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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 13, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not their own facts. i propose we have a no-fly zone when it comes to the white house because what she's saying is false. jackie: i second that. great to see you. jackie: i am jackie deangelis, you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, that does it for us, inc. for watching and have a great evening. ♪♪ kennedy: up new york city subway maniac in custody but is the city saver? that's coming up. first, more proof president biden's policies are driving the country into the ground and the white house blaming everyone but themselves once again. second day in a row, data showing inflation is completely out of control yesterday. we talk about 8.5% jump in the cost of goods for consumers. we learned about inflation, it spiked 11.2%, the cost of goods
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for producers meaning it's going to get more expensive for companies to make things and you will end up paying for it. wait until you see how much more things will cost. the folks at politico put together a chart showing rising prices for ingredients of a bacon cheeseburger. delicious. the bun? bonds are up 7.1%. i love buns up. they can 8.2%. let us 12% and mail 14.9%. beef, 16%. president biden has been pointing fingers at bottom of putin. the putin price hike see likes to call it and i'm sure he works all night on that clever # but there's a new ablation bogeyman, greg abbott, white house press secretary jen psaki said governor abbott unnecessary redundant section trucks transiting ports of entry between texas and mexico are
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causing significant disruption to the food and automobile supply chain delaying manufacturing and packing jobs and raising prices for families in texas and across the country. president predict and business leaders say it's a ruse and it's ridiculous things will only get worse for a number of reasons. home depot founder took issue with that. >> you can only fix inflation one way, tighten down. who gets hurt? for people struggling from the same people they want to help, he's hurting. >> do you think he's become jimmy carter? >> i think he's worse than jimmy carter. kennedy: i do, to because you are not going to see biden's habitat for humanity. he's not going to build houses for anyone. does the white house have a
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legitimate defense here or are they the ones to blame for a lot of this crazy inflation? tonight party panel, podcast host and spectator contributor editor, stephen l miller is here. democrat strategist and priority usa former political director right now in the future, crystal. delivery activist and foundation for economic education, writer and goddess, olivia rondeau team usa all the way, she's with us, stephen, i will start with you. there have been so many excuses so much blame place for inflation including the putin price hike but i have a feeling i hope the war in ukraine is short. unfortunately i feel inflation is really here to stay and i don't know that the administration and blame their way out. our people buying the putin price hike? >> no, people are buying it. the washington post in see only
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6% of americans believe this. this administration exists only on twitter so it sounds good, the # is punchy and they focused that for hours probably but people aren't buying it because we know it's happening before putin's shenanigans came along. first we were told inflation was transitory, the exact word joe biden used. then we were told it's good and saved 16 cents on our with of july barbecue last year end then it's not really happening, here's why and we should cut back on meat and eat bugs instead to save the planet and now we are told it putin's fault so the shifting narrative that is everyone except joe biden's fault which joe biden said in a tweet i will take responsibly, all donald trump is shift blame to everyone else. that will come back and haunt him. kennedy: and it not just a political issue obviously, crystal.
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it's a monetary issue and these are the times we find ourselves in but i don't know what the president can do politically between now and midterms to make inflation go away, i do know not taking responsibility, it makes it worse for him and democrats, it makes voters resentful. your thoughts? >> this is a tough issue, challenging because thinking about the pandemic we have to feel the economy, spent but it also comes with inflation so there's no real easy way out and i think every single person has to suffer the consequences of inflation, gas is up in goods and services are up, the cost of groceries are up so something i think the president and his team have to figure out the best messaging around how we get through this ahead of the midterms and make americans understand that with pandemics
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and crisis comes a certain level of inflation and we have to wait it out unfortunately. kennedy: it's interesting because not just crises, not just pandemic, it's a rampant government spending and irresponsible monetary policies the country has been suffering from for quite some time and it turns out you can't just print and spend money, at some time you are going to run into real issues you can't even fix, so far beyond your control and i think that's what worries libertarians here. >> precisely. i'll be the one to say abolish the federal reserve, 80% of dollars as of december 2021 were printed between january 2020 of october 2021.
