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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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bout twitter. good luck suing the wealthiest man in a lawsuit. that is it for us tonight. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. >> happening now, the new york city subway shooter in police custody. authorities arresting frank james earlier today. the man they say shot at least 29 people during yesterday's morning rush. what we're learning about him and his capture. plus president biden still refusing to own the highest inflation we've seen since 1981. instead pointing a finger at vladmir putin. and the war on ukraine. why democrats are worried that this false rhetoric will actually do their party harm. also another twist in the
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hunter biden scandal, what 15 house republicans are demanding in a new letter to the justice department. plus we've got break development on special counsel john durham's probe looking into trump-russia collusion. there is the cdc extending its travel mask mandate as the investigation into the subway shooting in new york city does reveal uncertainty over what city officials use the government's covid relief cash for. also tonight, governor greg abbott sticking to his word. a bus full of dozens of illegal immigrants from texas arriving in washington, d.c., today. this, why is jen psaki blaming abbott for disrupting the supply chain? we've got that too. i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. jackie: good evening.
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breaking after 24 hours on the run a man accused after mass shooting inside of a brooklyn subway station is in police custody. 62-year-old frank james was arrested in manhattan earlier today and is expected to face terrorism related charges. lydia hu outside of the ninth precinct where james was held with the late e. good evening, lydia. reporter: frank james said nothing to reporters as he was escorted away from the precinct into a suv car just hour 1/2 ago. he is being questioned by fbi agents. 30 hour man hundred for james ended at 2:25 this afternoon on manhattan's lower east side. civilian tips have been credited by police leading to james' arrest. now jackie, multiple reports say james called the tipline on himself after seeing his photo displayed everywhere. it was reportedly his call and witness calls that led to his
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location and arrest. this afternoon we are learning from authorities that james also has a lengthy rap sheet dating all the way back to 1991. >> nine prior arrests dating from 1992 to 1998. those include possession of burglary tools four times. criminal sex act. he has three arrests in new jersey. 1991, 1992, and 2007. they are for trespass, larceny, disorderly conduct. reporter: there are questions about how james got away after yesterday's shooting on board of a subway train. police said today they believe james immediately boarded the "r" train and rode just one stop to the 25th street station where he exited and managed to evade police. now it is expected that james will appear in federal court in brooklyn tomorrow to be
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arraigned on these federal charges relating to terrorism on a mass transit system. if convicted, jackie, he could face up to life in prison. back to you. jackie: lydia hu, thank you so much for that update. meantime tonight, releases in new york city as the police have arrested the suspect accused of pulling the brooklyn subway shooting. still the incident is prompting some panic across this country. a democratic-led cities continue to face a recent surge in violence. for reaction to all of this, welcome to the show congresswoman kat cammack from house homeland security along with mta police officer jw cortez. if i may start with you, officer cortez, obviously the public is relieved the suspect has been apprehended. so many people say this was an absolutely heinous crime that could have been prevented with more police presence on the subway platforms. what is being done to make sure something like this doesn't happen again? >> i think what we do we risen
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to the public. what we do is we follow their lead and what they want is more police officers to be present on their subway system. this is an omnipresent effort. what we're trying to say if you put more cops out there the likelihood this person would have passed by at left one or two cops, that may have thwarted this attack. what it does it send as very strong message if you too are thinking about causing us harm, guess what? we'll be there. so this is just another strong reminder at an incredibly high cost that we need more cops on your system throughout our streets here in new york city. jackie: yeah. congresswoman, i want to get your view to read you two headlines. the "new york post" says after the latest bloodbath time is running out for hochul and adams to save new york city. obviously looking for the leadership here, waiting for eric adams to step up to the campaign promises he made to be elected, from nbc news, why brooklyn subway shooting, growing transit crimes threaten
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new york city's return to normal. there is two pieces to this, right? you need the right leadership in place to put a program in place to make new york city people safer, people commuting into work here. also this city is in desperate shape after the pandemic and needs a lot of help. if people feel scared, they're not going to return to work. >> you're 100% right, jackie. those headlines are indicative of where the democratic party and these large cities in blue state and blue cities are at. this is where the democrats especially in these midterm elections will find themselves in a tough spot. they have been more intent following a political agenda that is rooted in defund police movement than actually listening to their constituency and an following through on needs of community they serve. that is going to be a huge reckoning come this november. eric adams being a former law enforcement officer himself, you would think he would understand some of the trials and tribulations that our law enforcement community goes through. we saw nypd being defunded at
