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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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masters. woods telling reporters he will play nine more practice holes tomorrow before making a final decision. he says he is confident he can win a sixth green jacket this weekend at augusta national golf club. we wish him the best of luck that does it for us at "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: happening now ukraine warns of more atrocities and war crimes by russia. we've got it. and the white house contradicts itself again. now it does want to increase crude oil from canada to replace russia but by rail and not the keystone pipeline. why is biden making a dirtier and costlier move? doesn't this undercut his clean energy agenda? joining us tonight, congressman lee zeldin, ken buck, former u.s. attorney guy lewis and fox business host larry kudlow. also federalist senior legal
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correspondent margo cleveland. ford o'connell, national border patrol council vice president, he is art del cueto. hunter biden sought to cash in bilge time on deals in both ukraine and russia right when russia first invaded ukraine in 2014 while joe biden was vice president overseeing ukraine. and hunter's ties to a russian oligarch much deeper than realized according to this report. how did obama let this all happen, bidens cashing in on the white house? we've got breaking details. special counsel durham releasing a potential smoking gun that could hurt hillary clinton's team. plus trump makes a dramatic move in his racketeering lawsuit against hillary and democrats. to this, it is life-styles of the left and shameless. accusations black lives matter spent charitable donations on themselves. gop lawmaker demands the irs crack down. plus this, a bad romance? we have elon musk.
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he is now on twitter's board. will musk stop twitter censoring conservatives including trump? the far left is not happy about this but twitter just put in a potential poison pill to try to block musk. we have got the story. disturbing new video, the white house now shipping illegal border-crossers around the nation as biden sets in motion his further collapse of the border. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with stocks ending to the downside extending losses. the fed official warning about a series of rate hikes. also worries about new russia sanctions. ukraine's zelenskyy today addressed the u.n. security council. russia sits on that council. says russia is committing nazi-level atrocities. here is a new story. russia bombed a storage tank
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filled with nitric acid. the report is that this could be a potential weapons attack. jennifer griffin reporting that state department investigating that as such. russia accused of bombing a children's hospital. we have mass graves for hundreds of innocent civilians, tortured and executed. many with their hands tied behind their backs. they are asking europe cut off commercial ties with russia and seize control of russia gas exports. get back to stateside. here is what is happening. big oil testified today, the democrats trying to blame them for gas price hikes. half the rise came before russia invaded ukraine as the white house moved to undercut fossil fuels. hillary vaughn in d.c. with more. reporter: good evening, liz. senate democrats that big oil is hoarding production and not pumping more oil so they can rake in profits at the pump saying oil companies are sitting on thousands of leases and doing nothing. >> that is hundreds of millions
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of barrels of oil they're not drilling for right now. even as we see their crocodile tears being shed about how they need even more leases. they haven't finished what is on their plate yet. they haven't even begun to use what is on their plate right now. reporter: but the president of western energy alliance, a group that represents over 200 small oil and gas producers told lawmakers today they are not price gouging. instead it is the president's policies that -- [inaudible]. >> gasoline prices in 2021 and 2022 skyrocketed because oil companies manipulating the market? >> i think policies are discouraging production. the ftc has looked at price-gouging and manipulation 50 times and each time they found no evidence that the oil
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industry is manipulating and price gouging. reporter: executives from exxon shell, bp will testify virtually in front of lawmakers. they will get to address the accusations of price gouging head on. elizabeth: hillary vaughn, thanks for your reporting. congressman lee zeldin house financial services running for governor of new york. congressman ken buck from house foreign affairs. congressman zeldin your reaction to he had markky say -- ed markey says they're sitting on millions of barrels of oil. how does he know that? there are dry wells out there. is he doing seismic tests? is ed markey a driller now? >> right. obviously we know you're being sarcastic. the fact they're spinning reality. they're pushing out talking points as if we're all stuck in never ending democratic national convention. fortunately the average american is smart enough to realize this has been going on a long time as far as rising costs.
