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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 8, 2022 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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fight for their freedom. i look at this dog, i know you have to go but it reminds me of fauci who was experimenting on poor little beagles and how people get outraged when people mistreat animals, this is a beautiful story no wonder they are man's best friend. maria: keep your dogs away from anthony fauci that's for sure, jackie deangelis, sean duffy, have a great weekend, "varney" & company begins right now. stu take it away. stuart: i shall indeed, good morning, maria, good morning, everyone. i feel like apologizing for leading the show with elon musk but it's hard to keep him out of the news, richest person in the world and the world's best executive so what's he up to now? two things. he opened the austin, texas tesla factory last night with a party for 15,000 people. it was called the cyber rodeo. talking about car and truck production in the future, musk very much true to form, said we're going to scale, we're going to a scale that no company
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has ever achieved in the history of humanity. now that's musk for you. item two. he's going to hold a q&a with twitter staffers. he's the biggest shareholder and some twitter people don't like it. he will "address their concerns ." to the markets, modest gains for stocks at the opening bell this morning, dow is probably up about 50 but the nasdaq maybe down 24 points. all right, plenty of action in bonds this week. generally speaking, prices up, i've got it wrong again. generally speaking, prices down, yields up. the 10 year currently yields about 270, that's kind of the breakthrough there. there's a big crypto conference in miami not having much influence so far. bitcoin trading at around 43,000 bucks per coin. oil, let's go through this fast. still well under $100 a barrel price of gasoline ever so slightly lower, 4.13 and diesel, 5.06 there you have it. now, there's a flap about covid.
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speaker pelosi testses positive right after kissing the president on the cheek. did she endanger the president? no, says jen psaki, the kiss didn't last long enough. washington in a state of high anxiety after the grid iron dinner, cabinet member, the attorney general, two congressmen, two senators, and the president's sister all attended and they all tested positive. the dinner was a super spreader event. i hope they don't want to impose mask vax and testing mandates all over again. hope not. war news. russia admits to significant losses among its soldiers, and ukraine reports a missile attack on a packed train station in the dontesk region. more than 30 dead, 100 injured. ukrainian officials again pleading for advanced weapons to push russian troops out of ukraine. it's not clear if the administration will meet those demands. there is other news. 21,000 new covid cases in one day just in shanghai.
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that's a record number. the virus is spreading outside lockdown shanghai, the world's supply chain is in danger. in new jersey, second graders will be instructed on gender identity. in california, la county officials may not travel to florida. they must not be contaminated by florida's gender law. tiger woods, one under par in the first round of the faster masters fees off at 1:41 today and we'll show you the clubs he used to win four majors many years ago. tiger slam irons they are called up for auction, the current bid ding price is $850,000. friday, april 8, 2022 "varney" & company is about to begin. let's deal with ukraine first of all. russia launched two missile strikes at a packed train
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station in the city located in the dontesk region. lauren, it's horrific but you got to take us through it. lauren: 39 people are dead, dozens wounded, as russian missiles hit that rail station that was packed with thousands of civilians trying to flee the fighting, the head of the railway says this was a deliberate attack on them and we see russian forces repositioning their strength to take territory more territory in the east. stuart: okay, i'm going to leave it at that. we'll show more of this horrific stuff later on the show but suffice it to say the russians have not stopped shelling civilians leave it at that. let's go to the cyber rodeo, musk's new tesla factory is open we've seen the celebration. what i want to know about, lauren, is what future projects did he tease? lauren: the new roadster, and the cyber truck and semi truck production next year, he confirm ed that, we'll see if it happens. eventually a robo taxis, no human driver car, and optimu
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u.s. , the human robot to do the things that humans don't want to do so 15,000 were in attend as at the cyber rodeo last night where elon musk came out on stage in a roadster, sun glasses and a black cowboy hat. >> why austin? well, actually, i asked the tesla team because, you know , california is great and we're continuing to expand in california, but we ran out of room, and so we need a place where we can be really big, and there's no place like texas. >> [applause] lauren: everything is bigger in texas and this was one big week for mr. musk, he's now on the twitter board, top shareholder, and he's going to talk to staff next week in an a ma, ask me anything session some there are concerned about his politics and that he'll change their company culture and i think that's exactly what he's trying to do. this is a culture war, if you will, silicon valley meets elon musk in this case, i think he
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represents many americans who don't feel like they identify with silicon valley. stuart: i'm with musk on this one, big time. lauren: yeah. stuart: andrew left is with us now. now, andrew is i would call him a famous short seller of tesla. he sued elon musk for violating federal security laws, so all right, welcome to the show. good to see you again, andrew. what do you make -- >> good morning. stuart: of musk getting involved with twitter? >> i think it's a good thing. obviously, twitter has been lacking in innovation, and stifeling free speech, the market has reacted you saw it and it needs new and fresh ideas out there, and musk is there. i would never bet against musk. doesn't mean i own twitter, but its been very foolish to bet against him and it's nice to see new fresh ideas and it has become the town hall for america , and it needs to get massaged a bit from its current form. musk is the person to do it. stuart: yeah, so you're cheering him on just like i am as a matter of fact. big picture for a moment.
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should investors sit and ride out the storm, as we're in a storm, i think, and i'm worried that the market goes down and stays down. what do you think? >> i mean, you must sit through this. stuart, you can not sit around and guess bottoms. it's very dangerous for an investor to put their money on the side and guess what it's going to bottom out and get reinvested. the s&p is going to return, it has historically 10%. might just be the year you're down 2%, 3%, it could be. we're not going to have a 2008 on our hands. we've shown it to be resilient, so you stay invested, we have great companies in the s&p, whether it's technology, energy, consumer discretionary, cyclical s that lead the way you'll see a change in it, and that's why stay invested in the s&p is probably the best idea right now. stuart: are you sure it's not a repeat of the 1970s, when the market was down and stayed down? >> we have so much innovation happening right now. we lead the world in it, and i don't see it going down or staying down. if that's the case we'll have
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sky high rates and be able to get amazing amount of fixed income but i don't see that happening with the pace of innovation that's coming out of the u.s.. stuart: got it. andrew left, thanks for being with us this friday morning always appreciate it. see you again soon. >> have a great day. stuart: los angeles county has banned official travel to florida over the state's parental rights bill. this is all part of the uproar of governor desantis' ban on teaching very young children about gender identity. congressman byron donalds, the man from florida joins us now. congressman, so the californians must not be contaminated by your laws. what do you say to that? >> i say good. you know, we're not going to miss you in florida. we have so many visitors frankly we don't even know what to do with them all. our streets are packed, our businesses are overloaded with customers, so the people of los angeles county, excuse me, the elected officials of los angeles county and their staff don't want to come to florida, we won't even miss you. sorry. but this is a bigger issue,
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stuart and the issue here is that you have woke corporations and now you have woke local governments who think that they can genuflect and make these statements and it's going to change reality. it doesn't matter who you are, even democrat as degree we should not be indoctrinating children on gender identity and sexual fluidity. stuart: in new jersey they just got a deal where second graders will be taught gender fluidity and gender identity. second graders in the state of new jersey. maybe you'll pull more jersey-it es down to florida. >> oh, yeah we will have more people move to florida, move to other states, because parents don't want to deal with this foolishness. i mean stuart, look at what we're talking about. we're supposed to be in the height of the information age where people have real access to true knowledge and true understanding. the internet should be solving all of this but what we have are people who choose to sensor, they choose to provide disinformation and misinformation and they want to act like they are holier than th
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ou. anybody who believes it is okay to indoctrinate a seven-year-old is controversial and more people need to stand up and be on the side of reality not left wing idiocy. stuart: congressman earlier this week i put out an editorial saying california used to be the state of the future but it's not any longer. florida is the state of the future. you're not going to disagree with me, are you? >> absolutely not. as florida goes, so goes the nation. stuart: well-said. congressman always a pleasure thanks for being with us and we'll see you again real soon. you got it. let's take a look at bitcoin. why not? they got a conference going on down in miami and peter thiel is at that bitcoin conference. now apparently, he went right after warren buffett, what did he say? lauren: he called him a socio path grandpa from omaha and enemy number bon for crypto and two and three was jamie dimon and larry fink, it grabbed attention a lot of people are talking about it today and he threw $100 bills at the crowd
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making a joke, do you still use money or aren't you crypto enthusiasts and then he brought up politics, insulted critics and said look, there's an institutional bias right now to not invest, especially from e sg, because the mining is energy intensive. so it was an attention-grabbing speech but i don't think that was fair to the 91-year-old legendary investor warren buffett. stuart: big splash but no impact on bitcoin and crypto in terms of the price. lauren: correct. stuart: barstool sports guy dave portnoy is in miami at the crypto conference, and he joins us a little later, next hour. futures show modest gains pretty much, well, modest gain for the dow, with a four point loss for the s&p and the nasdaq is down about 50. that's at the opening bell. the white house insists president biden was not in close contact with speaker pelosi, despite this kiss two days before her covid diagnosis. roll tape. >> how can you say that president biden was not in close contact with speaker pelosi when
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there is video of the speaker kissing him? >> the cdc and their definition of it is 15 minutes of contact within six feet. it did not meet that bar. stuart: okay, now the gridiron dinner last weekend is now considered a super spreader. the president attends a big event today. i wonder what precautions they are going to take. as the atrocities pileup in ukraine, the kremlin admits its troops have taken significant losses and that's not stopping them from pounding the eastern part of the country. full report, after this. if you invest in the s&p 500 your portfolio may be too concentrated in big companies. this can leave it imbalanced and exposed when performance varies. invesco's s&p 500 equal weight etf, rsp, is spread equally across the s&p 500,
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stuart: a spokesperson for the kremlin made a surprise admission. he said russia has suffered significant losses of troops. alex hogan is in ukraine. alex, we're hearing that russia is looking to replenish its troop numbers, can you confirm that? reporter: that's exactly what warehouse hearing on the ground as well, stuart with ukrainian officials saying that russia is bringing as many as 60,000 additional troops to the eastern side of the country, for those who were located in the north, they are now moving up to belarus and also the russian border town of bulgo rod, just about 20 to 30 miles . meanwhile a new tragic attack this morning, on a railway station in the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says that thousands of civilians were there and i do want to warn you that this is graphic.
