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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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out. be sure to tune into the energy summit tomorrow. we'll break down all the issues and really digging into it. that will could it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: happening now, we'll try to break this down for you, help you through this one. president biden today contradicts himself. he takes back his own walk-back of his alarming gaffs in europe during a hot war. why the president unplugged is really bad for u.s. security and why critics say to the president, do a mic drop, do a mic drop now literally on this war. joining us tonight congressman pat fallon, byron donalds, drew ferguson, former white house deputy chief of staff karl rove, also congressman darrell issa,
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fraternal order of police national vice president, joe gamaldi, arizona sheriff mark lamb be. we have a show for you. the slap seen around the world that rattled the oscars. critics say hollywood is out of touch with america. they do lots of talks about politics there, not things on crime when they're on camera committing violence themselves. the president's latest out of touch response, approach to inflation. more poison that triggered it. this new outrage, the government paid out millions of dollars in pandemic relief money to tens of thousands of dead people. that is what is going on with your money. a bombshell new report, two of them claim that hunter biden's laptop emails show he is somehow reportedly connected to the financing of biolabs in ukraine. the white house is shutting this down, to fast as russian propaganda. more and more democrat-run cities turning into ghost towns after their defund the police push. also twitter and facebook, you
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know their censorship and cancel culture? we got an alarming new study, this cancel culture potentially increases extremism. this too. president biden he is facing backlash for comparing the u.s. border to ukraine as he is about to worsen his worder crisis even more. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit." it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. look at that, stocks ending the day in the green. we're kicking off a big week of economic data. we've got the closely-watched monthly jobs report ahead on friday. happening now, the president is not taking back his comments that putin, quote, cannot remain in power. here is what is happening, france and germany warn this is undermining the peace process in ukraine. russia, china, calling that comment alarming. the number of u.s. troops at nato's eastern front, now we've
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got this number coming in. swelling to more than 90,000. polls show americans don't want the u.s. in a war. ukraine is also saying russia's new plan is now to try to split ukraine into two like north and south korea and seize territory including the eastern donbas region. we have grady trimble with this. we've got more of the white house answer to russia ukraine, it is u.s. energy. all of sudden they brought u.s. energy to europe but there is problems with this strategy. grady trimble has more. reporter: those in the oil and gas industry welcome president biden's promise to send more liquified natural gas to europe but they say it will take time, investment, more important cooperation from the federal government to do so. >> what we haven't seen yet what it will really take to make that happen. we'll need a lot of new infrastructure. we'll need a lot of new pipelines built to make sure that we can actually supply the european market with this increased lng.
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reporter: president biden's announcement comes as the regulatory environment has been a big challenge for u.s. oil and gas producers under his administration. for example, after pausing new leases for drilling on federal lands the administration now says it will resume plans for oil and gas development on those public lands but it will use a social cost of carbon value to factor the cost of climate change into it is decision. this chart shows how drilling permits spiked the first few months in office but spiked to january's low of 95 approvals. the industry says it needs the federal government to expedite drilling for permitting drilling, pipelines for other infrastructure to make sure biden's promise is not just a pipe-dream. liz. elizabeth: grady trimble thank you so much. joining us texas congressman pat fallon. he just came back from poland's border with ukraine. we have white house former deputy chief of staff karl rove.
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great to have you both on the show. karl, first to you, the president ad-libbing his way into new blunder. a sloppy lack of discipline critics say. making it harder for russia to capitulate. he is doubling down. he says he supports what he said supports regime change in russia. >> i don't know, liz, i wish he would zip his mouth and take actions. i don't care what his words are at this point f he wants to help the ukrainians how the ship more asymmetrical aid like we asked him to do. i would send artillery pieces, zip potus' mouth would be better. >> to his point, drop the mic moment. first he said it. then he said he doesn't want regime change. today he is defending mistakes he made overseas. karl, listen to what the president said today. watch this. reporter: are you worried that other leaders in the world are
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going to start to doubt that america is back if some of these big things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back? president biden: what is getting walked back. >> just in the last couple days, sounded like you told u.s. troops they were going to ukraine. it sounded like you said it was possible the u.s. would use a chemical weapon and it sounded like you were calling for regime change in russia. and we know -- >> none of the three occurred. reporter: none of the three occurred. mr. president? >> you interpret the language that way. i was talking to the troops. we were talking about helping train the troops in, that are, ukrainian troops that are in poland. reporter: so when you said you're going to see when you're there, you were not intending -- president biden: i was referring to being with and talking with the ukrainian troops that were in poland. elizabeth: what do you think, karl? >> well, look, president biden has described himself as a walking gaffe machine.