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we saw the stop, the stopping of the keystone xl pipeline project. we saw fast tracking of nord stream 2. we're aware of all sorts of safe extraction of natural resources that can be done in our own country. the pipe, the other pipeline applications that are sitting, not just federal government but at state capitals, getting delayed or denied. of course you add the gas tax on top of it contributing to rising costs especially in blue states. i live in new york the we see knit california where the gas tax really starts piling on with that price at the pump. americans are smarter than what you're saying some on the left are pushing out to try to convince us otherwise. elizabeth: congressman buck, to the congressman's point, good to see you both, thanks for joining us. you know the oil industry is pumping flat-out. i think they're using something like 80%, 90% of their leases. talking about maybe 10% of the leases that they're not yet drilling on. we don't know if there is even
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oil in there. i want to get to this. the white house now wants to boost oil from canada but by rail? that is much dirtier and costlier. they will not do it by the keystone pipeline? that is the third rail of biden's energy security mistake, killing keystone pipeline and 11,000 jobs. by the way canada railroads are hit by worker strikes. what is keystone cops running keystone pipeline policies? what is going on here? >> they think if they use rail they can shut it off more quickly than to allow a pipeline to be drilled. they have been attacking fossil fuels for the last 30 years. now chickens come home to roost. it is obvious in my home state of colorado the last governor who left office 3 1/2 years ago issued on average 30 permits a month. when the new governor took over we had five permits in the first year that he took over. we're seeing that decrease in production. 30% less production from state like colorado, seventh largest
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natural gas producer in the country. it is clear that the democrat policies have been all along to raise the cost of fossil fuels so that renewable energy looks by comparison more affordable. elizabeth: no keystone but democrats are cheerleading president biden's new stringent fuel economy standards. it will cause cars to go up more in price. carmakers paid more than $236 billion for biden rules and regulations. congressman zeldin, react to this. biden's polls continue to plunge over inflation. he had obama at the white house talking about obamacare no. one is talking about. they are talking about inflation. watch the white house blame everybody but themselves. president biden: the problem we're facing with gas prices has two roots. the first is the pandemic. the second root is vladmir putin. our prices are rising because of putin's actions. there isn't enough supply. no american company should take advantage after pandemic or vladmir putin's actions to
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enrich themselves at the expense of american families. need to do more to get prices under control. putin's invasion of ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. >> impacts of putin price hike. >> he is doing everything he can to combat putin's price hike here at home. elizabeth: polls show americans don't believe this they're not buying it. your reaction, congressman zeldin? >> americans are smarter than the white house is giving them credit for and they realize these rising prices started before vladmir putin went into ukraine and we're seeing the implementation of new policies that result in costs going up. right now the state of new york is finalizing a state budget where they're going to be banning all gas hookups on new construction. they announced new deals where they're allowing national grid to increase electric costs in exchange national grid withdrawing application for new pipeline that is the opposite of government working. americans are watching this.
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they're seeing their own costs go up. they saw the timeline of this started early and they understand why. you can't convince them otherwise because they are smarter than they're getting credit for in this white house. elizabeth: nat-gas powers the electric grid. majority of the electric grade gets powered by fossil fuels. first senator cruz said this too, congressman buck. five separate narratives. first inflation not happening. then it was transitory. then it was high class problem. then it was a good thing. then it became putin's gas price. you know, there is that too. also we've got now the trucker crisis, right? there is a trucker shortage of 80,000. the president is claiming he is middle class joe trucker and watch the white house press secretary basically minimize what is going on with the trucking crisis in this country. congressman buck, this is adding to inflation. watch this. >> i use towed drive a truck. it's a long story. anyway, it is -- i thought i was going to get to drive one of these suckers today [laughter].
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>> 20012001 was the best 2021 was best year for trucking job growth since 1994. it was the best three month stretch for long distance truck hiring in the 1990s. thanks to the effort of the department of transportation we doubled commercial driver's license issuances in january and february of 2022, compared to the prior january and february of 2021. elizabeth: first, biden media fact checker what he said was false. he also once claim he drove a bus. plus there is a shortage of 80,000 truckers. you can give all the permits you want. doesn't mean truckers will stay on the job because you regulate them out of existence like california is doing. your response, congressman buck? >> that is exactly right. we are regulating them out of business. really president trump moved towards energy independence and north american energy independence working with mexico and canada. this president is relying on iran. he is relying on venezuela, our enemies to supply us with oil.