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80% of dollars in circulation were printed within those 22 months so for this to happen is not just biden's fault or putin's fault, i'm not saying biden should take responsibility and it's making democrat republicans and minorities lose credibility within the biden administration but the root of the problem is both sides, bipartisan, both sides are voting for this unnecessary printing and spending and won't stop until the federal reserve is abolished. kennedy: did you want to ask olivia? >> i definitely think this is something the democratic party has to tackle and face but you stated minorities and i'm trying to understand, where does that line come in? kennedy: olivia. >> there's a poll that came out i believe this month i want to say -- it might have been another outlet but minorities are increasing losing trust in the biden administration people around me and my family, my
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family who are historically democrats, black voters in my family talk about gas prices are up, i don't know what to do, biden is not taking accountability and it's not an uncommon seen. kennedy: it's not uncommon same for any working american. that is the problem, not just minorities or women, it not black or white or asian or anyone else, it people not being able to pay for things. their wages are not keeping up with the cost of living and there's a massive frustration that knows no party when it hits this close to home for people. watch out because the only thing that can happen here is the end of the two-party system because this is what you get when republicans and democrats spend money out of control. meanwhile biden administration extending travel mask mandate. another two weeks until may 3,
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it was supposed to end a week from today. cdc says the extension is based on recent rise in covid cases but that doesn't make sense. the cdc graphic shows a majority of the country is in green zone, that is quite green. that means low community covid levels. airlines have been pushing the administration to stop the mask mandate. they argue it's not logical masks are required on planes but not in places like restaurants and product bars that don't have ever filtration systems so when will biden and his cronies give it up already? stephen, he's the one telling us we have to get back to normal, we have to put the virus behind us. fauci says we have to take responsibly for ourselves. can we start taking self responsibility on planes? >> i think he mentioned every
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plaintiff ceo, it's pointless, what are we doing? biden's messaging is all over on this. he rescinded title 42 that allows migrants to come across the border so we are out of the pandemic, that was a justification but now we are back in the pandemic because you have to wear a mask on buses and airplanes and biden has to wear one stumbling across the long by himself or kamala harris doesn't have to and then she has to. he's the worst messenger for a guy elected on saint he would shut down the virus. the masks are coming back in some form or another, we've heard two more weeks, 110 weeks, it's been two years to slope the spread. if you think there's enthusiasm for republicans the incoming election, anthony fauci is poking his head out of the hole again. kennedy: thank you need to take responsibly for yourself. >> he also told msnbc he wishes masks were longer so now we have to ask why it is biden administration not adhering to what he's saying? it's politics.
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the only thing that has changed the last two years. kennedy: so he sank we take responsibly for ourselves and our health as we enter into the endemic phase of the virus, that means masks mcchrystal, that's what that means. >> i think what you stated as we are entering into the endemic phase, we are still in the pandemic base. this sub variance of the omicron is rising in europe, it's down to come to america, there will be another rise this summer and we need to continue to mask particularly in places where there is massive amounts of people which is in transit i agree mask mandate should be in place, we are seeing here in washington d.c. the mayor recently caught covid, we are not . kennedy: our mayor caught covid, he be worse off -- so has the
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mayor of new york city, he's covid positive and doing press conferences and he looks great. it's not march 2020, the virus has changed. >> it never been about how you look, it's the symptoms and how you feel. kennedy: and being debilitated and hospitalized. he's able to function, he's able to talk and move around, he's able to put sentences together so that means the virus has changed. people are getting and people have gotten it and people have been vaccinated and natural immunity, we now know 85% plus of the mass people are wearing, they look like hospital once from china, they don't work against an aerosolized virus. you can go to yankee stadium and work with tens of thousands of people but you can't be on a plane that has pristine air filtration, olivia? >> or preschool. kennedy: yeah. >> exactly. the decision is not based on science.
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it makes people feel better perhaps but the argument that doesn't help anybody. this pandemic has basically been, it's simply a personal health crisis, not a public health crisis, we've established that, personal health choices over public health choices or what helping people were fighting the symptoms so forcing masks especially in a place where they have high levels of air filtration, not bars or restaurants or things of that nature where they don't have air filtration, it's antiscience. kennedy: it is an all of these roles are incredibly arbitrary and it's not helping people. if you are immunocompromised -- >> based on the mayor's plan for the weekend, she violated her own mask mandate several times, photographed . kennedy: you absolutely can't, you're right, kristal. they say one thing and do another. >> it's still transmissible.
