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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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"the evening edit," that's right, starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight russia's putin sounds like he is on the ropes. making odd statements about cleansing russia of traitors? is the big economic problem about to hit russia's economy? also this why sanctions didn't go far enough. and president biden again blames russia for making inflation worse. this is the third rail of u.s. politics but newly revealed government documents show how from day one the biden white house deliberately obstructed u.s. energy. house democrats now doing it again. we've got the latest. joining us from congressman dan
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meuser, french hill, congresswoman kat cammack and fox news contributor liz peek. "the hill" media columnist joe concha, criminal defense attorney phillip holloway. national border patrol council president brandon judd and gop strategist, ford o'connell. the media misleading repeating biden's blame game for rising gas prices. we've got that story. the latest on gop probes of russian interference in u.s. energy during climate activists. should climate activists register as foreign lobbyists. trying to undercut the narrative that gop states led to economic recovery after democrat shutdowns led to loss of 22 million jobs. they are claiming in d.c. red republican states have worse crime. it is loaded with errors. chris cuomo controversial lawsuit against cnn incendiary revelations how cnn went after
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trump. the grand jury probe into hunter biden intensifies. serious charges on the table. the big move hunter biden recordedly made to get the government off his back. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: we begin with stocks ending up today in the green for st. paddy's day. a broad advance. wall street eyeing potential peace talks in ukraine. taking in stride federal reserve rate hikes, quarter point increase. potentially six more rate hikes expected this year, may level out at 1.5% or more at the end of the day. russia faces imminent default on its 150 billion-dollar debt this would be historic, first in the a century. could destroy its economy. it is racing to make interest payments on bonds coming due. it can't access its reserves. 300 billion frozen by sanctions. a lot of russian oil still not
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covered by the sanctions. still making money off of that. reuters reporting british military intelligence indicating russia's invasion in ukraine is stalled on all fronts plagued by heavy losses. 7,000 troops killed including four generals. bad troop morale, poor training. ukraine president zelenskyy accusing germany putting its economy ahead of russia's war on ukraine. demands germany step up. u.s. sending $14.4 billion in aid including military weapons including lethal switchblade drones. president biden talking about the war in ukraine with chinese president xi xinping tomorrow. a d.c. blitz against inflation as the midterms loom. federal reserve contradicts the white house inflation messaging. edward lawrence in washington with more. edward. reporter: a white house official telling me today they still believe inflation will come down this year. they did say that russian president vladmir putin invasion
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of ukraine added to rise in prices but a little more than 24 hours ago federal reserve chairman jerome powell says that because of the war, elevated inflation will continue through this year and then come down next year. >> it is pretty clear that inflation has spread more broadly across services. yes, that is concerning. meanwhile we see some progress on the good side but really in this latest report it was confined to vehicles which ad itedly a large category. reporter: federal reserve indicated it will raise interest rates six or seven times this year and another three or four times next year. that means credit card interest rates will go up. payments for variable mortgages will start to cost more. bottomed line inflation is here to stay, here for the foreseeable future. there are differing opinions how fast the fed should move and how the administration needs to expand u.s. independence, energy independence in order to bring down some of that inflation by easing the price at the pump.
