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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 18, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the economy in crime-ridden cities. eric adams is a former police officer, i believe he wants to fix the city's crime problem, but his hands are tied by liberal d.a.s like the one in power, alvin bragg. he doesn't want to lock people up. governor hochul doesn't want to remove him. president biden blames it on gun. i wonder if he didn't think about the people that shoot guns and misuse them? elizabeth: happening now, this outrage at least one suspect involved in five major shootings this weekend, already let out on bail. he shot 14 people. he has got a criminal record. even new york's democrat mayor says the far left is behind the rise of violent crime. democrats say yes, defund cops. they want more cops at the front door as weak on crime democrats let the criminals in the backdoor. criminals say these politicians got to go. they step down now. ron john, congressman tim about
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chet, jim trusty, fox news contributor dr. marty makary, gop strategist, ford o'connell. the vice president of the national fraternal order of police, joe grimaldi, christopher oliveras. democrats are don't follow politics. they are angry. criticized over inflation. that is bad for democrats. speaker nancy pelosi blames the far left in the a new book. that fight is breaking out. we have more disturbing details, special counsel john durham alleges hillary clinton's team even tried to lie to the cia. to get the cia to go after trump. more details how the cia said early on hillary's trump russia was a fraud. why didn't the obama white house just drop it? fight in silicon valley and free speech. more on elon musk potential plan b to take on twitter. ceo jack dorsey slams twitter's
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board as consistently dysfunctional. these are guys dictating what you see and read on the internet. media got hysterical over the phony story about border patrol whipping migrants. remember that one? that didn't happen. they were cleared of wrongdoing. why is the media silent about even more terrorists caught at the border, terrorists caught under biden? i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. unfortunately stocks in a sea of red down today, it was seesaw action, as the 10-year treasury yield that is used as a benchmark for bank loans hitting a three-year high. safe haven gold hitting $2,000, first time in five weeks. inflation is surging. russia bombing ukraine. both of that is worrying wall street. russia is acting out mostly with bombs in the east and the west. we have at least seven killed in
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bombings in lviv in the west. heavy fighting around the besieged black seaport city mariupol. what is happening stateside, at least, 72, look at that number, 72 shot in five major shootings over the holiday weekend. portland is on track to break last year's record on homicides. jeff flock on the stick. he has more. jeff. reporter: liz, i come to you from the 35th police district on north side of philadelphia, appropriately on the walls of this headquarters, some of the officers have given their lives in service to the philadelphia police department. this is a city now refunding its police department. take a look at the numbers. 20 million extra dollars in the police budget this year. raises, bonuses for police officers as they try to attract new officers. yes the pendulum is swinging back not only here in he philadelphia, but elsewhere as
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well, washington, d.c., more than 350 officers expected to be added. in los angeles, candidates for mayor saying they want to increase the police budget by as much as $150,000. in new york city, cash bail, done away, bail reform being done away with. john tells fox business the job always required great sacrifice. in the last few years attitudes on the street made it even tougher. that has made it difficult to attract new officers to the job, with more money being devoted to policing. liz? elizabeth: great reporting, jeff flock, thank you so much. let's recap what happened this holiday weekend. at least 72 shot in five separate major shootings. there were two shootings in south carolina. also in pittsburgh, philadelphia and chicago. back with us now, tennessee congressman tim burchett, national vice president for the fraternal order of police, he is joe gimaldi. thanks for you both joining us
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tonight. good to have you both on. congressman, how is the south carolina mall shooting suspect, dewayne price, out on $25,000 bail. he is on house arrest. he shot 14 people. why can he go back to work with an ankle monitor? >> it is unexcusable. like your intro pretty much sad it all. police officers are lighting them up, arresting them on the front end and d.a.s, weak judges let them out the back end. in this day and age, i read the article, surely can't be right. he has a prior record. there were injuries. he was involved in a shooting, yet he is allowed to go back to work. elizabeth: you know to the congressman's point, joe, good to see you, he has a criminal record dating back to 2008. was charged in accessory of a shooting death of a 17-year-old in hopkins, south carolina. when you see them let back, talking about children getting shot.
