arabia asking them to pump more oil. the answer has been a steady no. now we're seeing outreach to venezuela and iran. officially the nsc spokesperson emily horn tells me about the rebuffed phone calls this is a gross mischaracterization. it does not reflect reality. there are no rebuffed calls period. republicans wonder why we're asking anyone? >> day one of the joe biden presidency he crushed the
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american energy sector by ending construction of the keystone pipeline, he stopped drilling on federal lands. he did everything he could to destroy american owned and made energy sector. he made us dependent on foreign oil again. reporter: you're looking at weekly gas prices. you see where president joe biden took office. you see where the invasion of ukraine started. no denying the trend here. the white house blaming big oil also. >> we're engaging with big global oil producers around the world to meet that demand but there are also, as we've talked about a few times in here 9,000 unused oil leases that oil companies could certainly tap into and we've encouraged them to do that. so that's certainly a way to address. >> but the president gas on february 14th was highest level since 2014. so it was already at an elevated level. no plans to change energy policies. liz? elizabeth: thank you, edward lawrence. good to see you, joining us now, lead republican house foreign affairs congressman michael
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mccaul. good to have you on. you were at the border with poland and ukraine, good to see you. you went to the border with poland with a bipartisan congressional delegation. what did you see? >> saw a lot of human suffering, particularly at the border. two million people crossing in 10 days. it was very nostalgic, almost reminiscent of nazi germany when the nazis invaded poland, this major refugee crisis we really haven't seen since world war ii. the invasion is large as that time when hitler insided poland. we met with the 82nd airborne though, talked about the lethal weapons that were moving into ukraine to help them fight the fight. and beat the russians. i got to tell you, ukrainians have been very inspiring. we you know estimated them and overestimated the russian army but we've got to get these
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lethal weapons in. we're passing a big package today to deal with this but when i talked to the ukrainians what they kept telling me we don't need troops. we just need these weapons. elizabeth: the president, reports coming in sending two patriot missile batteries over into poland. the vice president will arrive in warsaw. hand-to-hand combat is breaking out in kyiv. that is happening as well. the atrocities, the house intelligence had a hearing, congressman, that putin intends to escalate before he de-escalates and this could get worse. what do you think? >> well it could. we don't want this to escalate. we want to give the ukrainians these lethal weapons, the stingers, the javelins, the anti-tank ammunition, but also these deadly drones that will hit this convoy of tanks. i would have liked to see the migs come in but that got sort of botched i think. there was a plan to work there.
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and also i mean, several other lethal surface-to-air missiles that we can bring in there. that is what they really need right now. because once that convoy comes down and circles kyiv, we saw what happened today when they bombed that maternity hospital. they bombed a childrens' hospital in kyiv. i mean i think this man is, has committed war crimes in violation of the geneva convention. elizabeth: he is being accused of being a war criminal and he is being called evil. there is this. there is also this story going on. why is the president not answering canada's calls? premier of alberta saying we can easily replace russia's oil with even more oil than russia a million barrels a day. why not take canada's oil and avoid a recession? >> yeah. why did he shut down the keystone pipeline? that is 800,000 barrels a day versus what russia versus what
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we import from russia, that is about 600,000 barrels a day. liz, what i'm more concerned about as well, not only, i urge the administration to not import russian oil. i'm glad they did that because we were funding putin's war machine and this bloodshed but to turn to the other dictators in the world, like venezuela with maduro, or like the ayatollah in iran this is the fundamental, you know, flawed energy policy which leads to bad foreign policy. we need to produce more of that here in the united states. elizabeth: where are the human rights watchdog groups and the "squad," pelosi, schiff, schumer, what you said about iran and venezuela? we had the white house press secretary hammering away about u.s. oil industry not drilling on 9,000 leases. the oil industry is saying wait a second we are drilling
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flat-out. that is only a quarter of leases we're working on, 9,000 figure. white house press secretary says takes a year to bring up keystone, the same thing for the 9,000 leases it takes a long time to find oil in those oil wells on the leases. after they hammered the u.s. oil industry and you know, pounded it, the u.s. oil industry is saying it will take time to ramp that up too. watch what happens happening right now. now there is use to use pretext of war of ukraine to get the u.s. on green energy. watch economic official brian december and watch the president here. take a listen. >> what we actually need to do is reduce our dependence on oil and gas together so that we and our allies like those in europe are not as susceptible to the, to global commodity price moves like we're seeing now. president biden: i will do everything i can to minimize putin's price hike here at home.
