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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 6, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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families but i will families and american families. liz: ashley hinson, thanks for wrapping it up, we appreciate it. we'll have you back on again soon. you've been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, that does it for us, thank you for watching and we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: the white house and democrats once again doing damage control after president biden -- he embarrassed himself in front of an entire room full of people, to which he wasn't president. former president obama trying to bail out his former vp, 44th president yesterday made his first trip to the white house is leaving office in 2017. look at that, literally nobody wants to talk to the current president. it's so sad. he just wandering around
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aimlessly looking for somebody. anybody to talk to. former president also seems to ignore sleepy joe. biden is on the outside looking in and obama has everyone eating out of his well rested him including our current vp, kamala harris. you go here? [laughter] in time to poke fun at the current commander-in-chief. >> vice president biden -- [laughter] that was a joke. [laughter] but was all set up. [laughter] kennedy: kamala is like i want to make out with you by the lockers. [laughter] all jokes aside, it's that presidents are supposed to be the one commanding a room, not
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former president. today obama tried to smooth things over tweeting always great to catch up with the potus, thanks for all you are doing to help more americans get quality access to food and healthcare. buyer's remorse finally sunk in, tonight party panel, former trump advisory board member, jason meister is here. democrat cohost of the five, fox news 2020 libertarian vice presidential candidate for the future, spike cohen also spectacle. well done, everyone got the memo. so many, this is fantastic. the first thing i thought, jason, oh my gosh, president obama looks so good. will president biden that rested, handsome and spectacular five years after he leaves the white house?
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>> that's funny, kennedy. this was one of the most pathetic embarrassing moments i've ever seen. i don't think i've ever seen anything quite like it but this is the most popular president in american history shunned in his own house by his own party. this is the man who outperformed every presidential challenger in u.s. history, 81 million votes. he tries to get obama's attention and obama struck him off like he's not even in the room. i think the moment unfortunately captured the fact we currently don't have a leader of the free world, totally they kids and that's the unfortunate reality with i think settles and when people watch that clip. kennedy: it's interesting, jessica. it's like having a dream about someone who past and in the dream they are still very much alive and vibrant and you wake up and you are sad once again with the reminder that you know, that is the past.
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having said that, how great is obama up there? >> i mean, he is amazing. such a good day for me. [laughter] and other democrats and the truth is when bill clinton showed up from a president obama was in office, the same thing happened to him. the two of them are complete outliers. yes, yes. absolutely true. the clinton is beloved by crowds the same way president obama is, arguably even better communicator, he certainly got a hell of a lot done and everybody loves the 90s. republicans and nine democrats. he was able to work with republicans so obama and clinton are outliers in all of this. there is more to the clip, joe biden was in going to get palance to come up on stage, i don't believe for a second he's shown in the room. kennedy: it doesn't matter -- what was supposed to happen, it's still pathetic because he's like do do do wandering around
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all my god, president obama, tell me how amazing the private sector is. he's like seriously, netflix, it's good, right? martha's vineyard, tell me more. mike, what does it mean for the future? >> specifically what you just said, i'm not sure. listen, i think the reality is president obama continues to be popular. as president biden himself once said president obama was the first mainstream african-american who is articulate and bright and clean and nice -- anyway, i think what we seek what's going on right now is joe biden is mired in all things dragon down his approval ratings dealing with out-of-control inflation, largely a result of policies he's been championing for decades now dealing with the logical conclusion of measuring
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contest between the u.s. and nato and russia spilling over into ukraine. he's basically dealing with the chickens of his decades of policy advocacy coming home to roost while he's present in an contrast, barack obama had no controversies whatsoever, he is a controversy free resident which is why still to this day, he has 90% approval rating in the details, google obama 90% to find out all about it. kennedy: unknown, is that like levin party where it sounds -- >> i don't know that reference. [laughter] kennedy: you have such a pure mind and i envy you. i wish i did as well but i've been tainted by my own personal digital scandals over the years. it's okay. there's plenty of time for joe biden to bounce back. his best years clearly ahead of him and this was a minor blip, the poll numbers will start bumping up any second now
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because this inflation is transitory and just because rich people want their treadmills, that's the only reason, as soon as i get them from we are good to go. party panel -- >> and good for the economy. kennedy: absolutely right, inflation is good for the economy, you are our run claim. first up, the president biden asked honor family scandal? he should have. it looks like the president might be a little more connected to hunter's business dealings and he's admitted so far. newly released e-mails from 2017 from hunter's laptop biden wrote college recommendation letter from the son of a chinese executive doing business with hunter. today our own peter doocy asked white house press secretary jen psaki favors like this were coming. >> was a comment for president biden to do favors for hundred biden international business partners like writing college recommendations for their kids?
