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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  April 17, 2022 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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and joining us by. >> and the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's wall street. >> happy weekend and happy easter. and pass over to welcome to the program that analyzes the week that wasn't helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. the white house plumbing russia corporations not even texas for the record-breaking inflation this week. the who he is planning company
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and customers. new warnings of their session on the way sooner rather than later. there's no way to avoid it where he is putting his money now. and the credibility of the cdc once again in question as mask mandates on planes are extended and made it rising cases will title 42 at the border is revoked. dr. marty makary on the truth behind this covid threat. first let's take a look back on the top newsmakers on mornings with maria in this edition of the week stalkers, watch. >> you have been look at polls your entire career. what do you make of these? i've never seen anything like it presents job approval rating declining 20 points in just one year. such an incredible surge of people coming you are expecting us question our. >> we go from 3000 apprehensions to 5000 apprehensions and 5000 -- 8000 apprehensions you have to look at and say what are we going to go to next? >> have you been briefed on where we are on this?
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given your foreign affairs committee? >> what to not only entered the iran nuclear dear but what they are willing to enter is a deal that is even worse than the original agreement from 2015 by. >> what you make out of this percent he's take it in twitter because her. >> really strange move came to surprises many americans. twitter is a dying platform. maria: this week's inflation numbers sparky will return on economic recovery. by then democrats are putting the blame squarely on russia. >> putin's invasion of ukraine is driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. so everything is going up. we saw today's inflation debt, 70% of the increase in prices in march came from putin's price hike and gasoline. >> we know inflation was all the way down it will .4% when joe biden first took office. it has been creeping higher and
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higher amid policies of spending but also heard democrats pointing the finger corporate greed and even texas inspections of trucks coming across the border. joining meat right now to talk more about that as a ceo of goya foods, bob it's great to have you this weekend rate thanks very much for being here. first assess the situation. are you seeing inflation? >> good morning maria and happy easter to you too. absolutely saying inflation. and those were the days my friend. please take me back. in 2019 everything was good in the neighborhood. they weaponize coded, they overturned an election. they weaponize degree new deal. they started a war on fossil fuel. and now they have weaponize food. war has also started in southeast ukraine a lot of the planting occurred they said
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they're going to plant 25% less at the very low number because the irrigation systems have been hit by the families have been broken up. this is a war also against women and children. they sent all of these women and children into exile. the outlook for losing food in 2008 drained triple because raising corn for ethanol and the balance of food in the world is so fragile. any interruption creating an incredible amount of inflation. >> you have got food shortages areas of the world had one lawmaker on the other day who said he is expecting a famine. i was just stunned by the comments for their crime from their balconies in shanghai they need food and water because there is a major lock down there. "he biden administration is blaming everybody else. even despite the fact we have a clear timeline of inflation where it is absolutely obvious that under the biden administration and all of the
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spending whether it is the infrastructure package that was passed in november of 2021, or the covid-19 package passed in march of 2021, we see the move it inflation from 1.4% when joe biden entered the white house all the way to 8.5% in the last month where we saw bubbling up inflation numbers. it was very hard to blame anyone else other than this white house given the obvious timeline we are looking at. give us your take on the elements of gasoline and transportation as one piece of this inflation because oil prices of course have skyrocketed even if they are off of their highest levels of the year, bob. >> yes. you mentioned inflation and ate half percent but it's higher in certain categories of food. and it is on the rise. a big component of food and goods is transportation.