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it's a mistake. the truckers realize it. their prices for diesel are going up and truckers are getting squeezed. if you look at anything compared to 2020, 2021, it has liz len dramatically. president biden should not take credit for increasing anything from the time that we were at a low during the pandemic that is disaddressful. elizabeth: congressman zeldin, ken buck, good to see you. come back soon. breaking details coming in this hour about special counsel john durham. it is more than a potential smoking gun in his criminal probe of trump russia. there is news coming in on this. plus trump makes a dramatic move in his racketeering lawsuit against hillary clinton and democrats and others of the we have a damning new report. hunter biden starting to cash in big time on both ukraine and russia deals right when moscow first invaded ukraine in 2014. when biden was vice president and was overseeing ukraine policy. plus hunter's ties to a russian oligarch much deeper than realized.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now former u.s. attorney guy lewis.
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it is great to have you on, sir. how did obama let this happen? just the news is reporting when russia invaded ukraine in 2014 and then seized crimea hunter biden and his business partners were trying to score, of dollars in quote, life-changing business with oligarchs in both russia and ukraine when joe biden was vice president and overseeing ukraine? why didn't obama stop this? senate probe found this was a national security risk what hunter biden was doing? >> boy, liz, there is, one of two answers to your very, very good question. one is, they were completely, totally asleep at the wheel, or the other side is they were actually complicit. i think it is the latter because i don't see how you can sit here and watch this unfold. because remember, liz, remember the white house expressed some in their open words, i think nervousness with this whole thing with biden and his son and
6:18 pm
how this thing was unfolding, so i think people in the white house counsel's office knew about this. obama had to be briefed on this and these are the kind of answers that the american public deserve. elizabeth: yeah. obama's state department officials had testified that they were worried about conflicts of interest involving hunter biden and others, blue star strategies, involving burisma where hunter sat on the board. that is the ukraine energy firm. vox has already said hunter biden's whole career is being joe biden's son. here is what just the news is saying. we don't have the emails and text. this is according to just the news. we haven't verified it. they're reporting hunter biden and his associates targeted a russian oligarch for as much as $200 million in deals. she is the widow of the former mayor of moscow. she is a reportedly an only backer in plastics. they helped her get a bank account at jpmorgan chase. then she wiredded 3 1/2 million
6:19 pm
dollars to a firm run by hunter biden's business partners. again the same month joe biden was named obama's point man on ukraine. how did this happen? >> again i think it was a concerted effort by hunter biden and his business partners and his people and whether the vice president did it knowingly or he did it by turning his head and pretending he didn't know, either way the office is complicit. listen, let's call this what it is. it is selling influence. hunter biden has no specific energy expertise. he wasn't put in there because of his degrees in energy and coal and mining and oil and all that kind of thing. he was put in there for one reason and one reason only and liz, you and i both know what that is. that's his relationship it the white house and more specifically to his father and to the office of the
6:20 pm
vice president. elizabeth: you know what is striking? the biden campaign in 2020 was shutting down, was shutting down and bullying journalists who were trying to follow the story. biden is bullying journalists who raised questions about it. he actually literally raises his voice to shut down the story. just the news, got to say it again, they say they have the texts and emails that hunter and his partners even tried to arrange a dinner between batrina and former mayor of moscow and dinner with biden in washington. they put her along with other russian oligarchs on a sanctions list. should there be a special counsel on this? let's watch jonathan turley. let's watch this. >> the attorney of delaware may be aggressive an diet hunter biden but there is real appearance if not a conflict of interest here. it is impossible to investigate these emails without running across the president repeatedly.
