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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 8, 2022 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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so just be glad that the men and women of our aviation industry all through the night and come the morning, will still be hard at work on our behalf. because whether on the ground or in the sky, they are an indispensable addition to how america works.
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other day with new rules, looks like that proposal for emissions disclosure was knocked down and it was just another example of the priority of the left in terms of climate change, agenda versus profitability for the oil companies. would you be buying oil stocks here? >> i would not. the oil companies would continue to be profitable, i don't think there's much congress can do to make them unprofitable. as a matter of fact yesterday the new york state went ahead and offered moratorium until the end of the year.
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but i think oil companies will continue to go ahead and be profitable at this rate. i think that they are feeling the heat, the oil companies, putting more money into renewable resources. it's a long-term game for them. they understand that as well. traditional business of hydrocarbons and their push into resources. maria: look at the banks being pressured not to fund fossil fuel and we are no longer investing in oil and gas exploration because the tone was set at the white house. that's the way it has been for this white house and the
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democrats meanwhile janet yellen testifying yesterday holding her first major speech on digital assets. yellen spoke on variety of crypto and here is a bit of that. i have to get your reaction, watch. the president's executive order asks us how the sec will reach. we must be clear that issuing a cbdc would likely present a major design and engineering challenge that would require years of development and not months. maria: david, did you learn anything about that yesterday? what's your take on digital assets? >> i did learn something. we are incredibly bullish on
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crypto currencies broadly. bitcoin, listed equity, micro strategy, janet yellen went ahead and told the truth in contrast to what elizabeth warren has been saying, we are not getting digital currency any time soon and ted cruz has put a bill that would go ahead and make it illegal and issue a cbdc. i agree with him on this. i think elizabeth warren is living in a fictitious land janet yellen is telling the truth which is a central bank digital currency requires incredible amount of resources and in the united states that also presents enormous risk because they would have so much information on citizens about
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how much wealth they have and where they are spending all sorts of rights that we hold inalienable and hard press to part with is not going to happen quickly. i don't think it's going to happen at all but janet yellen at the very least is saying it's not happening any time soon. i think that's a good thing. that means we will not have a central bank dual currency. however the u.s. will continue to remain the world currency. will continue the gain supreme and reign prominence. it's creating great headlines and showing great promise for crypto. maria: we had the mayor suárez the other day and he's trying to compete with crypto and lots of
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businesses in miami. real quick, david, first-quarter earnings next week, any thoughts on how to allocate money here? >> i think that we have had a substantial pullback in the market, the first couple of months of the year and i think that earnings are not going to be hit that strong and i think people should be bullish going into earnings the only thing that i would caution people to look for is commentary, what ceo's are going to say about what the second looks like. i think the second quarter could be harder. maria: people are expecting a slowdown. david, great to see you, thanks so much for all of that. >> thank you, maria. maria: david powell joining us. stay with us. we will be right back. s ♪ ♪ ♪
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new this morning, ukrainian president zelenskyy speaking moments ago saying that at least 30 people were killed in a
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russian rocket attack on a ukrainian railway station in the donbas region, they were trying to flee the region griff jenkins on the ground. griff, the news just breaking, good afternoon to you. griff: that's right, maria, ukrainian officials saying that the numbers, 30 dead, 100 injured could rise after two russian missiles striked busy railway, we need to warn the viewers the images are graphic and disturbing, bodies lying among luggage as people were waiting to evacuate. russian forces are massing for a new offensive as the u.s. votes to remove russia from the human rights council after the world saw what happened in bucha. 3 new sites of mass grave has been discovered, one survivor describing the horror.
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>> we were in the basement for 35 days, there were shelling, sometimes there was in water, sometimes there was in food. i explained to him how the fall, how to run and how to defend, show me, close your ears with your hand, that's right, they fired very hard. griff: up the road more atrocities as foreign minister pleaded with nato's leaders for heavier weapons and harsher sanctions asking them how many more buchas have to happen. after days after stalled efforts to get evacuees out nearly 500,000 people have successfully evacuated but latest attack only underscores the challenges it faces, it poses with people getting out and aid coming in,
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maria. maria: so sad, the world is watching the war crimes, griff jenkins stay safe. thank you, griff. former u.s. colonel and green beret, missile strike killings ingdozens at the train station. >> we are still trying to get clients out of mariupol. it's difficult. the quote, unquote humanitarian corridors have not been real. russian check points have stopped the red cross, the ability to get into kharkiv, mariupol, city centers like this continue to be very difficult and we don't see that changing in the near future as we think the russians are going to continue the pressure of the
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missile strikes in the key cities from the donbas area all the way to odesa. maria: colonel, should we be doing more, i mean, look, obviously there has been criticism about the free world's response, we are all watching these war crimes happening. what does ukraine and why can't we send what they need in a timely fashion to help the ukrainians? >> yeah, i think this is a mix good news, bad news story. on the good news side of this, i think you have seep over 200 russian aircraft shot down, 500 plus tanks, enormous success on the ground on defending kyiv the capital. the fact that the russians have retreated back to belarus is staggering and i don't think anyone saw that coming, the sure success. the flip side of that is because the russian army's inability to command and control itself and resupply itself they are left
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with one option which is to bomb indiscriminately. as we look at how do we move forward, the trade-off here and the balancing act is how do we not tiptoe into world war iii while continuing to provide lethal aid. that's a very difficult balancing act. there's no perfect answer but obviously i think nato and the united states and west in general will continue to push that envelope in support of the ukrainians. maria: jackie deangelis. >> i don't know why the united states by increasing sanctions, we will sanction the countries like china and india that are taking oil from them because if they cripple the artery, this could quickly be over yet they don't want to go there for some reason. >> yeah, i think again this is a balancing act of what is that global supply and if we executed the sanctions, what does that
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mean for the rest of the world in that supply chain. again, i think we are nowhere near the end. we are still at the beginning of this. we have a listening way to go both strategically, tactically and operationally only time will tell but i think all of these systems and options will consistently be reviewed and will continue to be on the offense at all 3 levels as we go through this conflict. maria: yeah. colonel, thanks very much, we appreciate your time this morning. we will talk soon. colonel dayle buckner. stay with us, we will be right back.
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>> president biden was not in close contact with speaker pelosi when there's video of the speaker kissing him. >> the way it's define bid the center for disease control and their definition is 15 minutes of contact within a set period of time and within 6 feet. it did not meet that bar. maria: well, the biden administration downplaying the kiss on the cheek between house speaker nancy pelosi and president biden just two days before pelosi tested positive for covid-19. pelosi is reportedly not experiencing symptoms. it is unclear if president biden has taken any covid tests since
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this encounter. sean duffy, your reaction? sean: i think the cdc did say have close contact for 15 minutes and giver any kind of guidance with masking with somebody else before you contract covid. the fact that you have two really old people, nancy pelosi is 82 and joe biden is 79 and they are at high risk. this is if the really risky for other people in the country. by the way the two are are sayers of vaccines and vaccines don't work, they are double boosted, vaccines don't work to stop the spread of covid. maria: yeah, i mean, jackie, look, obviously you had a big crowd when president obama visited, it's questionable who else has covid. we know nancy pelosi and a few others in washington, it was a few days ago.
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jackie: masking isn't popular with the public and that's when the white house and administration and lawmakers on capitol hill decided we don't need to wear masks anymore. what's also interesting to me the cdc, for example, changing the guidance on quarantine saying, all you have to do quarantine for 5 days because there's no appetite for staying home from the public. so jen psaki telling peter doocy that it has to be 15 minutes of extended contact. i don't know, kiss counts to me as far as i'm concerned. maria: yeah, it's incredible. we've got a massive lockdown in china underway. the shanghai, the city lockdown and the snarling supply chains again. we will see if this shows up in first-quarter earnings from some of those companies that are unable to get the product out. we will be talking about that
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coming up in the show. the white house seem to go fluff off concerns about incoming migrant surge. we are talking about 18,000 people a day at the border, the expectation after the trump-era title 42 policy is lifted next month. left with consequence, will smith at the hands of the academy. we will tell you next. ♪ ♪ ♪ she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid, an approaching car, a puddle, and knew there was going to be a situation. ♪ ♪ ms. hogan's class? yeah, it's atlantis. nice.
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i don't think they had camels in atlantis. really? today she's a teammate at truist, the bank that starts with care when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank.
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i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones maria: welcome back, well, judge ketanji brown jackson is in as the senate voted to confirm the judge. cheryl casone with all the details, cheryl. cheryl: good morning to you,
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president biden and vice president harris to deliver remarks from the lawn today. >> and the nomination is confirmed. [cheers and applause] cheryl: vice president harris presiding over the vote on the senate floor. the final tally 53 to 47. brown jackson will be sworn after justin stephen breyer's retirement this summer. medicare will deny drug and will only pay for the drug if the patient is enrolled in a clinical trial. biogen will deny patients and reconsider its decision. medicare covers the vast majority of the roughly 2 million u.s. patients that biogen says could be candidates
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for this drug. there's biogen in the premarket, almost 1%. the academy of arts and sciences split down the middle of stripping will smith of best actor oscar as punishment for slapping comedian chris rock. officialsly are reportedly right down the middle 50-50 heading into board meeting and effectively eliminated punishment. the big thing here they never took away oscars from harvey weinstein but now potentially take one away from will smith. it's like how hypocritical is this? maria: that's a fair point, cheryl. meanwhile we will be watching that incredible story. white house press secretary jen psaki meanwhile shows she's not aware of the administration's own expectations on the border where we are about to see disaster when title 42 goes away. watch this.
