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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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after month long hiring spree. mask mandates are set to expire on flights next week white house says it is possible, absolutely that extension is on the table. shame, shame, shame on the white house. get rid of the mandates. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. >> "happening now," governor greg abbott doubling down on his policy to send migrants from texas to washington, d.c. as the border braces for an influx. this as more democrats are urging president biden to keep a trump era pandemic policy in place as the midterm elections draw closer. and, new video surfaces of secret migrant flights entering the united states. we've got that. plus biden today meeting virtually with india's prime minister as the u.s. presses for a hard-line on russia's war on ukraine.
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meantime the democrats financial ties to fossil fuels takes an unexpected turn just days after the party grilled oil executives on capitol hill for soaring prices at the pump. plus hunter biden's laptop and the financial scandal around it, now raising counterintelligence questions. the president's sister also defending her nephew as a victim of conservative attacks, blaming trump's right-wing followers. more than 70 people including new york city mayor eric adams now sick with covid after attending a high-profile d.c. dinner where everyone was required to be vaccinated. and anthony fauci, the doctor himself, does another flip-flop on pandemic restrictions. we'll talk about that. and this, elon musk just declined to join twitter's board of directors. will he be a wild card who makes life a little difficult for twitter's new ceo? we'll dig into that ahead with lara trump. i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald.
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"the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. jackie: welcome everybody texas governor greg abbott doubled down to send migrants from his state to wash tongue d.c. democrats facing re-election are breaking up with biden over the pandemic bored restrictions emphasizing border security as midterms draw near. over the weekend texas congressman henry cuellar for ending pandemic restrictions. this as the white house has double standards on covid. >> title 42 is not an immigration plan or immigration au covid funding we need in order
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to buy pills to help immunocompromised, to help those, to insure we can reboot our uninsured program, to make sure we have testing capacity. that is what they are doing. >> you can't have it both ways can't say covid is so serious still, still need billions of more american tax money at the same time getting rid of title 42 which is the only thing keeping a chaotic situation from getting worse. jackie: joining me house foreign affairs committee member, nicole malliotakis member of house select subcommittee on the coronavirus and arizona sheriff mark lamb be. i want to begin with you. those sound bites laid it out pretty nicely, right? on one hand covid numbers are down. don't have to worry about this, taking off their masks at white house, going to parties. on other hand they need more money covid although they have money they haven't spent. it is confusing when it comes to title 42. many americans think it should
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remain in place. >> well exactly, particularly when you have individuals crossing our border illegally from over 150 different countries. you know if we're concerned about a surge as dr. fauci says is coming why would you take away that title 42 protection that allows for individuals who come from countries where there are illnesses to be returned back to those countries? and then at the same time to be asking for money to deal with a potential up tick? it is really hypocritical and it shows you democrats, one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. that is the bottom line here, besides the fact there is still $700 billion in unspent covid money. hundreds of billions of dollars estimated has been lost to fraud because of the ppp program and the unemployment fraudulent claims. so you know, democrats have to get their act together before they come to congress to ask for us to pass more funding. jackie: mark, does any of this
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have to do with the fact it is an election year at all? >> everything completely to do it is an election year. they claimed not to be defunding the police. you know, all their claims, sorry, let me -- all their claims about defunding the police and now they care about the border now, they want to do all of this stuff, it is all because it is an election year. that is the reason. i would like to think it's not, everything they have done so far to show they really want to say what you want to hear so they can maintain control over the american people. jackie: yeah. when it comes to the american people, there is a new "cbs poll" out indicating that 62% of americans, congresswoman, do not approve of how president biden is handling immigration. >> yeah. to hear jen psaki after the beginning of the show saying title 42 isn't an immigration policy, there is no immigration policy. there is no border security policy the people of this
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country recognize what is going on. i represent a district where we have many immigrants including my own parents, came here, did things the right way. they waited and followed the rules of this country. people are sick and tired of seeing individuals, three million people crossing our country illegally since this president has become, has taken office. he dismantled secure at the border. on the other side of this, it comes at a tremendous expense to the taxpayer. they're paying for their attorneys, health care, education, housing. we can do this the right way. in fact if you talk to people in various industries, i'm sure watching it now, in hospitality, agriculture, restaurants, or truck companies, they need workers. we have a labor shortage for many reasons but quite frankly we could be looking at bringing individuals into the country, lifting those visas for individuals where they are needed in various sectors. but what we have right now is complete chaos. we're seeing criminals cross.