6:21 pm
so how do you do that as the justice department under this president? the case for a special counsel is absolutely clear here. this was a raw and open influence-peddling scheme worth millions of dollars. and the biden family is known for influence-peddling. elizabeth: do we need a special counsel again? he is pitching deals with batch arena. including a 40 million-dollar real estate deal and at the same time working with the oligarch running the ukraine energy company burisma that they were investigating for corruption. should there be a special counsel? >> liz i'm not fan of special counsels as i see they abused their positions in the past in prior administrations but listen, if the father of the target, if joe biden the father of the target who is hunter
6:22 pm
biden, hires and fires the attorney general of the united states, the organization that is supposed to objectively and fairly investigate the target, how in the world can he stay there and not there be an appearance of impropriety? you, for example, liz, you couldn't do a story on, a negative story on a family member. you would recuse yourself of course. that is the right thing to do. elizabeth: cut out of the will. i'm just kidding. here is the other thing. i will move on to this. here is the other thing i want to talk to you about. this is what, again, they're reporting that you know, another one of hunter biden's convicted business partners, john galanis reportedly declared in sworn after the in court that he and his son became aware of hunter biden and promising oligarchs, quid pro quo access to high level political contexts, contacts in the u.s. and d.c., even referred to this as political influence-peddling.
6:23 pm
it is all right out there. >> boy, as somebody who did this for a long time as a prosecutor, i say again, follow the money that will show us who what, where, when and how. follow the money. who got paid? what did they get in return for being paid? is there in fact a quid pro quo. that is where -- elizabeth: and did joe biden make money? do you think joe biden made money off of this? >> listen the emails they say he did. if you look at the emails, it says the big man is going to get 10%. that is from his son. what other conclusion is there? elizabeth: we got to follow the money, guy lewis. we'll be on the story with you. you will come on soon. great insights there. come back soon. breaking details, special counsel john durham releasing a potential smoking gun in the criminal probe of trump russia. we have more news coming in. plus trump makes a dramatic move in his racketeering lawsuit against hillary and democrats. we'll break it down next on "the evening edit."
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dude... those are so fire. [whines] only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show the journalist everyone is following and reading on trump russia. she is a must-read. she digs into court documents, avoids rhetoric and political
6:28 pm
flannel. political journalist, march goat. rodney joffe, the researcher by the clinton campaign he will plead the fifth in special counsel durham trump russia criminal probe. what is the fallout from that? >> sure. i actually think with him pleading the fifth it will force durham's hand because michael sussman who is on trial next month is claiming they don't have a case against joffe. they need to either let him testify under immunity or, they have to throw out the case against me. i actually think what case it will happen, will force durham's team to present more evidence they have a case against joffe or basically let him go. elizabeth: that is interesting. he is the one who worked on the trump russia alfa bank narrative, accessing as you've also been reporting white house internet traffic, which the fbi
6:29 pm
debunked as false, reportedly trump hotel marketing spam emails. your take. i got to jump to this. then i want to come back to it. >> sure. elizabeth: former president trump's attorney is saying that they want a judge appointed by former president bill clinton to recuse himself for bias from trump's raketeering lawsuit against hillary clinton and dnc and others. your take on this? >> sure. so under federal rules the judges are supposed to recuse if they have an actual bias or an appearance of bias. i actually think the judge could legitimately go either way. if he still has contact with former president clinton and hillary, he will probably recuse. if he doesn't, he most likely will not. i think it would probably be more prudent for him to just take the case out of his courtroom, let a judge who has no connection handle it but under the rules unless there is something more that we don't
6:30 pm
know it is unlikely that he is going to recuse. elizabeth: got it. okay. we've got this. specs counsel durham released a text message in the criminal case against michael sussman showing hillary clinton's outside campaign lawyer sussman allegedly texted the fbi general counsel at the time james baker claiming he was not working for hillary clinton's campaign at all when in fact he was. what is your take on this? >> oh, i think that is huge news. that has been nowhere in the indictment in any of the earlier filings. now one of two things is going on. either durham has been keeping it under wraps which i don't think is the case or the second, which if this is true, i think it is huge. this came out about two months ago. the office of inspector general under the doj had baker's phone. not sure if it was this phone or not but they had some of baker's phone. they didn't give them over to
6:31 pm
