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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  May 1, 2022 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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gubernatorial candidate kerri like senator ron johnson all on deck sunday, live it. plus start to meridian foxbusiness every weekday from 6:00 a.m. -- 9:00 a.m. eastern mornings with maria is here every morning weekday at light on foxbusiness for that will do it for us for now pray thank you so much for meeting with me, have a great rest of the weekend but i will see you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: hello this week on the wall street journal at large, it is a musket melt that they tweet upper temper tantrum for the social meetup landform ducts and ban voices doesn't approve of falls into the hands the left is in the full panic by the prospect of yes and free speech rate with the economy now facing new headwinds democrats prospects in the midterm elections look ever more grim mobile joe biden and his party
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try to to change the political weather? time seems to be running out for them. and hunter biden associate visited the white house 19 times while joe biden was vice president the bad news on president continues to insist he knew nothing about his son's business dealings. i'm the good new power school culture to stop using offensive words so you'll get a disapproving notification every time you write terms like a landlord or a fireman in an e-mail. you have been warned. welcome to the wall street journal at large fred will be talk about all of this the panel this week's westward reporter for the washington examiner come to mechanic strategist ghost of the five on fox news just guitar left. first he loved most was colonized martha wants to liberate us in the titan controls under free speech imposed by some his counterparts in silicon valley. border twitter reluctantly accepted mosques offered to buy the social meter platform for $44 billion for moscow's
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highlight criticized twitter for its bias. since its launch with a decade ago the platform as a primary vehicle much of our news and comment is aired could it politely calls content moderation was an opportune the progress of our authoritarians to block voices, ideas and it typed entire institutions that disagree with the monolithic orchid doxy. donald trump. 89 million twitter followers of the time was barkley platform after generally six riots and is thereby loud back. perhaps the most notoriously post was blocked when i headed damming dori but shortly before the 2020 election twitter recently barred the babylon be the right wing satirical site for reaching its rules on speech. all of this of course while far left extremist, appalled initially writers are terrorized in 2020 and the government of a round first suspender of free speech and tolerance now musk
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said he will resort true free speech the platform records the news of his success in bid to required outpouring of hysteria from all the usual suspects. quest eli musk calls himself a free speech absolutist for salt bsp. >> based on his public statements is clear is very little understanding of the complexity of the going of content moderation and hate speech policies and the like. >> seems to me is about free speech of the street white men. let them haven't progressed a lot musk must want to buy up the massive life in globe altering consequences for just letting people run wild on the thing bro. >> elon musk a danger to twitter and freedom of speech request if you own all of twitter, facebook, what have you don't have to explain yourself you do not even have to be transparent you could secretly be in one party's candidate or all of its candidates. imagine a tech platform could borrow one party's candidate from appearing? a sonic that is ever happened before has it?
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the problem musk poses for the left as they regard free speech is threading anything that challenges their view on everything politics, race, gender, how to handle pandemic must not be given any publicity in case people make she start to believe it. now elon musk may not be a perfect custodian of the first amendment we can say that he hasn't demonstrated thin skin himself he's been criticized over the years. the importance of the chinese markets are's other businesses especially as tesla electric vehicle should make us all vigilantly about the chinese government pressure of the compasses said they don't like the conversation on twitter? we have to watch carefully the early signs are definitely encouraging. part of the reactions week from progressives. to the prospect new voices may not get a wider hearing in american debate shows just how pearl sosa week the foundations of basic democratic principles of gum both of the bedrock of american freedoms with a few obvious exceptions you can say
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more or less what you think otherwise you might upset people is not regarded as a threat to buy demonstration has now created an orwellian sounding disinformation board to make sure what was say and think the right things. elon musk must not be a perfect savior of liberty but we will take vision versus free speech any time. let's talk about this now with our guests joining me democratic strategist of the five and fox news contributor just guitar left washington examiner's, ladies thanks for joining us. sarah let's start with you. the left is none to bit of a meltdown on twitter are you optimistic about elon musk controlled twitter it will bring an free or be full of disinformation? >> i think it is a good start in the direction of free speech. i was is very revealing to see how the left has reacted to elon musk would not things won't amplify the right or a limit the
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reach of liberal content on twitter but just said he's going to bring political neutrality back to content moderation decision has caused the left to go into such a tizzy revealing how the left sees the role of social media. but the left in a lot of ways has to rely on making their opinion seen beyond question that do not hold up under scrutiny. they have really come to rely on the censorship of dissent from their ideas or talk about the vaccine or transit gender agenda for children the censorship to support its policies for think has been very interesting to see how the political left has reacted to the idea that we might have political neutrality on this major platform. it striking to be our democratic strategist to support the democratic candidates is striking to me both sides a like to hear themselves been criticized, it striking to me how much the left is become intolerant of certain views they