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we saw the gaffs and they are having consequences both at home and abroad. take a look at this. do you think the president is a strong leader? when he was running for president he wasn't exactly in the best of positions this fox poll, 47-47 in september of 2020. after afghanistan last year it was 45-53. in early february it was 36-61. i bet that number gets even weaker here in the days ahead if it is polled again because these things make him look like a weak leader. these were all ad-libs, they all have consequences and they're adverse for the united states interests. elizabeth: the white house, congressman, to karl's point, it has done everything it can to stop escalation but you know, there is nothing like escalation in saying you want regime change and what karl is saying we've got also this new ap poll, nine out of 10 say they don't want america in a war and then seven out of 10 in a new nbc poll is
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saying they have low confidence in the president's handling of this? >> well, liz, joe biden is about as inspiring as a steal croissant. what which need to be doing, what i said before, it can't be understated, sending ukrainians stingers to mitigate the helicopter risk. sending javelins, harpoons if they want them anti-ship missiles. light machine guns, plastic explosives, american rpds, the equivalent there of. ammunition. light machine guns. arm them to the teeth. give them economic aid they need. putin will know he is in a long struggle, will come to the table or at least apt to. elizabeth: watch what happened, karl. react to what happened. it is on tape. you say the president says he is a gaffe machine, right? you know the thing is, when you look at how he said it and what he said it feels like a dumpster fire. he has made four mistakes in
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three days. let's watch what happened. president biden: for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. sanctions never deter. you keep talking about that. sanctions never deter. and you're going to see when you're there, some of you have been there, you're going to see, you're going to see women, young people, standing in the middle in front of a damn tank, just saying i'm not leaving. i'm holding my ground. we did, talk about food shortages and it is going to be real. elizabeth: what do you say, karl? i mean we've got, one host said the state, the state of the union today is america wondering what president biden is going to blunder into next. >> yeah. well you left off one of the others. he said if the russians use chemical weapons we'll respond in a like manner. we don't even have chemical weapons because we abide by an
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international treaty that outlaw laws them. these are big problems n his response to peter doocy, he said i never said those things. who will you belief, your lying eyes and ears? it is better for the president to stuck to the original line he had at the beginning of the news conference which was i was expressing my moral outrage. look this has consequences. i want you to think about this. strong and decisive in the "gallup poll." in september of 2020, it was 46%. in january, before all this started it was 37. can he manage the government effectively? can he in essence lead? 52% in september of 2020. today 38. i bet after all of this hubbub and about his visit to europe it will be even less. this is not good for the country, particularly in a time of grave danger. i couldn't agree more with congressman fallon. give ukrainians what they need.
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i would add to the list a-300 anti-aircraft systems that will allow them to dominate the skies, bring down soviet jets flying above the current level a stinger can attack. we should do like provide them mig-29s, disassemble, them send airports to keep the ukrainian air force boeing. we need to support ukrainians short of u.s. troops crossing that border. the president makes it difficult to do those things to rally support when he incoherent like he was. elizabeth: reality of what karl said, congressman, it is a national security threat. they have hit him. they stage managed him. he has scripted press conferences. 2012, obama team pulled biden off the campaign trail bah he was making mistakes. "politico" saying you don't got this, don't have this, joe. how does a guy with 50 years of foreign policy ad-lib a line as big as that about russia during a hot wear in europe? >> it makes you question his mental acuity, mental state.