durham. durham didn't know about these until they were trying to get call logs. then the person they were talking to said, well they have got them over there at the oig. they went and got the phones at that point. if that has been on the phone, all this time, it really brings into question if the oig knew about it and if so, why didn't they give it over? so i think it is huge from two perspectives. one, this is sussman in his own words, or in his own text saying that i'm not here on behalf of a client. that is huge for the criminal case against sussman because all along he is arguing that is not what i said. all we have is baker who has equivocated, gone back and forth, changed his stories and two handwritten notes that sussman's legal team is trying to get tossed. elizabeth: yeah. >> so i think it's a huge case for sussman but also calling into question what is going on
6:32 pm
over at the oig. elizabeth: also what else is on sussman's phone? you know what it feels like? hillary's team feels like they wanted to do a hit-and-run. put inside the fbi highly explosive allegations to get the fbi go after trump, mislead the fbi but not have their fingerprints on it, does it feel that way to you? >> oh, absolutely. they have been doing this from day one and the liberal media let them get away with it. elizabeth: all right. margo cleveland, thank for joining us. have you back on soon. great journalism from march goat cleveland. see you soon. elon musk says he will have changes to twitter since he is on the board. far left is not happy. twitter we're reading the filings in the government. looks like twitter is moving to block musk in a big way. larry kudlow ahead on "the evening edit". ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show my pal, he's the great and powerful, he is the all-seeing
6:37 pm
larry kudlow. okay, larry, good to see you. elon musk. good to have you on, larry, first time. maybe second. elon musk, he is on twitter's board. he is now twitter's shareholder, more than nine percent. i want to deal with this first. loose like twitter is really afraid elon musk wants to buy all of twitter. twitter made an sec filing, so long as musk sits on our board he cannot own more than 14.9% of twitter's common stock. they can say that. they can try to cap it but "the babylon bee" ceo told us, he told us, musk told them, twitter suspended babylon bee, musk reached out to the babylon bee and say i may buy twitter. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a great idea. twitter run this left-wing mafioso operation, denying free speech not just to conservatives but to people they don't agree with or they don't like it. has got to change. you could have done legislation
6:38 pm
to change section 230 but that hasn't happened. here is elon musk, one of the most brilliant business people there is, absolutely brilliant, who is a believer in free speech, he is basically a libertarian, lizzie, he will come in and make much, much-needed changes. he basically said that. and whatever the twitter people may or may not say it doesn't matter because elon will do what elon wants. i'm pulling for him. i'm rooting for him 1000 percent. elizabeth: you know, the writer ceo, larry, he said the quiet part out loud, that twitter is not about free speech. watch this. >> our goal is not to be bound by -- [inaudible] our role is to serve a conversation and our moves reflexsive of things that we believe need to be part of the conversation. these are things that we do do in our business to focus less on think about free speech but
6:39 pm
think about how times have changed. one of the changes today we see is speech is easy on the internet. most people can speak. our role is particularly emphasize is who can be heard. elizabeth: how cannot being bound by free speech help free speech on twitter? what is the ceo talking about here, larry? what do you think? >> yeah. it's a great question. the answer it is utter nonsense, it is complete nonsense. i don't know this guy. he doesn't deserve to be ceo after media platform like that, but i don't know legally you can't do anything about it. so elon is doing a great thing here, using shareholder power. he comes in. he is buying the biggest piece. he may or may not by the rest of the company. i don't know what his strategy is. they're shaking in their boots. he is going to come in to make huge changes as he must. that poll that elon did, two
6:40 pm
million people responded, some such thing, 74% said there is no free speech on twitter, i'm paraphrasing right now. that has to be changed. lizzie, all these, all these social media companies had better beware because they have gotten away with murder, okay, with these political science health care, climate change, who are they? what do they know? they should be in the game of free speech. that is why by the by in the trump administration we really wanted to change, we needed legislation to do it but to change that liability shield. it is called section 230 of the federal communications act of 1996 if i'm not mistaken that was the so-called decency act or indecency act, whatever it is called. we wanted to change it. we never got it through. we tried to look at it from a executive order. we didn't get that done either. all right. so we're letting market forces play out here but i think you're
6:41 pm
going to see, elon is just going to be the first. other people are going to go after these other platforms, because not that they're lefties per se but that they will not allow free speech. elizabeth: that's it. right? >> they are in some sense, right, they owe the public that. and we should not shield them from lawsuits or anything else, liz? elizabeth: larry, they're changing and torquing, and twisting the national conversation. even jack dorsey the former ceo of twitter is he partially to plame for the problems at twitter. he see is it is not a free speech platform. it's a echo chamber of far left bullying or censorship. it is not about the hunter biden laptop. it is more. it is about the pandemic, censoring doctors, scientists people with a difference of opinion. they should be regulated like phone companies. what do you think? >> well you know, i just think the issue is a question of incentives, okay? i'm not that big on economic
