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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  April 10, 2022 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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live on sunday morning on "fox news" and join is at 10:00 a.m. eastern plus right here on foxbusiness, talk smart every weekday from six - nine eastern for mornings with maria with foxbusiness we hope you start every day with us and thank you so much for joining me and have a great rest of the weekend and i will see you next time. ♪ oco. >> hello. this week on the wall street journal at large, more crimes in ukraine. plus he is backward former president barack obama tells concerned democrats not to worry about a possible shellacking just tell your story he says. the story of story inflation, rising crime out of covid
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restriction sounds like a good one. democrats blame oil companies for rising fuel prices. their own policies cut energy supply here in the united states and yet raise prices. how does that work? and, are you ready to return for your whiteness. how one chicago church lenten fast may ban on music composed by white people. hello welcome to the wall street journal at large grade will discussing all this is week with our panel, murdoch from national review online and russian national journal. firstly militaries clearly failed to see its key objectives in ukraine it looks increasingly likely they resorted to war crimes for yes that is a vladimir putin war crimes in ukraine preach shocking pictures emerge from just outside of kyiv of russian forces retreat they left behind a trail of unending tears, unfathomable loss, unimaginable violence unspeakable atrocity. reporters in bucha and elsewhere
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found bleak evidence of the depravity. >> the famous -- now i am all alone. my son was 27 years old. i covered the grave with a blanket to protect it from the dogs. he isn't in the coffin i have to roll him and a carpet. >> hundred seem to have suffered a similar fate in that place read latest evidence of the russian military savagery drove strong condemnation from the west. britain by minister boris johnson said the scene in bucha look like genocide. joe biden's national security adviser told the u.s. was seeking ways to pursue criminal prosecution for war crimes. >> there has to be accountability for war crimes. that accountability has to be felt at every level of the russian system and the united states will work with the international community to ensure accountability is applied
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at the appropriate time by. >> as her final words of sullivan himself acknowledged the likelihood of any successful prosecution is pretty remote. there's no chance of holding putin or his henchmen to account for the united nations. since russian has a veto on the security council. some people mind never mind the practical difficulties the idea for crimes is a problematic one. war is hell and conflict men and occasionally women can be driven to the most despicable things. justice is typically winners justice whatever the merits the waiters of the work at to determine who the criminals are. what is more some people say americans have committed war crimes to from vietnam to iraq. looks look forward for moral equivalence of the kremlin's apologies. >> for america chair, rape, murder are never ever legitimate methods of conducting orbit despicable operations pretty try to hold those responsible to account. what putin is doing in ukraine is actually straight out of the russian military planners playbook. shocking violence for its own
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but designed to terrorize a population into surrender but some of it simply wanton acts of brutality. it might never actually be possible, sadly, to bring the latest gang of war criminals to justice. it will never excuse their crime store shouldn't stop us from doing all we can to find ways to punish those who are responsible. however long it takes. jordan made out national review fox news contributor murdoch. national journal columnist josh. thank you so much for joining us. let me start with you. the biden ministrations a war crimes everybody says we seem to be seeing war crimes preach shocking pictures out of ukraine we are seeing. but the unfortunate reality is the likelihood of ever anybody being held responsible is pretty remote, isn't questioned. >> the term never again comes to mind. we heard that term in echo of world war ii and the holocaust. if you look at these pictures take with the color think of them in black-and-white they see mike seems from 1940s europe unbelievable. i do not know for going to build their hands on putin and his
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people is hard to reach them in the middle of moscow but certainly can get hold of his finances. his yacht is apparently floating at some in italy. i heard great idea from a retired businessman of florida said what we ought to do is find the people who know where his money is and say look if you turn over those bank records come as assets what have you keep 5% the other 95% will go to ukrainian relief that i think the people around them are sick of this as we are a might think there's a good way to get a nice payoff and do the right thing. gerry: josh there people that say terrible things happen in or. as i said in my introduction, justice tends to be winners justice. there is something especially depraved here. i think it's fair to say we should say that while we in the west have done terrible things we do not make that an objective for we don't make that a tool of our policy of our military objectives, do we? there's something especially
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heinous about what seems to be going on in ukraine. >> yes, gerry, do this on the most brutal atrocities even in or that we have seen in some time. let's be clear, russia is targeting civilians. they are not targeting military assets. they are losing the war in kyiv for they've had to withdraw from kyiv which is whether initial main objectives. in response to the lackluster performance on the battlefield, they have targeted sin but civilians in bucha, and the suburbs of kyiv. they attacked a train station filled with evacuating civilians in eastern ukraine. these are all war crimes by any definition they are brutal atrocities very think the big challenge for the biden administration and european government is not just about words or talking about a legal international court system in which to prosecute these crimes. it is really about helping ukraine win the war.
