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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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david: four months after leaving office former new york city mayor bill deblasio living sweet life. he is living in a pricey four-star hotel in brooklyn while his home undergoes renovations. nice digs, even if you're not a socialist. that does it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: happening now, new and damaging polls for president biden a majority do not trust him or the democrats. stunning new polls on that. inflation now triggered the biggest drop in your wages an benefits in u.s. history but the president on camera laughing at a joke about inflation at d.c.'s version of the oscars. it's the white house correspondents dinner. this was like a verbal slap to america. the house is on fire and they're still smoking in bed. with us tonight congressman greg stuebe, beth van duyne, former federal prosecutor jim trusty,
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gop strategists ford o'connell, "washington examiner" correspondent byron york, former top counsel at homeland security, mike cowell and fox news contributor liz peek. to this story, anti-free speech far left, antifa attack as fund the police rally in portland, oregon with seniors and children. disinformation czar long pedigree with misinformation. this supposed transparency czar, shut down to the public one of her social media accounts. will the gop defund hers office? tensions rise behind the scenes at twitter. mike huckmaned out his overhaul but cnn pundit hits the panic button. claims, quote, we're headed to hell, because of us. latest outrage for hunter biden. also this, how the hillary clinton team is now battling to block special counsel durham from revealing in court just how hillary and her team cooked up and pushed trump russia.
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and again more migrants drown at the same spot where the texas guard men also drowned. homeland security mayorkas, he is the secretary there, he again mislead about biden's border collapse. this makes you wonder who he and his new disinformation czar works for. is it you or president biden? i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show, you're watching the fox business network. look at that, we're in the green. stocks kick off may with solid gains. it was a volatile session and really choppy. this is happening even as the 10-year treasury yield hit 3% for the first time in almost 3 1/2 years. now the federal reserve is expected to hike rates this week, half a point increase expected there. more hikes are coming as well. to ukraine, it is battling to evacuate adults and children trapped in the steel plant in
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mariupol. russia continues to bomb. we have the new "washington post," abc poll. the majority are against the u.s. going to war. inflation, triggered the biggest drop in your wages and benefits in u.s. history. your wages and benefits now worth 3.7% less after inflation on average as the economy contracts under president biden. now grady trimble has more. he is live in washington with the latest. grady, good to see you. reporter: liz, when it comes to inflation, not all americans are getting hit equally. this map illustrates that point. look at those areas highlighted in red, orange and yellow. those parts of the country are seeing prices rise at a rate greater than or better than the national average of 8%. mountain west are getting hit the hardest. folks there paying 10 1/2% more than a year ago. the former ceo of cks restaurants explains one of the
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reasons why. >> with the united states not producing as much oil as it used to, our failure to put in pipelines to make the transportation of oil less expensive, you're finding that areas where it is hard to get energy to are going to see greater inflation. reporter: according to a new "abc news/washington post poll" almost every single american is at least concerned about inflation. many are downright upset. the same poll shows americans trust the republican party over democrats to better handle inflation, 50-31% and the economy, 50 to 36%. so liz, that could spell trouble for democrats as the midterms approach. elizabeth: grady trimble, so good to see you, grady. you're a straight-shooter. you do honest journal i. we love having you on the show. beth van duyne is with us, look who is back with us, liz peek, greater on the economy. let es a get to this, gallup,
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"washington post" poll, npr, marist, biden numbers are plunging so bad, he is so under water like swimming with a raincoat. inflation at a 40-year high and a growing number of cities at 10%, congressman. >> of course, people are seeing it first-hand. nobody is getting out of this without having to pay more. when they look how much they're paying in the grocery store, look how much they're paying in restaurants, and how much they're paying at the gas station everybody is paying more. they have been hearing for over a year if the biden administration puts this policy in place this will be the reaction. biden policy completely ignored facts, completely ignored results, completely ignored practical. and it has been worse for working families. everybody caught up and realized these policies in place are being done on purpose. this biden administration had been warned this would happen and they did it anyway.