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one of my best friends in congress, dr. ronny jackson, doctor to three presidents worries about his mental acuity. he shouldn't lead the free world right now. i don't know if i would hire him for the mid-size the company i had a few years back. it worries me greatly. we have an incredible army. we talked to the the 82nd airborne commander. we will defend nato if need be god forbid. as karl said we need to send everything for ukrainians to fend off the russian bear. elizabeth: karl rove, congressman, great interview. good to see you. up next, it is the slap seen round the world. it rattled oscars. critics say oscars again and again how out of touch hollywood is with america. they're in a bubble over in california. it has got to stop. bombshell reports claim hunter biden's laptop emails show hunter biden is somehow connected to the financing of biolabs in ukraine.
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the white house is shutting this down as russian propaganda. we'll break it down next on "the evening edit." >> there was clearly a conspiracy to, if you will, cover up the wrongdoing of the president and his family just before an election that he had to win and did win. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. before nexium 24hr, whose resumes on indeed anna could only imagine. a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? this is koli. my foster fail (laughs). when i first started fostering koli i had been giving him kibble. it never looked or felt like real food. but with the farmer's dog
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elizabeth: we'll get to will smith slapping chris rock on cameras in the oscars, in just a second. hollywood is being accused how the of touch with america. american families are really suffering. according this number, biden's war on energy and 40-year high inflation annually could cost households $3,000 extra a year. wage gains are getting wiped out by inflationth is what is happen negotiate u.s. right now. hillary vaughn on capitol hill. reporter: good evening, liz. president biden's budget is bringing a bullseye on billionaires to bring down the deficit, not spending less but by taxing more. president biden wants to put a 20% minimum tax rate on people with more than $100 million of estimate the wealth. doing so be the white house says would bring down debt by
6:18 pm
360 billion over the next decade but it is more than just the rich that are escaping uncle sam. a sizable number of americans paid zero federal income tax in 2021. the tax policy center says the stimulus checks paid out during the pandemic got people out of paying federal income taxes because the stimulus checks were designed to be refundable tax credits. so 57% of households did not pay any federal income tax in 2021. that means about 100 million households did not pay that tax but, liz, just because a lot of people did not have to pay federal income tax does not mean that they did not have to pay state and local taxes. liz? elizabeth: thank you, hillary. now the white house put forward its budget, 5.8 trillion in spending they want. joining us florida congressman byron donalds. good to see you. your reaction to hillary's report and 5.8 trillion more is what the white house wants in the new budget. that is more of the poison that
6:19 pm
helped ignite inflation. >> joe biden has got to be kidding. if you look at this economy we don't need more spending, we needless of it. we don't need higher taxes but consistent and lower them and broad the base. if you get inflation out of the system last thing you want to do is raise taxes on corporations and high earning income earners because those prices will get pushed down, those costs are going to get pushed down to people who buy products. joe biden is wrong because he is economically i will literal. we shouldn't be surprised. that is how we got into this problem in the first place. elizabeth: congressman, get your reaction on this, critics say today, hollywood again and again showing it is out of touch with the pain americans are feeling. hollywood is in a bubble. show us what went down, being called the wildest moment in history. chris rock said a jock, it offended people, offended jada
6:20 pm
pinkett. she has a medical condition that results in hair loss watch this. >> jada, i love you, gi jane too, can't wait to see it, all right? [laughter]. that was a nice one. okay. i'm out here, uh-oh. [laughter] oh, wow. wow. will smith just smacked the [bleep] out of me. >> get my wife's name out of your bleeping mouth. >> would you, dewed. >> yes. >> it was a gi jane joke. >> keep my wife's name oil of your bleeping mouth. >> i'm going to. >> i want to apologize to the academy. i want to apologize to all of my fellow nominees. this is a beautiful moment and i'm not, i'm not, i'm not crying
6:21 pm
for winning an award. >> okay. congressman, he did not apologize to chris rock. chris rock is saying he, reports that he did not know about jada pinkett's condition. your reaction? >> first of all, i have young sons. i teach my sons, if people make fun of you, doesn't give you right to put your hands on him. what will smith was wrong, he should not have done that. to the broader point what is wrong with hollywood, they are so caught up in justifying all their actions based upon how they feel than the realities going on. so while this is a distraction for the rest of the country, the truth is that hollywood's culture if you will as permeated too much of american culture. that is why we're going down the wrong road in the united states. elizabeth: yeah. people don't want the hood gangster stuff anymore. stop it with the hood gangster stuff. we get it, it is part of the culture, right? people are turning away from the oscars and turning away from that kind of attitude. there was no mention of crime.
