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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 7, 2022 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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working on that every day mike progress like i said going when ready not dictated by what anybody in fake news says our community continues to grow people having a good time including you maria. >> devin thanks very much for answering the questions this morning we will watch, what happens next on truth social and certainly on twister given elon musk's presence on the board thanks for raising all that, stuart: good morning, maria, good morning, everyone. and here is your musk headline of the day. put the picture on the screen, please. elon tweeted this. it's a play on his appearance with joe rogan when he smoked weed during the interview, and it's a promo for the big party in austin, texas tonight, when tesla's gigafactory opens 15,000 people invited. i've got a message for elon. weed is illegal in texas but in austin, the authorities won't prosecute if you only have a small amount. got it? all right there is other news, and it is again, from texas.
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governor abbott infuriated by the migrant surge, will bus them to washington. next month title 42 will be lifted and tens of thousands will show up at the border. the governor says it's the fed's responsibility, so he'll ship them directly to d.c. the markets dominated by the news from the federal reserve. jay powell will slow down and stop printing money and raise interest rates, the easy monier adjust ended. big drop for stocks wednesday, no recovery this morning dow is down about 80 at the opening bell, the nasdaq down about 16 points. more selling today. rates still high, the yield on the 10 year treasury coming in at 2.62%. bitcoin on the downside, moving lower today, you're looking at a price now of $43,000 per coin and oil, well-below 100 bucks a barrel $96.97 as we speak. the price of gasoline that's not coming down very much and it's
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coming down rather slowly. national average is still well- above $4 at 4.15 to be precise and diesel well-above $5 at 5.07 national average. war news, a meeting of nato ministers in brussels the ukrainian representative demands weapons, weapons, weapon s, his words, and they are going to use them to defeat the russians within ukraine. again, his words and that's important. will biden allow ukraine to get the weapons that could give them a win? new video shows a lone ukrainian tank taking on beating a russian convoy, hold on, everybody you're going to see it all. we'll also show you the president attacking one of america's most successful companies, and you'll see the new electric hummer. its got an engine, and all four wheels. it can do the crab walk, see that? would make parking rather easy look at that. i want one. i want one [laughter] it's thursday, april 7, it's 202 # and "varney" & company is
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about to begin. ♪ get ready because here i come ♪ stuart: cloudy and rainy as the masters begins and i believe some of the tee times have been put off a little bit. now this as you know this show concentrates on money and politics so you may find it strange that we started to with golf. there is a reason, as i just said the masters starts today, and the big point is that tiger is back. so, lauren simonetti now our golf reporter. what time does he tee off? lauren: i can tell you as your golf reporter it's 11:04 eastern time because of the weather as you just saw everything has been pushed back. it's his first tee off since he nearly lost his leg in that car crash last year. let me tell you what jack nicholas said. delighted to hear tiger will give it a go considering where he was, 17 months ago.
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this is an incredible feet, only reinforces the drive, passion and work ethics tiger has always possessed. he goes on, you know, tiger if he didn't think he could compete and win, he wouldn't tee up. he's going for his sixth green jacket. think he will get it? stuart: i want to see the ratings. i don't know, but i want to see the ratings for that. lauren: it's a comeback story. stuart: right. it's big, huge. all right, lauren let's get back to money and politics shall we? let's deal with money first. the federal reserve will print less of it and make it more expensive to borrow it. professor brian bremberg is here what be the impact of less money printing and higher interest rates? >> well if they do what they say it's going to be a big impact, a half point rate increase, another one, another one. but look, i'm a skeptic on whether or not they are going to do it, stuart. they talked a tough game in those fed meeting minutes so what did they do? they did a quarter point raise. what's going to happen at the next meeting? the economy is looking a little bit shakey are they really going to do the half point?
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are they really going to? i'll believe it when i see it but right now we're seeing a lot of tough talk. i want to see action. stuart: but then if you don't get action, inflation gets worse , doesn't it? and that makes the action that you got to take down the road even more extreme. >> yes, yes, but you got to believe they are really really serious about fighting this inflation, stuart. i'm a skeptic. this fed to me has got to prove that they are talking right now, but they have been talking for a long time and their story was wrong last year. they've got to get it right and show it before i'm willing to believe them. stuart: what you got lauren? lauren: i would say it seems like there's been a 180 in the market and at first everybody was criticizing the fed for not doing enough and now it seems like they will do much more and people are criticizing them for that. morgan stanley said the tone has shifted. there's more concern about controlling inflation, we get c pi on tuesday. there's more concern about that than the risks to growth, the risk to hitting that growth, hurting that growth and not
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getting the engineering that soft landing. what do we care more about? is it the necessary evil? stuart: i don't see how you can avoid a slowing economy. lauren: you can't. stuart: i don't see how you avoid that and i think the federal reserve actually will encourage this slow down. >> well everybody is upped their chances of recession. banks are starting to bake it in for next year but look, i'm just saying wait to see the fed do it because there's a theory that they start talking tougher to calm people down and then they find excuses to not go at a half point. i want to see the half point. lauren: there's also the theory at 50 points at each meeting won't be enough because inflation is that in the market. it is pretty bad. it's going to have to be at least half a point if they are really serious. stuart: that's why the stock market is selling off. that's it, isn't it? high inflation, rates going up, fed in action, gotta act, market down. where am i going wrong? >> every time we've seen this and the fed has gotten serious its been a disaster in
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terms of growth in the market, so yes, they are looking backward but this is a different fed, guys, a very different fed. stuart: we've got serious about the fed and money and inflation, now let's get back to elon musk. here we go. look at twitter. that's what he put out. musk joked about twitter's next board meeting. it's going to get lit. lauren: yeah. stuart: i'd call that typical elon. what do you got? lauren: at first, i thought this is inappropriate, you know, that meme picture from the joe rogan podcast, and then i thought he's shaking things up, what a way to do that right? i'm popping the popcorn for that may 25 board meeting i mean come on. >> not just popping the popcorn , that's it? lauren: i'd pay admission to go to that board meeting but what is the message he's sending to the company right now? it is no more business as usual. i was reading this riot es article and they spoke to employees and some said we don't like musk, we don't want him changing our company. he's now the company's top shareholder and unlike facebook there's no founder that controls it through a dual class share
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structure, so twitter is vulnerable. here comes musk, you like him or not he's controversial. it's not the only thing he's posted controversial in the past free speech, he posted memes of, you know, mocking transgender people and comparing world leaders to hitler, so this is what you're getting and you know it. stuart: yeah. lauren: and he did it again. stuart: but you know for a long time, the biden team would not meet with musk because his car factories are not unionized but i believe that yesterday, there was a meeting. now electric vehicle makers, was it a face to face meeting biden and musk? lauren: no, general motors was there, other company automakers were there. the top officials in the white house were there, but i'll give you two numbers. stuart: wait a second the pictures just showed musk next to biden. lauren: that's not one picture. stuart: the previous picture that one. he wasn't there at the white house was he? musk was not there? lauren: i don't think so. it was a call. stuart: it was a call.
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lauren: just two numbers paint the story. fourth quarter last year tesla sold 30 8,000 ev's guess how many gm's sold in the fourth quarter? stuart: couple hundred? lauren: 26. so of course he has to be there. he needs a seat at the table whether it's a call or not. he needs to be with mary bara and the other ceo's because he sold over 300,000 vehicles in three months and she sold 26. >> he makes himself unavoidable he puts up big numbers and even if you don't want to talk to him -- lauren: he's the elephant in the room. >> but he knows where to go if he needs advice and what's going on with the austin weed because stuart apparently knows all about -- lauren: stuart is distracted. stuart: i'm looking at a list here of the share of electric vehicle market that various companies have. tesla has a 75% share of the electric vehicle market in the united states. hyundai 9%, volkswagen 4%, ford
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4.5%, other and i presume that includes general motors 6%. that's it. lauren: so how did he get his first invite? stuart: biden should get together with elon musk. it's a mover and a shaker. shake things up. lauren: so do what twitter is doing invite him in well he bought himself in, but invite him. stuart: i've got to get to this. lauren: [laughter] stuart: i'm really interested in this particular story. lauren: what's this one? stuart: during a speech to union workers yesterday, president biden made this odd comment. it appeared to be about the war in ukraine. roll it. >> this fight is far from over. >> [applause] >> here is the point. this war could continue for a long time, but the united states will continue to stand with ukraine and the ukrainian people and the fight for freedom, and i just want you to know that and by the way, if i got to go to war i'm going with you guys. stuart: all right, congressman michael waltz is here a member of the house arms services committee. congressman, we want to rally around the president. we want to show support in a
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time of war but should he be making jokes like this off the cuff remarks? >> yeah i want to be clear, stu we should all want the commander-in-chief to be successful in a time of crisis but it is just gaf on top of gaf , and when you're the commander-in-chief, leader of the free world with your adversaries watching every signal and every message, these continued missed message on top of his disastrous trip out to europe when he hinted to the 82nd airborne they could be in ukraine soon, i'd like to think this is part of a broader strategy to keep putin on his back foot but again, it's just the actual lack of a messaging strategy that has me so concerned. stuart: congressman, at the nato meeting in brussels today, the ukrainian representative was there. he asked for , he demanded, weapons weapons weapons and he said he wanted, he demanded help and i'm quoting now, to defeat russia within ukraine. i think that's important.