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liz? elizabeth: always great reporting from edward lawrence. thank you so much. joining us now congressman dan meuser from house foreign affairs and fox news contributor liz peek. happy st. patrick's day to you both. great to have you both back on. take a listen to vladmir putin. it is a sign that sounds like he is on the ropes here. he wants to quote, cleanse russia of traders, watch this. >> translator: any people, even more so the russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and spit them out like a fly that accidentally flew into the mouth. i'm convince such a natural and cleansing of society will only strengthen our country. elizabeth: congressman, your reaction? >> happy st. patrick's day to you as well. sounds as if putin has picked up some stalinist language and certainly sounds like he is in a pretty difficult position and that's not going to stop, liz. you know i do think zelenskyy is
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certainly getting to them, watching his country be, countrymen be murdered and destroyed and one of these days putin will probably be a zelenskyy looking for a deal but the olive branches have somewhat been extended. one thing for sure vladmir putin will be a war criminal for the rest of his days. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, congressman. liz peek, i want your reaction to this. this is what is happening in washington. senate majority leader chuck schumer wants to haul in big oil ceos to hearings to accuse them of price gouging. this is the obama white house from 2010 all over again. >> it absolutely is. can you imagine at this moment in our history when we have learned a big lesson that energy security is national security, liz. we want to undermine that as much as possible. biden has done that from day one. he claims otherwise but there is such a raft of things he has done to make it really unpalatable for investors to put
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money into oil fields. shame on schumer, he knows better than this. this is virtue signaling and kind of playacting because this will be a huge issue coming into the midterm elections. everyone is aware of what the price of gasoline is. they know if it is up $1.75, a dollar of that is on biden, not on putin. this is something every american feels very keenly and particularly middle income and low income americans who have to buy gasoline to commute and get to work, all the rest of the things. this is a big deal. elizabeth: a good point you just made. congressman, to liz's point, house democrats voting against a republican bill for energy independence. it would have brought back the keystone pipeline without a permit and also open up u.s. oil and gas leasing across the country. about 100 far left, progressive caucus are saying biden's got to do an executive order to ban u.s. oil drilling on federal, all drilling on federal lands. reaction to that?
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>> my reaction it is not just biden oppressing our, on the assault on our domestic energy industry. clear i house democrats. weakening us economically, weakening our national security. they have set the stage geopolitically for energy to be used against us rather than have domestic energy as a, as a point of our superpower. so what the work is being done is highly detrimental. again it is weakening us. we've, unfooted ourselves from the stronger position and we need to react. we need to react in the interests of the united states. elizabeth: liz, there is a lot of jobses, 32 out of 50 states produce oil. inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. why not ramp up the oil supply, right? we have 30% more money printing in the money supply since the pandemic began. there is that, liz. there is also this. when you look at what's going on
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in the oil industry, down two million barrels a day since 2019, liz. we get a lot of rhetoric out of the far left, democratses u.s. oil should do more. what do you say? >> liz, there is no possible reason that we're not doing everything possible to increase oil production right now. it is going up barely, slowly, but again, what has come out of the biden administration is just this incredible hostility. it is threw all the agencies. they are using so many different methods trying to discourage oil field investment but republicans will remind voters biden would rather go to venezuela or iran for oil than to texas. it is such a stupid policy. it is all climate zealotry, liz. i get it we may want to have a long-term transition to green energy. it should done thought fully and carefully and not put our nation's economy at risk, which
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is what we're doing now. elizabeth: congressman, representative dan sullivan of alaska, he pointing to government memos he has and correspondence inside of the department of interior right from the get-go, the minute that president biden sat down, they suspended u.s. drilling on federal lands. they suspended the authority of local bureau of land management offices to approve oil leases and drilling permits. they stopped any onshore, offshore fossil fuel lieses and permits to drill. four senior appointees in the interior department, they work for environmental groups, now they are shutting down u.s. energy. that is what he says. >> day one she shut down keystone putting potentially 10,000 people out of work. caused an immediate spike, gasoline prices are way up over a dollar, well before the ukraine crisis began. meanwhile they're providing outreach to our adversaries,
