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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 1, 2022 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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makes a difference the big picture learning longer term where will that end up usual time in terms of back ip globally pandemic how it impacted supply chains hard to know where this is going to settle out to joanie's point how much a great resignation versus great regret. >> thanks dagen daving james stuart: you can't fit anymore people on that screen. you're jammed up right there, maria. maria: we jammed it up. stuart: good morning, maria, and good morning, everyone. welcome to the first day of the new quarter. we'll start with the jobs report 431,000 new jobs created in march, that is strong. the unemployment rate came in at 3.6% that is strong, but look, there is a chronic labor shortage in america, 11 million jobs available, and we don't have the workers to fill them.
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it's a great time to be a worker , because you could choose your job, but when you look at your paycheck, you realize, its been eaten up by inflation. here is the reaction to the jobs report i'll start with stocks on the upside still, a gain of about 100 for the dow, smaller gain for the s&p and for the nasdaq. now look at the 10 year treasury yield. this is the defining feature of the markets this morning, yields up on that jobless news. we've got a 2.42% yield on the 10 year treasury. bitcoin coming down to the $45,000 level, and oil, where's that the this morning it dropped below 100 bucks it's 98.97 the europeans are still arguing with russia over payment for russia oil & gas exports. putin wants rubles the europeans do not but they do want his gas. war news the ukrainians are successfully counter-attacking pushing russian troops back especially around the capitol kyiv. the wall street journal has a powerful editorial, let ukraine go on offense, against russia.
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they want attack weapons to be delivered so zelenskyy can keep the forward momentum going. there is a suspicion that biden is slow-walking the delivery of weapons because he doesn't want to provoke putin and our european allies do not want a long drawn out war. politics, florida governor ron desantis threatens to takeaway disney world's special self- governing status. he doesn't like disney working against florida's law stopping gender questioning of 5-year-old s. some disney employees and customers are not happy either. yes, it's friday, april 1, i don't think we scheduled any april fools jokes but you never know. "varney" & company is about to begin. >> just talking to the guests here, they were flattering me. let's get right to this. russia claims ukraine's forces have struck an oil depot within
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russia. good morning, lauren. lauren: good morning. stuart: what's this about that maybe a false flag operation? lauren: pre-text to justify an escalation in putin's warfare so russia says that ukrainian helicopter gun ships crossed the border into their country and then they released pictures of an explosion at an oil depot. the ukrainians and the u.s. have not verified that reporting. meanwhile, ukraine is bracing for renewed attacks in all parts of the country, if you go to the region in the southeast more attacks there the seaport of mariupol, look, putin promises evacuation cease-fire they have 45 humanitarian buses trying to get hundreds of ukrainians out. is he going to let that happen as he said he would? and then you have british intelligence, they say that russian troops are repositioning to target kyiv, plus russian forces near the chernobyl nuclear site they moved out and there are reports they suffered from radiation poisoning and amid all of this , there's another round of peace talks
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today. i think there are low expectations there and president zelenskyy is announcing a plan to compensate ukrainians for their loss, it's estimated $100 billion worth of infrastructure has been destroyed. we know the war tab running much higher than that, the west will obviously help, but look, it's a lot of money and a lot is needed to make ukraine whole again if we can even start to have that discussion right now. stuart: yeah, whose going to pay that money i have no idea. lauren: yeah. stuart: to the jobs report. 431,000 new jobs in march, break archdiocese breakdown the rest of the report please, lauren? lauren: that was decent but then you have 95,000 additional in february, so yeah, more people are looking for work, they are finding work, and they are getting paid more. average hourly earnings are $ 31.73 an hour, up 5.6% on the year, sounds good. yeah, well-behind inflation. we get the next cpi read on the 12th of this month, and then the fed has to decide what to do
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with all of this when they meet may 4. do they do 50 basis points and then do they do it again the next time they meet? quickly, these are where the jobs were last month you see it strong in leisure and hospitality but also in manufacturing. manufacturing added 38,000 jobs last month and a lot of people were concerned because of the war that some of those , we saw factories, you know, shutdown a little bit temporarily, if that would impact the situation, but they still added workers. stuart: lauren we'll move on to bring in kenny polcari who is our market and economy watcher of this friday morning. kenny, i'm looking at the jobs report. it's strong. workers are not getting better off though, because of inflation how does that factor into the stock market? >> well it's only going to get worse because inflation is going to continue to get worse and then we get into that wage price spiral inflation of the late 1970s which you and i remember, right? and so how that's going to factor in, the fed will have to make a decision and go 50 basis points in may because goldman already said it and they go 50
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more in june, july, and september because goldman already laid that output that out in the public square for people to digest and consider and discuss and if inflation continues to get strong it's going to put pressure ultimately on the market because as treasury yields start to test three, 3.25 , 3.5% it's going to challenge investment dollars on where to put your money. stuart: now, the way i'm looking at it is that we've got a chronic labor shortage. you got 11 million unfilled jobs , isn't that inherently inflationary? >> well sure it is because there's going to be much more competition, employers are going to pay up for people, because they need them and they are going to, that's where we'll see the wage price spiral inflation. stuart: so the trick is, you've got to get those people on the sidelines back into the labor force. somehow or other you gotta get them out there. >> so you have to stop paying them to stay home. stuart: we stop paying. >> right. stuart: why are they not coming back? >> i'm not sure why they aren't but it's crazy because anyone who wants a job can get a job, and they can fight their own
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issues in terms of money for food and products for things that they need in order to live a life they want to live. stuart: yeah, it's a good time to be a worker. >> it's a good time to be a worker. stuart: you have a lot of choice >> you have a lot of choice and opportunity to make more money. stuart: we'll be back to you later let's move on. amazon workers in new york and in alabama voted on unionization was it the same result in both places, lauren? lauren: no, no, split decisions, so let's start in new york. they are still counting the votes and validating them but so far, it seems that they voted in favor of unionization. that be a first for amazon in the u.s.. if you go down to alabama, they voted for no union unionization although the results were close there will be a hearing. so, there's been this push, you know, especially in these big companies like amazon and starbucks for workers to unionize. why is this happening? they are paid well. it's happening because of three things. this is my opinion, stuart. you have a very tight job market so you have employees who
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couldn't work-from-home when a lot of other people did, they worked through covid and they just want more and there's a lot of anger out there and i'll give you one number that might explain that part of the equation here. amazon ceo andy jasse, his total compensation last year topped $212 million, so if you compare that pay to the average worker, it's one to 6,500 so there's a lot of anger that hey, we're do everything for your company and we just want more. we want a bigger piece of the pie. we want more representation. stuart: it's not anger, lauren. it's jealousy. that's what it is. i've seen it before. i grew up in a jealous country, england. always worried about how much they're making up there and how much we're not making down here. that's what you get in a socialist society. lauren: you wouldn't want to unionize. you'd want to make everything possible for you to work hard and get to where you want to be, and not have a union get in the way. stuart: that's not the way they see it obviously but there you go. hold on, kenny i know you're trying to get into this.
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i have lawrence jones sitting right here. i can't ignore the man himself on a friday morning. lawrence: it's all good. stuart: you traveled across the country always talking to people. what do people tell you about biden relevant to the issues? lawrence: i think most americans republican, democrats and independents are very disappointed in the president right now. both sides of the aisle and i think when it comes to the democrats, it has reached the level to embarrassment and frustration. they voted for the guy because he promised normalcy. he wasn't going to be a part of the bernie wing of the party, and that there were going to be some standards to put in place. when gas prices go up and they go to the store the price of milk and some of the meat was going to go up, the things he was just going to open up the borders and didn't think crime was going to get out of control, and so when you talk about the issues, it was so much
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of the focus on donald trump. that really doesn't affect average day people. maybe the people that are high class folks oh, we're too dignified, but for the folks that have to get up every single day and go to work, they are pretty ticked off, stu. stuart: you're right the high class people. lawrence: the high class people. stuart: i don't know any of them lawrence: right? stuart: risk of being accused of piling on the vice president, lawrence, i want to show you more criticism for her latest word salad. roll it. >> one of the issues that has been presented as an issue that is economic in the way of its impact is the pandemic. we will assist to make a covid recovery by assisting in terms of the recovery efforts that have been essential to i believe what is necessary to strengthen not only the issue of public health but also the economy. stuart: lawrence, i do not want to pile on, but that kind of
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statement is so vague and almost incomprehensible that it doesn't lead us to support this vice president, or have confidence in her at all. lawrence: a couple things here. she is the journalist that needs a prompter that wants to be an ad-liber, everybody wants to be because it invokes personality, you connect with the audience. stuart: you communicate. lawrence: you communicate with the people. she needs a prompter and she does not need to ever go off. this is a missed opportunity for the vice president because the president is doing so bad and so poorly that if you're the vice president and you actually have a backbone and you can speak and connect with american people, you be setting yourself up to potentially challenge the president. stuart: she would. lawrence: she's missed that opportunity to be very historic and i don't think she can recover. the people that are surrounding her that the people that are left because most of her staff are gone and they can't handle it especially in the press shop. they say she doesn't read the briefing, she doesn't read the material they give to her and when they bring it up, she get defensive. it's clear, right here.
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the people in her own office are saying that she's just not there this is joe biden's fault though the democrats rejected her. she was the first candidate out of the primary out of there, okay? she was the first one out and instead of saying you know maybe the voters in a democratic party don't like her, he puts her on the ticket and now he's suffer ag as a result of it. every task he gives her, she fails at it and now we're hear ing from the sources in the white house she wants people to stand when she's entering his room. she doesn't read the material. you don't stand for the vice president that's not protocol, that's not how we do things here stuart: ladies and gentlemen, this is not an april fools joke. lawrence: no. stuart: lawrence: here attended chris rock's first comedy show after the slap. i knew we would get it in some where. what was your takeaway? lawrence: that's how you do it. so my takeaway is chris is the perfect gentleman. he said that he is still stunned by it essentially, and that he
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is still processing it, but he's going to address it one day. he just wanted to stick to the routine that he prepared for this netflix special, but i think he's a bigger man than me because i'm telling you right now i'm a southern gentleman but if you put your hands-on me i have to respond in kind, we appreciate chris rock. he's a better example. stuart: he claim out of this as the classy guy around. lawrence: even as more information keeps coming out. stuart: we will watch you tonight. i'm sorry tomorrow night. lawrence: tomorrow night. stuart: 10:00 eastern. that's your show. lawrence: why did they decide to give me a promotion. they gave me a promotion. i don't know why they did that. stuart: it's called a promo. lawrence: oh, it's a promo. stuart: lawrence you're all right futures, plenty of green but not that much. president biden, he is keeping the blame game going for high gas prices.