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elizabeth: right. let's stay on that. liz, what the congresswoman said, "new york times" reporters with this new book, biden did ignore early warnings from his own chief pollster way back in april of 2021 about both inflation and the border. liz, we'll show really disturbing findings out of the st. louis fed and federal reserve board, it is split rally shocking. 80% of all new money exists in america today was created by the government and federal reserve over the past two years. this is eating away at workers paychex and now benefits. >> yeah. liz, this is not rocket science. basically you had an unprecedented amount of federal spending flooding the economy, even as the economy was recovering very fast from the covid shutdowns, growing 6% in the quarter that joe biden took office. so, there was no need to spend another two trillion dollars in the american rescue plan that was like gasoline on a fire and at the same time the federal
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reserve, you know, initiated this unprecedented unleashing of monetary excess which means exactly, that the economy is flooded with cheap money. the problem now is, you know, we have to actually shall on the brakes. americans saw this coming. their approval ratings of biden are now at 38% on the economy but sentiment, consumer sentiment started to slide a year ago because everyone saw prices going up and the white house paid no attention whatsoever. elizabeth: let's watch, to what liz is saying we're going to show this moment at the white house correspondents dinner and we're also going to show the latest trial balloon that nancy pelosi is floating. it is dropping like a lead balloon about the economy contracting. watch this moment at the white house correspondents dinner. watch. president biden: special thanks to the 42% of you who actually applauded. [laughter].
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i'm really excited to be here tonight with the only group of americans with a lower approval rating than i have. >> ever since you come into office things are looking up of the gas is up, rent is up, food is up. everything, thank you, mr. president. i appreciate you. please be careful leaving tonight. we know this administration doesn't handle evacuations well. thank you so much. >> latest numbers showing, this is going to have any effect on the 2022 election come november midterms? >> well i think this is an aberration. there are plenty other statistics and analysis that have said that this is an aberration. elizabeth: you know, it is not a good look to be laughing at inflation when families are literally choosing between buying more good or gas and people are losing their businesses like restaurants or more. for nancy pelosi to say this is an aberration, congresswoman, citing a slowdown in government spending, decline of net exports. we've seen that in the past.
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not aberration. coming through in numerous reports in every quarter in the past. it is happening because democrats pushed for the shutdowns as liz peek points out rammed spending into the system. your thoughts on the white house correspondents dinner and nancy pelosi. >> quite honestly trevor noah come up to the office to get phone calls from my constituents who are right now heartbroken they are exactly what she said, having to decide putting food on their table and putting gas in their tank to get to work. this is not funny. i'm really glad that the elitists making so much money not really a big deal to them, they can afford it but for most people, for most american families that is not the case. as far as nancy pelosi is concerned this is not an aberration. they were warned this was going to happen. it has been happening for two years. they are doing everything which should be the exact 70 sit of common sense to be able to stop it. as list mentioned they are throwing trillions of into the
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system that will cause inflation. every single time nancy pelosi had the gavel we have gone into recession. think about that. we're about to go into another one and she has got the gavel. looking forward in november to take it away from her. elizabeth: liz, what do you think about that? we're on the edge of a possible precipice of a recession, that happens historically when fed races rates. what happened in d.c. this weekend, like december see's version of the oscars. it felt out of touch to what american families are experiencing an biden's budget for 2023, i think there is $2.5 trillion tax hike in there. then he wants to forgive student loans. so he will make blue-collar, middle class workers who didn't get a college degree pay for that? >> yeah. this really, everything they're doing is wrong, liz. basically bottom line, you cannot continue to spend at the rate that we've been spending and look at biden's budget. he crows about bringing the deficit down. that is because he ballooned it
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so fast in his first year in office. yes, raising taxes, what could possibly be worse as we enter a period where almost everyone thinks we'll end in recession, not this year but probably next year. american families are spending on average $300 a month more because of inflation. it is only getting worse. the last quarter showed increase in inflation not a decrease t may be peaking, that is what some people are hoping but if it stays around eight 8, 9, 10%, that is an unbelievable tax on the american people. honestly amazing to me, biden keeps talking about spending t can't happen, liz. they have to shut it down. elizabeth: as much as people can't stand president trump let's listen to president trump on this, more and more what he is saying it is resonating with people. watch this. >> if you could take the five worst presidents in american history and put them together they would not have been able to do and they certainly haven't done the damage that joe biden
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has done to our country in just 16 months. >> congresswoman, final word? >> you're looking at the biden's budget for next 10 years spending 73 trillion, $73 trillion worth of spend. think about that number. $73 trillion over the next 10 years. we can't afford it. we absolutely, we're seeing the devastation happening. we didn't talk about foreign policy. didn't talk about what is happening at the border. this administration is completely out of touch with reality and hurting every single -- elizabeth: congressman van duyne, good to see you. good to have you on. the diss information czar long history of government propaganda. she claimed to owe pest two years ago. she shut down to the public one of her social media accounts. now this, can the gop defun her office? chaos in portland, anti-free speech far left, as antifa attack as fund the police rally. seniors and children were there.