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do you think that our administration is withholding military equipment from ukraine so that they can't win against the russians in ukraine? >> stu i wouldn't put it that way that they were withholding so that they can't win, but we're also not giving them what the administration is deeming offensive weaponry because of a fear of putin and i think the ukrainian foreign ministers absolutely right. we have to help the ukrainians go on offense and what is our objective in helping zelenskyy? is it helping them grind this down to a stalemate, now you have the president and general milli saying this can be a year's long effort, moving that line of control and allowing putin to continue to gobble up the most lucrative to him portions of ukraine which is the industrial and energy sector in the east, that's not victory. helping zelenskyy expel russians from ukrainian soil, restore their borders, restore their sovereignty, we need to be giving them the most advanced weaponry and training on it, and
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we're not providing the training that they need right now as a policy matter. we need to give them both to win stuart: congressman i think of you as a military guy and i think you did some time in the military. >> a little bit. stuart: i'm very interested that you have written a children's book called "dawn of the brave." it sounds a little military to me. would that be accurate? >> well, stu, it's about serving your country, and serving a cause bigger than yourselves, working as a team. it's actually one of the series, stu, it's a subscription if you go to, it's not available on amazon. it's on the kids get one a month. let's take our children's education back. we're all ringing our hands and we saw what happened in virginia , we're seeing what's happening with disney. covid exposed the garbage being taught in our schools. this is good, conservative content, family values, and $15 of every subscription goes to samaritan's purse so it's actually a lot of fun. i didn't do the illustrations. they don't teach us that in
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special forces training, but we need to be reaching our young people with family, faith, and service now. stuart: well done, sir. well done indeed. >> thank you. stuart: we'll see you again soon , i hope. >> yes, sir. stuart: check those futures, 17 minutes to go, we've got some red dow is down 100, nasdaq is down 40-odd points. disney going further into the woke wars, airing a public service announcement featuring a transgender teen. morgan ortegas says disney should be about family vacations , not indoctrination she's coming up next. the governor of texas plans to curb the expected influx of illegal migrants. >> we are sending them to the united states capitol where the biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border. stuart: how about that? full report, coming up for you, after this.
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stuart: the governor of texas, greg abbott, is going to bus illegal migrants from the border straight to washington d.c. roll tape. >> to help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hoards of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the biden administration. texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the biden administration to washington d.c. we are sending them to the united states capitol where the biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border. stuart: all right, come on in, morgan ortegas. she joins us now. well, look, sounds like a very
9:20 am
interesting plan. it raises a smile, doesn't it, when you listen to the governor of texas, but do you think it will actually happen? can you see tens of thousands of migrants on hundreds of buses in a convey to d.c.? >> well, i think so, and i hope so. i think governor abbott has it right and ted cruz also mentioned several places around the country martha's vineyard, and other destination vacation spots for the elite where he thought it would make a great home for them and listen, these people are coming over the border because they know that they can, and by the way, this is not humane from the biden administration to allow this to happen, right? if you look at the stories that we have read about the children that are trafficked, the women that are raped on these journeys , they are taken advantage of from these cartels, from these smugglers, this is not a good situation for these people, and listen, we're talking about title 42 ending, i know that you've been talking about this on your show this
9:21 am
week. we have about 8,000 people coming over the border today, as title 42 ends that will be 18,000, that is unsustainable and by the way, some of the public estimates i've read is that cartels could be making up to $1 billion a month in smuggling because of the way our border is right now, so it's not just about the illegal immigration, it's huge it's a big part of it but how in the world is this a smart national security strategy to have cartels making a billion dollars a month. stuart: i would think that public opinion is so opposed to this , lifting title 42. i mean, universal opposition to it including many democrats in the senate. i would have thought that public opinion would force a rethink of title 42 withdrawal. what do you think? >> by the way, despite what you may hear or read, it is hispanic americans in texas that are opposed and are starting to come to the republican party. biden has been even under water
9:22 am
with hispanic registered democrats in texas, and so when you look around this country, what i think is amazing is that we have so many republican hispanic women running for congress, some in arizona, two in texas, one that is running for congress was actually born in mexico and all of these his hispanic republican s running for congress are saying wait a minute we have to have a secure border so republicans should feel free to stand up because this is a national security issue. we still have the number one killer of young people in this country is fentanyl overdoses and this fentanyl is coming from this border smuggl ing. stuart: morgan i need your opinion on disney. disney is going to air an ad, kind of public service announcement, featuring a transgender teen and calling for support of the lgbtq plus youth. now as a parent, would you like to pass judgment on disney right now? >> what i would like disney to do is to explain to the american
9:23 am
people why they are expanding into 10 countries right now, 10 countries that criminalize homosexuality so these are countries where, you know, you could go to jail, obviously, if caught in the act, so tell me why you are filming the movie mu lan where there is a current genocide against muslim wegers going on right now. you know, explain to me how you can be so against america, so against our ability to have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the ability to believe and teach our children whatever we think is best, yet you can stand by and ignore a genocide of muslims in china, yet you can expand into 10 countries that criminalize homosexuality? they are massive massive hypocrites, and i would say the winners in this whole thing are people like my husband and dads around the country that are sick of the expensive vacations that the moms make us go to in disney world, so you know, i just think families are not going to stand
9:24 am
for this. stuart: all right, morgan great stuff, thank you very much indeed. we are indeed out of time. we're going to have red ink at the opening bell on wall street, but we'll take you there nonetheless, right after this. ♪
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stuart: red ink on the left-hand side of your screen following up on yesterday's red ink, dow is going to be down about 100 at the opening bell, d. barton is with us. look we've got an inflation storm hitting us right now, and i want to know where to invest to weather that storm. got any good ideas? >> well i do, stuart, and i think that this inflation storm is going to be dealt with by the fed. maybe good, maybe not so good, but some places where we can invest are in things that hurt if you drop them on your foot, are real assets, and i think the two places i really like are getting stuff out of the ground, like freeport mcmarohan, one of the companies i like on a pullback, so they are pulling copper and gold out of the
9:29 am
ground. the other place i really like is agriculture, because even though we've seen a spike, we are going to need much more food, really supply chain help, and so you can look at a company like john deere whose also going through a 5% pullback right now. i think they have a lot more upside selling equipment all over the world. stuart: so are we done with big tech which we've been part of for 12 years, are you done with it? >> i am not done with it at all , stuart and i think one of the things that we're going to see is this , these inflationary forces that you just mentioned are pushing big tech down now. microsoft down over 3% yesterday alone, because people are saying all that cash that we know they are going to get in the future is worthless today, so i think it's nibble nibble nibble all the way on all pullback for big tech because they are still making the money.
9:30 am
they are still bringing in the cash, the top seven companies in the world for net income are all the big tech stocks. stuart: glad you're supporting my retirement fund, d. r., much appreciated. >> [opening bell ringing] stuart: the opening bell will ring, and then they will start trading, and i do predict confidently there will be more red ink just like we saw yesterday. here we go the dow is off 100 points right from the start and the vast majority of the dow 30 are in the red, they are selling them. so the s&p 500 also down .18%, the nasdaq coming in on the downside, down .18% so you've got a small amount of red ink, a small loss for most stock s, earlier in the going. big tech all down except for meta platforms which is at $ 223 a share, microsoft firmly below 300 bucks per share. show me hp as in hewlett packard
9:31 am
, please? warren buffett has just bought a big chunk of that company the thing is up nearly 11%. how much did he buy? lauren: 11.4% of the company is what he owns now, $4.2 billion worth. he's warming up to tech you could say, and he is sitting on all this cash. you just told us it was $144 billion so he just put 25 billion of it to work with this stake in hp, also occi dental petroleum. stuart: can you imagine that? how much cash does he got? $144 billion cash? can you imagine that? >> you could buy some stocks with that stuart, a little more microsoft with that. stuart: you could buy entire companies with that and that's exactly what he does. all right, let's get to elon musk. he's holding this cyber rodeo celebrating the opening of tesla 's new gigafactory in texas later on today the stock is back to nearly 1,050 bucks, tell me more about this party. lauren: okay so the doors open, invitation only at 4:00, local time, the festivities begin at 8:00, elon will speak at 9:00 we
9:32 am
do expect governor abbott and senator cruz to be there. look, this plant took two years to build. the aim is half a million teslas produced a year, and since just a few weeks ago, tesla opened their plant in germany, the stock is up 5% in just that short time. so i told you 30 8,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter it's going to be a lot more going forward. stuart: wait a minute they have a recall. lauren: it's in china. potential fault in the semiconductors that could lead to collisions so they are calling back about 127,000 model 3's in china. stuart: we've been on the air for 32 minutes this morning. how much of that time have we spent on elon musk and his tweet s and his gigafactory? >> why didn't you just do a cart board cut out of him here where i am and you could ask the cardboard cut out questions. stuart: do you think the ratings would go up? >> might be more insightful than what you're getting out of the chair right now. stuart: con agra, as you know, is a food packaging company it's
9:33 am
down 1%, i'm guessing supply chain issues. lauren: you're guessing correct, but higher costs than expected when it comes to their frozen foods and snacks, so they lower ed their full year profit forecast despite not just one, not just two, but multiple rounds of price hikes. so you keep hiking prices and that's still not covering your cost looking out on the year, they see gross inflation at 16%, if you want to tie that back into the fed, and maybe these 50 basis point potential hikes aren't enough when the company says your inflation is at 16%. stuart: 16% later in the year. >> it would take you a very long time with half point rate increases to deal with that kind of inflation by the way. more than half a point if we're going to have that. lauren: labor, shipping, raw materials, grains. stuart: okay. that's a serious situation, 16%. all right, now, rite aid down 17 %. lauren: yeah. stuart: that's a huge drop. i have to wonder if they can survive.