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given that military weapons offense weapons perhaps to help ukraine fight back russia in eastern ukraine to help push back the russians to prevent these awful crimes are mixed continuing to happen. gerry: josh raises a good point could we do more questar. >> we could do a whole lot more. i don't know why we're still shouting about getting the biggest. the polish government should get the to the united states have ukrainian pilots coming to fly them out that's what it takes for things we sow this week make that something that's more of a moral imperative. another thing we ought to do is get out of bed diplomatically with russia. the iran nuclear talks is represented by the russian federation how is this possible? can you commit to represent us or maybe the singapore government can you represent u.s. interests why the united states is relying on the kremlin before it shocking to begin with. as always seen the last few weeks is mind blowing. >> obviously sending all of this assistance ukraine we could be doing more for the europeans in particular spending hundreds and
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hundreds of millions of dollars a week. they are actually supplying the funds russia is using to pursue its war. >> rather than buying that sort of thing from us if we could produce it. >> next segment coming up democrat scramble for crushing defeat in midterm elections president barack obama's back and giving out advice for democrats mounted think twice democrats mounted think twice about taking democrats mounted think twice about taking democrats mounted think twice about taking democrats mounted think twice about taking it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies.
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gerry: what is a story they can tell? by chain issues, crime surging in major cities cast at our border and foreign policy failures in a democratic led government on a spending spree freezing student loan payments. the story barack obama do think it was a compelling one? >> president obama may not be the best person when this first midterm election losing the house losing 63 seats, whole bunch of senate seats to be for 2010 for the democratic party read this perfect storm emerging what you have republicans give a very disillusioned democratic base we are not even they're
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going to vote in the november elections also have independence, moderates, swing voters, all the polls show their heavily leaning towards republican candidates. if all this come into play you can look at a salami for the republican party. >> the democrats seem to have gotten themselves on the wrong side of so many key issues. we saw it last year end the virginia gubernatorial election they seem to be doubling down on all of these policies. >> i the almost loss of governor murphy of new jersey tapped the brakes. they push the accelerate all the way to the floor. you've got new jersey melt saying they're going of gender education by age six or seven they talk about sexual relations
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uh a fourth grade that's okay they went to kate through third grade i saw a poll recently was at 39% this is staggering the one word of caution i give i happen to tend a lot of conservative republican meetings over the past several months. don't be overconfident this is not baked in the cake it's not certain all sorts of things can happen. we could have more shenanigans with mail in ballots, drop boxes all that could turn the whole thing side was republicans got to stay busy, knock on doors to the hard work. twenty-six oh josh, are republicans probably do have a bit of a history with screwing things up when the opportunity is right there. what could go wrong for them do you think this year? >> the big red flag is in the senate where there is some not ready for prime time candidates versus a domestic abuse/baggage great arizona, missouri, georgia, these seats should be
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very wettable for republicans. mitch mcconnell of lot of electric officials are worried their candidates may not be ready for prime time. gerry: democrats accusing the oil industry of ripping off the hike prices but could have any think of their own bad policies? we will take that up next to pray. >> during this russian war you are ripping the american people off? off? anan you can't buy love. happiness. or confidence. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine. this is what real food looks like ♪ ♪ fresh real meat and veggies. the food dogs where built to eat. the farmer's dog is changing the way we feed our pets. visit
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♪ ♪. gerry: as a guys prices have soared your company's bottled record profits back to shareholders. butte commit to doing whatever it takes including increasing production but also producing dividends and buybacks? >> we are increasing our production as i said in a prepared remarks but investments we have made. >> i need a yes or no.