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watch this. >> the problem we're facing with gas prices has two roots. first the pandemic. the second is vladimir putin. stuart: okay we'll discuss that. next case, a border surge, officials warn as many as what, 18,000 illegals a day could cross the southern border, everyday? that could happen if this administration lifts title 42. what a story, and we've got it. ♪ ♪ ♪ we all need a rock we can rely on. to be strong. to overcome anything. ♪ ♪ to be... unstoppable.
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of the borderline ♪ stuart: borderline, well of course we'll be coming up to a border southern border story aren't we that's the white house , of course it's 51 degrees in d.c. right now. next, border agents, they are anticipating a disaster, their words, if title 42 is lifted, what else are they saying lauren lauren: it would balloon the number of illegal crossings to 18,000 a day, more than doubling what we're seeing now, which is about 7,000 illegal crossings a day. so, health and human services secretary was asked about it will the administration next month as expected lift title 42? his answer, he punted to the cdc so title 42 was put in place during lockdown, right? it let border agents expel migrants without giving them a chance to claim asylum on help grounds. its been used a lot almost 2 million times and if and when it drops, stuart, the flood gates will open, immigration is
9:20 am
already a political black eye for this administration. it's not a look that they are going to want going into november, so he's going to punt a lot but right now, it seems like 42 is still in place, not sure for how long. stuart: got it lauren thanks very much indeed look whose here now the man himself, the guy who knows the border better than anybody, his name is tom homan, he's with us this morning. tom, if title 42 is lifted, what's the border patrol's plan? >> the border patrol's plan right now, i've seen leak documents the border patrol's plan coming from the white house to the department is sending more agents down there. how do we process these people quickly, to release them more quickly, so there doesn't appear to be a crisis and overcrowding that's what they are concentrat ing on and let me be clear, i was at a conference a couple days ago in san antonio and the chief said seven to 8,000 a day is the new norm. during the obama administration, 1,000 a day was a bad day, he would call everybody in, how do we stop the flow?
9:21 am
but under this administration, seven or 8,000 a day doesn't seem to be a problem. joe biden has not made it down to the border in the middle of historic tragedy that he created , he's going to go on an airplane and go home today, and the secretary of homeland security, where's he at? where is kamala harris at? the secretary of homeland security has been in that position 15 months. the numbers continue to climb every month to historic highs. he needs to be fired. he's the secretary of homeland insecurity. the numbers just keep getting worse, and it's a historic tragedy and here is what angers me the most is that under president trump, we had the most secure border in my lifetime. i did this for 35 years, and they purposely destroyed it and now we have this humanitarian crisis. we got over 115,000 americans dying from overdose deaths because of fentanyl is flying across the border because of border patrol is overwhelmed. we have the highest number of migrants that died in the first year of biden, the highest number that died under first year biden than ever, so you tell me how his policies are
9:22 am
more humane, more migrants are dying. stuart: they're not an that's a fact. i have to believe the cartels are watching the news flow here. they know that we might lift title 42. they must be planning to bring enormous numbers of people across the border, and when they get to the border, it's basically a revolving door. they just let them in and distribute them around the country. that is a nightmare, tom. >> yeah, this administration doesn't get it. so now they are concentrating on how we process releasing quicker when you do that it just brings more and why is the criminal cartels, and look this is a serious situation. the united states of america has lost operational control of our southern border. no one, the border patrol doesn't control it, the united states don't control it, we have no operational control of the border. the criminal cartels in mexico control our border now and that's just a stone cold fact, i've never seen in the history of this nation and what is this administration doing about it? nothing. they've not done one thing to
9:23 am
slow the flow. everything they've done is about how to release people quicker. there's a number yesterday that came out. last year under president biden, 75 7,000 people were released in the united states. now, you add the 600,000 got- aways, 1.3 illegal aliens successfully made it into this country last year and it's going to get worse this year looking at 2.5 million this year and that's even with title 42, we already have the first six months we'll break a new record this year even with title 42 in place when they lift title 42, god help us. stuart: that is a crisis and tom homan, you spelled it out for us and we appreciate it. thank you, sir. quick check of the futures we're still seeing green, it's not a huge rebound. up maybe 130 for the dow, and the s&p up 15 and nasdaq up 36. we're going to take you to the opening bell in a moment and we'll bring on board marty walsh , the labor secretary, next >> ♪ work, work, work ♪
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stuart: let's start with amazon.
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3,279.50 per share as we speak, it's up $20. mark mahaney is with us. mark, i know you're a big champion of amazon. you think it's going to go to $ 4,300 a share by the end of the year but there's a big bank out there on wall street, they say this thing is going down to $2,800. why are they so wrong and you so right? >> well, look, they maybe right i maybe wrong, it's so hard to predict the future as we all know. if there's risk to amazon, look a lot of these inflationary pressures we're dealing with, fuel prices are 20% of their shipping costs, it's possible that there's greater competition in the cloud market, i can come up with a couple of reasons why amazon shares would decline. i don't think that's going to happen though. i think they are going to see margin expansion as you go through the year, i think as they accelerated all that pushout of that distribution capacity to allow faster and faster shipping, i think you're going to see consumers react and buy more and more with amazon,
9:29 am
so i think the fundamentals are going to get better and the stock will go up because of that. i maybe wrong but that's our call. stuart: that's your call and we like to hear it. can you give me 45 seconds on why you think spotify is going to go from 150 where it is now, 154 to 300? tell me. >> yeah, and i'm getting, we're getting off the beaten track. i really like spotify so this is not a big tech name. it's not as well-known but most consumers know it. this is the leading streaming service for music, not just in the u.s. but globally as well doing well on apple devices and on android devoices we think it's close to inflection in terms of profitability as it builds up more advertising revenue for artists and labels so it's kind of under-the-radar screen great way to play digital stream ing. stuart: all right, mark mahaney, always good, interesting stuff too. thanks very much, mark. >> thank you. stuart: we have kenny polcari still with us and i want you to make this point about consumers, what are they going to do when facing rising rates? >> well because rising rates
9:30 am
are going to affect revolving credit, it's going to reflect revolving home equity loans that they have been paying very very low rates on at the moment for home equity. revolving rates have been high but they are only going higher and that puts more pressure on the consumer, in an inflationary environment where they are spending more money on food and gas it's going to really start to squeeze them. >> [opening bell ringing stuart: i've not heard that point it's a good one squeezing the consumer with inflation higher rates the market is now open this friday morning it is april 1, the start of a brand new quarter. here is how we've started dow is up about what 110 points, 34, 700 a gain of just shy of one- third of 1%, the s&p is up .28% i'll call that up one- quarter of 1% and look at the nasdaq for a gain, well-over a third of 1%, 48 points higher 14, 200. i think big tech is doing reasonably well this morning, it is. they're all up except apple is down $0.50 that's it, microsoft, alphabet, amazon and meta
9:31 am
platforms on the upside. >> apple is down because it was removed off the jpmorgan recommendation list but everything else look april 1 coming off the worst quarter in two years, right, to start off this year and this morning, you had another recessionary flash, that signaled the inversion of the yield curve. the jobs number actually the two and 10 year so the two year yield is higher than the 10, so what does that tell you? that tells you that? stuart: you might get a recession. >> and the federal reserve is behind the curve, so they might be rushing into raise interest rates to get a hold of inflation stuart: i love this fed talk, you know, on the one hand an in version might lead to a recession but on the other hand it's a different kind of in version so it doesn't. >> well, they say it's because of all of the money printing might be different this time around, and look, okay, so you know, in the past, you would say that most recessions you could find an inversion in the yield curve but not all inversions means we'll get a recession does that make sense? stuart: it does.
9:32 am
isn't april statistically the best month for the market? >> that's right. according to lpl research going back to 1950 you get on average 3% and it is usually the best month of the year; however, in mid-term years, you might not get as much returns in april, but we'll see. this year is a little different, you know, we do have an unfortunate unforeseen war taking place in europe. stuart: that's for sure, we do. now let's have a look at some individual stocks that are moving this morning and you're interested in them what do we start with? gamestop up 11%. >> yeah, well, it was up 17 yesterday after they made the announcement that they are looking for a stock split. this is turning out to be the year of the stock split so gamestop, this was the only second one in their entire history, the last one you have to go all the way back to 2007 and they are trying to increase the number of shares up there from 300 million to 1 billion, so like tesla, you know, gamestop wants these shares additional shares to pay out as dividends instead of cash it doesn't really change the
9:33 am
math or the value of the stock, but you know, gamestop joins tesla, joins amazon, google, alphabet, all announcing intentions to split this year. you know, stock splits weren't really that popular for the past decade. stuart: no. >> i think that it was because what happened in 2020 remember when tesla and apple split their stocks and that's when you saw this vertical rally in the shares? and tesla i guess like gamestop the ones that need to preserve their cash, they are the ones that want to split in order to pay out their shareholders, but for google and amazon, you need to reduce your price in order to get into dow jones industrial. stuart: see if you can persuade microsoft to split. all right that's a joke. >> you already had a split recently like $300? stuart: i can't remember. >> it doesn't increase the value of your holdings by the way. stuart: robinhood, wait a second can i now do an ira or 401 (k) through robinhood? >> yes, you can, although, you know, you do that through schwab and fidelity so think of
9:34 am
commission-free competition to the likes of fidelity and schwab talking about the ira, the roth , et cetera and that's being tested right now on a beta version of the robinhood app. robinhood is trying to find some way to get more users on board. they went ipo. their ipo was at 38 bucks a piece, look at where they are trading now, talking about slowing growth. stuart: every youngster and by that i mean 20 and 30-year-olds should have an ira and/or a 401 (k), and start right now, because if you stick with it for 30 years, you'll do okay. >> compound interest. stuart: follow me. susan you're all right thanks very much indeed. now let's get back to the jobs report today. we have an unemployment rate of 3.6% that is exceptionally low, and we have 431,000 new jobs created. let's welcome the labor secretary marty walsh. mr. secretary welcome to the show, great to see you. >> thanks for having me today. stuart: go ahead, sir. i think that was a pretty strong report. lay it on me. >> no, it certainly was a good
9:35 am
report. when you look at the economy and how since president biden has taken office 7.9 million jobs have been recovering. we saw an up-tick in labor participation which is really important number right now as we think about moving forward, so we continue good reports into 2022. we have work to do. there's no question about it, but it's always good to have a good strong report. we saw unemployment rate in the black community go down, latino community go down, the american-indian community go down, women went down, you know, as you said earlier, april is a good month right now. stuart: but here's the problem. you've got people moving around and getting a new job and when they get the new job that's all good, but then they get their paycheck and the paycheck gain is wiped out by inflation. it's a great time to be a worker in america, but it's a problem when you get your first paycheck. forgive me for saying it, mr. secretary, but i don't think president biden is able to get
9:36 am
inflation down certainly not in the near term. >> there's a lot of challenges right now. we have the putin price hikes with oil & gas that we're seeing across the country. we're seeing, we still had a lot of problems in supply chain but the president's plan right now in what he's working on with us in the country is to bring the cost for consumers down, and this certainly is not going to be done overnight. stuart: why won't he move heaven and earth to increase the production of natural gas and oil in the united states? >> well, first and foremost we are producing more gas and oil in our country, but the issue is not that simple. we can't produce enough of it to makeup for the supply that have been cut back on. it's just not logistically possible, and so we have to continue to work on these issues as we continue to move forward here. stuart: you've gotta try. >> well he's certainly trying there's no question about it he talked about it yesterday. he's trying everyday. i think just almost every single day the president addresses the nation or addresses the
9:37 am
press and he's talking about inflation, he's talking about trying to bring costs down, trying to help american people, working on supply chain issues, and global supply chain issues. this isn't just about when i say supply chain i'm not talking about the ports and bringing ships into the port. i'm talking about keeping our global economy moving forward. these are challenges, not just here in the united states but all across the globe. stuart: okay, mr. secretary, thanks very much for taking time out on a busy day to be with us this morning we do appreciate it , sir. >> thank you for having me. stuart: yes, sir, thanks a lot. let's get back to the markets we've been open for all of seven minutes the dow is up 90, s&p is up 13 and the nasdaq is up 50 points. all right, mr. secretary, i said thank you, already that's good now here is what's coming up. the house votes on legalizing marijuana at the federal level, that vote is today. it is expected to pass. that does not mean everybody is free to light up. we'll tell you why. a seattle suburb hosted a seminar claiming dieting is racist, and then banned white people from attending.