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what is going on here, joe, what do you think? >> i mean completely out of control. a recent "gallup poll" said 80% of americans are worried about violent crime. they should be because we're at historic levels. 2021 was one of the worst years we saw in 25 years for murders in this country. a perfect example what is driving this. this monster suspected of shooting 14 people. for that 25,000-dollar bond, all he needs to put up is 2500. so he is right back out on the streets. this doesn't take a genius to figure out the psychology here. if there is no consequences to this deviant behavior, they will continue to do it over and over again. elizabeth: say that again. >> revolving door policy driving crime rate. elizabeth: you said he was allowed to walk on 2500 bucks, is that what you just said? >> yes. the way jail works a 25,000-dollar bail. he will go to a bail bonds man, post 10%. 2500 he is back out. elizabeth: congressman, we keep hearing what is going on.
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should the politicians who allow this should just step down? they swore an oath to protect and defend the american people. they are not doing it. south carolina richmond county sheriff leon lott said we have to do better. we can't replease people on the street. >> god bless joe and women he represents. he is absolutely right. when i was state legislator we would fight the bail bonds man, plenty of money. 10% down. a lot of bail bondsmen have relationship with the families, they continue to bail them out. that is why the crime keeps getting committed because gutless politicians at the state level will not put tougher laws on the books. elizabeth: got it. >> they yield to the lobbyists. elizabeth: watch new york city mayor adams and i think we have the new york city police commissioner talk about what is going on. watch this. >> scales right now shift very heavily in favor of the reforms of the progressive left and what we have as a result is this
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growing fear of crime, growing actual amount of crime, as evidenced in almost every major american city. >> commissioner bratton right? >> yes, i believe he is right. major mistakes made throughout the years, that destroyed the trust that the police commissioner is talking about. we have to rebuild that trust. we can't rebuild that trust by allowing those who are dangerous and that have, they have a repeated history of violence continue to be on our streets. we. >> we cannot lose sight of the victims of crime. we believe the system has to be fair and balanced but when we lose sight of the victims of crime we are not doing what public safety is insteaded to do. elizabeth: that is it. she just said it. we've lost sight of the victims of crime. this whole defund the police movement lost sight of victims of crime. we have minorities killing each other. we don't want that in this country at all. we have a collapsed border,
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fentanyl pouring into u.s. cities. that is destroying minority lives as well. >> , what do you say? >> you're absolutely right. the statistical data bears it out. the victims of these murders we're seeing are members of black and brown community, disproportionately so. these families are impacted forever by actions of politicians and academics, who push the revolving door policies. they promised communities it would make it safer. even though they had no scientific data to back that up. so the funny part in all of this, they sit their asses safely behind their desk while the rest of us have to pick up the aftermath what has been left it has been destruction of our urban communities. elizabeth: that is it. joe just said it. new york city subway crimes are up. robberies are up 27%. you know, now the new york mayor, says he will double the number of cops in the subway system but, two or three years ago representative alexandria
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ocasio-cortez, aoc. >> three years ago. elizabeth: the far left, also jerry nadler said defund police. they said defund police on new york city subways. we had the brooklyn mass shooting in sunset park, 30 were shot on the subway. you know what the argument was, congressman in this, we should divert it, money spent on cops on the subway to buses and maintenance. know why we don't know cops on subway, crime dropped. why crime dropped on new york subways, more policing. congressman, they're off the wall in their logic. >> it is completely reverse of what's right. criminals go to the areas where there are no gun zones, clearly take the police off the subway. then you have a mass shooting on a subway, like stockbrokers who watch democrat leadership and their investments. they will go the least path of resistance, liz. that is what exactly the criminals are doing. they're not stupid. they know where to go.