9:18 am
stuart: i'm afraid we do have an audio problem there with alex hogan in ukraine. right now i'm joined by jamil ja ffer, the founder of the national security institute and jamil, i want to talk to you about ukraine. are we going to back ukraine for a military win, are we going to give them what they need to win militarily as opposed to relying on peace talks to calm things down? >> well stuart it's a great question and we're not currently putting any u.s. military on the ground in ukraine. the president has made clear he's not willing to do that and same for the allies. we have a substantial amount of military equipment. there's more we could do. we talked about the mig-29 the ukrainians want, more air defenses and missiles on the ground we could provide them so there's more we could be doing but we're doing quite a bit right now. stuart: i had a four star retired general on the show yesterday, general jack keane, and he said flat out, there's nothing stopping those mig jets going from poland into the hands
9:19 am
of ukrainian fighters. there's nothing stopping that, except the biden administration. so yeah, they aren't willing to get the weapons they need. >> no you're exactly right, stuart and general keane is exactly right. nothing standing in the way for the would us' decision not to provide those. the polls made clear they are willing to provide them and the same is true of other nation states in the region willing to provide missiles on the ground that will help defend against russian aircraft. we're not willing to provide those either and it's not clear why. the biden administration keeps saying look we don't want to escalate the conflict. the reality is the russians are escalating the conflict, it's on them, we need to do everything we can to help the ukrainians. stuart: they could lose, the russians could lose militarily in ukraine, if we help ukrainians. last 20 seconds to you. >> yeah, no, stuart look, i think eend of the day we've got a pushback on what the russians are doing we have to do it aggressively. if it means getting involved more aggressively we need to do that. the casualties we're seeing from civilians are terrible, the killings and rapes are terrible we need to stop it and
9:20 am
stop it now, stuart. stuart: jamil jaffer, thank you, sir. we had a report from alex hogan interrupted by bad audio she's back, finish your report, please , alex. reporter: hi, stuart graphic images coming out of a railway station attacked this morning, thee images have been blurred but they show the bodies on the ground surrounded by the luggage. these are just civilians and workers at this railway station more than 39 people have been killed and more than 300 are wounded, according to ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. this is the eastern side of the country and now in the north , near the violent scenes of bucha there have been three mass graves discovered to bury hundreds of civilians that the have been killed. those , however, who managed to hide and stay are sharing their stories about what the trauma has been like for them and their children in the past month. >> we are in the basement for
9:21 am
35 days. there was shelling all the time. sometimes there's no water. sometimes there's no food. i explained to them how to fall, how to run, how to defend. show me. close your ears with your hands. that's right. they fired very hard. reporter: the tragic reality of these are the life lessons that children are needing to learn in some of the parts of the country right now and this is another town that is outside of the capitol botoyanka, about 40 miles outside of kyiv. residents are slowly starting to return home, the rescue teams are still searching the rubble for any potential weapons that have been left in what the was once just peaceful towns. now, as russia shifts its focus east, a lot of those troops again are moving up to belarus and the russian border town of b olgorod, doubling down specifically on the eastern side of the country and stuart, today russian forces say they have captured the city center of
9:22 am
mariupol. stuart: that's late breaking news there, alex thank you very much indeed. all right, now this. one of my favorite bands is pink floyd, and they are going to release their first new song in what, 30 years. lauren: 28. stuart: got to have something to do with it. lauren: the song is "hey, hey, rise up" and also a morale boost er for the ukrainian people. the guitarist, david gillum monday, was shown on instagram, he was dressed for battle and singing this patriotic song that was known from world war i, so g ilmore called him up on the phone, and he was in the hospital from injuries from fighting and asked for his commission and they released this and the proceeds go to humanitarian efforts to help the ukrainian people. it's a beautiful song. you watch the video you can see ukrainians in the background and all. stuart: altogether a good thing. thank lauren. check those futures, please.
9:23 am
i'm seeing downside move for the nasdaq 50 points, slight gain for the dow. we'll be back with the opening bell, after this. ♪ you can't buy love. happiness. or confidence. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us.
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get started at stuart: i think this has been the stock of the week, twitter down a fraction today 1.5% but mark mahaney is with us and he follows twitter. joining us now, all right, mark. would you buy twitter now as musk has a 9% stake? >> no, i wouldn't, stu, and happy friday to you. i've been on the sidelines for twitter, on twitter for several years. it's just the lack of product innovation on both the consumer and the advertiser side that's been the issue. you've got a slow growth engine, one that competes directly with google, facebook for advertising dollars, and never really been able to breakout of the clutter. if musk can go in and change speed up the cycle of product development, great. i'll look for evidence of that. i find it fascinating the way the stock market reacted to that musk is obviously deeply influential person, but i'll avoid the stock for now. stuart: do you think it might get to 60 bucks a share?
9:28 am
>> that's our price target, so yes, there's modest upside from here. i just want to be careful. the stuff that he's talking about in terms of making it more of a full-throated free speech platform, you know, one of the issues that twitter had several years ago was that there's too much of that and there was a lot of content that was on there, if you wrote on a controversial topic some people went out of bounds, i think, leaving aside political issue just in terms of basic human discourse and advertisers pulled back from that. you want to be careful how you manage this platform going forward. i think its been a wonderful and all-in a wonderful platform for the advancement of free speech, although mistakes have been made along the way. if they can keep up that right balance, but what they really need to do is improve product development for both the users and advertisers. stuart: mark, you're big on amazon. they now seem to have a union problem and president biden attacked him just the other day. does that change your forecast
9:29 am
of a $4,300 price target? >> no, it doesn't. now, you know amazon has got hundreds and hundreds of distribution centers and fulfillment centers. if they were all to unionize or substantial percentage were to unionize that could change, but that could possibly change my view that you have one out of those several hundred that's unionized i guess isn't too surprising in the grand scheme of things. amazon generally pays its employees pretty well, well- above minimum wage in most markets. it's a demanding place to work and that company has been remarkably impactful on americal society and hugely beneficial to consumers if they keep that magic going i continue to like the stock. stuart: i'm sometimes really amazed at the quality of business executives who rise to the top in america. jeff bezos at amazon, elon musk at tesla, mark zuckerberg of facebook. they really are the most outstanding executives in the world, would you agree with that? >> yeah, i think its been a huge advantage for our country
9:30 am
that some of these, most dynamic companies i'm going to fill in there google, apple, microsoft better for the u.s. these companies are based here and that the executives get the freedom to take the risk to build these companies i think its been wonderful for the economy. >> [opening bell ringing] stuart: the president should quit attacking them that's my opinion, mark mahaney, everybody , we'll see you again soon. trading is now underway on the new york stock exchange and elsewhere. it's 9:30 a friday morning and we've opened a little higher sorry we've opened a little lower, little higher, backwards and forwards here and call it flat to unchanged so slightly higher and lower i can't characterize it. the s&p 500 also a fraction lower, .12 down, the nasdaq is down almost a half percentage point, so therefore, i'd imagine that big tech is not doing that well this morning i'm right. microsoft, apple, alphabet, amazon, meta platforms all on the downside. let's have a look at kroger,
9:31 am
please. i believe they are on the upside solid gain 4.6%. lauren explain to me how on earth does rising food prices help kroger? lauren: because you have to eat so you pay those higher prices, so it's actually a bad story for americans, right? bank of america says elevated levels of grocery inflation should continue through at least the first half of next year and customers will be accepting of this , so they upgraded kroger to a buy and raised the price target 25% to $75 so that's why the stock is up but yes it is a bad news story. stuart: i would question that. they said people will eventually be accepting of higher food prices. i think if they keep on going up like this there will be some demand destruction, some people will turn away from extra this or that. lauren: you downgrade how you shop and what you buy but you're still spending money, and bank of america actually cited wages. they said there's been like a 6% increase in wages and that's one of the reasons we're able to cushion the blow. stuart: bad for us, good for them. lauren: yeah. essentially.
9:32 am
stuart: biogen, we've talked about their drug for alzheimers that cost 29,000 bucks a year. is medicare going to cover all or part? lauren: only for patients enrolled in clinical trials. this is an unusually-strict policy, it has a huge financial impact for biogen which is actually up a bit right now because 85% of the people who would use this drug are on medicare, so if you're limiting vastly medicare coverage, rbc says that likely spells the end for it. stuart: they heard you in the market. lauren: it was down much more earlier. stuart: indeed. crowdstrike, they are a cybersecurity company, nice gain 3%. they got a deal with the defense department? lauren: yeah looks big, they provide cybersecurity to the dod had to protect their critical assets all part of management's plan outlined last night, to achieve more than $5 billion in annual recurring revenue by 202e the previous forecast which is why the stock is up over three.
9:33 am
stuart: let's go on to robinhood i believe it is down and down big today because goldman sachs is issuing, well it's down 4%, back to $11 a share. goldman sachs is issuing some kind of warning. lauren: i'm shocked because last week we saw them rally almost 30 % when they said they were extending their trading hours, and the question was why, and the reason was well they had a problem and goldman is now outlining that problem. look at their app download data. weak subscriber growth so goldman says there's very limit ed path tonearm profitability, they cut their rating on robinhood to sell. stuart: can you sort out the airlines for me? just look at the precursor here. spirit airline, jet blue is trying to buy them. i think that was a spoiler bid, because spirit supposed to merge with frontier. what's the latest? lauren: who do they choose? spirit is in talks with jet blue their offer, jet blue's offer, $3.6 billion, was bigger than frontier's, spirit says well
9:34 am
that's superior. why do we need a merger? because everyone needs to compete with the four big player s, american, delta, southwest and united. they control 80% of the market. so a merger between any of these two would provide a lower cost option for fliers but i think this is also about gates. you can't just buy gates. you have to earn gates, if you will, and merging is an indirect way to get them and i think jet blue, because they actually have perks, is a lot more popular than spirit for instance so they could use the help. stuart: you explained that very well. i do now understand it. lauren: thank you i try hard because i'm getting confused with all the airlines. stuart: designer brands -- lauren: dsw, the shoe people. stuart: yeah. that's my script. lauren: i'm sorry. stuart: you just read my script. what do you got? lauren: they reinstated their dividend. first dividend increase since or paid i should say since march of 2020, it's $0.05 and they raised their earnings outlook so good news all around stocks up 4 %.