9:38 am
seattle guy jason rans brings a remarkable story, next hour. it's a woke world after all, florida's governor threatens to revoke disney's self-governing status. this is over the company's opposition to his education bill , florida congressman byron donalds is here, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me.
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♪ it's a small world, after all. it's a small world after all ♪ stuart: a relative of mine got stuck on that boat, he was stuck for an hour and they played it constantly. i think it should be it's a woke world, when we talk about disney here and you are looking at
9:43 am
disney, disney world there in orlando, florida. next case, the governor of florida is responding to disney 's opposition to the state 's parental rights law. he wants to repeal disney's special self-governing status. congressman byron donalds republican from florida joins us again today. congressman, if desantis repeal ed disney's self-governing status what would it mean? >> that means they have to work with local counties to do anything they needed to do on on the property and look the real issue we have here with disney is that they were bullied by some of their employees into getting into a fight they simply do not understand. the reality is that parents do not want their children being subjected to sexual identity and gender fluidity. that is all parents, even democrats support the measure that the florida legislature passed and ron desantis signed into law, but you have woke employees at disney who frankly did not read the bill and they heard talking points on twitter and they respond and now disney
9:44 am
has themselves caught up in this situation they have no business being apart of. stuart: i know your wife is a big education specialist. could you or she explain to me why we need to teach gender selection to any children at all in any school? >> listen, i'll never explain it to you because it's absolutely ridiculous and insane nobody should be doing this at all with respect to children. let them learn about history. let them learn math and learn how to read, not subject them to this stuff that does occur in schools across the country, and the thing that is worse, even than it happening is that the school districts keep it away from parents. they don't tell parents what's going on with their child. they hide it from them. that is why governor desantis had to respond. i'm glad that he did. people agree with this , and disney is absolutely wrong. stuart: got it. now, more for you, congressman. you've announced legislation prohibiting taxing unrealized
9:45 am
capital gains. i guess you object to senator warren's plan to just snatch your wealth. that's what you're getting at here isn't it? >> listen, it is one of the most obscene proposals i have ever seen. how are you going to tax somebody on income that they have not received just assuming they have a gain at a particular date and time? what is the federal government going to do, cut refunds to people who have unrealized losses? this proposal is ridiculous but what else is new on capitol hill where you have democrats who all they want to do is take wealth from people and redistribute it, that has always been their plan, always been their agenda, at least now they are being full- throated in what they really want to do. stuart: they know they aren't going to get this wealth confiscation through, i think why they are doing it is they want to use it as a slogan and a strategy for november, tax the rich. we're on your side, people. that's what this is all about, i think. >> listen i wish it was that simple but the reality is that
9:46 am
the democrats have a long history of pushing these proposals over and over and over again until people just relent, but i'm going to tell you right now there will be no relenting on this if you start taxing wealth you might as well forget about how we have built the greatest economy and the greatest country in the history of the world. private property matters that includes the wealth of americans if you want to tax income that's one thing but you're going to do a tax wealth we will not have the greatest country in the world if we go down that road. stuart: congressman byron donald s always great, thanks very much for being with us, sir >> anytime. stuart: got it. here is something i did not know florida added more tech [technical difficulty] [technical difficulty] follow o gillian companies. first of all to you, kenny. what's the bigger traction for technology companies? >> well there's a couple reasons first it's mass migration out of california high tax states coming to a place like florida with much better tax structure and beautiful weather and listen miami is right on the ocean it's kind of
9:47 am
a nice place to be although they have some social problems at the moment but they will get over that, but florida has been attracting these younger people in the tech industry that want to make a difference, they just don't want to do it in california. stuart: is the technology infrastructure there in florida, you live in florida. >> yes a little bit north of that but they have been a lot in miami in terms of the infrastructure and attracting these people to come there which is why it's now so attract ever to them because the infrastructure is there. they can get work done, and they can live a great life. stuart: i'm just surprised that more tech companies in florida moving there than any other state. lauren: it's the culture. silicon valley is very fake it until you make it, right? florida is real. people want freedom. leave me alone. let me do my thing. if you work in technology you can work remotely so you do have that freedom because of your job , and florida's hands off. stuart: i didn't think of that. florida's culture is radically different from california. >> very different. stuart: how did you describe california? lauren: fake it until you make
9:48 am
it in silicon valley and in hollywood. >> [laughter] stuart: i'll avoid that one for a bit and florida is the opposite you think? lauren: i think florida is more real especially recently with the influx of population, so the biggest employers of tech companies, california still leads, texas is number two but they are . caking up to california, then new york, and then florida, so those are the numbers, two states losing population, as you noted california and new york, two states gaining, florida and texas. stuart: when you said florida is real, you've got a lot of fans down there in miami. >> and listen miami is doing a lot in the crypto space too it's very attractive to that group. stuart: it is. let's move on. the headlines said it all. we've got to stop fooling ourselves, the enthusiasm gap keeps getting worse for democrat s, last time voter enthusiasm was this low on the left, they lost more than 60 house seats in the mid-terms. chicago's mayor giving away free gas cards to compensate for $5 gas. i'm going to call that vote- buying. we'll deal with it, next.
9:49 am
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stuart: the graphic there, biden 's energy crisis, well president biden is keeping up the blame game for rise in gas prices, roll that tape. >> the problem we're facing with gas prices has two routes. first, the pandemic, the second route is vladimir putin. the start of this year gas was about $3.30 a gallon. today, it's about averaging 4.20 or 4.22 is higher in many states. nearly a dollar more in less than three months. the reason for that is because of putin's war. stuart: okay, the president gives us two reason, kenny kenny polcari who do you think is responsible? >> i think the start is u.s. policy because oil is up 97 % since joe biden went into office in january of 2020. that was before putin, right? we were going through the covid crisis, we all knew that when the world was going to open demand was going to surge and it did just that. we were ill-prepared and then he came in with some of his
9:54 am
policies and kind of pulled back on us and now begging for saudi arabia to send us more oil, because we have enough here, but he doesn't want to let us do so. stuart: i think to some degree it is putin's war. it is in the last month, in the last month. stuart: what do you think lauren lauren: i'm going to bring up two points. the wall street journal said if the president would come out and say no restrictions, the wall street journal says the price would go down $20 a barrel so that's significant so i thought the administration on that, i just got off the phone with someone whose drilling in the p ermian basin. he says we're getting ridiculed for not investing and doing anything with these leases and he said they have increased their rig activity by 25% since december, okay? that's $40 billion being invest ed, and they have a chokehold on them, so yeah, they are making investments and still being ridiculed. >> the amount is choking. lauren: 100%. stuart: it's the same old story, big oil, big oil, big oil, nasty
9:55 am
vicious people. lauren: price gouging. stuart: we heard this for 50 years. lauren: now they have to go before congress. stuart: next chicago's mayor laurie light food announced the city will give away offer free gas and public transit card to residents. lauren tell me how she's buying votes. because that's what i think it is. lauren: well because it's free money and any time you give someone something for free it's popular, right? but let me tell you how this works because you might change your mind so you get $150 for gas, it's pre-loaded on a debit card. that you have to apply for. you get $50 for public transportation. this is going to start to rollout next month in waves of 10,000. stuart: next month, may? lauren: you have to wait for it and you might not get it so yeah , when you get it if you get it, it will ease the pain, but this is the equivalent of the democrats starting a fire, setting a house on fire and giving the homeowner an extinguisher, here put it out >> $150 is two tankfulls of gas
9:56 am
that's what we're talking about. lauren: for one car. >> it cost me $72 the other day to fill up my, i have an infinit y wagon, $72 to fill up 18-gallons of gas. lauren: or five train rides. stuart: premium? >> i put right down the middle, i don't premium or 87, if i went down -- lauren: it's 89. >> regular would cost me $69. stuart: i like your energy kenny thank you very much for being with us for the past hour. >> thank you for having me. stuart: thanks kenny polcari. in a moment i'm going to talk to the manager, a manager at walt disney's resort who outraged about his company's woke policies, also tammy bruce, rachel campos-duffy, pennsylvania congressman dan user, the 10:00 hour of "varney" on april 1 is next. ♪ our advice is personalized. based on your goals, whatever they may be. all that planning has paid off. looks like you can make this work.