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some of the biggest levels across the country. this is where we need to get serious f you're going to be serious about tackling crime, you willfully fund the police. you are going to shut down our border. you are going to put resources in the hands of those people in the front lines. you will not talk about it. you are going to do it. they're running out of time. jackie: you're a representative from florida where some new yorkers have gone during the pandemic, even after, fleeing so many things here. high taxes, crime, quality of life is completely diminished. so you know, you look at florida, see that it really blossomed during the pandemic in some ways because it didn't have these issues. >> absolutely. you know we believe in constitutional freedom in the sunshine state. we have a tremendous leader in governor ron desantis. we think you as an individual should have the right to uphold the second amendment. we believe in that. we have a well-armed constituency here. we have low crime rates. we believe in medical freedom. we believe in all the things that an individual can do they
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are granted those rights that are upheld and protected. why some people across the country is fleeing to florida. we're for freedom, we're for faith, we're for families. that is what people are longing for. not for lockdowns and certainly not defunding the police. jackie: officer cortez, if i can come back to you, we're talking about mayor eric adams despite the fact he was in isolation because of covid-19, he managed to make media rounds to address the heinous act. what he had to say on "america's newsroom" on fox news, was interesting about the city's soft on crime policies. let's listen get your reaction? >> number one it is a combination of things. we need to make laws are clearly stated, dangerous people are will not be part of a revolving door justice system. number two we need town crowd our courts. too many cases are not in the courts where dangerous people are not going through our judicial system to serve the time for the crimes they
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committed already. and it is crucial, we will do our job as law enforcement as i indicated. we're taking the guns off the streets. we're taking dangerous people off the streets. it is imperative every arm of the criminal justice system is operating at its optimism. jackie: the issue i see here, officer, essentially you need all of the pieces of the machine to work together, right? so the mayor's heart is in the right place. the nypd certainly wants to fight crime. then you have a district attorney who is essentially deciding what happens within the court system, right? he doesn't want to prosecute certain crimes. he lets people out that have a long rap sheet to commit the same kinds of crimes over and over again. so how is it that eric adams can stand here to say this on one hand and d.a. alvin bragg is operating in a completely different way? if that is the case we'll never move forward, correct? >> that is 100% correct. this is the great mystery we're dealing with.
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what is happening more and more folks, people who weren't interested in politics themselves, live their lives here in new york city, get by with what they're doing. saying wait a minute, hold on. you're telling me this held up not by the mayor, not by the police commissioner. not by anyone else, this one d.a. especially in the borough of manhattan. more and more people get involved, are listening to what is actually happening behind these closed doors, how these criminals are being let out, i think the more and more upset they become. more and more action will take place. then at some point we'll have to hold their feet to the fire, say, hey, this person was killed. this person was shot. this person was stabbed. and it is all because you let them out of jail. no one else but you. i think that is definitely bigger than what we probably even understand at this moment. jackie: just close by reminding our viewers the governor has the power to remove the district attorney. so kathy hochul could act if she wants to. this will become the big issue when the governor's race
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approaches later this year. we'll watch to see what people vote for, what they want, what kind of change they want to see. great to have you both tonight. thank you so much. jackie: h. >> thank you, jackie. jackie: meantime texas governor greg abbott is keeping his word. a bus full of dozens of illegal immigrants from texas arriving in washington, d.c., today. as jen psaki is blaming abbott for disrupting the supply chain. we've got the story. president biden refusing to own the historic inflation we're facing. democrats are now worried that his message to crush their party as the midterms draw closer. we'll dig into that next on "the evening edit." >> the biden administration, they have zero answers, zero solutions. only excuses, only blame to push around here, there and everywhere. why? because they know their socialist green new deal religious climate cult alarmism
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♪. president biden: your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away. jackie: that's president biden yesterday for the first time
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accusing russian president vladmir putin of genocide. this as he today committed another 800 million-dollars in assistance to ukraine after one hour phone call with president zelenskyy. treasury secretary janet yellen also warning that china and other nations who decline to hit russia with sanctions could face future economic fallout. meantime the blame game over historic inflation that we're facing is continuing on capitol hill. biden continues to point the finger at putin. he calls it putin's price hike but democrats fear that kind of rhetoric could crush their chances of staying in power on capitol hill. this as the midterms loom. hillary vaughn tracking latest developments from d.c. reporter: good evening, jackie. inflation is getting worse. democrats in washington are putting the blame for high prices on putin and corporations. >> corporate greed drives up cost for working americans and
6:17 pm
hurts workers across the country. president biden: putin's invasion of ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world so everything is going up. we saw today's inflation data. 70% of the increase in prices in march came from putin's price hike in gasoline. reporter: republicans those aren't buying it this. dough think voters will either. senator rick scott saying this in a statement, quote, instead of owning the crisis it created the biden administration wildly claims anyone blaming the president is in quote, lockstep with putin. embarrassing how out of touch the biden administration is from reality. high prices for democrats heading into the midterms. >> we were just talking about last year, if we one won seat in georgia i would still be the majority leader last year we wouldn't have dumped $2 trillion on the economy and you wouldn't be look 40-year inflation.