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don't like how did that come about? >> i think a lot of it had to do with donald trump began the obama years of hug any pushback against him was rooted somewhere and racism there were a lot of very ugly things that came out of the woodwork. then i think the trump candidacy people on the left a lot of people in the right who are not comfortable with donald trump are found on a muslim man and the bad hombres on the southern border on the racist agenda. >> i understand that. >> he was elected. >> he was he was duly elected doesn't mean that something we have to like. >> should be block it? >> the reason he was blocked it was because his role of inciting a right on january 6 he was not block for these horrible things he said he said a lot of racist things during his presidency and did not get blocked for them but. >> a lot of people who supported the riots in american cities in 2020 were allowed to say what
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they want on twitter. kamala harris went on twitter to offer to put up money for people had been charged with rioting, she offered to put up money for them. >> is a very stark difference in what started out as people protest obviously turned into riots, looting, terrible things after the murder of george floyd. and an insurrection that was encouraged by not just the presidents it's america but powerful centers like josh hawley. more and more information is coming out from the generous sixth of may we know what president trump was doing that day. he was watching coverage of it and not calling it off a log of mike said hank michael pence and he continued. >> we can have another conversation it's a question about should these voices actually be stopped from being heard on an important platform like twitter? it seems to me that is a distinctly had altered the american tradition of free
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speech. >> it goes over too whether this becomes dangerous. like yelling fire in a theater. they did feel there are no sixes like yelling fire in a crowded theater part only 12% of americans on twitter prohibit very inside baseball conversation. i'm not refuting that were having a conversation a lot of americans are not having at their dining tables where there time but inflation a term but the cost of living et cetera. what elon musk is putting out there someone who's a free speech advocate and democrat does not sound that scary apparently his idea for content moderation making the algorithm public was shared by executives in the country a drink company anyway but i don't think it's as many dangerous. arthel: struggling to push arthel: struggling to push revitalized agendas they have a at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan
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>> i think you're going to be in real trouble if we don't get up and deliver i believe democrats are going to lose. we cannot just arrest what we have already done we need to be fighting going forward. especially when would be her up against a party that just wants to fight culture wars. >> sitter elizabeth warren and others thought of the alarm is dismal polling numbers to buy demonstration threat progressive congressional control. those on the left or coin for doubling down for a push of remnants of the "build back better" program. other measures they think will change the downward trajectory will they work? sarah, a lot of democrats think is to double down, try it once again to resurrect the breathe life into "build back better". what is the plan and can it possibly work?
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>> they clearly don't have a plan for its baffling to hear elizabeth warren and other democrats hearing they want to double down on the losing hand when americans are rejecting so much of it democrats have been selling over the last year. they have been reframing problems here as simply messaging problems. if we can find the right combination of words to taupe voters about the agenda them will come out on top. the just inflation to address all of the economic uncertainty keeping american families up as finding different messaging different kinds of rhetoric you hear this data coming out of focus groups even democratic voters say they're frustrated they are scared. democrats are the ones getting bogged down in these cultural wars scrabbling over pronouns, squabbling over the correction language to use in schools and classrooms they are also sort of taken their eye off the ball
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what voters say they care about most the cost of living in safety. spin on issue after issue crime, inflation, immigration, this whole woke stuff, there democrats seem badly out of touch for the country is spread they going to be boats are not around? and when? no. voice you save already written off the midterms but. >> and people are predicting a cute gift of 50 -- 60 seats lost you may lose ten or 20 this is historically what happens when the president has control or party does i should say they typically lose in the first midterm election that's what happened present obama he got daca term president biden got the american rescue act of the bipartisan infrastructure built a big set of accomplishments is something he will look back on and say i got a lot done. so my expectation is that we can hold ground in the senate i do expect to lose the house. all of us and things are going to be very different than the
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last years the biden presidency will be forever 2024 again. you think elizabeth warren is correct that when she talks about how badly republicans want this to be about culture wars when i see conversation with crt i look up ron desantis who i imagine if president trump doesn't run in 2024 will be a top contender to be the candidate wants to talk about disney and grooming kids and i look at the attacks from centers and marsha blackburn and josh hawley on the new supreme court justice, judge jackson making it out as if she soft on pedophiles but these are conversations that democrats are completely astounded. to push back on the culture wars it seems to favor the republicans progressive just favored the republicans elizabeth warren is right that is their agenda please talk about the substantive agenda rick scott put out a memo or policy piece where he had a lot of tax proposals that pole terribly with americans were talk about that talk but the fact mitch mcconnell said we don't really have a plan were going to wait so democrats fry