9:35 am
stuart: i knew dsw was a shoe company. lauren: did you? what does it stand for? stuart: i have no idea. designer shoe warehouse. lauren: good job. next week is going to be big because your catalyst for this market which is doing nothing come next week, cpi and then earnings from the banks. stuart: cpi is very important. all right, dow winners that is the biggest winners among the dow 30 stocks, chevron is up there, so i presume that oil is doing okay. s&p winners headed by csx industries, halliburton is on there too, norwegian cruise lines did you catch that? lauren: i missed it. stuart: nasdaq winners who do we have? vertex -- lauren: regeneron. stuart: fox corporation, i know them. no big name tech companies though. let's regress here with, well, five minutes into the session. we're up a mere 4 points on the dow industrials. the 10 year treasury yield was
9:36 am
at 270 earlier and that's where it is now. that's a negative for big tech. the price of gold, 1,941, bitcoin 42, 900 right now, nat gas, well-above, okay crude oil, $96 per barrel, do we have nat gas, yes we do, well-above $6 per million british thermal unit s, you heat your home with that stuff and it's getting more expensive. the price of gasoline, regular, averages 4.13 nationwide but in california, you will pay 5.78. comedian john stuart says the american dream is unattainable for black people. roll tape. >> it turns out to be a fallacy there has always been a re distribution of power to the white elite. stuart: rob smith is going to be here to take that on a little later in the show. take a look at this. looks like a migrant army march ing to our southern border. they are coming. what are we going to do about it
9:37 am
i'll ask the attorney general the state of florida. tiger woods finished one under par in the first day of the masters we'll take you to augusta as tiger prepares to tee off for day two. we'll be back. ♪ everyone's a winner, baby ♪ it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya.
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♪ stuart: such a different view of a gut augusta, georgia, going to a high of 66 degrees and sunshine it's a perfect day for golf, isn't it? tiger woods shot one under par at the first round of the master s yesterday. he's tied for tenth. steve harrigan has this wonderful gig, he's at the masters himself.
9:42 am
steve, i saw huge crowds yesterday. i take it that there's going to be huge crowds again today? >> people really saying this could be a historical masters with the presence of tiger woods, just 14 months after that horrendous one car accident. woods stands as you mentioned at one under par, he played a careful positional round yesterday, three birdies he stands at tied for tenth on the leader board. he grounded out puts on 1 and 18 for par and he said afterwards this is a new reassure reality he's dealing with but thankful to be here. >> with all the hardware in my leg it's going to be difficult for the rest of my life. it's just the way it is, but i'm able to do it, and that's something i'm very lucky to have this opportunity to be able to play, and not only that, to play in the masters and to have this type of reception. reporter: that reception has been huge with another solid
9:43 am
round today from tiger, he be expected to make the cut, that means that surgically repaired right leg would get the four-day test of this tournament. stuart back to you. stuart: do you play, steve? >> play a little bit, about a 14 handicap, stuart. stuart: okay, bret baier is a two handicap. you should get together sometime don't play for money, okay? steve harrigan with you again real soon. tiger woods uses bridgestone golf balls, they have been partners since 2016. dan murphy is the president of bridgestone golf joins me now on the phone. in my opinion, dan, golf needs a consistent winner, needs a real star. there's a great deal hanging on woods return, right? >> absolutely, stuart, yeah, it's a magical time down here in augusta, georgia. wish you could see me, because i'm smiling ear to ear, because tiger woods back on the golf course is huge for golf. stuart: has it made a big difference to your business, because you produce the golf
9:44 am
balls that he's partnered with. >> well we've been a long time sponsor of his and yeah, we've seen tiger woods coming back several times now, you think way back to 97 is when he first came on the scene and brought a lot of new people into golf and that helps our business tremendously, we saw golf balls which is the consumable so people play, they use our balls, and they did it again, in 2019. if you remember they won the masters that year, which was an amazing comeback, and then here we are this year, we never expected him. he went from a hospital bed to competing at augusta, and doing well, so it's tremendous for our business stuart: what you really want is to see woods win and if he doesn't win, you really want to see him make the cut, so he plays saturday and sunday. that's what you're looking for , right? >> oh, absolutely. the weekend coverage will be great. the camera loves tiger woods, and if they have the camera on tiger woods then our products going to get more exposure, more
9:45 am
branding, more recognition, and more sales. stuart: excellent. dan murphy, thanks for jumping on the phone with us, we really appreciate it. have a great time at the masters see you soon. i went to the masters, i just went once and it was 25 years ago. i saw woods win his first green jacket. i remember how prices were at the concessions, it made an impact because it's really really cheap to get a sandwich or something there. what is it now? lauren: still cheap, but everything has gone up between 20 and 33%. that ham sandwich it was 2.50 now it's $3. i mean, it's still cheap. you go to a baseball game you're spending $20 on a ham sandwich if you want the chicken biscuit, it's $2. did you have the peach ice cream sandwich that's what it's famous for , well there it is. you can't get it. they don't have it because of the supply chain, so this is a case study in inflation and the supply chain. so how is food so cheap at the masters when the tickets clearly aren't. stuart: i really don't know. lauren: i think they want to create this feeling of a less
9:46 am
capitalistic sports era, perhaps then you saviour money and spend it in the sports shop. stuart: have you seen the people that go to the masters? that's the executive suite. lauren: but it's creating an au ra of this is america. stuart: i tend to disagree. lauren: did you spend money at the sports shop because you saved money on whatever you ate? stuart: no i don't spend very much. lauren: so you don't like either one of my theories? stuart: no i don't i'm sorry. lauren: i want an answer why the food is so cheap. stuart: can i get back to the market, please, before i lose control of the show? lauren: you can't find any sandwich anywhere for $3. stuart: so it's still cheap at the masters? lauren: yes, but inflated. stuart: but we agree that it's cheap, do we? lauren: 100%. stuart: left-hand side of your screen, nasdaq is down 120 points and the dow is down 83. not a great start to this friday morning. elsewhere, in new jersey, sound ing the alarm over new requirement that second graders
9:47 am
learn about gender identity. tammy bruce on that one. warnings of a housing bubble, not stopping some buyers from rushing in with full price offer s. connell mcshane has the story, after this. ♪ ♪♪ i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money right. for investors who can navigate this landscape, and borrow up to $100k. leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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stuart: it's no secret, record high prices in the real estate market, houses, i think, are at an all-time high on average. well connell mcshane is in woodm ere, new york, which is a wealthy area. connell, i hear there are full- price bids no mortgages, in that area. is that true? connell: yeah, there's still some of that crazy stuff going on. what's funny though, stuart is the other side of is is starting to emerge a little bit so that's why this particular point in the housing market is interesting with rates up as much as they are, mortgage demand is actually starting to cool a little bit, just had a number this morning from redfin, the 12% of sellers actually dropped their price over the last month, but to your point, you still see a lot of crazy behavior, signs the market mey behaving a little disconnected from reality. i'll tell you a story this suburban neighborhood is just outside of new york city. it's a nice area, homes are
9:52 am
expensive those on the market many are listed well-over $1 million and the redfin real estate agent i spoke to, he was telling me just last week, he was running this open house. he had 48 families waiting in line at the open house, 15 offer s by the end of the day. >> one would have thought that that would slow down but literally, people were waiting around the block for four hours. >> one would have thought it would slow down but it hasn't. it has to at some point. >> and it will, and it will. listen being in the real estate business i want this to go on forever, but being rational, it can't possibly sustain itself. connell: that's why this next phase is so critical. what really will be the impact of these higher rates if demand stays high, and prices do as well, another housing bubble is possible, but redfin's chief economist hopeful that can be avoided. >> i expect the market to be
9:53 am
significantly cooler in a month or two. it'll take sometime for home buyers and home sellers to react since mortgage rates are up and the fed is going to keep raising interest rates, i just don't think the conditions are there for this to turn into a big bubble worth worrying about. connell: fairweather was saying you still see some markets like california which was red hot, that are starting to cool off already but around here, the reaction of those higher rates has been from people to rush out and you know, try to buy a house before rates go even higher so that's why they both agree that these next few weeks, stuart, are critical for the housing market in terms of the direction we're going to go. stuart: yes indeed, connell good stuff thanks very much. i want to bring lauren into this i just heard them say that 12% of sellers have lowered their asking price. would you expect more of that? lauren: i think sellers are getting nervous that buyers are going to say okay enough is enough we can't afford this so they are lowering their price a little bit to be more enticing. i've seen that in my neighborhood i'm in a suburb of new york city too and the lady
9:54 am
across the street was putting her house on the market for one price so i looked at it for a friend and she never did. she put it on the market for $40,000 lower. stuart: i haven't seen anything like that in florida, because anything you put up for sale in florida in most areas of florida sells that day, at that price or higher. lauren: all cash is that why? is it all cash buyers? stuart: a lot of wealthy people moving to florida using their stock market profits, borrowing against their stock market profits to buy houses in cash. that's how you do it. not a bad idea. lauren: apparently if you can afford it. stuart: all right let's go check the market, please. we've got the dow now down 60, nasdaq down 170 points i tell you, the nasdaq is down because the yield on the 10 year treasury has gone up to 2.7%, always bad news for big tech. how about boeing and microsoft? there you go, microsoft is big tech down 1.3%, they are both dow stocks, both down, together
9:55 am
they take 40 points off the dow industrials... twitter making more changes adding an unmention option, allowing users to remove themselves from conversations. twitter says it's a way for user s to protect their peace good one. still ahead, dave portnoy, lara trump, steve hilton and the attorney general of florida. 10:00 hour of "varney", next. ♪ at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice,
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stuart: all right. wake me up. lauren: in vegas. stuart: thank you very much. read income. 20 points, the yield on the 10 year treasury down 2.70%. that is a 3 year high. when it goes to that rate, big
10:00 am
tech almost always goes down. matter, microsoft, apple, amazon all down. bitcoin $42,800 a coin. that's the markets. now this. the gridiron dinner is a bash for the washington high and mighty. this year it was a covid super spreader, 2 dozen attendees have tested positive including the commerce secretary, the attorney general, congressman adam schiff and joaquin castro, senators collins and war and the president's sister, valerie biden owens. it was supposed to be a return to normal after a two year absence. very few people wore masks. they mingled very freely. they did not have to show a negative test to get in and the virus spread. it is mild but it spread. so now what? new covid cases up to. 6%, speaker pelosi has tested
10:01 am
positive and there is a big flap because she kissed the president on the cheek we going to go back to masking, testing and vaccination mandates? i hope not. this time around, let us choose our own level of risk. wear a mask if you want to, choose to get a booster shot every year if you want to, go to weddings, dinners, restaurants, sporting events if you accept the risk but do not force or threaten or bully, please don't do that. i would feel differently if we were dealing with the bubonic plague where if you get it you probably die, but we are dealing with the be a 2 variant, reportedly the mildest form of covid yet. we want the freedom to make our own covid decisions. please, second hour of varney just getting started.