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>> when title 42 expires next month, what is the plan for the 18,000 migrants a day that are going to cross? you want them to get jobs here if there's something else that you want these 18,000 a day to be doing? >> i don't know where you're basing your specific numbers are, peter, but what i would tell you -- >> i have it right here. earlier this week gave estimate up to 18,000 migrants could be apprehended at the border each day if title 42 were to -- >> up to and we will see what happens. obviously we are taking steps to convey that this is not the time to come. maria: this as there's another illegal migrant arrest at the border. take a look at the new video that we received from border agents, texas dps and u.s. border patrol discovered a group of illegal migrants being smuggled in wooden crates, 20, 30 people in one van in crates hidden smuggled into the country. joining me right now north
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carolina congressman greg murphy, member of the houseways and means committee and vice chair of gop doctors caucus. let me get your take on how we allocating capital in the president's budget but your thoughts on the border here. i know that you have been at the border many times. we are expecting 18,000 people a day to show up. so far it's been 7,000 people a day apprehended and you know that doesn't include the got-aways. >> yeah, yeah. well, liz, this is what jen psaki sees we will see what happens. it's by their own recognition that we will have 18,000 individuals now stream ago cross the border every day and she's saying the administration is saying don't come, what are you talking about, they are rolling a red carpet to the individuals and we will have individuals, drugs flowing over the border because of title 42 release and in my opinion, you know, the title 42 was done because of the quote, covid crisis but with
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this much drugs coming across the border we ought to institute another type of title 42 because the biden administration is inviting death and destruction to the cities and the streets of america in the form of overdoses and this is what's going to happen. maria: well, i mean, this is really so outrageous to me and this was all the border agents were talking about during one of my trips to the border. the drug enforcement agencies now warning of, quote, a nationwide spike in fentanyl-related mass overdoses. this is from the dea. the agency says that at least 7 mass overdose events have occurred in states like colorado, texas, nebraska, florida, underlying the idea that every state is a border state when you have wide-open borders, congressman, so have you heard the president or anybody in the white house talk about this fentanyl crisis that is of their doing because of the wide-open borders? >> yeah, it's funny, maria, because we had secretary
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mayorkas come before the border caucus today and we talked about it. i have to give him kudos for showing up. i presented the problem exactly. when i was at the state house, i've been in a physician for 3 years and try today curve the overdoses that have occurred in the country for 30 years but now since the biden administration again by their own admission is going to have a massive flood of drugs, the dea is saying that we are going to have overdoses on the american street in proportions that we have seen seen before because of the easy flow of drugs. the cost of fentanyl has dropped 50% in this nation's -- on this nation's street in the last 12 and 14 months because of the oversupply but no, they just don't seem to care. and i will say this, maria, i believe personally that they are complicit, the biden administration is now complicit in the deaths of the individuals and the scores of the individuals that will occur and have occurred on this country streets and i'm sorry, that's immoral and i believe it is --
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it is in some ways a very impeachable offense. maria: well, will you move to impeach this president then if you get the majority in november? >> gosh, maria, you know, i think there's going to be plenty of foot, there's plenty if you look at afghanistan, you look at the border crisis and so many of the different things. the sad thing is, maria, look at who is number 2, look at who is number 2. i think number 2 is worse than number 1. this is the predicament that we are in. but these offense that is the president has done against the heart and soul of this country, against law and order, i think stands our grounds for impeachable offenses. whether we can do this and tolerate kamala as the president of the united states, i think she's worst to be very honest with you. maria: so is that the reluctance among congress members that, you know, he's got a dereliction of duty, we see the dereliction of duty, we should be impeached but we are afraid to do it because
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the number 2, kamala harris might be worse? >> well, i can tell you that's my reluctance. you look at this, you look at the debacle in afghanistan where americans were killed, american allies, the afghans who helped us were killed as a direct result of a political action by this president which i think that action alone will go down as the greatest mistake as the greatest and the poorest decision made by a president in the united states of america in our nation's history but you look at so many other actions which have lead to death on our streets and crime on our streets, it's usually minorities that are affected by that. these actions are antiamerican and again i will say they are impeachable offenses. maria: and i know that you just introduced a resolution aimed at congress member who is have called to defund the police another dereliction of duty. tell me more because i also want to get your take from your standpoint on house ways and means committee how much money is allocated to the border and
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what is the money for because when i look at tough 20% increase in spending at the irs versus a 4% increase in defense spending it's sickening, okay, because that's a decline in defense spending when it doesn't keep up with inflation. >> well, maria, it has just gone time and time again. you look at the priorities of this administration, you know, with their last bill they had climate -- the word climate i think 30 times or something and zero times where the border was recognized. so if you look at what the priorities of this administration are, it's not about america, it's about far-leftist progressive ideas which in some ways if you look at the squad, this is what's happening, they are saying, they are crying out defund the police, defund the police but it's for thee and in the for me. then they take american tax dollars to fund their own personal security, corey bush, presley, aoc, they take american tax dollars, up to $200,000 for
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their own security while they leave their own citizens unguarded and a crime in their particular districts has skyrocket. it is utter hypocrisy but that's just the byline for the administration. maria: what are you going to do about it? you're an elected official and you may well get the majority in november because voters are also unhappy. it's been quite a year and we have 3 more? >> yeah, it's tragic and, maria, it gives me great heartache to think about that. we never thought biden was going to be this destructive to this country. in 15 months as he said he wanted to transform america, well, he's transforming it into a third-grade country. into a country that's not recognized or not a knowledged acknowledgedby the world as bei. i think the ukrainian conflict
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started in afghanistan when we were shown to be so weak to not care for our allies and that gave putin the boldness to implement plans that he probably had had for years. our natural stature has crashed and the dollar is crashing and the chinese are taking over. i wish i could give a better picture under this administration but honestly i can't. maria: this is very disturbing, congressman. the head of the doctors' caucus there. do you want to say anything of what's clearly on display of the commander in chief. is he capable cognitively and, i mean, do you think that that's a national security risk? >> well, definitely. you know, sometimes, maria, he appears there, he appears lucid he's just not there. it's not necessarily germane to
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him. it's cognitive slowing of anything of somebody with that age with that pressure which he was already showing before. i see patients still and i see sometimes 85-year-olds that are great, that are fully aware but they're not having the weight of the presidency of the united states upon them. so i think -- maria: that's right. >> this is a major national security risk. maria: congressman, great to have you this morning. thanks for all of that. of course we all share your concerns and we will be watching, congressman greg murphy. thank you, sir. quick break and then we will get in the crypto crazy, it's heating up in the 305. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, bitcoin is down this morning hovering around $43,000. take a look, it is up now 297100 as the biggest bitcoin in event is happening this week in miami this week pinning the city as silicon valley as fastest-growing tech hub in the world. joining right now the chairman of the bitcoin foundation brock
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pierce, brock, great to see you, thank you so much for being here. it's interesting to see the conference. a lot of people talking about this miami conference. tell me about that, what you think of bitcoin today in terms of usage out there. >> well, yeah, there's no question this is the biggest bitcoin conference in the world and good morning, maria, it is always great to see you. by the way, fox is present at the show, i saw tucker carlson walking around yesterday. it definitely feels like miami is the capital of the world, future capital of the world based on how it's embracing change in the future, super, super excited. i'm incredibly bullish on bitcoin. at this point more or less everyone has heard of it and the big question is are you in, are you not in and i have advice for anyone who has been thinking about it, it's taken people most weeks, months, years to make their first move but it doesn't require that much thought. you just go by ten or $20 worth,
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that's how you make the first step and be prepared to lose it. it's in the about doing a tremendous amount of researching. it's just taking your first baby step to learn how this all works and by the way peter thiel had harsh words calling warren buffet a sociopath grandpa and it's definitely been exciting and interesting to say the least. maria: yeah, i saw that peter thiel called out warren buffet and he also walked about jamie dimon initial i will saying that he wasn't a believer. where is this going, brock, you have the secretary janet yellen talking about digital assets but saying this is not happening for a long time, she's talking about a regulatory framework on crypto. that's what i want to get your thought on, where are we in digital asset in the u.s.? first listen to janet yellen, i
6:52 am
have to get your reaction, watch this. >> the regulatory frameworks should be designed to support responsible innovation while managing risks and especially those who can disrupt the financial system and the economy. as banks and other traditional financial firms become more involved in digital asset markets regulatory frameworks will need to appropriately reflect the risks of these new activities. maria: so, brock, what do you expect on regulation and what about yellen's comments that we are a long way away from a digital asset in the u.s., digital dollar? >> well, i think her words were correctly stated, you know, the future is digital. i think we all agree with that. i think those were measured words, she's not saying anything that is causing great concern i think for any of us in our future. it's a tempered response. let's take our time and figure
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this out. i do agree it's going to take a while and it's good that we are having this conversation. i mean, the future is here and it's important that we participate in the conversation, what we have been hearing from government in terms of regulation i think has been measured and appropriate and not a cause for concern and i feel quite good about it and the good news is for anyone that -- that cares, america's greatest asset is the american people. it's american ingenuity that happens as a result of the american dream, the idea that this country was built in a way where it can work for everyone and it doesn't matter where you're born and what social status you have -- where this is the land of opportunity and the private sector has already solved this. i'm one of the founders of teder, the u.s. digital dollars, $50 trillion a year. the u.s. digital dollar already has over 95% market share
6:54 am
globally in terms of crypto currency, the future monetary rails and government-issued currency. the u.s. dollar already has over 95% of market share, the private sector has already solved this and as so long as our government doesn't mess it up, we are good. maria: yeah, you've got great analysis, obviously, on america, brock, but when you look longer term, when do you expect more of this to resonate with a broader swath of people? how do you see this evolving let's call it the next 5 years? >> well, i like to think that we are at the tipping point where we are going to see mass adoption over the next 5 years but i might have said the same thing last year. i'm on the forefront of innovation and pioneer and my wishful thinking and internal optimism sometimes leads me to thinking things will happen faster than they will but i couldn't be more optimistic
6:55 am
about how these technologies are here to improve quality of life for those in terms of opportunity, the right to pursue happiness and certainly freedom. bitcoin is -- is monetary freedom in many ways. maria: and i always point to the el salvador example as the impact there. look how many people were able to get banks because they were able to get their hands on crypto. barack, great to see you, always a pleasure to talk with you and i'm so happy to hear that you're at the conference in miami. that certainly looks real active there. great to see you, brock, thanks. >> thank you. maria: brock pierce joining us in miami. quick break and then more memoirs from another biden family member, how joe's sister is getting in on the book deal game. the hot-topic buzz is next. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz. president biden's sister valerie getting in on the act, she now a has a memoir hitting shelves next week, growing up biden, a memoir, conflicting with white house ethics policies that family members can't cash in on being related to the president. we've seen it over and over and over again where p family members are cashing in, whether he's vice president or president. >> it's wild, maria. we've seen this rules for thee,
7:00 am
not for me, it's happening again. it makes everybody look at the hunter biden situation with the laptop and think how do they get away with this and they think the american public or some of them fall for it. the others don't. i want to see an investigation, an independent council investigation into this to see if hunter and his father have broken rules that need to be addressed. i always say if the shoe was on the other foot and this was happening to president trump, my god, the outrage, it would be a competely different situation. maria: you make such a great point there, a special council, independent council investigation needs to happen here. jackie and sean, stay right there. the next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ maria: good friday morning, everyone. thanks very much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo.