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we're seeing fentanyl cross. fentanyl is number one killer among 18 to 45-year-olds. it is coming from mexico. that is where it is coming from. the president has to stop putting drug cartels over the american people. jackie: speaking of border states being impacted, you got positive abbott saying i will take them from texas to send them to washington, d.c., and put them in your backyard mr. president. as we see the secret flights going on around the country. as a matter of fact of them coming to new york. we've got rob astorino, new york candidate for governor, tweeting this, secret biden flights from southern bored remember back at westchester county airport. from el paso landed saturday 9:43 p.m. two went south, and one went to northwest chester. when will the u.s. government answer my february 1st letter? the public has the right to know. indeed they do, sheriff. these will be issues that people are thinking about when they go
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to the polls, hopefully. >> absolutely, they should be think about this. the congresswoman was right. this is not about immigration. this is about human trafficking, drug trafficking, and our own government is trafficking people throughout the country, distributing them to all the different states. they're doing it in the cloak of darkness. they have been doing it for a while. they keep getting caught, whether busing them or flying them to different states but the only war way for them to distribute 1.5 million people a year going up, to send them all over the country. that is what they have been doing. but the american people are really feeling impact of these poor open border policies. they're not even policies. they're non-commit tent. jackie: we're out of time. always great to see you both. thank you congresswoman nicole malliotakis, sheriff mark lamb, great to see you. >> thank you. >> well elon musk reverses course and decides not to join twitter's board. what could that decision mean for the social media platform's
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future? we're going to take that on with lara trump plus ukraine's president zelenskyy slams nato to make a fresh appeal for military aid as a former brexit leader rips into president biden for not doing enough, accusing him of hiding in a quote bunker as this war rages on. that's next on "the evening edit". >> obviously president trump, talking to him, i don't believe this war would have ever happened without him, if that happened, trump would be over in nato in kyiv. i had been giving koli kibble. it never looked like real food. with the farmer's dog you can see the pieces of turkey. it smells like actual food. as he's aged, he's still quite energetic and youthful. i really attribute that to diet. get started at to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria
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♪. >> translator: i'm no longer interested in their diplomacy that leads to the destruction of my country. a lot of countries have changed their mind about ukraine and about our people but i think we've paid too high of a price for that. >> that was ukrainian president zelenskyy bashing nato's response to the brutal russian invasion of his country during a "60 minutes" interview that aired last night this is coming as president biden and india's prime minister held talks earlier today. america is seeking more help from india to apply economic pressure on russia. meantime democratic lawmakers have been slamming energy ceo's for paying dividends to their
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shareholders while gas prices are at all-time highs but a fox business investigation revealed that some democrats have owned and sold energy stocks themselves, reaping some of those shareholder rewards. hillary vaughn has the latest from washington. reporter: good evening, jackie. well democrats spent the past few weeks on capitol hill drilling into oil companies for doling out dividends to their shareholders and not using profits to lower prices at the pump. it turns out several democratic lawmakers are shareholders themselves. >> you had big oil that is spending $44 billion in enriching their shareholders and enriching their, providing dividends. >> big oil is choosing to keep supply low, prices high and their pockets lined with the hard-earned dollars of struggling american consumers. >> stop standing aside and reaping excess profits. reporter: congressman ro khanna in the past few years bout
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several shares of exxon stock, chef rohn stock and also sold stock in valero. chairman of the house energy and commerce committee frank pallone sold shares in chevron and dominion energy last summer. before he sold it months ago. he says his spouse is the one that inherited the exxon stock. senator john hickenlooper who served on the senate energy and natural resource committee sold a quarter of a million dollars worth of chevron stock in 2021 and reported up to a million dollars in gains from exxonmobil stocks that he owns. they are not alone. several others also own energy stocks. many have reaped dividends but some democrats want to put a stop to that, pushing for a windfall tax on oil company profits. jackie? jackie: hillary vaughn, thank you so much for that. very interesting information in that report. now our nation of course is set up with the ongoing pain at the pump. according to a new abc poll over
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half of americans blame high gas prices on the democrats and their policies amid this ongoing war in ukraine. joining us to discuss congressman mark green from house foreign affairs. congressman, always good to see you. national average for a gallon of regular, $4.11. it has come down off the high of 4.33 but it is well above where it was when president biden took office. it was well under $3 a gallon. you have the white house now coming out, jen psaki hammering it home today, putin price hike, putin price hike. what they're not talking about the inflation they set off before this even started overseas and also the gas prices that were rising as a result of president biden's policies. >> there was about a 57% increase in price of a gallon of gas between the time joe biden took office and the time he, you know, the war started, or just weeks before the war and only about 17 or 18% of the increase after is attributable to the war.