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we are not even talking about transmission. kennedy: if the virus is more transmissible, why is the country green? why is it green? people are not being hospitalized or getting sick and people are not dying like they were before so let's not act like they are. if you are sick, if you are immunocompromised, if you are going to chemotherapy, where n95 mask stop forcing everyone else to wear a mask who doesn't even work, it just looks like it works and people are drunk on planes and hit each other, it's not the alcohol's fault. all right, party panel is sticking around. the brooklyn subway shooter in custody. the crime, especially transit crime rampant in new york state.
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people are terrified. who's to blame? gubernatorial candidate joins me, he's going to play the blame game next. ♪♪
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well, alleged brooklyn subway shooter james in custody tonight accused of yesterday's firing a
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gun 33 times, he shot ten people, many more injured including a pregnant woman and a child. police arrested him in east village this afternoon after he apparently called crime stoppers tip on himself. soon after, a video camera installer spotted him and called the cops. he gave and instantly viral account of what happened. >> nobody catch them, -- [inaudible] something good coming, we catch him. we don't want any problem here in america. kennedy: life is good, baby. reportedly an immigrant and he's being hailed as a hero. what's next? he with me now, former d.c. police detective and fox news contributor, ted williams. ted, welcome to the show, he called crime stoppers on himself? >> kennedy, let me echo what
7:20 pm
mayor eric adams said, we got him good this idiot not only called the crimestoppers on himself which i'm happy he did and law enforcement officers in the area to arrest him but at the scene yesterday, he left a great deal of evidence there. he left the keys to the u-haul truck he rented in philadelphia. the truck he brought down to new york or up to new york and entered the subway. the thing is, he bought a gas mask online and had a gas mask on. think about it, 33 shots. thirty-three shots. if we don't have anybody who died, this is a blessing. this situation could have ended a lot different and i'm so happy
7:21 pm
he said with got him. kennedy: he tried to kill thousands of people. that's what he was trying to do. just because he's a bad shot and horrible pain doesn't mean he shouldn't be charged with something more serious so what charges is he facing? >> he's facing federal charges which the federal charges carry a life sentence. i'm happy they've taken him out of the system and put him in the federal system. this guy was a walking time bomb. we don't know the motive behind this but the sad commentary is new yorkers just getting in a subway, young kids trying to go to school and you have someone who throws smoke bombs in the subway system and shoots at the
7:22 pm
individuals 33 times. i'm happy they got this guy. he needs to be off the streets and be off the streets forever. kennedy: yes, absolutely. we know he interfaced with the fbi in 2019. he has a pretty extensive record. i don't buy that he was just a crazy person, he knew exactly what he was doing but the gas canisters and masks, the fireworks, the hatchet, the guns, everything else. the u-haul, the storage facility. he knew exactly what he was doing. i'd be curious to see what develops in terms of motive. do you know if he's talking tonight? >> i don't know if he's talking tonight. these guys crazy as a fox or as you reported and has been reported he was alleged to be the one who called law
7:23 pm
enforcement on himself but i can tell you whether he talks or not, we've got this dangerous guy, this dangerous guy is no longer on the streets of the city. the thing about it is he had a gun at the scene, he legally purchased the gun. kennedy: it was not a ghost gun oddly enough. >> no. no. no. kennedy: i'll talk to you soon, thank you. >> my pleasure. kennedy: pleasures always mind, ted. york city obviously crime is rampant. subways are unsafe. who's to blame? is there anything that can be done? gubernatorial candidate, lee zeldin. welcome back to the show. >> always great to be with you. kennedy: i know. you want to be governor, that means you have to deal with the
7:24 pm
mayor of new york city eric adams or whoever else and sometimes that's a very difficult and thankless job. if you were governor, what would you do to make new york city and the subways safer? >> a few things, one thing comes to mind new york state has cashless bail in place that's resulted in headlines after headlines and in some cases people getting killed by someone who had just been released on cashless bail. i believe it should be repealed and judges should have discretion when dangerous flight risk and past criminal record and seriousness of offense setting bail on all offenses. district attorney's who refuse to enforce the law like manhattan district attorney alvin bragg should be fired. the governor of new york has the constitutional authority to fire a district attorney refuses to
7:25 pm