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happy friday. it is friday, april 8th. your top stories right now, you 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. today russian troops on the move, the u.k.'s ministry of defense says russian forces are fully with drawing from northern ukraine to belarus and a russia. however, at least some of those forces are going to east ukraine to fight in the donbas region where a missile strike killed more than 30 people. this morning, they were trying to flee at the train station. this as the eu adopts a fifth round of sanctions against russia and the u.s. votes to remove russia from the most favored trade status. back in washington, covid is back for of some lawmakers including nancy pelosi. the speaker confirming she has come down with covid one day after appearing maskless with president biden. attorney general merrick garland, secretary of come mess gina romondo and washington, d.c. mayor also testing positive for covid. a widening covid-19 lockdown in china a threatens more supply
7:02 am
chain log jams, the volume of goods moving through the port of shanghai down 40% with apple and tesla getting squeezed, unable to open factories back up. moderate democrats are spoon of soring a -- sponsoring a bipartisan bill to extend title 42 to handle the surge of migrants expected. there is no plan so far. markets are higher this morning, looks like we are ending a volatile week with gains, futures are up ahead of first quarter earnings which begin next week and they will set tone and i'm looking for companies to talk about those supply chain issues in their first quarter results. dow industrials right now up 120, s&p 500 higher by 12 and a quarter and nasdaq higher by 40 points. this on top of the gain yesterday, stocks were higher across the board even as interest rates moved higher. yesterday, the dow was up 87, the pass dabbing up 8 and-a-half and the s&p 500 higher by 19.
7:03 am
the yield on the 10 year treasury hitting a three-year high. of course we're waiting for 50 basis point hike from the fed at the may meeting. the 10 year is up almost 2 basis points this morning. oil prices are higher, countries have agreed to contribute to a major he release of oil reserves in response to russia's invasion. the price of brent is down half a percent, crude oil at 95, 95, down a fraction. european markets this morning are trading higher, take a look at stocks in europe. the ft 100 up 74, cac up 86, dax index higher by 188 right now. asian markets were mixed overnight, the asian indices finished like this, as you will see, fractional moves across the board. "mornings with maria" is live right now. and it is time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money, joining us
7:04 am
is rose cliff capital ceo, mike murphy, chief investment officer lee munson and sean o'hara. great to see you gentlemen this morning many thank you so much for being here many mike, kicking things off with you, with major indices on pace for another losing week as investors continue to way the federal reserve's planned rate hikes that we're expecting, 50 basis points in may, yields are movingup, markets down year-to-. what do you want to do in terms of allocating capital with treasury yields mixed this morning. >> good morning, maria. it's interesting, the inflation went from being transitory to being a major problem very quickly and now the fed's going to try to get in front of it after falling way behind it. so we're going to get 50 basis points in may. i think after that, we're going to be very data dependent so hopefully these moves by the fed start to have an impact on inflation. but i think for investors,
7:05 am
trying to trade around comments from the fed or fed governors or interest rate moves, it's something i haven't been able to do in over 25 years and i think very few people can. maria, i think the message for the people at home is the fed tightening could it have an impact and slow this bull market or he derail the bull market? yes, it could. so if that means to you that you're too overly invested or you're too nervous about your investments, you can raise some cash. for me, i'm not. i believe any pullback will be supported by earnings growth so i'm a buyer on any pullback. people don't want to overtrade this market on headlines. stay invested, stay long. when we start to hear earnings next week i think they're going to support the market where it is and support the market at higher price as well. maria: and that's my next question. because we're getting earnings next week. how much of the russia story is going to be in those earnings? what about the log jams and the factory shutdown in china we're
7:06 am
looking at tesla unable to open the factory in shanghai, apple has production there. are we going to see it from ceos next week when they talk about guidance for 2022? >> i think we will, maria. but remember, this -- the supply chain issues that we've been dealing with will pass. at some point we'll get past them. so it's p almost like as ceos come out with earnings, it's possible that wall street has baked this in and will give them a pass on some sort of hiccup or misstep over the last three months. so really i think it's going to be talking about the guidance going forward from these companies as they get back online, as we get out of the global pandemic. i think you're going to hear from the large companies like jp morgan next week and then apple. i think you're going to see strong guidance and that's what i think the market being down for the year right now in an economy that can support growth, where you're seeing a lot of people getting jobs and wages moving up, i think this is an
7:07 am
opportunity for people still in spite of all the headwinds that are out there, i think the market closes the year higher from where we are right now. maria: yeah. i mean, look, you've got to believe that things are slowing down, lee. we've got expectations of a recession around the country. i spoke with the former president and ceo of the kansas federal reserve this week, tom hoenig, on the possibility of a recession. he talked about 2023. watch this. >> thomas, you just mentioned 2023. are you saying you, thomas hoenig, is expecting a recession in 2023 then? >> yes, i do if they stick to the -- if they stick to tightening policy as aggressively as it's outlined in these speeches and what governor brainard said yesterday, i think there is a high risk of a recession. maria: he also said, lee, that inflation's going to go to 8, 8 and-a-half percent in the coming months. i know you're overweight the u.s. and underweight emerging markets.
7:08 am
tell me about where you're allocating money. say zero weight in europe. do you think the european economy gets it first in terms of a recession? is that what's behind those moves? >> i think the european economy is just dead on arrival. i've never been so disappointed in an asset class. you know me, i'm globally diversified. i've got nothing there. i think they're already going into recession. you can see it in the banks, you can see it all over. i think europe is uninvestable from my perspective. the u.s. will be next. you know, when you're thinking about -- this is what's going to be funny. this may be the first time in my kind of recollection that the fed could be pulling back some of the rate hikes that they're talking about before they even do it. that's how quickly things are moving now. because a couple months ago, four, five months ago i would say maybe summer of 2024 when we expected the rolloff of 3 trillion on quantitative
7:09 am
easing, but let's get back to the value. if we have these rates, it doesn't matter if they actually do all the rate hikes they talked about this year. it's the specter. it's the fear that they will do it. and that's what i think is going to roll back before the end of the year but it doesn't matter a because it's going to be too late. the banks are telling you right now with their poor behavior that they don't believe the hikes in interest rates. i'm nose deep into the two year treasuries and nose deep in the 30 years right now on a very short leash because i think we get one more little dip here where i'll be able to sell those things off at a profit because there will be an expectation the fed will have to cut next year and i think the bond market is getting ahead of itself and, again, it doesn't matter if they actually cut year. the issue is saying we may not continue to raise and that may happen later this year. as far as inflation is concerned which is totally why i'm long value, small and large, as well as the fact that a large value's
7:10 am
down a couple percent for the year, not 8, not 12 like the nasdaq. small cap value, very volatile. that's only down 4, 5%. i think what you have to remember is that there's going to be a point next year where we get in that recessionary environment, by the end of the year, let me tell you. i want to go from totally overweight, the most that i've ever been, to neutral weighted so i can start buying value next year, no, my clients are going to think i've lost my mind because i'm going to start rotating in growth. but just because we know this, maria, because i have this narrative, i caution people you have to be and let it -- patient and let it play out or you'll be early. maria: we're looking at a chart of the transport average, lee. it's down 6% this week alone. so what is the transportation average selling off tell you about the macro story? >> it's telling me one thing. if the fed wanted demand destruction they're doing a hell of a good job.