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10:01 am
the 10 year treasury very interesting. it spiked up to nearly 2.5% now it's backed off, it's still higher at 2.44%, that was the result of the jobs report earlier today. bitcoin, we have it at $45, 500 per coin and we just received the latest news on manufacturing for the month of march, what we got? lauren: surprise dip, so it fell to a number of 57.1, we were expecting it to rise to 59 still expanding because it's above 50 but not a good indicator for our factory strength right now. stuart: no impact at all. lauren: on the market. stuart: on the stock market got that. now, this. progress for zelenskyy retaking some territory from the russians big trouble for putin, his damaged forces are stuck, vulnerable and withdrawing in some areas. the ukrainians now have military momentum, that's good. let's help them keep it going. let's start using the word "win"
10:02 am
or as the wall street journal says let ukraine go on offense against russia. that doesn't seem to be a president biden's approach. he seems to be pushing peace talks at all costs. there's a suspicion that the administration is slow- walking the delivery of weapons zelenskyy needs to beat the russians, slow-walking it. there's no sign of the mig jets and potentially game-changing switchblade or kamikaze drones have not yet arrived into the second month and we've got the weapons, zelenskyy does not. the explanation is biden doesn't want to provoke putin and our european allies want not a drawn out war and that misses the opportunity, russia is now playing defense. they need a cease-fire. give ukraine what it needs to keep pushing as the journal says , keep the pressure on russia now and a strategic victory is possible. yes, they use the word victory. don't sell zelenskyy short. second hour of "varney" just
10:03 am
getting started. i want to return to the disney story, because it's extremely important in our society at the moment if you ask me. that op-ed titled "don't say disney" was written by tammy bruce, who joins us this friday morning. all right, tammy. my position is, children should just be allowed to be children. what say you? >> yes, what a concept right and we're seeing that across-the-board here. it's schools, now corporations, the things that have been revealed and i think this is what americans are responding to these videos that people have seen on social media of this internal disney meeting, where there is this , what i term, malignant narcissism. this projection by individuals in important positions having unique lives, perhaps involving transexualism or homosexuality or whatever and as a gay woman, look, we have this in our lives,
10:04 am
we know it exists, but they are then projecting it on to the company itself. the comments about making sure that there was either gay characters or banning the words like at the disney parks of boy and girl and ladies and gentlemen, as this effort to kind of shape the company to look like the individual lives of certain leadership. you know that's not what obviously we know business is for. business is about the larger community. it's about everyone. it's about parents, about families but especially for disney. it's about entertainment for children, right? it's about all children. this is about the fun. i grew up in southern california , loved disneyland, for my generation it had a tremendous impact on being able to get through difficult childhoods, perhaps, and now, it's politicized. it's interfering with the nature of fun, and moving politics and projection of adult issues on to children. that's where we need, of course to let children be children and not ruin their innocence with
10:05 am
our issues. stuart: indeed i'm in full agreement tammy stay there please i've got more for you later. >> yes, sir. stuart: i want to get to the house vote, it's going to vote today on legalizing marijuana at the federal level. it's likely to pass the house, lauren. lauren: it is and then a vote is expected later this month in the senate where the future is uncertain, so some senators are from states that have been devastated by the opioid crisis they might be reluctant to back the legislation decriminalizing cannabis. what they get in the house is they frame this as criminal justice reform, doing things like ex punching previous convictions, and then using tax revenue brought in because now you're extending banking too and getting the tax revenue when you tax cannabis to prop up communities that were hit by the war on drugs. that's the house plan, the fate is uncertain in the senate. stuart: got it. tammy bruce still with us. do you favor the legalization of marijuana at the federal level? >> you know, i don't, and i understand the value of it when it comes to medical treatment, the nature of what that can do,
10:06 am
of course but i did my share of drugs in my late teens and early 20s and it was a mistake, and it included marijuana and my experience was that, you know, it doles your senses, now i think the government would have no problem with the american people being high all the time with what it is they're doing because then you just don't notice. you're high and you just want twinkies and then everything is fine, but that's not, of course what generates a good life. many people say oh, it's just like, well alcohol is legal, it's just like that. let me tell you someone whose, you know, has done both. no it's not the same. it's not the same at all, and the damage and i think it's ironic that you be legalizing another drug that limits your ability to participate or be clear in your life to makeup for the money and the impact on communities devastated by drug abuse. it's not the same as alcohol and it's a shame that that's where we're going because of the desire for money. it destroys communities, and it moves people into a placated state of life and that's not
10:07 am
good for the country. stuart: one of these days we'll have a debate on this program about legalization or not legalization. >> sure. stuart: it's a good debate. >> it will be. stuart: i'll keep smiling all the way through regardless of how wrong you are. >> we will not be eating twinningers and we'll be clear- minded about it. stuart: thanks for being with us , tammy. lauren: i'll take the twinkies. stuart: look at the markets okay we've been in business for all of 36 minutes, i've got green, dow is up 50, nasdaq is up 20, s&p up 8. not that much movement but it is on the upside. jonathan hoenig with us this morning, it's the first day of the new quarter. are we in for another rocky quarter like the last one, jonathan? >> well i mean look stuart in the first quarter, and i'm frustrated there was basically nowhere to hide, nowhere, i mean , stocks and bonds were down pretty sharply even the bond market had its worst quarter in years, and this is frustrating, stuart and this is inflation, we've been talking about it, it's caused by government. commodities were the only place to hide in the first quarter and it's frustrating i think it's
10:08 am
very frustrating as an investor, because, you know, stuart inflation is not just expensive, but it forces you to think long term and it forces you to take even bigger positions, so it makes it very difficult to be an investor and prompts you essentially just to stay in cash , short-term rates have gone from about half percent to 2.5% with that inverted yield curve, very difficult time to be an investor. stuart: i'm looking at today's jobs report, and it's pretty strong. i've gotta say, but to me, it's inflationary. you've got 11 million unfilled jobs and not enough people to fill them so wages go up, costs go up, and i think that's inflationary. what say you? >> yeah, i mean, stuart, you have 1.8 jobs available now for every one person whose looking for one. i mean this is really an unprecedented type of number, and ironically a number that tends to show up these really good employment numbers at the top of markets not at the bottom of that so yes, it's inflationary we know about that. i'm one of the mind that says the government reported inflation is actually a lot
10:09 am
lower than being reported so in terms of putting money to work i'm looking a little bit off the beaten path, stew art for example, looking at a fund sjb, of course do your own due diligence but this goes up if junk bonds go down so as an investor you have to be nimble and not put all your eggs in one basket as they say and be aware you could see further blow -ups. stuart last quarter you saw facebook drop 25% in one day just on that inflation news, so this is a devil that's not going back in the box and i think wages are just one element of it stuart: you've got it jonathan hoenig thank you very much indeed, sir see you again soon, got it. >> be well. stuart: big cities continue to have problems getting people back to the office. lauren: yup. stuart: where does new york stand in this? lauren: number two, and i think this is a major problem for mayor adams. okay, so in the future, just 49% that's it, 49.1% of new yorkers plan to be in the office that means lunch, dry cleaning, retail purchases aren't happening where you work. here is an economist from stanford that says annual
10:10 am
spending will be splashed by nearly half, because of this , so before the pandemic we were spending about 12 or $13,000 a year in the city in our commute and everything we did here. now that number is going to go down to 6,700. stuart: only 49% of new york office workers will be back in the office this year. that's it. lauren: remote work is popular. we have a job problem in the country with 11.3 million jobs open, and businesses might just keep saying okay, it's fine , stay home because you're talented and we need to keep you we don't want to spend money training somebody else. stuart: i've got it. i got it. midtown manhattan is still nowhere near. lauren: doesn't have the same buzz. stuart: posh mark is down 1.4%. lauren: downgraded stifel. you know what it does? stuart: fancy secondhand clothes is that it? lauren: exactly, stuart they were downgraded by stifel, that was quite good. stuart: [laughter] lauren: accept the compliment and they see several attractive assets but challenges ahead and
10:11 am
they don't like when apple changed their privacy settings because that dampens the effectiveness of their advertising so slower growth as a result. stuart: can you just order stuff up and then send back what you don't buy? lauren: no, no, it's like a marketplace so you can complain about the item and get your money back, but you know, if you list your tie on poshmark and i want to buy it we made that arrangement it's done. stuart: i'll sell it to you privately. lauren: i pay the shipping which is almost $8. it could be high. stuart: let's have a look at wyn n please. lauren: yes. stuart: up 4%. lauren: number two on the s&p 500 citi upgrading them to buy with increasing clarity over regulations and licenses. stuart: qualcomm. lauren: this is a big deal because jpmorgan removed qualcomm as well as apple, it expects them to be impacted by the moderation in consumer spending so qualcomm is down. stuart: you don't remember this back in the 1990s when
10:12 am
qualcomm it was the ultimate stock, it would go up $200 a share a day. there were quillionaires. it came down but it's still there. lauren thanks very much in need a new nbc news poll shows republicans held a whopping 17- point advantage in voter enthusiasm. we're going to talk about that, believe me. well over 11 million job openings in america, several states taking steps to reduce drastically, unemployment benefits. we'll tell you which states are making the cuts. president biden will release a million barrels of oil a day from the strategic reserve, energy leaders say it's that plan is only a short-term solution. hillary vaughn has that story from capitol hill, hillary is next. next.