6:18 pm
51 the magic number because it enables the majority leader to determine the agenda. and frequently the most important thing you do is what you choose not to do. reporter: jackie, one of those things republicans will choose not to do if they take control of the senate in november is not move forward on president biden's signature domestic agenda, the "build back better" package. jackie. jackie: hillary vaughn, thank you so much for that. of course there are lawmakers on both sides of the aisle that are pushing back on the white house's putin price hike excuse as we watch 40-year high inflation grip america. now west virginia senator joe manchin says we cannot spend our way to a balanced, healthy economy and continue adding to our 30 trillion-dollar national debt. getting inflation under control will require more aggressive action. joining us for reaction, national taxpayerses union evp,
6:19 pm
brandon arnold. always great to see you. let's start with the inflation numbers overall. in march 8 1/2% year-over-year. that is when you include, irinclude food and energy because this has been so persistent. those are the two things that american consumers feel the most. look at some of the numb percent here. food inflation, lettuce, 12%, salad dressing almost 14%. fresh vegetables almost 6%. meats almost 14%. uncooked beef and steak, 14%. this is staggering. we're not even talking about eating out. we're talking about just going to the grocery store. your reaction? >> i mean it is absolutely back breaking for average families right now and the notion they're just going to blame corporations and blame vladmir putin, listen, we can beat up on vladmir putin all day, certainly he made this problem worse but this problem predated putin's invasion of ukraine. this problem has been around since the on set of this administration when they canceled keystone, when they blocked oil and gas drilling, that drove up gas prices as
6:20 pm
mcconnell said a moment ago, they pumped two trillion dollars into this economy to juice consumer spending at a time we had supply strain constraints. you can't blame this away on other people. this belongs squarely with the democrat, squarely with joe biden. jackie: i've been saying that as long as we've been covering the story since inauguration day essentially, it was the president's spending. he tried to rescue america when america didn't need to be rescued at that time. we should have opened up our doors to let people get back to business. that would have been the best way to do it. now we're facing a huge problem here. look at some numbers year-over-year. regular gas is up almost 50%. electricity is up 11%. used cars, 35%. hotels, 29%. the list goes on and on and on. yet you've got an administration wants to as hillary vaughn pointed out continue to spend money. if you took a look at his, president biden's proposed budget, he says we're going to spend our way out of the deficit.