9:34 am
lauren: i think that's what deutsche bank is wondering and they cut rite aid to sell they slashed the price target from 16 to $1. we'll hear from rite aid one week from today when they report their earnings. the reason for this downgrade from deutsche bank is they say the pandemic hastened the decline of what rite aid does, the retail pharmacy and then they need $400 million to cover debt and keeping their maintained and if they can't, here's the quote. this is why the stock is down so much. the stock arguably has no value as a company, so that's pretty negative language, and 400 million is essentially what is expected for rite aid so that's going to be a key mark we'll see next week if they can clear it. stuart: sounds like the kiss of death to me. lauren: i didn't want to say it, but thank you, yes. that's what it is. stuart: all right, rent the runway. here we go. now i know they are raising prices but the stock is down about 70%. we've been following it down 70% so they raised prices. that going to help?
9:35 am
lauren: well, depends how many people are getting married and going to events again and going back to the office and because everybody is raising prices they can raise prices, so they are going up by about 5%. they have a lot of plans, their most basic plan, you get eight items a month that goes up $10 and costs you $144 you pay that starting march 6, may 6. stuart: how much are you allowed to send back? lauren: i think everything you can send back. stuart: really? lauren: yeah. >> you wouldn't need a closet, stuart, just rent your clothes and wear them in the show and send them back at the end of the week. stuart: do people do that, seriously? >> well maybe lauren. actually i teach a case study on rent the runway in my business classes and it's a really interesting entrepreneurial story and the founders were actually at harvard business school the same time i was there and fascinating approach to starting it and very experimental kind of approach. we don't have half an hour or i'd teach the case to you right now, but it's interesting the company is down so much because it was all based on these events people would go to, and never being seen twice in
9:36 am
the same dress on facebook or instagram in that whole world changed with covid. stuart: you went to harvard? >> i did. i know you can't believe that. stuart: harvard business school? >> yes, i did. it was a pity play. stuart: you wouldn't be on this show. >> [laughter] stuart: let's get serious we'll talk about microsoft and apple. lauren: yes. stuart: dan ives, wedbush guy, he says we should be buying these names. lauren: aggressively. stuart: what's his reasoning? lauren: he says look all the rate hike fears, this recession talk, people ran for the exits and they sold in discriminately. he says don't do that. buy aggressively, apple, microsoft, oracle, also look at players in the cybersecurity space like v-scaler and palo alto and tech is oversold, the most so since 2015, just wait and see the first quarter earnings will be the next catalyst for the stock. stuart: he has been really aggressively saying buy big tech and he's been saying that for a long, long time. that's what he does. lauren: and then he just to bring golf back in because i am your golf reporter, he said we
9:37 am
view tech stocks very positively from oversold levels just like tiger playing at the masters today. it's a comeback story. stuart: as the golf reporter on the show. lauren: i didn't go to harvard business school. >> oh, great that's a running joke now. what does the harvard business school guy have to say? stuart: what's the top of the list of dow winners? salesforce and apple? s&p 500 the winner in that list is -- lauren: hp. stuart: warren buffett has 100% stake. nasdaq winners headed by, is that costco? lauren: it is. stuart: wonderful company. they have restored free lunches and i'm there. >> [laughter] stuart: seriously this stock almost at 600 bucks a share, serious gain for that company. >> they have great pies, their pies are amazing. big, great pies. stuart: the mainstream media not holding back how they really
9:38 am
feel about the media, about republicans i should say. roll that tape. >> like marjorie taylor greene, this woman, well where is will smith when you really need him? >> tom cotton is the lowest of the low. it shows you who this little mag ot-infested man is. stuart: oh,, oh, did you really have to do that, sir, really, come on former republican congressman jason chaffetz will take it on, believe me he will. here is a headline for you. baseball is guying, the government should take it over. i wonder what two time world series champ keith hernandez thinks about that and i'm going to ask him. he's on the show later. the gas guzzling hummer goes electric and sideways. auto guy gary gasleleau has taken it for a test drive and he's here to tell us about it, next.
9:39 am
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♪ it was the heat of the moment ♪ stuart: i like this song, okay heat of the moment i like that song, all right that's capitol hill of course, it's cloudy there, 50 degrees, that is d.c. for you. yesterday's congressional hear ing with oil executives quickly turned, shall we say, fiery? lauren: we'll show it to you you'll hear the democrat's questions and the executive's responses. >> the gas prices have soared, your companies have funneled record profits back to shareholders. you're not willing to do increased production and reduce dividends and buybacks? >> we can increase production and value -- >> all right i'm going to take that as a no. >> do you think that you should be treated separately and get
9:44 am
the kind of tax breaks that you're getting now even when the profits are high? >> the level playing field is our approach and what we advocate for. don't look for special carve outs, level playing field. >> but you get special carve outs. lauren: there is frustration, so there's finger pointing. look, just go all the way back to when joe biden first came into office. if he greenlighted keystone, we would have had 25 million-barrels a month here that would have completely replaced imports from russia at 20 million-barrels a month. stuart: got it, what do you say, ryan? >> what theatre is this? six months ago those same folks in those same chairs are saying how dare you aren't you embarrassed you produce so much oil and six months later they are saying guess what though, it's their theatre they think there's political benefit in it. americans are sitting at home doing what? paying over $4 a gallon for gas, $5 for diesel. get it together, d.c. it's not about you. it's about the folks who drive the trucks that need that gas.
9:45 am
stuart: i've lived in america for nearly 50 years. in almost every single year, whenever gas goes up, it's the wicked oil companies, you know? drag them in for hearings, make them like big tobacco, you know? just demonize them somehow or other, and you never get any change. lauren: it's a little bit different this time because i feel like we've done such immense homework in showing viewers this is how an oil rig works. this is who owns the gas station s. it's not the oil companies. this is the deal with the leases i feel like we're showing people how it really works. stuart: well we should be showing them and i hope it rubs off on the public that is not the answer. >> it doesn't rub off on the politicians. stuart: never. >> they aren't listening. stuart: they're wrong. oh, look whose here now. gary gastaleau, patiently waiting for us to finish out a discussion of the oil executives you test drove a new hummer ev. i know you did, now how does it stack up against tesla's cyber
9:46 am
truck? >> yeah, no oil or gas to worry about with this one. can't tell you how it stacks up against the cyber truck because the cyber truck isn't on sale its been delayed until 2023 and this is on sale ahead of buick and gmc told me this says when we say we're going to do something we do it. there's only 100 on the road but i did get to drive one and the specs take it beyond the cyber truck, 1,000- horsepower, they are launching now, accelerates to 6e seconds that's as quick as a corvette. it has the front trunk you can see right there, removeable roof panels to make it open like a jeep, and off road it has an amazing air suspension system that can lift it six inches if you get stuck on something, plus four wheel steering that allows it to make turns as tightly as a sub-compact car and also has this thing called crab walk mode where it turns the rear wheels in the same direction as the front by 10 degrees so you can drive not quite sideways like a crab but diagonally. i'm not sure how often that's
9:47 am
useful but it gets a lot of attention, elon musk thinks it's cool after it came out said he's giving that, putting that on to the cyber truck as well. stuart: i understand that they had 6,500 reservations for the hummer, the hummer ev. >> 67,000 actually. stuart: 67,000? >> it's sold out through 2024 they are only making about 1,500 this year as the production ramps up to full production at the end of the year but they are building a lot more next year. yeah, a lot of interest here, 95 % of those reservations are being converted into solid order s as well. stuart: how much, what's the retail price? >> retail price for this very first one is $112,000, they are adding lower content models down to $79,000 in a couple years. that said, the platform, this is built is also used on the gmc sierra pick-up and the chevrolet silverado pick-up coming next year that will start at 40 grand. stuart: 0-60 in how many seconds
9:48 am
>> three seconds basically drag race a corvette with this. stuart: [laughter] i want it, i want it. all right gary gastelu, that is very cool, thank you very much indeed. love the crab walk, see you later. now, listen to this one. prices for domestic flights have jumped a lot since the start of this year. how much are we talking about? lauren: 40% jump, that surprised me since january, so the average domestic airfare is now $330 round-trip, but it's expected to go up another 10% next month. right now, we want to go places so there is that pent-up demand so customers are paying and i think will continue to pay but at some point you want to feel like you're getting something for your money and it doesn't feel like that when you're on the airplane. i feel bad for the airlines, but you know, 330 bucks is the average and only going up. stuart: well you know what happened to me, brian? i was booking a flight to naples , florida, i've got to go
9:49 am
down there at the end of april, and the price of the ticket was exactly double what i paid for the same flight on the same airline a couple of weeks ago. >> you'll hitchhike again? you could hitchhike, i could see you doing that. lauren: bring a camera. stuart: no, we're not doing it, okay? we're out of time. why would the president of the united states launch an attack on one of the best and brightest companies in america? that's what president biden did yesterday. i'll take it on, in my take, coming up shortly. violent crimes surging across new york city, 13% shooting victims last month were under the age of 18. 13%. we've got a report on that, coming up next. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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defi technologies, bridges traditional financial markets to maweb 3.0 and decentralizedon. finance, offers investors simplified access to crypto and decentralized technologies through a single investment. defi technologies.
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even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. stuart: all right, life in new york. crime is surging, all across the city. overall, it's up what, 35% from a year ago. nate foyer is with us. nate are the victims, are they getting younger and younger? >> the short answer is yes, stuart. you said it before the break. new york city police confirmed 13% of all shooting victims from the month of march were under
9:54 am
the age of 18. unfortunately, one of those victims you see right here , 12-year-old cade luen was shot and killed at this intersection in brooklyn, one week ago today. you see the memorial that has been left behind and we learned from new york city police exactly what happened. a black car circled this block four times on the fourth time somebody emerged from the sunroof and unloaded the handgun eight times killing cade. new york city mayor eric adams appeared alongside his family. listen here. >> whose child is next? this could have been jordan sneakers, my son. >> it is way too much of our people are being targeted and way too much innocent people are being killed. reporter: stuart surprisingly the new york city murder rate is down 8.6% from this time last year, but shooting victims you see are up 14.5%, felony assault is up 19.1%, and overall crime
9:55 am
is up over 44%. the nypd commissioner is calling for tougher bail reform because of this , and says the current system is not working. >> it's clear what we are confronting. a perception among criminals that there are no consequences, even for serious crime. we need tangible changes with a balanced system that puts victims first. reporter: these problems not just confined to new york city. in philadelphia, on monday, an eighth grader was shot and killed while walking home one block from school. hours after that, a 13-year-old was shot multiple times in a car in west philadelphia and we have just confirmed this morning that that young boy has passed away. back here in brooklyn the search for cade's killer continues and we did learn just yesterday from new york city police and you see it on this flier right here, increased the reward to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. we'll send it back to you. stuart: i'll take it, nate, thank you very much indeed.