6:22 pm
they talked a lot about politics in the oscar. no mention of crime when they're on stage committing violence themselves. >> let me tell you right now who grew up in the inner-city, that is definitely not hood gang sister stuff. that was silliness on display. broader point when it comes to the culture of united states we don't want hollywood dictating that. we don't want parents dictating that. i teach my own sons, if someone is making fun of you, don't give you right to put your hand on them. that simple. elizabeth: my family has been around since the 1950 east. we've seen violence in the inner cities. we have firemen, teachers, nurses in my family. we get it. that is happening. that is hollywood, right, the president's job aappraisal with a new low. -- approval. nbc two to one disapprove president. 36-63. he is underwater in california a state he won by 29 points. california institute public
6:23 pm
policy polls show he is underwater in california. >> he has done a terrible job. everybody knows this. listen, it is not, it is clear to everybody. he is bad at his job. we all see it. we realize the president is not good. there is nothing really else to say about it. that is why the approval numbers are in the toilet. only thing that will help joe biden is reverse course from a policy perspective here in the united states. until he does that, nothing else is going to change. his poll numbers will continue to suck. elizabeth: the other thing too, you said the "s" word. just kidding. the irs, right, congressman hear is what is going on, the answer from the democrats and white house, fix any problem do open fire hydrant of government spending throw money out of the door. $63 million given to 45,000 dead people. that is from the irs inspector general. paying money to dead people. you know who is ready to pounce? is former president trump. he doesn't like what he is seeing. doesn't like the president's
6:24 pm
nominee for the supreme court and more. watch president trump. he has his own legal issues. the capital riots, vote fraud hanging over his head, stop talking about that if you want to be reelected. watch this. >> left has become so extreme we now have a justice being nominated to the supreme court who testified under oath she cannot say what a woman is. if she can't even say what a woman is, how on earth can she be trusted to say what the constitution is? [cheering] and a party that is unwilling to admit that men and women are biologically different in defiance of all scientific and human history is a party that should not be anywhere near the levers of power in the united states of america. >> he is hitting right at the culture war. what do you say, congressman? >> listen president trump is absolutely right. the concern with judge brown jackson is that she talks like
6:25 pm
an originalist. some of her words sound like an originalist but she refuses to answer basic questions like can you define a woman. when you have somebody that refuses to do that, my concern, when at the get on the supreme court, they're actually going to be the second coming of justice breyer or rude ruth bader ginsburg somebody i don't agree with, as opposed to applying the united states constitution. elizabeth: got it. congressman donald. love having you on. breaking news in the hunter biden laptop investigation. this we'll come to you soon with this, we've got reports coming in that he may be connected to the financing of biolabs in ukraine. congressman darrell ice says is going to bring the breaking details next on "the evening edit." >> in the case of china we used the laptop to find out who actually made those deals happen for hunter biden and the biden family. as my kids would say who made it
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you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? oh, like how i customized this scarf? wow, first time? check out this backpack i made for marco. oh yeah? well, check out this tux. oh, nice. that'll go perfect with these. dude... those are so fire. [whines] only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ ♪ >> we start with breaking news of the prone with hunter biden. we bring in from house foreign affairs, house judiciary, congressman darrell issa. congressman, talk to us about what your office is doing. you're putting hunter biden on notice, liz? >> we think it is too late for bleachbit to save him.