6:21 pm
explain to my viewers why that is not accurate. >> yeah. i mean he is in a ditch right now and the only tool he seems to have at his disposal is a shovel. he wants to make the problem worse and worse. "build back better" for instance, trillions of dollars of deficit spending, trillions and trillions of dollars that will be foisted on future generations. of course juicing up consumer demand even further will drive inflation even higher. on top of that it has further restrictions on oil and gas leasing. it has a tax on methane. it is absolutely moving in the wrong direction right now this administration needs to get out of its own way. it needs to stop doing what it is trying to do, stop spending money, stop trying to tax businesses, individuals and so forth. get out of the way and allow the economy and the free market to drive this recovery. jackie: so let's take a look at a couple of stats here. inflation the top concern among small businesses, right, the backbone of the american economy. 31% as they look to recover from the pandemic. what a tough time they had. i will remind everybody as well,
6:22 pm
the consumer facing inflation across the board represents roughly 2/3 of the u.s. economy as well. so there is going to be a tipping point. we all know it is coming, where people will have to pull back. the analysts essentially say that inflation is costing the average american family $3500 a year. that's substantial. >> it is enormous, right now that is my biggest concern, the consumer spending. it has been strong throughout this pandemic. it has begun to show signs of tapering and if we see action out of the fed for instance, continuing to raise interest rates, i think that is quite likely, everybody agrees that is almost certainty, we could cool off the housing market, reduction of purchase much new and used automobiles starting to take place. once consumer spending starts to fall we could find ourself in difficult economic position. the economy could take a nosedive. let's hope it does not happen. let's hope the economy continues to move in the right direction. but right now there are signs of
6:23 pm
serious concern. jackie: the economy and stock market, brandon, are different, i get the distinction. you look at the stock market, investors are pricing in the rate hikes to come. they expect businesses will have to cool down a little bit too. they won't be able to borrow to fund activity as much. you may see layoffs coming in the future as we see costs continue to rise. it's a troubling time and the answers don't seem to be there with this administration but we're out of time, brandon. i really appreciate you joining us tonight. thank you. >> thank you. jackie: all right. we're following breaking developments in june durham's probe. we've got details on that in this investigation that looked into trump-russia collusion. and also there is a new twist in the hunter biden scandal. what 15 house republicans are demanding in a new letter to the justice department. that's next on "the evening edit". >> joe biden's denied any of this and yet these text messages and emails every week it seems like it's a real issue. it shows that there is potential
6:24 pm
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jackie: reports coming in unveiling a new twist in the hunter biden scandal. 15 house republicans are calling on on the justice department to brief investigators on the investigation. probe involves potential
6:28 pm
violations of criminal or civil law by biden or other senior administration officials. now this is all coming as we learn a judge denied a motion for michael sussman to dismiss the single charge against him which stems from a 2016 meet flog fbi's top lawyer to present evidence supposedly linked trump to a russian bank. here to break it down, former independent counsel ken starr. great to see you, ken. let's, where do we start with all of this. let's start with the letter where congress is essentially saying you know, we've got a grand jury investigation here. we want to know what's going on. this is a story, the hunter biden laptop, that everybody has dismissed over the course of the last year and now we're finding out indeed it is real. not only are there issues about hunter biden but the president may indeed be linked to some of these business dealings. congress is saying we want to know what is going on and the american public does too.
6:29 pm
your thoughts? >> it is very understandable, jackie, congress wants to know, eager to know, the american people should want to know but there is a problem. that is it is an ongoing investigation. that means there is a grand jury investigation and the justice department is constrained by law. they cannot disclose specific information that is before a grand jury. so that is a real problem in terms of quote, briefing members of congress about what's happening in a live, ongoing investigation but it does raise the question, who is in charge of this investigation? that is a different issue. but that is the issue cries out as we do find out this information that is implicating at least potentially the president, members of the family and so forth, there is a serious question about how the investigation is being conducted under the auspice of the justice department. jackie: all right. that's the issue, right? really, is this justice department equipped to fully be independent and see this
6:30 pm
investigation through? you were a former independent counsel. many are saying this is the time that an independent counsel should be appointed so that essentially the public has some confidence that this is not biden's justice department doing bidding for him but that in fact a real, impartial investigation happens? >> jackie, that is the key question. is there independence and the appearance of independence? no one needs to question the integrity of the united states attorney in delaware who is conducting the investigation. i certainly do not. he is a very respect the person but the problem is, that he is part of the justice department, that means he is part of the executive branch. that means he reports to merrick garland. who does merrick garland report to? the president of the united states. and we have a rule on the books, a regulation that we're not talking about what's better, we're talking about what is required under the regulations that have binding effect of law and i read those regulations as requiring attorney general
6:31 pm
garland in light of what we know and we're continuing to find out more to appoint someone who is truly independent of the justice department and that is a special counsel. jackie: this is really interesting, because we're finding out more about the durham probe as well. this is where i think it becomes relevant to the conversation we're having. essentially at that time certain evidence presented and decisions made. appointed robert mueller to look into ties of trump to russia. durham is looking through the process, the procedural process, all the mistakes made, and all the false information presented as well to move that ball forward. you sit here say, we went through that whole process with trump and the mueller probe, yet here you've got an attorney general reluctant at all to even appoint a special counsel to look into this. a lot of people say, what is going on with the system?
