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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 15, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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mexico, those worked and will keep our country safe. liz: thanks for joining us, come back soon. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at it on foxbusiness, thank you so much for watching, we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: ukrainian president vladimir zelenskyy is the first close-up, tomorrow the entire u.s. congress by video to plea for help biting russians but with president biden's hand hi, what in the u.s. really do to help? in addition to what we are already doing now, situation continues to deteriorate on a daily basis in the capitol of kyiv, russians showing destroyed apartment buildings and the subway station for innocent people were sheltered from the pilots. now it destroyed city of
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mariupol, 2000 people and parts reportedly made a break for it and somehow managed to escape, thank god. this morning so minsky spoke to the canadian parliament and continue to ask for no-fly zone. >> can you imagine when you cough your friends and ask, please close the sky, close the airspace, stop, how many more have to over our cities until you make this happen? it's a dire straight but also allowed us over the last 20 days. kennedy: pretty slick beard. white house and pentagon continue to say no-fly zone is not going to happen. if we were to shoot down russian plane or vice a versa, you're automatically looking at world war iii.
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nobody wants that even the russian government, the white house jackie heinrich asked jen psaki if zelenskyy is wasting his time in the u.s. doesn't seem likely to budge. >> to put it lightly, he's wasting his time tomorrow? >> i would say because of the passion and courage and bravery president zelenskyy, there's been support for expediting the delivery of historic amount of military and security assistance. >> calling for a no-fly zone, a nato member sharing a border with russia, how do we view their calls for no-fly zone? >> we disagree with the argument that would be an effective step. kennedy: we are going to stand planes, too. the lenski channel the great leaders of world war ii and change the minds in the u.s. or is he stuck fighting the russians on his own? tonight's party panel about washington times opinion at her and fox news contributor,
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charlie her in the aggressive progressive podcast host, he used to aid for senator schumer, christopher hahn and liberty activist with the foundation for economic education, olivia rondeau, looking fantastic as usual. smart as a whip, let's get into it. hi, charlie. what is the lenski going to ask for? i have no doubt he'll be persuasive but well he move enough people congress to employ the no-fly zone or send even more military assistance? >> certainly it's an extraordinary moment, i don't think in our lifetime i can member a wartime president of another country in the middle of a war addressing congress in a nature like this but obviously,
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we can go through all the complaints a lot of us have and have the biden administration has handled all of this, i think they have probably done one thing right, which is to tap the brakes in a serious fashion in terms of getting too far involved in this war as tragic as it is and brilliantly as the ukrainians are appearing to defend themselves and fight. there isn't a field in the country and maybe some of this is to blame, he could blame the biden penetration, there isn't urgency in the country were regular normal american voters in charge of everything here believe we have vital national security interest at stake so getting involved in hot water with another nuclear country like russia, we've not met that are yet and we'll see what zelenskyy does in terms of making that case tomorrow.
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kennedy: and he has made an emotional case, he's made his case before not only canadian parliament but the uk as well, chris but a lot of people here would like to swap presidents. they actually really, really like is a musky, more than five biden is going to brussels, they want zelenskyy to stay here, is that possible? can we do a swap? >> i don't know about that. we could try. the guy is obviously a hero, time magazine's man of the year for sure. kennedy: unless you are -- real close, right. >> i'll try my best, you can help me but it's a real problem he's dealing with, a real international crisis but the problem is what charlie said, how close to be get to world war iii? we got to toe a very fine line,
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the american people do not want to engage and work with the russians or anyone, frankly in this country so we have to come up with a solution to arm them in some way that's not provoking world war iii, it -- whatever we can figure out but i do think there will be calls to do that and i see stony, might be next on the target list for russia, a breakaway republican to the soviet union so they are always a concern for comes next so they were right to make that call but we are right to not get into a no-fly zone at the moment. kennedy: these pictures and stories are tragic, equal parts tragedy but also people fighting for their freedom which is what liberty activist like you are lobbying for all the time but you can make an argument that it tragic and awful there are thousands of people dying right now but there's no comparison
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that we don't want tens of millions of dead americans. >> absolutely those pictures and photos, they pull at my heartstrings as they should for any reasonable person, it's horrible but as america wasn't getting involved with nuclear power in yemen or syria, millions of people, millions of innocent people died in the minute middle east and i find it interesting people are not think we have to watch world war iii to protect people in ukraine, sat all around and whenever it happens from i think are things we can do to help them but the panel has a consensus on, i don't think we should listen to the lenski, he has a noble cause and asking for no-fly zone but we cannot commit to shooting down russian planes, it's not going to happen, we'll have mass casualties. kennedy: it easily could be in the tens of millions, a number that is unfathomable, as are
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small enough numbers we read about in history books, no one wants to live that reality. meanwhile president biden next week will travel to europe and meet with nato leaders to discuss the war in ukraine, jen psaki explained what they hope to get out of the trip. >> his goal is to meet in person face-to-face with his european counterparts and talk about assess where we are at this time in the conflict in the invasion of ukraine by russia. we spent incredibly aligned to date, that doesn't happen by accident, president is a big believer in face-to-face diplomacy, it's opportunity to do that. kennedy: she said as of now biden has no plans to meet with president zelenskyy, of course the trip is after vice president kamala harris went to poland and did an incredible job laughing about ukrainian refugees. >> a friend in need is a friend indeed.