10:13 am
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stuart: for the benefit of our radio listeners i will tell you what's happening on the market the dow is up 50 s&p is up 8 and the nasdaq is up 41. modest gains. axios reporting that, this is a blockbuster. wasn't expecting this. reports that white house press secretary jen psaki will leave her job for a gig at msnbc. she leaves this spring. okay. president biden announced the largest-ever release of crude from the petroleum reserve this will deplete the supply, all the way down to the lowest level in 38 years. hillary vaughn on capitol hill, all right, how we going to replenish the reserve? reporter: well at some point, stuart, the biden administration is going to have to buyback the oil to fill the reserves
10:18 am
backup, because these are intended to be used, not for a political purpose, to temporarily drag down gas prices but experts say it's to deal with a global supply shortage of oil if there is one. that's the united states backup, know the just domestically but also for the military. so there are people who were calling into question whether or not this is ultimately a wise decision on the part of president biden. he did announce that he is going to release 1 million-barrels of oil each day for the next six months, from the strategic petroleum reserve to try to combat soaring gas prices. tim stuart, the president of the u.s. oil & gas association, reacting to that saying this , " tapping the spr for the next six months may get the administration through the mid-terms but it does nothing to increase production. they refuse to conduct any new lease sales or expedite existing federal permits and that is a much-better option than drawing down our strategic
10:19 am
reserves" now there are some approximations of when we're going to reach a deficit. it could be as soon as 2023, and the bottom line all of this oil that we're drawing from reserves is at some point going to be, need to be replaced. stuart? stuart: yes it is. all right, hillary thank you very much indeed. republican from pennsylvania, dan meuser joins us now welcome back, dan. pennsylvania is an oil & gas state. it's a huge fracking state. what's stopping you in pennsylvania from expanding production? >> well, the biden administration is doing its very best, right, when they were seeking new oil and natural gas access, they sent a crew from the department of energy down to venezuela. i don't remember seeing them coming up to pennsylvania. they are also trying to pass other measures within our budget that won't reduce the cost of consumption. i mean, deliberately,
10:20 am
deliberately giving people increases due to these policies. stuart, there's a complete assault on our energy industry. we're seeing it from the sec, we're seeing it from investment, and meanwhile, as you said, frankly, the fracking solution is right under our feet in pennsylvania. stuart: [laughter] i own property just on the other side of the state line in new york state, just over the state line in pennsylvania. on my side of the state line, there's no fracking. you can't do it. not allowed. on your side of the state line, it's a $5 billion a year industry and i simply cannot understand why so many states just won't let us go get the energy under our feet. do you have an explanation? >> well, we were doing it under the trump adminitration as you well know, we were energy independent. we had energy surplus. we were shipping lng, we were exporting oil. since then there's been about an 8% turnaround and this administration continues it
10:21 am
, stuart, in their budget, they want to increase the consumption costs. they are removing deduction for wildcatting that's been in existence since the late 1800s and what's worse is they are hurting the financial markets. they are literally warning from the fed to the sec, the financial institutions from investing, you require about a half, we require a half a trillion dollars a year in investments for future development. that's not happening, so trying to pull from the reserves is even worse than a bandaid application. it'll be meaningless, maybe $ 0.10 maybe $0.20 because a lot of this is based upon the futures markets so investment is going to go overseas or go nowhere and we're going to continue to deal with this crisis created by the biden administration and by the way, by the democrats in the house because they won't pass our energy independence bills. they denied it and rejected it four times now. stuart: okay, if the house and
10:22 am
the senate change not ownership but control, goes to republicans in november, could we see a serious move to generate more of our own energy, could that be the turning point? >> you know, we have to and yes , absolutely, we will bring bills to the floor, which will pass and will go to the senate and pass and then we'll see if the biden woke administration decides to veto them, but it's crushing american families. do you know this increase over $ 2 almost double from gasoline prices it's costing the average american family $2,500 a year, i mean, these are things that the american people are going to weigh in on and hopefully the biden administration respond s to this crisis that it created and by the way, not only weakened our economy. weakened us from a national security standpoint, and meanwhile, funding vladimir putin's war. stuart: it makes no sense. >> real backwards. real inverted policy which needs to be corrected. stuart: congressman dan meuser
10:23 am
always a pleasure, thanks a lot, sir. >> thank you. stuart: now several states are trying to get people back to work taking some steps to go back to the office. what are they doing? lauren: cutting benefits, in iowa, west virginia, and kentucky, so for the most part benefits cutoff at 26 weeks and these states want to cut that down to 12 because they figure in kentucky, if we're not paying you $531 a week to stay home, you might actually try to get a job. west virginia wants to go a step further and they want to add in proof you're trying to find a job, while you're on these benefits, but you know, there's plenty of jobs open we just need to incentivize the workers to actually try to get them and paying them over $500 not to work isn't the answer for 26 weeks. stuart: america's rolling out additional, how do you express this? seasonal visas for summertime workers. lauren: landscapers, camp counselors. stuart: from overseas, how many? lauren: 35,000 for the summer it's called the h #b visa, not
10:24 am
easy to get the business has to show proof they are trying to hire an american, they have to pay the same wages this is what the white house is dog but it's tough because the unions generally oppose this type of work visa program. so it's the biden administration is pushing this direction, what are the unions going to say because they need their support. stuart: i know a hotel in florida which fired its regular employees, brought in a ton of youngsters from overseas to work the hotel, and -- lauren: similar pay? stuart: virtually nothing. i remember this , a few years ago. lauren: because the pay has to be relatively the same now. stuart: yes, now but a few years ago it wasn't and they brought them in by the load. thanks, president biden has pledged $2.5 billion in aid to ukraine, but latvia's deputy prime minister says not enough and he's in d.c. to lobby for more support and he's on the show shortly. british intelligence shows russian troops are in position to ramp up attacks on kyiv in the next few days, alex hogan on
10:25 am
the ground in ukraine with our latest report. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what if you were a global bank who wanted to supercharge your audit system? so you tap ibm to un-silo your data. and start crunching a year's worth of transactions
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stuart: it's the first day of the new quarter, and we've
10:29 am
started out higher and now we moved a bit lower dow is off 60 s&p down 3, nasdaq clinging to a five point gain. there are some companies that are moving, ford is down 2%. lauren: they are, the administration unveiled tougher fuel economy standards today, boosting it by 8% for 2024 and 2025, model years, 10% after that. also, ford recalled about 730,000 vehicles, software fire risk issues, and then they will report auto sales as will gm and the others later. stuart: what's with blackberry? lauren: look at the stock reaction, surprise profit that's the good news, but big miss when it came to revenue, and they see cybersecurity unit being weak for the full year, investors don't like that. stuart: have we got an update on the chinese electric car makers? i'm thinking of neo. i see the stock is way up there. what's the story? lauren: firing on all cylinders delivering nearly 10,000 vehicles last month up 37% from last year, so they are producing cars getting them out there selling them. stuart: i'd stay out of the electric vehicle market for
10:30 am
now because i just don't know who the real winners are and tesla is at a thousand bucks lauren: the average cost of an ev is $56,000, that's $10,000 more according to kelly blue book than a traditional car which cost a lot of money. they are expensive stuart: how do you get away from high gas prices buy an electric car for $56,000? lauren: exactly it's tone deaf. i'll drive it but not for that price. stuart: let's move on russian forces claim ukraine is responsible for a fire at an oil depot in russia. alex hogan is in ukraine and she joins us now. this is being met with skepticism, that this is in fact a false flag operation, that the russians set fire to that oil depot themselves. what's the story? reporter: hi, stuart. well that's the reality that the ukrainian military has not officially confirmed whether or not this strike was at their hands but russia says that it was. meantime one thing to keep in consideration is that within just the last week here on the western side of the country
10:31 am
where i am, russia itself has attacked two oil depots but this be ukraine's first such attack. russia's accusing the ukrainian troops of blowing up this oil depot which is about 30 miles from the border saying two helicopter gun ships struck the site injuring two people. meanwhile, talks will resume today between the two neighbor ing countries and now the kremlin says at this strike potentially could impact these conversations, which are largely supposed to surround the evacuation corridor in the eastern city of mariupol. russia just yesterday blocked 1t were sent in there to help many of the residents who have remained trapped. the mayor says that roughly 100,000 people are still there in this past week, and yesterday , only 600 people made it out by private cars. russian troops also blocking 45 buses of residents who were trying to escape. now russia's ministry of defence
10:32 am
says today it will open up a different route between mariupol to zaparesia to let people out of course there is not a lot of faith in those words being met with action here on the ground. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy last night warned his residents in mariupol , kharkiv to expect ramp ed up bombings and shellings now, outside of the eastern city of suni, the battleground there has been littered with blown up army vehicles and retreating russian forces. this land has been won back by ukrainians but what they are coming home to is far from the site of a victory as you could see on screen it is just charred vehicles and homes one after another. now irpin is also another town that has been recaptured outside of the capitol, the bridges have been blown up and half of the town has been completely destroyed, and those who were too frail or too old and physically could not leave the city have been hiding for
10:33 am
the last five weeks and ukrainian troops went in today to physically carry some of those elderly people out by stretcher to get them to safety and get them the medical care that they so desperately have needed. now, it's not just of course the elderly who are facing the brunt of the brutality in some of these places. ukraine says that 148 children so far in the last five weeks have died. stuart? stuart: dreadful story alex hogan, thank you very much indeed, alex. joining us now is the minister of defense and deputy prime minister of latvia, artis pabriks. welcome to the program. do you want ukraine to get these mig planes and more attack weapons, do you want president biden to take a much-tougher stand on the russians? >> what i want is that ukraine finally gets rid of this aggression and the russia degrees or s and i would say that any type of western support
10:34 am
, what the we can give to ukraine, is timely and we have to do it now, because what putin wants, what russians want, they want a victory before 9 of may and we should not give them this pleasure so we have to do maximum that ukraine can prevail because if you crane falls, then it will be a very very dark sign for all the western alliance, and many other countries in the world are watching us. stuart: sir, there is a suspicion that president biden is slow-walking the delivery of these attack weapons, because he wants the peace talks to go forward and be finalized, because europeans want a quick war, not a long war, and i think our president maybe a little scared of annoying the russians. do you believe that, that they slow-walking the weapons and going towards peace rather than a win in ukraine? >> well, first of all, european s are different. countries like poland, baltic
10:35 am
states, also fill land, sweden, great britain, we want the justice, and we want the aggressor s leaving ukraine from that perspective if you went to war and as soon as possible we have to put maximum sanctions on russia and we have to go maximum support to ukrainians. this is the only way to end it quickly. another thing is -- stuart: sir can i just interrupt for a second? do you want europe to stop importing oil & gas from russia? >> yes, i do want this. i think, and i know, it's painful but this is the only way how we can treat such hitler- like it is putin, and i think we have to be extremely careful about any kind of a cease-fire because cease-fire alone is a russian trap. what russians want, they want the cease-fire, then they will dig into the occupied ukrainian territory and then they will tell even unilaterally, dear friends we have a cease-fire here, let's talk, and ukraine as
