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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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pete: i love it. read the book and go to church. rachel: wyoming -- bye, everybody. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. told, war crimes in ukraine as the country fights back hard and retakes control of key cities revealing hundreds of dead ukrainian bodies as a russian forces pull back from the capital city of kyiv. we are taking you live to lviv with the latest on the ground of this war. then, gasoline prices escalating across america. president biden moves to lower prices by releasing strategic
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reserves while he lays blame everywhere else for these soaring prices americans must pay. first it was covid, then it was the oil companies, then the meat companies and now it's vladimir putin's fault for biden's 40-year high inflation. >> our prices are rising because of putin's actions. there isn't enough supply. maria: yeah, but he forgot to mention his climate change agenda. west virginia attorney general patrick morrisey on why he's suing the administration as the securities and exchange commission proposes new rules on climate, a law for all public companies along with higher costs. plus, the big guy getting rich in the white house with america's adversaries. senator ron johnson, who first cracked the hunter biden influence peddling case wide open, on the millions of dollars the biden famingly has made -- family has made on the three adversaries that president biden is now expected to be tough on. biden's foreign policy calls on
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china, russia and ukraine and why the immediate -- media is suddenly allowed to report on it, but they're still trying hard not to tie hunter to joe. >> there is zero evidence that vice president biden or president biden has done anything wrong many connection -- in connection with other bidens. maria: this almost two years after the media tried hard to help biden cover it all up. >> it was in the -- >> that's totally -- [inaudible conversations] >> we've already been -- we've already been through this. i think the american opinion people would rather hear about more substantial -- >> as the moderator, sir -- >> $3.5 million -- i'm talking about moscow. >> that is not true. that report is totally -- >> why did he -- if -- maria: then from the ukraine border to the other border here
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at day, 7,000 people a day apprehended, expected to shoot up to 18,000 a day now that the administration has moved to rescind title 42. it is expected to open the flood gates into america. tennessee senator bill bill hagerty will join me live from laredo, texas, as human smuggling and illicit drugs are about to soar in the coming months. all that right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." 9. ♪ maria: and first this morning, death and destruction in ukraine as ukrainian leadership waits for assistance from the if free world. evidence is mounting of war crimes committed by russian president vladimir putin as ukrainian forces can fight off attacks and reclaim key ukrainian cities. but as they do so, mass graves and dead ukrainian bodies are revealed in kyiv among other cities. alex hogan is live this morning on the ground in lviv with the very latest.
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alex, good afternoon to you. >> reporter: good afternoon, maria. the focus today is on northern ukraine, and as russian troops retreat, it is really revealing the extent of the losses there. ukrainian troops have now managed to recapture kyiv, the surrounding areas as well as chernihiv which is about two hours away. russian forces this week also walked away from the chernobyl nuclear power plants, but it's the images of general side, bodies, men and women lying in the streets. these were not fighters, these were civilians. the violent images adding evidence of suspected war crimes with reports of rapes, execution s. president zelenskyy has warned residents it's not safe to return with land mines, trip wires, bodies and military equipment still spread across cross these towns that were previously captured. the president calling on world
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leaders to send more help. the u.s. and allies will transfer soviet-made tanks to support the counter-attacks in the coming weeks, specifically to bolster the defense in the eastern donbas region. meanwhile, russia is targeting odesa this week. this time, this morning, blowing up an oil depot. this coming just days after russia accused ukraine of blowing up one of its oil depots. black smoke and billowing flames up into the sky as fire fighters try to put out some of those flames, and russian forces also blew up a gas station outside of kyiv. now, after the release of some of the images that we're seeing outside of the capital, ukraine's ministry of defense asking rhetorically how many more people are likely dying in some of these russian-controlled areas right now if where we still don't have enough evidence and footage of what is taking place. the minister accusing russians of killing as if many ukrainian civilians as possible. maria?