7:11 am
they don't even need to raise rates. they're just jaw boning us here with the threat of it. that's what i'm saying. when you look at the bond markets and you look at the transports, somebody's not telling the truth. and i think that's not the way to look at it. i say the transports are saying fed, you won. so either do your rate hikes or don't. but you got the effect you wanted. same thing in housing. they won. so that's why i think we're going to come to a conclusion let's rate hike before it begins. i think they're going to do 50. end of the year, a third of cpi is rent and i think that big hike it's going to slow down. look at oil. oil's not 150, it's already coming down because demand destruction has started. just let this play out a little. don't be so quick to jump into your growth. remember 2000, 2002, still suffering from ptsd. the dead money in the nasdaq is going to be dead a little longer. maria: i think it's extraordinary if what you're saying is right, that they're
7:12 am
going to have to cut a year later. sean, we're already seeing housing really give us some indications about what's going on. look at mortgage giant freddie mac on thursday, releasing the average rate on the 30 year fixed rate mortgage up to 4.72%, the highest reading since december of 2018. what does that mean for the housing market which was one of the strongest areas before the recent rollover. >> i think it creates a challenge in the housing market, with interest rates up for most people who used a mortgage on their house, it makes the cost of ownership go up. but there's a secondary effect to housing that's probably more important. it's down the road. and that is a big part of our overall economy, based on the housing market. as that slows and that presents a challenge to the broader market as well and so i think in the article you referenced there's people thinking about like listing their house which
7:13 am
kind of exacerbates the problem potentially on the pricing side for house as well. we've had such a tremendous boom on the housing side because mortgages were close to free. it won't be free anymore, at least not in the near term and that will have an effect and put a slowdown not only in the housing side but it trickles through the economy. maria: sure. sean, real quick before you did, are you seeing outflows and the emerging markets etfs, are you seeing people react to what's going on in russia and china? >> not yet. we have to eliminate a couple of names in our emerging market etfs. we had five russian names in there. they're out of the portfolio. we haven't seen outflows. the outflows this year at pacer are up almost $3 billion which is a 30% increase in our aum. this market's been pretty good to us. maria: congrats to you on that aum. it's great to see you.
7:14 am
lee, sean, mike, always a pleasure, gentlemen. thank you so much. have a good weekend. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:15 am
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so tell us - what's your why? ♪♪ maria: welcome back. a new gallup poll revealing 80% of americans are worried about crime in the united states. major crime in new york city, for example, is up 44% year over year from 2021. shoplifters, stealing $70,000 worth of items from a soho boutique last weekend, it's happening every day. in chicago, crime is up 40% over the last 28 days. and police staffing is the lowest the city has seen in years. over 300 officers resigned or retired in the first three months of 2022. jackie, of course they're resigning. they don't feel the support from congress and this administration. >> absolutely. maria: your thoughts. >> i can tell you here in new york city, the cops on the street, they don't feel the support either and they're less likely to react because they actually think they're going to be attacked in some way for
7:19 am
doing their job. so that's one piece of it. the other issue is the quality of life here in new york. you know, it's not -- it's been hard enough dealing with the covid rules and restrictionses, everything we've seen in the last two years. now you walk around and you feel like you need eyes on the back of your head, because you're worried to take the subway, you're worried someone will attack you from behind. it really has an impact, psychologically, emotionally and it's no wonder so many people have left the city and they're not returning. ultimately, that's going to impact the bottom line. maria: it feels different, doesn't it, sean? >> well, it does. this is the point that everything that the democrats or of progressives or liberals touch they destroy so they wanted to reimagine law enforcement, they want no cash bail, they want to defund the police. and there's real consequences for that. not just in chicago and new york. this is happening across the country which is why i think so many voters said listen, i can't just rely on my mayors and city councils an sheriffs to take care of me.
7:20 am
i have to make sure i have politicians and they support my family and put me ahead of the criminals on the street. if you have bad actors put them behind bars. some people get a second chance. you can't have repeat offenders time and time again and let them back out on the streets to reoffend and destroy communities. lock them up. and they'll stop committing crimes, maybe. maria: kamala harris said she wanted the bail reform not just in new york and san francisco, she wants it across the country. so it's pretty extraordinary. stay with us. we'll be right back. a financial advisor that understands me and my goals as well as the markets? now you're talking. no wonder clients rate ameriprise 4.9 out of 5 for overall satisfaction. ameriprise financial. advice worth talking about.
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maria: welcome back. a group of house republicans demanding answers from twitter on what they're calling a, quote, blatant act of censorship of the october 2020 story on hunter biden's e-mails, this as house democrats on the oversight committee are denying the gop's motion to subpoena hunter biden. joining me now is kentucky congressman james comer, the ranking member of the oversight committee. you say if republicans win back the house in november it will be a top priority to hold hunter biden accountable. tell us more. >> well, hunter biden's a national security threat. i think the whole world is seeing that now. republicans and many on fox news have been saying that for a long
7:25 am
time. but the more that comes out with respect to the e-mails from his laptop, now we have bank records between hunter and joe biden's brother, james biden, where there were over 150 suspicious activity reports filed against some of their bank accounts. nothing good is coming out of hunter biden. he is a national security threat. we believe he's influenced a lot of the bad policies that joe biden has implemented from energy policy to foreign policy to national security. hunter biden has an influence on his father's administration and the american people deserve answers and republicans are not going to let up until we get answers from hunter biden. maria: well, one thing that i've been saying is this is not a hunter biden story. this is a joe biden story. he is selling influence of his father, selling meetings. what can you tell us in terms of the amount of money the biden family has taken in? because i know that there are different numbers based on who
7:26 am
is documented what. ron johnson has been on in the past. he has a document of $13 million. peter schweizer says the biden family has taken 31 million from chinese communist party officials. what do you know? >> it's over 20 of million dollars if you -- $20 million if you count all the retainers,. maria: other really. >> it's amazing the money. this is cash flow. they were getting retainers from foreign nationals in ukraine, russia, china, and then of course you had the deal that we wanted to talk to hunter biden about last week, the congo mine with cobalt that he orchestrated and brokered the deal in 2016 at the end of the obama/biden administration between an american company and a chinese company. so at the same time that joe biden's trying to convert everyone in the united states from fossil fuel to electric vehicles, we put china in a stronger competitive advantage over the united states in the
7:27 am
battery market because of the rare earth minerals and hunter biden was front and center in that. so again, the policies that joe biden is pushing that are having such a detrimental effect on everyday working americans can be traced back to questionable business dealings with his son, hunter. that's why republicans want to have hunter biden to answer questions and i'm confident that he's going to be held accountable. there's too many federal investigations now on hunter biden, money laundering, tax evasion, now we've got potential bribery. the list keeps growing, maria. maria: unbelievable. look, how is anybody supposed to trust the system? you're talking about democrats pushing electric vehicles. nancy pelosi and her husband have been buying tesla stock. and that's okay? she's buying tesla stock while she oversees a change to electric vehicles. what, really? >> and remember, they're still wanting to push tax credits for
7:28 am
electric vehicles when people like elon musk are saying you know what, we don't need it. the market's there. government, get out of the way. but the democrats, they can't comprehend that or they're getting financial advantageses -- advantages of that through stock ownership. we talk about members of congress trading stock, nobody trades more stock than nancy pelosi. nobody owns more stock than nancy pelosi. she probably with her husband own as much or more stock than the whole republican conference combined. maria: this is extraordinary, congressman. i mean, it is absolutely extraordinary. and i want to get your take on the border. before i move to that subject, do you believe that all of this money that the biden family has taken in has dictated joe biden's decisions, decisions on what to send ukraine during the war, decisions on what to do for china as the ccp steals
7:29 am
intellectual property, decisions on russia after hunter biden received the diamond from the chinese and a three and-a-half million dollar check from the former mayor of moscow's wife. >> there's no question that hunter's shady dealings have impacted joe biden's decision making. i'll give you two examples. one of the oligarchs in russia that hunter biden received money from, by coincidence, they werey weren't on the list of initial people of the oligarchs that were sanctioned by the biden administration in russia. this one happened to be left out. number two, in china, i mean, if you look at -- why won't joe biden hold china accountable for anything? they didn't even try to investigate china for the origination of covid-19. from the very onset. and we published e-mails between fauci and collins, they tried and the democrats in washington have covered up with fauci and collins every attempt by
7:30 am
republicans to investigate the origination of covid-19 in that wuhan lab. why? this isn't a partisan investigation. we're not accusing the democrats of starting covid-19 in wuhan. we're accusing the chinese. but for whatever reason, joe biden doesn't want to try to hold china accountable. they don't even want to talk about it. they want to move on. it's over of, let's move on. it cost the american people trillions of dollars, hundreds and thousands of lives, no story here, leave china alone. maria: all right, congressman. you're going to get the majority in november, likely. we'll be waiting to see what the investigation looks like and whether or not you'll be able to subpoena hunter biden. thanks very much for walking us through all of this. yeah, go ahead. final word. >> well, we're going to make every effort to subpoena hunter biden. so hopefully he can be there. my fear, maria, is he's going to get indicted before we get a chance to have him in january. the evidence against hims is over of well ming. the department of justice is
7:31 am
going to have to do something and the u.s. attorney in delaware is all over his tax evasion, finding out these bank records now and seeing the reports that were filed on his and. andjoe biden's brothers, it's a matter of time. maria: thank you very much for being here this morning. we so appreciate it. we'll be watching your work, for sure. we'll be right back.