enforce the law. they want i would fire alvin bragg. i believe we should pass a law enforcement bill of rights in albany, there's the right of self-defense of law enforcement that should be recognized. they should have the tools and resources to do their jobs safely and effectively. there's a lot more that needs to be done, i put on my website secure our street plant with a couple dozen ideas, there's a lot that can be done. it's obvious commonsense solutions that would secure our street and our subways. kennedy: we've lost sight of common sense unfortunately and it won't take too many incidents like this for people to continue to leave the city and the state when they don't feel safe and paid exorbitant taxes, we are paying in new york city and new york state, people are going to move, leaving california. florida, texas, nevada, arizona, tennessee, they are waving them in because high tax states like
7:26 pm
this, talk about diminishing returns and the woman you are trying to replace, governor kathy hochul has massive to $20 billion budget. it's a grab bag for everyone but so fiscally irresponsible. >> big time on a trajectory where next year they would want to spend even more. we see more money spent in the new york city budget than the entire state of florida. albany spends more on medicaid and the entire budget than the state of florida and new york is leading the entire country and population loss, some of the state and where people are heading in the reason why is they feel if they go there, they will not only have their dollars stretched further, they will feel safer and live life free are so they are gone and leaving, people are hitting their breaking.every day and that's it. people don't feel safe on the streets, it doesn't matter if you are republican or democrat or not. regardless of whether you're conservative or moderate or
7:27 pm
liberal, people don't feel safe on the streets. asian americans are punished because they are asian or jewish person punched because they are wary a yarmulke on a brooklyn street or cabdriver hit because the suspect looks a little different. there's a lot of focus on illegal guns, where is the conversation about the people pushed in front of oncoming subways when a small business getting booted or people. kennedy: he didn't hear that from mayor adams yesterday, mayor adams had unconstitutional hodgepodge of nonsense that came out of his mouth during the press conference yesterday and it's like i get it, gun violence is up but there are a lot of other crimes up as well and you better start addressing that and talking about victims, stop locking people up for consensual crime. i implore you if you do become governor and criminal justice
7:28 pm
reform goes both ways and once again, just like inflation and spending, both parties screwed up. for your time. >> great to be with y how will putin respond? we will discuss that with the panel next. ♪♪
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president biden and shocking twist is the smartest person in america. [laughter] just kidding. the president calling out vladimir putin's ongoing war in ukraine calling it a genocide. >> the family budget and ability to fill up your tank, whether a dictator declares war and commit genocide is half a world away.
7:33 pm
>> yes, i called a genocide, literally a horrible thing the russians have done in ukraine. we are only going to learn more and more about the devastation and we will let the lawyers decide whether or not it qualifies but it sure seems that way to me. kennedy: not every world leader agrees including french president emmanuel macron and the russians of course are furious regardless of the president announcing $800 million for ukraine bringing the total u.s. contribution to over $3 billion. that's a lot of helicopters. is this signaling a shift president biden's stance on the war? stephen l miller, kristal light and olivia rondeau. where are we with the helicopter, stephen? >> the white house announced they would send and 117
7:34 pm
helicopters, i might have gotten that number wrong. ukraine and two hours later in the late dead of night completely walk that back. again this is back to confusing messaging, they can't stay on message, usually biden will stumble out and vomit something out of his head he can't remember two hours later in the white house has to go clean it up. that had to do with biden saying sanctions under deterrent and jen psaki saying they are a deterrent and international lawyers decide if this is actually genocide but it turns out any war criminal trial putin would be involved in the u.s. would not partake to appear neutral. this is a hard situation compounded by pullout and joe biden, there's no messaging here and administration float things out before they mop up what the old man says. again if you promise helicopters, you should probably
7:35 pm
deliver the helicopters and if you call it a genocide, you should probably man up and take the lead and say the u.s. will dissipate in international court trials. kennedy: why did the french president walk that back? is it because there's a particular rational definition for genocide although we have an emotional reaction to the images we are seeing in ukraine? we know it murder, we know it wrong, we know it violates every international norm. given all that, that still might not rise to what genocide is, is that white president macron walked it back or disagrees? >> i think that likely what we are seeing with macron not officially naming what it is, he understands words have consequences and meaning and if we are relying on international law to make that official designation or determination, that's likely what he is