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so to suggest this is all putin's fought, i mean, look, putin is a vial human being who is committing war crimes, i get that but the current supply issues in oil is not the company's price. at this price they want to sell every bit of oil they can. it is stupid, just shows how stupid economically and businesswise these democrats are. it is not, absolutely not putin's fault. the vast majority of the price elevation in gas is joe biden fault, their attack on american energy, period. jackie: speaking of gas prices rising, we also got an inflation issue in this country, prizes rising 7.9% in february year-over-year. we'll get a new print on inflation tomorrow and the expectation is it will be 8 1/2% year-over-year yet this white house continues to point the finger at everybody else, you know, as it is spending
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money, printing money, asking for more money instead of saying we have something to do with it? >> yeah, the democrats and the bills that they passed in response to covid, billions of dollars which by the way haven't even been spent yet but all that cash flooded into the economy and created, you know, when you have more money and less goods, that is a supply chain issue, also caused by the democrats, then you're going to get inflation. more money chasing a fixed or reduced amount of goods equals inflation. this is squarely in their court. jackie: let's switch gears in a moment, focus on the president himself. his response to what is happening with russia's invasion of ukraine. no plans from this white house to have president biden visit ukraine anytime soon of the deputy prime minister there is calling biden out on that, essentially saying he should have gone when he traveled to europe last month. there is section, a segment of this country is saying it is losing respect on the world stage because of biden's lack of action right now.
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your thoughts? >> yeah. i think the president should go now. i mean back, back when that reference happened kyiv was being besieged and you know, i'm okay with him not going then. my big issue is with the state department. during world war ii as london was being bombed, i mean our state department stayed in london throughout the battle of britain and never left but i'm going to tell you, just weeks before this, russians even invaded our state department abandoned ukraine. my issue is more with antony blinken than it is with the president on this. now the president should go. he probably should have gone this week. should have beat boris johnson there. back several weeks ago when the russians were assaulting kyiv, i'm okay with biden not going then. jackie: i mean, his lack or in ability to travel to ukraine sort of reminds me of kamala harris and the border. we're still waiting for her to
6:20 pm
go check things out. but as you mentioned british prime minister boris johnson made this surprise visit over the weaken to ukraine. he sent this message essentially to the rest of the world and the defense minister saying this is what democracy looks like. this is what courage looks like. and the ukrainians right now are continuing and zelenskyy is continuing to beg nato and the united states for weapons, for things that it needs, the tools it needs to continue to fight russia and yet their hands are tied to a certain extent? >> no doubt. the real leadership, you know, differential was shown when joe biden asked zelenskyy if he want ad ride? does that mean that joe biden would have wanted a ride if america was besieged by an enemy? why would he ask that question? we all know president zelenskyy's amazing response. i don't need a ride, i need ammo. that quote will echo and decades
6:21 pm
and decades into the history books while joe biden's fecklessness for even asking the question will as well. it unfortunately sets america up, especially with the england going and our president not going, our president is not leading. jackie: congressman mark green, thank you for joining us tonight. good to see you. >> thanks. jackie: hunter biden's aunt is now speaking out about the scandal that involveds her nephew. she says president trump's followers are partly to blame for all the hype around this. that is next on the evening edit. >> left always says oh, there is right-wing, the real conspiracy here was the democrats big tech, big media, keeping this story from the american people just days before the most important election we have. ♪.