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his answer yes or no mr. woods? yes or no pay. >> we will increase our production yes pray. >> you are not going to that means you're not going to reduce dividends and buybacks? that's unfortunate we need you to do that as well. >> among other things democrats of short political memories were just six months ago progressives were criticizing the oil and gas industry for overproducing. not democrats or blame the same companies for surging gas prices but accusing them of price gouging and pushing them to ramp up production. we know are republicans by the administration energy policies including cancellation of keystone xl pipeline and bossing new acres of public land for oil drilling but gas prices are a national average of $4.15. your of your prices have increased more than 40% less talk to our panel about this. there aren't mixed-signal souls from democrats. on one hand they want to basically end fossil fuel production on the other hand they are telling oil companies and need to be increasing what you make of it? >> stop a bit but we want more of it pretty well defined as the
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uttering coherence of the bidens approach to this. showing the keystone pipeline the restrictions because oil is terrible let's assume that is the case the stuff is like cyanide. okay call people around the world say please and cap you're well. this was put in the solar panels. but at the same time we've shut down with limited production in this country bidens got people going over too russia and iran and venezuela saying could you please increase your production? is this poison or something that gives us the energy we need to keep our economy running and keep the world moving forward? the complete disconnect they got within their own minds is incredible pray. >> josh, the democrats to increase the production there accusing of price gouging. while it seems to me completely ignoring their own role listing partly response or for the energy crisis we have. >> is not a whole lot of economic literacy and the lashing out against these oil and gas executives.
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they're blaming the white house blaming democrats for their green policies gas prices are up, voters are taking their frustrations out on the democratic party pre-democrats are looking for someone to blame. they're trying to this gas tax holiday they're trying to figure out ways to tap into the oil reserve these are all short-term solutions with high gas prices for the long-term it's falling on the back of the democrats politically speaking. >> another irony is increasing u.s. production is not only help in terms of total supply it's actually cleaner then some of the countries or increase lee depending on pretty specially in the middle east and elsewhere. actually the logical thing to do
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both from the supply point of view an environmental perspective is to encourage u.s. production we seen it with fracking about how relatively clean that is pray. >> is very true pretty got things like the epa here. his much as we criticize them for much of restrictions on pollution this type of production for another thing make no sense to me by name day when shut down the keystone pipeline right now us and we want more oil let's bring it in by truck or by rail but what could go wrong? lots could go wrong for back in 2013 there's an incident in >> for a truck full of crude a train full of crude the emergency brake was not sufficiently engaged with the train rolled backwards into a town and killed 47 people. had a half mile wide blast zone and destroyed half of downtown for this is a very dangerous thing to do buried pipelines are much safer, much cleaner they also don't pollute sprit oil comes right in, ghost refinery gets in our gas into that blowing people up and wiping cities out the process.
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♪ ♪. gerry: chicago church is facing criticism after announcing they are fasting from whiteness for lent. racial lysing the most high holy season on the pristina calendar
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pray. >> throughout the season of lent we are continuing our spiritual practice we are called fasting from whiteness. we are choosing to place at the very center of the worship life of this church. the voices of a black people, indigenous people and other people of color. gerry: the first united church of oak park posted on its website it will not be using any music or literacy by white people. we'll talk about with us our panel. it seems to be somewhat monumentally point. should i be for my whiteness? >> i decide to give up whiteness for lent myself. here we are. imagine any white church is going to give up blackness for lengthy church to be in flames within mere moments. i think you can have a message that we want to be more inclusive with our liturgy. more inclusive other church music.
9:58 am
for example will have hymns will have duke ellington towards the end of his life became very religious and wrote masses and so on. to compare contrast that is a wonderful message. you're going to ignore the white message. this is a horrible message at easter or any other time. and invite other cultures without saying to roughly 45 -- 50% of the country go to hell for easter. [laughter] that's a good way of putting it. it's a holy week, it's passover, the most sacred time of the year for people who are religiously observant. this racial lysing of a religion this idea the supposed about the individual or the individual relationship with god. that meaning of life. it's been reduced to sort of racial tropes seems to be for all churches seem to be missing the point.
9:59 am
>> woke dennis has become a religion in and of itself. you see these rituals and a religion design of the grace of a religion does not have the compassion of religion. it is this self emulation to try to bring politics and activism into holy religion. it is very offputting. you see it and a lot of progressive denominations. not in all of the religions. it gets worse and worse. you wonder when the separation of church and awoken us will finally be upon us. >> very briefly, is this going to end? i thought we hit peak woke-ism a while back they seem to keep outdoing themselves you think there be a point where they will be a term? >> i keep thinking we hit bottom but the elevator keeps going lower, and lower, and lower pretty hope it ends at some point. white folks stood up and said we don't want this i think a lot of
10:00 am
black people are saying we do not want to sing this him it's written by some a white guy. i don't think there's a lot of black people screaming for this. as you say, every week that goes by it gets crazier, wackier. make that happen next week two. six my great thanks to deroy murdock and josh. right here on the wall street journal at large great thank you so much for joining >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by jpmorgan asset management. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. a new proposal could keep struggling homeowners from foreclosure. fed president parker will tell us about it and how the fed plans to engineer a soft landing. how a rise in smash and grab retail theft is affecting the economy.


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