9:56 am
brian bremberg still with me. you're a new yorker, mayor adams came on board vowing to say, you know, public security, public safety be improved. now what happened? >> i wish he would get more focused on it. i feel like i'm still hearing more about him from masks on two to four-year-olds instead of the crime problem, i'll give him credit i'm on the subway all the time. there's definitely a higher police presence on the subway which is good, but it still feels to me like he's not being as aggressive as he talked about this should be number one, two, three on his priority list. it still feels like it's not. stuart: okay, brian thanks very much for being with us, i always appreciate it. >> you bet. stuart: still ahead tennessee senator marsha blackburn, texas congressman tony gonzalez, retired four star general jack keane, and two time world series champ keith hernandez, the 10:00 hour of "varney" is coming right at you. ♪
9:57 am
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10:00 am
♪♪ stuart: i have heard this music before. was this? lauren: phil collins. stuart: he almost disappeared. 10:00 eastern, straight to the money. look at this. the dow is down one hundred 74 points. we have a turnaround for the
10:01 am
nasdaq up 26. where's the yield on the 10 year treasury the points the way to big tech? it is up 2.62% so big tech is not doing well. the price of oil well below $100 a barrel, 9726 to be precise. bitcoin down 43,006 a coin. 10:00 eastern on thursday morning. that means mortgage rate time. lauren: they went up to 4. 72%. the look at the past 3 months, freddie mac says that is up 1.5. since 1994. this will start to cool if it hasn't already. stuart: i'm not sure where that rate comes from but to go to a bank and get a commercial rate i'm going to pay 5%. neil: spoke to someone yesterday and his rates were 5.37. stuart: thanks very much. now this.
10:02 am
america has produced the world's best tech companies. you would think we would be proud of him. apparently we are not. listen to the president talking about amazon. >> president biden: i created the white house task force on work organization to make sure the choice to join a union belongs to workers alone. amazon, here we come. stuart: i don't understand the humor, here we come. what is funny about attacking a company that offers healthcare from day one, fully funded tuition and at least $15 an hour not to mention revolutionizing retail, the cloud, and space. does the president believe amazon with anywhere near successful if it were unionized from day one? what apple have produced the iphone if it was a union shop? this antibusiness attitude runs strong in today's democrat party. bernie sanders hates any and
10:03 am
all big companies, big is bad. unless it is big government. senator elizabeth warren disparages tech at every opportunity and wants to break it up because it is crushing the middle class. really? big tech has moved millions into the middle class. i am tired of it. the president and much of his party take a negative view of america's most successful companies, attacking them deliberate the, punishing them for their success and it is wrong. they don't drag down your best performers and if you do the only winners are power-hungry socialists, the rest of us lose. i'm getting all fired up. second hour of varney is just getting started. ♪♪ stuart: jason chaffetz is on the show. i will calm down. why are these companies being punished at attacked for their success?
10:04 am
>> i like it when you get fired up. the president pandering to his donor base. as simple as that. president biden hasn't had a real job outside the public sector for more than 50 years. he doesn't understand business, i don't think he understands how it works and i don't think he understands how difficult business is, to start, maintain it, to grow it and become one of the biggest companies in a very short time. stuart: do you think it is a winning political issue that brings votes to democrats when they attack these companies? >> they always believed in bigger government, that is where they worship at the heels of government. i don't think it is working. it is just not. he doesn't understand business, doesn't understand capital,
10:05 am
doesn't understand the need to have a trajectory where there is a predictable outcome and he believes in high regulatory state. don't think it is sustainable. stuart: as a republican i want you to listen to the media revealing how they feel about republicans. roll tape. >> marjorie taylor green, especially upset with the three republican senators who said they would vote yes on ketanji brown jackson. where's will smith when you really need him? >> silence is being complicit. >> in a senate where there is ted cruz and lindsey graham, tom cotton is the lowest of the low. that's the republican party we see today, build on fraud, fear, and fascism. stuart: you took out the amaga comments. tom cotton, a maggot. i wish we could put that in again.
10:06 am
they are throwing a tantrum because they know they will lose in november. what do you say? >> they are getting desperate. that's usually the tactic of a second or third grader to lash out and start calling names. senator tom cotton, i had a chance to serve with him in the house, that he is a fraud, he served in the united states military. i wonder if a permit person who made that comment did so. it is an act of desperation because they don't understand where the american people are or the phenomenon of donald trump. stuart: you think that the empty seats in the house of representatives this november, 50 seats? >> if it's not 50 maybe it is -- about looking at the world of politics who think nancy pelosi will maintain the gavel and continue as speaker.
10:07 am
stuart: only time will tell. thanks for being here. after decades of democrat rule, one county has turned republican after it was ravaged by black lives matter riots. which one? lauren: kenosha, wisconsin. samantha kerman was elected county executive, the first red win in decades, it is a swing state. if you look at kenosha. he paints a picture of local issues creating broader national narrative, what was done during the pandemic, what we saw with the george lloyd protests that we corrected. people don't like the policies in place and want to go back to not crazy but common sense. common sense.
10:08 am
stuart: back to the markets, we are down 200 points on the dow industrials and something else on screen, give me the market back again, dow is down 230 and the nasdaq, i will find out, here we go. the nasdaq is up. no wonder i have to wait. sitting next to me, the one and only garykaupaum. >> 90 degrees this past week, real fast. stuart: i want to talk about housing, mortgage rates are up, the housing market is clearly slowing down, not necessarily in florida but in most of the country. is that a precursor to a recession for the whole economy? >> the wealth effect in reverse, people look at the stock market, the new yearly low, housing stocks and
10:09 am
whirlpool, sherwin-williams, home depot the worst stock in the dow. anything you put in your house or with your house is going to have a voice yelling and screaming at the topping out housing market based on affordability and the screaming moving mortgage rates which means a lot. stuart: does that move the whole economy closer to a recession? >> most definitely. people feel wealthier when housing prices go up and you have a little bit right now, i think the market is screaming contraction right now, the strongest spots in the market, food, drug, beverage, tobacco, household products and the only retail stocks that are strong, cvs in defensive areas, screaming contraction going forward. stuart: what about the overall markets, some folks on this program watched the market and got clients and telling them
10:10 am
there's a big decline coming like one of my advisors saying 20% down in the next few months. >> i wouldn't bet against that but the way the market is shaped, apple the 70% of the s&p. unless they get apple, tesla and amazon the indices will hold up better. also, the dow, procter & gamble in the dow johnson & johnson at a new yearly high defensive. all i can tell you right now, everything consumer related is in a bear market. auto vehicles, dealerships, new yearly lows, restaurants at yearly lows, anything consumer related. it is a matter of the rest of the market is up. stuart: you have been in new york. you are not going to stay but you should. >> never stop those editorials, that was spot on. stuart: a round of applause would have been appreciated but you don't have to. what are we looking at now?
10:11 am
one group is flooding the housing market. lauren: i will try to explain, millennials, what a lot of them did during lockdown, they moved out of their extensive apartments and live with their parents, saved money and are trying to buy a home. this is a share of millennial homebuyers as a percentage of the market. this is tricky, don't know if you want to weigh in on this but when you buy a home not only are rates going up in the price of that home but if you do any fixing up to that home good luck because it is hard to find a good price and availability. >> can't get supplies on anything. it takes months and months to refurbish homes so that's a problem and they have these companies that have been taken
10:12 am
over by big corporations where people are buying shares in the homes and i wonder if that is a sign of it. the people put $100 towards that. stuart: i've got to move on and have the movers on screen. how about wayfarer? they are moving up not that much. lauren: they were cut to underweight at wells fargo. lower demands because of inflation, they are going to spend their money on travel. they lowered price targets on home depot, worst performing stock on the dow and lowe's. those stocks are down. wayfarer despite this downgrade hiring. stuart: inextricable. lauren: i like that word. stuart: right aid and beyond meet is down $42, right aid is down 23%. 3%. lauren: what did you say what deutsche bank said? kiss of death. deutsche bank giving them the
10:13 am
kiss of death and they are teaming up to sell their beyond meet burger and meatballs. stuart: beyond meet will be in right aid? they sell something -- lauren: i bought food in the drugstore before. lauren: we were talking about millennials. millennials will by this? piper sandler did a report, millennials are not interested anymore. stuart: how about yeti? lauren: you like yeti. i use it every day. lauren: i have several of them. what is the story? lauren: they are upgraded to a by up 4%, they likely online business, up 17% compared to last year and that is responsible.