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themselves but. >> very briefly, one thing hear from a lot of democrats were going to get a supreme court decision in the next month or two on roe v wade the big abortion decision. i think a lot of democrats secretly hoping the court will strike down roe v wade what are your thoughts on that? >> they are hoping and grasping for any issue they can get democrats energized but abortion would be one of them. even on the issue of abortion democrats but justin tend to be out of touch with mainstream america they do not want extreme abortion agenda. a lot of american support legalized abortion, want some sort of common sense restriction on that pretty friendly conversation about abortion of another place where democrats could be out of step with most voters. spent more of hunter biden's complicated relationship with the white house is rebuilt of a slew of e-mails that might indicate the president himself indicate the president himself or it will a look at
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when i'm federal investigation and tax affairs content is of new e-mail to raise further question about present biden's own role associated biden junior visited the white house 19 times while biden senior was vice president and one e-mail joe biden senior indicates a willingness to cover more than entered thousand dollars in bills racked up by said including legal fees to a chinese control government had the 2020 election. this despite joe biden's repeated claims that he'd have nothing whatsoever hunter's overseas business dealings taken to begin with our panel will start with the 19 visits to the white house with this business associate lots of evidence president biden was at least made aware of some of the things going on and yet he denies knowing anything about it is a plausible question or. >> he is not spoken about it
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recently as far as i know it's around the time felt laptop was turned into the store in delaware or wherever it was, he made that comment but he has not really talked about it. >> its russian disinformation by the way but. >> and the censoring of the "new york post" story i was a big points conversation at elon musk takeover of twitter. i think the investigations are going on should be allowed to run their course when democrats accept it is that comes with that fundamentally democratic voters do not care about hunter biden they did not vote for hunter biden they would not have voted for hunter biden voted for joe biden. it's very hard for us to believe some what we have known to spin and 50 plus years is not the person is always presented himself to be. elizabeth: it republicans take advantage of congress it will hear a lot more about twitter the hunter biden story is going to get a lot more attention. x yes, i think so pray push back
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a little i think the hunter biden stories relevant to voters because for four years democrats painted trump and his associates is beaten uniquely corrupt and positioned ethical antidote to the trump years. this is a story that should have been much more fully explored before the 2020 election. nevertheless have an opportunity open conversations whether he misrepresent himself and he positioned himself with having a moral high ground in 2020 over trumpet's business dealings where there is no way a trump secretary could've gotten away day in and day out with i have no comment amounted to come to trump business dealings but jen psaki very frequently gets away with very little pushback saying i have no comment on the hunter biden stories. >> one of our colleagues out here at fox news was working for
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the campaign and as a press secretary at the same time. elizabeth: she had obsolete any question from innate trump family doing anything she got hammered by the prosper jen psaki says i've nothing to say about a broad crux it comes out if he says she's not answering the question she's asked about them consistently she should be asked about the messiah jen psaki but every thing is easy and breezy for the something about hunter biden or something present biden setter, said jen psaki does not get samples everyday she especially doesn't as we are transitioning out of the covid world into it over the post pandemic worldly. >> people like peter use the outfoxed challenge her. and he got called in slb for doing a prodrugs that was wrong it was apologize for pre- >> is not or for computer >> is not or for computer systems to fix your
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>> google is said to rule out a new language function to cut doubt what it's seeing politically incorrect words like landlords and mankind are pop up a box which pop up words it might not be inclusive to all readers such as a police man, fireman or housewife. it would prompt them to use a different word. let's briefly take their floor guest now, sarah westwood, are you going to be adding your typing corrected by google to
11:29 am
make sure you are thinking the right things and saying the right things? >> i wonder what is the constituency for this feature? are the people offended by having to read the certain words on google? this despite the left is facing in all seriousness such a backlash from its increasingly intrusive political correctness agenda. this it goes so far beyond common sense for this is not just a debate being held in washington are among politicians. this sort of policing of speech and what is acceptable discourse is more and more encroach on people's everyday lives they cannot escape this is why it's such a backlash on their hands right now. >> just briefly it's a perfect example of how out of touch a good example the wade latin that which we heard a lot about that's how the left insist latinos be referred too. latinos hated like 4% like it. so again we can laugh at google or whatever but it just is a way in which this progressive crowd
11:30 am
that runs so much seems to be out of touch with ordinary people per. >> it's alienated the minority voters of the core base of the democratic consistency. we had this with african-american black white people ran around saying african-american black people think know we are black. spit on that and i wish we could talk more but we can't. thank you indeed to will be back next week with more >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by jpmorgan asset management. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. with inflation at a 40 your high interest rate hikes ahead is it safe to invest in bonds? black rock's rick reeder on where to put your money. elon musk sold 8 billion worth of tesla shares after making a deal to


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