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liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for whatchya... line? need. liberty biberty— cut. liberty... are we married to mutual? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ maria: welcome back. the covid vaccine mandate for all federal workers is reinstated. cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: good morning again. a federal appeals court he voting 2-1 that president biden's vaccine mandate for all federal employees be upheld. this reverses a lower court's decision. it was a rare win for the administration by the way. they argue the constitution gives the president the same power as the ceo of a private company. protesters rallying earlier this year in washington in front of the lincoln memorial and other
7:36 am
historic spots saying the man a dates were an overreach. this likely will continue to play out in the courts. well jetblue's bid for spirit getting a boost as spirit says it will talk to the new york based airline. the other player, frontier group, still on the table. jetblue's $3.6 billion offer could likely lead to a superior proposal to the original offer. spirit announced a merger with frontier in february, $10 less than the offer from jetblue. so stay tuned. there are the stocks in the premarket right now, spirit and frontier slightly higher. jetblue substantially lower. by the way, frontier did not respond immediately to a request for comment from business. spirit said discussions with jet bruise would be in keeping with the terms of the merger agreement with frontier. stay tuned for all this. well, a strong showing at augusta for tiger woods on day one of the masters. the golf superstar finishing just a few strokes behind the
7:37 am
leaders. woods says he's going to great lengths to manage pain after suffering devastating injuries to one of his legs in last year's car crash. >> lots of treatments, lots of ice, lots of ice baths, getting the swelling out as best we can and getting it mobile and warmed up, activated and explosive for the next day. cheryl: woods ended the first day of play finishing one under par for the course. he told reporters he is satisfied and is, quote, right where i need to be. that's what everybody will be doing this weekend, watching golf. back to you. maria: cheryl, thanks very much. well, the covid lock ofdowns now resuming, shanghai's lockdown showing no sign of easing. this is going to have repercussions across the world. the city announcing a record 21,000 new cases and a third day of covid testing this morning in shanghai. the city-wide shutdown forcing some factories to require workers to sleep on the floors to avoid contracting the virus.
7:38 am
truck routes and ports in shanghai are now clogged adding to the global supply chain stress. the city's quarantine policy has been criticized forceps prating children -- for separating children from parents. joining me now is the gatestone institute senior fellow and the author of the coming collapse of china and the great u.s./china tech war, author gordon chang. gordon, it's good to see you. what are your thoughts on this lockdown in shanghai? is this ever going to end? >> well, i'm sure it's going to end sometime, maria, maybe not in our lifetimes. what we have right now is first of all a country that has two vaccines but they're not effective against omicron ba2 which is the subvariant that is now ripping through not just shanghai, but the entire country of china. also, we have a communist party that believes it has no defense against this disease, against isolation so, therefore, they
7:39 am
are pulling totalitarian mechanisms, as you would expect them to do. this is what they did during the sars epidemic. now it's gone on steroids. the problem here is that the communist party believes that every number of infection and every death is a severe test of its legitimacy because it made this a test of its legitimacy in the early 2020 when it said the united states was not capable. so therefore, right now china is being held to its own standard and it doesn't look good for the communist party. maria: no, it doesn't. but the communist party is cozying up do vladimir putin, nato secretary general jens stoltenberg said for the first time nato will consider china in its defense strategy. he cited beijing's refusal to condemn russia's war on ukraine for the change of tone, gordon. what does this mean in terms of the nato allies' response or you
7:40 am
approach to the ccp? >> i think it means that nato is now becoming realistic. i mean, this should have occurred a long time ago, before the invasion of ukraine. because it was very clear that china and russia were first of all exercising their militaries regularly and last august for the first time russian soldiers were using chinese weapons, showing they wanted to go for interoperability. that means you had to assume that china and russia would of fight together. nato is behind the ball. right now china is supplying material support to russian war effort with these elevated commodity purchases and with other elements of chinese national power. so at this time i think that it's really important for us to realize that china and russia do form an axis and we have to assume when we are on the other side of one of them, we're on the other side of both of them. maria: yeah. and china keeps threatening the world. now the ccp is accusing the u.s.
7:41 am
and taiwan of, quote, playing with fire after comparisons between the russian war on ukraine and tensions between beijing and taipei, gordon. what are your expectations in terms of taiwan and what xi jinping is thinking after watching this war on ukraine by russia? >> well, a number of things have inhibited but also emboldened him, for instance, the failure of deterrence in the first place where the united states was not able to use its overwhelming power against russia to prevent it from invading ukraine in the first place. i think the chinese have seen the heroism of the ukrainian people and think maybe the taiwanese would defend themselves as well. i think they look at the failure of the u.s. to impose of strict sanctions on russia, they could invade taiwan and the u.s. may huff and puff but they won't do anything to the chinese, because
7:42 am
we're so magnificent. that's the thinking right now. we have think taiwan is more at risk, not less at risk of invasion. maria: look at the response of the u.s. in response to china, they canceled the china initiative which i found very off-putting. we had a conversation with james comer, congressman comer, said that president biden is compromised because of the money he and his family has taken in and that's why he's making the decision he's making on china and russia and ukraine. what are your thoughts on thation canceling -- on the administration canceling the china initiative. what are the implications of that in your view, gordon. >> the implications are that china is reinforcing its belief that it can control outcomes at the highest levels of the american political system. that's what they felt going in after biden was elected, before being sworn in. we faux that from the comments, the academic that were live streamed across china who was very specific about how china would actually determine and
7:43 am
affect american political decisionses. you know, biden on china has not been sufficiently robust in defending us and there are a number of things he's been doing which are actually on beijing's agenda, to-do list. right now i think beijing thinks they run the united states, we're somewhat a semicolony with biden in the white house. maria: that's a great analysis. why wouldn't they think that, gordon? the united states didn't push into an investigation into the origins of covid-19. we left it as is. china said we won't have investigators in and that's that. that was it, gordon. this is the devastating covid-19 that we're still feeling where millions are dead across the world and we can't look at how this all started? >> yes, that's 6.1 million people around the world outside of china who were killed by this
7:44 am
disease including 983, 984,000 americans. and the biden administration's 90 day investigation of covid was pushed on it. it didn't want to do it. and then afterwards it completely dropped the effort so you're absolutely right, they are not interested in learning about the origins of something that has killed almost a million americans. almost 1 million americans. maria: yeah, i wonder why. and by the way, it was the ccp who decided peter daszak should be one of the investigators, after he covered up as well what the u.s. was funding in terms of wuhan lab activities. gordon, it's good to see you. thanks very much. all on point. we'll see you soon, gordon, thanks. we are going to take a short break. when we come back, the title 42 fight intensifies, president biden's border policy facing fresh criticism from members of his own party, especially democrats who are up for re-election this november. more on that when we come back.
7:45 am
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maria: welcome back. well, president biden's border policy now facing fresh criticism from members of his own party. five senate democrats have co-sponsored a bill to extend title 42 after the administration announced last week that it is lifting the
7:49 am
trump era policy next month and that has triggered expectations of a flood of new migrants at the border. joining me now is former u.s. acting attorney general matt whitaker. good to see you. thanks for being here. you say this is an important policy tool that the administration will take away from the department of homeland security. tell us about the implications you see. >> well, what happens at the border is the border patrol is under complete assault by illegal border crossers and they need everything in their power to do their jobs and by taking away title 42 which allows them to turn around people at the border because of the covid-19 situation, that gave them a tool to, again, continue to try to administrate and keep folks from illegally coming into our country. this is probably one of the big last tools that border patrol had and now anyone is getting into this country and it's going to -- this news is going to
7:50 am
cause people now to come from all over the world. the expectation is we're going to have 15 to 18,000 people every day and by the end of the year we could have more people in our country illegally just from this policy change than the whole city of los angeles has in population so it's a massive and fundamental policy change. maria: well, i mean, governors -- certainly republican governors are outraged by this. texas governor greg abbott yesterday said he's going to start bussing the migrants to washington, d.c. and the white house claims that's a publicity stunt. watch what happened yesterday at the white house. >> now that the texas governor is saying he's going to start bussing border crossers to washington, d.c., when they get here will you help them find a place to stay and something for them to do. >> i'm not aware of what authority the governor would be doing this under. i think it's pretty clear this is a publicity stunt.