6:42 pm
regulation. i'm just saying that for some reason they were granted immunity from lawsuits. that needs to be taken away. that needs to be taken away. newspapers don't have it, for example. a lot of people don't have it. why should they have it? they are in the public domain and they have to act like it. and as i said earlier, these guys are like some left-wing mauve any questions sew, who gets hit, who gets hit, who gets hit. you made the point, they're judging not just politics, they're judging health care, they're judging climate change. they're judging things about which they have no expertise. elizabeth: got it. >> but it really shouldn't be about expertise. it should be about freedom to speak and that's where we have to go. and thank goodness for elon musk who in my opinion is saving america. that is what he is doing. elizabeth: got it. larry kudlow always great to have you on of the the great one, larry kudlow, good to see you. come back soon. this story, it is life-styles of
6:43 pm
the left and shameless. we have a new report black lives matter abused charitable donations on personal expenses, buying a 6 million-dollar luxury mansion in los angeles for their leaders to enjoy. a gop lawmaker demanding change. that is next on "the evening edit." >> this organization is not about equality. it is not about justice. it is not even about black lives. it is about enriching the leaders. it's a shell organization. it's a violent shell organization. happiness. or confidence. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine. ♪ ♪ you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now gop strategist ford o'connell is back with us. it is great to have you on. you're a lawyer. we have got black lives matter accused of using charity donations to buy a luxury six million dollar mansion how the side of los angeles and then they tried to bury the purchase and keep it secret by putting it in an llc. we have got the families of briana taylor and michael brown,
6:48 pm
they we haven't seen any of this money. so what are they doing here? what is going on? >> i think there are red flags everywhere with respect to the questionable purchase much this mansion as well as the financial dealings of the blm global network foundation and i have a feeling, liz, this is only the tip of the iceberg. to your point how does a six bedroom swanky mansion in southern california really help black america? i think we are witnessing one of the greatest scams in modern memory. elizabeth: we patrisse cullors the cofounder, filmed herself baking a peach cobbler inside "the six million dollar man" shun with champagne glasses this appears to violate irs rules prohibiting, you're not supposed to use charity assets for right benefit or self-dealing. texas congressman lance gooden sending a letter to the irs commissioner saying you have to crack down on this. >> look, congressman gooden is
6:49 pm
exactly right. we have to understand patrisse cullors, the cofounder, who labels herself as a trained marxist, is actually appearing to engage in self-dealing violating rules of the irs as well as possibly the state of california. remember this is a woman who is enriching herself, who claimed capitalism was a bigger tragedy than covid. elizabeth: they raised $90 million, right? the cofounder, pa tries cullors, bout three or four luxury properties with her own money, not charitable contributions. black lives mansion bought a mansion in toronto for $8 million for cullors lover who is on board of directors there. up in boston, we had a black lives matter official indicted by the government for using black lives matter money for her own personal life.
6:50 pm
>> yeah. look, that is absolutely right. this is an entangled web of self-dealing based on what the evidence shows us and this is far greater than a six million dollar mansion in southern california. i hope that the irs does a full audit. unfortunately i don't think they will because this foundation is actually hired clinton henchman marc elias famous for pedaling the steele dossier. i'm afraid we'll not get to the bottom, unless congress does exactly what gooden is talking about. this is not just profiting of black suffering, taking advantage of organizations trying to do societal good. unfortunately this is not the only foundation abusing these rules. >> ford o'connell. good to see you. come back soon w he have troubling new video from bill melugin. he is breaking stories on the border. the white house is using buses and taxes to fly droves of
6:51 pm
illegal immigrants from the border crisis and beyond. the situation is getting worse for president biden just ahead. >> the administration considers it a success when they place migrants when they come tote border in a location somewhere in the united states. we need to enforce our existing immigration laws and do it aggressively. ♪. derriere discomfort. we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but new preparation h soothing relief spray is the 21st century way to do all three. even touch free. preparation h. get comfortable with it. who's on it with jardiance? we're 25 million prescriptions strong. we're managing type 2 diabetes... ...and heart risk. we're working up a sweat before coffee.