10:14 am
stuart: it is gary's fault, that's why we don't have any time left. elon musk finally got to participate in a meeting with biden officials. we have that story for you. the white house admits to giving cell phones to illegal migrants to check in on them. watch this. >> you are starting to get smart phones to border crossers hoping they will use the phones to check in or to be tracked. which part of that is supposed to deter people from crossing illegally? >> we need to take steps to ensure that we know where individuals are and can check in with them. stuart: peter doocy never gives them a free ride. more on that later. the mayor of mariupol says his steady has been turned into, quote, the new auschwitz. are we doing enough to help ukraine when militarily? i will ask general jack keane. he will be on set too. ♪♪ i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid,
10:15 am
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stuart: the administration says they are ready to use all their sanctions tools if china were to invade taiwan. edward lawrence at the white house. the sanctions didn't stop russia. so what makes the white house think it will stop china? >> that is an excellent question that i am going to ask today of the white house. first we heard from the president and the white house that sanctions were a deterrent for russia to invade ukraine, then the message for the president shifted after the invasion that sanctions were never deterrent but meant to cause pain on the russian president who doesn't seem to be feeling that pain at the moment. now treasury secretary janet yellen saying all sanction tools would be used if china moves aggressively on taiwan. >> we have shown that in the
10:20 am
case of russia we threatened significant consequences, imposed significant consequences and i think you should not doubt our ability and resolve to do the same in other situations. >> reporter: china is learning from the invasion ukraine, experts said the chinese are seeing how the west is respond, what lines will not be crossed and how to get around the sanctions already in place. that south dakota governor says president biden is doubling down on weakness saying not standing up fast enough and getting enough things into support ukraine fast enough as well as not standing up to president putin from russia strong enough, our enemies are taking notice. >> these are clear threats to the security of the united states but there are more, china's ruthless communist leaders are not only strengthening their military but manipulating their currency.
10:21 am
using regulations to create unfair trade practices and paying lip service to agreements to the un while the us is held to a different standard. >> reporter: she goes on to say china is buying up processing plants and us rare earth mineral companies. she believes china will try to control the us through the items that we buy. lauren: thanks very much. joining me now retired four *general general jack keane. welcome back to the program, good to see you in new york. in brussels at the nato meeting the ukrainian representative said give me weapons weapons weapons. he wants help to, quote, defeat russia within ukraine. i thought that was important lose the possibility of beating them militarily within ukraine. >> absolutely right. a month ago that would have been a stretch to say the least. all of us overestimated russian capability and underestimated
10:22 am
ukraine capability. we are entering a critical phase. the russians lost the battle for kyiv and other northern cities and now they are consolidating all their forces in one area, in the donbas region. that makes it easier in terms of their logistics lines who are no longer in four places to concentrate in one. they are putting in reinforcements in that area. all that said, zelenskyy and his military has an opportunity to drive them out of ukraine and that is what he is talking about, something we never would have considered a few weeks ago. it is a real opportunity and that's why he is screaming for different kinds of weapons, they are attacking and they want tanks, big fighters, artillery, they want more advanced weapons to conduct that kind of operation. they want the stingers and javelins and small arms and
10:23 am
drones but they need these other weapons as well. stuart: sorry to interrupt. you get the feeling president biden and his team will supply those weapons and want to when militarily? >> the president has never declared that. i don't think he is on the same page. i think they are looking for a end to the war and take a deal. zelenskyy doesn't want that because it leaves russian troops in his territory. he's going for a win. i don't believe we are on the same page with him and that is why there is frustration, why he is saying i need three things, weapons weapons weapons, to all those nato ministerial's. there are 30 countries there. the resources are there to help them and it would be better to crush the russian army in ukraine. it would take years for that army to rise up again and threaten nato. it is in nato's interest for
10:24 am
zelenskyy and his military to drive the russian army out. stuart: how do we do it? >> they are afraid of vladimir putin escalating. that's the fear they have. stuart: should we be afraid of escalating? >> we should be concerned about it and consider the consequences but we shouldn't let him impact on our actions to the degree we do. that's why the mig's aren't there because of that. stuart: they could be there easily. >> we could get them there. they fly these airplanes. we are having difficulty getting in the air defense systems, the as 300s to protect those aircraft and other advanced weapons as well. i don't believe the level of commitment is there, one hundred% supporting zelenskyy's objective which is defeat the russian army on his soil and drive them out. stuart: you know what they are talking about.
10:25 am
rising gas prices supercharging interest in going electric. more than 60,000 reservations were made for the new hummer ev this week. we talked about on the program. grady trimble will give us a preview of that vehicle coming up. democrats spar with oil exec it is on who is to blame for high gas prices. watch this. >> gas prices have soared, you funneled record profits back to shareholders, you are not willing to do increased production and reduce dividends and buy back? >> we could increase production and return values. >> i will take that as a no. stuart: patrick the han will join us. i want to know how high will gas prices go this summer? he will have an answer after this. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:26 am
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stuart: walmart on screen, one hundred $55 a share, they have a plan to tackle the driver shortage and high gas prices. lauren: one hundred $10,000 a a
10:30 am
year, $110,000 in your first year and then starting a training program. that means you graduate, get your license and the costs of that license is covered by the company. they need to move their goods and the nation faces an $80,000 plus trucker shortage closing down the supply chain. stuart: that is something, $110,000 a year. long-haul drivers, first year on the job with walmart. lauren: it is part of the skills trade and it is a big one. there is demand for this skill set. stuart: you need them go get them. out of time. we are struggling with high gas prices. the national average is $4.15 a gallon, down $0.07 from one week ago. gas buddy back with us now. gas is coming down really slowly. i want to know what happens in the summer. doesn't go right back up again as it usually does go up again
10:31 am
in the summer? >> it is possible that given the circumstances with russia and ukraine the we potentially could have seen our 2022 peak. it's not definitive yet. vladimir putin escalates things between russia and ukraine or if the you but he did decides to go ahead with sanctions on russia's energy that the new game but for now there is the potential we may have hit a peak, gasoline demand appears to be softening from the high prices and we are seeing prices decline, and oil under $97 a barrel. stuart: how about diesel? that's more important to the overall economy because truckers, farmers, construction folks use diesel and is well above $5 a gallon. any improvement? when i say improvement i mean the opposite. is it going to go up in the summer? >> diesel is going to be much
10:32 am
more challenging. you are looking at demand for diesel and shortages, with diesel over europe. inventories are very low if you are in the us, that is a challenge. we will probably stick around in the $5 area for diesel, some states will be higher than that and if any refinery, diesel is more challenged. don't look for much relief on diesel, demand is very high. stuart: do you think oil companies or gas station operators are price gouging the public? >> we see nothing beyond the free market at work, stations following whatever the market price is up and down. interesting that oil executives bring in oil companies making hundred $20 billion, many tweeting from devices made by a company that made $95 billion last year.
10:33 am
stuart: you don't think it's the local gas station guy who was messing with it. let me summarize. we may have reached the peak gas price for 2022 but diesel may be another story. is that where you're coming from? >> salute the. watch for further escalation or if they do sanction russian oil, all bets are off. stuart: see you again soon. leaders of the auto industry yesterday, those leaders included elon musk, mary barare a. did anything come of the meeting? >> charging stations, national network of half a million and interoperable oneness which means you can charge any ev at any charging station. last week the epa issued new
10:34 am
and tougher fuel emissions standards and that is effectively a mandate automator's should be producing, perhaps only electric vehicles in the near future so they got gm and tesla, all the companies together. if this is what you want us to do, how do we make affordable for americans? what about tax incentives and rebates? not all companies get them in the same number. stuart: successful meeting? >> more successful because tesla had a seat at the table because they produce so many evs. we won they b1 they are kept out of these meetings. thank you. more on electric vehicles, the all electric hummer is on the market, grady trimble is with us, standing next to one, he has been driving this thing. do you want to go back to the crabwalk?
10:35 am
that the most extraordinary thing. have you been in the hummer when it did the crabwalk? >> absolutely. we did crabwalk mode earlier this week and got some video of that, that's where all we were wheels go in the same direction at attend agree angle and it can move sideways, with 3 electric motors in the hummer ev pickup can go from 0 to 60, in 3 seconds. we had to try that out as well. take a look. and priced at $110,000 this is not necessarily a vehicle for the masses but general motors announced a partnership with honda where they say they will make attainable evs using the same technology like the battery system that is in the hummer.
10:36 am
>> using the same voters and considerations and trucks and suvs and smaller passenger all vehicles. >> a lot of interests in the hummer ev. more than 67,000 reservations, if you put in a reservation today your vehicle wouldn't be available until 2024 so all of that, you are interested in this so i will try to drive this back to new york with a range of 329 miles. stuart: if you had the money, would you buy one? and could choose any car you like, would you choose the electric hummer? >> if money were no object i absolutely would but unfortunately we live in a
10:37 am
world of reality, one hundred $10,000 is a steep price tag. stuart: it is a steep price tag but worth every resident in my opinion. tell general motors. get back in the hummer and enjoy yourself. too many arrested with enough fentanyl to kill 5 million people. we will tell you the story. the governor of texas plans a surge of migrants directly to the president's front door, texas congressman tony on dollars here on that next. ♪♪
10:38 am
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stuart: orange county, california, it was fentanyl. take me through the story. ashley: it was enough to kill 4.7 million people. they have been arrested after authorities, nearly 100 pounds of cocaine, top ounce of fentanyl pills in the minivan. 2 milligrams of fentanyl is a lethal dose. the orange county da want to murder charges could be on the table in cases involving drugs like fentanyl that result in a person's death. suspects who pleaded not guilty face 37 years in prison. stuart: do you know anything about this cute the white house starting initiative to monitor legals with 3 smart phones. do you know anything about
10:43 am
that? ashley: they gave a coupon to a spa to the dodgers game. i just. the white house confirmed illegal immigrants being provided with electronic devices including cell phones in an effort to track and check in with them as they wait for immigration court hearings but what if an immigrant just dumps the phone in the trash? peter doocy asked jen psaki that very question. >> you are getting smart phones to border crossers hoping they will use the phones to check in or be tracked. which part of that is supposed to deter people from crossing illegal into the states? >> we need to take steps to ensure that we know where individuals are and we can check in with them. >> concerned by folks around here that these migrants will take the phones and just toss them? >> do you have a record of throwing phones away?