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>> [inaudible]. president biden: going to go up. can't do much right now. russia is responsible. elizabeth: do you see that? he said i was going to fight for it. hours later said can't do anything about it. your response, congressman? >> i mean, i think they're going to blame this war for the rising prices of energy but the fact of the matter is he had no energy policy other than to go green. you cannot convert like a light switch, you know, to abandon fossil fuel production and go to green energy overnight. he is extremely nye he naive ani would argue extremely dangerous. our energy policy is our national security policy. unfortunately we've been in a couple of wars in the middle east. why would we want to stop producing in the united states, have to be dependent on russian oil? thank god we got off that but
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opec, we're blaming opec now for not producing more energy? the idea that we're going to go to the ayatollah and beg for energy. then maduro down in venezuela. all of our foreign nation adversary states, the idea we'll be dependent on them, think about how vulnerable that makes the united states of america. elizabeth: congressman michael mcfall, nice to see you. state lawmakers spark outrage deploying image after plane with climate change on it aimed at the world trade center twin towers. comparing climate change to 9/11. that is next on "the evening edit". at t. rowe price our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine. ♪ ♪ ( ♪♪ )
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♪. elizabeth: look at this. we've got democrat senators including dick durbin, jon tester, bob menendez speaking out against the white house trying to get oil from venezuelan iran. those countries murder and torture their own people. iran is security threat. president biden said maduro was security threat five days ago. hillary vaughn with more on capitol hill. reporter: liz, pipeline workers laid off after president biden on day one canceled the permit for the keystone xl pipeline are taking it personally. greg russell has worked in the
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industry for his entire life. he tells me puts the blame on biden for killing his job when he canceled keystone. >> i would have to say it was president biden because he is the one that signed it to kill all that. you killed my way of life. you're trying to do away with my career, my way of life. he was really gut-wrenching to know they had just with the stroke of a pen shut down all of this. reporter: even with gas prices on the rise and biden eyeing other countries to supplement supply the white house and some democrats on capitol hill insist reversing biden's decision on the keystone pipeline would not do much to help drive gas prices down today. do you think it is time for the president to rethink opening up the keystone pipeline in light of rising gas prices? >> absolutely no help in the current situation. nice idea.
6:17 pm
it won't have any benefit at all. we don't need the keystone pipeline to solve this problem. reporter: liz we talked to two different workers laid off with the project. they said they have heard nothing from the biden administration about the green job they were promised in place of the job they had on the pipeline? liz. elizabeth: thank you, hillary vaughn. government data does show that the keystone pipeline oil would be shipped into the market would be more than what russia provides the u.s. let's show this image going viral on social media. new york state democrats pose with the poster after plane with the words climate change on that plane, aimed right at the world trade center, the twin towers. joining us now new jersey congressman jeff van drew. so this -- good to see you congressman. this climate justice rally in albany, they're trying to use 9/11 for climate change? >> this is just weird. the lack of compassion, the lack of humility and level of stupid
6:18 pm
to make that comparison not to care about all the people that lost their lives in the greatest tragedy that ever happened on our homeland. it is some bizarre religion now. it is too much. of course we are concerned about climate change but we're concerned about human life and the future of the country and the country being strong. elizabeth: the state lawmakers now apologize say they, claim they didn't see the content of the sign. the group running the rally, new york renews condemned this banner. talk about this. the president did campaign and get in the u.s. off of oil and on to green energy. is now the time to do that? democrat senators are saying no. >> this is not the way to do it. i mean what he is doing, you know, i will be honest with you. i think he is a a feckless and weaker, every single thing he does every single day there is a level of stupidity that goes along with it. when he started out at the beginning, did his executive order, said he would reduce you
6:19 pm
know, energy and reduce our energy presence, especially fossil fuels that was a huge mistake. all that he has done has not only created the problems that we have with the price of gasoline, it is actually created the problems that we have literally with russia because, russia recognizes that we're weaker now. they recognize that we have our knees bent down to them, to china, to iran, to venezuela, i mean, why would we ever do this when we have the potential in the united states of america to be number one in energy and we were, liz. elizabeth: now they're talking like they're pro energy but they shut down new leases on federal lands. they encourage wall street and banks to divest from fossil fuel companies. they installed antagonist at the epa, the federal reserve, department of the interior. transportation secretary pete buttigieg talking about the keystone pipeline, quote, we need to make sure we're not
6:20 pm
galloping to permanent solutions to solve short-term problems. he says the solution is electric vehicles when it is the power grid is fueled by gas and oil to make electricity. do they understand that. >> do they understand that you make electricity with fossil fuels. they don't know how much we'll depend on china and other countries for the rare elements and minerals you need in batteries. i'm not sure they understand that batteries themselves are polluters. you will have real issues after a while when you have to dispose of them and get rid of them. i'm not sure they know how much it costs to run windmills and cost to actually have solar panels. let's be realistic. elizabeth: polls show voters are getting angry about this. the white house keeps whipping fastballs by the american people. biden is knocking out u.s. energy and importing way more crude oil. imports from russia went up 41% under biden versus trump. you remember dozens of green