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including russia, including venezuela of the it is truly an upside down inverted policy that has woke all over it. it is time for them to wake up and woke down. elizabeth: liz, i would like your reaction to this. democrats relying on social media like tiktok and white house relying on it too? eric swalwell out on tiktok. >> we can do it, joy, meme or tiktok video about logistics. logistics what is standing between innocent babies and mothers an ukraine? we can't figure out logistics for all the capabilities and u.s. and nato companies have? we can't give jets to fly them? >> why is gas so expensive and united states inflationary at four-time decade high? i had the opportunity to ask the white house why gas down the street is $7. here is what they said. the obvious reason we're getting out of a pandemic. when fear goes up, price goes
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up. putin is starting horrific fight between ukraine and russia. nobody wants to work with him to use international trade. >> i argued against anymore oil drilling or gas drilling on federal lands. that we can and, stop that. elizabeth: liz what is going on with white house messaging? >> it is really a mess, isn't it? you know, but i want to actually talk about something kind of related, liz. what we're trying to have tiktok explain a muddled energy policy from the white house, russia has implemented one of the most draconian clamp downs on information. what we could be doing, in my view, it an all-out press to tell the russian people what is actually going on in ukraine. all of the journalists have been thrown out of the country, or have left because of the severe fines that are being levied for telling the truth. we need to make sure that russians know what is happening
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in ukraine. forget this tiktok. put that money to use in trying to stop this invasion and horrible things that are happening. >> great point. liz peek is a straight great writer. read liz peek. she is a great writer. republican dan meuser, great to have you on. we'll have you back on soon. republicans are introducing legislation and foreign privates for all donations and whether or not they're getting funding from russia. we have the latest republican look at whether they are getting money from russia. what about climate activists being registered as foreign lobbiests? that story ahead on "the evening edit." >> of course he will push a anti-fracking disinformation campaign because it increases the price of gas, and makes him more money. happiness. or confidence. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price our strategic investing approach
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elizabeth: joining us now we welcome to the show congressman french hill and congresswoman kat cammack. congressman french, sit tight. we'll get to you in a second. congressman lance hill ledge
6:18 pm
shin to investigate russian influence on u.s. energy. how bad is the problem? how deep it is it? >> we don't know, liz. why lance gooden's legislation is critical. if the groups have nothing to hide they should be willing to open up all the books to disclose all their foreign donations. let's be clear, the evidence is pretty damning that russian federation fund environmental groups and turn around and discredit the american production of our energy. i think if you are a critical infrastructure you should have the right to know activists group against you are funding research. who out there is doing that. that is why this is so important. elizabeth: congressman hill, to the congresswoman's point, this is an open secret in europe for year that russia is funding fracking activists to destroy the fracking industry in europe and that putin doesn't like the fracking industry at all. congressman, will you have hearings on this?
6:19 pm
the climate activists saying we're not involved with any funding from russia but they're not opening their books. >> we're absolutely having hearings. it is important to have that trans transparency as congresswoman cammack is pointing out. the most important weapon we have in our arsenal is abundant natural gas in our country. we have 38 billion barrels of untapped oil reserves and billions feet more natural gas we could reduce. that lowers prices for our consumers. helps our allies in europe and key feets putin's blackmail ability over the continent. elizabeth: to the congressman's point, congressman cammack, let it rip. stick it to putin. bring u.s. fracking to europe's doorstep what do you say? >> absolutely. one one%. this is critical national security issue. just today i introduced the bill, small scale access lng which exports our lng abundance
6:20 pm
over here overseas. this is national security concern, we should be stepping in and that is what this bill does. congressman hill he is one of the incredible cosponsors on the legislation. he is number 30. we'll get this bill across the finish line, this is what our domestic producers expect. they expect to be able to have their energy here at home also overseas. elizabeth: getting back to the climate groups, congressman hill, congressman gooden says climate groups if they get funding from overseas they should register as foreign lobbyists. they actively lobby congress for legislative action and policies. they pay operatives to disrupt u.s. energy operations. congressman gooden sent a letter to treasury secretary janet yellen. he wants the treasury department to investigate and to release a report what is going on with foreign funding of climate activists. you know this, climate activities stopped fracking in new york, washington, maryland. in california they're moving in. >> exactly.