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[laughter] kennedy: fact so funny, women and children are dying blown to bits, that's funny indeed. will biden be able to clean up that mess and show some leadership on the world stage? charlie, i want him to represent the united states well i want to feel better about the exchange he has with foreign leaders, i want to know the united states president is the most rational actor in the room even if it joe biden, i believe that. >> and that about politics and at our nations sure, it doesn't matter what our political disagreement are with him, in a moment like this we want him to succeed. unfortunately, he's not done a very good job of it and kamala harris is a disastrous job and if we do wind up in a situation where we end up getting more
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involved than we are now or more involved than we want to, there's a whole other problem that arises, is this the guy, the team americans trust to play chicken with a madman? i don't trust him, i don't trust either one of them in fact raises the stakes even further in a terrifying. kennedy: it is terrifying, i wish it weren't because i'd like to be reassured, i would. i'd like the president to stand up and say we got this, hold my beer. i don't want him to launch a nuclear war but forgive me if i don't have all the faith in the world and the president and vice president, i certainly hope it doesn't go worse for the present than it did for vice president harris. >> well, the nation thinks he's doing a pretty good job, numbers on ukraine are enough i 60s right now. he's brought the world together in a coalition nobody thought he be able to and he did. i do expect leadership from him
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when he goes to europe next week. i'm happy he's in charge, i think most americans are happy he's in charge right now working on this as an adult, looking at it through the history of this country he's well aware of. i think he's done a very good job right now and he's not brought us to war and god forbid we had a president had a hothead right now and would have brought us to were already, god knows we have this conversation. kennedy: that's not provable. >> the only president who didn't start work was trump and he's the only reason president who did not start work. kennedy: and coming from a libertarian. olivia, do you have faith in the president and his mission right now? >> i wish i did, on a patriot and bumping american and want to support the office of the president of united states, but he is an embarrassment and it's really unfortunate that is the case so i don't think he has the
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mental capacity to do this and that is sad. kennedy: it is sad because i actually amend my initial perception of this presidency where i thought it was ruled by committee, i don't think that is the case, i think he's running things and i do feel he's in cognitive decline and that scares me because gate was right about president biden being wrong about so much and this is something he can't afford to come up on the wrong side of because it means pretty much we all die. >> what has he been wrong about so far in this ukrainian crisis? none of you could put your finger on that. kennedy: thank you for asking -- you can take the first crack at it and then i'll add anything you must. >> the first problem and most obvious is the attack on energy independence which made vladimir putin --
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>> wrong. >> made us dependent on european oil -- >> vladimir putin was able to invade in the first place -- >> you are leading the american people on. kennedy: by the way chris, you are the one who set there's so much interdependency when it comes to energy hamstringing ourselves in terms of our domestic production makes us more dependent on foreign sources you dingbat. second -- >> there is no supply problem, kennedy. tell your audience the truth. kennedy: we had a glut of oil during the pandemic. that was true but where we are now, if we are talking venezuela, iran and saudi arabia, three back questionable actors and that's not good news in terms of our energy policy and chris, stop talking.