6:30 pm
from what we already have from his laptop, what we know he has in his position, it seemed appropriate, not just for of coverup but for the original crime to make sure he was on notice that republicans intend to thoroughly investigate his criminal activities, his partner's activities including those in ukraine and of course the coverup that occurred after october of 2020. elizabeth: the coverup meaning what? >> well, as you know when the "new york post" released excerpts and showing that hunter biden had been in collusion with his own father and others in ukraine and other areas, china, suddenly the "new york post" was taken down in a coordinated effort, made to disappear and, 51 former intelligence specialists including brennan and clapper, and almost every media outfit around made a mockery of this claim, making it
6:31 pm
clear that it was russian disinformation. elizabeth: right. >> there was one russian collusion charge proven to be inaccurate when it came to president trump. there is a second russian collusion charge with brennan and clapper, in concert with facebook and others and "the new york times," made the election about false information rather than the real information which was that hunter biden on air force two was doing unseemly business, making a fortune doing it, sending it to the big guy. elizabeth: you said those to facebook and u.s. intelligence players as well? >> we intend to, our incoming chairman, chairman jim jordan and others intend to thoroughly investigate this because people need to know that. elizabeth: we have to move on to this. what is your reaction to "the daily mail" and "new york post" hunter biden laptop emails hunter was helping
6:32 pm
to finance a bio weapons or biolab research in ukraine? the white house is really upset about these stories. this is wrong. it is just russian propaganda. let's move up to what they're saying. what the reports are indicating that government spending records show the pentagon awarded more than 18 million-dollar contract to this company, president tay biota between 2014 and 2016. hunter biden and his colleagues invested half a million dollars in the meta biota through their firm rosemont seneca. and through black and beach, a u.s. defense contractor with ties to military intelligence. they built secure labs in ukraine analyzing pathogens. what do you make make of this story? >> you have to consider the original source. the original source was russia's ambassador to the united nations, looking for a reason to
6:33 pm
justify his invasion of docile, independent, sovereign country the fact he made this claim, the claim we were doing it, that you krien was doing it, somehow that justifies coming in and murdering ukrainians to take a country by force. when you consider that, discount it appropriately the rest of the story falls apart, not because hunter biden is a good guy or america doesn't make investments like we did on behalf of wuhan that we shouldn't because that is clearly an attempt by them to justify their invasion when no such thing was ever the reason for the invasion of ukraine. elizabeth: so the u.s. line is that they have been winding down soviet-era labs in ukraine and they're strenuously saying this story about hunter biden with meta biota, black and beach is not what it is being portrayed at. what do you say to that? >> the first part is absolutely known to be true. ever since richard nixon we have eliminated our chemical
6:34 pm
stockpiles, eliminated the production of any bioagents and only worked on things with combat if we're faced with it, those kinds of weapons. that was an american lead that goes all the way back to richard nixon and every american president had to live up to that standard that we will not use chemical or biological weapons and we will find deterrents for those who do. elizabeth: congressman issa, good to see you. come back soon. law enforcement is saying that biden's new proposal, $37 million in new government spending to fight crime will not stop the root causes. we have democrat-run cities being turned into ghost towns after the defund the police movement. we'll break all of this down next on "the evening edit". ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now back with us from the fraternal order of police, he is the national vice president there, he is joe
6:39 pm
gamaldi. great to have you back on. we've got this, president saying 37 billion more dollars to fight crime. this is way after the fact. we know democrats face major losses in the midterms. joe, you and i talked about this, money will not fight the root cause. police left in big numbers after being attacked by democrats. now cities have to start from scratch, they demoralized, beat up police so much cops are leaving. >> i will say as far as this funding concern, finally, we've been asking for this at the fop for years now. this is in stark contrast to the biden and harris ticket, they wanted to refund and reimagine policing. now they want to fund us. in 2021 that was the worst year we've seen in 30 years for this country. we had 16 cities in america experience the highest rate ever. despite the disturbing numbers, we still have idiotic
6:40 pm
politicians pushing defund the police and woke criminal policies continue the revolving door. the money is great. it will not solve the root cause which is letting criminals out over and over again. denigrate, demonize law enforcement for years and years. they burn down the institution of law enforcement and we're living in the ashes. >> you heard the president say i campaigned on against defunding the police. he want on one podcast that he was for repurposing money. the thing is, joe, crime is rising from coast to coast. we have a new stunner, 10 businesses robbed in one day over the weekend in san francisco. we have a police officer shot to death in everett, washington. the suspect allegedly ran him over, ran over his body. new york city police searching for a suspect they say shot a 3-year-old in the shoulder. we have seattle, crime hitting a 14-year high. democrat-run cities being turned into ghost towns like seattle.