6:21 pm
energy companies went bankrupt beyond solyndra after the obama white house gave away millions of dollars in taxpayer money? there are dozens and dozens of them. last november he talked about the getting sec, federal trade commission to investigate price-gouging. senator warren. now we'll have hearings to shift blame from their bad policies, how anti-u.s. energy they are to go after oil companies? will we see that again? we saw that under obama? >> it is convenient politically, that the real truth our carbon footprint is only 15% on the world. the real truth is our energy is cleaner. the real truth we give special breaks to china, russia and other countries and they do whatever they want. elizabeth: right. >> including coal but we actually punish ourselves, hurt our american people and give everything away to those on the out side. elizabeth: if they care so much
6:22 pm
about green energy don't turn on the lights. that is where electricity comes from. when we had the democrat led oversight hearing and california democrat ro khanna asked oil executives here are you embarrassed as american company that your production is going up while europe is going down. congressman jeff van drew, that was a turning point that we were at a new hinge point in u.s. history where democrats were going to go full down the road with green energy when the infrastructure is not there. final word? >> look it, we can use nuclear energy. you have to use some fossil fuels. we can certainly work on you know, recyclables and other energies that are renewable, but we have to do it without killing and hurting the american people. elizabeth: got it. congressman jeff van drew, good to see you. come back soon. california parents say they are shocked after california state regulators raided preschools over toddlers not wearing masks. inappropriately questioning 2-year-olds alone without
6:23 pm
parents consent. the disturbing story next on "the evening edit." >> a lot of doctors now are pointing to the downsize of masks and kids should not be wearing masks based on bad information. ♪. one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be? nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show, he is an editor at the terrific site, it is called "town hall," he is the political editor there. fox news contributor guy benson.
6:27 pm
guy, this is a disturbing story. parents in california outraged a pre-school, number of them for toddlers and two-year-olds in san diego, called the aspen league school, they say state regulators raided three of their schools, inappropriately interviewed children under 2-year-olds about wearing masks. how do state regulators justify this action? >> imagine living in the state where the government, powers that be thought that was appropriate use of state power, of state resources of state money and law enforcement and regulators. it is crazy. we are finally getting to the point in this country where most of us recognize, many of us have for quite some time forcing masks on to children in schools is a failed policy. it is harmful. it does not help. and it is especially true the younger the kids get. there was a big study that just came out of spain. hundreds of thousands of students monitored.
6:28 pm
let me read to you be the takeaway, face mask mandates in schools not associated with lower covid incidents or transmission suggesting this intervention not effective, enquote. and the same study showed that the younger you get, 1 to 4-year-olds like vanishingly rare risk at all, even if the kids contracted covid. yet you have the state of california and some state actors going around raiding preschools, talking to two-year-olds? it is crazy. elizabeth: it is bullying. it is bullying. so why all of a sudden do we have a answer to bureaucrats who have no training what sorry to people who just like walking off the street, getting a job in a state office, then bullying toddlers? can you imagine being a parent or a 3 or 4 or 5-year-old, seeing a state official come in, you would be scared out of your mind. that could damage and traumatize that child for a very long time. so is california going to pay for that down the road? i mean they issued the aspen lee
6:29 pm
schools a type-a citation, most severe type. this school says they were purposely targeted by the state over there, over masks on children two-year-olds. really? that is what you're going to stake your career around your resume' doing something like that, guy? >> yes. a coercive state of california. look, it would be one thing if mask mandates in schools were neutral. they didn't really help. maybe there was some evidence they could help a little bit but they didn't really harm. but there is a mountain of evidence they achieve nothing positive when it comes to transmission among schools among kids. and there are harms especially for young kids just developing, trying to figure out how to talk, how to interact with each other, two-year-olds are you kidding me? even on airplanes, which have some of the craziest rules still remaining in our society when it comes to masking, 2-year-olds can take masks off on airplanes but the state officials in
6:30 pm
california, they're sicking the cops or whatever on two-year-olds for interviews. can the kids respond with coherent sentences about their lack of compliance for a totally useless, actively harmful mask mandate for young children? i mean one more point. in new york city, now they have gotten rid of the mask mandate in schools, finally, thank god. massively belated, not yet for five-year-olds and under. elizabeth: who is writing the rules? you know what i mean? >> that is what i would like to knee. who are these people? elizabeth: you or i could write the rules together. california's licensing division doesn't have the authority to do this. this is what the owner of the preschool is saying. it is health department. we don't even know if they have the authority to do it anywhere. the preschool he says was unfairly targeted because he challenged california's authority on this. he looked at every licensing report issued in california during the pandemic to get the data, show yeah, they were treated more harshly than any other schools, because owner challenged it masks for kids.