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maria: all right, alex, thanks very much. of it's just a devastating story. please stay safe on the ground in lviv. alex hogan, thank you so much. this as the president of ukraine is questioning why the free world is not moving faster in the face of russia's attacks. in this exclusive interview with fox news' bret baier, zelenskyy questions the slow-walk approach and explains why he's forced to go on offense against russia. >> if we can see that this, the process of transferring those weapons is getting slower, then people begin to ask the question, is it really true? if maybe there is some game behind it. i don't want to believe that some partners of ours are playing games. >> did you order the attack into russian soil, the ukrainian helicopter attack on a russian
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military depot across from kharkiv, across the border in russia? >> i'm sorry, i do not discuss any of my if orders as commander in chief. the leader of this state. and there are things which i only share with the military armed forces of ukraine and when they talk with me. maria: joining me right now from theother border that we are watching is tennessee senator bill hagerty. he is live this in laredo, texas. he sits on the senate foreign relations committee. senator, thanks very much for being here, and i know you've learnedded a lot being there in laredo. i want to get to that in a moment, but first, give us your with assessment of what has taken place here in ukraine and the u.s.' slow response to sending the weapons at the ukrainians so badly need. >> well, we'll often the u.s. slow response to national
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security issues because i want to talk about what's happening right here at the border where there's no response is. i was, again, surprised and pleased to see president zelenskyy step the up and say he's going to do what it takes to protect his people. 300 bodies found last night near kyiv in a mass grave. that's tragic. 300 bodies found in a mass grave. let me tell you this, that's equivalent to one night of death from overdoses to our youth here in america. one night's worth of fentanyl death coming across this border, yet nobody's talking about this. you've been the best of all in terms of covering this in the media, but no one's talking about what's happening to our own nation with, you know, tremendous amounts of illicit drugs coming across the border killing probably at least as many kids last night, 300 here in america, as were found buried near kyiv. maria: yeah. this is such an important point, senator, and thank you for making the point. i've been to the border four times, and i've watched the tef pollution. and, apparently, we are told
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it's about to get much worse. late on friday the biden administration confirmed it is revoking title 42. i spoke with the president of the border council right before the president made that assessment, and he predicted what's to come. here's brandon jumped with. watch thisment. >> this is a scary situation, and it's just getting scarier by the day because this administration will not enact policy that will allow us to protect the border. maria: so, senator, you've been on the ground there at the border. what can you tell us? if what has struck you most? >> maria, i was here friday. i've been -- this is my third day here on the border. i was here friday evening when they put together what they call the evening muster. the leadership came out that, indeed, the president of the united states decided to lift the title 42. that's the last tool they have left to send people back across the border. there was just a complete cloud of depression.
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that's the last tool left. they're already overwhelmed. they've got perhaps 5,000 across the border, they're getting 7,000. this could go to 15-18,000 overnight if. in fact, what the prime minister has done is -- the president has done, he's sent an invitation. may 23rd the border's going to collapse, there's going to be a tidal wave coming across this border. it's going to be a mass of drugs, illegal activity, there's going to be a tidal wave of humanity coming across the border. this is going to be a disaster of epic proportions. maria: so right now border agents tell me they're apprehending about 5,000-7,000 a day. brandon judd said it was 7,000 a day in the last several weeks. he said and and other border agents have told us they're expecting that number to shoot up to 18,000 people a day. how are our border agents going to handle 18,000 apprehensions a day? and that's not even including the gotaways, those people we've seen on surveillance camera that are well into america at this
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point. >> maria, here's what's going to happen, they're not going to be able to protect the border. they're going to process pauperwork because without title 42, which can be handled in about 15 minutes, they have to go through a different process that takes an hour and 15 minutes. it'll take five times as many border agents to process the nurple of people coming across. it's going to be all paperwork. i'm sure that the chinese communist party is ramping up fentanyl production right now, they're shipping it to mexico, the mexican cartels are ramping up, there's going to be a flood of illegal drugs particularly after the 23rd of may. maria: well, look at all of these illicit narcotics coming into the country. you mentioned a moment ago, fentanyl. 100,000 overdoses because of fentanyl. this is made in china and trafficked through mexico. why haven't we heard a peep about this at the white house? >> it's amazing to me. i brought mayors and sheriffs on this trip with me, mayors and
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sheriffs in tennessee, maria, because we're feeling it in our home state. we're losing kids to overdoses every night and every day. the mayor of one of our smallest counties told me she had 27 deaths due to overdoses in her county last year, 23 from fentanyl. the communist chinese party's fingerprints is on every one of those deaths. they are waging war on us. i was on the phone with the white house staff when president trump directly told president xi he should not send fentanyl to the united states. president trump demanded it, president xi agreed. he never agreed to stop sending it to mexico, and when joe biden decided to collapse the border here, basically he's opened the door for the chinese communist party to again wage war on the youth of america, and that's what's happening. maria: it's incredible to me, we know xi jinping's overall goals, they want to overtake the united states as the number one superpower. what are they doing? trying to kill us off here with
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this fentanyl on top of the covid disaster two years ago. >>? >> the numbers speak to it, maria. again, they're flooding the border working with their partners, the illegal cartels. you think about who the biggest winners are of joe biden's border policy, it's the chinese communist period and these -- party and these cartels that control the entirety of the mexican side of the border, but they're actually moving into laredo right now. they're controlling stash houses, influencing neighborhoods, they're destroying life on this side of border too. maria: and one of the border agents told me these drug cartels are making $100 million a week. 100 million a week. senator, stay with us, we want to slip in a short break, but i've got to ask you about deal making with terrorists. the biden administration is moving to return the united states to the iran nuclear deal. and likely wants iranian oil on the market to get prices lower. can they get around congress to do it? we're back many in two minutes' time with senator bill hagerty time with senator bill hagerty live at the southern border.