10:02 am
stuart: as usual tammy bruce joins us. i want my freedom back. lauren: this happens when you become an american citizen. this is from the start. americans have dealt with illnesses, horrible flus that take tens of thousands of lives every year so we know about this. we are independent, each of us have a different situation we are dealing with, some people stay in during flu season, others go and live their lives as if they know what their dynamic is. there might be a median system disorder but we are dealing with. in this case, looking at fear that has been installed, artificially in the american people, that is unnatural. we know what life is. we are biological creatures. there are risks all the time but we spent two years being
10:03 am
installed with an artificial fear that presumes we are infants and it can train you to retreat and back away. that is not who we are. stuart: don't think we stand for it. >> fauci set a number of months ago the mood of the country, this is a mood, this is who we are and it is unacceptable. we are not dismissing covid or its seriousness but my goodness, get off our back and that is what we say to everyone and that made this the greatest country in the world. it is why people come here. they want government off their back, want to start their businesses, live their lives, do their thing and the establishment -- stuart: you got that off your chest and hope you left time to deal with this. this is for you.
10:04 am
second graders in new jersey public schools will soon be required to learn about gender identity, starts in september. do 8-year-olds need to know about gender identity? we need to teach this in the school? >> there is a scientific reality about the brains of children. they are incapable of grasping concepts. that is a higher brain dynamic, the issue of concepts. gender is a concept and something you can grow into to understand and learn. children don't even grasp that. it's not part of the mechanism of what is finished developing in their minds. this is the best example, what we see happening with children separate from the nature of our adult arguments and debates about sexuality, to validate ourselves it seems we are taking the in no sense of children. we've got to stop it.
10:05 am
it's not a referendum whether it is gender or sexual preference but separate from the issue of parents the bottom line is there is an innocence to childhood that is important and goes away and we never return to it. how dare we, adult issues, it remains about us. what adult humans are dealing with. we must stop it. it is as simple as that. is not a judgment of the people doing it but some kind of effort to have a sense of ourselves that is better. we can do that among ourselves. leave the children alone, let children be children and deal with these issues. stuart: you dealt very well. >> it's not homophobia. it is about letting -- children are children, let them be that way, step away from that. from the chocolate and from children.
10:06 am
stuart: i could tell lauren wants to say something. lauren: in some cases they are treating parents as if they are homophobic because if johnny wants to by jane, not allowed to tell a parent, they are treating the parent like the villain even if they are not. >> on any issue if you have to hide something from parents you are on the wrong track, parents are your allies. this is about the community in general. if you stoop to the point of keeping parents in the dark, how dare you and it is not the parents or the problem. stuart: are you on any other shows on fox the rest of the day? you spent your venom and fire? >> something -- stuart: i will watch. >> have to be honest.
10:07 am
stuart: speaker pelosi announced she tested positive, that was yesterday. earlier this week on tuesday she was at an event where she kissed the president on the cheek, the white house is insisting it wasn't close contact. >> we need to make out for 15 minutes for this to be close enough contact. the kiss on the cheek we are about to see wasn't long enough for the white house to be concerned. peter doocy asked jen psaki that yesterday. >> how can you say president biden was not in close contact with speaker pelosi when there is video of the speaker kissing him? >> the way it is defined, by the center for disease control, the cdc, and their definition of it is 15 minutes in a set period of time within 6 feet. it did not meet that bar. >> this is what she should have said. the president tested negative and we are testing a more lax
10:08 am
approach to covid. they are going to go on with their business even though they are exposed. meet most of the american public where most of the american public is. i think that would have been a better answer. stuart: you want to be the white house spokesperson? common sense press secretary. i think we are done, let's go back to money, show me the big board, where the market is. the nasdaq way down, 10 year treasury yields go up. lou joins us, our market watcher this morning. do we need to abandon these meme trades. what meme stocks are you talking about and why abandon them? >> anyone who has a business model that is defunct, look at amc and game stock, they were
10:09 am
never strong, caught a rising tide. the market will be harder to make money in. your point out when it picks up the nasdaq ticks down. that is the reality we live in. indexing, waiting for it to go up. not an investment strategy. you have a little luck as an investor starting out and the markets turn on you and the threat of runaway inflation -- stuart: i get the impression meme stocks to some degree, cryptos are gambling chips. the fundamentals don't make it for me. i don't want to be part of them. is that part of your outlook. >> people that were investing in them don't treat it as such. real businesses have real value. if they produce earnings quarter after quarter the stock price will follow. it is a straightforward concept
10:10 am
that played out for decades in the market but we have a lot of speculators that came in because of covid. brought a new class of investors into the market. if you look at the retail participation in the stock market, that is a big win. the smart money thinks we are the dumb money, we are learning, it is great to have the community and the markets and get an education. stuart: we will see you again soon. the concern that elon musk will try to change the company's culture. how is the ceo addressing the concern? >> hoping to host this ask me q and a session, very unusual for a board member to be at one of these q and as which are
10:11 am
popular but not for board members. do you feel uncomfortable about what elon musk might do? let's talk about it. can they find common ground? if they can this could be the solution to social media and how we go forward with filtering what people have to say. stuart: i would like to know how they are going to kick donald trump off the platform and explain the fact they covered up the hunter biden story deliberately. >> those are huge issues but if they say something elon musk says because he's inappropriate at times what will happen to them? what is allowed and what is not allowed or is everything allowed? stuart: i would love to be a fly on the wall. let's go with the movers. >> bank of america cut them, deteriorating demand. rapidly falling for rate, i want to point out the dow jones transportation average is down 6%, down 3 weeks straight.
10:12 am
stuart: people think the transportation average is a precursor to recession. when it goes down you have a recession coming, 6% down this week. nearly 6%, target up to%. >> they were upgraded to a buyer, the price at 300, traffic has been remarkably consistent because target is affordable. stuart: walmart and the disc caters -- >> the news is citigroup, because they are low-priced offer an opportunity for shoppers in this rate hike potentially recessionary environment. stuart: i like yesterday up story from walmart where they pay first-time truck drivers $110,000 a year.
10:13 am
lauren: my first cellar was, take a guess? 29-8. stuart: not bad. i am making $29,000. stuart: coming up, dave portnoy is attending the crypto conference in miami. has he heard anything there that he likes? la county banning official travel to florida because of florida's parental rights bill. i will ask the attorney general ashley moody what does she think of that as what can you do about it? the administration is going ahead with a plan to live title 42, will the public stand for it? i will ask texas governor august pflueger after this. ♪♪
10:14 am
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an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. stuart: those markets, nasdaq down one hundred 80 points. look at big tech. why is big tech down? the yield on the 10 year treasury has gone to 270. meta, apple, amazon, microsoft, all down. in percentage terms, most of them, you know it is big. oil exec of grilled on capitol hill. the democrats blaming them for high gas prices. congressman august pflueger is from texas, a republican.
10:19 am
you represent the region, the biggest underground lake of oil in the world, the permian basin. what do you think when oil companies are getting blamed for high gas prices? >> unbelievable they are doubling down at this time when we have a worldwide crisis, the questions we were asked this week indicate how little my colleagues know about not just oil and gas but commerce suggesting they are manipulating and gouging the prices. let's go back 20 months ago and remember we had negative prices, the price for barrel was negative and to suggest the government control private industry, not just a war on fossil fuels, it's a war on capitalism. stuart: and they got it wrong i take it. i know you are it involved in efforts to stop the lifting of title-42.
10:20 am
in my opinion the country is not going to stand for it. there is opposition on both sides of the aisle. what do you say? >> similar to doubling down on the green policies that have failed and and up biting the democrat party the same for title 42 but more dangerous. right now i have introduced multiple pieces of legislation. they are bipartisan at have multiple people coming to people like me in texas and those in border states because they are so frustrated with her own administration. title 42 will expire may 23rd will increase the amount of illegal crossings to a point where it is completely unmanageable. right now this week on sunday or monday we had 8000 people in one day across the border, the number will jump to 18,000 per day, democrats know this, the american public will not stand
10:21 am
for it, we are urging people like governor abbott and others to do what he's doing to be strong and admit what this is. this is an invasion. we have to be strong at half policies like trump implemented to stop this. stuart: you would be doing the democrats are favor. of the republicans stopped the lifting of title 42, you are doing them a favor because that is the last thing they need right before an election. >> it is but this is more than a partisan issue. this is about security. alejandro mayorkas, to have the integrity and character to do what is right, to stop the fentanyl that killed one hundred 50,000 people last year and to be strong on border security because this is affecting every state and community is now a border state and border community and time to put american security first. stuart: thanks for being with us on an important issue.
10:22 am
see you again soon. the white house is missing governor abbott's plan, to bus migrants. lauren: they call it a publicity stunt. >> to voluntarily be transported, the immigration laws in the state. >> to deal with the shock to its towns and services they can't keep up so title 42, as we noted, the number of crossings, 18,000, they can't deal with that. 5 democrats expanding title 42 until july, 57 votes, they need 60. head we see it extended until the end of the summer?