6:31 pm
then you have the bureaucrats stomping in there, scaring terrifying children. >> this is the reality in california over the last number of weeks. you have a bunch of politicians who are very wealthy in their 50s, 60s, 70s, going to football games indoors with no masks and meanwhile they are 6:00ing state officials on to preschoolers to ask them about their lack of compliance. it is absolute madness. elizabeth: guy benson, always great to have you on. come back soon. always good to see. >> you bet. elizabeth: china under the microscope as russia intensifies its attack on ukraine. russia pariah. could president xi xinping of china bring putin to the negotiating table? we'll break it down next on "the evening edit." >> poland already has taken in about a million refugees. if putin keeps stepping up the attacks on civilians, it will only get worse. this situation is just going to continue to steamroll.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show. he is the author of the book, a terrific book, the "coming collapse of china." he is a terrific writer, so knowledgeable about china. he is gordon chang. hey, gordon, would china, could china stop putin? we're seeing state media in china, the president xi xinping, he is calling for quote, maximum restraint in ukraine and said it is painful to see the flames of war reignited in europe. so china seems to be going negative on russia. could china get putin to the negotiating table? >> china could get putin anywhere because if china were to stop all commodity purchases, if it were to end trade with russia, basically that would send shockwaves through the russian elite and the russian elite would work on putin but you know, these statements, liz, they i think are really disingenuous because you know, china wants to distant itself from a failing invasion but none
6:37 pm
theless it is supporting putin with all the money he needs to finance this war. elizabeth: you know, we are seeing social unrest in china too. the cost of energy, metals, food, going up and the supply chain is getting kind of shredded over there in that region of the world. so that is bad for business and exports. sanctions are sending russia's economy into a depression. europe could see a recession. china needs those regions to buy its goods. >> you're absolutely right about that. first of all inflation, you had some out of control inflation numbers about, both consumer and ppi, producer price index and really this is a problem for the regime because you know they remember the spring of 1989, tianamen mass sure. people went out on the streets not because of democracy but mismanagement of growth inflation. this brings back horrible memories for the communist party. elizabeth: does china want to
6:38 pm
partner now with the world's most hated pariah nation? putin is called a war criminal. what he is doing in ukraine is evil. now china will be painted like a pariah if it invades taiwan like what happened in ukraine? >> yes. i think beijing knows that but nonetheless they're continuing to buy and buy buy in increasing quantities russian commodities. what beijing is doing it is extremely troubling this is giving effect to that no limits partnership, in that 5000 word communique they issued on february 4th. elizabeth: let's talk about this, let's shift gears a bit. peter schweizer in his book, reports two of the last three american ambassadors to china, son of a third have lucrative rich deals with chinese state-backed companies and firmses. max baucus, gary locke. they oppose limiting chinese communist party to u.s. economy.