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>> we should not in any way get back in this iran deal. we shouldn't do any negotiations with 'em. the only way we should do this is if we have our arab partners involved in it that know how deadly and lethal iran can be. we should not be doing this. and, you know, it's bad enough that biden leaned on china to go get help with russia. i mean, you're leaning on one enemy to get help with another. i never told china anything i didn't want russia to know. this is just naive, and it's just -- this is weak on every level. it's why we're continuing to have the problems, because the u.s. is being foolish about how we're dealing with our situation. maria: and that was former u.n. ambassador nikki haley on this program last month. and we are back with senator bill hagerty. he sits on the foreign relations committee. he is at the southern border this week and has been watching the carnage on the ground. is the u.s. returning to the iran deal and why?
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>> well, it certainly appears that the biden administration is doing everything they can to move in that direction. it's so fool hard aty but yet again -- foolhardy, yet again another example of president trump getting us out of that deal, and the biden administration doing everything they can to undo president trump's great policies just to support their own vanity. president trump is going to be proven if right again here with iran, the world's greatest sponsor or terror -- of terror. we're talking about putting tens of billions of dollars into their hands, putting them on the path to a nuclear weapon and completely destabilizing the middle east. we've heard nothing of the abram accords since guiden -- president biden took office. if the biden administration's willing to step to the side immediately. they're going to do everything they can to go back to the failed policies of the obama administration just like they've done here at the border. president trump had the wall funded here in laredo where i am. there is no wall here, maria. it's chaos here. if you look around the global,
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every place that the biden administration has taken an action to undo president trump's policies, we've suffered. americans are feeling it every day at the pump. the biden administration came in and killed our domestic energy policy, and we've seen the inflation repercussions around america. maria: i don't understand why. what is the motivation, senator? i mean, you're there at the border. you are seeing what the border agents are up against, trying to patrol and keep the law in place. it is no law at all. wide open borders. senator marsha blackburn told me that already they have apprehended at least 34 people who were on the terrorist watch list. so obviously we don't even know who's coming in and what their intentions are. there is an immigration structure this place. we give out one million green cards a year, and yet the administration is allowing all of these people, 18,000 people a day expected, to cut the line and break ahead of people who are trying to get here legally.