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the timing of this, the far left antifa steps right into the far left battle over free speech in d.c. we dig in next on the "the evening edit." >> we're greeted by antifa, showing up with firecrackers that they're throwing at us, paint, feces all over our campaigns, campaign bus completely destroyed. that is the city of portland circa 2022.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show, congressman greg stuebe from house judiciary. sir, we love having you on. this latest outrage, where the heck are ag garland, dhs secretary mayorkas, fbi on this? why isn't antifa classified as a domestic terror group and dismantled? we'll show the video, antifa militants dressed in black attacked a group of volunteers in portland, oregon. rallying for support for giving more money to police. children and seniors were in the crowd. they got attacked. what do you say? >> we have a politically weaponized doj and department of homeland security. just last week, we had secretary mayorkas and the judiciary committee and i asked him specifically would you specifically classify antifa, blm along with other white nationalist far right domestic
6:18 pm
terrorist organizations and he flat out said know. this is a political organization, the dhs is ignoring violence from the extreme left, while focusing on violence from the extreme right. they don't hide it. he straight up said that in the committee last week. he failed to mention a single case of white nationalling aism or domestic terrorism they referred from dhs to doj. elizabeth: how could he not have at his fingertips this information? they keep citing white supremacy, and he doesn't have any case at all? he goes into the hearing, doesn't have information on the 42 terrorists that were apprehended at the u.s. ports of entry? doesn't know where they are? former ag bill barr, congressman, said this is guerrilla urban warfare. why is this allowed to happen? this is not just an ideology as fbi director chris wray and jerry nadler tried to claim. this is ideology to throw fireworks, smoke grenades, hit with hammers and wrenches. do they go after children and
6:19 pm
seniors? is that what ideology does, it is just an ideology? >> yeah i read the definition of domestic terrorism when i came on to refresh my recollection. exactly what antifa did to the group of people, republicans, all of this, exactly what the definition says. exactly what we saw all over the summer of 2020. attacking federal courthouses. attacking individuals. killing officers like david dorn and i specifically asked him that and it's clear that white nationalism and these far right groups they say is the number one threat to the homeland, actually isn't will whoo i will ignoring all the far left domestic terrorist activity happening across the country because we have a weaponized, politicized doj and homeland security. elizabeth: our founding fathers, they didn't want vigilantism. two people injured. one adult male had a injury to his hand. an adult female took of hearing loss. it took 20 minutes reportedly for the cops who are underfunded in portland to show up to
6:20 pm
protect free speech there. they were allegedly also attacking the peoples convoy truckers. crime in portland has skyrocketed. there were 91 homicides in portland, oregon last year. that broke the old record of 66 murders in 1987. >> took them 20 minutes to show up because they're significantly underperson -- they have nowhere near the personnel they need to have. they don't have the officers that they need to have. because a lot of them have left, because of the year or so ago with all the riots that happened in portland. i don't blame them. law enforcement officers should be supported, not defundedded. law enforcement officers should be given funding to do their job. that is not what happens in democratically run cities and states. why people are flocking to states like florida, where there is safety and security. we support our police officers. elizabeth: you know what happens? the tax base, the tax revenues leave with those people fleeing and the people stuck here or wherever they are, they, in new york city, which is where i live, they are going to see the
6:21 pm
property taxes go up and taxes skyrocket because the tax base leaves, meaning people leave because of crime. right? so the, we need common sense, we don't have common sense with this crowd in d.c. your final word. >> yeah. businesses aren't going to operate when they can't have safety and security to know that their places are not going to get broken into, they're not going to be, all the products stolen. when you don't have a secure environment, and police officers are not supported to the level they need to be supported at, small businesses leave behind everybody else. elizabeth: congressman greg stuebe, thanks for joining us. come back soon. critics attacking biden's new disinformation czar. she has a long pedigree in government propraganda. she was saying stay shut down and more during the pandemic. she claims to have opposed government propraganda. she just shut down one of her social media accounts to the public. can the gop defunded her office? that is ahead on
6:22 pm
"the evening edit." >> she pushed the hoax that the laptop was some form of russian disinformation campaign. they had more impact on our body politic, on our elections than anything else i can think of. ♪. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look. (vo) verizon business unlimited