6:21 pm
what you're doing when you do that, i support a full investigation of this, you're misinforming people who have climate as their top issue because going to natural gas is the cleanest way to reduce the carbon footprint. just this week china announced a 690 million-ton coal reserve and additional new production of 300 million tons of coal per year. this completely offsets all the renewable things that we've done. that is why natural gas is the most important strategy we can pursue to defeat russia and have a low carbon footprint. elizabeth: it's a lot cleaner, a lot cleaner than russia's energy, right? >> 100%. 40% cleaner. >> congresswoman, we spent millions of dollars, several years investigating russian collusion with the jump campaign. president trump was exonerated. we can spend a fraction of that to find out negative impact to find out what russia is funding environmental groups to go after u.s. energy. >> absolutely. think about this some other
6:22 pm
mainstream media outlet's are saying this is fake news. these environmental groups say there is absolutely no truth to this. if that is the case they should have no problem opening up the books to be transparent. i agree with my colleague french hill, the 118th congress next year will be for accountability and transparency. this will come to the pass and get to the bottom of it. russians are influencing these groups among the halls of congress and back home amongst grass root groups. elizabeth: congressman hill and congressman kat cammack. come back soon. of congressman hill i promise you get the last word last time. >> thank you, liz. >> happy st. paddy's day. elizabeth: did you see this story? chris cuomo making explosive allegations in his 125 million-dollar lawsuit against cnn bigwigs at his former job went full on political. did things lining gave new york governor andrew cuomo to use
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6:27 pm
zucker, second-in-command allison worked with new york governor andrew cuomo to give, andrew cuomo political talking points and strategies to go up against trump? what was going on over there? >> well, "rolling stone" actually has texts to allison you just mentioned, the chief marketing officer at cnn. is the girlfriend also of jeff zucker, who is the president of cnn. basically they coached andrew cuomo, sitting governor of new york at the time how to look great during these interviews. gullas, by the way was a former publicist for andrew cuomo, when he was governor. talk about activism instead of journalism? chris cuomo is saying now, elizabeth, why was i fiver for advising my brother on how to beat sexual harrassment allegations which is horrible by the way, but what he is saying i was fired for a role of getting involved in terms of, from a
6:28 pm
political perspective and yet my bosses who fired me did the same thing and it shouldn't have happened? but now here is the juicy part, okay? chris cuomo wants don lemon also to be fired and chris and don, were basically bffs on the air. let me read you one exchange here, if you don't mind, okay. this is from lemon. it is good to see you. i know you had a great thanksgiving. i know i missed you. i'm grateful for your friendship and love. i think you're fantastic one of the kindest people on the planet. i met every word. cuomo responds i'm thankful for you in my life. it was great to see you having a good time. i like friends forgiving, great to be in the house all sometime. one memory at a time always better with you and now they're at each other's throats after they said this to each other on national television. it is a great soap opera we're watching. >> hearing those text messages would rather drown in the ocean to listen to that again.
6:29 pm
i don't want to hear it again. >> sorry. elizabeth: thank you for bringing it, joe. the other thing, cnn asked andrew cuomo during the pandemic to schedule daily press conferences based on cnn's program show schedule to help out weaker shows for ratings. that is how ugly the fight with chris cuomo, he is digging in bringing out the dirt. we don't know if any of this is true or not. >> that is the thing. is chris cuomo credible in this situation? this is the guy who got covid-19 and went on the air for two weeks, talked about how sick he was, to break his own quarantine to the point where he traveled 30 minutes from his house. then had a police report filed against him from a gentleman driving by, hey, chris cuomo, what are you doing out? you said you were sick on the air last week. and then cuomo comes out three days later, on national television and says, this is the moment i was dreaming of to finally leave my basement, meanwhile he broke his own
6:30 pm
quarantine. this is somebody who isn't truthful. president of cnn, jeff zucker isn't truthful. basically at this point we have the collapse of cnn playing out in real time in front of us, while everybody else is, it is scorched earth, they want everybody else fired. it is amazing. elizabeth: the barometric pressure on vanity and humidity coming off of these players over there, it is just, it is worse than we realized. joe, i want your reaction to this, the media is embracing and taking on the white house rhetoric on inflation and gas price rises. watch this. >> you may have noticed earlier this week your gas prices have gone up. i want to talk a little bit about why. a lot has to do with vladmir putin. >> you used the phrase putin's price hikes. >> blaming putin and war in ukraine as prime minister contributor. >> that is another way to message i would argue. >> putin's price hike is a great way to message. >> they're blaming biden for
6:31 pm
rising gas price. let's who gets off scot-free? not just putin but the big oil and gas companies. >> can we have an honest conversation about gas prices? right-wing pundits are trying to make it sound simple, blaming it all on president biden. "new york times" fact checker was pretty explicit republicans wrongly blame biden for rising gas price. elizabeth: you know what? i would like a job, joe where i only have to read one newspaper and just sit in the amen corner and agree with everybody else's opinions and don't do any journalism or any reporting or digging in. more than 2/3 of the gas price hike came before you know, excuse me, president putin invading ukraine. you know, it is demonstrably proven gases were going up for months on end, eight months straight, before, before this happened with russia and ukraine. so your reaction to what you just heard in the media? >> it is very simple.