6:32 pm
>> exactly, and it's a fair question and i've been asking that question for months now. in light of the fact that the president himself, in addition to obviously hunter biden and the information that is coming out suggests this is a very serious investigation but we're also seeing through emails and so forth are suggestions, they're suggestions, that the president himself may be implicated. how do we get to the bottom of that? exactly right, just as a special counsel was appointed during the trump administration, that needs to be done now and it is frankly overdue. jackie: i will take another minute with you. i hope my producers won't kill me here. but we have a sound bite talking about the media as handling of this as well. i want you to listen as well to react. >> the damn is breaking. i think a lot of information is coming out. the hunter biden's laptop which now the mainstream media reluctantly admitting, they're only admitting portions of it
6:33 pm
are authentic. jackie: this is really interesting because at first they said the laptop was essentially a gop, you know, red herring if you will, it didn't exist. it wasn't real. now the mainstream media had to turn back a little bit, acknowledge there is actually something to look at here, yet he is right, they're only admitting portions of the evidence on the laptop are relevant or authentic. the way this was handled, essentially before the election, when this story broke, the way it was tamped down by the media, the way social media banned posts getting out there being disseminated, your thoughts on how that impacts the whole investigation? >> well i think that the investigation was very materially affected by the fact that there was essentially media complicity, not being interested in getting the facts out. there really was no basis questioning the authenticity of the laptop and yet, even the intelligence officials at very high levels, went along with
6:34 pm
this narrative that this is russian disinformation. so it was a terrible and dark stain on the media and then those who were complicit with the media. but in the better late than never category, the more that we're finding out, even if it is grudging is very, very worrisome in terms of what the president may have been involved in. jackie: yeah. we shall see. i will say our network and fox news, we stayed on this story. we didn't let go of it. we kept following it. in the beginning we said this information is out there. we have to look into it. we brought that information to our viewers, every step of the way. ken starr, thank you. great to see you. >> good to see you, jackie. jackie: all right, the cdc extending mask mandates on planes and trains. this as the investigation into the subway shooting in new york city reveals uncertainty over what city officials used the government's covid relief cash for. we're following all of those developments next. ♪.
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♪. jackie: the cdc is extending the travel mask mandate for another two weeks. this as questions are surfacing over how the mta used its government covid funds came to light as investigators look into yesterday's subway shooting in new york city. here to discuss it all, congressman brian style. wonderful to see you, congressman. start with the mask mandate. the cdc extending it for travel until may 3rd. mitch mcconnell said the they are extending covid emergency for he will legal immigrants but extending it for american citizens. your thoughts. >> senator mitch mcconnell is spot on. hard to believe somebody sat down in the biden administration came up with a plan where they're removing covid restrictions on illegal immigrants pouring across the border while removing title 42, at the same time, adding, extending restrictions on the american people. the american people want to get our way of life back. we want to rip the bandaid off
6:40 pm
covid era policies to return to normal. the biden administration continues to cherry-pick what policies they will enforce. they're clearly following the political science, not the actual science. jackie: let's talk about the tragic incident yesterday in new york city, in the subway, as the cove vied tie is actually here because as they have been investigating some of the equipment was broken down there. the cameras weren't functioning properly. this was all stuff that was supposed to be used by this city not only to make us safer during of the pandemic time where things were getting out of control but also to prevent situations like this. then of course you know, you've got the city asking for more covid relief at this time. why should it get more when it didn't properly allocate the funds that it received? >> yeah. first off, when you saw those images play out on tv, my heart broke for all the innocent victims. particularly reminder of the work of men and women of law enforcement we do every day. we need to congratulate them making a quick arrest in this
6:41 pm
case. what this highlights is the misplaced spending priorities of the left. they continue to fail to invest in public safety and investing in law enforcement. they continue to advocate for harsh policies like defunding the police and using covid funds for a whole host of liberal priorities rather than the actual needs of the american people. we need to get our spending in check. we need to actually spend and get the priorities right, which the american people are desperate to return to. jackie: i want to bring this all full circle with new york city mayor eric adams. he has been dodging questions about masks for example, as kids in this city are forced to wear them still. so this is just another example of the hypocrisy, more rules for thee, not for me. i do believe we have the sound bite of the mayor on with bill hemmer. >> there are children in new york as young as two years old required to wear a mask. how does that policy make sense? >> you know it is enticing to engage in a covid conversation but right now i'm focused on