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>> it's, it's unbelievable, maria. and just to go beyond that, the national security crisis that senator blackburn mentioned is enormous. they've apprehended 157 different nationalities here at this border since president biden took office. 157 different nationalities. u.n. only recognizes 195 countries. this is a massive national security crisis, and people keep asking me why don't the democrats do something about this. what's the motivation. well, their big dollar donors, i'm certain, are happy to have cheap labor. but even worse, it's a cynical thought that democrat politicians with their sanctuary cities are trying to change the map, trying to change the electoral map for themselves in a way that is incredibly cynical, and they're willing to put americans at risk, they're willing to lose 100,000 lives a year to overdoses. it's amazing what they'll do in the search of power. maria: unbelievable. are you satisfied with the briefings that you've gotten on the iran deal? you're on foreign affairs, you
6:21 pm
should be briefed. can he push the u.s. back into this deal without congress' input at all? >> maria, it certainly appears they're going to try to do this, they're going to try to go around the congress again, not submit it as a treaty as it should be. let me be clear, what that means is as soon as a republican takes office this if 2024, that deal's going to be torn up again. we've got a process that they'll probably try to avoid, but we're going to do everything we can to exert congressional oversight. i've tried to put legislation forward, but i can't get democrat support. this is a major national security crisis. maria: wow. and real quick on the national security crisis once title 42 is lifted, what are you hearing in terms of how things are going to change in the coming months now that the administration late on friday confirmed what we expected, that the cdc is saying title 42 is going away? >> what i'm hearing here on the border, maria, is that we're going to see a human tidal wave
6:22 pm
across this border: we're going to see a humanitarian crisis beyond anything you're seeing on the planet right now. what i've seen here the past three days are babies being left as distractions, drugs moving across this border in record proportion, children that have been subject to sexual abuse. this is horrible. maria: wow. senator, thanks very much for your leadership and for being at the border the week. >> thank you, maria. maria: we appreciate it. thanks for being here. senator bill hagerty. quick break, and then the senator who cracked open the biden corruption story, ron johnson with new information this morning on hunter biden's international business entanglements which have joe biden's fingerprints all over them. from russia to ukraine, to china, how could all of this explain the multiple foreign crises erupting today and why suddenly the mainstream media is suddenly the mainstream media is allowed to report on it, after
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♪ >> i think this new york times piece, the fact that they got cooperation from team biden and and probably from the hunter biden legal team, is an indication to me they are extremely concerned that he is going to be indicted. the grand jury's been meeting since 2018, they were us is pended during covid -- suspended during covid, it's back up and running. and it's very clear when it comes to tax evasion and money laundering and the other issues wrapped up with it, they are extremely concerned that hunter biden's going to be indicted. and i think this article's an effort to frame that conversation in a way that could be the most favorable to them. maria: and that was investigative journalist peter schweizer on this program last month explaying -- explaining why "the new york times" has
6:27 pm
finally admitted hunter biden's laptop is real a year and a half after we first reported that on this program. "the washington post" and cnn have also changed their tune in the last week, but they still will not implicate president joe biden. senators ron johnson and chuck grassley released a congressional report in september 2020 warning america that then-candidate joe biden was compromised by the biden family accepting the tens of millions in money from foreign adversaries of the united states. at the time "the new york times" slammed him for what they said was promoting, quote, claims of corruption about joe biden jr.'s son hunter in a bid to damage mr. bind's presidential campaign. the media called it russian disinformation. now we know for sure. senator johnson was right to point out this intelligence that showed us it was profiteering from the white house. senator, thanks very much for being with us this morning. i want to cover three things this morning with you. i want to cover the documents
6:28 pm
that you have indicating the money that the biden family has taken in, i want to coffer the media and the cover-up that has gone on throughout the years on this subject, and number three, i want to get into the intelligence agencies, the fbi and how they put barriers in front of you as you tried to do your work. first question, do you believe hunter biden is going to get indicted now that we see the media coming around to reporting the truth? >> yeah, i don't know what the justice county's going to do -- department's going to do. i do know i don't trust the justice department. i think really what the new york times and the washington post articles prove is how complicit they have been and continue to be in the cover-up and, you know, quite honestly, they're not impartial. they're actors of the democrat party, of the radical left. "the washington post" learned a lot of lessons from their coverage of nixon. the cover-up -- and that's what's happen happenedded, the media's being caught with their
6:29 pm