6:32 pm
there is a graph that shows in january of 2021 when joe biden took office, gas prices went up, particularly when he said the keystone pipeline is gone we'll not drill in alaska anymore and anwr. as far as inflation it also has been going up since the spring of 2021 until this point. so to say when putin invaded 17, 18 days ago that is when it started to go up, it is a lie and graphs, these wonderful things we have on business shows can prove that. elizabeth: joe concha, great stuff. happy st. patrick's day to you too. come back soon. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. the grand jury investigation into hunter biden intensifying. the serious charges on the table and a major move the president's son reportedly made to get the government off his back. that is next on "the evening edit." >> hunter biden conceded in his own book he is under investigation for his quote, tax affairs. he got so much money from so many foreign sources.
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elizabeth: back with us now gop strategist, ford o'connell. ford, great to have you on. this grand jury investigation into delaware, in delaware into hunter biden, it began as a tax inquiry under the obama white house t has widened. >> foreign lobbying and money laundering. hunter biden reportedly took out a loan to pay a one million dollar tax bill back to the united states, a federal tax bill that he owed. that was to get the government off his back. what do you think of this whole story? >> story is getting bigger and bigger. i find it ironic that "the new york times" after 16 months covering for the biden administration decided to actually engage in investigative journalism when it comes to hunter biden's questionable dealings. we really didn't learn anything in this story you have not been reporting on your show for the past 16 months and "new york post" hasn't been
6:38 pm
writing but yes, hunter biden's legal woes are getting worse and it is far greater than the tax problems that started under the obama administration. elizabeth: reportedly that he took out a loan to pay the tax bill. attorneys say do that to reduce future sentencing. "new york times" said we authenticated but they didn't say how hunter biden's emails. they're looking into biden's business in kazakhstan, the chinese energy conglomerate cec and ukraine's buriesma. they're looking at payments and gifts. according to prosecutors they're doing this. looking at payments and gifts given to hunter biden and associates. hunter biden associate got a car from a kazakhstan oligarch. hunter biden got a diamond from a chinese energy tycoon. >> hunter biden has absolutely a lot to answer for. you're absolutely right. you're talking about a possibility of not regger is iting as -- registering as a foreign agent not registering as
6:39 pm
lobbiest. the walls are closing on hunter biden. they forever, mainstream media, social media tried to pretend the hunter biden laptop story was not real and the emails were not authentic and tried to pass it off as russian disinformation in an effort to sway an election in favor of their preferred candidate. frankly to me this is the greatest media manipulation and suppression of information in modern u.s. political history, when you figure in the fact that the last election was decided by less than 74,000 votes in battleground states. now every one says it is okay? if you posted this on twitter, emac, one from "new york times," you would have been censored 16 months ago. elizabeth: interesting you say that. of the federaltores in in delaware have been working on the case for two years. they're issuing scores of subpoenas for documents related to hunter biden's foreign work, lobbying work and banking accounts linked to him and his associates including other individuals as well. i want to move on to this,
6:40 pm
because this is what "the new york times" is digging into. it is this, that, hunter biden is, was working with blue star strategies, which was a consulting firm that was helping burisma of ukraine make its way into the state department, right? so blue star strategies was not registered apparently as a foreign lobbiest. the question is, hunter biden should have been registered as a foreign lobbiest too. he was working with a law firm to help burisma to get through discussions at the state department, the energy department, the national security council and more. that is what hunter biden was doing according to "the new york times." >> that is exactly right. look, he was influencing pedaling, and using several different players to try to close the deals with burisma. we all know he was in the position because he was using the office of his father to get rich. that is influence-peddling. we don't know whether or not it is legal or illegal but most americans should be mad that
6:41 pm
hunter biden is using his father's public office to get rich off the people's taxpayer dollars. elizabeth: and ford, you know, trump campaign, tom manafort, general michael flynn were hit with fara violations by democrats. hunter is not registered as a lobbiest. he and his associate devin archer talked about inviting business associates including a burisma executives to a washington restaurant where the president would stop by. unclear what when on there but that is how high it went. pure final word. >> there is evidence that hunter biden engaged in a fara violation. the mainstream media would be screaming if it happened to donald trump. what they talked about donald trump is absolutely true of the biden crime family. elizabeth:rd to, thank you for coming on.