7:36 pm
following. the president stated, i don't think he's wrong, anytime you have a person trying to overtake a sovereign nation, i don't know what you would call it if it's not genocide and you are trying to legally wipe away in official territory. has biden overstepped and god out ahead of what the international courts would make the official determination? likely so but maybe this will force folks to just name what it is, a slow genocide putin is attempting to impart on ukraine. kennedy: did the united states commit genocide in vietnam? >> that's a great question again i'm not at liberty to say whether they did or not. kennedy: by your definition, yes, they did. there's an issue with being signatory for the international criminal lord, olivia. united states doesn't want to be responsible if the threshold is
7:37 pm
lowered and we are redefining very serious terms like genocide. your thoughts, olivia? >> if this was on, this is genocide we need to stop this like biden said putin shouldn't have power or remain in power, that's fine, they can have their opinions but this is president joe biden, he can't have a personal statement, he can't make these statements and expect jen psaki to clean it up and act like we forgot about it. you will not forget that they promised the helicopters and quietly walked that back in the middle of the night. if he generally believes is genocide he should show the world he's a leader and man up but we know he won't do that. kennedy: it makes it difficult for the united states to lead peace negotiations which they have obviously fallen apart and now our country is no longer in a position where they can foster
7:38 pm
conversations and that's incredibly dangerous to what the president ran on so i don't believe him no matter what he says, i don't care if he says some verbal gas or whatever, some non- remembers, it's wrong of him to say is when he's free styling can have national security implications and alienate people who we need to party with right now. thank you, party panel. beautifully done. coming up, california has a crazy new plan for the workweek big like everything else in california, is it really a job killer in disguise? the latest and greatest kennedy dog. a sneak peek of ms. ruthie, what a cutie button girl. hi, lucy. stay with me. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: four day work week could be coming to california. they assembly considering a bill that would cap the workweek for large companies over 500 employees and 32 hours. force employees to pay overtime rate after that. some countries reportedly gains of productivity after reducing employee work hours. we could all use more free time but our government mandates the right solution here? could a lot like this make companies leave california? the answer is a resounding yes and to explain why, host of the california rebel base podcast and sunday night fox news channel, stephen is here. this is incredible, it's not like you're working 40 hours and forth days which people would like, you are actually cutting
7:44 pm
their hours which means productivity is going to drop and companies are going to leave the state, why wouldn't they? >> exactly. by the way, there's one thought of reducing the hours of work that i would state, cutting hours of work by democrat legislators so they can produce less of this madness, it incredible. if they did 3.2 hours a week, it would be great. the amazing thing about this is back in the day, decades ago in the uk one of the first signs of the split between the uk and the rest of the eu, the working time directive from the eu pushed out by brussels, the uk fought not to have it imposed on the uk. they were pushing back then 48 hour working week, that was considered totally unacceptable now 32 hours. the real thing what you end up
7:45 pm
with, if a company, i run businesses, i would give generous parental leave that works for us, if the company wants to do this and it's good for them, fine. we don't want to interfere but the idea you impose a uniform working week on the entire economy is nuts, it shows how totally insanely left they've got. kennedy: but it's interesting and here's what stood out to me, if you have union labor, you are not subjected to the constraints of this law. if you're workers unionize, they can work as much as they want so it's incentive for more union labor for the state of california because unions donate to democratic politicians. >> it's amazing. how surprising, just like the union that gives enormous amounts of money shoveled cash into gavin newsom's campaign was exempt from the vaccine mandate
7:46 pm