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>> i've seen the report, i have no comments on our report whether or not the president when he was a private citizen wrote a college recommendation letter for an individual. >> but he's the president now and you are the spokesperson. >> correct and he was not the president at the time of this report. kennedy: there is still a lot to be answered for by the president spokesperson. she said biden has never ever had a conversation with d.o.j. about any investigation they are able to probe hunter independently so will special counsel be appointed and is not necessary? does this suggest the president could have been blackmailed? he with me now, our journey and cohost on the fox news channel, emily compagno. talk about this, the outnumbered couch, tell me about the special counsel, is it necessary and when do we start to move into that territory?
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some argue it's already necessary and that's on the basis of the fact that there's actual conflict of interest some argue we seen in addition to potential for it. starting broader and going and from a essentially they say how is it the president of the united states whose d.o.j. essentially operates in concert such of the executive branch, how can they operate independently when they are being investigated when all indictment? also when crimes for which he's being investigated, necessarily include identifying associate and there's a lot of red flags, we are not naïve, we need an extra set of teeth for this office for my probably identified as the father. we know his uncle is the president's brother identified closely in these business dealings so it's not a far leap to make joseph biden junior would be part of these, it's a broad look. the inner want, you mentioned in your introduction, plenty of times hundred biden leveraged his father's relationship to
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gain actual influence to make money, he's investigated for not only receipt of concern funds, how he received and where it went and what he did with it, did he evade taxes including improper walking. we keep hearing from the administration and hunter piece mail sponsors. he wasn't president ben or i definitely paid my reparations and therefore it's all set up for my fees blanket statement but when you look at the whole, it's quite concerning for multiple years the individual made millions at a minimum on the basis of his connection and they were used to further that kind of favor and makes you wonder how far it goes, how much influence china still has in russian and ukrainian leaders, there's a lot of players appetite and bottom line, this has been going on for some time, for years, 2017 this investigation come midterm when
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republicans hold a majority likely in the house, i think you'll ramp up both theirs and also within the d.o.j. for the ongoing. kennedy: but why did it take so long? that had the contents of his taxes since 2019. they've also had a lot of the information surrounding the e-mails. they've had so much of this for years so why is it taking so long? is it that every investigation now will take years and years just to try to outlive the past administration? >> honestly, the fed move at a glacial pace but some argue it's evidence of corruption and influence in some argue look at run claim in 2012 asked hundred biden for cash. they argue those relationships, that's been the reason this has been stamped down and delayed for so long, a disclosure filed necessary as part of a grand jury process filing other side
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necessarily public so many people argue we wouldn't have known about this but for those roles and relations of the court, because there are plenty of people working to keep this under wraps, scoff it off like jen psaki to say explain it away and say there's nothing to see here. kennedy: we don't have to talk about that, it happened in 2017, he wasn't present yet. that doesn't mean he's innocent of everything he did as a private citizen especially when he was only four years between presidential administrations. my most important question is, can you write my daughter a letter of recommendation? >> i don't know now that would do her any good but i'll write her one. kennedy: that's going to be way better. she's going to harvard on a golden bus i bet. if your son is asked to write to the president don't they go this guy? >> it seems like it's a peasant
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dispenser, just turned out i wonder what now if they do, he invested himself about 10% but it was recently his father was president at that time certainla carryover. kennedy: he did have 10% of that from a chinese state company until last year so the yogurt is deep and inflation is not transitory and there will probably be indictment. michael goodman said if that happens, the biden presidency is done and obama will run again because the constitution is meaningless and we note that. [laughter] emily, thank you so much, great to talk to you. ukrainian prosecutors say evidence of war crime piling up and not our justice department is getting involved. will russian terrorists be held accountable?un ntbr suint suias h arsnswens ns ♪o next.
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new evidence of russian atrocities ukraine continuing to emerge but new video shows ukrainian forces fighting back. you can see ukrainian tanks knocking this russian column.