10:23 am
stuart: my guess is it will be extended on the grounds the democrats do not want a horde of migrants coming across the border right before the election. i think it will be kept but that's just my opinion. staying in texas, hispanic women may dominate the republican ticket. lauren: four, two more hispanic women, is it just a coincidence? they are all women, moms, hispanic or is it the start of a political revolution in south texas because they are dealing with this crisis. >> the opioid and fentanyl crisis. stuart: if they open the border that is good for hispanics and central americans will come in and vote for the democrats. it has been reversed completely, twee 6 republican
10:24 am
women, hispanic women in texas. spending for political ads soaring, more being spent now than in the 2018 midterms. how much are we talking about? ashley: according to this, the campaigns, that as you see is a massive 184% increase on the 158.1 million spent in the 2018 midterms and not just the congressional seat battles, there's a plethora of gubernatorial and other statewide races on the line. the market around phoenix has seen the most add spending with 58. 3 million in the first quarter followed by the 48.9 million, there's more money in politics,
10:25 am
thanks to the explosion in recent years, with big book donors, and grassroots fundraising paying dividends by raising a lot of money. stuart: $450 million in the first quarter, serious money. jon stewart, says the american dream is unattainable for black people. >> it is a fallacy. has always been a redistribution of power to the white elite. >> reporter: ending title 42 means a new surge of migrants being flown to places like florida. the attorney general of the state of florida joins us, ashley moody.
10:26 am
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stuart: on the markets this
10:30 am
morning the story is the selloff on the nasdaq. not as bad as it was a few minutes ago. the 10 year treasury yield has gone to 2.7%. that's where it is now. that's where the nasdaq is down. alcoa down 2%. lauren: they say prices are high, near their pecan to moderate. stuart: what have they got going. lauren: produce m rna vaccine. this is an expansion of the m rna technology. they will produc i don't know that has been happening when food prices are rising rapidly. lauren: everything costs more
10:31 am
but bank of america is saying you will go to the food store. might make different choices but the elevated level of inflation they see through the first half of 2023, it is sticky and people deal with it because you might not buy a stake but another form of cheap protein but in their stores they offer an array of items. stuart: thanks very much. ashley moody is the attorney general of the great state of florida and joins me now. a new surge of migrants is coming with title 42. that means more flights in the middle of the night to states including florida. i know you are not happy with it but can you stop it? >> we are excited to announce i have been working with congressman posey from florida to change federal law to allow states to step in when the
10:32 am
federal government and biden refuses to protect its citizens, allow us to do their job for them. this is incredible legislation. my team has been working with congressman posey and this will give us the ability to do what this incompetent dhs secretary mayorkas refuses to do and that is take these folks that are subject to mandatory the state florida we have had enough and are seeking congress's help to do something about it. stuart: i don't think public opinion will stand for this. as we get close to november 23rd opposition is mounting. i don't see it standing.
10:33 am
i don't think it will be got rid of on may 23rd but it will a long time. >> you are seeing a bipartisan push to keep title 42 in place because everybody sees the catastrophe about to take place. what's going on with regard to public safety immigration laws is unacceptable and dangerous, a foreign adversary's dream. not only age 18 to 45, we are wiping out our workforce, allowing criminals to run rampant in our state, arming our citizens. we had a murder by one of these folks biden shipped into our state and it is taxing our resources. we spent $100 million a year incarcerating folks here illegally committing crimes on florida citizens. president biden will go down in history as the president that we conduct as a nation. stuart: i can tell you feel strongly about this. los angeles county has voted to ban official travel to florida
10:34 am
because of your parental rights bill. do you care that they are not going to come? >> this is nothing new. they do this every year. we were talking about this last year. california is freaking out, there folks want to move to states like texas and florida because they are trying to cram down their radical policies that are destroying the strength of that state. look at crime. they have obliterated their criminal justice protection system. they don't want people coming here because they think they will fall in love with florida and went to move to the free state of florida and add to the massive numbers that are already leaving, fleeing their state. stuart: you take ordinary citizens, you don't care if la county officials do not travel to florida. thanks for being with us. more on florida. despite a shortened spring training season, some florida towns are raking in serious
10:35 am
money from spring training. what do you know? how much are we talking about? ashley: what would normally be 6 weeks of training games and locations across florida and arizona, cut to less than four because of the threat of a lockout but certainly gave a big boost to the bottom line for businesses in cities like based on fans who flew into catch some games or up spent the duration of the preseason in the area. most fans spent millions of dollars in the sarasota, spring training generating $27 million while nearby manatee county estimates anywhere from 20, $225 million. according to an annual economic report from sarasota county, since 2015 the all tomorrow orioles have generated $545 million for the state of florida. baseball fans love spring training, they love to spend
10:36 am
money while they enjoy it. stuart: you are looking at return to space, the new elon musk documentary that is out right now. we give the details on that in a moment. tiger woods is back, finished one underpar, who is dave portnoy putting on the jacket? i will ask him because he is here next. ♪♪ wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office
10:37 am
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stuart: let's check the markets. the dow is up 105, the nasdaq is down one hundred 6. the yield on the 10 year treasury has gone to 2.70%. that is why big tech is almost
10:41 am
universally lower. 's bank of america saying something about anxiety about a recession? >> the nasdaq is 2.5%. bank of america warning of a recession shock. the fed, the rate hike we are in, concerned about a soft landing, dealing with inflation and that will have a hit. we will see how bad it gets to the economy, short-term pain but this is what the market is feeling, all 3 major averages are down and the transportation average, it is down 3 weeks in a row, almost 6% this week alone. stuart: traditionally that is supposed to mean recession. let's move on, the 2022 crypto
10:42 am
conference underway in miami, welcome back. have you heard anything you really like coming out of this conference? >> it is just a big parade for bitcoin. almost lightning network which i didn't even know existed but making bitcoin so you can use it anywhere from mcdonald's to walmart, you can use it anywhere you go. stuart: peter teal had nasty words for warren buffett, called him a sociopath grandpa from omaha and said that buffett and jamie dimon and larry fink are the jaron talk receive fighting against and hurting bitcoin and cryptos, you want to comment on that? >> is that a fancy way of
10:43 am
saying someone is old? stuart: a play on the word geriatric i guess. >> listen. my dad is the type of guy who when he sees an article on the internet, likes to fax it to me. old people are not the most likely to pick up bitcoin but go to a conference like this it is hard not to be moved by 70, 80,000 people, they believe in this thing, they are beating the drum, hard not to do that. i have been saying to you, it is so big and so much money behind it, almost too big to go away. don't know if i believe in all the fundamentals. a lot of people talk about this like they are trying to change the world for the better. everyone is greedy, just a way
10:44 am
to make money. stuart: i think the crypto arena is losing steam. i think it is calming down. the price goes all over the place. cryptos are kind of calm. >> sort of. 43,000 now, it went up close to 50. there are wild swings, but it still, that is good. i don't know that i would say that it is becoming more mainstream, harder to get wild swings we used to have. stuart: which cryptos are you putting money in? >> 29 bitcoins, $1 million of that. i still have unfortunately the worst coin that ever existed, safe coin.
10:45 am
i bought $40,000 of it and have two left. i got smoked with that one. it was a piece of junk before i bought it and it turned out to be junk. stuart: i want to talk to you about twitter. elon, the biggest shareholder in twitter, you have been banned from twitter temporarily in the past. do you like this news that musk is now a big time investor? do you like this? >> i love it. to do what he does, he was mad about things, didn't understand the algorithm and some people could say some things, love him or hate him, how he gets abandoned other people are still on it, no rhyme or reason. i like the underlying philosophy of what he does. if i don't like you i will buy you. i wish i could do that with
10:46 am
anything and what i am interested in, more free-speech and more clarity around the decisions, i think he is good for twitter. stuart: we want to open up twitter to free speech and stop the censorship. just in passing do you think, i think musk is the outstanding executive in the world today and his achievements are almost unparalleled. what do you say? >> i sometimes don't know what his motives are. are they all to restrict or money motivated? he can say something and move the stock market and make $1 billion and day like that. i'm jealous of that power. he is no doubt the best executive. i wonder is that from a capitalistic perspective or alter realistic? it is hard to tell with him because he does flip. one second he has bitcoin in a problem with mining and then back in and every decision he
10:47 am
makes he makes a ton of money. he's good for his shareholders, brilliant guy obviously. stuart: tell me about the masters. are you putting money on tiger to win? >> i'm the only guy in the world rooting against tiger. i've never been a tiger guy. stuart: what is wrong? >> i never liked him. i thought he was a fraud. here's the thing. stuart: a fraud? did you say? >> i thought he was a fraud. stuart: he has won 15 majors. >> i don't question his talent, his one of the greatest golfers but the image, then he is running around with all these women everywhere, his wife is crashing him in the car, i don't care. just be who you are all the time. the thing about golf, if you work for anybody, you root roofer nobody.
10:48 am
in sports you are supposed to root for people and against be. the golf people you clap for every good shot. who are you rooting for? who are you rooting for? stuart: i will be rooting for tiger, golf needs a major star who wins consistently. stuart: you and the rest of the world. >> i will be rooting against him. to root against people, more fun when he's involved. stuart: i hope he makes the cut. >> playing really well. i hope the wheels fall off. stuart: what are the odds on tiger? >> about 500 to start. i am sure they came down and -- to root for him.
10:49 am
if he makes it in contention over the weekend, one of the biggest sporting events of all time. stuart: i would love to look at those. thanks for joining us. for the first time ever a commercial spacecraft will bring civilians to the international space station, life report from the launch site is coming up soon. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:50 am
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10:53 am
stuart: there is. cape canaveral, florida, clear, sunny morning, 67 degrees. we are showing you that because for the first time ever on all civilian space crew will take often 20 minutes going to the international space station. phil keating is there. it is a historic launch.
10:54 am
>> it truly is. this will be the first time four private citizen astronauts not only launch on a space x falcon 9 rocket, but go all the way to the international space station and not just look out the windows, these are not space tourists, they will work right alongside the professional astronauts and cosmonauts. they suited up and went to the space x, retired astronaut michael lopez allegra, larry connor, canadian businessman mark having a billionaire is really, former fighter pilot. this is a work trip. 25 scientific research projects they have been working on. they've all gone through a thousand hours of astronaut
10:55 am
training for their mission and passed many. >> a tremendous opportunity, tremendous challenge, and it is a big responsibility, the first all private citizen crew to go to the international space station. we need to get this thing right. >> they have a larger futuristic plan, the first all private commercial live habitat space station. >> it is a community in space where people can live and go to work, have children, have gymnasiums, opera thriving community. >> reporter: they are settled inside the capsule, all suited up, going through this systems checks for an hour and 1/2 now
10:56 am
and everything looks good. they will block with the space station tomorrow and do research for twee 8 days and come down to earth for the splash down. after three days of heavy afternoon rain, the weather is spectacular here today, nice and cool, not a cloud in the sky, the fate of our ability for successful launch in 21 minutes and 19 seconds is 90% favorable, everything looking good. i should mention each of these guys had to spend $50 million for their seat on the mission. stuart: now he tells us, save the best for last. you always get the plum jobs and see you at the launch later. still ahead, steve helton, larra trump and more. please watch the covid news out of shanghai this weekend. might make a big difference to your money next week. we will be back. happiness. or confidence. but you can invest in them.