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elizabeth: joining us now fox news contributor byron york. great to have you back on. we've got nina jankowicz, biden's new disinformation czar, if this is about transparency
6:26 pm
why is she shutting down her tiktok account to the public? that cringe-worthy video of her sing about disinformation. a looks like that is why she shut it down. now the talk of gop in congress will even defunded her new office. what do you think? >> for a while there, i thought it was kind of admirable she left all this embarrassing stuff up on the inner it net instead of hiding it where it can't be hidden. she had cringe inducing videos she wanted to be in dinner theater. she left it up. now she is taking it down. as far as what congress can do. republicans can't do anything, if they controlled congress, yes i think they could defunded this new initiative but right now since they do not don't look democrats to do anything about defunding it. elizabeth: i think we got sound, talk to me, i will talk to my producer, i think we have sound
6:27 pm
of white house press secretary jen psaki going at it with peter doocy. listen jen psaki defend the flue disinformation czar. watch this. >> there is this woman nina jankowicz who will be in charge of the board. she had said she thinks the hunter biden laptop is russian disinformation so, should we look forward in the future to her censoring internet traffic about hunter biden laptop? >> i think i noted exactly what the objective of the board is, including continuing the work of the prior administration and the woman you noted has extensive experience and has done extensive work addressing disinformation. she has testified before congress, testified in europe. she has done worked closely with the ukrainians and has unique expertise especially at this moment. elizabeth: that is your tax dollars at work, right? by the way, former trump attorney michael cohen testified before congress. doesn't make them an avatar of credibility. let's show bias, misleading things jankowicz said.
6:28 pm
only way out of the pandemic is totally lock down. she claimed christopher steele is great on disinformation when the cia, fbi and the mueller report deunbunked christopher steele. claim the trump team made up the hunter biden laptop story. that the trump team would allow isis. all of that was false. >> these are actually kind of disturbing because to defend this announcement secretary mayorkas and department of homeland security are saying look, this is about foreign stuff. this is about making sure that disinformation from russia and china and iran does not reach the united states. this is in no way about surveilling what americans are writing on social media accounts or anything like that but you just pointed out that example of the steele dossier, which was absolutely false and played a role in the fbi's investigation of candidate trump in 2016 and
6:29 pm
in the early years of the trump presidency. it has been extraordinarily important. it was coming from russia. the kind of thing that the new disinformation czar is going to look at and she was wrong about it. elizabeth: we get it. we understand what secretary mayorkas is saying that there is now this word out in central and south america that there are a lot of loopholes in the asylum laws where people in central and south america believe that the border is open and it is under collapse. dhs secretary is saying we're going to combat that. that is why we need the new disinformation czar. it was candidate biden who said surge the border, illegal immigrants come here. he said, yeah, surge. that is going on. the question is, byron, why do we need this office? we've spent billions, 10 of billions of dollars on public affairs agencies across the u.s. government for all agencies. we spend millions of dollars, we've got thousands of public
6:30 pm
affairs workers who are supposed to be checking disinformation. why do we need this office? >> well, the answer is, we don't need this office but to try to find out why secretary mayorkas is doing it, i think you need to see how important this idea of quote, disinformation is to democrats politically right now. go back to former president obama's speech at stanford week ago or so, talking about disinformation, talking about a new regime of regulation on social media companies and making it clear by what he mentioned and did not mention, this, his definition of disinformation is stuff i don't like and disinformation that he does like he just doesn't mention at all. this is very important. very important in the democratic campaign, the january 6th campaign, talking about donald trump's big lie, all that sort of stuff. this is an important point for democrats right now so it's not
6:31 pm
surprising that they would roll out something called the disinformation office. elizabeth: the problem is these agencies, when they get these new offices they often expand into other areas and expand their power. >> yeah. elizabeth: by the way barack obama was saying twitter should turn over its gore gore to the algorithm so the government can regulate. they only like free speech on their side. byron york. coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. we've got new insight into elon musk's push to take over twitter. tensions rising behind the scenes at twitter mapping out the overhaul. we have this, a cnn pundit hits the panic button, we're headed to hell because of elon musk. we'll get into it next on "the evening edit." >> you're seeing a lot of democrats moving towards good old-fashioned censorship. he is the most anti-free speech president since john adams.