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when you go from oil independence to oil dependence was shut down the keystone pipeline, we hindered drilling we raise the cost of transportation. we bring in product sometimes from overseas the freight rate to have gone up 10% you take oil which is zero transportation and you put it on a ship. the price of oil goes skyrocketing. we have the ability to be oil independent and we threw that away we created an incredible amount of inflation. and now we have this were on food whether replanting less, fertilizer has gone up fourfold. ukraine also has sandefur fracking, sandford class. they are strangling their not letting it out of the ports of the ukraine and it is going to have a devastating effect, brace
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for impact. what i am doing is we are buying as much as we can to be prepared for this crisis. maria: that's what is going to say real quick before you go bob do you think this inflation numbers get worse later in the year? >> they are getting worse as we are speaking. and they will get worse. as the new crops come in we are planting less it could be devastating until we get back to producing our own fuel to stop this war on fossil fuels. we can't do it overnight. we have been as a country moving fossil fuels but you cannot go from one day to the next. we have people in government who do not know what dhec they are doing for. >> all right will leave it there. the unique comment we are hearing this from many, probably appreciate you joining us this weekend rate thanks very much we will see you soon, bob thank you. ceo of goya foods, covered cases meanwhile on the rise again in
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right, frank? i saved 25%. booyah. and now you're relaxing! we're working from home. save up to 25% when you bundle home and auto with allstate. spent welcome back marcus and i get short holiday week lower as investors got the first peak of the new earnings season and those soaring inflation numbers. joining me right now is the wealth management chief market strategist kenny polcari. it's great to see a thanks for being here be no the earnings season inflation numbers really drove things this past week. what is your sense of what we have heard so far? what's her with earnings per. >> out listen the banks have started to report we've seen the kind of mix although some of the numbers have been there is some concern and jamie dimon said it himself is concerned about what is coming to tell the future
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concerns to the economy. although we sell really rising and trading volumes because the chaos all this has created has certainly helped those firms and their trading revenues. but overall it's cautious the guys said were going to hear going forward from a lot of the companies not just the banks but sectors in general. >> a lot of people are worried about a real sharp slowdown in the economy given the inflation numbers that we are seeing 40 year highs again, a whopper of a number this week on the producer price index at 11-point to percent. kenny causa highest ppi move we have seen ever. how was this playing out from a wall street perspective? >> look ppi is ahead of cpi so those numbers as increases are going to start to make their way through to the consumer and about six -- eight weeks so consumers should expect the cpi number is going to continue to inch higher in the months ahead with this idea that it speaking
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when they the administration tried to sell us on it speaking it's speaking, what is that really mean? is it peeking and rolling over or peaking and going to stay elevated the way that many think. i think is going to stay elevated i don't think it has peaked yet. i think we have more to go it sickly to continue to put pressure not only on the consumer but on the economy. why am expecting a recession to hit is either late this year or early next year at this point when it hits us is not necessarily the issue by the depth of with it hits us is really the issue that's going to all be dependent on the role the fed takes. how aggressive they become. and by all accounts it probably will overshoot, right? the oversight on the left said the probably would overshoot on the right side that's going to cause a recession to come. again depending if they see it comment will they start to pull back or won't they? is going to dictate the move. >> he saw three year highs on the ten year yield this week yields are moving up in anticipation of a 50 basis point
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hike in the may meeting, how are you allocating capitol these days, mechanic knowing rates are going higher, inflation is elevated immersing of volatile stock market? >> right. again i've been singing this song for five or six months now i am much more awaited in the value sector for the much more awaited in some of the big mooring names. but also look at the fertilizer name look at some of the coal names comstock from those stocks is up 200% this year alone. and comstock is up 110% this year lumbered that's on the base% buried there are plenty of opportunities you just have to know where to look for the high-growth sexy contact names i think are going to be under pressure for a while. i'm underweight in that sector in overweight and values so utilities, staples and know they are boring but in an environment like this it's nervous and anxious to provide safety and security. maria: another big story this week was elon musk saying he has
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a plan to be if twitter his $43 billion takeover bid. seems like everybody had an opinion about this, elon musk wanting to acquire the entire company after taking nine-point to percent stake. what you think happens here, kenny? would you buy twitter stock in the middle of all this? >> twitter is clearly in place aptly put twitter noun play is going to be a bunch of people that are going to start to look at it and see it. i would buy it as a trade is a long-term investor i would not necessarily buy it. but if someone is just one to jump into the excitement, yes you might here's the deal. when elon first announcers of the stock move up 12% and then it sold off as the market is not convinced that his bid is going to work. fifty-four dollars a share may not work. and so is there going to be a white knight? this are they all kinds of talk about it which makes it exciting but he has at least ignited that fire to put in play. as a trade may be as a jump in and out but as a long-term
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investor i sit back because i do not play in any kind of the social media. >> because you are more so liking the value group like you just said. you own value. is that where you want to stay going into a year that we could actually see a recession or at best a very sharp slowdown in the economy? tell me some good value ideas here, ken. >> i deafly want to be in value pretty definitely want to be into the consumer staple them procter & gamble, johnson & johnson big mega multinational big dividend payer names that will supply some stability, right question again in the metals and mining. the way implying that but in the coal industry pto, all names even individually i like that i own that have been performing very well. i think will continue to perform well if we run into a recession. utilities, while boring and a
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recession will be a place to also find some safety and stability. >> especially since she got the dividend payers there in that category for. >> as a move to the two-year think dividends are going to play a big, big role in portfolios for safety and stability. certainly listen if you are 20 or 30 you don't care and assisted about you should go on taxco for print someone who is 50, 60, 70 are going to want a much more stable and secure portfolio and dividends are going to play a great role in that. spit it make sense, ken great to catch up with you. thanks much. kenny polcari joining us this afternoon but thank you so much, kenny polcari. meanwhile highflying hypocrisy no relief or hundreds of thousands of american travelers taking to the skies for the holiday weekend and it's spring break as the cdc extends its mask mandate until may. we are dropping title 42 covid measures at the border. measures at the border. does any of this make sense?