10:57 am
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i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. >> we spent two years now being installed with an artificial fear that presumes we're infants we are not dismissing covid or seriousness, but my goodness, get off our back. >> i would never bet against, i'd like to see some new fresh ideas, and it has become the town hall for america, and it needs to get massaged a bit from its current form. and musk is the person to do it. >> in a market much harder to
11:01 am
make money at. indexing and buying anything waiting for it to go up is not an investment strategy. i think people are learning that the hard way. >> even democrats agree that we should not be indoctrinating children on gender ida and sexual fluidity. people need to stand up on the side of reality not left wing idiocy. >> i'm big bogner from red bank , new jersey, you are watching "varney" & company. ♪ that's the way i like it, that's the way, i like it ♪ stuart: that's great. that viewer chimed in perfectly watching "varney" & company, 11:00 eastern time it is friday, april 8. check those markets, please. look at the dow, what happened? now it's up 250 points, the nasdaq down a mere 68. the 10 year treasury yield still at the almost 2.70%, that has hurt big tech. the big tech is beginning to come back just a little. we've got meta actually on the
11:02 am
upside now, small losses for the other big tech stocks. all right, show me oil, please. you're at $95 a barrel that the lowest level that i could remember in the past couple of weeks. got it. now this. watch the covid news coming out of shanghai this weekend. china is at a critical stage with its zero covid policy and it may well affect your money. your authorities have shutdown a whole city, 25 million people, and they are desperately trying to stamp out a few hundred cases but it's not working. virus has broken out in shanghai , 21,000 new cases reported in one day. that's the most since the pandemic started. it's a nightmare for china's communist rulers. they state their reputation on beating covid. now, it's spreading and people are beginning to protest. social networks are showing people berating officials. there are petitions demanding food and medical care. this is unheard of in a tightly-
11:03 am
controlled society like communist china and an even bigger worry is china's economy. a zero-covid policy is highly disruptive. factories close, transportation shuts down, the supply chain takes another hit. china is the workshop of the world. if their products don't come through, america and the world have a problem, but china can't easily get out of this. they don't have a zero-covid off ramp. they can't just reverse the policy, they would lose face and that would not be good for the chinese communist party. ironic, isn't it? that the country which may well have started the pandemic and which claims success in dealing with it is now facing the collapse of that policy and we're all going to pay for it. third hour of "varney" starts right now. how about this? john stuart, no less, is blasting the american dream.
11:04 am
he says it is unattainable for black people. roll tape. >> the literal interpretation of the american dream is that it doesn't matter where you were born or how you were born or who you are that in this country, you can rise up and go beyond that, and it turns out to be a fallacy. there has always been a re distribution of power to the white elite. stuart: well look whose here, rob smith, the man himself, joins me. actually in new york city face to face. i like that. >> in studio, no boxes here. stuart: okay john stuart says the american dream is a fallacy, that it always ends up re distributing power towards white people. you're shaking your head. >> yeah, you know, it's not something that i believe. you know look, i'm a bootstrap per, you know this. came from working class in ohio, joined the military, did that stuff so the idea that the american dream is unattainable for african americans in this country is ridiculous. now you know i founded the
11:05 am
douglas society which is there to sort of combat those messages that african americans get and one thing i found when we're doing research is there are more black millionaires in america than there are anywhere else in the world, so how is it that we have so much black wealth here, but yet the american dream is unattainable for black americans one of these things don't add up , right? stuart: yeah. just doesn't add up. >> it doesn't. stuart: i'm the passion all believer in the american dream. i do think you can pull yourself up by the bootstraps in this country. >> absolutely. stuart: i don't think most americans care who you are, can you do the damn job? >> can you do the job and also the liberal elite like jon stuart worth about $121 million by the way, so he disappeared for a very long time and he comes back, and now he's trying to go to the woke left to reestablish himself. i think it's ridiculous and i'm personally offended every time i see this stuff. i don't need jon stuart worth $121 million to tell me, as a young black man, that the american dream is not for me
11:06 am
it's absolutely for me and it's for everyone else in this country. stuart: why is everything these days about race? it seems to be about race. >> well you have to understand, what's going on with the left right now they have to make everything about race and victim hood, because they have every lever of power in society right now. the white house, congress, everything like that and they are completely failing so to distract from those failures they need for people to believe that they are victims because of race, because of all this stuff is happening, and so they need to be distracted from the inflation, from what's going on at the border, from the fact that their groceries are more expensive. it is all a major distraction, stuart. stuart: talk to me about the founders of black lives matter. reportedly using donations to finance a $6 million home in california. that's caught the attention of the california congressman darrell issa calling for an investigation. what do you make of the current state of black lives matter and the investigation? >> you know what's very interesting because at douglas society we pull together a lot of stories about blm, so from
11:07 am
the top you hear stories about the $6 million mansion that is probably, you know, gotten by miss appropriated funds but there is all these other smaller stories blm founders and local chapters going to jail, some local chapters that are asking where the money is, so what's going on right now is people are starting to see what me and a lot of people were saying about blm two years ago when this was happening and wondering where the money was going. their polling is bad right now, people are not buying into it anymore, and i think the saddest thing about this entire situation is i was looking at a piece where they were interview ing people that had made small dollar donations because they believe in this movement, they donated 25-$ 30 these are people that don't have that much to give and they feel bamboozled, like these people have lied to them. stuart: is it a spent force, period? >> blm, inc.? stuart: yes. >> absolutely not and when you donate to douglas societal your
11:08 am
money going towards ending victimhood. stuart: we like the sound of that. great stuff, rob smith always a pleasure. >> thank you so much. stuart: let's get back to those markets, please. dow industrials now up 240, s&p is on the upside, the nasdaq is down just 60 points. ed yardeni joins me this friday morning. i'm concerned about all this talk about recession and looking at the transportation average which is down 6% this week, down three weeks in a row. that's supposed to be a precursor to a recession. you know, you know these things. you know the technical aspects of society. are we headed towards a recession? >> i think the chances of a recession i think certainly increased. if you asked maybe before the war i would have told you that the odds of a recession are 15%. now i'd say as a result of the war, and its impact on commodities prices and oil and food prices and impact on global
11:09 am
supply chains, i think the odds are something like 30%, but the biggest risk of a recession is actually in europe, i think. that's obviously where energy prices have gone up the most and where they are most vulnerable and where consumers might hunker down. here in the u.s. , i think the outlook is that the economy continues to grow this year and probably next year but there is an increasing risk of a recession. stuart: one thing that so many viewers ask me, and we are asked a lot of questions, is how do i hedge against inflation? an ordinary investor and every day investor, not a multi- billionaire, but a regular person, how do they hedge against inflation? what's your answer? >> well, yeah, i mean it's a very good question. a lot of homeowners have actually participated and seen their home prices up on average by 33% over the past two years, but you can't, you know, take a slice of your home and go to the supermarket or pay for gasoline with it. i would say that actually, stock s are certainly a better
11:10 am
inflation hedge than bonds. bonds are getting killed here and i think there's a potential for the bond yield to get to 3% very quickly in the next few days or weeks, and then maybe somewhat higher so i don't think bonds are a good place to hide at this point, they are viewed as a safe asset but not safe in an inflationary environment. i would overweight energy as a hedge against inflation in a s&p 500 portfolio. i'd overweight financials as a hedge against rising interest rates, and i'd cherry pick some of these beat up technology stocks, but overall, the average individual is really just getting hurt. there's no way around it, and the problem is, the inflation rate is so high that that's where the inflation risk, that's where the recession risk comes from is it may turn out that the only way to really bring inflation down is to have a recession but i'm not sure that the fed is going to be moving in that direction. i think they are going to be a little bit more careful despite
11:11 am
the recent hawkishness. stuart: very interesting, ed yardeni, always great. thanks for joining us. we're looking at the movers in particular, nvidia which is a sharp loss of 3%. lauren: question is is the tide turning? is a downturn coming that's what truist is warning about because we see demand lessening, that's the word i'll use, it's not falling off a cliff, just as more supply because the advancements and expansions that the chipmakers have made just as more supply comes to market so they are keeping nvidia at a buy but lowering their price target by 14% to 298 stuart: 298 okay well its been a stellar performer. etsy, i call them -- lauren: oh! down big earlier now down just $ 0.76 raising their seller fees by 30 per% and now sellers are boycotting the site, they say it's pandemic profiteering, etsy is down 44% this year coming into today but yeah just down
11:12 am
half a percent. stuart: down 44% this year? calendar year? lauren: correct. stuart: that's a sharp loss. how about netflix down a fraction. lauren: so the hbo max boss says ads might be coming to netflix because everybody is trying to get to that 1 billion user mark. you have disney trying to do that, hbo max owned by warner media and netflix so how do you do that? you might have to lessen the price of your service to get more eyeballs and that means -- stuart: pay for it. lauren: the advertisements. the other difference between hbo and netflix is you can binge on netflix which i happen to like. hbo, weekly episodes so you canterbury binge. stuart: thank you, lauren that's a good stuff, have a look at this a cargo plane splits in half after an emergency landing. there was no explosion, no one was hurt, we'll tell you what happened i'm really getting a good look at it. electricity prices in california getting so high that some people would rather buy gas than charge
11:13 am
their electric cars. we've got the report from los angeles. california could soon mandate a four-day work week. i wonder what california guy steve hilton thinks about that. he's on the show, steve is next. ♪ hard working man ♪
11:14 am
11:15 am
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so many people are overweight now, and asking themselves, "why can't i lose weight?" for most, the reason is insulin resistance, and they don't even know they have it. conventional starvation diets don't address insulin resistance. that's why they don't work. now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. stuart: elon musk held a cyber rodeo party to celebrate the opening of the gigafactory in texas. ashley? what was the biggest takeaway? ashley: the cyber rodeo is not really a rodeo at all, that's what i got out of it. elon musk announced a new electric car model at the opening of tesla's newest and
11:18 am
biggest ev factory, but said he wouldn't spill all the beans on the company's future plans, but said it does include a dedicated robo taxis with the cool shades on. musk previously said the standard range model 3 would become the basis for a self- driving fleet of taxis but it seems he's hinting it will be a new model with a completely new design, and the modest entrepreneur went on to say that tesla's texas factory is the most advanced car factory the earth has ever seen adding that tesla is aiming to make one in five of the world's cars. that be an accomplishment, stu. stuart: what a big deal indeed. ashley, thank you. listen to this. electricity prices in california are more than double the national average. kelly o'grady is in los angeles. how could this rise in prices threaten california's climate agenda? reporter: well, simply, stuart, it could make electrification un affordable. so much so it could be less expensive to gas up your car than charge it if you can
11:19 am
believe that. that's based at california electricity prices are surging with no relief in sight. places like georgia and illinois average well under $100 for electric bill if you live in a hot climate like california you're paying on average $186 to $223 each month for electricity. experts argue the cost of the actual power isn't more expensive but it's the cost the state lumps into electric bill, consumers subsidize from wildfire prevention and renewable tax to low income customers and extra costs driven up prices as much as 48% at some companies since 2013, and some economists predict it's only going to get worse according to a recent study in the next 10 years bills could rise as much as 35% in southern california. wildfires are increasing and utility companies are also passing on the cost of in stall ing ev charging stations, and i mentioned it could be more expensive to charge your car than fill up at the pump, before gas hit $6 and $7 a gallon here some places it already was. >> before the price of gasoline
11:20 am
rose over the last six months, in many parts of california it was actually more expensive to fuel your car with electricity. i have friends who have hybrid plug-ins where you can run on electricity or gasoline, who basically never plug them in and just bought gas because it's cheaper to run them on gasoline. reporter: the left is pushing for electrification as a solution to the energy crisis but has no plan in sight to address these afford affordability challenges and stuart today it's expected to be 95 degrees here so it's hard not to run your ac right? stuart: yeah, run that thing, get that temperature down. all right, kelly, thanks very much. los angeles county has banned official travel to florida because of florida's parental rides and education bill. look whose here, steve hilton. all right, i've been saying this all week. florida is the future of the country. california is the past. you with me on this? >> well, i think if the democrats who are in charge
11:21 am
continue to have their way, california is the distopian future, i mean look what they are focusing on. by the way with this travel ban, to florida, which is the ultimate and totally pointless and counter product ever virtue signaling they aren't banning travel to the 69 countries around the world that criminalize homosexuality. that's fine, right? but you are just trying to do something in response to parental demands that you don't have it taking place so oh, no you can't do that. look at what they are focusing on. i was just in los angeles county for the first part of this week. they are sending all this virtue signaling messages but if you walk around the place, it's filthy. you've got private affluent public squaller in the old phrase. they can't keep the streets clean and yet they are sending all these messages out focusing on their political activism.