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♪. elizabeth: we're tracking this story for you. elon musk, he may really shake things up at twitter. reports he could fire twitter's chief censor, it is top legal counsel. she makes $17 million a year. musk is reportedly planning to cut jobs and reduce executive pay. kelly o'grady has been on the story. she was much more. reporter: great to see you, liz. yes, musk has been extremely critical of what he called the lawyer's left-wing bias and cost cuts were reported to be a key factor securing funds from lenders for bids. slashing board salaries and cutting jobs to improve margins. tough to achieve if governmental groups force the company to increase moderation efforts. according to reuters, musk has a ceo lining up if he taking over. owe may seek equity investments to alleviate his cash burden, courting current large stakeholders like jack dorsey to roll their investment into the
6:37 pm
private company. also being said dorsey and other influential billionaires like former paypal exec peter neil and david sachs encouraged musk behind the scenes to bid for twitter this does not come without intense pushback. mush responded to a msnbc host suggesting his takeover will have neo-nazi factions to flurish. same org that covered up the hunter biden laptop story among other news. it shows how committed he is to protecting that free speech, liz. elizabeth: great as always, kelly o'grady. gop strategist, ford owed connell. kelly showing that elon musk pushing back on other news networks censoring the harvey weinstein story early on and matt lauer story. that was elon musk talking about that. what is your take on elon musk pushing back in that way? >> well he absolutely should push back on it. he considers himself a free
6:38 pm
speech absolutist, frankly the media in this country last 10 years, corporate media and social media has been biased towards one way, towards democrats. he is absolutely right. he is new sheriff in town to allow speech going forward. >> he was on brian stelter's show, this went viral, you cannot let these guys meaning elon musk control discourse in this country. quote, we're headed to hell. trump opened the gates of hell, they're chasing us down. how will we control the channels of communication in this country? he said how are we going to control that? what do you think of that? >> this is classic liberal hypocrisy and over the top hyperventilation. what this cnn media analyst is saying that elon musk purchase of twitter threatens the democrats ability to control the narrative. even more jaw-dropping the government should do more to
6:39 pm
regulate the first amendment because only trusted media folks like this person should be allowed to speak? this is illuminating t speaks volumes to the entire spree speech debate. elizabeth: listen to bill maher on this. listen to bill maher. >> you failed whether you through the "new york post" off of twitter talking about hunter biden's emails. it turned out that was a real story. >> right. >> you failed, when you said we couldn't read about whether covid had come from a lab. i would much rather have elon musk making the rules than some 23-year-old who can't take the joke. their standard of free speech is i'm uncomfortable. that is not where the standard is. >> right? elizabeth: the thing is, what bill maher is pointing out, ford, you and i have talked about this, right, it's this, when he said they failed, the failure started when the media and people at twitter allowed themselves to be bullied by
6:40 pm
joe biden and his team. they were bullying journalists early on to not report the hunter biden laptop story. under the clinton campaign in the mid '90s the clinton team also was bullying journalists too, saying this is journalistic malpractice if you report on whitewater. what bill clinton was doing behind the scenes with other women. so the bullying from democrats is worse than what republicans do. republicans don't do this. democrats bully. they bully journalists and they let themselves be bullied. saw that throughout the white house correspondents dinner. nobody has the spine or guts to stand up to speak truth to power and elon musk is doing it. >> that's exactly right. look, twitter got bullied by joe biden particularly with respect to the suppression of hunter biden story, which is the greatest media manipulation in modern u.s. political history. not to mentioning censorship coming to natural immunity during covid. we can go on and on with biden
6:41 pm
administration, corporate media, social media, putting out exactly what they wanted. unfortunately free speech and democracy is hurt by this. we cannot allow that to go back. elizabeth: representative, alexandria ocasio-cortez got into a fight with elon musk he put up a funny tweet pushing back on aoc. the thing with, show the tweets there. it was aoc who pushed back on people correcting her false claim, there was $21 trillion of u.s. waste in the u.s. military. downplaying that, people are overreacting. a lot more people concerned about being precise than about being morally right. she got that military story so wrong, that there was 21 trillion in waste. that was lack of paperwork, double counting, double booking. that is aoc version of the truth what is morally right? joe concha is righting about this too. is that where we're at, democrats are get to decide what is morally right and what we are allowed to hear and see?