6:42 pm
catching a dangerous person. i look forward to coming back to laying out all of our covid plans. >> well i would love to see the follow-up conversation. i understand his point from yesterday, but many people are wondering why the democrats including mayor adams, are holding on to covid by essentially masking the youngest, most innocent aspect of our population, little children, continuing them to keep them bound? >> it is a matter of control by the left. they want to make decisions to control our lives and further, it is continuing evidence that those on the left are following political science, not medical science. the medical science has been clear on this. children are the no least impacted of any demographic group. the negative impacts of forcing children to wear masks are quite significant. we see it in the mental health challenges our children are facing every day. it is time to rip the bandaid off these covid era policies, get our way of life back,
6:43 pm
actually stop following political science of the left continues to demand we follow. jackie: congressman, i hope they're listening to you. so many people agree with what you just said. ready to move on, onward, upward. great to see you this evening. thank you. >> thank you. jackie: all right. even as the far left goes after florida governor ron key desantis over the parental rights bill, more conservative states are following his lead. we'll break that down for you next.
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♪. jackie: critics continue to fire back against governor ron desantis' parental rights in education bill branding it as homophobic but more and more bills of similar nature are popping up across the country as the midterms draw near. how curious. states are trying to appeal to a critical voter base, parents. here to discuss it parents defending education director of
6:48 pm
outreach, erica stans. >> thanks for having me. jackie: new jersey wants second graders to learn about gender identity in the fall. listen to what new jersey congressman jeff van drew had to say about that. >> i don't know what we're doing to america in some different ways. we're actually going to take little boys and girls that we send to school and start teaching them about gender i.d., gender change, other things that are not appropriate at that age. it is absurd and it is painful. >> okay. so then you've got new jersey governor phil murphy responding to the criticism saying the following, quote, unfortunately our learning standards have been intentionally misrepresented by some politicians seeking to divide and score political points. at the same time we have seen a handful of sample lessons plans being circulated have not been adopted in our school districts and do not accurately reflect
6:49 pm
the spirit of the standards. any proposed educational content that is not age appropriate should be immediately revised by local officials. that sounds, eric can like an about-face to me? >> well it is an about-face, if i had to guess the governor probably has absolutely no idea what has been approved in his state. he certainly has not looked at sample lessons put out with those guidelines and parents have every reason to think that if a lesson is on the website, right for the state, they have every reason to think that it is being endorsed and or recommended by state officials. jackie: when it comes to what children are learning in school, parents across the country have spoken out. they want to be heard, whether it has to do with gender issues attender age of three or whether it has to do with critical race theory, for example. seems as the midterms are approaching more and more blue states are saying, we need to respond. i mean they're worried, below the surface. and so they're saying we need to
6:50 pm
respond to this and try to appeal to parents and try to change the dialogue here. >> yeah. they have underestimated parents. i don't really think lot of people really understand what is happening across the country. this is totally bipartisan. it cuts across every racial background, socioeconomic class, political affiliation. what parents see is that the schools have really gone off the rails. in addition to sort of moving away from academic content and focusing on teaching children to read and do math which by the way our out comes in both categories are abysmal, in addition they're wading into areas that are totally not where they need to be. they're out of their lane. in many cases this content is being taught to children in kindergarten, first and second grade. there is no reason. jackie: yeah. >> this isn't homophobia. there is no reason first-graders
6:51 pm
should have to be able to define gender identity. jackie: people say after the pandemic, with the loss of learning we should put our energy elsewhere. unfortunately erica, we're out of time. good to see you. i appreciate your insight. thank you. governor greg abbott stick towing his word about busing illegal immigrants in texas arriving in washington, d.c. we have a live report next on "the evening edit". after switching to the farmer's dog we noticed so many improvements in remi's health. his allergies were going away and he just had amazing energy. it looks like nutritious food, and it is. i'm investing in my dog's health and happiness. get started at i'm investing in my dog's as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning through our grow up great initiative. and now, we're providing billions of dollars for affordable home lending programs...