6:42 pm
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show former georgia police officer, he is a criminal defense attorney. he is phillip holloway. sir, great to have you back on. jussie smollett walks out of jail after one week of his five-month sentencing. he really lost his cool after the judge decided to throw him in jail for five months. watch this. >> i am not suicidal! i am not suicidal and i'm innocent. i could have said that i was guilty a long time ago. elizabeth: the mayor of chicago and law enforcement in chicago say this is really a tragedy for chicago.
6:47 pm
they waste ad lot of policeman power and prosecutorial assets to get this nailed down. now an appeals court let him out? >> liz, great to be with you again. of course, jussie smollett, he is one of our favorite punch bags. is a caricature. he is a disgrace. he is a disgrace to everybody wo was victim of an actual hate crime. he talks about whines about he is depressed. this is perfect example, liz, how our criminal justice systems have safeguards in so it can bend over backwards to prevent people from being wrongfully convicted. the reason he was let out of jail from the 10,000-foot level, it makes some sense. he doesn't have criminal record, he is not a flight risk. he has ties to the community. his sentence of incarceration relatively short of five months. that his appeal could not be
6:48 pm
completed before his incarceration was ending. the system wants to make sure people can exercise their automatic right to an appeal without having served their incarceration and unlikely in the event it was wrongful conviction. elizabeth: he has got to pay chicago back for the money wasted on this. democrats are trying to blame republicans for rising crime. the think tank, the third way, red states voted for trump have more significant crime than blue states that voted for biden. the study left out this important factor. it didn't factor in that the red states with the worst crime, talking mississippi, louisiana, kentucky, missouri, alabama, they have major cities run and overseen by democrat mayors and city councils. >> yeah. it is disingenuous to look at it on a state by state level. it is a red state thing, it is a blue state thing because crime is local.
6:49 pm
local prosecutors prosecute crimes. local police investigate those crimes and make the arrest. you have to look at it on the city and county level, not the state level. if you look at cities like chicago, new york, atlanta, los angeles, places like that, these are places that are by and large run by democrats. you have democrat mayors. you have democrat police chiefs. democrat sheriffs, democrat district attorneys. like for example, in new york where they don't want to prosecute entire categories and classes of crime? all that is, liz, it gives an incentive to people to go out and commit whatever crimes they want because they don't have any fear of consequences. this goes back to, i think the rye i don't think so in 2020 when we saw wholesale looting and arson and all manner of violent crime largely went unprosecuted. it sort of sent the message that we can do whatever we want. there is not going to be any consequences. the crime crisis is real. it exists in cities, counties
6:50 pm
and states from coast to coast and it is disingenuous to say it's a red state problem because it is an american problem. elizabeth: it is distracting. politicizing crime like politicizing the pandemic is distracting. you want to stop the problem at the root, right? get to the root cause. the report from the third way is talking about attention-grabbing headlines from news outlets, fox news, cnn, "new york times," stories like u.s. cities hit all time murder records? guess what they are? cities like baltimore, l.a., minneapolis, new york. focus on the crime, stop the crime. your final word, sir? >> you hit the nail on the head. we have to stop politicizing crime. we have to live in this world all of us, left the center, right of center, exactly in the center. we all have to live here. this crime problem is destroying america. if we don't get a handle on it there will be no america left. elizabeth: got it. that is quite a thing to say. phillip holloway, thank you so much. vice president kamala harris
6:51 pm
a vote of no confidence from u.s. sheriffs because of the border chaos. "axios" reported white house launched war rooms to deal with coming wave of illegal border-crossers. they may get rid of another trump border policy next on "the evening edit." >> men and women and children are dying at the hands of the cartels. it seems to be out of control. yet the biden administration just continues to turn its back. when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it shoot off like a rocket? or float off into the clouds? daddy! or maybe it takes on a life all its own. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes.