7:51 am
enforcement of the immigration laws lies with the federal government, not a state. maria: your reaction, matt. >> well, the american people -- this is an important issue. it polls as one of the touch top issues. they want a solution and if the federal government is not going to do its job, the states are left to do everything they possibly can within their powers. jen psaki is right that this is a federal power but if the federal government is not going to do it, then someone has to help secure our border and make sure that these states like texas don't bear the entire burden of this poor policy and poor planning by the federal government. maria: matt, do you think this is a dereliction of duty? i was just a few minutes ago speaking with congressman greg murphy and we were going through some of the stories around joe biden and whether it's this wide open border, this climate change agenda, no matter what it takes,
7:52 am
no matter 40 year inflation, or the money that his family has taken in in terms of the deals hunter has done. he said it's impeachable. listen to greg murphy a moment ago. i want to get your take on this. watch. >> i think there's going to be plenty afoot. there's plenty if you look at afghanistan, you look at the border crisis, you look at so many of these different things. the sad thing is, maria, look at who is number two. look at who is number two. i think number two is worse than number one. so this is the predictment that we're in. these of fences this president has done -- offenses this president has done against law and order i think are grounds for impeachable offenses. maria: matt, he's basically saying he wants to impeach him but we're afraid because number two is weak, kamala harris. your reaction? >> well, as we've talked many times, maria, in the previous administration impeachment is a purely political tool that can
7:53 am
be used by congress when the president or other executive branch members aren't doing their jobs or are violating the law. certainly congress has an important role in making sure the executive branch is doing their jobs and following the law and in this case, especially on the border that we're talking about right now, there's no doubt that the biden administration is failing at enforcing the law and doing things that are -- would make americans' lives better. the only thing i worry about is the politics of going into 2022 and talking about impeachment when there are so many issues, inflation you point out and others that are affecting ordinary americans' lives and congress instead of wasting their time on these types of efforts i think would be better situated to pass laws that make the situation for all americans person including closing the border and only allowing legal immigration which is -- we're the most generous done any the
7:54 am
world. we talked about that many times -- country in the world. we talked about that many times. the solutions are not difficult. it's just having the desire and the willing to implement them. the biden administration has completely failed at the border. maria: yeah. matt, it's great to get your insights on all of that. thanks very much. matt whitaker joining us this morning. we'll catch up soon. matt, thank you. we'll be right back. stay with us.
7:55 am
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maria: welcome back the biggest bitcoin event in the world is happening this this week if miami, the city now up against silicon valley to become fastest growing technology hub in the world, susan li in a miami with more good morning to you. good morning to you maria, that is right second year of bitcoin miami, 25,000 attendees, twice size of last year, and venue is twice as big also emblematic of surge in cryptocurrency more people buying bitcoin, now yesterday we had headlineer peter thiel calling warren buffett soshpathic general revenue of omaha the number one enemy for bitcoin we had odell beckham jr., serena with williams believers they say more and more will be buying cryptocurrency. >> the more bitcoin becomes a stable in the mainstream o more than it already is harder
7:59 am
going to be to attack being the mixture of and abilities for it not to be rated the government would love i am sure. >> everybody wants to know about if price, because bitcoin is down around 30% from record highs 65,000, being one of the largest bitcoin on the planet digital people four hundred million dollars bitcoin what the ceo had to say. >> there are range bound between mid 30s, and mid-60s somewhere, for it to break through that, we have to have some major adoption event major news event. you are seeing more products and services offered for it so i think we are getting ready to go into a bit of a bull run. . >> a long day ahead as you know evolution in money and finance has a lot of people enthusiastic will be interesting to see what we hear throughout the day back to you. >> enjoy it looks like,
8:00 am
attendance, jackie deangelis a great example of strength and popularity of bitcoin to see 20 plus thousands attendees. >> your ubiquitous i am watching overseas china rolling out beta testing digital currency saying eventually going to have to come, sort of a global thing, case it is making the markets more competitive in that way, united states is going to have to keep up, we are behind right now. maria: all right jackie sean next hour "mornings with maria" begins right now. . maria: good friday morning thanks very much for joining us this morning, i am maria bartiromo, it is friday, april 8, tgif, top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, today russian troops pulling back, from parts of ukraine, the
8:01 am
uk ministry defends says russian forces are fully withdrawing from northern ukraine to belarus and russia with at least some forces going to east ukraine to fight in donbas region this morning a missile strike killed more than 30 people, trying to flee at a train station, european union if votes to remove russia from most favored trade status in washington covid is back, for some lawmakers including, nancy pelosi. the speaker of the house confirmed he she has doinl with covid-19, one day after appearing maskless with president biden he attorney general merrick garland secretary of commerce, washington, d.c. mayor bowser testing positive for covid. a widening covid-19 lockdown in china threatens more lockdowns volume of goods through the port of shanghai down 40% according to the "the wall street journal." with apple tesla squeezed
8:02 am
among other companies unable to open factories there, on to border week moderate democrats cosponsor a blaufr bill to extended title 42 to allow administration to come up with a plan to handle migrants expected following removal of title 42 in may next month. markets this morning ending a volatile week higher futures higher this morning, ahead first-quarter earnings begin in earnest next week dow industrials up 139, s&p 500 up 15 1/2 a third of a percent nasdaq higher by 50 points even with gains a decline for the week, stocks higher yesterday though take a look at a rally yesterday, on wall street, even as interest rates moved higher, the dow up 87 nasdaq up 8 1/2 s&p higher by 19. even as yield on 10-year treasury note hit 3-year high, what is the next stop for the 10-year 2.679% are we head to 3% -- oil, this morning,
8:03 am
trading up, as the international energy agency member countries agreed to contribute major release of oil serves in response to rush's invasion brent 190 a barrel crude 96.73 a barrel up 3/4 of a percent european markets higher eurozone stocks there making some movers, across the board, ft 100 up 80 points better than 1%, cac quarante up 85 one and a third percent dax index higher by 187 asian markets mixed overnight, moves across the board in asian markets as you see "mornings with maria" is live right now. . . >> among mover robinhood down almost 5% lower goldman sachs downgraded the stock to a sell from neutral kurth price target, to 13 dollars a share down from 15. goldman citing fading retail engagement weakening growth
8:04 am
one day after announcing that all kwliers wanted one a crypto wallet down 30%, this year on robinhood markets, dow s&p nasdaq hoping to end with a positive move all three indices higher this morning, after a volatile week looking rat decline, the markets this week down, two-thirds of a percent dow 1/2% lower on nasdaq s&p lower by 1% all eyes on the banks next week, as they lead a big week of first-quarter earnings reports, we want to find he out how earnings are expecteded to look and they will include results from dietl, bed bath & beyond jpmorgan kicks off on 13th next unique joining me o to assess it inactive here associates charitable founder lou navellier joining all o morning nonning long jackie deangelis sean duffy great to see you. thanks for joining the conversation what are you expecting for the first quarter? >> we're going to being
8:05 am
surprisingly strong i don't buy banks, but, the major banks decent earnings he default rates so low, there is no doubt inverted yield curve doesn't help you long term that is why they haven't seen been acting that well, but decent earnings low default rates the most surprising thing about the first-quarter earnings, is if i thought decelerating, but actually accelerating because of energy stocks fertilizer stocks, a lot of domestic jobs amazingly well the disappointments are going to come from multi nationals expos tour russia, that is not a good thing. >> jamie dimon in his annual letter last week said they could see, a one-billion-dollar hit from exiting russia good point we want to take a look at what that means, for the first quarter, i was interested in
8:06 am
looking at the transportation average, it is down 5.9%, this week alone, what are your thoughts on what is going on with dow transports what that tells us about the economy and macrostory. >> well that is more of a function of the global gdp growth europe in recession, we have report we got, looks very, very good, we will have to make sure, that in the retail sales, that retail sales are at least, keeping pace with inflation. -- last below that, but looks like we are able to skirt a recession, but you know there is a lot of people like lindsey side we are going to fall into recession, we will seal what happens, out there built the reason prices going down global growth stalling what is happening in shanghai pretty shocking, appointing
8:07 am
out shipments down 40%, can't open factories, everything from apple is alleged delayed takes a few weeks to get anything from apple now. maria: could if you can't get the products, they can't sell the products, they can't make the earnings on it, the stock goes down, so you've got ripple effect on supply chain logjam we continue to follow china lockdown story is incredible, entire city of shanghai jackie deangelis with me jump in. >> good morning i i am wondering what you are thinking about consumer, consumer spending roughly two-thirds u.s. economy inflation 40-year high gas prices, near record highs as well, so i am wondering what tipping point lb when consumer starts to pull sentiment slumped an impact on sneerngs consumer confidence present situations where they are now
8:08 am
shockingly high, still increasing, the the outlook very negative. but consumers tend to do everything based on money in pocket at that time. obviously, gas, food taking more out of pockets, so we will have to see where they cut back, and retail sales back -- bars and restaurants, for example, is to consumers are kind of weird they are spending moves around, okay? i just want to see retail sales grow at least the pace of inflation. if below -- inflation, if we can exceed inflation growth, then we are growing, so, but they are very resilient, and the service sector is the biggest part of our economy all 17 sectors that i surveyed were growing in march that is a good thing. maria: so how are you investing around this inflation i mean united nations said that prices for food commodities grains the jumped to highest levels ever that happened last month, dues
8:09 am
to war between russia and ukraine they call russia-ukraine breadbasket of europe not the world, are some stocks sectors that you like are around food and fertilizer based; right? is that how you are investing around this 40-year high inflation. >> correct. so we have a lot of fertilizer companies, u.s. canadian israeli, food stocks tyson foods beat big time last time, obviously, we have a lot of energy plays. energy is going to be firm through september i know energy starting day back off bait but going to be very firm through september natural gas doing motivatingly well even no the demand dropped as it warms up, the lng keeping, gas -- semiconductors backlogged relentless i have plenty of
8:10 am
shipping stocks shipping stocks for over a year, and the -- the cost of container still outrageous, of course, shanghai going to make it even more expensive. so -- >> yes. >> so the stock market is a good inflation hedge, obviously, a lot of people put money in their homes, to good inflation hedge but as rates go up stock markets looking like a better inflation hedge as long as you know you have stocks that profit. maria: um-hmm, great analysis as always good to see you, sir, thank you . >> thank you. maria: joining us much more ahead this morning why people are taking to twitter saying former president obama presented a revisionist history about his record with russia we bring it to you your watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . . but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price our strategic investing approach
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8:15 am
president barack obama takes heat for how he remembers his record with russia. >> i had been encouraged by european reaction, because in 2014 -- uh -- i-often had to drag them kicking and screaming to respond in ways that we would have wanted to speak. maria: well one twitter user blasting him for hypocrisy recalling a 2012 moment he told them presidential candidate mitt romney 1980s calling to ask for attorney policy back after romney called russia a serious threat all this taking place as disinformation erosion of democracy conference in chicago. jackie, sean your take another famous moment, was when barack obama whispered to then president medvedev said i will have more time i will have more leeway after the
8:16 am
election. i mean cot on hot mic remember that one? >> yeah maria, i guess this is all -- we are -- it was -- clinton did -- with russia, russia invaded crimea barack obama did nothing warntdz russia's help to -- navigate iran nuclear deal, in chicago where my daughter goes to school 3-day conference about disinformation all they've done is promote disinformation some students called out some speakers asking, cnn about disinformation on russia hoax hunter biden laptop you see them squirm getting tough questions from few he conservatives at that campus this conference is ridiculous. >> i love hillary clinton also with all of her complaints, and criticisms of russia, jackie i remember covering this at cnbc, do you remember
8:17 am
when hillary clinton was trying to help the russians with their project remember. >> i do. >> russian, that was the russian invention of silicon valley a silicon valley in russia, hillary clinton the democrats sending all tech executives to help with project, from san francisco nobody talked about that. >> it would be unpopular to be on that side of the fence so that is why revisionist history comes in i also think back to what sean points out about president obama, he let russia take crimea in 2014 without doing anything at all part of what led us to mess we are in today no surprise russia backed off when president trump was in white house, because they were scared of him to be honest didn't know what he would do, they thought that he would stand up to them, now with president biden essentially obama 2.0 in charge of
8:18 am
handwriting on the wall they could getaway with it and they have they waited for the right moment in time for inflation to be high, oil prices to be moving up, and for this country to be weak to seize that opportunity. >> a change in the world as a result of this weak leadership taking a break when we come back talking with wisconsin senator ron johnson to weigh in why lawmakers are wiping russia off its trade status, he is also, going to weigh in on the -- study he preclude wide open influence at the white house. ♪♪ . . i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back.