10:36 am
a country will be disrupted and the western alliance will be the one which in the long term will be suffering. we should not anymore give up to this aggression because we already were too soft in 2014 with crimea, we were also soft before in 2008 with aggression against georgia. we are pressed at this moment as the west with our backs at the wall. we have nowhere to retreat, so the only hope is that ukraine wins. if you want ukraine to win, we must give support. stuart: sir, we appreciate you being on the programmed to, and we like to hear you use the word "win." thanks for being here, sir we'll see you again soon, i hope. >> thank you. stuart: yes, sir. at the moment we've got 7,000 u.s. troops stationed in poland but they maybe staying longer term? lauren: it's the 82nd airborne division and also sailors in the mediterranean on the uss harry true man carrier strike group reports say yeah they are going to stay put in the region a bit longer some say
10:37 am
until august. the reason is we need to be prepared, not sure how long putin's war in ukraine is going to last. stuart: i've got a quick programming note for everyone. here it is. i have a new fox nation special called "crazy rich russians" good title. we're going to take you behind the curtain of the lavish lives of vladimir putin and other russian oligarchs. you can stream it now on fox nation's crazy rich russians. i did not come up with the name. i wish i had because it's a good one. the cdc confirms what experts have been saying all along. lockdowns and school closures took a huge toll on teens mental health, we've got a report. we told you about millions in federal covid aid spent on the ski slopes, golf courses, and luxury hotels, well now, lawmakers are pushing for another round of covid relief we've got that story too. ♪ money, money, money ♪
10:38 am
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10:42 am
stuart: a couple of minutes from now that will be 10:45 eastern, president biden will deliver remarks on-the-jobs report. we'll bring you any news that comes out of it. senator mitt romney says republicans and democrats have reached a tentative deal on additional covid funding. so how much more money they want to spend? lauren: $10 billion more, half of that for treatments the other half we're not sure this is the scaled down compromise and it could get final approval next week look at the number on the right the original request of the white house, $22.5 billion, they scaled that down to about 15.5 billion, couldn't agree there, so it looks like we might get 10 billion in the end. stuart: what's it for? lauren: for treatments, monoclonal antibodies, vaccine, perhaps testing, but that's only for half of the 10 billion and the other 5 billion i'm not sure
10:43 am
stuart: okay i've got this one for you. strictly just for you. lauren: for me, yes. stuart: new york city lifted vaccine mandates for indoor dining and entertainment; however unvaxxed high school seniors cannot attend the prom. lauren: yeah, you can get a work -around because a lot of the high school kids say we can go to the after party even if we can't go to the prom because we're not vaccinated but how unfair is that because they didn't have a prom last year or the year before so if you're graduating this year this is your last chance for prom. you can go to a restaurant, a wedding, you can go to school but you can't go to your prom because you're not vaccinated. stuart: i don't understand what the danger is. you're not vaccinated, are you a danger to anybody else at that prom? i just can't imagine you are. lauren: those are the rules. stuart: well change it. lauren: what happens at the club stuart: change them, come on. this is america, isn't it? lauren: i agree with you, stuart stuart: i know you do. all right not all employees,
10:44 am
interesting day today, right? lauren: you're wrong, stuart they have to be, you know, every single high school student must be vaccinated or else. go to the prom with a mask on how about that you look all beautiful and wear your mask in your prom dress. stuart: that will not go down well. now we're showing you disney, why? because not all employees at disney are comfortable with it going so woke. we'll speak to a disney employee whose so mad about it he's running for congress gender neutral passports u.s. citizens will soon be able to select x as the gender on their passport applications. jason rants here with that, next ♪ what's going on ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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10:49 am
precise and bitcoin moving a little bit lower, well, okay, $ 46,000 per coin, pretty flat. experts warned about pandemic isolation. school closures and lack of social gatherings they warn it will take a toll on young people 's mental health. turns out they were right. jonathan serrie has the story how badly were these teens affected? >> it looks really bad, the cdc says even in the decade leading up to the pandemic mental health was already declining among america's youth and covid-19 only made the situation worse. take a look at this according to a survey of u.s. high school students more than one-third experienced mental health during the pandemic and 44% persistent ly felt sad or hopeless, more than half said they experienced emotional abuse by a parent or other adult in the home during the pandemic and 11% reported physical abuse in the home. the survey highlighted the important role schools play
10:50 am
in improving mental health. students who felt connected to teachers, staff, and fellow students had considerably lower rates of sadness, and half the rate of attempted suicide. unfortunately, less than half of youth, only 47% of them said they felt connected to their schools during the pandemic. some experts at the mayo clinic predict the highly-infectious omicron subvariant ba-2 will cause another upward trend in u.s. covid cases that will begin within the next one to two weeks , however coming on the tail of the original omicron surge, the ba-2 spike might not be as severe. >> between vaccinations and the prior infection, it's not likely to be a spike anywhere near on the order we saw with previous strains. reporter: but as you know, the u.s. is not a homan colonoscopy country and as you saw in the past you have levels of vaccination and levels of
10:51 am
previous infection varying considerably from community to community so these experts say that when we see these ba 2 spikes they are going to appear at different levels and at different times in different parts of the country. stu? stuart: jonathan thank you very much indeed. let's move on to senator rick scott. he is absolutely blasting the woke left. spell it out. lauren: we were speaking to the heritage foundation and he said it is dangerous to be woke and made these comparisons. listen here. >> we survived the war of 1812, world war i, world war ii, korea , vietnam and the cold war, but now today we face the greatest danger we have ever faced. the militant left wing in our country has become the enemy within. lauren: his point is, the woke left, like a mob, maybe a small number of people that are getting very loud and changing society and a lot of people say what we see going on in schools, in disney is they are often
10:52 am
taking things away, like the pledge of allegiance, that a lot of americans like but not replacing it sometimes with something else. so people feel like their freedoms what they have come to known as being taken away and their life has not been made better because of it. stuart: senator scott is way out front with all kinds of suggestions for policy going into the mid-terms, and policy on wokeness. he's out front making a big splash. lauren: 11-point plan this is how republicans retake control of congress in november. stuart: okay he's been on the show frequently i hope he comes back too. the white house has announced u.s. citizens will be able to select x as their gender on their passport applications. the new feature rolls out this month. jason rantz is with us. okay, i'm trying to think this through. you can put x on your passport application. does that mean you're going to get an x on the inside pages of your passport where it says who you are? >> it's very interesting to see
10:53 am
how this is all going to play out and i don't really think they thought this through. i think they are doing this for two reasons number one, there is obviously an activist movement to promote this idea and to be clear, part of the reason why they're doing this is because they haven't been able to win over the public on this. the public in general, not just in the united states, but across the world, understands that gender actually does exist and so people who are saying that they either don't have a gender or they simply don't feel comfortable with a gender i certainly understand that, and i simple christian to a point but it doesn't make it a fact and it's being rejected as so and so now, the number two reason behind this is you've got the biden administration effectively legitimizing this movement, institutionaliz ing it, trying to put pressure on states that have been moving in the opposite direction on this , and maybe try to put some pressure on some of the other countries that have rejected this. the united kingdom, what in december, decided no we aren't going down this road, so we'll see where this ends up going but i do think that this is part of a larger campaign.
10:54 am
stuart: i always think of you as our seattle guy, and you've got a late report from king county, which is basically seattle. what's this about an agency there, claiming that dieting is racist? take me through the story, please. >> yeah, this is an outrageous story it's actually a workshop that was held by the human resources department of the king county government, the workshop title was "anti blackness and diet culture" which effectively says that the diet culture is racist because it formulates its belief around health, around what light people look like and western culture deems as health and so that caught my attention but then in the description, one of the workshops was labeled as bipoc only meaning white people were not allowed to attend and i was originally told by the king county government that that was purely an error, it was sloppy language, they would edit it, it was unintentional, however a white person was kicked out from the remote workshop because they were white, and an investigation
10:55 am
actually revealed that this was intentional, and the responsible employee, i'm told, resigned as a result, but then i found out even more craziness which is the intent of this workshop was always to be exclusionary. they always intended to have this only for bipoc employees and it was always to push away the white folks, and by the way, this went all the way up to the top. the hr director was well aware of what was going on. stuart: you look like a young guy. do you feel a little out of place in this brave new world? >> well i'm 40 years old now and starting t feel it because everything now is starting to hurt, but thank you for that, and yes of course i'm a conservative in seattle. i always feel out of place. stuart: you would, you would. jason, i think you're all right, and thanks for being on the show great stuff, thank you. >> appreciate it. stuart: still ahead a disney employee and florida congressional candidate jose castillo is on the show and so is rachel campos-duffy and mark tepper. i've got to say, i am very glad
10:56 am
i live in america, in any other country, where the government has all the power, life could be very different, like in shanghai , for example, 26 million people under lockdown and they will take your pet. this is america, and americans don't take too kindly with a lockdown of vax mandates and that's my take and it is next. ♪ freedom, freedom ♪
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> president biden has taken office, 7.9 million jobs recovering. could have a strong report. we saw unemployment rate go down. >> the real issue, they were bullied by some of their employees. disney is caught up in a situation they have no business being a part of. >> it is about entertainment, now it is politicized, interfering with the nature of
11:01 am
fun and moving politics and projection of adult issues onto children. >> the united states of america has lost control of the southern border. what is the administration doing? nothing. when they left title 42, god help us. ♪♪ stuart: good morning, 11:00 eastern time, friday april 1st, it is april fools' day. i'm not aware of any april full jokes so far on the show but we have an hour to go. check the markets, the dow is down 12 points, the nasdaq up 60. not much price movement today. the price of oil dropped below hundred, at $100.17. now this. now this. i'm glad i live in america. the power of government is
11:02 am
limited. the government has all the power, life can be different. i will give you an extreme example just to make the point. shanghai china, is locked down, 26 million people locked down. it is extreme. if an apartment building registers one covid case the entire building is locked down for two weeks and any nearby buildings have no cases are locked down for three days. it gets worse. of residents test positive the animal control people appear at the door and are there to take away any pets. the owner has no choice, there is no appeal. government has all the power. i wouldn't be happy if a government agent walked off with my dog seen on screen right now. 's name is arthur. don't touch that boy. during the pandemic the authoritarians had their way
11:03 am
and some american states and biden tried to for vaccination of big companies and americans didn't take kindly to lockdowns or vaccination mandates, republican states became free states and the supreme court gutted biden's mandate. our individualist culture in the constitution came to the rescue. it is a fine thing. third hour of varney starts right now. rachel campos duffy on your screen, welcome back, good to see you again. do you think america could ever lockdown again? i don't think they would stand for it unless we had a case of the bubonic plague or something but covid, omicron, don't think we would stand for it. >> i think you are right and we see the news trickle out little by little and two years later we now know that we went from