11:22 am
they can't give people affordable power either for their cars or homes or anything. they can't do anything useful, so they are wasting their time with this virtue signaling it's unbelievable. stuart: wait a minute, there's one more. california lawmakers i believe are proposing a four day work week. what do you think of that? >> [laughter] well look at that. okay so we got elon musk leaving california to setup his factory in texas as we just been hearing you've got multiple businesses leaving the state, one after the other and the announcements keep coming, the highest unemployment practically in the country. at the same time, you've got the highest taxes, the highest regulation, so what are the california democrats suggesting in response? more regulations. more regulations on top of what we've already got. it is completely insane. they are trying to turn, this reminds me back in the day in the uk when we were trying to fight off the eu's working time directive, which was a directive from brussels that would limit the time that you could spend,
11:23 am
48 hours, they said, the eyou, that was the proposal we were trying to fight off in the uk. this proposal is 32 hours. 32 hours a week. it's just mind boggling. stuart: it seems like every week we talk to you and there is always this about what are they doing now, but it never changes, steve. >> well it will change one day. we've got good people running for office, it will change but it's maybe it's like they say with addiction you've got to hit rock bottom or we're getting close to that point i think in california. stuart: i think you are, we will still be watching though on the next revolution, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on fox news, sunday night. we'll be there, steve. thanks very much. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: you got it. look at this it's a dhl cargo plane split in half during emergency landing in costa rica. that's a look at it, split right in half. how did that happen, ashley? ashley: good question the boeing 757 cargo plane was headed to guatemala from costa rica when after an hour, the pilot
11:24 am
reported problems with the hydraulic system and turned back. he had to circle over the pacific for quite a while to burn off fuel and turns out that particular plane can't just dump fuel. well eventually, it landed, skid ded on the runway, veering sharply to the right and as you can see the tail end snapped off , reports say the plane was carrying hazardous materials but it's unclear exactly what materials they were, emergency crews as you could see managed to put out a fire and remarkably the crew members aboard this dh l flight were reportedly uninjured but the investigation goes on but those are some dramatic pictures. stuart: yeah, plane split in half makes you anxious doesn't it? just a little. ashley: yes. stuart: i'll show you something. the whole, it's not just you, ashley:, we're going to show you the clubs that you can just see them right there. those are tiger woods clubs that he used to win two consecutive
11:25 am
masters in 2000 and 2001. they could be yours for about a million bucks they are at auction. i'll try to get you a better shot believe me. billionaire peter thiel calls warren buffett the number one enemy for crypto. he said that at the bitcoin conference in miami. susan li is there, susan joins us, next. ♪ you can't buy love. happiness. or confidence. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine. ♪ ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer.
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>> this is sort of what we have to fight for bitcoin to go 10x or 100x from here. enemy number one, -- >> [applause] >> the sociopathic grandpa from omaha when they choose not to allocate to bitcoin that's a deeply political choice and we need to be pushing back on them. if we had to summarize this in one frame, it is the finance that runs the country versus what i would call, you know, what we have to think of as a revolutionary youth movement. >> [applause] stuart: well, that was paypal co -founder and billionaire peter
11:30 am
thiel at the bitcoin conference calling out warren buffett and the financial ceo's jamie dimon, larry fink, you heard it. he called them enemies of bitcoin and claim they were trying to hold crypto back. okay, that's peter thiel. susan li is at the bitcoin conference talking to top crypto players. what are they telling you, susan reporter: yeah, well i could tell you people are still reacting to that peter thiel speech yesterday, but look it's one of 25,000 in attendance this year so that's double last year's and that's really symbolic of the growth that we've seen in cryptocurrencies and the mainstream adoption of crypto and bitcoin. not only peter thiel, we had other billionaires in attendance , cathie wood and aaron rogers and serena williams but i want to show you the crowd because you have to take note that you don't see many suits. people here are dressed casually i would say probably a younger demographic, but really you see all walks of life interested
11:31 am
in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, so two overarching themes i would say dominating this event. regulation, what is the government going to do about it and also, of course is this belief that bitcoin prices are only going to go higher from here. listen. >> i think there's a number of interesting models that are out there, that have theory on the future price of bitcoin. it could get to 100 or 125,000 or 150,000. yeah, i do really believe that's possible. reporter: so you feel the energy and enthusiasm for this new evolution and finance and to a lot of people including multibillion dollar crypto companies this reminds them of the early stages of the internet >> i think what we are going through right now is very much what we're seeing for the internet in 2000. you had the bubble and then its been like on the way up for the past 22 years. reporter: yeah, so i wanted to show you the volcano as well in
11:32 am
the other parts of this event, that's taking place, but there's a bowl outside as well, but i can tell you that it just feels like there's just a lot of belief that this is only going to grow from here, stu. stuart: okay. i'll take your word for that, susan. thanks very much. look whose here now. lara trump, the lady herself. do you invest in crypto, lara? >> no, i don't. i feel like i should have gone down to this conference in miami , stuart, but i could have learned a little bit and maybe invested some money, but kind of feel like a lot of people i don't fully feel like i understand crypto enough to put my money there and it's a little bit like what i didn't try for a long time because i didn't want to get obsessed and feel like if i got involved i might get too obsessed. stuart: what did you get involved in because you're worried about getting obsessed? what was that? >> crossfit. [laughter] stuart: oh, that's -- >> exercise, working out. stuart: sorry took me a while to
11:33 am
get there, because i've never been in a gym. >> you can come work out with me sometime, i'll show you. stuart: you wouldn't want that. let's get serious. i want to talk about twitter. does your father-in-law, former president trump, does he want to get back on twitter because there are reports that truth social is not doing very well. >> well, i think the time he's had away from twitter has probably been very refreshing for him. i think he would probably welcome more freedom of speech on twitter. he really wants to see conservatives stop being censored on twitter so if that means bringing him back which by all accounts they should do the fact that you have terrorist organizations allowed to still remain on twitter yet donald trump the former president of the united states still not allowed back on there is rather alarming to a lot of people. at this point, i think that that would probably be the main reason he would get back on there but don't discount anything with truth social. that is not totally over. he's got a lot of coals in the fire so stay tuned. stuart: does your father-in-law
11:34 am
have much contact with elon musk has he met him, talked to him, sat down with him? >> you know what? i actually don't know about that i'll have to check it out and get back to you, but i think that all americans, anyone that values freedom, and again freedom of speech, is probably been happy to see what's happened with elon and twitter over the past week or so, so i'm sure he thinks that's a positive move. stuart: i would love to see a conversation between former president trump and elon musk. i can't imagine how it would go, two volatile characters like that, and we get some news headlines out of that wouldn't we? >> i'd say yeah, i think that would get a little bit of attention but maybe i'll throw it out and maybe next time he's on fox business with stuary varney maybe they could do all three of you get on. stuart: done. elon musk is very hard to get on the show and that's the way it is. okay, i've got one last one for you, if you don't mind. i live in new jersey. new jersey is recently said that
11:35 am
second graders must learn in school about gender identity. second graders. you're in florida where they don't do that kind of thing. should i move to florida? >> well i think you should move to florida for a lot of reasons, but certainly, that is a very shocking thing to hear, that anyone thinks the second grader should be inundated with ideas that they don't fully understand i think the beautiful thing about living in florida is not only do we have a great governor that keeps the state free, and open, and has an incredibly successful on all accounts, but he also gives parents the right to decide what their kids are learning in school. obviously, much different than what's going on in new jersey and certain other states. shocking that we're out of time in america where we have to hear kids are learning about those things. stuart: governor desantis and former president trump are they rivals within the republican party, do you think? >> everybody loves to talk about this , but not at all. i think they are big supporters
11:36 am
of one another. who wouldn't love somebody on the same page with you? they both champion one another i can tell you that. stuart: got it, lara trump it's always good to have you on the show. maybe one day i'll do some exercise, maybe one day. i don't know when. >> yes, let me know. let me know. stuart: deal, thanks for being with us, see you again real soon >> you got it. stuart: on cryptos still doing that. a group of crypto guys just pulled their money and bought an english football club. we'll bring you that story, that's a promise. look at these clubs. i've got one here, this is it, see. this actually is a five iron that tiger woods used to win two masters. they are up for auction. i've got three clubs here, they could actually go for a million bucks, my next guest owns these clubs, and we're going to talk to him, after this. ♪
11:37 am