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>> .. >> welcome back house and senate passing bills, strip russia of most favored nation trade status ban on russian oil imports joining me wisconsin senator senate homeland security committee member ron johnson thanks very much for being here two months into this war, now we're saying no, we want to ban russian oil? >> good morning, maria. it is actually interesting if you kind of look backing last
8:23 am
few years, certainly number democrat administrations, congress has always been tougher on russia and iran, i remember barack obama didn't want to sanctions on iran, you remember his famous apology tour to the middle east? i remember president from ukraine coming in pleading, being with united states administration they couldn't defeat russia with blankets, night goggles, congress authorized 300 million dollars of lethal defensive weapon yu in anously gave blankets night goalies history repeating it's understanding weakening america the time to act here congress once again having to try and lead the way to push and prod biden administration do right thing the biden administration did not provide the level of lethal defense
8:24 am
weaponry before invasion, didn't change callation as we meet with women ledgelators begging for weapons seems administration slow-walking requests, seizing the o 340789 when russia in retreat you hear former generals talking about this is the time that ukraine can really win this war, but i fear this administration again is slow-walking the requests. maria: so, what is next then there will be even more sanctions? i know that the congress is going to take a two week release now for the easter holiday, when everybody comes back two weeks will there be another push for the "build back better" agenda? why don't you tell us what is on the horizon in terms of becoming weak. >> well we are hearing biden
8:25 am
administration wants to reinvite "build back better" midst of 40-year high inflation i would say sparked by president biden's first war on fossil fuel, pipeline driving up gas, prices, out-of-control spending certainly creating printing away too many dollars chasing too few goods dollars being given to americans, making it possible for them to stay on sidelines not enter workforce low labor participation rates fewer goods the triple whammy unfortunately democrats doubling down on dacht rows policies open borders, going to cancel title 42 last year a million and a quarter illegal immigrants title 42, last control we will have wide-open borders. >> we have been talking about that in fact i spoke with
8:26 am
congressman greg murphy earlier, being who said that joe biden should be impeached, and that when and if the gop wins majority he is going to pursue that i was happy to see the op-ed in journal this morning apologizing to you, for you getting slammed because you did your job and you did it so well. they mainstream media confirming that a what you told us hunter biden laptop is real "new york post" broke story all emails you told us way before anybody else that there was influence peddling going on, we have been reporting on this for years senator, you have been, investigating hunter biden's foreign business deals for years blowing the story wide open tell me about your plan should the senate take the majority, are you going to procure a subpoena on hunter biden going to pursue an
8:27 am
investigation potentially impeachment? just to clarify column by kim strassel wasn't apologizing was a suggesting, mainstream media democrat colleagues who lied about us they should apologize we appreciate that column by kim strassel, the "the wall street journal." listen, the damage breaking i think a lot of information is coming out, the hunter biden laptop, now the mainstream media reluctantly admitzing portions of it, authentic we are hearing reports that they are deleted files are being uncovered containing mores explosive information i don't have possession of that laptop but first offered to us we have to do due diligence, fbi let them know laptop was there they should have told us something they didn't they should have opened their mouths now that we know they
8:28 am
had possession of that 51 former intelligence officials engaged in their own information operation by saying laptop all earmarks of a russian information operation, that is shameful what they did, and what they did, and the complicity of the unified combines officials in immediate had far greater impact on our 2020 election they feared interfered to greater extent than russia ever could have hoped to accomplished i know you are looking at corruption not just influence peddling bud media was part of it and fbi, is there anything you can do about it? >> well, certainly if -- the election needing a lot of help ran, chairman of committee investigations i am talking about, as bad as the at the very least is of the
8:29 am
biden inc family what trouble me more complicity corruption of media complicity corruption by certain elements in federal law enforcement, intelligence agencies obviously, needs to be investigated exposed, and that is certainly would be a top priority of mine if chairman of the subcommittee investigations ultimately resources certainly looking at to provide to resources to look into this, you've got biden administration pushing through agenda, they wanted dog back to "build back better" despite 40 year inflation senate voted to confirm, joe biden'ss nomination for the supreme court, judge ketanji brown jackson. republican senators mitt romney, susan collins lisa murkowski all joined democrats voting "yes" you voted "no"; correct? >> correct, because i only want to vote for people i believe will be a judge, that will apply the law not alter it. you know, i met with judge
8:30 am
jackson, very nice person. can't really answer any questions because the excuse always that could be a case before supreme court all i can rely on is past supreme court nominees by past democrat, reliably very leftist rebuybly judicial activities not type of justice i want to confirm on the supreme court. >> senator good to see you this mornings thanks very much we will be watching all of that, and i don't your investigation efforts, ron johnson joining us this morning in wisconsin, thank you, sir. . we will take a break then when we come back we will fill in the holes on the hunter biden influence peddling story with "new york post" columnist miranda devine. she is next. . uh carl, are there different planning options in here? options? plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant?