6:42 pm
>> there you go, liz, that is exactly right. democrats don't care about the facts. they care about it if it is morally right and the ends justify the means. when you come to aoc. she has a phd ins it information. whether exaggerating about the pentagon or lying about donald trump democrats need to be held their feet to the fire for the game they have been playing the last four years. elizabeth: stop the bullying. ford o'connell, you're terrific. come back soon. new emails that hundred hunt ripped into a obama strategist for going negative about biden's white house run. we've got it. special counsel durham criminal probe into trump russia. evidence that the clinton team is seeking to block from an upcoming court trial. we're covering it all ahead on "the evening edit". [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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elizabeth: we have former federal prosecutors jim trusty. good to see you, jim. "new york times" book detailing
6:47 pm
how there is rivalry between the obama team and biden team. nancy pelosi even quoted as saying that the president obama and his team were jealous of biden's successes. now we've got david axelrod. we've got hunter biden, quoted in an e-mail calling david axelrod, i can't even say it, a giant blank in an email. when you see this going on, why did obama let hunter biden doing what he did to fly on air force two doing the shady overseas business deals? >> who knows. i'm impressed with your shyness about using the "a" word that was used there. it shows frustration behind the scenes between politically ambitious families and candidates. i don't think there is anything particularly revolutionary about hunter biden using that phrase and axelrod responding with takes one to know one. it is a bought of immaturity over issue whether joe would have been a better candidate than hillary clinton in 2016
6:48 pm
which was academic. elizabeth: the other story, you mentioned hillary clinton, her team is putting up a major battle against special counsel john durham. the committee for hillary clinton's campaign, attorney/client privilege blocking documents how milliary law firm, perkins key per -- pes coie. >> there is potential privilege, the client here, hillary for america, campaign, there is a little bit of a gap between hillary and what is going on here. attorney/client privilege is an absolute privilege where it applies but there are moments it doesn't apply. if you're communicating and a third person is brought into the conversation who is not the client and not part of the law firm, then that can destroy it. that is why they also raised work product privilege, another privilege, a non-absolute privilege meaning a court can pierce it if they have good reasons to, you have to decide
6:49 pm
on judge case-by-case, communication by communication basis. there will not be a absolute blanket ruling every communication involving perkins coie is protected by attorney/client privilege. they have to go one by one to make the decision before the trial in two weeks. elizabeth: hillary's campaign funded fusion gps. fusion gps hires chris per steel. they claim attorney/client work privilege. fusion gps was not a attorney. they were hired by the campaign to dig up dirt on trump russia and spread the information to the media claiming the government was investigating when they were the ones pushing that into the government. so it seems to be a bit of a stretch to say that is a work product under attorney/client privilege. sol wisenberg says it's not. >> yeah. no it is a stretch. the work product privilege typically actually is to protect the when the attorney makes a written observations like man, this witness will be bad on the stand. i need to research topic a.
6:50 pm
it can extend essentially to subcontractors of the attorney. in other words, you can basically say i want to hire an investigator. and i want those conversations to be under shield of attorney/client, work product privilege. it is case-by-case. the big thing that hillary has to worry about the crime fraud exception. if this is not privileged by a crime,. will: blow open any attorney/client privilege. elizabeth: trump russia, fact-finding, research on trump, when they were trying to get the fbi, cia to go him. they did that with robert mueller. thanks for joining us. >> you too. elizabeth: homeland security secretary mayorkas accused of being misleading claiming that the biden white house inherited a broken border. at the same time he admits the white house let 1.6 million migrants cross illegally into the u.s. by getting rid of trump's policies. border officials demand when will the president act to stop
6:51 pm
the crisis he created? we break it down for you next on the evening edit. >> we've been at this crisis at historic rick levels 14 or 15 months. the crisis no anywhere remotely under control. what if you were a global bank who wanted to supercharge your audit system? so you tap ibm to un-silo your data. and start crunching a year's worth of transactions against thousands of compliance controls with the help of ai. now you're making smarter decisions faster. operating costs are lower. and everyone from your auditors to your bankers feels like a million bucks. let's create smarter ways of putting your data to work. ibm. let's create is it some magical number? something we just achieve at the end? or is it a feeling?