lies -- what you do, and this is an intelligence community technique, you engage in what they called a limited hangout. you let out just enough information, just enough truth to try to get you by the moment. we can't allow our intelligence agencies, the department of justice, the fbi or the media to get away with this. this is serious business. this is unbelievable corruption at the highest levels of government. we are all being snookered by the media. from my standpoint, this has been a massive diversionary operation to try and take the american public's attention away if their wrongdoing, their lies, their cover-ups. maria: so before we start going further into the media, i want you to tell us what you documented in terms of the money that the biden family has taken in. peter. >> weezer has -- peter schweizer has reported the biden family has taken in at least $31 million from china, chinese
6:30 pm
officials tied to the chinese communist party. that certainly raises a red flag in terms of the decisions he's got to make on behalf of the united states as commander this chief. what have you been able to document? >> our report was based almost exclusively on u.s. government documents and interviews with u.s. citizens. and, of course, it was all lied about, falsely accused of russian disinformation. it wasn't. we had treasury document withs that showed the very troubling number of wire transfers that just detailed out a vast web of foreign financial entanglementings. specifically, we were able to document about $13 million of fraus between russia, between -- flows between russia, between burisma, between members of the communist party regime in china, but that was all ignore filed the police. they look at our reports and just shrugged. no evidence of criminal activity here. no evidence that joe biden's
6:31 pm
involved in this, and if they covered it up. as a result, they got joe biden elected and they're continuing to cover up for him. this is troubling. now we have actual bank records that verify what we reported. the laptop is, obviously, a treasure-trove of corroborating evidence as well and and, unfortunately, our intelligence agencies, i think our fbi had been sit -- have been sitting on this information, and they are complicit as well in the cover-up. maria: so let me just -- we also had e-mails, by the way, from the laptop way before the election of 2020. let's take a look at that because this is an e-mail where they are talking about dividing up who owns what in this chinese company that they were doing a deal with, and the e-mail is very clear saying 10% is going to be held by h for the big guy. and as you can see, it goes through all of the divisions in
6:32 pm
terms of who gets what. your thoughts on this e-mail from one of hunter's partners to discuss who gets what to tony bobulinski, another partner of hunter biden. >> it proved the complicity of the media. "the washington post" says there's no evidence that joe biden participated this this. that's pretty strong evidence. it's been verified the the big guy was joe biden. there's plenty of evidence that that joe biden met because there are photographs of him meeting with hunter biden's business partners. he repeatedly lied to the american public when he said he never, ever discussed hunterrer biden's overseas business deals with hunter. no, he just had -- he was photographed with his business partners. so if he's lying, bald-faced lying, that again is pretty good evidence that something is amiss here. you don't -- if you have nothing to hide -- maria: okay, stay with -- >> he's not been honest. there's plenty of ed.
6:33 pm
maria: i'm going to take a short break, and then we want to get into how the fbi got in the way of truth as well. we're with senator ron johnson this morning on this blockbuster this morning on this blockbuster story of inf every year we try
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maria: we are back with wisconsin senator ron johnson. senator, i've got your letter dated august 10, 2020, in front of me. and on it you write that the senate committee that you chaired granted you the authority to issue subpoenas for
6:37 pm
records and testimony to certain agencies and individuals relating to the tbi'ss -- fbi's crossfire hurricane investigation. the unfashioninging of u.s -- unmasking of u.s. persons affiliated with the trump campaign. tell me about the corruption at u.s. agencies that you see and whether or not the fbi stopped you from doing this investigation of hunter biden. >> well, first of all, we actually had to issue i a subpoena to the fbi to deliver documents which they never delivered. they slow-walked that at the end of the trump administration, and we never got the truth. but we did uncover, for example, in the redacted footnotes of michael horowitz's fisa report that the fbi knew as early as october 2016 and certainly by january 2017 that the steele dossier contained russian disinformation, and yet they allowed the mueller investigation to proceed if. and if as late as i think it was march of 2018, the fbi briefed
6:38 pm
the senate intelligence committee and said that the steele dossier still had integrity. so i mean, there are so many examples. obviously, the entire fbi information into donald trump's collusion with russia which was a complete hoax was completely corrupt. and, for example, i think you mentioned earlier that we were first offered that hunter biden laptop by mr. mcisaac. with we didn't know it was stolen property, so we did what any responsible member of congress would do, we went to the fbi to report it, find out what they knew. they wouldn't tell us anything. what they should have done is they should is have told us, yep, senator, we have that laptop or at least a copy of it in our possession. we don't have think reason to think it's not authentic. at a minimum, when the 51 corrupt former intelligence officials came out with no evidence and said that the laptop was russian disinformation or every sign of
6:39 pm