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>> maria: welcome back. walmart giving big pay raises to truck draifrz to cope with supply chain issues cheryl
8:35 am
casone with details right now. cheryl: that is right, maria. . the nation's largest retailer says new starting salary for drivers between 95,000 and 110,000 dollars a year. walmart offering current employees he 12-week training course to become certified truck drivers, joining the company internal fleet this move comes after 4900 driver quit industry, stock up more than a quarter of one percent right now, tesla ceo elon musk, marking the official start of production at automaker 1.1-billion-dollar factory in austin, texas musk firing up the crowd last night's cyberrodeo party. >> -- california great work we are continuing to expand in california, but -- we ran out of room, so we need a place where we can be really big, and there is no place like
8:36 am
texas. [cheering]. >> everything bigger in texas, stock down a little bit in premarket, the plant expected to produce 100,000 modeled y vehicles by next year, also products still in development cybertruck tesla aims to produce next year robo testing. finally a california woman wins big pushing wrong button on scratch off vending machine, she put 40 dollars into emotion someone bumped into hush causing her to push a number on machine did not intend to push different ticket scratched accidental ticket and won the top prize, 10 million dollars. could buy a lot of property for 10 million. >> wow! that is great. thank you so much. yes, you can, we will be watching it on your fantastic program, on fox business. all that money going into the
8:37 am
"american dream home." kentucky congressman james comer joined me sharing plans expectations to hold hunter biden accountable for influence peddling watch this in a war going to make every effort to subpoena hunter biden o hopefully he can being be there my fear maria going to get indicted before we get chance to have him, the other he overwhelming department of justiceing to to have to do something. maria: joining me right now "new york post" columnist fox news contributor miranda devine, has reported extensively on this, miranda great to see you what do you think will he get indicted? >> look i mean -- you look at the overwhelming evidence against him, and it would be very surprising if he didn't but then remember the "new york times" a couple weeks ago rehearsed his defense paid one million dollars, back -- taxes
8:38 am
borrowed from somebody, and also, supposedly going to retroactively register as foreign agent violations become civil instead of criminal, according to the "new york times,." >> the money laundering charge disappears, so, you know i guess that is what his lawyers hope will be what white house hopes but, you know, i talked to other lawyers who say that is ridiculous. maria: well you say it is unsustainable the white house standing by joe biden's claims that he knew nothing about his son's overseas business dealings and i have been saying repeatedly this is not a hunter biden story, it is a joe biden story. tell us more miranda. >>. >> yes, it is a joe biden story, but the also more important than that not just about joe biden and influence peddling operation it is about america's national security,
8:39 am
because, you know, the operation running four decades if delaware corrosive to political culture what he was doing when as vice president now ramifications for national security compromised in eyes of china, russia ukraine three countries that are vital to our interests at the moment. maria: we are now watching death and destruction result of russia's war on ukraine, so you have to question, whether or not joe biden decision-making is compromised we were talking earlier with congressman who said "yes" he is compromised made decisions because of all money he has taken in then whistle blower jack maximume veiled to "daily mail" shared 450 gigabytes deleted material from hunter biden's laptop -- congressman, but claims they sat on the
8:40 am
trove of material for months miranda "new york post" has laptop you reported on this now, and been slammed for it what are your thoughts on what new information, is out there, from this deleted trove of material? >> well, look -- the laptop repair man in delaware life was ruined actually after he waswhile blower brought the laptop contents to basically attention of the world, by giving to rudy giuliani, he said i is physically impossible to find 450 gigabytes of information because of size of drive amount material recovered, yes, you know would it be nice if there were some way of getting it erased material but we don't need to, there is so much -- there is so much evidence on the laptop show to show that joe biden was
8:41 am
involved in his son's00 and brother jim biden influence peddling operation millions of dollars went tluf bank accounts from china, russia, from all over the world the tony bobulinski material came forward before the election handed over contents, whatsapp material kraeb from duplicate it, ron johnson, grassley senate inquiry out in september 2020, so they also followed money trial they have treasury department documents, to expose those activity reports on money millions of dollars again that came into
8:42 am
the bank accounts of hunter biden jim biden and variation business partners immediate cannot pretend they didn't report on story because they couldn't access the laptop or because laptop was too difficult to authenticate at the time, we managed to do it, and they didn't even need it, you could actually map the same story with bobulinski, grassley material, a puzzle all three pieces put together in my book "laptop from hell" a compelling case for prosecution we know that grand jury in del away has been asking witnesses who is the big guy from tony bobulinski easily material on laptop we know the big guy is joe biden, it looks as if that grand jury looking at hunter biden is pulling some threads if you pull those threads you ebb get
8:43 am
to joe biden. >> this is extraordinary all out there not seeing accountability, kentucky congressman comer stoke out about the biden bank accounts watch this. >> the u.s. attorney in delaware all over, finding out the bank records now seeing all the suspicious activity reports that were filed on, is joe biden's brothers bank account just a matter of time. . >> do you agree with that are we going to see joe biden he corporate tax returns the president and first lady, reporting, recently an income of much more than one would expect from being a member of congress, 13 million dollars in income between 2017 and 2019, how does that work? >> that is right, and, you know, did a bogus think a check before 2020 election
8:44 am
explain away didn't sell a lot of books to justify that amount of money we've never seen full tax returns of joe biden. and you know ironic considering, that the media and democrats were hounding donald trump many years to get his tax returns, and the "new york times," actually -- a stolen or whatever tax returns they found of donald trump before direction twitter had no problem with those a couple weeks before they banned us for accurate relevant story about the laptop, so, let's see i think there should be pressure on joe biden to expose his tax returns for those years. maria: we will see about that, 13 million dollars profits from joe biden's book, i am questioning it i know
8:45 am
your book is selling like hotcakes the "laptop from hell" is excellent congratulations, thanks for joining me this morning we will catch up soon. thank you we are taking a break west virginia attorney general patrick morrisey here to discuss backlash of sec climate proposal you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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maria: welcome back west virginia senator joe manchin not onboard with securities and exchange commission proposed climate rules says rules quote run counter to the sec commitment to its mission, by adding undue burdens on companies, while sending a signal of opposition to the all above energy policy, critical to our country. the agency proposed all public companies follow rules on climate change including disclosing emissions from suppliers affiliates, customers joining me west virginia attorney general patrick morrisey, you are not happy with new rules either. >> no, no. maria, thank you for having me on, because, this is a type of issue that hasn't got much attention we've talked about it when you are trying to fundamentally changes mission of the securities and exchange commission commission have them at arm of woke left to
8:50 am
try to move corporate borrowedroom, that is a real concern as everyone knows sec trying to protect investors, an enforcement arm for public security. it should not be getting in the middle of fights on climate change or diversity for all other topics that we know sec an biden administration want to push them into. maria: a i mean, this climate change agenda, is moving full force head, i know sec story in the works from the beginning of biden's presidency. >> right. maria: a you filed a lawsuit against several drugmakers for contributing opioid crisis in your state the trail started monday, and -- trial started monday rather could last up to two months tell us the latest there we've been covering border all morning the wide-open border has fentanyl in in droves killing american citizens 100 now overdoses related to fentanyl last year.
8:51 am
>> we filed a lawsuit, the principal family of defendants jansen allergen, i delivered opening statement monday we've asked court to accountability for the actions, and omissions companies had over for long period of time been very concerned about misleading marketing tactics made a number of allegations i think trial is going well, i think important west virginia was ground zero in the opioid epidemic, and we have been able to put on a lot of evidence showing impac itac these theser o adde atedddic o gatew gay pe also alsoentoent to fenta f ria: ah other osthertherust j ed.di mebodyso,dy, living a a
8:52 am
mmonly uselyd urugs with , you've sve s the ass 10 1 a 1 a numberf of >> t. >> addingng eve eryve d we s th on fentanyl, because homeland security department has been unmitigated disaster on the border we know that a lot of people are dying, from fentanyl in west virginia, across the heartland i think we have to make sure, that these guys understand this, they have to follow the law and there are laws against allowing people to come across the border or traffic drugs traffic people. that is why you are seeing a lot of ags fight back but we are going to keep going after the biden administration and always going to uphold rule of law, for every person, for ever government for ever company, that is the roll of the attorney general. maria: west virginia is also a -- u.s. allies referring planning to tap into oil reserves releasing nearly 60
8:53 am
million barrels, what do you want to say about the policy around, fossil fuel the administration and democrats are trying to act now as they -- wouldn't tell companies not to drill. what? >> i have said for a long time we have a russia first china first american last energy policy, and from the very beginning, when biden shut down keystone, started to do the bans moratoriums in terms of drilling approved nord stream pipeline changed policy to wipe fossil fuels, now war in ukraine americans hurting badly higher gas prices standard of living inflation all pin to do biden's policies he started, the better answer to just opening up the strategic reserve is to say let's actually unleash america's energy independence
8:54 am
much better way get rid of terrible policies he put in place the last year. maria: we will see about that always a pleasure thanks very much for being here we will be watching all of that. >> thank you so much maria. maria: and the trial underway thank you attorney general patrick morrisey, quick break, a heartwarming story out of difficult times in europe, the big buzz of the morning after this break tonight on maria bartiromo wall street talking to dan patrick about his state's plan to send migrants to washington d.c. john lonski, tonight 7 pm eastern on fox business. we'll be right back. .
8:55 am
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>> [dog singing] maria: that is the big buzz of the morning that is a happy huskie reunited with his owner after being separated by russian forces in bucha. nice to see this kind of a story , jackie, unfortunately, there is so much death and destruction to report, but we thought this was a sweet story. >> yeah, it is sweet to see that, and it's, you know, a happy story amid so much carnage as you suggest and i think about all of the pets that
8:59 am
haven't been reunited with their homeowners and left behind and all of the footage we've seen particularly this week of the devastation and human bodies lying in the middle of these landscapes, and you know, you really wonder and stand back and say to yourself, this administration said that it was going to use diplomacy and try to avoid what we seen occur over the course of the last two months, and yet, here we are. it's just a difficult situation, i'm sorry. maria: it's very difficult, jackie and it's also questionable as to why ukrainian s are still waiting on the weapons that they need. what is going on? we're going to be looking back at this story and thinking, we watched it all unfold and sat there. >> you know, it's not that complicated, maria. let's provide ukraine the arms they need to defend themselves and not get ourselves in the conflict fighting directly with russia this is not complicated. give them the weapons they need
9:00 am
to fight. they want their freedom and fight for their freedom. i look at this dog, i know you have to go but it reminds me of fauci who was experimenting on poor little beagles and how people get outraged when people mistreat animals, this is a beautiful story no wonder they are man's best friend. maria: keep your dogs away from anthony fauci that's for sure, jackie deangelis, sean duffy, have a great weekend, "varney" & company begins right now. stu take it away. stuart: i shall indeed, good morning, maria, good morning, everyone. i feel like apologizing for leading the show with elon musk but it's hard to keep him out of the news, richest person in the world and the world's best executive so what's he up to now? two things. he opened the austin, texas tesla factory last night with a party for 15,000 people. it was called the cyber rodeo. talking about car and truck production in the future, musk very much true to form, said we're going to scale, we're going to a scale


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