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elizabeth: joe, your final word? >> we have more and more discussions in this country about more laws, more gun laws. here is an idea, let's enforce laws on the books right now. somebody put as gun in someone's face or robs or shoots them, seek the maximum, throw the book at them, stick their ass in jail a couple decades you will see crime go down. stop treating violent criminals like a velvet glove, we'll get the problem under control. elizabeth: congressman burchett, joe, come back soon. update on terrorists caught at the border. it is frightening. they got hysterical about the phony story of border patrol whipping migrants with horse reins. they cleared the patrol of that. president in denial on white hot inflation. a book from "new york times" reporters quoting nancy pelosi blaming the far left squad for the democrats and president losing key democrat voter bases. we have the story ahead on
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>> joining us now, look who is here, senator ron johnson, science and transportation. senator, we loaf having you on. we have reports that white house is in denial about inflation when everyone is talking about it. people that don't follow politics are angry, sitting up taking notice. goldman sachs, deutsche bank warning about it, warning about recession. so is larry summers. why is the white house seemingly in denial? >> don't ask me. i know you are asking me but i can't get myself, my head inside the mind of a liberal. it makes no sense. of course they deny inflation at the same time they say they have a cure for it which is even more deficit spending but what your listeners all have to understand these things don't just happen. our open borders. out of control inflation. record gas prices. these are the direct result of this administration's policies
6:17 pm
and of course they just don't want to own up and accept the disasterous results of their policies but this is what happens. elizabeth: we've got the new "quinnepiac poll." biden's approval rating is crashing with millenials and generations x and z. senator elizabeth warren, biden may do more executive orders, more spending before the midterms on things like student loan debt, prescription drug costs, more overtime pay. we have a new book coming out from the "new york times" reporters saying nancy pelosi is blaming the far left "squad" saying that quote, the democrat party is, their loose talk of socialism is costing the democrats the asian and hispanic voter bases. what do you say to that? >> well first of all i can't believe his approval rating is even that high but i have no doubt democrats will continue to buy votes with the social welfare programs, trying to buy student votes, paying off their loan. how far is that going to be people who didn't go to college or paid off their student loans?
6:18 pm
so unfortunately you just don't have enough americans understanding the detrimental impact of all of this massive deficit spending, $30 trillion in debt. we are just collectively whistling past the graveyard here. elizabeth: nancy pelosi saying representative jayapal, and alexandria ocasio-cortez are fighting to be the quote, queen bee of the democrat party, to run the party. do they want to push aside biden to get their guy, person in there? >> you know, possibly but you know, what nancy pelosi has to understand is, her policies, the policies of president biden, the policies of the radical left which is the democrat party that is what is causing all of this damage. again the open borders, the out of control deficit spending sparking 40-year high inflation. record gasoline prices. these things didn't just happen. the direct result of democrat governance, democrat policies. i hope america is paying
6:19 pm
attention. elizabeth: you know, nancy pelosi is being blamed for destroying the modern democrat party, right? she just emptied out the bench of moderates. we have that. we also have chaotic messaging from the white house. what was your take you saw the white house suddenly doing a 180 resuming leases on oil on federal land. 50% increase the royalties the oil and gas guys got to pay? >> shows they recognize a political problem here. they're doubling down on failed policies. their war on fossil fuel sparked increase in gasoline prices, energy prices across the board. americans need to keep and hold them accountable for exactly what they're doing to this country. elizabeth: let's watch this. we'll watch for months, you and i talked about this, how democrats excoriated oil and gas executives. we'll watch a fight between
6:20 pm
jen psaki and peter doocy. we'll swing into democrat pollsters we have to bring trump back on the ballot to win the midterms. watch this. >> would president biden rescind his executive order that halts new oil and natural gas leases on public lands? >> well, 90% of them happen on private lands as i'm sure you know. there are 9,000 unused, approved drilling permits. so i would suggest you ask the oil companies why they're not using those if there is a desire to drill more. >> morale is extremely low amongst the democratic coalition. we're seeing cynicism and frustration with perceived lack of progress on the progressive agenda. we have to put trump back on the ballot but that means, that does not mean that we get to make every republican seem like trump. elizabeth: okay, first of all jen psaki was criticized the oil and gas sector was flat-out pumping. they're pumping on 75, 80% of
6:21 pm
what they have in terms of leases. 9,000 is a fraction of the total leases out there but what is your response to jen psaki and now the far left saying we want trump back on the ballot to win in the midterms? >> oh, jen psaki displays the arrogance that democrats by and large display, their hypocrisy. elizabeth, they have the assurance the bulk of the mainstream media is in their back pocket. we don't have journalists in the mainstream media anymore. we have advocates for the radical left, the democrat party. so they can always rest assured, no matter what lie, no matter what bs they're putting forward, the mainstream media will carry that lie and try to bamboozle the american public and by and large that is exactly what happens. that is a real problem for this country. you take a look, interference, that the, that the mainstream media engaged in the 2020 election by withholding the hunter biden story.