6:41 pm
traffic enforcement in seattle is minimal. 11 of the 15 cities with the worst crime are democrat-run. they talk about politics. why didn't hollywood talk about rising crime? >> it doesn't fit with their ideology. we spent the entire media cycle talking about one millionaire smacking another millionaire. if we spent a 10th of that time talking about children being shot in the streets. about our murder rate through the roof. like businesses like rite aid, walgreens won't do business in cities. created food deserts, financial deserts because banks won't open. they are telling employees don't show up to work because we can't guarranty your safety. there is crime and disorder everywhere you look. it has to stop. it is within our control to change it. finally new york seems to get it. they're bringing back the broken windows theory, we talked about numerous times. we can bring it back to the community and provide prosperity
6:42 pm
for them. elizabeth: talk quickly about broken windows. >> broken windows theory essentially says we can't ignore the small problems, the turnstile jumping, vandalism, criminal mischief, shope lifting. if we enforce the laws we have on the books now we can get criminals off the streets. that normally leads to more violent crimes. when people realize there are no consequences for any of their actions they will only do worse things. elizabeth: joe, good stuff. thanks for being here, my friend. thanks for your service to our country. we have this story, elon musk, elon musk is joining in on the growing backlash against twitter and facebook. it is about censorship and cancel culture. we have a lay recalling new study, cancel culture and censorship increases extremist. we'll dig into e it next on "the evening edit"
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elizabeth: welcome to the show from house ways and means. he is congressman drew ferguson. thanks for spending time with us. congressman, elon musk says he is stepping up, he says you know what? we probably need a new social media platform to replace twitter. he put out a poll and asked his twitter followers, does twitter adhere to the principles of free speech? more than 70% said no. elon musk says twitter is suspending and sensor people. >> liz, we have a system that doesn't work, doesn't work for the individual user, doesn't work for the consumer, when you have censorship, when you don't get free flow of ideas around the country from person-to-person, you wind up people getting on different sides and it creates extreme views. that is not what america is about and these companies have got to be, have got to be humbled and got, the system has got to be fixed because americans want to be able to express their ideas and they don't want to be force fed
6:48 pm
garbage from the companies. elizabeth: yeah the point is in answer to bad free speech is more free speech, not censorship. "the new york times" editorial board just march 18th, americans feel like they are losing the right to speak their minds, voice their opinions in public without fear of being shamed, shunned or shut down. if somebody can't tolerate a different opinion, they tend to shut the other person down. that happens to a lot of conservatives. when they should just listen and get their hearts and minds changed instead of being so intolerant. >> i think americans can have that kind of discourse. we can have those kinds of discussions but it has to be on a neutral playing field and you can't have a corporate entity deciding what is free speech and what is not free speech. that's wrong. look, i think we've got a system overall that is broken. why in the world do we have these huge companies that have our data, we don't know what data they have, we don't know
6:49 pm
what they're doing with that data. we're not sure that the permissions we give them are really accurate. why don't we have a system that is, that actually competes for the consumers business instead of the consumers simply giving that data away. elizabeth: to your point, it is an important one, we've seen since around eight years ago, this push to get people fired or disinvited or deplatformed or punished for speech that others disagree with. it should be protected by the first amendment but that behavior is cancel culture. the first amendment does not apply to private companies. that is the issue. to your point there is a new study that says when you start canceling people, when you start shutting them down and censoring them, that polarizes people. it causes extremism because they tend to go to another outlet and they get really angry and they start venting even more. they tend to become more extremist. your thoughts on that? >> listen, with he see that all the time. i can tell you as a member of
6:50 pm
congress i see that, when you only hear from one side, you only hear from one point of view someone is very likely to get mad, to get angry, to go off in a hole because when they don't get their voices heard, it is incredibly detrimental to them as an individual and it is detrimental to our constitutional republic and our democracy. let me say this, liz, i don't think corporations have the right to violate the constitution anymore than the government does or an individual does. there is nothing that says that the corporations have the ability to totally censor what americans are saying and what they're thinking. that's wrong, it has to stop. elizabeth: got it. congressman ferguson, thanks for joining us. we'll have you own soon. president biden facing backlash for comparing the u.s. southern border to ukraine as he is about to worsen his worder crisis even more. we've got that ahead on