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okay, biden supporter crisis is report of the going to get worse, moving to lift title 42, the trump pandemic border policy. white house using buses and taxis to ship out illegal immigrants all over america paid for by your money. i will be harder for law enforcement to track them. bill melugin has been breaking news all about the border, the go to guy on this. bill. >> good evening. so far we've seen for busloads of migrants dropped off and released from federal custody here in downtown brownsville. we'll show you one of the buses pulling up and releasing migrants, these are all single adults, men and women. we have not seen children or minors or families. they are dropped off at the small office and walk behind a black tarp. what we are being told by
6:56 pm
sources must their detention centers are way over capacity so that got to the out base and that's why mass releases are happening. we'll show you what happens once they go in, this second piece of video they go into an ngo and they talk to them and get travel paperwork and they walk them across the street to a nearby bus terminal where they are free to travel across the country wherever they want to. we are told these are mostly parole releases, they don't get immigration charge and they are released and asked to turn themselves into ice in a city of their choosing. the photos here, sources telling me migrants are given the government issued phones instead of ankle monitors and they are meant to help track the migrants at establish line of communication between them and ice. however, sources tell me there's nothing stopping them from discarding the phones if they don't want to be tracked or use them.
6:57 pm
you can see right now we have another group of single adult men going across the street to the ngo right now, we seen this multiple times today and so far it's not a one-time thing. border patrol telling me they've been mass releasing hundreds of migrants every single day in this specific spot. liz: thanks for your great journalism. national border patrol council vice president, art. your reaction to this? >> it's sickening but it's been this way for quite some time, this entire year. now we are hearing title 42 removal. might as well with the front door to the cartel drug and human smugglers and sex traffickers, that's how horrible it is. on the border in yuma a couple of weeks ago, we saw a large group coming across the border patrol could only transport so many. the rest of them are willing to
6:58 pm
sit there and wait. they're not even leaving. they are knowing they will go through the processing center and given a piece of paper pretty much tells them they can roam free through the united states and they are not going back. there's absolutely zero consequences right now for individuals crossing into the u.s. liz: it's out of control. they are talking 18000 a day. it breaks the calculator, that's six and a half million a year, you can't comprehend it. we've got 600,000 getaways, and three face they caught half a dozen gang members, half of them ms 13, murderers and rapists coming in. people from russia coming in. you testified before congress, what happens? >> there were several questions asked concerning the fentanyl coming into the country, methamphetamine, heroin, it's a domino effect with large groups
6:59 pm
used by the cartel from their area. i testified yesterday, i had a lot of questions, mostly to be honest, republicans. liz: so no democrats asked anything? >> they didn't ask me anything. liz: now you've got senator rafael warnock think i don't agree with biden. i think this is not the right thing to do, there's no plan. we need to protect our side of the border. your reaction? >> we've been saying it for quite some time and it not a race issue, we say illegal is not a race. it seems to me that finally now in the news cycle which is what they are doing for quite some time, warning americans about what's going on at the border. liz: but it's difficult, art. we are an open arms nation, we care about immigrants coming in
7:00 pm
the right way not of using the border. you've got ten seconds. >> we are a nation of laws and we have to respect the laws. we would be no better than the countries the individuals are escaping from otherwise. liz: thanks for your service to our country and thank you for watching pick up join us again tomorrow night we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: war crimes continuously on earth, ukrainian civilians executed in the streets. women reportedly raped and murdered in front of their families, tongues cut out, ears cut off, tens of thousands potentially kidnapped. if true, will anyone be held accountable? these images are unimaginable and getting worse, bodies strewn all over towns and villages in ukraine as militaries retreat. some experts suggested russians probably thought they would be there f


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