10:44 am
ashley: how would you know that? jen psaki says the immigrants are tracked through an ankle bracelet and the administration claims the majority of immigrants are appearing on time for their hearing but no numbers are provided to back that up. of course they could throw them away. stuart: i will stop shaking my head. the governor of texas, greg abbott, it is expecting a surge in migrants when title 42 is lifted. he has a radical plan to bus them all to the president's front door in washington dc. congressman tony gonzalez joins us. you approve i take it? >> texans have had enough and desperate times call for desperate measures. this administration is not putting americans first.
10:45 am
it's time to put americans first, making sure texans along the border are safe and secure and given their rights as well so it is a desperate situation at the southern border and we need to do everything possible. stuart: do you think it is going to happen? i am trying to imagine tens of thousands of people coming across the border being loaded into hundreds if not thousands of buses at a convoy across america to dc. not likely to happen, is it? >> it might be a look political theatric, $900 is a lot of buses going from texas to washington dc, not down the street. it highlights the fact that we've had enough and thinking outside the box, not only the governor but in congress, we need to think outside the box, normally a republican issue, put together a letter that had cynthia gonzalez, we have the
10:46 am
bulk of the texas border, do not end title 42. hispanic americans are similar to regular americans. we want the same things, we want the community to be safe and children in schools to not push different ideological beliefs. my district predominantly hispanic are upset with the border crisis. we believe in legal immigration. we want a front door, this administration does not care about hispanics or legal immigration. stuart: why do you think the administration is doing this? not lifting title 42 but opening the border, why are they doing that? >> what you have seen is the democratic party, will turn
10:47 am
into an elitist party, making decisions from washington for the rest of the people instead of listening to others, senator kristin sinema and senator kelly saying not lifting title 42. they won't listen to republicans or democrats. they are so focused on their agenda that they are abandoning americans. we one thank you very much for joining us this morning. come see us again soon. look at this. i have a headline for you. baseball is dying, the government should take it over. two time world series champ keith hernandez will take that on in the next hour. the pentagon declassified 1500 page report detailing encounters with ufos, wild claims, radiation burns, paralysis and, quote, unaccounted for pregnancies. what a story. we will be back. ♪♪
10:48 am
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stuart: big drop for the dow
10:52 am
industrials down 260 points, 34,200. here's one of the reasons why. financials on the dow 30 not doing well. goldman sachs down 2%, american express down 2%, jpmorgan down almost 2%, shaving 96 points off the dow industrials. sir richard branson considering another flight into space. it would not be with virgin galactic. who is he going with? ashley: hoping to trade flights with elon musk and fly with space x. branson, the founder of virgin galactic achieved his dream of reaching space last july. the faa honored the first time astronauts of virgin galactic's unity 22 flight crew with wings, recognized them for crossing the 50 mile altitude mark or the boundary for space but branson says he and musk are good friends and musk bought a virgin galactic took a long time ago.
10:53 am
space x began flying astronauts torbert in 2020, has launched 18 people to space so far and maybe sir richard will be added to the list. stuart: space x application to build a new landing site in texas, just been halted. the authorities say they need more information on the environmental impact. could this be enough to make elon musk leave texas? ashley: maybe consider florida. they withdrew space x's application to extend launch facilities meaning the company failed to provide environmental information the agency wanted. another infrastructure that would support its existing operations in south texas. the expansion would have been built on 17 acres of wetland and mudflap. musk said if he didn't get regulatory approvals in texas
10:54 am
he would move space x operations to florida's cape canaveral and kennedy space center. this will be interesting to follow. stuart: something even more interesting and you've got the story. you know what is coming. the pentagon declassified a report on ufos. tell me the extraordinary revelations. ashley: it comes from up we pentagon program that was shut down in 2012. these ailments, the most common one is abduction that has been reported, to radiation burns, paralysis, brain damage, i injuries, and sexual encounters. all of this included in a 1500 page document from the now defunct advanced aviation threat identification program that has been released by the defense intelligence agency. it concludes there are sufficient incidents that have been accurately reported and
10:55 am
medical data required to support the hypothesis that some advanced systems are already deployed and opaque to full understanding. to cut through that verbiage, we are not alone. stuart: some of the evidence, not necessarily going to say is compelling but intriguing when you see what fighter pilots have seen, inexplicable things, nobody can explain what it is. ashley: i love it. stuart: i am sure we will get back to this at some point. still ahead on the program, keith fernandez, tennessee senator marsha blackburn, dan heninger, climate policy, my opinion, not working, trying to get rid of fossil fuels too fast. renewables are nowhere near ready to take over so we have an energy shortfall, all to pay for those green dreams. that is my opinion and it is "my take" and it is next.
10:56 am
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>> reporter: we have to help the ukrainians go on offense. restore their border, restore their sovereignty. we need to give them both a win. >> 8000 people coming over the order, title 42 and, 18,000. not just little immigration but how in the world is this a smart national security strategy? >> this inflation storm, by the fed, maybe not so good, places where we can invest are in things that hurt, if you drop them on your foot. >> if the market has a voice it is yelling and screaming at a popping out housing market, the strongest spots, food, drug, beverage, tobacco, household products screaming going forward. ♪♪
11:01 am
stuart: believe it or not that is agusta, georgia, on day one of the masters. normally you get wonderful springlike weather, but the teetimes have been drawn back because of the rain. it is thursday, april 7th. we got that right and ashley is with us. let's talk about tiger woods at the masters. what are the odds on tiger? ashley: he opened at 100-1. after reporting how well he was doing that drop from 101, to 75. he is about to tee off in three minutes. the first competitive golf he played since his accident in february 2021 where he suffered several leg injuries, serious
11:02 am
injuries but he's back but agusta will be a test for him. it is very up and down. when you walk the course it will put a strain on his leg. it will be a test for him but he has been playing very well in the practice rounds, 46 years old and trying to win his 6 green jacket. it will be interesting to follow. it has created big buzz. play has been pushed back 30 minutes because of the rain but i am looking at him right now, looking good. bright pink shirt and black pants, ready to tee off, fascinating to follow, see if he can hang in with all the injuries he has faced, the favorite for the tournament, john ron. stuart: do you know the odds on john ron? ashley: i think it was down 15 to maybe 12 to 1. a golf tournament is so hard to win because you have four rounds to play perfectly, but i don't know.
11:03 am
there's a lot of money on tiger woods. if he wins, bookies could go out of business. stuart: i want to see the ratings, they are going to be astronomical. ashley: if he makes the cut. stuart: go in saturday and sunday and he's got gold. a quick check of the markets, dow is down 200 points, small losses for the s&p and the nasdaq. let's go with oil, $96.66 is your price at the moment, well under $100, the yield on the 10 year treasury at 2.65%, going up a bit and we just received this word. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, has tested positive for covid. now this. time for a little honesty about climate policy. what we have now is not working. we are trying to get rid of
11:04 am
fossil fuels fast, too fast, renewables are nowhere near ready to take over so we have an energy shortfall, supply can't meet demand. the cost of energy goes through the roof. inflation takes off. power supply falters. this is happening the world over. there are serious repercussions. 3 billion people on this planet do not have a reliable source of electricity. they are the poorest of the poor struggling to survive. the elites in europe and america are making things worse for them. for millions of poor people, climate policy is a killer but the greens keep droning on about the death of the planet if we don't meet carbon cutting goals. we are not going to meet those goals. you think china is going to kill fossil fuels and blowup are told economy? it is not owing to happen. same with india. they will not sacrifice their economic developed in, germany has turned back to high carbon call, britain will drill for more oil in the north sea. if we were honest we would
11:05 am
admit current climate policy is doing great harm to many people and we would also admit the current climate policy will not negate global warming. but you can't have an honest discussion with the climate crowd. it is a religion to them. changing policy is like blasphemy. as we said so many times, you are going to keep paying for their green dreams. let's change the subject entirely. a journalist from the atlantic says they dismissed the hunter biden story because it wasn't interesting enough. roll tape. >> do you think the media acted inappropriately when they dismiss hunter biden's laptop as russian disinformation? >> my problem is it is irrelevant, not whether it is disinformation, i didn't think the hunter biden business relationships have anything to do with who should be president of the united states. i didn't find it to be interesting. stuart: didn't find it to be interesting.
11:06 am
cabot phillips joins us. not interesting enough. i find that astonishing. that just doesn't fly for me. how about you? >> isn't it convenient that things determined to be interesting are based on who they might help or hurt? we have proof that we are going to discount these e-mails, everything with the laptop, it can't be true, now that it has been proven true it may have been true but it wasn't interesting enough to get into. we have email proof that shows hunter biden complaining that half of his salary went to his father which is illegal, you cannot be subsidizing your politician family member. other email proof showing this chinese business deal hunter biden secured, you her that deal 10 days after hunter biden gone to a trip in shanghai with jill biden, in an email from hunter biden's business partner saying we will save 10% for the big guy, i think average journalists that want to cover
11:07 am
the truth would be saying who is the big guy, our politicians being symbolized by family members overseas but the journalists don't care about that because they care about the narrative, who can be helped or hurt by their stories in the hunter biden scandal was far from over, there will be more details but what they are doing is showing things they are interested in reporting on based on who it will hurt and if it hurts democrats they won't dig into it. stuart: the mainstream media will not get its reputation back. changing the subject again. the house right now holding a hearing to examine stock trading reforms for members of congress. let's get the big picture. do you think members of congress should be allowed to trade stocks? >> absolutely not. this is allowing nba players to bet on their game except it's not letting players but on the game but referees getting to bet on the game because they are setting the rules, politicians are setting the rules of the economy and have a
11:08 am
say in the outcome but they can pick and choose winners and losers in the stock market. to give you context the average us senator beat the market by 11% in their individual trades and some examples of those trades show inside trading, nancy pelosi, she and her husband bought $3 million of microsoft stock and 12 days later microsoft announced a $22 billion contract, nancy pelosi is up one hundred 60% on the trade since it went through. another member, democrat in the house about $30,000 of lockheed martin stock, 12 days later they announced a $10 billion deal, she sits on the house committee on foreign affairs but republican members doing this too. he sold $250,000 of microsoft stock under two weeks before the billion-dollar deal fell through. he sits on the committee that oversees defense software contracts. these members are profiting off of the inside information.