6:22 pm
they did far more damage to our democracy. they interfered to our election to far geithner extent russia could hope to accomplish. elizabeth: talking about getting trump brought back up in the midterms in order to win. what do you think of the strategy. >> a tired old playbook. they continue to blame russia and putin. they created this russian hoax out of whole cloth, the hillary clinton campaign did. by the way john durham's investigation is certainly proving that point. so they just go back to the same tired old playbook, hoping it will work. by and large the mainstream media backs them up. it just might. more americans have to awaken to real damage democrat governance does to this country. elizabeth: senator johnson, always a pleasure to have you on. thanks for spending time with us. special ounce sell john durham as the senator was just talking about, uncovering more damaging emails and al stations. hillary clinton tried to get the cia to go after trump. that is against the law.
6:23 pm
they said the investigation was just a fraud. why did the obama administration just drop it? >> about time hillary clinton and her campaign answer for all the dealings they were involved in. i think the question then becomes though, who will be willing to fall on the sword for hillary clinton and the clinton campaign and the clinton family? new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. and get started today. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer
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elizabeth: joining us now former federal prosecutor jim trusty. bring the viewer up to date.
6:27 pm
special counsel john durham, in a new court filing in a criminal probe of trump russia. he is saying the cia found out in early 2017 that the information of clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman was trying to put inside of both the fbi and cia was not technically plausible, was user created. the cia cannot investigate american citizens. that is number one. the cia was joining the fbi early on saying there was no there there, the fbi was saying that in the fall of 2016. why didn't the obama white house drop it? >> yeah. good question. i mean it sounds like the cia walked away from it like a hot potato saying it is worthless. remember there are already pleadings in this case, sussman's case, that identify the technological workers, researchers, that this is really, really thin thing. we could never support if technologically savvy people challenged our conclusions. it's a little bit of a rabbit
6:28 pm
hole for sussman's trial but continues to let us look back at period of 2015 and 16 how politicized the law enforcement was and cia leadership around the hillary clinton campaign. elizabeth: a.g. barr, says this is scary for the country. the clinton team, allegedly lied before the cia and fbi. we know the trump russia was a fraud. indicating that trump had supposedly secret back channel with alfa bank with yoda phones. sussman claiming he is coming forward as a private citizen when legally represented the clinton campaign and computer executive rodney joffe. you have five, five clinton campaign contractors and computer researchers, pleading the fifth. they don't want to do self-incrimination in a criminal probe, in an investigation and a trial. what do you make of that, pleading the fifth? >> yeah. that is actually pretty typical
6:29 pm
territory. you have an aggressive pegs counsel sniffing around a lot of people up the fbi chain, hillary rodham clinton campaign chain, up through lawyerers that were working for her. it is almost malpractice if you were a lawyer representing one of these people am i a subject of or target or a witness? if i'm a witness we'll talk, i will be cooperative. if i'm anything else you will have to immunize me or go without me. non-croptores are not obstructing justice. they're not participating until they get assurance they're not in harm's way. elizabeth: the thing that durham's court filing brings up that is troubling cia was monitoring the trump white house, cia was looking at the white house, executive office building after trump won. looking at the trump team, who they were communicateing with. do we want the cia looking at
6:30 pm
this? the phones story has since been debunked. what do you make of the ci-a getting roped in here? >> it is still early to know 100% they were doing. john brennan tipped off everyone at the white house, hillary would come up with a big distraction at trump's expense, about russia. you have him blowing the whistle on the conduct on one hand. there is a lot to be answered for and durham investigation. elizabeth: but the point, john, cia is not supposed to be involved with anything of u.s. citizens. >> right. elizabeth: we know there lines crossed there, as steps bring they're not supposed to be doing that at all. for the clinton campaign, take out clinton trump, obama, look at details what happened, you cannot politicize government intelligence agencies or federal cops. go ahead, your final word? >> you're right. this is, really a historical scandal. its one that you and i have been talking about a lot, had a bit of a media blackout everywhere
6:31 pm
else. i'm glad it is getting traction, people care about it. this trial will shed light. sussman trial is in mid-may. you might see some information about the clinton campaign and law enforcement corruption, kind of the deep state everyone mocks, seems to be a real thing. elizabeth: jim trusty, great to have you on. come back soon. federal judge blocked biden's mask mandates for airline travel and public transit. also this white house new covid czar contradicts dr. fauci, that we'll have to live with covid, no restrictions. we're following the latest on "the evening edit". [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role