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ukrainian prosecutors say that gathering more evidence of war crime on up to spook merrick garland to today's quote, we are assisting international efforts identifying and holding accountable those responsible for atrocities in ukraine and will continue to do so, so how will we make them? here with me now, kc h radio combat veteran, bryan suits. you are familiar with war crimes after what you experienced, how does this compare? >> this is probably going to be some of the best documented most detailed documented indictment the icc has ever seen and they were pretty good in 1999, and 2000 and dark war in the early 2000's. this is going to be overwhelming amount of evidence is circumstantial evidence direct
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evidence and mainly the russians hanging themselves because they are posting it on tik tok and russian, they are talking openly and the clear on the ukrainian networks picked up by ukrainian intelligence services. they've already named this, a battalion commander from the far east or his unit is from the pacific coast 64th second rifle battalion as the guys who did the bucha thing because they were seeking vengeance for the russian airborne guys and slaughter that time. in bosnia, everyone has a three case cell phone with no camera. the criminal tribunals need eyewitnesses. this time there's real-time drone footage ukrainians have released from bucha. by the way, there will be 50
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other bucha's in the entire airgas. obviously the war is not over but what happened is outrageous. unlike in 95, which i visited there and 98 it was still devastated but they were just putting indictments together, they are working overnight, over time right now in the d.o.j. to put these indictments in but who cares, putin will not extradite them. kennedy: so how do you hold them accountable? what is the process? no one has talked about that, maybe they don't know. maybe it's too scary to think of a guy with 6000 nukes pinned into a corner when the world says you have to pay for what happened but how do you make him or others pay for these crimes? >> well, is easy way out is to
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put this guy in a plane in an orange jumpsuit and fly him out and say he was the guy, that was the guy. what it took to wind up in handcuffs, he lost the support of his army. every time he went to war, his temperate got smaller and the army finally said you lost an election so you are going to and also took the imf and eu and everyone saying you will get no loans, your currency will not be welcomed in europe, you are screwed if you don't put him on a plane but it took the army to put him on the plane. it's the only way putin leads that city under his own power. kennedy: is that possible? >> i think it is but he's penetrated his own army, he's going to know if they will make a move on him and he would go full stalin on that. i don't see a clean way putin retires to sochi or gets the
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booster. he's going to go feetfirst or not at all. kennedy: so what about russian operatives saying these are all fake? this is a hoax. it seems like an elaborate prank and it doesn't seemed like russia has good evidence of that. >> and again, the serbs did the same thing, we hate serbs. they are already doing that. technologically we've seen extraordinary fakes already in this except they don't have the meta data and the eyewitness. a smart phone plus a drone plus an idiot colonel on a cell phone plus eyewitnesses. eyewitnesses convicted eichmann from a they convicted most of us and all those guys. ultimately a human being.
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kennedy: thanks so much for your time, we'll talk to you next week. i don't know what that means. okay. the biden administration extending this long pause again. who's in charge here? president bernie? box and we've got hugs. next. ♪♪
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hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. well, so much for fiscal responsibility, biden administration extending the student loan freeze for the third time. president trying to avoid pressure from progressive for demanding canceling up to $50000 a borrower. the white house said deposit is because the country is still recovering from covid yet no word on the families suffering under record inflation and gas prices. maybe they should get there loans forgiven for $50000 car. each home. i shouldn't give i guess. is this really about the pandemic or the democrat party
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is trying to woo young voters before the midterm? spectacle trio is back, brilliance can't display. jason meister, is a guitar love spike cohen. this is an issue that drives me crazy. so much wrong with higher education and blending and just making it worse with this talk of debt forgiveness. your thoughts? >> i want to thank you for cutting yourself off from giving any more that i guess, that would be worse than when you got me to google lemon party. when it comes to student debt crisis, the solutions are very clear, we can see when the price of college and student debt crisis first started getting out of control, i started with pell grants and subsidies the federal government did, meddling in cost equilibrium's present in higher education. when they got rid of that, now
7:29 pm
people can get whatever loans they want and many can get whatever subsidies, that meet the cost go through the roof as it does with everything else. if they really wanted to address this, they stop with the subsidies backing of loans and everything that drove up the cost in the first place. they would also and -- they would work with states to get rid of this overregulation occupation leading people to get education for preparations they don't need anything more than on-the-job training that can be provided at a fraction of the cost and much less time and another thing for existing student loans that is truly bad student loan, they can allow it to be discharged under the same criteria as other debt which would cause lenders to be more discerning and how they give out loans. none of these things are going to happen because neither republic and north democrats at capitol hill want this problem to go away. like everything else from they
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want to suffer to push more control. kennedy: by should poor people pay for rich people's school, jessica? >> they shouldn't and it sounds like spike has thought about this a lot more in-depth than i have. i like a majority of his platform but i don't know what that party is and i won't go there but. [laughter] is trying to satisfy the progressive wing but also this is about covid and why doesn't he give people suffering because of inflation money? tried to end joe manchin . kennedy: that was a joke. >> i get it but i want to say something serious because americans are hurting and the president did try to help them and there's data that proves that, children were out of poverty getting the child tax credit and cash into the average american household were beneficial so that my piece from three money.