6:39 pm
max baucus since on the board of alibaba and a chinese cryptocurrency firm. after he joined that firm, it was announced the crypto firm binance is being investigated by the u.s. government for money laundering and tax charges. that is what is going on. we see this influence campaign still from china into our, with our politicians and into u.s. states. >> this is corruption pure and simple. it is not just the ambassadors and the children of ambassadors. this is throughout america's elite. it is wall street. it is boardrooms. it is academia, all throughout. china uses money and, this is basically hunter biden but so many more. elizabeth: you know, gordon max baucus during the trump white house, he kept going after you know, trump and defended the chinese regime, comparing trump to you know, joe mccarthy, adolf hitler, for suggesting that america should become more independent from this communist regime that is slaughtering and
6:40 pm
killing its own people. you see the u.s. politicians, basically getting into deals with china, then getting more vituperative, going after those trying to fix a system to benefit the u.s. taxpayer. >> and baucus isn't the worst example of that. this really means we need a drastic solution here which most people wouldn't go for but china uses every point of contact to undermine american society and they're overwhelming us as you've been pointing out. we have to cut the contacts until we can figure out how we can manage this but right now we are seeing so many people in america represent communism over democracy and max baucus is just one of them. elizabeth: thank you, gordon chang, thank you for your insights and perspective there. good to spend time with you. come back soon. democrats caught on camera supporting the defund the police movement right as the polls go south on that. we've got the footage next on "the evening edit." >> when you have a police force
6:41 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. it is great to have you back on, sir. we have got a lot of what is going on with ukraine and what is going on with russia who is in power there. it is also what is happening who is in power here in the united states. arizona representative, andy biggs he really caused a furor in congressional hearing on defunding the police. like you to watch this video. it is top democrats on camera saying yeah, we support it. the timing of this is bad because americans of all political parties and stripes are against defunding the police. watch this.
6:46 pm
>> how many progressives on capitol hill are echoing chants heard from protesters on streets in major cities around the country. congresswoman ilhan omar whose district includes minneapolis called police rotten to the root. saying the department should not just be defunded but dismantled. >> we need to end the department currently exists. >> i'm for defunding the police. >> some city officials calling for police departments across the u.s. to be defunded. >> rashida tlaib no more policing incarceration. demilitarizatin. >> eric garcetti taking money from policing, $150 million, take it in health issues and training for youth. >> i applaud eric garcetti for what he is done. >> huge block letters, on city streets from washington to wisconsin. some who support the idea want to strip funding and disself all department. >> there are some issues we want them to do, mental health issues, policing schools all the rest, perhaps we can shuffle
6:47 pm
some of that money around. >> we don't want no police. we need to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. elizabeth: your reaction to that, sir? >> whenever i hear congresswoman tlaib or omar speak it is music to my ears as a conservative because they're clearly driving an agenda that does not work. when you read the tea leaves of defunding the police, we clearly saw epic, catastrophic failures that that plagued right i don't think so two years ago -- riots. communication members spend more money on a communication staff as opposed to a legislative staff. they clearly don't get the message what works. we clearly know the defund police movement has gone in the right, in the wrong direction and unfortunately it is the communities of color that have been the greatest recipients of carnage. elizabeth: people understand it is police brutality is wrong.
6:48 pm
it should be stopped. we need more money for training police officers. you know, during the riots, you know, there was little, fox news, fox business covered how 30 people at least were killed in the rioting of 2020. two billion dollars in damage to property and neighborhoods and communities across the country where those riots took place. now sir, cities across the nation there is a rise in violent crime, murders, homicides, sexual assaults and smash mob looting this is a story that has taken years, years to unwind and unfold across the american landscape. >> when we look at what senator tim scott attempted to introduce in the senate it was employing police with additional resources. quintessential policing is what everyone wants. this is what we expect but by the same token we need to afford
6:49 pm
police the appropriate resources to do their job. receiving the budgets does not get it done. however if we employ a greater level of training within the police departments, we have a far better chance of experiencing greater police protections throughout the united states of america. elizabeth: images out of "the washington post," the money went out to localities to pay for mismisconduct. we pointed that out because it is being addressed at the local level. progressive democrat cori bush recently said i will not stop using defund the police slogan ahead of the midterms. the slogan is not the problem. we didn't do enough to defund police. amid a surge in violent crime alexandria ocasio-cortez recently partly blamed the end of the expanded child tax credit on rising crime despite the fact increases in crime predated that legislation. >> it is just so unfortunate we
6:50 pm
have elected officials such as cori bush and alexandria ocasio-cortez in congress that are driving a narrative that clearly doesn't work for us as americans. we as the silent majority need to stand up and understand that we need to fortify the resources into police as opposed to defunding police, so when we hear statements from people such as aoc and bush we clearly need to discount that as hyperbole and nothing else. elizabeth: lieutenant, if you walked a day in a cop's shoes you wouldn't want to get out of bed the next day or the next day but police officers have to endure every day to protect our communities, i'm not sure the american people fully are told about it. your final word, quickly. >> police officers are public servants. they do what is necessary to fortify the social contract which affords citizens protections from government. elizabeth: lieutenant porcher, good to see you. thanks for coming in. democrat-led lockdowns during the pandemic also blamed for the
6:51 pm
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now missouri congressman jason smith. it is good to have you back on, congressman. democrat-led shutdowns also to blame for the u.s. oil crisis and energy crisis.
