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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  April 3, 2022 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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ukraine. we'll join me live on sunday. plus regular foxbusiness start start every from six to 9:00 a.m. eastern for morning with maria. start your business every day with us right here but that will do it for us for now, thank you so much for joining me. have a great rest of the weekend. y y y y y y y y y y y . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: hello this book on the wall street journal at large joe biden's mixed signals on russia. he wants to avoid world war iii but vladimir putin must be ousted. how exactly does that work questionable discuss that in the prospects for the kind of peace deal to the u.s. and basso to nato. and hunter biden's laptop, that story you were not allowed to hear about before the 2020
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election is finally heating up with new efforts by prosecutors in congress against the bottom of what the famous sun was up too. will be talking to ukraine former ambassador. we'll talk about that laptop with marie annette devine of the near post by but first, what exactly are the u.s. objectives in ukraine? joe bite of the strong approval of most americans has been careful all along to rule out any direct military engagement by the u.s. in the conflict between russia and ukraine. now, while his administration is backing president zelenskyy of your crate as he fights to save his country, its careful limits of what it will do. no u.s. forces of course. no, tonight no fly zone to recheck your grades under siege. note to any military support for ukraine other than those weapons that are deemed clearly defensive. even if he articulates is carefully limited support for the country, the president blurts out wildly bellicose statements most notoriously of
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course his passionate plea last weekend that seem to indicate he wants to oust vladimir putin. >> will have a different future, a brighter future written democracy encrypt principal. hope, light, recency, dignity, possibilities. for god sake this man cannot remain in power. >> is now the white house quickly walks back that statement as it continues to do repeatedly with so many other presidential outbursts. >> i was talking to the troops we were talking about helping train the troops the ukrainian troops that are in poland. >> of the president axially revealed a previously unknown effort for the u.s. to be training forces in poland? >> know the troops he met with in poland routinely interact with ukrainian spray that is something that is known. >> i do not believe we are in the process of currently training military forces from
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ukraine and poland bricks we do not have u.s. troops currently training ukrainians. spin it as a former president is to say the statements are no longer operative. now we realize the president is of course 79 years old for like most men his age, sometimes, will frequently in his case he says things he showed it for the larger question is what is our aim here? how do we achieve it? the president is clearly right to side with the crate on the spy for the russian invasion is an unprovoked. if it's allowed to succeed in china will be disastrous for the rest of the world. he's also right to avoid dragging the u.s. into all out war with russia. but biden's loose lips risk under biting entire strategy here. every decent person does what putin god. be our objective would give him incentives to escalate the war to possibly what ends for this a concept known as strategic ambiguity you keep your opponent guessing about what exactly your
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movements are going to be. but the strategic ambiguity carefully framed in precision about your decisions and verbal incontinence a word soup of confusion caused by the inability of a politician to stop putting his foot in his mouth. which one do you think that better describes with unifirst and check united states is currently up to question coming out as a former ambassador to nato kurt volker. was he a special representative for ukraine. ambassador thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. gerry: what you make of the biden administration say somewhat mixed messages on russia and ukraine pre-present but is been extremely careful to rule out anything i could possibly to a direct conflict between nato and russia. note to the no fly zone thing we only want to send defensive weapons. on the other hand heat maps into the rhetoric about putting cannot remain in power.
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so appearing to suggest to american soldiers in poland that will shortly be fighting and ukraine. what is your assessment of what the administration is extra trying to achieve here? >> several things. i think actually some the presidents instincts are in the right place. putin's war against ukraine is completely unjustifiable. could not allowed to stand. we must not come out of this certainly any games in ukraine. i think his instincts are all in the right place. i do respect the administration sensitivity to not being in a direct u.s. conflict with russia. nato conflict with russia party think we can do a lot more. i think we could be a lot more bold. first off, the decisions we have made up in the right ones but they have been slow and they've been a half step at a time. the sanctions on nordstrom, the sanctions on swift. been too timid in some of our
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arm supplies in ukraine here given them stingers, why don't we improve the mig 29 aircraft? y doy to0siiss frlo thet t arey offe offe.y arwhy wewh hol hng backm of hetuhe? and tannhennlyelyeeoo re areve abo unenene iendeepnt wenotan staannd by b and say ant ewo accn accbl acc outcome s uk. sle js saytt,telieelieveie eevalval thehe ameri a a te te w dote wverything w tensurhansur outcoco gerry:ge wrrrr o omb mrmaememberembeerybeerl invadedeuwuw in.husse husus he said at the time this aggression will not stand for it will not tolerate. what is our objective here? she would be stating a public objective went to roll back the aggression that ukraine should be independent?