11:09 am
stuart: awfully difficult to tell all members of congress you can't hold stocks or bonds. very difficult to do that. >> the solution is not saying they can't hold stocks but forcing them into a general mutual fund is not individual stocks. stuart: that is different. but great show. thanks for being with us, see you again soon. back to the markets. i see red ink for the dow down 200 points but not much of a loss for the nasdaq, the s&p is down 12. bob dall joins us this morning. why do you think inflation will peak this quarter? >> there are a lot of reasons, we are starting to solve some of our supply shortage problems and some transitory issues, i used the word, that does not mean you should stop worrying about inflation. it is still a big problem. if inflation peaks it will go
11:10 am
down but still unacceptable levels which our guests is by the end of the year inflation will be running four, not we ate. stuart: how can the market rally strongly or get to its old highs if you've got 4% inflation at the end of the year? >> i don't think it will happen. the high for the year was sadly made in the first week of the year. the inflation is the big problem. we had a war that aggravated that and now we start thinking about corporate earnings. corporate america passed on the cost pressures they had with wages and raw materials, they won't i'll be able to do that and we have some earnings leakage as the quarters go by. a tough year to make money. stuart: that is pretty negative. what should i do? you painted a negative picture, not going to make much money in the stock market.
11:11 am
if i'm generating extra money where should i put it? >> doesn't mean you can't make money but you need to be more adroit, more of a traitor. financials have been hit hard. utilities are the new high list. i am selling you utilities, a few insurance companies and a few banks be leaving the trend will go in the other direction. bonds are oversold and good for afraid. it is a more shorter-term mentality in the choppy market. stuart: we had 12 good years, time to moderate our expectations for 2022. you are all right, thanks. lauren has some movers starting with costco. love that company, $600 a share. lauren: these numbers are incredible. in the us same-store sales in march up 19%, that is more significant because the year
11:12 am
over year comparisons are so tough last march was the final month of the stimulus check. they dried up and still in the us costco was able to deliver 19%. stuart: absolutely huge. tell me why ford motor company is down 4%. lauren: bob doll was talking about her need -- earnings leakage, can they pass on the higher prices? no. barclays has cut to hold, margins will be squeezed by inflation. new cars average $47,000. interest rates going up. that cuts into affordability. stuart: one of the largest liquor and beer, alcohol, companies in the world is constellation brands. why are they up 5%? lauren: strong growth for corona and other beers but not so much when it comes to wine and spirits. they expect popularity and
11:13 am
sales of that to fall and that is what i am trying to figure out. i am drinking more wine. maybe not there wine but more wine. stuart: i see people drinking a lot more and surprised they say wine is coming down. we should get them on the show. codecs have been asking for trump's tax records for years can now people are calling on president biden to release his tax returns. we have the story, the pentagon will not commit to putting troops on the border when title 42 ends next month. senator marsha blackburn has that story. ukraine's foreign minister begging for help to fight the russians. watch this. >> my agenda is simple, has 3 items on it. it is weapons, weapons and weapons. stuart: we have a report from ukraine next. i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout
11:14 am
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stuart: the dow is down 220, the nasdaq down 70, the s&p down 18. shell has announced it will write off billions of dollars in assets because it is pulling out of russia. how much are we talking about? ashley: somewhere in the region of $4 billion-$5 billion in asset value, shell previously estimated the write downs would reach 3. $4 billion but they were being pretty optimistic. the oil giant has been forced to apologize for buying a heavily discounted consignment after russia invaded ukraine. now the company says it will no
11:19 am
longer purchase russian crude oil, and they pulled out of the joint ventures with russian gas giant gas prom. in other words backing out pretty quickly. stuart: let's go to ukraine. the mayor of mariupol says the city has been turned into, quote, the new auschwitz. they rely on a mobile crematorium to cover up their war crimes. the latest please. >> creating a lot of chaos in nearby areas, the mother governor of the luhansk region telling people to evacuate before becomes like mariupol. they managed to evacuate 1000 people of the 100,000 who
11:20 am
remain trapped, and say that they will not stop trying. >> these people giving the opportunity to get out because this is the situation. >> reporter: ukrainians counterattack in kherson, in the north, russian troops into you into retreat. the families of innocent civilians have been killed. they are brutal to see passing world condemnation, and nato's chief warning the situation we see could last for years. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says new sanctions slapped on russia in response to wall of this are not strong enough.
11:21 am
>> reporter: >> translator: this package looks impressive. it can't be called commensurate to the evil the world saw in bucha and continues in mariupol, the shelling of kharkiv, to russia's attempts to launch a new large-scale blood he offensive, in donbas. >> reporter: nato leaders will meet with the g7 in brussels continuing conversations how to help on the ground and what should be done to stop russia as the invasion continues. stuart: an op-ed in the wall street journal, don't let vladimir putin win in ukraine. dan heninger joins me now. what would be a win for vladimir putin? >> one things that would be a win for vladimir putin is what is being talked about, the head of the joint chiefs of staff,
11:22 am
general mark millie saying the conflict could go on, quote, for years. that is the frozen conflict and that will allow vladimir putin to grind down the ukrainians and over time, i am afraid it is possible the world's attention woodway and if this were to go on for years. in that case vladimir putin by being able to keep grinding down, shelling these cities would be a win for him. stuart: the other side of the coin is to stop him winning we've got to go into ukraine with the idea that we can supply weapons to let ukrainians push the russians out. that would be beating vladimir putin. is that what you have in mind? >> that is what i have in mind. this idea that we don't want to go so far as to, quote, provoke letter report. he looks pretty provoked to me. i don't think we have to worry about that.
11:23 am
the question is will we give the ukrainians the kind of military equipment they need to keep vladimir putin's missiles from being fired long-range into their cities so that means antiaircraft like the x300 or even the sophisticated as 400 the turkey has. it means anti-artillery radar that allows them to see where this artillery fire is coming from and finally we have to think again about opening core doors from the west, from poland into ukraine and probably it is going to require nato and acting or protecting those core doors, that is the only way we will be able to persist with this extraordinarily valiant and to a great degree successful counterattack. stuart: i just want you to answer the following question because i know that you are a
11:24 am
new yorker, 60% of registered voters believe their family would be better off if they left the city permanently. you are a new yorker. is that what new yorkers are talking about? >> you talk about it for sure but it was 49% of white voters said they would be better off, well over 60 of black and hispanic voters and the black and hispanic residents of the city often in the most dangerous parts of the city that undoubtedly feel they would be better off somewhere else. in addition schools were closed throughout the pandemic, making life extraordinarily difficult for you. mayor adams is trying to move heaven and earth to make the city safe again, the question is whether progressive status in new york city is so entrenched that it will make it difficult for him to succeed. that is the question that is on the table right now but what we are looking at now, we all see
11:25 am
videos almost every other day in new york and we have to wish mayor adams well in trying to get a handle on it, he will need help from progressives on bail reform. stuart: you are all right, see you again soon. speaker pelosi tested positive for covid. she is seen here right next to president biden maskless and this was yesterday. she was also seen kissing biden on the cheek, we are adding to the story, speaker pelosi has tested positive for covid. that was announced a couple hours ago. will smith's slapped her around the world has been turned into a crypto currency. what on earth that is about i don't know but we will try to explain it. the free use on student loan payments extended by the end of august, some people have already paid their debts say this is grossly unfair. we will take you live to columbia university next.
11:26 am
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stuart: you are looking at miami. it is 82 °. we are showing you miami because thousands of crypto fans are in that city for the bitcoin 2022 conference. the mayor of miami developed this bitcoin bull, statue to kickoff the event. it is off and running. look at the cryptos today, they are all down, bitcoin is back to 43,000. light coin coming in at 112. moving on. usc, the ultimate fighting guys will stop paying out bonuses in crypto. this is how it works. fans will vote for their favorite fighters during a pay-per-view event. the person with the most votes gets $30,000 worth of bitcoin, second-place 20,000, third-place 10,000, part of the partnership with we all remember will smith's infamous slap heard around the
11:31 am
world at the oscars. now you can get the slap as a crypto. help me understand this. ashley: developers of crypto coins try to latch onto a viral moment, mint a coin, flash it on a website marketing the currency so the slap has prompted a meme coin the but will smith, these coins have a fleeting value that go up and down quickly. one investor bought $5000 worth of will smith i and you and it got $3 million in trading, back to 0 in a week but in this case the investor got out early, got back 20,000, made a $15,000 profit but meme coin investors are likened today traders and we all know how that can turn out. stuart: you generally lose over the long-term. the administration past
11:32 am
payments on student loans again, the sixth extension. those people who have already paid, calling it unfair. what is the reaction to the loan freeze? >> reporter: you can imagine there's a lot of frustration among people that have already paid off their student loans, a chance to talk to a graduate of the state university of new york in albany. he graduated in 2018. in 11 months he was able to pay off $20,000 worth of debt by cutting back and making sacrifices on a daily basis, not going out to eat, commuting further to work. >> very unfair not just to me but especially unfair to blue-collar workers, people who decided to go into the trades, people who chose to serve in the military so they could have their college paid for. i think it is unfair.