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6:36 pm
few weeks anyway. what was your take on it? >> good to see you, liz. this is part of broader frustration now that the cdc and nih have been lying to people for two years. where is the wrap symptomized study about wearing cloth masks. they had two years to commission such a study, never been done. air ventilation is good. airlines and written the faa begging the requirement be dropped. people don't realize there is larger part of restrictions in travel. transit travel, buses, reentering the united states. what people don't understand, when you have such onerous testing requirements to reenter your own country, people will not travel overseas. it crushes international travel and family gatherings. elizabeth: the other thing going on we have white house officials including top covid advisor, he is dr. ja, he is contradicting and rebutting dr. fauci.
6:37 pm
dr. fauci was saying china's total lockdowns are a good thing. dr. ja is saying they will not work. we have to live with the virus. why didn't fauci talk to dr. ja at the start of the pan instead of shutting down america? you talked about this. 22 million jobs destroyed. 10 of millions of americans lost their livelihoods. businesses destroyed. the worst part of the pandemic land of the free telling businesses picking and choosing which ones were non-essential. that was the worst. >> part of the edict from this administration from the beginning risk is equally distributed in the population. they never recognized there is 10,000 fold difference between risk of someone old with comorbidity and someone healthy. people have to address their own individual risk. you're seeing some sort of suggestion they may think that way, but it's a lot of lip service. if you look at dr. ja's comments, made it sound we need to learn to live with this, used a lot of language people can
6:38 pm
live with it, but at the same time he says young kids need to wear masks. we are as a country an international outlie year of that policy going against the w.h.o., unicef, cdc masking youngs kids. people have been lied to a long time. look at the way they have not been honest about natural immunity. people want to be free and clear at this point and use common sense. elizabeth: yeah you mentioned what was the lack of common sense of the pandemic. i mean, biden's covid advisor, dr. ja, he says the pandemic is still a problem but not at the border? listen to what he saying. watch this. >> the pandemic is not over. as much as we all wish it were. it is still a real challenge for our country. >> cdc scientists determine title 42 is not necessary at the border. by the way that goes into effect in late may. it gives us time to assess things and that's the public health decision made by the cdc and i think, that they're following the evidence as they
6:39 pm
see it. you know we are at a point in this pandemic, mike, i think we can gather safely. that is the key point. i don't think events need to be canceled. elizabeth: we appreciate him coming on the air, a lot of this, sir, feels like a lot of political rhetoric, political flannel. administration telling every american flying you have got to wear a mask. telling kids to wear a mask. then it is not a problem at the border? can the cdc tell us how many covid variants have come through the border? or is this something dr. fauci have no interest in, open covid variant border? is that good for the country? what is the calculus for determining that? >> that is not good. they can tell us how many people hospitalized with covid and how many people died with covid not incidental policy test. a lot of policy is driven by bad data, that omicron is more contagious show up as incidental
6:40 pm
positive for people in the hospital or people that died. the country has no absolutely any tolerance for restrictions in place in case something develops. that was the logic you saw for the travel restriction with masking and testing. he offered that as the argument. elizabeth: dr. makary, come back soon, good to see you. we have an update on the fight for free speech with silicon valley dominating that. elon musk is hinting at new details plan b, jack dorsey slamming twitter borders consistently functional. they are telling you what to see and think and read. the story next. >> if musk can't buy twitter this just proves the game is rigged. it proves how deep the corruption go, very much a conservative conspiracy theory. as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show gop strategist ford o'connell this fight about silicon valley dominating free speech, ford, it is about to ramp up. even former twitter ceo, cofounder, jack dorsey, he is saying the board is consistently dysfunctional. he is admitting i'm not allowed to talk about these things. you have elon musk, he is saying may take the 43 billion-dollar offer to buy twitter right to twitter's shareholders. he tweeted out this cryptic love me tender, meaning a tender offer, meaning speaking directly to twitter shareholders say to them, sell your shares to me. he can do that to twitter shareholders and bypass the board. >> that is absolutely correct. elon musk's bid to purchase a controlling share of twitter may be the most fascinating political story in recent memory.