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♪. jackie: welcome back. a new report in the "new york post" reveals new text messages from hunter biden's infamous laptop. they appear to show the president's son claiming claimie routinely covered his family's expenses including his father's. in one text he wrote this, quote, i hope you all can do what i did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. it is really hard. but don't worry, unlike pop, i won't make you give me half your salary. pop reportedly refers to president biden. now this could be evidence connecting the president to profiting off of his son's shady
6:26 pm
business dealings overseas. joining me now is fox news contributor deneen borelli. deneen, when this story first broke before the election, not only did you have social media and certain outlets essentially banning it, barring it, not putting it out there, we're finding out a little bit later this is true. this laptop is real. it is not some invention from the gop and people want to know what connections the president had to his son and these dealings overseas? >> well, jackie, first of all joe biden has been a liar and a fraud for decades before he got to washington, d.c. and the son, hunter biden, has learned a lot of lessons from his father evidently. look there is, all you got to do is follow the money. there is a lot of evidence out there that is indicating that there were some shady dealings
6:27 pm
that went on with hunter bidens, which joe biden continues to deny, from joint bank statements to joint credit cards. one thing after another that keeps coming out right now but unfortunately the liberal media and big tech suppressed all of this information. the media refused to talk about it during the 2020 election and big tech punished anyone who dared to post anything about this laptop. so thank goodness this information is out there and americans certainly deserve answers. >> and everyone was laughing at tony bobulinski when he talked about joe biden as the big guy. he was referenced in these emails, talking about a 10% equity stake, essentially in a joint venture with that chinese energy company. it was being held for him by hunter and now we're finding out that there was $4.8 million in an investment vehicle that was controlled by hunter. we're also finding out hunter's
6:28 pm
firm transferred 1.4 million of that to james biden's consulting firm. that is president biden's brother. >> yeah. boy, this is, get the popcorn out, right? just one thing after another. tony bop bop was -- tony bobulinski was interviewed by the feds, he confirmed that joe was the big guy getting 10%. chinese businessmen, one is in jail, one has has been disappeared in china. we don't know where he is right now. there is a lot of answers that need to be reckoned here and thank goodness there is some momentum behind this. thank you for talking about this and reporting on it because there are polls out there that said if voters knew what we know now they would not have voted for joe biden. jackie: that's why i started with that point because the "new york post" broke the story and essentially you know, twitter and all the other outlets banned it from being disseminated. they called it fake news.
6:29 pm
it wasn't fake news t was very important news. you add another new layer to this. you got the president's sister, valerie biden owens, doing a book tour, profiting from telling her story as well. talking about hunter biden, whenever something goes wrong they want to blame president trump. they want to blame him for this. i mean it is wild. listen to the sound. >> hunter walked through hell. he didn't wake up and say, aunt, i am going to be an addict. trump and his right-wing followers have continued to do whatever they can to discredit the family and therefore bring joe down. jackie: okay. so she is actually telling people they should take out their little violins and play them for hunter biden and his addiction problems and she is also saying, that when it comes to president trump and his followers, again, they're attacking him. none of this is true, deneen. >> it is amazing how somehow hunter ask the victim here.
6:30 pm
again she is trying to sell a book. i wonder what aunt at this valerie knows about all of this coming out in the news about hunter and his foreign business deals? has she benefited financially as well? i hope all of this information comes out. jackie: so finally question, you know the justice department is looking into this with a grand jury investigation. but i for one stand back, look at the facts here, say if this were president trump everybody would be demanding independent counsel look into it. why is there no appointment? why is there no kind of investigation? how can this justice department possibly be impartial? >> because it is one big club, jackie, unfortunately. if this were you, me, or anyone watching tonight, it would be a totally different story for sure and again, americans need answers and i do hope they get to the bottom of all of this nonsense? jackie: we're going to keep covering it as more is unveiled and more comes out from that laptop. wow. it is, it is pretty interesting
6:31 pm
to see it unfold. we'll be looking for answers. deneen borelli, thank you so much. >> thank you. jackie: all right. at least 72 people sick with covid, they attended this high-profile dinner in washington, d.c., it did require proof of vaccination. plus dr. if youchy is again making another flip-flop over pandemic restrictions that is pretty good. we'll dig into that next on "the evening edit." >> we're going to see each individual is going to have to make their calculation for the amount of risk they want to take. ♪. you can't buy love. happiness. or confidence. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price our strategic investing approach can help you build
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the future you imagine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement.