11:33 am
>> reporter: frustration extends to some who are still actively paying off federal student loans. we spoke to a graduate of kent state university who is picking up side jobs in food delivery and cutting back on travel to pay her federal loans. >> i knew what i set myself up for when i was taking out these loans, something i committed to. you wouldn't sign a mortgage for a house and not pay your mortgage. >> reporter: papas does not go far enough for progressive democrats will call for full cancellation. just today a group called student loan justice that has a member of one million members sent a letter to president biden to express their, quote, serious disappointment that repayments were paused rather than canceled, this is shaping up to be a hot issue ahead of
11:34 am
the midterms as repayment is scheduled to begin again in late august early september. stuart: my daughter says they will extend it again because they don't want to charge people right before the midterms. >> reporter: of people will think that. >> reporter: legal experts call for president biden to release his tax returns. they want is corporate tax returns. ashley: experts say the scandal over hunter biden's overseas business dealings has reached the deck of the white house needs to be transparent. that is why there is a call for president biden to release corporate tax returns that account for $13 million that he and the first lady reported to the irs between 2017-2019 in between his stints as vice president and commander in chief. jonathan turley, at george washington university, says the
11:35 am
president's past denials of any knowledge or involvement with his son's business dealings are adding that full disclosure and transparency would seem at a minimum warranted giving the growing controversy. it's all about being transparent. stuart: thanks, the masters is officially underway. fox bat has the odds of tiger woods winning at 75 to 1. the report live from augusta shortly. the pentagon will not commit to putting troops on the border when title 42 ends next month. marsha blackburn will join us and she is not happy and she is next. ♪
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stuart: patios truest park, home of the atlanta braves, at 8 p.m. eastern pm eastern. the cincinnati reds. here is an op-ed in the new york times. baseball is dying, the governments should take it over. keith fernandez is with us. you are a 2-time world series champion. i know it is opening day but do you think baseball is buying? >> i don't think baseball is dying. it needs some tinkering. the speed of the game needs to be picked up but the game is what is always is and pictures 6 inches away, athletes have gotten bigger and stronger and faster. stuart: do you miss it? you miss being out there? the war of the crowd and all that? >> sure.
11:41 am
i was very lucky. i had 20 years in professional baseball, 17 years in the big league and got to win two world series championship so i feel very blessed and fortunate. time to pass the baton. i am 68 years old. i can't play anymore. we when i would have put you at 59. this is not flattery even though i am inclined to flatter, because i know you are a viewer of the show. who are the players to watch this season? >> ronald mccune your is the one to watch off of the aclu injury, he heard it last year. great gentlemen, all-star, having an mvp year and pulled out his acl going after a fly ball and won't be ready to play until the first week of may. acl is a serious injury. that's one player i will watch closely.
11:42 am
stuart: which team do you think will make it all the way? >> you never know with injuries. the mets have made great strides. they are one team that made the biggest pickups and had the biggest success in the off-season. the dodgers will always be formidable. the cardinals, it added a couple teams to the postseason. it is hard to get to the world series and hard to win it but injuries are a factor you can't predict. stuart: if you could do one thing to speed the game up and get more interest in it, what would that one thing be? >> les walks, less strikeouts, bigger ballparks have taken away the smaller parks but the gaps, the alleys and allows the outfielders to play shallower.
11:43 am
it is harder for runners to score on a double from first, nothing more exciting than outpost play at home plate. now it has become base to base because outfielders play shallower and the ballparks are smaller but those are the things that i think could help out the game. stuart: 68-year-old keith hernandez, i would never have believed that. great to have you on the show. we will discuss baseball at length. >> i look forward to do the day i can get back in the studio. we won come in, i will be great to see you. you are welcome here anytime you like and hope to see you soon. that is baseball. now to do golf, all eyes on tiger woods making his comeback at the masters, steve harrigan is in augusta. how is tiger doing so far? >> he started out par par, had to knock in 12, to make that
11:44 am
par, all around augusta even practice rounds, tiger coming back after 14 months after a single car accident which was life-threatening and doctors thought they might have to amputate his right leg with screws and bolts in place, not only walking, but challenging the best golfers in the world. could he win? he could win? seems to be playing conservatively, par par start, the challenging thing will not be the golf itself but simply walking. hilly course, how will the right leg and ankle hold off throughout four days? stuart: i know he teed off already, do you know what he is doing? >> he's even right now, and he laid up for the par 5 and seems to be faking his way around,
11:45 am
playing conservatively, not asking too much, he has won in the past with modest opening rounds so if you can be close to par i think it will be an amazing story. >> i love to see him make the cut and the tv network wants that as well. see you later. hope you are there for the whole four or five days. sports leagues, players unions investing in fanatics, the online sports platform. how much did the nfl invest? >> $320 million, the largest portion of the $1.5 billion invested by other major sports leagues, players unions and team owners. fanatics is a global digital sports platform that offers everything from licensed sports merchandise to trading cards to digital collectibles, its value, $27 billion. the latest round of investment
11:46 am
continues to trend as players associations want to slice of the phonetic pie but that is not all. fanatics is eyeing the sports gambling space with the launch of an online sports book so there you have it. stuart: didn't know anything about that until you just told me. show me the dow 30. we've been in business for 2 under quarter hours, we are down 200 on the dow, most of the dow 30 stocks are in the red, down today. more varney after this. ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. ♪ that's why we build technology that makes it possible for every business... and every person... to come to the table and do more incredible things.
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stuart: after weeks of negotiation the senate has voted to ban some aspect of russian trade and oil from russia. was a unanimous vote? lauren: it could be cleared to go to president biden as soon as today. these were two sanctions bills. one with the ban on russian oil and the other ends permanent trade relations, all symbolic because nothing is deterring putin's actions in ukraine. stuart: we knew this was going to happen. a quick check of the big board, down 200 points, roughly 2/3 of 1%, back to 34,284.
11:51 am
the yield on the 10-year treasury going up, 2.63%. that really hurts the big tech stocks, doesn't do much for gold which is $19.35 per ounce. bitcoin is down, 44,200 is the price of bitcoin and oil really down to $94 a barrel, that would suggest to me in the future days you will see the price of gasoline come down a bit more. it is $6 per million british thermal units, average price of a gallon of regular is $4.15. that might come down not rapidly but some more in the next few days. in california the average price is $5.80. let's look at macy's. that stock is on the downside to the tune of 6%, warning about inflation.
11:52 am
to lauren: they might rethink their purchases. if they have extra money to spend they might buy a plane ticket to florida. it is a sign of the times, similar comments from wayfarer or analysts, shifting how we spend our money and i say this as we got a report from mastercard of a normal rebalancing going on, customers saying i can spend on lay leisure, travel and services but also luxury goods in department stores. we are doing both which is normal, shoppers might say we want to go somewhere for an experience that makes investors -- stuart: they are shocking. that is called demand destruction.
11:53 am
let's get back, more on the ufo report, these encounters have quite an impact on real people but radiation burns, paralysis, brain damage, unaccounted for pregnancies. do you believe in ufos. >> i'm going to go with no. ashley: i can't believe we are the only ones out there and the people who are interviewed, we all saw those late-night documentaries on ufos in alaska but this report comes from a shadow we pentagon department the shutdown in 2,012, the ailments listed after these experiences, the most common experience is abduction, i love the picture, then radiation burns, paralysis, brain damage
11:54 am
and even sexual encounters. there was a case cited over commercial airline pilots who saw what he said was a bright flying disc and when he got home he had a bright red face and head effort four days and believed it was radiation burns. how do you explain that? that video, like a tiny tictac, these navy fighter jets are pursuing and they can't keep up with it. this report does say these encounters up here to be to the people at least very real and they believe there is some sort of other intelligent or advanced system out there and it is not clear to us how they operate. we are not alone. stuart: the experience of the commercial airline pilots and navy pilots, hard to refute that when they have come up
11:55 am
with an obvious physical thing on their face and these are rational people, they see shapes and lights in the sky, hard to dismiss that entirely. lauren: i do believe in spirits and all that but that's another discussion but there are other things out there for sure. stuart: i thought they would reach the end of this but it is a very interesting to a lot of people, the conspiracy theorists run riot all the time. it is 11:55. it is the trivia question of the day. i have no clue on this one but i will ask the question anyway. how many species are there on earth? 5. one million? 6. 5 million? 7. 2? 8. 7 million? the correct answer after this. unless you happen to be a dog.
11:56 am
. .
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: this is a pretty good question, totally unanswerable as far as i'm concerned but here we go. how many species are there own earth? , ash, final guess? >> 7.2 million. stuart: lauren. >> i was going with the same, 7.2. stuart: why did you go with 7.2? lauren: because i like numbers. i like seven, with the two together with period in between. stuart: i will say 5.1 million. 8.7. absolutely, completely wrong. there you have it. 8.7 million. that is an estimate because the
12:00 pm
vast majority of them still have not been identified. scientists say it will take thousand years to register them all. lauren: bogus question. stuart: absolutely. don't forget to send in the "friday feedback". varney viewers @fox dot-com. >> do it fast. stuart: i don't can't a little criticism. what is wrong with that. but, neil, you stay out of this. neil: all right, fine. the species thing that is kind of wild. there has to be a single person counting them up, right? one species sadly goes, maybe another emerges. i don't believe it. someone is doing it, okay. they're at 8.1780000 million, oh, no, got to start again. i don't buy it. stuart: with all the way, neil. it is your show. neil: please read my letter tomorrow, it's a good one. welcome, everybody, we are following


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