7:31 pm
kennedy: it's not free money though. look at the inflation -- i want to bring jason in here, younger generations are going to have to pay for it and they will pay with economic immobility. >> one 100%. this makes no sense. that is precisely why the biden administration is doing it but the pandemic is over. inflation is at a 40 year high and there are hard-working americans right now in the country that can't afford gasoline and groceries so we will give about to gender studies? it makes no sense. of course biden is pushing this right now for the midterms but at the end of the day loans -- it's simple. when you borrow money, you pay it back, all of it and is 11.3 million job openings right now in the country and it makes no sense to put on the taxpayer,
7:32 pm
this is billions of dollars. it's an insult to every hard-working american who has paid their debts. kennedy: and tried or taken different avenues. put off college until they know what they want to do. going to trade school in order to get justice trainings they need and not the propaganda they don't that's only going to cost them money and make them put off major life decisions because of these loans that are easy to get and hard to pay off. everyone needs to do the homework before they sign on the dotted line but if you didn't go to college and you are a taxpayer, you shouldn't be on the hook for other people's decisions. now we got breaking news, and update on the capitol hill. i'm not talking about kyrsten sinema. yesterday a lawmaker attacked eight others and she was caught
7:33 pm
by animal control officers who euthanized her, the d.c. health department said she tested positive for rabies. and probably covid. is that what the biden administration would like to do to fox news? spike. [laughter] >> yes. no, i know biden over the past few days has been alleged to say rupert and most dangerous man on earth and get rid of fox or sees him as a dangerous propaganda outlet or whatever, i love how you tied betting with the rabbit box that bit nine people. here i am on live television trying to figure out how to type out together. i think joe biden would like to test fox news for rabies and if anyone finds it, put it down. i would be against that. and we need to think more about
7:34 pm
it but we talk about we want politicians to be scared, maybe the boxes are the answer and should embrace the foxes. kennedy: maybe there should be more of them in d.c. maybe that's what the country needs. your thoughts? >> are we talking about the animals or? kennedy: re? is it a metaphor? are we speaking in euphemisms here? you feel lost at fox? [laughter] >> i am sound. the fox story made me sad because she has a bunch of babies which are called kids which i didn't know and now they are motherless. kennedy: do you know what i learned from brett baier? a group of foxes are called a script. >> so no. kennedy: taken from the salt and
7:35 pm
her kids are now motherless. >> listen to all that you can learn if you listen to fox, people. there you go. kennedy: that's what we have been telling people forever but the president and 44 and 46, they hate fox news which means they also hate foxbusiness and i don't like the strong news from reporting the fair balance, unafraid and free of rabies. jason. >> there's no question joe biden wants to put fox news to sleep. unlike the rest of the corporate media, they've covid the biden international corruption scandal accurately. they didn't cover the stories, they covid the stories for the last 17 months and prior to that. if you are going to wander through your son around the globe and take millions upon millions of dollars by influence peddling, you want media block out and fox news was not do that for you, joe.
7:36 pm
you're going to have to deal with the fact that you are roped in to hunter's business dealings because you are the big guy that is the issue we are dealing with and it's a real issue, serious corruption in our government at the top of our government so yes, of course joe wants to put fox news to sleep. kennedy: it's very sad because jason -- >> jason, you are so fun. i can't believe we ended on hundred biden. [laughter] kennedy: jessica, is joe biden the big guy? >> he is a big man, he has very tall. bearing trump, i hope he is athletic because he could have a rich future b2 as we speak. all right -- >> that may or may not be true. [laughter] >> this is my favorite segment
7:37 pm
so far i've been on this one right here. >> it's like game night but it's not thursday. >> we are supposed to take it seriously, like game night. not like game night. kennedy: this is why the show has one 14 enemies. [laughter] party panel, thank you all for being here and thank you for playing along, you all win. masterful. coming up, americans still feeling the pain at the pump, lawmakers trying to get answers. daniel turner joins me to discuss and moments and we got a brand-new kenne-dog. a sneak peek at rocky balboa. ♪♪
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kennedy: i do need your love. democrats pointing fingers other.price of gas from a they've rated oil executives accusing them of price gouging even though last week they said it was putin's fault. remember putin's price hike? thousand fun #. >> the american people are getting ripped off as these companies choose to keep production load with their own profit to say hi. >> consumers are pinched at the pump, oil companies have been raking in profits and pushing for policies that will only make our country mark depend upon oil. >> this doesn't feel fair, it feels like gouging. it even feels like privateering. kennedy: republicans say fellow crews to take the blame off the president's failed policies so who's to blame for high gas prices? he with me to explain, how are future executive director daniel turner is back.