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maria: welcome back no relief or millions of spring breakers and holiday flyers the cdc has extended the public transportation mask mandate for at least another 15 days. airline executives are asking the white house to end these mandates now anthony fauci weighing in. >> why only 15 days? >> well, i think, and she because it is a moving target we really want to see with the pattern is here in the united states. i think it making a decision for april 18, i would agree we really do need more time. maria: we also saw philadelphia become the first major u.s. city
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to reinstate the indoor mask mandate this week leaving residents and businesses frustrated. what many see as an overreaction. try to be right now is john hopkins university physician of fox's medical contributor doctor marty makary makary it's a pleasure to see you. why don't you assess the situation for us right here? on the one hand he got the white house and the cdc extending the mask mandates on planes and transportation for it on the other hand they are lifting title 42 at the border were expecting to get a surge of migrants, 18000 apprehended a day as a result of that. >> yes maria, these are really diversion policies american people are saying look, is this a real concern right now? are we cherry picking policies of campinas to fit a narrative? the reality is we see these policies dismiss the concept that 95% of americans over age 12 have circulating antibiotics. and one white mask it with a high-quality mass can be effective for those who want to wear a mask, on an airplane for
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the public is seeing through the zero covid policies that are basically futile. that very low public support and there is growing evidence that cloth masks which are in reality most people wear and the kind that are mandated to have really impact at all on transmission. the biden administration and cdc are pitting themselves in a court of their going to have to be consistent keep masks and placed every time we have these levels of cases which will be every fall and winter in perpetuity. people are not ready for that. maria: you also the new new york city health czar saying young kids should continue wearing masks. this has really been detrimental for our children and it goes completely against what the new york mayor said, eric adams is no more masks for kids the new health czar come's out and says yes young kids should keep the masks on. >> what look we have a mental health crisis. one in four girls at a recent
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cdc study have tried to kill themselves a last year or contemplated it. now, don't you think covering faces contributes to this sadness and anxiety? the u.s. preventive services task force just recommend an anxiety stream for every wood old and above. we have got to look at the source problem here. it is not right for society to have kids have their faces covered. we are an international outlier, the w.h.o., unicef and the european cdc are all strongly against masks and young kids and we have strong data from finland this week that tells us there is no impact on transmission with mask mandates and very elegant study that compared cities with and without in their schools. maria: meanwhile it got entire city on lock down in china. shanghai 26 million people could not move for the screaming from their balconies they want food. do you think that continues? is hong kong next? >> look i think china is going
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to have a very difficult time for the coming months that you'll see a wave of closures and restrictions are not going to be able to contain at their using strategies that they designed for the original wuhan strain. covid, omicron, ba.2, ba four, mva five are very different viruses you cannot suppress them with these you promote home transmission. they did not use the time they bought very wisely. they have a very low vaccinated elderly population and they do not have natural immunity. natural immunity is that broad societal protection but they don't have it. they're going to have a very difficult time and their people are going to suffer through them very cruel policies in the meantime. >> the policies are cruel we've got medical ethics breaches and human rights violations in china. i saw one of your tweets about doctors in the u.s. government should be taking a strong stance against china and removing
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organs of people who are alive in china, what is this about? >> a part of these repulsive practices in her medical circles. most of them have been word of mouth that chided does the life forced removal of organs. sometimes from prisoners and sometimes from people who are paid for this service. we have been very concerned this is a human rights violation must be very clear and a publication or top transplant journal suggested they actually are reporting some data on this. there is a language speaking directly to this practice. look, this is something if we believe in human rights should be speaking out against and taking a stand on not allowing it to take place passively. maria: doctor marty mckay great to see if thank you so much for being hurt their wealth of being hurt their wealth of knowledge thank you sir but being hurt their wealth of knowledge thank you sir but being hurt their wealth of knowledge thank you sir but being hurt their wealth of knowledge thank you sir but at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away.
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maria: welcome back rick another big program that works for next week and make should turn into
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wall street every friday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on foxbusiness. plus start smart every week there right here in foxbusiness for mornings with maria, weekdays at 6:00 a.m. -- 9:00 a.m. eastern right foxbusiness we hope you'll start your day with us every weekday. in the meantime have a wonderful easter holiday per that will do it for us for now pray thank you so much for being here and ill . happy easter and passover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello this book on the wall street journal at large many americans observe the most sacred weekend of the year, we take a deeper look at the role religion plays in our lives. passover and easter this year arrive as we continue to grapple with the effects of the pandemic that's claimed almost a million lives in this country the backdrop of war in europe. rising economic concerns for many families


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