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or are we looking for some sort of settlement that will get us beyond the conflict with some sort of lasting peace. >> in the last sentence you said you put your finger on it. there is no settlement in which there is a lasting peace. you have to understand putin's mindset pretty with the destroyed ukraine as a people to country. this is 1930 step. that cannot be allowed to happen for we swore that would happen never again. if he accepts a temporary settlement and ukraine, stops fighting for a while it is only to regroup in order to try to take over ukraine again. so, we do have to say we will not allow russia to take over ukraine or exterminate ukraine as an independent state. now, the finesse and this that you're picking up on is that we are not saying that so directly because we don't do as they were going to go fight in ukraine itself. what it was saddam we did five. but here we are incredibly
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fortunate to have ukrainian government, ukrainian military and ukrainian population they are big, they are serious, they are motivated, they're capable of fighting and they are willing to fight. they're just asking us like the british did in world war ii, they are asking us, give us the weapons, will do the fighting. we should be all in for that. but it will have much more with kurt volker coming up. new on hunter biden. miranda devine has been on this right from the start. right from the start. sh ♪ feel stuck with credit card debt? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan. you could get out of debt sooner — and get your money right. ♪ trelegy for copd.
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spent about a former ambassador to nato kurt volker. ambassador you know how ukraine at work she spent a lot of time there. the politics of the country the politics of the wider region. back to what we were talking about, as any sort of settlement beyond a complete capitulation by russia rate in acknowledgment ukraine's borders and acknowledgment you kind
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independent and freedom to do what it wants. is there anything short of that, that you think will be acceptable to ukraine? >> i think there are a couple of things zelenskyy has put out there. i think those are reasonable as a potential settlement. but it would require russia to withdraw its forces from ukraine. now what does that mean exactly? crimea i think ukraine's could probably say that they commit not to retake crimea by force. they don't agree to its annexation by russia. they have a long term desired see it reincorporated into ukraine. but they won't take it back by force. that will be one thing. the second will be the god bus. the ukrainians are now in a position where they want to say no more, withdraw your forces from eastern ukraine including the parts you occupied for the last eight years. after all the shelling, the killing, the civilians displaced there is no justification for keeping anything they should not have it right don't think they
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will do that. then there is the issue of nato membership. zelenskyy has already come out and said look, we understand we were not on a fast track to nato anyway. we are ready to say we will be a neutral country paired but we have got to have serious security guarantees. now, at the end of the day will see what happens with that. i think the main reason zelenskyy is saying it is because he knows that is not what pollutant really cares about. this whole idea that nato membership for ukraine is the cause of the war, is just a false narrative that putin has put out there to justify what is really a naked aggression against ukraine to take over ukraine and make it part of a greater russian empire. it's exposing a light. >> ambassador, from the russian point of view wheaton started this worth objectives in mind. we know that's nonsense for the regime change. the recognition of those regions and they dodd bus. in the demilitarization as he put it of ukraine.
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they'd never be a threat to russia. what could he possibly accept that would be short of that that would not have abject humiliation for russia? >> it's a great question gerry there's nothing out there that is not already in abject humiliation for russia. putin has destroyed at least a quarter of the russian military so far. and that more they keep going the more they're going to destroy it. and he isn't driving the russian economy into the ground thanks as a result of this aggression he's really out on a lamp i don't think he has a way back. he cannot with draw, claim victory and then continue to lead russia. quite sure that russia, european units and others will keep sanctions in place. there cannot be any relieving of sanctions as long as putin is in charge her not sure he has a way out. it's really for the russian leadership, the russian people to come up with something that's going to be more sustainable and continue putin is in russia.
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>> hunter biden and james a biden served as the perfect vehicle by which the communist chinese government could gain and the roads here in the united states through cfc and its affiliates are.