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stuart: i tell you these crypto guys are everywhere, a group of them just bought an english football club, ashley, this is your turf. which club? ashley: it is, almost literally the town just up the road from my old stomping ground about half an hour north. a group of u.s. cryptocurrency investors including philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations darryl morey have completed a takeover and it's a fourth tier club currently 13th in league two, so the big question, how much did they pay you ask? well, unfortunately, financial details have not been released, maybe a bitcoin, a cup of tea and sausage roll we don't know. as for the red devils one official of the investors said look, the club is losing hundreds of thousands of pounds while its fans suffered through year after year of uninspiring results. that could be as well, maybe
11:42 am
some crypto millionaires can change the fortune of little cro wley town. stuart: can't but help. tiger woods shot one under par in his first round at the master s, steve harrigan is in augusta. tiger tees off before 2:00 this afternoon. does it look like he might make the cut, steve? reporter: as hard as it is to believe that, it certainly does look like he's going to make the cut especially based on thursday's round. one under par, three birdies, two bogeys, he was at the end of the day, tied for tenth on the leader board. he said he would contend before this tournament even began, despite the fact of a near-fatal car crash 14 months ago. no competition for the past 17 months, and that's exactly what he's done. he is contending and tiger says he expects to play even better today. here is tiger. >> my adrenaline will kick in. i'll get into my own little
11:43 am
world and i'll get after it, and it's about the training that we've done. it's to have the stamina to go. i'm going to be sore, yes it's just the way it is. reporter: if he does make the cut, of course that's three more rounds. he'll be around through the weekend, tiger has said before this tournament began that it's not really the golf or the swing that has him concerned. it's the leg. it's simply walking on this hill y course for four days that will be the real test. back to you. stuart: steve you've got a great position to be in in augusta. thanks very much. my next guest is the owner of tiger woods slam irons. these clubs were used in 2000 and 2001 when tiger won four consecutive majors. now, those clubs are up for auction. todd brock joins me now. todd i've got these clubs in my hot little hands right here. i can't believe that tiger woods actually played with these clubs that i am holding, but he did. i believe that the current bid ding is what?
11:44 am
935,000? >> that is correct as of this morning. stuart: it's a complete set of clubs. >> it's all the iron, yes, it's a pitching wedge and the two wedges. stuart: and it's 935,000 bucks now, surely, they will be worth a million if he makes the cut, right? >> well, i think they are worth a million when i bought them 12 years ago. tiger's tiger just for him to be able to come back his first tournament back after so long and to be in contention in tenth place is amazing but that's what tiger does. stuart: forgive me for asking but how much did you spend to buy them all those years ago? >> i bought it, bought them in 2010 for $57,000, recognizing that that was kind of a down time in tiger's life, and coming off the 2008 economy. stuart: do you get the money if
11:45 am
you sell for a million bucks you get the million? >> i do. i do. actually goes to my foundation, but yes, sir. stuart: so this is a really good investment on your part? >> it's a great investment, yeah. stuart: probably because it's making you a fortune isn't it? >> well it's really nice for sure, good timing, and i'm more happy that tiger is returning than i am that it coinsides with me selling the clubs. it's a blast to watch. stuart: i'm just amazed i'm sitting here with tiger woods clubs and i'm actually holding them. his hands held this five iron. i think that's absolutely amazing, and i wouldn't be surprised if tiger makes the cut that you'll go well-over a million dollars, because this is an artifact. i don't know any better way to put it. you hoping for more than a million? >> sure, i'd love them to go for as high as they can go and i think this is like a hundred- year investment. tiger's legacy is going to live
11:46 am
forever, and they are already by far the highest grossing golf memorabilia in the history of golf memorabilia. stuart: i want to put up on the screen the site for the auction, so that if our viewers want to bid they can bid can we do that, please? i'm not sure i know it. bottom of the screen. okay. todd, remarkable. what an investment you made. congratulations, sir, and i do hope that tiger at least makes the cut. todd brock, everybody. >> thank you have a great day. stuart: back to the markets real fast. the dow 30, plenty of buying there, plenty of upside stock movement the dow is up 229 points. don't go anywhere, folks, friday feedback is next. ♪ even if the sky is falling
11:47 am
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♪ stuart: wow that looks beautiful that is st. augustine, florida on what looks like a sunny day,
11:51 am
66 degrees that's my kind of climate. yes, it is now 11:50 on friday morning that means it's friday feedback time so let's bring in lauren, ashley, get started. first comes from tony. stuart? love your programs. watch everyday. when will season two of " american built" air on fbn? i'm so glad you asked and i'll tell you. i love those ratings to go up, " american built" season two debuts on tuesday, april 26 i believe at 8:00 at night. new series april 26, yeah the 8:00 p.m. next case, steve? why don't you get out of the tree farm business and plant your farm with marijuana plants instead you make a lot more money. no, sir, i would not. there's a lot of money in tree farming i grow hardwood trees, very good prices, and you could try to grow pot in upstate new york, you need a gigantic greenhouse, and i don't have that. but wait a minute, ashley? you did some reporting from pot
11:52 am
farms you know all about this. should i buy into the pot business? ashley: well, no, not one bit. i'm surprised you're still working, stuary varney. you must have made an absolute fortune on all that lumber especially when lumber prices went through the roof. you're never going to see that kind of return for marijuana, so keep doing what you're doing. stuart: i sense that lauren wants to say something. lauren: i do. i'm surprised you must have looked into this , because you knew you'd need a greenhouse. stuart: [laughter] no, i was kidding off ashley's reporting from canada, with a hair net and cover and mask and everything. ashley: it was a good luck. stuart: great report too, man. [laughter] next comes to us from june. high, stu. where are you going for easter? are you going to florida? no i'm going to my tree farm in upstate new york. well it's early spring and up state new york is beautiful. spring just sprouts it's a wonderful thing. where are you going? lauren: i'm going to the beach
11:53 am
we'll be on vacation but the first easter holiday i haven't been home with my family stuart: which beach? lauren: we're going out of the country, stuart. will i make it back in time? will i pass my covid test? stuart: indeed. what about you, ash? ashley: i'm staying close to home, you know why? because i'm filling in for you, mr. "varney", so you can enjoy your easter. stuart: oh, that's right i forgot. thank you so much, ash. thank you very much indeed. ashley: you're welcome. my pleasure. stuart: this came to us from jim if the government wipes out all student debt where do i go to get a refund of the full re payment i made? lauren: i think it's a very fair thing to question if you worked hard and paid your debts back, i mean, where is your, you know, money back. i will say students are very very concerned about the price of college, it's the number one question that guidance counselor s are getting. what school can i afford that i can go to. stuart: lack i don't know
11:54 am
whether i remember this , but when i went to a university in england, i was paid for , fully. i got a grant of money to spend, tuition was entirely paid for. the government paid me to go to college. now, we only educated 2% of the population to the university level so you couldn't afford it to do it for everybody but there's no such thing as a student loan back in my day. how about you, ash? ashley: yeah, no, not at all. i used a people grant. i went to cal state university in northridge, loved it and got a pell grant, it was very affordable and i feel sorry for these people who have got, you know, in some cases hundreds of thousands in debt. it's ridiculous. stuart: true. let's move on. from guy. we cut the cord, after giving the cable company 50,000 bucks that's over forever, we miss your program, would you suggest how we can still watch you in the a.m.? okay this has been written for me because i'm not -- here is what you go the to do, guy. download the fox business app, you can access our show through
11:55 am
streaming services, okay? got that? all right next one, from jim. i'd love to be in the room when elon attends his first board meeting at twitter. i'll even bring popcorn. i wonder if you bring some grass , ashley what do you think? lauren: [laughter] ashley: well, yeah, listen, i would love to be their fly on the wall, because i think it could be real, elon doesn't hold back, he speaks his mind which i applaud. i think maybe the first question is what are you guys thinking? what about free speech? i hope he begins there. stuart: if you were to attend, and smoke some weed you might get high just by being in the room for the first time ever but that's another story. bob writes this maybe i shouldn't have said that. i share your trivia questions with three of my nine grandchildren via text messages. i provide them the answers once they respond to the question. its become somewhat competitive. these are some of your future viewers, excellent, bob, excellent excellent. i need viewers we'll take any and all and by the way that's
11:56 am
the perfect time for the trivia question. what's the average life span of a $1 bill? the answer, after this. meet jessica moore. jessica was born to care. she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid, an approaching car, a puddle, and knew there was going to be a situation. ♪ ♪ ms. hogan's class? yeah, it's atlantis. nice. .. the bank that starts with care when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank.
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stuart: what is the average lifespan of a one dollar bill? what's the right one? 9.3 for lauren. ashley? ashley: i was going to go for that.
12:00 pm
i will go over 8. 8. stuart: i'm going 6. 6, they don't last that long. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, 6.6 years. the bill with the longest life span is the hundred dollar bill, 22.9 years. time is up for this show for the week but it is yours. neil: if you had a one hundred dollar bill forget 26 years it would never leave. thank you very much. i would never have guessed, i would think 25 years. glad to have you. happy weekend or on the verge of a weekend, a lot of developers, market trying to turn this thing around, oil prices stabilizing and scott is having a tougher time


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