6:46 pm
what former twitter founder, jack dorsey is saying the twitter board has a track record of not acting in shareholder's best interest. when you have a whale like elon musk, basically offering shareholders 50% value in their shares and the board rejects it, moves towards a poison pill, one has to question whether or not the twitter board is acting in the fiduciary interest of their shareholders around that is yet to be seen. elizabeth: musk is saying they're not. he is tweeting that the economic interests of twitter's board is not aligned with investors or shareholders and he is saying, if he takes over twitter, he will zero out their salary. like you to listen to charlie hurt on this. let's listen to what charlie hurt had to say. >> why did they get into the news business in the first place if they don't believe in free speech? what is it that drives them? at the end of the day it reminds me of the same reason unfortunately a lot of politicians get into the business, because they want proximity to power. they want actual power and at some point you sort of think,
6:47 pm
maybe some of these people in the press should register as lobbyists? >> talking about the media meltdown, you know, about you know, musk taking over twitter, bidding for it. what do you think? >> well, look, i think charlie hurt is absolutely spot on, he is onto something here. at its heart twitter is a communications company. what the twitter board is saying that it prefers censorship and its political agenda to free speech which is the lifeblood after communication company and potentially shareholder profit. it is an absolute head scratcher and this is part and parcel of big tech only oligopoly, censor free speech and opinions across america. elizabeth: wouldn't you like that business model, ford? this is what the media is not reporting, twitter, social media, they get protects because of section 230 in the federal law from lawsuits from what they
6:48 pm
put their websites. regular media, networks, print, newspaper, magazines, radios, they don't have the lawsuit protection. that is the sweet spot they are in because they lobbied congress and get that protection. instead of debating that talking about how silicon valley dominates free speech, they have been censoring mitch mcconnell, we know about trump getting kicked off, we know about the problems with trump on social media, we get that. it is beyond that. going after conservatives and deplatforming them. watch cnn have a total melt down over musk's push to take over twitter. watch this. >> if musk can't buy twitter this just proves the game is rigged and proves how deep the corruption goes, very much a conservative conspiracy theory. >> he likes to say outragous thing. he likes to say them. sometimes he is tweaking people. sometimes he is unnecessarily cruel. sometimes he is just having fun. >> even doesn't know how he might solve these very thorny
6:49 pm
issues. elizabeth: okay, you know what? free speech, you're allowed to say whatever you want in this country. what do you think, ford? >> look i think the media meltdown over elon musk's bid to buy twitter is absolutely illuminating. many in the corporate media outlets pounding elon musk right now are owned by millionaires themselves. what elon musk is basically saying, i agree whole-heartedly with, more free speech is vital to the underpinnings of american constitutional republic and our civilization and you have members of the media saying free speech hurts democracy. it's a head-scratcher. elizabeth: if you don't like what people are saying, don't watch, don't listen. the cure for bad free speech is more free speech. ford o'connell, we have an update on terrorists caught on the border by this biden administration. that is frightening. we'll talk about it next on "the evening edit." >> the biden administration and
6:50 pm
a lot of leaders in congress have no idea about the chaos they caused by their open border policy. ♪. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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okay, we got an update on the stories we've been bringing you, we been reporting about terrorists caught at the border, at least 23 known or suspected terrorists caught under the biden white house fiscal 2021. they were red flag screening database, reporter bill melugin is at the border with more. >> we were able to obtain a record through freedom of information act request revealing at least 23 known or suspected terrorists here at the southern border in 2021. look at this graphic hit on the terrace screening database maintained by the fbi and what you see are hit in multiple border patrol sectors, four in san diego, two in yuma, two in tucson, three in el paso, for del rio and another for the rio grande back valley totaling 23 but keep in mind, they are the
6:55 pm