6:55 pm
democrats shut down states across the nation to deal with the pandemic. it dealt a body blow to u.s. energy. we were knocked out of two million barrels a day in u.s. oil production and five refineries were shut down. >> it's horrendous of the effects that our economy has had from all of these democrat shutdowns that happened over the last 2 1/2, two years and that has led towards worker shortages in all aspects but the policies has been brought by this administration, liz, by eliminating the keystone xl pipeline, not allowing leases on federal lands, that has led to complete dependency on foreign sources of oil. the last thing our country needs, to get oil from countries that love to burn our flag. that is in fact what the biden policies has been creating. elizabeth: the oil industry is still trying to cover losses from the pandemics. the number of active rigs in the u.s. literally just crashed.
6:56 pm
oil companies, like other industries laid off workers. now they're struggling to hire. now that they're opening back up the president is taking credit for what's going on with u.s. energy. >> we're still millions of workers short across this country in all industries. not just in energy. and of course the president loves to take credit for anything slightly that he may think is good but he loves to put blame on everyone else. you sasaki and this administration trying to blame oil companies, why gas prices are going up. guess what? since joe biden took office gas prices went up from $2.03 a gallon to 4.25 dal a gallon. we were energy independent under the trump administration but the policies this administration has created only have been hostile towards energy. elizabeth: we hit a high in 2019 of oil production, right? gas prices were going up since the president sat down in
6:57 pm
office, right? they went up for eight months straight this year, well before putin and ukraine but the president is blaming putin for that. >> liz, gas prices under the biden administration were up 40% before ukraine even happened. so it's been the direct policies of joe biden and his administration. think about this, we up until yesterday, up until yesterday, on a per day basis last year was getting 620,000 plus barrels of oil a day from russia. the keystone xl pipeline would have brought in 830,000 barrels a day if joe biden wouldn't have shut that down. elizabeth: yeah, and to your point the white house press secretary keeps saying it is not operational, the keystone pipeline it will take a year to be operational. it is same thing for those 9,000 you know, leases that the white house press secretary keeps talking about, blaming the u.s. oil companies for not
6:58 pm
drilling more, it takes time for that to get up online. the word on wall street, congressman is, you know, some oil companies may be sitting on those leases and not drilling because they're afraid of what the white house is going going o to smack them around with more regulations and do more climate change stuff. >> this administration has been so hostile to the energy and oil and gas industry. that is why oil and gas companies are afraid to do anything, to make their investments. because on day one of the biden administration by a stroke of a pen he fired 9,000 employees to eliminate the keystone xl pipeline and he froze loses on federal lands. like what saki said, it takes a year for a keystone pipeline to be working. that was 13 months ago. keystone would be in operation if it was not for joe biden's stroke of the pen. elizabeth: it takes a long time to find oil wells that are productive to have oil in it.
6:59 pm
you can't just say 9,000 leases, you go get the oil. they could be dry wells. it is worth noting that the u.s. spent the last two years, a net exporter of petroleum. but that has turned around. we became a superpower in oil and energy under trump. it started under the obama white house but really took off under trump. now we're importing oil. >> this administration needs to stop being beholden to all the slugs, everything that the environmentalists are pushing. as you said in 2020 the trump administration made us energy independent first time in 50 years. we were exporting oil and gas. we were oversupplying. that is where we were before biden took office. when biden took office he did all of the executive orders, implemented policies that has now drove up the price of gas for all americans. it drove up the price to heat their homes. that is unacceptable. elizabeth: he is saying that is not what is happening your final
7:00 pm
word. >> he also said he would not do vaccine mandates. he said the five trillion doll bill would cost zero. if his mouth is moving or lips, it is probably not right. elizabeth: thank you, congressman. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you're watching the evening dead it on you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thanks so much for watching. we hope of a good evening. kennedy: the war on ukraine today taking absolutely despicable turn. the russian military reportedly targeting a maternity and children's hospital. ukraine's president calling it an atrocity. could this be what makes up the average russian send to vladmir putin's evil? will that penetrate the propaganda there. it happened in the coastal city of mariupol. it is one of the hardest hit places in the conflict. no food, no water, no power for days. and now this, we're told at least 17 people were injured in the hospital


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