it, to basically cover up for joe biden, the fbi should have come forward and said, no, we have no reason to suspect this is russian disinformation. they didn't. they covered up for joe biden so that they had proven that these federal agencies are in the tank for the democrats. they helped, certainly, undermine the trump administration for the entire four years. this is serious business. this is the biggest, this is the most corruption i've ever seen in the united states federal government. maria: that's absolutely extraordinary. and we have a list of hunter biden, some of his business deals. we have hunter biden's aled business deals here -- alleged business deals here. all of this information was known by the fbi as there was an impeachment trial to try to impeach president trump, all the while the fbi knew of the laptop, knew that hunter received $3.5 million wire transfer from the if former mayor of moscow's wife, knew about the $83,000 a month he was getting from ukraine, knew about
6:40 pm
the stakes in chinese companies, knew about the $5 million from chinese oil company cefc, all the while as an impeachment trial went on over president trump and a phone call that he had with then-ukrainian president. is that right? >> we have to believe that the if fbi looked at that laptop. i don't know if today -- i don't know fact exactly what they do, but hunter bide biden's partner, deafen archer met with joe biden two months after the -- in ukraine, five days before joe biden made a trip to ukraine, was named the point person for the obama administration. a day after that, deafen archer's name to the board of burisma. a few weeks later hunter biden is named to the board. they collected about $4 million from burisma. so it's just the timeline. what happened this just a month shows corruption. it's sleazily -- it's sleazy. at a minimum, it is incredibly
6:41 pm
sleazy, and i think you have to assume as tony bobulinski told us that that joe biden as president is compromised. why else did he cancel the nord stream 2 sanctions? why did he cancel the china initiative which is department of justice initiative to troy and investigate and -- try to investigate and uncover chinese theft of intellectual property? what is going on here? i don't know all the detail, but you know who does, maria? chinese intelligence, russian intelligence, probably iranian, north korean intelligence. and here's the really sad part, i believe our fbi and u.s. intelligence agencies know as well, they're just not going to tell us or you, the american public. maria: wow. and you are an elected official, and you cannot get this information. that was my if next question. do you believe that the calls, the decision that president biden has made as a result of what we're seeing take place on the world stage, russia invading ukraine, china trying to
6:42 pm
overtake the united states as the number one superpower, are joe biden's decisions compromised because of all of the money he's taken in? the china initiative, i remember a string of indictments under the trump administration that clearly identified people who were surveilling, who were spying on americans and sending information, intellectual property data back to the chinese government. is that not happening anymore? if i don't understand, why cancel the china initiative? why won't the doj now investigate intellectual property theft any longer? >> i mean, you have to be suspicious. and, remember, it was all underpinning the whole russian collusion with trump hoax was the media was so concerned that if trump had any ties with russia, that that would undermine the trump presidency and allow for blackmail. and here you have a treasure-trove of evidence ask joe biden -- that joe biden actually is compromised, he actually has this vast web of connections in china, in kazahkstan, in russia, in ukraine. and yet the media just turns a
6:43 pm
blind eye toward it. this is corruption at the highest level. maria: and, of course, we played the sound bite of the 2020 debate where chris wallace interrupted president trump when trump was trying to explain that $3.5 million check from the former mayor of moscow's wife and all the money biden has received, and chris wallace turns around and says, mr. trump, mr. trump, stop, we've got to get to more important matters. you also saw the sound bite at cnn saying this has nothing to do with joe biden. how does it have nothing to do with joe biden when it's his name and title that they're playing on, that they're peddling to get money and meaning? >> well, of course, it has everything to do with joe biden. again, what this proves is how complicit the media is in in this. we don't have an impartial mainstream media anymore. they're advocates for the democrat party and now, maria, quite honestly, they're coming after me. they're trying to destroy me. they've been trying for two
6:44 pm
years. they lied about that both chuck grassley and i -- democrats in congress created a false intelligence product accusing chuck grassley and i of soliciting and disseminating russian misinformation. leaked that to the media, and the media dutifully complied and now as i'm trying to run for re-election here, they're trying to do the exact same thing. i hate to do this, maria, but i am being attacked. the media's trying to take me out. i need,s i need resources. my web site is ron johnson for if you want us to get to the bottom of this, i'll become chairman of the subcommittee on investigations. i need your help to get reelected so we can expose the truth because the media will not do it. maria: yeah. senator, good to have you this morning. thanks very much for your work on this. we see what's going on, and we appreciate your leadership. senator ron son dub johnson the
6:45 pm
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>> when covid struck, demand for oil plummeted, so production slowed down worldwide. because of the strength and the speed of our recovery, demand for oil shot back up much faster than the supply. that's why the cost of gas began to rise last year with. the second route is vladimir putin. at the start of the year, gas was about $3.30 a gallon. today it's averaging $4.20, 4.22, it's higher in many states. nearly a dollar more in less than three months. the reason for that is because of putin's war. maria: that was president biden on thursday this week blaming covid, blaming vladimir putin for 40-year highs in inflation.