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also if you will ask a question, let me answer. sanction, this administration was all over the map in terms of sanctions, not only could they not agree with other world leaders, they couldn't agree amongst themselves and it was such a hodgepodge so poorly communicated that it did nothing but make a mockery of the one in the u.s. quitter that could make a difference right now russia so we no meaner. well, guess what, look how many people have died. party panel, even chris and we are going to be calm down a little bit. how much longer can putin's war machine keep fighting? report claims they might be close to a collapse, can ukraine forces hold on a little longer? stay tuned. ♪♪
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(vo) we've got your back, road warriors. because we know you want to get back to going your speed, steering life at 10 and 2. you're hitting the road... and we're helping you get there with confidence. soon you'll get back to skipping the counter without missing a beat. back to choosing any car in the aisle. back to being the boss of you. go national. go like a pro. came under fire and under curfew, here is a lift look at the pitch black city worth 35 hour curfew now in effect from
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every single light is out as putin's forces continue to step up attacks but a new report from the uk claims russian military may only be able to keep up the fight for another two weeks before they collapse. for the ukrainians be able to keep them at bay long enough? joining me now from a member of parliament, welcome to the show. >> readings. kennedy: hello to you do you believe the uk report and what is there -- why would they postulate that russia will only survive another two weeks? >> the idea is that we don't know in the option to mobilize for 2 million reserves, it presents fight for us to handle but what we feel everyday, we
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are defined, we shall continue the fight. kennedy: when we watch this from far away in the comfort of our homes and workplaces, it seems to americans ukrainians are more energized than ever, they are not beaten into submission, what is that? what is the energizing force allowing people to fight? they've asked men to return to kyiv to fight and defend the city. >> the whole country leadership in debate, never ending political drama disappeared and parliament today. all together, the block to show the country and the world our country is in united the fact is
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simple, ukrainian people have never faced this onslaught in generations are coming together as a means to defend every part of our country and that's why the battle is beginning and continuing to establish this. kennedy: it no surprised some of the older generation put up a fight and we see some of the little ladies in the street giving it to russian soldiers and we see both men picking up arms, are you surprised at the backbone and the younger generations many? assume wouldn't be so hungry for a fight after a life of not knowing more and knowing conveniences? >> the reality is for the last
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eight years in my country, ukraine, to establish by russia 2014, too many in the country have experienced the battle with russia in that time and from then on, full on russian invasion was the most inconceivable. the only thing is the real scale was shocking and unprecedented to see who survived, they've survived so much more they are far greater than we can imagine. kennedy: and your ancestors and my ancestors, they hate the russian government and people are surprised at the number of outside forces volunteering in the country to fight the russian army but i think the world underestimate how much people hate the russian government. >> amen from a for the, we have
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scores of people from all over the globe to join the fight, the realities on the ground and they are coming to ukraine to fight against the russian onslaught if we thank you for. kennedy: well, have lost some of our own journalists here at box and a lot of people are devastated today, we are thinking of them for telling the truth and for you and your family, people displaced and those lost their lives so we continue to pray for you and appreciate your time. >> thank you. journalists have lost, a friend of mine so it's a loss for me as well. kennedy: thank you for your story. we will be watching tomorrow 9:00 a.m. eastern on foxbusiness, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy will address
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congress live via video think so tune in for that tomorrow and we'll talk about that tomorrow night. coming up, present biden getting his word out about russia, still blaming putin for high gas prices, is biden using propaganda? the panel is back to discuss next. ♪♪
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president biden is appealing to the last people on earth and i still believe is malarkey. teens. this is real. president held a phone call recently with 30 prominent tik tok stars to quote brief them on the war in ukraine and efforts on the u.s. economy. days later, they began posting videos blaming inflation and high prices on putin instead of president biden's blunders. here's tik tok star l.a. -- i
7:29 pm
don't know how she says her name. 10 million followers, she probably makes 30 million a year, here she is. >> i have the opportunity to ask the white house down the street gas is $7 and here's what they said. russia is one of the top three producers of oil anther number one source. now putin is in a horrific fight between ukraine and russia, nobody wants to work with him for international trade. kennedy: kids get their news from tik tok. we are host. as a country, we are absolutely host. just go ahead and get your canned goods a 30 year supply because once they are in charge, we are host. is it wrong to push political propaganda on kids? what is the biden administration hope to a compass by doing this? charlie hurt, chris hahn and olivia rondeau. what are your thoughts, charlie when you hear the white house is talking to tik tok?