11:04 am
two weeks to slow the curve to two years and now we are hearing studies that prove that what we did for all these years isn't even making a difference. i have heard from a priest friend of mine who said i locked down my church, did something i never thought i would do. i will never do that again, he apologized to his parish. i think you will see a level of resistance because a lot of americans feel they have been lied to over the last few years that we didn't see the first time around, for me once, okay, shame on me if you fool me twice, it's not going to happen again. stuart: i think you are right. and nbc news poll, republicans hold a 17 point advantage in voter enthusiasm. last time the gap was that wised, the democrats lost 60 house seats. the one thing that could hurt the republican this is overconfidence, counting your chickens before they are
11:05 am
hatched. what do you say? >> i have seen some of that. i think the republicans are putting together a good game plan, they have great candidates, interviewing some of them on fox and friends weekend and i've been very impressed and there is plenty of money coming in as well but they can't run on we are not democrats. this enthusiasm gap has more to do with how disappointed and dissatisfied people are with democrats than what republicans are going to do. republicans look good compared to democrats, they can do a better job showing what they will do moving forward, concentrating on energy independence as a key thing. inflation, we are at a 40 year high. one reason democrats are suffering is they always said they are the party of compassion and care for the working class. 40 year inflation, celebrating
11:06 am
trends pride day, going into grocery stores and can't afford what they need to feed their children. i've seen women look at moms, packages of meat in the meat department and quietly put it back. that is happening across america and the democrats answer is to buy an electric car if you think gas is too high. it is so elitist and a turnoff. i want to note these numbers are across the board. i've been astonished at the polling numbers for minority hispanics in particular, hispanics i always thought i've been on this show talking many times, i always thought they were up for grabs. i never in all my time in studying all the stuff that i
11:07 am
everything these numbers we are seeing for hispanics would be this high. it is remarkable and could be a generational change, vote once for a republican after voting for a democrat all your life suddenly you are open to voting for republicans for the rest of your life. blue when i can tell you are hot on this subject and i expect to hear more tomorrow morning on the weekend fox and friends. you start at 5:00 tomorrow morning and i have a 3 hour show. i do all right. we will be watching. >> it is a 5 hour show if they keep doing this. stuart: not sure how much i can be. you are all right, appreciate it. check the market. now all green, not much but the dow was up 20, nasdaq up 50 in the s&p up 5. look who is here for the entire
11:08 am
hour, mark tepper, the first day of the new quarter. one of the guests on the program, very smart guy selling into this rally, the second quarter we have an enormous downturn. what do you say? >> got to buckle up, the market is in difficult position. the market has been almost oblivious to the red flags we are seeing related to potential recession in the next 12 months or so. 10% drawdowns are typical, you have one or 2 every year but in the last few years investors have become spoiled. we panic if the market drops 5% and it is insane to believe, within 3% to 4% of an all-time high given the issues we are
11:09 am
seeing, the yield curve breaking down. look how hot the jobs market is? i would say it is too hot. stuart: 11 million unfilled jobs and not enough people to fill them. extremely tight. something i would like to see is robin hood. the retirement account business. i love this because there is nothing better than a 20 or 30 something getting into a retirement account which will see them wealthy by the time they are 60 or 70. >> what i love about robin hood is they democratized investments, made it available to the 22-year-old, to begin to save money. i love that about robin hood. when they came to market they were very innovative and provided customers with a frictionless experience, first to offer fractional shares, the first to offer a commission rating but everyone else does
11:10 am
it, everyone else is in the retirement game for a long time. investors need to say at a young age, they are johnny come lately. we want to not a great thing for robin hood, youngsters who get to retire. stay here and we will get back to you later. i'm looking at movers on the market, i see snap, it is your turn. why are they up 6%? >> they don't understand how to use it. piper sandler came out and said look overseas, pockets of subscriber growth at 2 billion monthly users, stocks are up today, 25% this year. stuart: an enormous number, 2 billion. >> italy, mexico, they targeted specific countries and bring in
11:11 am
a lot more users. stuart: please show me the eyeglass people. what's the problem? >> they are down a lot since $55, you would think they would be cheap. they have a great business model but we are staying on the sidelines. the company going forward, i ordered a pair of glasses, 15 seconds. >> they are not expensive. >> one of the higher end glasses, went into the store which is across the street. unbelievable. stuart: one of these days i will have to wear glasses. lauren: like amazon they have high cost, you don't wear any kind of corrective lens even when you are reading? stuart: no. before you say it -- i want to see uber, $36 a share, not
11:12 am
great. connell: lauren: the governor signed into law minimum pay standard statewide. there is an earnings standard. they are not classified as drivers or employees but they have a pay standard. drivers are getting medical leave or paid time, eligible for workers compensation and independent contractors. stuart: the rule that makes bluebird drivers employees and not private contractors, one of the worst things i have ever seen. next case, republicans in florida threatening to take special privilege away, those rules have been in place for 55 years, we will get into that. a new warning from a new york city councilwoman raised in the soviet union. she says the us is starting to remember communist russia. 4 million refugees left
11:13 am
ukraine, some are heading back home to the war zone. we get that from a refugee hub, next.
11:14 am
11:15 am
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five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist stuart: more than 4 million ukrainians have fled the country, some are heading back home. alexis mc adams joins us from poland. you are talking to refugees who are going back. why are they going back? >> that's the question we've been asking all morning. for the past few weeks, there has been a steady flow of people heading back into ukraine, talking about how many rescue missions are happening
11:18 am
now, the red cross trying to get people out of ukraine but take a look at this video, people getting on buses to get back to their homeland as rescue efforts have continued. thousands of ukrainians returning home by the day. according to new numbers, thousands of refugees are heading back to that war zone each and every day. others can't find a place to stay in poland because it is packed with people and others just want to see their family members, they were forced to flee and didn't have a chance to say goodbye. people tell me they are afraid but that will not stop them reuniting with their families. we've been talking to people all morning about why they have chosen to go back and we will talk with you for a second. you have your suitcase and are heading back to ukraine. how are you feeling going back to join your family even though the shelling continues all over ukraine?
11:19 am
>> i am terrified but i need to pass my exams and we want -- may be in a month, may be -- >> your family is afraid. a lot of people haven't been able to get out of the basement, taking shelter, constant sirens. how is your family doing? >> we live in the first ground. only in our apartments. but it is still quiet. got the air raid siren. >> reporter: a lot happening ukraine but so many are ready to return home because so many
11:20 am
people didn't say goodbye to their brothers and fathers they had to leave behind due to martial law in ukraine. stuart: tragic and brutal. thank you very much. i have a programming note. a fox nation special, here's the title, crazy rich russians, that's a great title. i didn't write it, didn't invent it but it is a good one. here is a preview. the age of the oligarch is over. they are not going to get their money back. after what they have done ukraine, not going to say everything is fine now, here's your yacht back. i don't think it will happen. who are the oligarchs without their money? not much. that is rather dramatic. crazy rich russians is available now on fox nation. to the markets. i am seeing green, not much but the dow was up, nasdaq is up 40 and in the s&p is up 5 points and there is this.
11:21 am
the us men's national soccer team qualified for the 2022 world cup in qatar later this year. the secretary-general spoke to fox sports about their economic goals. role tape. >> the us market is always a destination for global investment, the engine of the world and that is where we are looking to establish the relation over the years in terms of companies being here and us in the us as well. stuart: fox sports will air the world cup later this year. the only soccer player you know the name of. >> i'm not a huge soccer fan but i might watch this. the world cup is once every four years, i don't even know. i believe last time there were over 1 billion viewers.
11:22 am
the super bowl is 200 million. soccer is the biggest sport in the world except in the united states. even in the united states the united states, we are a nation that loves big events, you see people watching the world cup games and i will give a whirl this year. maybe -- stuart: even older guy put it like that. you go to midtown manhattan, big cities in america at lunchtime you see soccer games on tv. fox has the world cup and will do very well. you are off the hook. next as disney goes woke some fans are begging the company to stay out of politics. >> they should entertain us and do what they do best. >> to tell a little girl she can't dress up like a princess i think is wrong.
11:23 am
stuart: ashley webster will have a report for us, right outside disney world, he is on the air next. ♪♪ ♪ feel stuck with credit card debt? ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan. you could get out of debt sooner and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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11:27 am
>> energy. stuart: doubtful but what you are looking at is pontevedra beach, it is 85 ° and i wish i was there. i see green, thousand 30, nasdaq up 20, susan is with us. what is with electric vehicles? susan: fantastic march delivery numbers, take a look at the stock sharply higher today, that is pretty good. the best of the 15,000 cars delivered doubling last year's
11:28 am
numbers, lee otto delivering 11,000, and has law, and and 10,000 possibly. stuart: is to love the leading seller in china? >> it is double, the second nearest competitor, more than all 3 of them, and that is why just $7 trillion. stuart: is the growth sector rallying? susan: it surprised me because we have the yield curve inversion which is flashing a recessionary sign, you're getting higher rates honor 10 year and that's why we are looking at the high-tech growth rally, in april the strongest month of the year going to 1950 up 15, 16, average return of 3%. stuart: we talked about this before, the year of the stock split.
11:29 am
susan: we can pay out stock and dividend instead of cash, similar to what tesla is doing to give out stock instead and preserve cash which is what tesla and game stop need. they are trying to cheapen their price to get inclusion in the dow jones industrials. stuart: these two are split. susan: looking at how many index funds track the dow jones industrials, not many but enough to be stock positive. stuart: i have to see big tax rally. kelly o'grady spoke to park goers at disneyland in california and got their take on disney's woke agenda. today we have ashley webster at the disney world park in florida. what are you hearing from park goers today?
11:30 am
ashley: pretty much the same response. florida lawmakers now say they will repeal a 55-year-old deal the state struck with disney that allows disney to run its own government, its own kingdom if you like, the official title of it is the reedy creek improvement act but if you're going to weigh in on politics we might look at your position in the state. on fox and friends earlier today republican governor ron desantis said disney has long been put on a pedestal in this state but anyone that starts pushing woke politics, that is where he draws the line. >> i think disney has gotten over it skis on this, there's policy disputes and that is fine but when you are trying to impose a woke ideology on our state we view that as a significant threat. this will destroy this country if we let it run unabated.
11:31 am
ashley: it is interesting because the governor is accusing disney of being dishonest and hypocritical. these are some of the countries disney is looking to expand to in north africa and the middle east. let's look at the list, nigeria, egypt, libya, qatar, saudi arabia to name a few. what they have in common is they banned homosexuality and that is where the hypocritical part of this argument comes. as for the consumers disney relies on consumers and as we found out they don't like woke politics and think disney should but out. take a listen. >> i think they shouldn't get involved in it. they should entertain us and do what they do best. >> as a parent i want to be able to tell my child what i think about it, not a schoolteacher. >> we are talking kindergarten through third grade, need to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, not sex.