7:43 pm
daniel, tell me honestly, without overt political agenda, why are gas prices high right now? >> absolutely. first of all, i feel i've done my penance for this having to sit through eight hours of this hearing today. if you want to get to the answer of why gas prices are so hi, it's a supply and demand but the supply is not near what it should be. we are sure about 2 million barrels a day and the reason we are not producing more oil domestically is because this administration put numerous policies and regulations in place that make it impossible to produce more oil and gas. proof of that is this -- you're going to tell me the oil and gas companies which make money making oil and gas right now don't want to make more money producing more oil and gas because they are greedy. look at the logical fallacy of that statement, if we are truly capitalist and believe these are
7:44 pm
greedy companies and they just want to make money than they want to produce more oil and gas but they are not doing so and there is a reason why and that reason is joe biden. kennedy: so if there is a greater need for non-russian gas and oil and places like western europe, how long will it take for these american companies to fill that need? >> years. this is not one that comes online very quickly. just because you have permission to drill by the time you do your exploratory drill and drill and frak and extract, that would be weeks and months down the road. you look at president trump taking over in 2017, it took two and a half years favorable policies to get to producing 13 and a half million barrels a day. now producing 11 million barrels a day and we don't have any favorable policies so frankly as long as this administration is
7:45 pm
in power and the secretary of interior and these agencies are charged with joe biden mandates to stop them from producing, they will not produce. kennedy: but they want solar and wind, are there solar and wind companies that produce what we need, what we can use in the united states or its most of it so concentrated in china? >> most is manufactured in china and china controls 95% of the metals and materials and element market required for these things to work and they don't work nearly as well and they are expensive. look at any country that gone greener faster than america. they pay way more than for electricity and higher emissions and we do and a precarious situation. the entire continent of europe so we keep hearing democrats say if only we turned to wind and solar. not only are we depend on china but china for technology that is
7:46 pm
expensive and inefficient and unreliable so there's not a solution by going green. kennedy: there is reliable, abundant nuclear energy so why aren't the united states and europe taking advantage of that? >> absolutely. iran derives 80s -- if the french can do it, certainly americans into it. look at andrew, in new york, governor newsom in california shut down nuclear plants, why? kennedy: everything i see reminds me of her. the few people, daniel, you are a genius. appreciate it. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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recommend malaysian airlines. this is a paramedic stimulating a mountain dew code red. the jet packs are only operational in the uk, the only american who gets to take off work like this is jen psaki. jet packs will help paramedics reach injured hikers faster so they can save lives while they wait for extraction. aromatics resuming into work these days. i'm surprised this guy has not been canceled. he's obviously russian. once they find their target, they can launch players so fellow rescue workers can see them for miles away. it works almost as well is wearing dunkin' donuts makeup. [laughter] i meant prostitute. topic number three. recalling 161,000 pounds of peanut butter over concerns some jars could contain small pieces
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of metal. you thought regular peanut butter got stuck on the roof of your mouth. according to skippy, almost 10000 jars were contaminated with fragments of a piece of fauci equipment making the jars extra, extra, extra, extra crunchy. also it's important to note even though the steel stainless, the blood pouring out of your mouth is still ruining your clothing. recall is out of abundance of caution and currently no evidence of anyone maliciously tampering with their product. that was a big concern because when it comes to peanut butter, a lot of people tend to get jelly. i don't think you are ready for this jelly. topic number four. good news, everyone, we found the tech second most talented woman in the world, the first of course is meghan markle. [laughter] time to witness the glory of diamond, social media phenomenon who plays guitar with her tongue.
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thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day. you can always follow us at winter and instagram on kennedy nation. tomorrow night on the show, larry sharp, if you can't watch, dvr it. our country wasn't founded on the right of happiness but rather the right to pursue happiness. that's what makes america the greatest nation the world has ever known. >> a lot of our power. >> subvert your eyes. >> here we go. >> that's a dirty job but somebody how to do it. welcome to the pursuit. the people who make america truly great are generally not the ones you see on tv, the want to make the most money or who have most procedures positions.


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