7:30 pm
the only place people get their news. not the truth. [laughter] >> i didn't think my old colleagues in the white house could get anymore gullible than they are but apparently even they are no longer buying this bs from the white house how gas price only went up just last week and it's all because of vladimir putin invading ukraine so he's now having to go to as you pointed out, the only people left on the planet who might believe this malarkey as joe biden calls it and of course all of it is designed to simply get joe biden's own tail out of the fireplace before the november election because he realizes as horrible as the images are in ukraine, most americans care about the fact that they are paying twice as much for gas as they were the day he took office
7:31 pm
and groceries, it won't be long before no one can afford groceries. kennedy: and then we get to the wage price spiral which we are going to talk to jonathan about in moment. but is this really a propaganda? obviously you have to reach people, they are doing a bang up job controlling information getting into russia for the most part so is the state of the nation, does this rest in the hands of late adolescent tik tok stars? >> 10 million followers is a lot of followers, a lot of eyeballs on that, i disagree with your calling it propaganda, there's no supply shortage of oil, there's a market spooked by an international crisis which is why prices are up. kennedy: but what about four months ago, chris? what about those prices? >> they are up 85 cents in 30
7:32 pm
days, 85 cents in 30 days, the oil we bought 30 days ago hasn't even been delivered yet. eighty-five cents. market speculation, ask jonathan, he will agree with me. kennedy: i don't think he will because he's irrationalist, he's got a rational side. >> you will agree. kennedy: pretty sure he will not gas prices are not the only measure of inflation but thank you for that. olivia, is this great news? you are one of the young people. >> as the target audience for these tik tok, i am generation z, i caucus as pure and simple propaganda. people are not experts, they are not political commentators, they are not pundits, they are just kids with a large audience, congrats to her for having 10 million followers, but she is
7:33 pm
not an espresso for the white house to approach random kids will have a large amount of followers and say talk to these other kids about these talking points and give a sticking milk with them, as propaganda. not saying kids can't do social media activism, that's how i built my platform on twitter, i understand what it means but it's not the same from biden didn't call me and say call me tonight. it's truly propaganda. >> and you wouldn't call for if he did. >> no. >> he called me and he said go on kennedy tonight. [laughter] kennedy: talk about me. >> i'm somebody's grandpa. >> but again your gas, is at the same as putting sugar in your gas tank? kennedy: sugar blows up the gas tank. party panel, thank you so much. charlie, chris and olivia, have a great night.
7:34 pm
thank you. meanwhile, inflation surging across the country, are we heading back to the terrible late 70s? just like disco, fat not groovy. i like the bee gees, i take issue with that. record hi, national average is at $4.31. remember how it was $2.86 last year. inflation, 7.9%, that's only part of the story. economists are warning it could go as high as 10%. supply crisis, for good jumped 2.4% last month, the highest on record. can biden do anything to turn this around? here with me now, hedge fund manager and fox news hunter, jonathan koenig, do you agree chris hahn? he said you agree. >> i feel like i'm almost staying alive here because it is almost like back to the 70s
7:35 pm
and chris is right, just gas prices or energy prices rising but it's almost every price, prices across the board are rising so a lot of similarities to the 70s, inflation, rising interest rates, unrest overseas, slowing economy but i wish we had president carter, i wish we had president carter because inflation. kennedy: i want to stop you for a second, i don't think anyone has ever uttered that phrase on this show, historically liberty minded, not necessarily a popular president but you got a good reason for saying that. >> compared to biden, carter surrounded himself late in his term with more free market advocates from iran from friedman from a relatively conservative when it comes to financial matters, a relatively conservative president, low gdp ratio, a smaller government to democrats and also a huge the
7:36 pm
regulator across several industries, biden is anything but. carter the regular airlines and trucking stock commissions and gave the reagan administration they had went so biden could be deregulating but of course he's going the opposite direction, green energy movement is probably the best example. kennedy: and anything the government touches, anything where there is government price fixing, housing, healthcare, education, the prices go up and up and up. >> we've got this issue with the fed raising interest rates. kennedy: that was my next question. >> the federal reserve, right or wrong, is always wrong and once again we've seen the last year is interest rates have already been rising, the yield on the five-year short-term government bond, seven tenths of 1% is 2% in a year, the markets are
7:37 pm
telling us what the fed is just not telling us, inflation is here and rates are going up. kennedy: what does that mean in the big picture? the fed always thinks they can get ahead of the problem and by raising or lowering interest rates, they can keep the economy steady but what time does it get out of their hands? >> it's already out of their hands, inflation is a little jeannie you can stuff back in the bottle, it's more like pandora's box. inflation, carter and reagan dealt with really started ten years earlier, gerald ford and those price controls so the government needs to do is create inflation, it needs to get out of the way to solve the inflation, cutting the regular agent, carter did it and he was a pretty bad president, why can't biden take the state same steps? kennedy: i wish he was the regulator but speaker of the house and own party set the only way to get out is if we spend more money.