11:32 am
ashley: to add to all of this, and open letter, an anonymous letter signed by other workers at disney say disney is creating a dangerous environment for those that are not woke or left leaning, conservatives are having to hide and not speak their mind. all sorts of trouble going on at the house of mouse. stuart: the happiest place in the world. my next guest is a disney resort manager running for a congressional seat in florida. josé castillo joins me now. you oppose disney's policies. can you still work there? >> i'm still employed actually and i don't know if they failed to listen to its employees and customers didn't care but they made a terrible miscalculation. initially they said they wouldn't take a stand on this
11:33 am
bill. the wind changed, they took the wrong stand because most employees of disney support this bill overwhelmingly. stuart: i didn't know that. has uphold been conducted or is it anecdotal and what people are telling you? >> polls, even democrats support this bill. it is no surprise, i'm a disney casserole, i am running for office, people reach out to be all the time and say thank you for what you are doing, you are speaking out. when they see comments i do on social media they give it a virtual like, they can't do it because they are afraid of cancel culture, afraid of retaliation, losing their jobs. stuart: if so many people within disney oppose disney's policy, why did disney do it in the first place? >> i'm not sure if they just weren't listening, this is the
11:34 am
problem. the reality is normally a lot of conservatives are part of the silent majority and i said before the squeaky wheel gets the grease, small minority of the community, very loud and passionate about their cause, disney is listening, they are listening, they failed to listen to the majority. they made miscalculation. stuart: i don't think people will cancel a trip because of the woke policies. i don't think they will. i think they will take a minor dip. do you disagree? >> i don't disagree. i have a 4-year-old that can't stop watching -- the reality is everyone has a limit and there's a backlash right now if you go online on social media, see comments that they are
11:35 am
canceling their disney platinum. that might be temporarily but it seems like they forgot their principles, they forgot the founding values walt founded this company, they are pushing for woke agendas here and that is why ron desantis's look saying the legislature is going to remove the self-governing and that will affect them. stuart: thanks for joining us this morning, wish the best, see you again soon. chicago's answer to high gas prices giving away millions of dollars worth of free fuel. a new report shows the price of ground wheat, hamburger could climb another 20%. next we will take you to a new jersey butcher shop, they say their customers can't afford anymore price hike.
11:36 am
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stuart: my next guest is in new york city councilwoman. she was born in ukraine, spent her childhood there when it was under soviet control. she left when she was 12 and came to america. welcome to the show. good to see you. i understand you are disappointed with america, that it got a little much like russia. make your case. >> i grew up in communism. i was a child when i came here but i remember standing in long lines to get little bit of food, there was no hot water. it was a difficult life. there was nothing on the shelves. we didn't have the opportunities we have here the issue is today's leftists live in this utopia that's not reflective of the alley.
11:41 am
they want everything for free but who is going to pay for? they want a world with no jails but we have criminals. all these issues that are so important to me and america was built on -- stuart: that is why you are a republican and want to change direction, get rid of this woke stuff and change direction and to make it more individually free, that is where you are coming from. >> america was built on the idea of capitalism, the free market economy, meritocracy, free-market principles and it is about the american dream. we came here for the american dream. stuart: what did donald trump say to you when you met him last week. >> we spoke about ukraine. i am from ukraine and he expressed solidarity with the people of ukraine, he' s concerned about what is going on, disappointed about the way this administration is handling the war in ukraine. he believes if he was president things would be going in a
11:42 am
different direction. stuart: he said if i was president we wouldn't have this mess? you agree but that? >> i do. stuart: were there other republicans with you? >> no, just me. we won what he say to you? if you can tell me. >> we talked about new york city. blue when can i reveal that he calls you? donald trump said to this lady you are the republicans's aoc, do you like that? >> i hope i am a little better than aoc but i get the comparison. stuart: i'm not getting into that. what would you do if you had the power tomorrow morning in new york city, to fundamentally change the politics of this city? >> the number one issue is safety. we have criminals roaming the streets. the police are not being supported. hopefully now it is shifting
11:43 am
because i believe the mayor wants to clean up the city and make it safer. stuart: the republicans's aoc, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. here we go, it is already. 10 minutes ago it was all green, now it is already, nasdaq is down 28. analysts say meet prices set to soar, beef and pork could climb 20% from a year ago and chicken 70% higher. what is the owner going to do about this? >> reporter: the owner is promoting sales of prime cuts which you can see right here, prime cuts are expected to stabilize this year and he says sales will help him better absorb the price increases from pork and chicken and ground beef and the price increases are grown by animal feed, cost around the world for corn,
11:44 am
wheat, soybeans are soaring after russia's invasion of ukraine and the animal feed prices are influential on prices for chicken and pork, 50% of the price to produce pork is coming from animal feed, 70% to 80% for chicken, watch. >> got outrageous like the beef did last year i would be concerned. they wouldn't be buying it. >> reporter: the owner is concerned about the impact on his customers and suggesting folks stock up on meat like chicken and pork and ground beef and freeze it before these price increases come by june. stuart: thank you very much. a gallon of gas in chicago above the national average.
11:45 am
in chicago the average is $4.83. lori lightfoot will do something about it, she will offer free gas and public transit cards, the city would spend $7 million on 50,000 prepaid gas cards each one worth $150. $5 million towards one hundred thousand dollars of transit cards, each of them is worth $50. the cards will be distributed using a lottery system so not everybody gets one. don't go anywhere. friday feedback is back and it is next. ♪♪ i had a lot of pain. as far as my physical health, my body was telling me you got to do something. and so i came to clearchoice. your mouth is the gateway to your body. joe's treatment plan was replacing the teeth
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11:50 am
scott writes of this. i cannot thank you enough for bringing the tunes back, makes my a.m. just a little better. if you like the music make sure you follow us on spotify, search "varney and company". you can hear our playlist by the week and i like having the music background. more beatles please. russell writes i must disagree with your view on daylight savings time. get rid of changing the clocks twice a year. when was the last time you went through your house changing your clock? i want to make clear i want to keep changing the clocks. i like it. it is my marker for the year. you are shaking your head. you oppose daylight savings time? susan: i don't want to change my clock twice a year. my microwave is to our than a one hour behind, can't get my appliances in order. stuart: you know if you don't have any manual clocks you are in the electronic era, they are
11:51 am
all adjusted for you. lauren: it is annoying to figure out how to change some of the clocks. >> i want permanent daylight savings time. i live in cleveland. it is cloudy 300 days a year. it is so depressing to drive home in pitch black. stuart: there are planes leaving for florida every day. lauren: you are outnumbered. stuart: a message from stephanie. do you and stuart do your own hair and makeup or choose your own clothes each day. lauren: i choose my clothes every day, sometimes i do my makeup. hardly ever do my own here. susan: i do everything myself if i can. stuart: may i say something here? i have my hair and makeup done every day and choose my own clothes and i think i do a good job of it. you've got to choose.
11:52 am
>> i do a lot of makeup. stuart: you are joking. >> it's a joke. stuart: from steve, could you please push for mandatory financial literary classes from evers of congress, no way bernie sanders could pass one of these classes. how did we had a socialist to the budget committee chair on the senate? >> i have no idea. that's pretty insane, not the guy i would have in charge of the budget by any means. lauren: if they are going to make regulation about crypto currency shouldn't one of them understands what bitcoin is? stuart: yes but i don't want to hear about yield curve inversion in high school. you know what i mean. >> no. i think you should. we when i don't want a high school kid to be told about yield curve inversion. susan: i think you should tell
11:53 am
when a recession is coming. stuart: the slap around the world, there has been some comment about this slapping thing being staged with the academy awards ratings in the basement this is a distinct possibility it was a publicity stunt. >> i can't imagine will smith being one of hollywood's leading men completely sabotaging his reputation doing this. i think he lost his temper and did something really dumb. lauren: i want to hear more, i want to hear her speak out about this. this was so peculiar on so many levels. don't think it was a publicity stunt. >> i've been reading will smith's autobiography that illustrates how he went through an abusive childhood with an abusive father and the need to protect his women, it makes sense. blue when i disagree with you all. i don't care whether it was
11:54 am
faked or staged, it was a disgrace at a terrible example for the young men of america and i believe it at that. david writes this. you showed times square, looks like it is coming back, traffic and people in view. what do you think? susan: absolutely. i was shocked the last few weeks, 80% back except mondays and fridays when people work from home. we won midtown manhattan not fully back because the office buildings are 50% occupied but that is sixth avenue new york city midtown as of right now. here we go, this comes to us from kr, steve hilton is right, no one under 16 should have a smart phone, you disagree, because you are worried about your precious microsoft, that is not true at all. i got to go to you for this, do you believe steve hilton is right, nobody under 16 should have a smart phone? susan: health will they research?
11:55 am
it's an academic tool as well and to figure out where my kid is. >> a 10, 12 and 14-year-old, they all have one. my tenure mac doesn't use it that much, he's very unresponsive when i text him but the 12 and 14-year-old daughters i have are doing the snapchat, the tiktok all day long. >> my 6-year-old carries an old phone that is not hooked up, just likes to carry it because she think she looks cool, don't know how long, several years before i got her a cell phone, before 16. susan: how can you legislate nobody under 16 gets a smart phone, you can't do that. i can't believe parents would approve of that anyway. steve hilton is flat out wrong. that is the friday feedback. you know what time it is? 1155, that means friday trivia question. what is the most popular name given to male babies born in america in the last hundred years?
11:56 am
robert, john, michael, james? the correct answer after this.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. stuart: here's the question. what is the most popular name given to male babies born in america in the last hundred years. what is your guess? let's start with mark tepper? >> michael. >> lauren. lauren: john. stuart: susan.
12:00 pm
susan: james. stuart: i say robert. it is james. the most popular name, the most popular name in the last year was -- anybody realized this? are low, that's what the prompter says. it's not an april fools joke either i don't think. my time is up. it's been a great week thanks to everybody for being on the show. it is yours. neil: are low? really? i don't know. i don't buy that. you want to talk to the person who puts this to gather because i think you have been sent on a ride. have a wonderful weekend. let's take a look at what is going on, on minor selloff relatively flat in case you're counting 40,000 jobs added to the economy, 11 straight months we've


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