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hunter and james and biden were more than happy to go along, of course, for the right price. spend republican senators chuck grassley and ron johnson claim have receipts that connect hunter biden with a firm tied to the chinese government. they also show hunter received a 100,000-dollar wire transfer of the state-controlled chinese energy company cef cipro disc as his laptop material was officially entered into the congressional record on tuesday. dealings compress national security? fox news contributor miranda devine also of the book laptop from hell. thank you for joining us. >> thanks it's great to be with you. spinach tart with congratulations a skewed view of the "new york post" had has finally now been caught up by other major new organization. typically does not take 18 months for a big scoop to be
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matched by other newspapers. these are not typical circumstances, are they? >> oh well, look, i think part of the slowness the tardiness of these media outlets as they really have egg on their face and explanations they need to give about why they ignored the story. why they suppressed it. why did they really poured scorn on our reporting of it before the election. for obvious conclusion you can draw from that is they did not want to print or see and print anything that was negative one of the two candidates for president for their favorite candidate, joe biden. spit it what do we know now, maranda? we know they are investigating and quite advanced what are the specific allegations against hunter biden? the specific things that other many of them. briefly lay it out for us and the extent to which legal
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jeopardy. >> i think the grand jury investigation that has been going on and delaware since 2018 and it looks like it's about to come to fruition or is speeding up its questioning of people, i think that is the reason you are seeing the "new york times" and the "washington post", cnn, cbs, nbc, pile on and catch up to the story 18 months too late. and the allegations against hunter biden, tax evasion, he has apparently paid already a million dollars in unpaid back taxes. and also money laundering and violations of the foreign agents registration act. which is a little known crime, which was weaponize against members of the trump campaign. gerry: what he think is interesting, maranda, i think we are all familiar with the burisma, ukraine, the role that hunter biden had in that company
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which is ukraine in the news so much that has become even more relevant and interesting. there is a whole range of activities that he was doing. clearly what seems i should say clearly it seems trading on his father's role as vice president at the time or in all kinds of place and heard about china, or chuck grassley at the top of the segment. he seemed to be essentially attempting to sell his services around the world. >> yes anywhere joe biden was point for the administration his family went into make money from his name and his power. so it was ukraine, it was romania, it was china and russia which of course the most important country. hunter and his uncle jim biden, joe biden's younger brother, were involved in a number of deals and attempt to deals with trident which is where the big payday come from. hunter had an initial stake a
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10% stake in a private equity fund called bhr that was part owned by the bank of china which is an arm of the government of course. he got that deal shortly after his father took him on air force to famously in 2013 to beijing where joe biden had business on behalf of america, which he failed to do, like to stop the chinese from stealing american intellectual property. for militarizing the islands of the south china sea. joe biden walked away empty-handed. but hunter biden walked to both a 10% stake in a fund in 2019 had $2.5 billion of funds under management. in the second deal they were doing, you just mention $100,000 that came from the chinese energy company into the biden coffers. there is much more there's
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another $5 million in one. there is another $60 million that went to a biden family friend, one of hunter's business partners. a guy called rob walker in arkansas. and then there's another $1 million hunter was paid in legal fees supposedly to patrick and others cfc who was arrested at jfk. gerry: is quite a leaven quite lucrative at web for hunter biden will continue to talk about hunter biden, the infamous laptop. in particular the witch's father in particular the witch's father was involved in these particular
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gerry: i am back within miranda devine paris talking about the laptop and hunter biden and the information we discovered on it. maranda obviously the focus is very much -- the investigation is on hunter biden but we know that that investigation continues. the president himself, president biden has insisted emphatically had nothing to do with any of this party had had no connection to any of it. some of the evidence you have seen there are some elements of which a president was at least mildly aware. >> and look he has not been truthful with the american public. during the campaign he was asked repeatedly what he knew about his son, hunter's, overseas. he repeatedly said he did nothing for that is untrue.
9:59 am
it is shown by material on the laptop which shows it joe biden attended two dinners at a restaurant in georgetown with various business partners of hunter. and tony by zelensky hunter's former business partner also came forward. he gave all to the fbi, it was very open in the press conference before the election. talked about how he was recruited and invented by joe biden recruited by hunter biden vetted by joe biden to be ceo of why these joint ventures with china. and met with joe biden twice. gerry: then there's the big guy, briefly tells about that. >> e-mails on the laptop showing a one deal where a 10% is reserved for joe biden, the big guy. we also some evidence of hunter bided paying for joe biden's bills upkeep on his property and delaware. and also there are e-mails and
10:00 am
other messages from hunter complaining he had to give half of his salary to his father. spin it i think skin to miranda devine. congratulations again on the story. we will follow very closely, thanks maranda. that's it for us to be back with more comments or interviews jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable". we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. why stocks like apple and amazon are great inflation investments. values are soaring but homebuilder stocks are the cheapest in the market. andrew bear - andrew bary has the outlook for housing. we are back with the most


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