7:38 pm
>> and that is the fear. even the nominee, her nomination and the federal reserve, want to use that micromanaging a quality, gender, political gain so the government could be getting out of the way, unlimited amount of wealth and jobs created but the mark government does to fix it, the worse it gets. kennedy: keep the central bank out of my uterus, i've always said that. you are brilliant, thank you, my dear. coming up, mercenaries around the world flocking to get trained to fight both sides of the conflict but what person purposely goes to a war zone for fun? marine corps that jerry jones here to explain this conundrum in moments. ♪♪ you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love.
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is the infamous -- last night after but monday tune, i love which, you are the best. ukraine, danger zone is very real, this past week and fresh shot a bunch of missiles killing fighters and destroying weapons at ukrainian base, soldiers who had come from all over to volunteer to take up arms with ukrainian army, now 180 of them wounded or killed. this is very real, high-stakes. did the gunfighters get in over their heads why would anyone want to volunteer in a war zone? here with me now, retired u.s. marine corps contact fox news hunter, joey jones, welcome back to the show, joey. >> thanks for having me on. kennedy: you have friends who talked about going over people who are veterans who are no longer invested, have a talk about going over to fight and
7:44 pm
give the russians the business and of their american arms? >> the couple of groups i'm in work with marines who have seen the worst afghanistan had to offer. there are two types of foreigners who go to ukraine right now, civilians and veterans. of the foreign fighters you reference, most are civilians, no training and they have to be trained before they can be effective. the best think they can do is be with support from ukrainians who know the home field advantage and maneuvers committed but the veterans going about their are two types of veterans who go among those who've never seen combat and those who never left it and the ones who never left, i've got somebody's like that, they know that's what they were good and the only thing that felt they were good at and famous and i understand that. thankfully for me i couldn't go back if i wanted to but mentally i was able to move past it for most veterans they understand what afghanistan was about and they are not in a hurry to be actor, and biggest goal or a government who may support them
7:45 pm
one day and not the next source ukraine is different. kennedy: joey, you froze up a little, that's okay, i'll play the part as joey jones here. joey, you are so brave, thank you, i am -- you are back and i'm grateful for that. what you think when you watch the events of this week unfold? i talked to member of parliament in ukraine a few segments ago and we were talking about the uk report that the russian army is two weeks away from collapse, do you believe that? >> i don't think that's something you strategize for. you're taking a snapshot of the current state saying you can only sustain this for two weeks but that's because that's what they have, they have not pushed anything else in. the problem here is they are trying to play the guessing game with humans, find reason with human leaders that have been unreasonable so you're looking at the effort russia has
7:46 pm
committed that will sustain for two weeks according to the assessment, that doesn't mean they don't commit more or 40000 serious will come across the border or china doesn't do something to help them because they assess ending quickly is the least messy way to do it, because of the unknowns we have to look at. the problem is, i have a very smart military expert tell me in one breath russia is on the brink of destruction and equally smart military experts say in the next representative they are holding back and they can win in any moment and the truth is they could both be right because we are relying on third-party source information and human intelligence from somebody like vladimir putin who weren't able to assess he got into the country until he was ready to. kennedy: that is absolutely true. but then again you had people projecting rational decisions on an irrational person which is always futile. we have about ten seconds, how
7:47 pm
do you bring peace to ukraine? >> how do you bring peace to ukraine? we have people in this network would say best thing ukraine can do is surrender in a way so more people don't die and people in the network and i'm one who says i respect and appreciate their fight as long as ukrainians are willing to fight, it's not up to us to bring peace and ukraine. kennedy: well said, thank you very much. topical storm is next. stay with me. ♪♪