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♪. jackie: covid cases are spiking in washington and across the nation. a high-profile dinner washington, d.c., infecting more than 70 people. this as dr. fauci is again flip-flopping on pandemic protocols. so there is confusion over mask mandates and vaccine efficacy. it all continues. here to discuss it congressman
6:36 pm
dr. greg murphy. congressman, always great to see you. >> jackie, good evening. >> dr. fauci america's doctor says americans will have to decide the risks they're taking around this virus. i believe we have the sound bite for you. >> this is not going to be eradicated. what is going to happen we'll see each individual is going to have to make their calculation of the amount of risk they want to take. jackie: i wanted to start with this, congressman, because i list earned to this sound bite and i rolled my eyes. i was saying this when the pandemic started more than two years ago and so many people were. why is it not okay to make the risk calculation then but now as midterms are approaching oh, we should assess our own risk and be responsible individuals? >> you know, jackie, i have some personal issues with dr. fauci himself because i devoted my life to medicine. i spent 30 years in it. i actually saw a couple patients today. the fact his disgrace, his
6:37 pm
arrogance, his ineptitude in some ways has tarnished americans trust in the american health care system, honestly it goes straight to home. we have taken this, said this for the last two years, yes, we should have sheltered in place those most at risk. we should have done what we should have done. shouldn't have locked kids out of school. we know how much true damage that caused. teachers had no greater risk of covid than anybody else. he has gone back to this, just like biden saying we should fund the police now. it is a matter of political expediency. sadly enough, dr. fauci put that instead of medicine. jackie: the hypocrisy abounds because you look at this white house, looking forward to the midterm elections and essentially you know, saying we've got to change course on this, no more mask wearing, no more this, no more that, we're changing all the rules. we'll pretend this pandemic is going away because it is unpopular with people. so you see eric adams maskless
6:38 pm
at the yankee game. you see nancy pelosi kissing joe biden and she later tested positive. you've got kamala harris not wearing her masks, stacey abrams. these are recent examples. you mentioned the children, how the children in schools still need to be masked according to the cdc guidelines. this is the last, it is so sad to me, it is the last thread they have to hold on to this pandemic. they are targeting the most innocent segment of the population. >> and, jackie, i have another issue with dr. walensky. i called for her resignation twice, instead of actually putting out the real science she has been shown, been shown point-blank to literally plagarize letter and comments, statements from the american federation of teachers union to put that into cdc documents. this is again the trust of the american people no longer because of these two individuals and others. they no longer trust the american medical system.
6:39 pm
sadly enough, children least at risk with all of these, if you do the calculations it is just a fact. the fact they're putting these kids in school, we know masking, no socialization of kids is so critical and so important. they have put important what i believe these children in a place of irreparable harm to education and socialization, they may never grow out of. this again was done 100% for politics, 100%. jackie: speaking of cdc director walensky, one several months ago, oh, we're changing the quarantine rules because there is not. of an appetite for the american public to stay home if they find out they had a covid infection. this administration came in, the biden administration will stomp out covid. yet they haven't. when it comes to the border they want to lift title 42 say, well there is not a lot of covid down there, there is not a problem. when it comes to fundings, they want more funding for covid.