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the white house repeatedly insists it's effectively managing the border. fox news exclusively captured dramatic and tragic video of two migrants struggling to cross the rio grande river. we want to warn you, this is a thick, tough to watch. ryan pianist is breaking all sorts of stories, he is live in eagle pass texas. good to see you. >> good to see you, good evening. all day we been here and all week we've seen migrants trying to cross illegally across the rio grande and this morning there were six people who tried to cross the rio grande, three people from venezuela, teens and three men from cuba. last night we witnessed a migrant, this is disturbing. on the right you can see a migrant struggling for his life, his head up and down and he alternately disappears into the water. you can see the man, his friend
6:56 pm
who actually swims 150 yards away after he lets go of the filler and lands on the bridge in the rio grande, he was there and was rescued and the body of his companion, nelson, 38 years old was down shortly after nearby. this is the type of situation we are dealing with here. the other thing i want to show you is the national guard was here. they sought happen and so did mexican authorities nearby and dozens of bystanders including myself while watching. the national guard, one guardsman told me they were ordered not to go into the water and perform water rescues after the national guard specialist bishop evans died at 22 years old trying to save migrants. that's an order given and yesterday we saw well, look. migrants are continuing to put themselves in danger and others as well who tried to save them. this is happening at unprecedented rates and it's only expected to get worse this
6:57 pm
summer. elizabeth: thanks for your journalism there. joining us now, home and security mike howell. the number of migrant deaths at the border, nearly doubled i think around 557 hunter biden versus trump, around 300. you see that and senator barrasso say 200 million illegals have come in, that's more than 14 months hunter biden and all four years of trump. your word on that? >> this is what an open border looks like, those of the numbers that back it up. over the biden administration, 1.6 million illegal aliens have been let into the u.s. let's let in by the biden administration or people who they let walk by, no getaways. 1.6 million is more than the state of hawaii population, more than both dakotas. it's a huge amount of people through this country and one reason to let it tolerate, it's a voting issue for them.
6:58 pm
his to flood the country with as many illegal aliens as possible because the 2020 election came down to close to 10000 votes and swing states. many the population of why wondering on the country, losing voting rules and promising amnesty, things will happen and that's why the left is doing it. elizabeth: we don't know if illegals voted in the election, that is yet to be determined, we still don't know but it's understood what you are saying and secretory mayorkas is testifying he inherited a broken dismantled border security system from trump when biden got rid of the border wall and getting rid of remain in mexico policy and title 42. then he says we've effectively managed the border amid 1.6 million crossers illegally. let's watch bill maher again. >> joe biden used the phrase bi. to understand this is a big -- deal. it's the same issue of brexit
6:59 pm
and trump voters in america. working-class voters feel like they've been ignored and abandoned but that is a reasonable argument, there is this elitist group running the world that's left us behind. elizabeth: the other thing is, when you hear bill mark picking it up and you look at the rhetoric, you see dhs secretary saying the white house isn't planning until september, planning september 2021 for the end of title 22. why isn't it doing more to stop the equivalent of sacramento coming every month? >> this is the design for them, this whole crisis is on purpose, it was planned out from day one, it's not a coincidence the first major action the biden administration was to undo the trump border security policies. it's what they have set out to do. it's not something mayorkas and they just woke up one day and
7:00 pm
found it on the doorstep. no. candidate biden when he was running for president was either promising illegal aliens would be better than trump and told them to flood to the border and declare asylum and this is what they got. elizabeth: always good to have you on, come back soon. thank you for watching, i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: she's being called mary poppins of propaganda. nina jankowicz is that, the white house disinformation government board. after days of pushback, nina take control and drive the umbrella right out of town. she will apparently have power to decide what the administration considers true and false and i should need to explain to you why that is crazy and dangerous but according to incompetent homeless security l.a. hunter mayorkas, it's a totally cool.


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