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new to new york city law, unvaccinated players on the new york mets will not be allowed to play in home games this season but if you asked me, the entire team has no shot. [laughter] the curveball and this is the topical storm, topic number one. this restaurant in las vegas has been accused of mixing marijuana into food but if you're not in the mood for thai edibles in las vegas, you can always find a great mexican joint. [laughter] is called secretive i am now the secret is out, after more than 30 people reported feeling
7:52 pm
stoned after eating there and by report, i mean they left five-star yelp reviews. this is abnormalities in the restaurant like instead of fried rice from a they promise ride customers or why instead of a to go container, they offer a hot box and brighter most popular dish sweet-and-sour diesel. the restaurant has been open since 2019 and continually past health inspections, probably because the inspector was looking for the wrong type approaches. week. topic number two. an american astronaut on port the international space station now set to hitch a ride back to earth in a russian spacecraft despite the ongoing war. you can read all about it his new book about the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. his name is mark -- hey and sent spent 340 days in outer space, he would have stayed longer but he heard davidson was on his way up and was like no, f that.
7:53 pm
scheduled to restart return to earth march 30, landing in kazakhstan, that was chosen over russia's suggestion of mandy on a ukrainian maternity ward -- i didn't write that. been in space for a while, he may not have much knowledge of the event, he is so out of touch, he still calls it kyiv and promised to thank the russians forgiving arrived by taking them to mcdonald's when they get home but of course his most costly mistake was offering to chip in for gas, so expensive now. topic number three. a sneaky peak at a sneaky peak. from the zoo and australia, baby clock poking out of its mother's part for the first time. like i say, two heads are better than one. look at that little bug. this hasn't happened to me since
7:54 pm
last time i ate at chipotle. this is a mother and baby known as the -- hi there, guys. they're always smiling and of course the second happiest creatures on earth are the people who need it, tied restaurant in vegas, considered vulnerable species because they are eaten by wild fox, cats and dogs. you never know when a crazy aussie will throw one of these on the barbecue. they can go for among peers of time without food by living off fat stored in their tail which also is why nikki ménage likes to skip lunch. topic number four. at least one person is completely devastated by tom brady's return to the nfl, i'm not talking about brittany matthews. [laughter] a new report claims unnamed sports collector paid 518,000 for tom brady's final touchdown ball, just one day before tom
7:55 pm
came out of retirement and ruined the balls value. then again, the collector is known to tom brady, game balls are always deflated the game ball thrown by britney in a buccaneers playoff loss and saved by a fan who assumed it be the last touchdown he never throw which is also why new york giants fans save every touchdown ball thrown by quarterback daniel jones. he's like 12. experts say if brady returns to the another touchdown next year, $518,000 ball will be worth about 15 grant making it the most overpriced sports relic aaron rodgers. of course the first time tom felt a fast run like this was in 2006 when he broke up with one hand while she was pregnant with his first child. back then, she was also certain she had brady by the balls. [laughter] thank you. before we go, tickle me tuesday joke, something else to tickle.
7:56 pm
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>> behole it's time for tickle me tuesday. why did the football coach go to the bank? to get his quarter
8:00 pm
quarterback. >> come on. >> so sad. kathy, roy and jaime they got it right, they didn't cheat, blah, blah, blah, tomorrow night, guy benson. and your eyeball bye. >> just south of daytona international speedway there is a stretch of beach to florida locals call the fun coast, you will find new smyrna beach. named one of the top surfing towns in the world, 17 miles of white sandy beaches are playground for water sports of all kinds, if you crave culture there are art tbalri


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