6:40 pm
the messaging is literally all over the map. >> yes it is and it is hypocritical, right, jackie, when you fly on an airplane now, you have to have an a mask. when you go through airports you have to have a mask. for floods and hoards of people, estimation 18,000 people a day once title 42 is taken across, the people will come across the border because it doesn't exist. again rules for thee, not for me. sadly enough, i think the republicans do very, very well in the my terms but sadly enough it is because of the expense of the american people. jackie: yeah. it was the same thing at this dinner in d.c., where more than 70 people got infected and socializing. last week that kiss with nancy pelosi and president biden, jen psaki had the nerve to come out, according to the cdc that is not close contact. dr. greg murphy we're out of time. good to see you. >> great. take care. >> president biden today announcing a new gun violence plan as crime soars across the
6:41 pm
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♪. jackie: crime is on the rise in democratic-led states. president biden today announced a new gun regulations and nominated steve detlback, a former attorney from ohio to lead the atf the action coming after a mass shooting in iowa overnight left two people dead and 10 others injured. here to discuss it former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. always great to see you. when i listened to the president speak today. >> great to be on. jackie: i'm not denying that there aren't incidents across the country and his targeting of ghost guns is admirable but i think about what is really happening when it comes to crime in this country and i say to myself, yes, go after the ghost guns, but what about the bail reform? what about using incarceration as a consequence for people who break the law? that is usually when criminals
6:46 pm
seem to be afraid of. >> yeah, absolutely right. the crime control strategy under the biden administration has been a colossal failure. we've seen meteoric rise of violence on a national level. president biden is looking to cherry-pick different components. you need to enforce the laws that are on the books. we have a radical progressive agenda on the left destroying, denigrating our country in connection with law enforcement. therefore, we need to sit back to let the practitioners in policing do what they do best and that is reduce crime. jackie: when you look at the polls, there is a recent gallup crime poll saying 42% of americans are very dissatisfied with the state of the nation. they are not happy with how, you know, president biden is handling crime. when you look at new york i think it's a great example. there is gun violence here. that is something to think about. there are all kinds of other violence.
6:47 pm
mental illness, people being pushed on the tracks on the subway. people are being beat up on the streets. it is not just about guns. >> absolutely right. we need to focus on the root causes to a lot of this violence and that is something that stems from quality of life offenses. when we arrest people for low level offenses, those individuals are less likely to commit the greater offenses. this is something the practitioners in law enforcement know. however politicians look to separate themselves, when i say politicians, more so specific to the democratic party. they look to separate themselves from police, hear notion of defund the police, things to that effect. we need to coexist with politicians and law enforcement to drive forth that agenda, to reduce crime and we need to focus on the low level offenses first. jackie: when it comes to the ghost guns in this country they're described as essentially they are guns that don't have serial numbers. the description today, you could go online buy different parts to
6:48 pm
make these guns at home, finding components on the internet but i also was reading that some of these ghost guns come in at the border from mexico. >> we've had problems since biden has come into office in connection with securing our border. this is no news. there is no inside baseball in connection with people coming into the united states and having these illegal, unlawful guns but we constantly hear the argument of gun control. the argument of gun control has been a failing argument because we look at places like new york city, chicago, los angeles. we have the toughest gun control laws in the country, with the greatest amount of gun violence. that is a clear example that gun control policies are not working. we need to enforce laws on the books. jackie: i bring up the border to point out the hypocrisy with respect to what the policies are. if you are worried about issues, talking about lifting title 42 in may, to let people into the
6:49 pm
country, we've got drug trafficking problems, human trafficking problems, all kinds of problems, weapons coming in over the border, you wonder why the president isn't necessarily focused on that but i want to shift gears back to new york city for a moment. i'm passionate about it. i live here. i experienced what has gone on with the pandemic last two years and the decline. i had high hopes for mayor eric adams. i wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. i want to essentially see what he does. quality of life right now, maybe it is too early, quality of life right now and my fear gauge on the streets hasn't changed pro a few months ago. >> absolutely right. eric adams, the current mayor of the city of new york has been in one for 100 days and what we've seen a consistent rise in crime. this is reflective of the de blasio administration. now is the time we need to put the brakes on the crime plaguing the city of new york and we need to focus on enforcement driven
6:50 pm
strategy to bring down the numbers. if we don't focus on the enforcement driven strategy the numbers will continue to go up. we're coming into the summer months. we always see a rise in crime. therefore the time is now to put your foot down, let the criminals know if you commit a crime in the city of new york you will be arrested. jackie: yeah. you know, the last election, 2020, presidential election, president trump said i will not defund the police. i will stand up for crime. people didn't take it seriously. when they go to the polls for the midterms this and they will. darren porcher. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. jackie: a tiktok star admits he and other influencers were used by the white house as pawns. we have the story. elon musk just quit the twitter board of directors. is he is wild card that could make life difficult for the company's new ceo? we'll dig into that with lara trump. >> if you deny someone's right to speak on twitter you're
6:51 pm
basically saying you don't have free speech rights but you also said, they banned you talking about whether coronavirus came from a lab. ♪ what if you were a global bank who wanted to supercharge your audit system? so you tap ibm to un-silo your data. and start crunching a year's worth of transactions against thousands of compliance controls with the help of ai. now you're making smarter decisions faster. operating costs are lower. and everyone from your auditors to your bankers feels like a million bucks. let's create smarter ways of putting your data to work. ibm. let's create tums vs. mozzarella stick
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elon musk is not joining twitter under by my present stake in the
6:55 pm
company. twitter coc i believe it's for the best. joining us now, fox news jupiter, florida trump. we will talk about twitter and moment i want to start with this, a new report in newsweek revealing a tik tok star met with jen psaki and marge, agreed the white house used influencers as pawns after the buzzed about do meeting last month about the war in ukraine. many of the influencers said vladimir putin went to blame for inflation. >> i had the opportunity to ask the white house why gas chemistry is $7. the obvious reason we are going out the pandemic when you said that. now with putin starting a fight between ukraine and russia, nobody wants to work with you on international trade. limited resources, prices are about to go up.