6:51 pm
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i want you to listen to this, the president compared to the u.s. southern border to ukraine, expected to worsen its own water crisis in the you weeks time, watch this. >> the fact you have so many ukrainians seeking refuge in the country of poland, we understand because we have at our southern border, thousands of people a day, literally not figuratively, trying to get in-and-out of the united states. liz: your reaction? >> not even close to being the same. what we are dealing with on the southern border is human trafficking and drug trafficking into america, even people claiming asylum are not doing it the way they should. he does acknowledge at least the fact that there are thousands of people every day trying to come into the country illegally yet they do nothing about it which is even worse they know there is a problem. this is human and drug
6:56 pm
trafficking, not the same as ukraine or poet. liz: we hear your and it's one of the few times we heard the president talk about the u.s. border. president biden has been criticized for spending about half figure on the weekend at his home in delaware, there are days of the southern border, he's never been to the border, press secretary said he 2008. no, he went to el paso, he wasn't physically at the border it's at a time under this white house we've got i think the equivalent of nebraska and idaho combined crossing illegally into the u.s. interior. >> imagine the message it sends to the victims of crimes of people coming into the country illegally or the parents of loved ones who lost another loved one, poisonings of fentanyl and dangerous drugs. imagine how the people feel to know this guy doesn't even bother, the current president to even come to the border and deal with what i think is the most
6:57 pm
important crisis facing america, killing more than 100,000 american lives every year, he pays no attention to it. everything they need to know about what he thinks of the southern border, he does not put america first. liz: funds are not as big as now the top killer among 18 to 35-year-old. now is got top republicans potentially impeaching president biden and republicans, we are talking about ted cruz and jim jordan, we are not asking about the nuts and bolts and the weeds of this debate but they are say the lawlessness in the president's refusal to enforce the laws and article two to uphold philosophy not estate and that's what they are saying is impeachable. >> he's told the american people he's not done with the federal government supposed to do which
6:58 pm
leads to low, enforcement like us as sheriff's, which i hope people will come support us and protect america as we continue on the problem he continues to ignore. i hope they would help him accountable. the southern border, afghanistan, a myriad of things he's failed and as any leadership. liz: we are hearing 25000 illegal agents, the white house sent an e-mail brief for a massive influx, and migration events at the border, what are you hearing about that? we are hearing 170,000, upwards of higher of that department if the white house gets rid of title 42, the trump border pandemic policy. >> title 42, getting rid of that would be catastrophic. last month we had 163,000 people they apprehended, 53000 people they didn't catch. of those 163,000 they only sent
6:59 pm
back 11670 and that was under title 42. you take that away and virtually everybody in be allowed in. three to five years from now, it's ridiculous. liz: we've got chuck schumer, cory booker, they are saying to the white house and title 42. arizona senators, kyrsten sinema and mark kelly saying keep it. >> our senators have done little to nothing this last year or two talking about the border issues, finally they know it's election-year, they are going to be held accountable as they should because they've had american people speak up to what's happening, other states throughout the country, human and drug trafficking cannot be ignored. we've got to address it. in fact they are finally saying something but too little, too late. liz: when you see the influx coming and?
7:00 pm
ten seconds. >> the influx has been here and has been the whole time but it's going to get worse, we will see in the next week. liz: thanks for your service to our country, come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching the evening at on foxbusiness. thank you for watching, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: president biden's verbal diarrhea push the u.s. into nuclear war with russia. his latest putin gasped and cleaning up the mess again for more than a month the military terrorizing the people of ukraine most of the civilized world begging him to stop over the weekend the president set something that has many world leaders scratching their heads like there's and i was like outbreak. >> we will have a brighter future rooted in democracy with hope andht


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