impose on everybody else. it's unbelievable. they are shameless. this is what comes when you have like no political competition and they think they will never get any challenge. they come out with this stuff that shameless so extreme. i do think the tide is turning and people are waking up and we are going to have the california revolution one day. kennedy: there should be a california revolution and more people who own businesses and employ people to stand up against it in fact why the chamber of commerce is on this utter nonsense and rightly so and you know what happens in a model party state? do you know what kind of politicians you produce? kamala harris. she's a politician of california machine politics in fact to we
7:47 pm
are stuck with as vice president because she never had a real challenge in her life. steve hilton, thank you very much, will watch you sunday night 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel and topical storm is next. ♪♪
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police warning americans gang members have begun wallowing
7:51 pm
people home and stealing their money. that gang is known as the irs. at april crime wave and this is topical storm, topic number one. goodyear tire company announced plans to start making car tires out of dandelions. luckily most americans have lots of experience driving on weed. washington state. they been working with the department of defense to develop a domestic source of rubber since most rubber trees are grown in foreign countries, they settled on a specific dandelion they say is perfect for creating car tires so now every time you slam on the brakes, you will stop and smell the flowers. after testing goodyear could use dandelions and commercial vehicle lines so your car could be flower powered as the beetle. they will use exclusively american military vehicles which makes us the perfect match for russia because their army is
7:52 pm
still the pansies. topic number two. kansas city royals offering fans steaming pile of garbage. i'm not just talking about their roger. now available at the stadium concession stand, the new barbecue reese's peanut butter cup sandwich. the most sickening royal combo since harry and meghan. the new sandwich includes pulled pork, sweet baby ray's barbecue sauce, reese's peanut butter cups and bacon bits. wrapped in hamburger buns. the concept is a result of the stair to pair sandwich in which chefs were asked to prepared food with the surprising combination but the most surprising combination is alone. so cute. topic number three. an incredible video of the california hotel still under construction burning up.
7:53 pm
it in flames. look at this. welcome to hotel california. you can see the driver was on a highway, cool wind in his hair. in a distance, he saw a shimmering light. the city of ventura, a fire broke out on the hotels second floor and spread throughout the entire building within minutes. they never should have made the walls out of dandelions. it was meant to be a no smoking hotel. on the right side, the biggest hot mess in california, my new friend kate and jenna. we love you, girl. i wish you are governor so bad, i would live there so hard. topic number four. animal-rights protesters in minnesota interrupted the timberwolves game, he ran onto the court and glued herself to the floor. it's the first time in television history anyone has been glued to a timberwolves day. the woman alecia stormed the
7:54 pm
court during the free-throw shot at the other end and glued herself to the baseline making her stuck in minnesota as anthony. protester was wearing a shirt criticizing timberwolves owner who also owned a chicken farm and like the timberwolves, the chickens get slaughtered. taylor responded to an outbreak of bird flu by incinerating 5.3 million chickens resulting in 10.6 million. security removed her from the game because the bond wasn't strong enough to keep her on the floor which is exactly what happened with kevin garnet. that's got to hurt. i'll be right back with your kenne-dog. ♪♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪
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>> yes, we made it. the pinnacle of hump night, don't scroll so fast, time to show off this week's kenny -- kennedog, we love your dog, because dogs are better than cats, let's meet miss molly, soaking up the sun. love your face. bella and gracie. you made it. this is michelle's dog, roxy
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carmichael. a 17 1/2-year-old chihuahua. keep going baby. and wolfman jack. ure are cute. laurie's rescue dog lexi. lexi loves squirrels and playing ball. this is mark's pooch, nelly, look at that fluffy face. next up we have brenda's dogs chloe and bailey. jack russell mix. love you. >> this is nano who loves the kennedog, good boy. and lastly we have katie's puppy holler. from upper peninsula of michigan. thank you for watching the best hour of your day. you can follow me on twitter
8:00 pm
and instagram @kennedy nation. and e-mail kennedy. tomorrow night, a fantastic show for you. gary hoffman, dave smith, richard fowler. sparks are flying from a thursday man panel, it's still just wednesday. make every day a kene day. that right is what makes america the greatest nation the world has known. >> not about perfection the pursuit. >> right. i am john rich, welcome to the pursuit. our country is only one in history of world that promises its citizens the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, we a land that offers those rights we're the dream destination of people all over the


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