6:49 pm
has he forgotten his climate agenda? let's take a look. the inflation timeline we have put together, we can clearly see inflation started spiking as soon as joe biden walked into office, and then it was at 1.4% in january 2021. by march of 2021 when biden signed the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill into law, inflation spiked to 2.6%. by july of 2021 when the democrats were proposing a $5 trillion budget and spending plan which they said was $3.9 trillion, inflation nation was at 5.4. by november of last year, november 2021, biden signed his $1 trillion infrastructure package p more spending with no money for the border, inflation was at 6.8%. and then, of course, takes you to february and march when putin invaded ukraine, and the inflation rate hit 7.9%. so it is clear where inflation started, how it moved higher under president biden.
6:50 pm
the administration is now planning to release up to 180 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve in the if next six months to push gasoline prices lower, but this is the third time he has tapped the reserves, and after the first two times, prices shot back up after of only a few weeks. joining me now is the attorney general of west virginia, path rick morrissey. west virginia -- patrick morrisey. a.g., welcome. your reaction to biden's plan to release oil from the reserves. >> first of all, maria, thank you very much for having me on. and i think that president biden's entire administrative policy from day one has been to put american energy last. it's really been russia first, america last central. you saw that with canceling of the keystone pipeline, you saw that with respect to the moratorium on oil and gas drilling and coal mining. you saw that with respect to his climate change policy that seems to put all our foreign competitors first. and now he wonders why inflation
6:51 pm
and gas prices have gone through the roof. this is the result of biden-general is rated policy. what's really important is that president biden is actually making every decision that you absolutely should not make when you're in the middle of a conflict and you're watching what's going on. he needs to get american energy roaring back by making certain regulatory decisions. and, obviously, his decision earlier that he made about the nord pipeline is one of the items that triggered putin, that empowered putin to do some of the things that he's done. maria: yeah. a.g., the president just came out with a $5.8 trillion budget to proposal. it increases spending at the irs almost 20%, and it increases spending on defense by 4% which is a decline compared to inflation. we'll get into the budget and the new rules from the securities and exchange commission when we come right back.
6:52 pm
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more welcome back. this past week the securities and exchange commission advanced a proposal for all public companies to be required to report emissions, all emissions. emissions from suppliers, the company, affiliates, customers. this plan has been in the works since joe biden took office, and we are back with the attorney general of west virginia, patrick morrisey. a.g., you've sued this administration 10 or 15 times already. what are you expecting in terms of these new rules now for all public companies that the sec is trying to push true? >> well, maria, i think this is a really dangerous precedent that the sec is setting because they're trying to really transform the sec from being a securities enforcer into being an environmental agency, and that's not what it's supposed to
6:56 pm
be as the rules were set up by congress. we think that the way they did this is wrong on every level, but they're being very aggressive, asking -- demanding that these public companies have mandatory disclosures. and they're trying to get every public company involved in the climate change business. and, unfortunately, the sec just doesn't have that power to do that because the sec has a fundamentally different role. also the implications for the free market in the future, if you start to get one agency that traditionally is looking out for investors and future financial performance have to get into every woke aspect of what's going on in the corporate boardrooms, aha's not good for our markets -- that's not good for our markets, and that's why we have to stop it. look, we're going to go through a process, we're going to finalize the comments. we're leading a 16-state coalition, but i expect we're going to be in court very, very soon. this has to be stopped because it's another tool of the woke left to advance a crazy agenda.
6:57 pm
maria: well, it's just like the osha agency was the one who comes out with the vaccine mandate, same thing. a.g. morrissey, it's great to see you. thanks very much. we'll be watching you in court. attorney general patrick morrisey. i'll see you tomorrow on fox business, "mornings with maria." have a great sunday. the news continues, stay with fox news. fox news. ♪ fox news. ♪ at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you.
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