only ones they know about. that's why it's an issue from a previous video of runners at the border, sources tell fox news in the last six months there have been a hundred thousand known getaways at the border, huge numbers of people getting through without being apprehended and what you are looking at is fox news video of mass releases of migrants here in eagle pass today. border patrol buses using single adults from federal custody dropping them off at an ngo, six or seven buses, hundreds of migrants, it's happening every single day the facilities are overcapacity in multiple areas along the border. accurate here, a federal document we've obtained revealed federal government last month in march alone released 80000 illegal immigrants into the interior of the u.s. elizabeth: always traffic journalism, thank you for your reporting. lieutenant christopher olivarez the texas department of public safety, you heard the report but the white house released 756
6:56 pm
order crossers into the u.s. since biden took office, the size of denver or detroit. the white house is not properly vetting them, that's the issue. >> good evening, great to be with you, they are staggering numbers right there, the 23 terrorists and right now over 300,000 getaways, known getaways are the keyboard, only what they know about and what they need to keep in mind is this is based off cameras or foot tracks left behind were border patrol has to confirm that but a definite number of how many individuals in a certain group, will be higher and you have to keep in mind unknown getaways undetected that doesn't set off sensors or cameras, that's dangerous and national security as bill melugin alluded to. elizabeth: we are welcoming opened arms nation, we want to
6:57 pm
help people seeking asylum but this is far different, this is biden breaking border collapse, dangerous lawlessness and potentially worse now. we are hearing it could hit as much as 18000 illegal border crossers a day when the trump pandemic title 42 goes away. >> and that is the anticipation for the 18000 plus a day averaging eight to 9000, that number is staggering and numbers have surpassed last year. we've encountered within the first six months over 1 million encounters plus over 300,000 known getaways. numbers are staggering and what's reported and will only get worse as far as numbers continue to escalate and the complete cancellation of title 42 will open the floodgates for anyone to come to the border those who want to come undetected, it's the opportunity to get by. elizabeth: and we have human smuggling cartel launching 9000
6:58 pm
using drones, 9000 drone incursions in the u.s. airspace in the last fiscal year, they use this to drop fentanyl and gaps in border coverage. we got footage obtained by the new york post the white house resumed secret flights at night of illegal border crossers into states like new york state. we have texas governor sending six plus from texas to d.c. let's listen to this resident talking to lawrence jones how it is down there for her and her family. let's watch the texas governor. >> on 55000 acres in the middle of nowhere and the big band and it's gone from exercising outside are working cattle without worrying who would be out there carrying a gun and now i have to carry a gun when i
6:59 pm
play in my backyard and i don't like that. >> will transfer as many as possible. the president has not ever come to the border of texas and seeing the chaos he's caused. it's not going to come to the border, will take the border to him as congress, specifically authorized by the u.s. constitution to take action on this and congress has not taken action on this either so this sends a message to the president and congress, texas is tired of being the unloading dock for illegal immigrants crossing the border, washington d.c. elizabeth: why is biden and congress silent on this? >> that's a good question from a they've been silent ever since the border crisis started and i was there when he interviewed her and it gives you the idea of what they have to deal with on a daily basis because of the border crisis and its impact in their normal everyday life and what governor abbott mentioned, texas is bringing the border to washington d.c. because of the overcrowding illegal immigrants
7:00 pm
to border communities putting a strain on local resources so we need to charge this right now, of what's taking place. elizabeth: thank you for your service to our country. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: hi, monday. breaking news, a federal judge overturning the white house mask mandate for all public transportation in the united states. can i get a hallelujah? thank you. the of administration says it will abide by the ruling so can the masks finally come off? the mandate has been in place must since the beginning of the pandemic. it was supposed to expire today after several extensions but last week the biden administration extended it for tw w


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