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earlier today dozens of illegal immigrants through texas are arriving in washington d.c. with governor greg abbott. the latest plans encounter federal immigration policies during an encore border crisis. we gear up for a trump era pandemic for policy to end next month, lucas thomases has the latest. >> a week ago texas governor greg abbott said would send a message and by sending illegal migrants via bus to the nation's capitol. he made it happened this morning by sending the bus that arrived here on the corner north capitol of louisiana avenue this morning about 8:00 a.m. eastern 23 migrant got off the bus, 19 males and four females. i noticed two small children.
6:56 pm
some of them migrant leaving with family from nicaragua, they said they were here, family in the area and they would spend time with them. they were waiting at the bus, private security contractor who took them up here, are not agents who dropped off the migrants, it's a private security company, hired a charter bus to take them up here. i had a chance to speak to venezuelans migrant and they told me their plans of working hard in the united states now that they are here. >> i want the opportunity, i want a job. an opportunity to move forward. >> we are hearing about plans for another bus to come up, we are not sure when or how many migrants are in the bus. it appears greg abbott was trying to send a message to lawmakers at the capitol but they are not here they are gone
6:57 pm
for easter recess but will keep track and see when the next bus will come. jackie: thank you so much for that. joining me now to discuss, arizona attorney general mark brnovich. great to have you. the report lucas gave us, maybe leaders aren't on capitol hill but the message was received, governor abbott was saying your buzzing immigrants to all different state, flying them in the middle of the night, i'm putting them in your backyard. >> i think we all applaud governor abbott for trying to make points and demonstrate the ridiculousness of the biden open border policies and what they are doing to states like arizona and texas and overwhelming our community. it's not just about millions of people coming in illegally, it's something i keep talking about especially as a former prosecutor, all of the millions of illegal fentanyl pills, the thousands of pounds of methamphetamine, heroin, the
6:58 pm
dope flooding into our country is killing hard-working americans. it's a sad irony that of course they are not in d.c., people not there because congress is always on break or vacation so they free the terrible problems to the state, all the havoc and americans are dying amongst these policies and they are not around to accept the responsibility for their actions. jackie: when it comes to title 42, the cdc says it's time to lift it essentially saying covid has been a problem at the border yet we are talking about extending mask mandate on planes so immigrants can come into the country without concerned about covid but americans can't fly on planes without being masked, some of it doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't make any sense other than that's evident the biden administration, the radical left is trying to essentially nationalize socialize our economy and they don't care about hard-working
6:59 pm
middle-class americans. what they do care about is central americans. i was arguing about seven weeks ago the biden administration illegally rescinded the public charge rule and they want to give government benefits including health care to people were not u.s. citizens so we are in this situation for the biden administration is decriminalized, no criminal penalties and a lawsuit right now but they have incentivized providing incentives for people to come here as a result of that. that's why we see record numbers of people, millions of people coming into this country illegally and it will overwhelm us not only from the fiscal perspective but as a result of the cartel increasing violence in neighborhoods and drugs pouring in polluting neighborhoods. jackie: ten or 15 seconds but jen psaki essentially say governor abbott's fault we have a supply chain crisis saying it is a necessary inspections in his state making things difficult.
7:00 pm
>> everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not their own facts. i propose we have a no-fly zone when it comes to the white house because what she's saying is false. jackie: i second that. great to see you. jackie: i am jackie deangelis, you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, that does it for us, inc. for watching and have a great evening. ♪♪ kennedy: up new york city subway maniac in custody but is the city saver? that's coming up. first, more proof president biden's policies are driving the country into the ground and the white house blaming everyone but themselves once again. second day in a row, data showing inflation is completely out of control yesterday. we talk about 8.5% jump in the cost of goods for consumers. we learned about inflation, it spiked 11.2%


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