6:56 pm
>> some other influences saying they were used to pedal the white house is message and you watch the video, what you think? >> this is no surprise democrats love to use people in whatever form they can but i think he's right, the influencers were used that frightening because this is like propaganda of sorts out of the white house and pushed out, these are the people giving a lot of information to millions of americans, teenage tik tok stars. that's a frightening commentary on where we stand in america as a whole for the fact that they were parroting exactly what they were given, no research on their part, no critical thought, they were like verbatim going out there giving direct messages from the white house to their millions of followers, of course in the effort to convince people gas prices are high simply
6:57 pm
because vladimir putin decided to invade ukraine that has obviously nothing to do with joe biden, his dad interview policies, a lot of major mistakes by this administration. that was their goal but it is a little frightening these other people having an influence on what a generation of americans think out there. i can't say i blame the democrats and white house were trying to utilize these people in whatever way possible feels a little propaganda to me unfortunately. >> i think you are right, jen psaki talking about putin price price hike, maybe the mark you say it the more people will believe it but now using kids to push the message, a great segue into the twitter story because elon musk wanted to be involved in say we need rules and regulations. twitter was basically centers conservative and banning
6:58 pm
conservators from the platform when they don't like the messaging yet a free-for-all on tik tok. what i see with musk and stepping away from the board, i think he felt he was being silenced in a way, he couldn't be buying more shares or have the influence he could have if he's an independent stakeholder. >> that's exactly right and what everybody assumed happens. we don't know what happened behind closed doors but to limit to a person% of shares, maybe he didn't like that and maybe he thinks he wouldn't have as big a voice as he could have sat on the board but wasn't able to buy as many shares as he wanted so now i guess he thinks he can be more influential in some capacity from the outside. if you look at just the stories written today he announced, since the announcement was made that he would not take the seat, a lot of people agree about that a lot going on. folks at twitter are nervous about what could happen but for a lot of us out here, a lot of
6:59 pm
conservatives, i haven't even gone on twitter, i couldn't tell you the last time i tweeted because it's a hostile environment, no freedom of speech. elon musk said this is the town square of our time when you are censored constantly, your voice can be heard, people don't want to go on so i hope in some way he brings some freedom of speech back to this platform. >> in the last moment we have, speaking of twitter censoring information and stories, talking about hunter biden's laptop and the investigation, people have to realize the left top story was real and there's a lot to be worried about and you have a platform like twitter trying to shut the new york post down saying it was fake news before an election, by the way. >> it's shocking that happened and that's one thing i think a lot of conservatives took note of. if they are willing to shut you down and literally shut people's
7:00 pm
entire twitter countdown for posting a story we knew at the time was true, that is frightening. we note the impact it had on the election and you look at the polls most people say if they would have known, they would have voted differently. >> thanks for coming on tonight. ♪♪ i am jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald. even watching the evening edit. thanks for watching, have a good night. ♪♪ kennedy: another day, another flip-flop. lord anthony fauci suddenly singing a different tune on lockdowns but will he admit his draconian policies ruined countless lives and almost destroyed the entire u.s. economy for more than two years? the nation's highest paid bureaucrat has dictated what americans cannot and can do like vaccine mandates, isolation protocols and forcing children to stay home from school, consequences be damned.


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