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look who's here, national border patrol council president brandon judd, without happy you on and thank you for your service to our country, happy st. patrick's day figure. your take on this story? questions sheriff's association unanimous vote of no-confidence and vice president kamala harris, she needs to be sidelined not deal with the border at all. your reaction? >> absolutely wanted. every normal standard, is failed miserably but doesn't care. she's not judging herself on normal standard. she's judging herself whether she's doing what the base want, exactly what they want. she's failing on purpose because she wants the open borders policy to continue.
6:56 pm
liz: there's also this story, axios reports the white house wanting a war room and home and security called southwest border coordination center, 170,000 migrants, white house title 42, that's a trump public health order for the pandemic. why do i want room? why not just keep title 42? >> they are looking at it as a pandemic winds down and getting rid of that. there were they going to get sued and if they are sued, the court overturned it saying the health risk isn't there anymore so they are getting, gearing up and preparing but it's not like they are preparing in the right way, not like they're trying to put programs and policies to stop people from crossing. they are gearing up to try to release people quicker so they don't backup our processing facility, that's all they are doing that we are on pace to apprehend 200,000 people this
6:57 pm
month, the highest mark in the history of the border patrol. we've already released 50000 people we've apprehended, only 50000 expelled on title 42 so they know we're going to get hit hard looking at how they can release people even quicker than what they are doing now. not gearing up to secure the border, they are gearing up to release them. liz: the national disgrace, there are women and children who deserve to come in as refugees, serious problems out there, we are an open armed patient. they get pushed to the back of the line. single males are coming and looking for jobs, that's not allowed under refugee loss in this country. respect our border laws. the sheriff are saying white house keeps stepping on a rake when it comes to the border trying to help vice president harris and what she was doing being the border czar. they said they see the
6:58 pm
administration going backwards, there is no line in the sand from it's an invisible line in the sand when it comes to the border. >> and we should all be frustrated with what's going on because we want to protect women and children and want to look out for the same 50 of life but this administration because they are trying to pander to their base, they are letting everybody and the people pushed to the back like you said, the women and children. it's not just that they are pushed back from a they are used by cartel and abused sexually and physically, at times even murdered simply because the policies from openwork policy pander to their base allowing and cartel generating billions off vulnerable women and children, we should be upset but the mainstream media doesn't talk about it. liz: thank you for that. vice president harris, south of the border talking about the flow of people coming and in central america, one visit to
6:59 pm
the u.s. border, the president is never been to the border, he went to el paso in 2008 miles away before he was vice president. >> let's be clear, when she went to the border, she didn't go between the ports of entry or the problem spots all she did was went to the locations that are secure so she got dog and pony show to make it look good. if she went to the ports of entry like she should have, she would deal with the reality but she didn't want to she just wanted to say she went to the border, she does not care about securing our border or safety and security of the american public, she cares about her face. liz: statistics out of the white house, they sat on the about three months, 34 terrorists were caught at the border on the watchlist 34. >> yeah, we are seeing everything, people like you know from 151 nations from around the
7:00 pm
world, something we've never before, african nations, outrageous. liz: we love having you on. been watching but evening edit on foxbusiness, that does it for us, thank you for watching and we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: the war is going swell for vladimir putin, he's not angrily talking about a purge of russian traders. that's real. turning into hunter babies -- hundred biden's angry babies. [laughter] it comes as more people are calling him a war criminal but can ukraine be a paranoid lunatic with thousands of nuclear weapons? rescue workers reportedly searching for survivors in a theater in mariupol after a russian attack blue two pieces


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