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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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politics to the met gala sporting a tux with a plea to quote, end gun violence. his city is plagued by crime. despite new york has some of the strictest gun laws in the united states. the gala's theme was guilded glamour. good for them. that is it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. >> "happening now," we are tracking the latest on the fallout of that unprecedented supreme court leak of a draft opinion from february reveals that the supreme court would strike down roe v. wade. the gop saying an insider attempted to discredit the court while critics say the left is using the leak to push their agenda forward to gain votes. this all happening as primary elections kick off in ohio and indiana today. the race in ohio offering a early test of donald trump's
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influence over his party as he considers a run in 2024. plus more republicans are slamming the head of biden's new disinformation governance board. what resurfaced tweets from nina jankowicz show she is most concerned with? new twist in the hunter biden scandal. a new report finds that a russian oligarch with close ties to vladmir putin met with biden in moscow over a potential business deal. also, crime may be rising in new york city but that didn't stop mayor eric adams from making a questionable statement at the met gala last night. we are breaking that down with lara trump. and this, fox news is learning that there are new signs more migrants are ready to flood the borders. trump's pandemic border policy is set to end next month. i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. jackie: good evening everybody. a quick check of the markets stocks were higher as the investors await a expected rate hikes from the fed. we're following breaking developments out of washington. pro-life protesters taking their fight to d.c., after a shocking leak revealed that the supreme court would overturn roe v. wade as voters in ohio and indiana, cast their ballots in the first multi-state ballots for the year. democrats face hurdles including the party's mixed message own prices hitting you hard. 45% of people fear inflation could be an issue for more than a year. more than a year. edward lawrence has the latest from the white house. reporter: jackie, president joe biden does not see a
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recession during his first term of presidency. other economists and economic advisors including the former economic visor for former president obama says it is almost impossible to avoid a recession. so now, the federal reserve is working to finish their meeting tomorrow, deciding how high to push interest rates. senator john kennedy says democrats need to help out the economy. >> the united states congress has to do its part too. a big part of this inflation has characteristics of demand pull and cost inflation. that is a fancy way of saying that part of the reason we're having inflation is because of the spending by the united states congress. reporter: white house economic advisor brian deece told me yesterday, once supply chain issues work themselves out inflation will come back down. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said no way. >> predictable result thanks to the policies and broader
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inflation that democrats have fueled is that american families are hurting badly. reporter: there are estimates out there of recession starting possibly now or by the end of next year. back to you, jackie. jackie: edward lawrence, thank you for that. with lockdowns in china, supply chain issues probably won't be cleared anytime soon. meantime democrats are grasping at straws to preserve sinking agenda, with renewed signals of a red wave coming in the midterm elections. joining to discuss us, senator marsha blackburn from i can't think judiciary. before we get to that, senator, always good to see you. i want to get your reaction to the leaked supreme court opinion that roe v. wade would be overturned if we go by the opinion from february, not necessarily the case. your thoughts, not just the decision implied there but the leaked aspect of this as well? >> jackie, let's look at the leak first. what you have is an activist
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inside of the court and whether they're from the left or the right, what they have done is wrong. this has never happened before and as you are very well aware these conversations, writings, back and forth between the justices, that takes place between the time they tell the discussion and then that final vote. what we do know is this, an activist is trying to micromanage an outcome. they have sought to do destruction to the court. they have attacked the court. it is basically an attack on justice alito by revealing this writing and chief justice roberts is correct in calling for the marshal of the court to launch an investigation. this person needs to be punished to the full extent that is allowable. when it comes to the decision, i think we have to wait until the time that there is a decision.
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this is a preliminary. it was a document from february and what we do realize is that the democrats obviously had a little bit of a head up on this because they immediately politicized it and their left-leaning dark money groups immediately began to raise money on it to fund campaigns and today is the opening day of these primaries around the country. jackie: you bring up a great point. i've been questioning the timing of this all day for two reasons. first the final decision of the court would be end of june, early july. you put this out there potentially creates some backlash. maybe you can influence the outcome of this decision, that is one piece of it. tying it back to the midterms you're suggesting i wonder if you think the democrats think this leak was essentially a way to jolt the upcoming elections because they're in trouble on so
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many different fronts? >> yes. their agenda has tanked because it is a socialist agenda and today you have had chuck schumer out there, over the last several months there is threats, there is intimidation, there is trying to silence people and what did they do? they immediately made this about politics. they haven't said a word about what happened with a leak, something that has never happened at the court before. they have not called out the leaker. they have not called out this attack on the court, on the institution. but what have they done? they talked a lot about doing away with the senate filibuster. so that they can push legislation to pack the court, to codify roe v. wade. to make d.c. a state, to put in place a permanent democrat majority. so the whole thing is beginning to look like a whole lot of politics.
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jackie: even if they were to kill the filibuster, my understanding they wouldn't even have the votes on their own side to codify roe per se. you see how desperate the whole situation is. i want to switch gears for a moment to talk about ohio specifically. because the gop senate primary was an expensive, contentious battle, we saw this going on for months before president trump entered. he endorsed j.d. vance, your thoughts about sort of ohio, testing trump's influence on the midterms, then potentially maybe impacting his decision for 2024? >> one of the things that we have watched in ohio is how president trump's support grew from 2016 to 2020 in ohio and how he remains very popular there. i was in sky -- cuyahoga count for the big republican dinner
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there. many hundred were there. attending a political dinner for the first time. why are they there? inflation is just about to kill them. the border is wide open. they want to see a secure border. they do not like the agenda that the democrats push. afghanistan was a debacle. they want to see our military supported. they now know that hunter biden's laptop was the real deal. jackie: yeah. >> they have questions about biden incorporated. so, yes, people are showing up because they do not trust joe biden or the democrat leadership to get this country on the right track. jackie: speaking of that leadership, i want to get your sense on this, because i know you're very passionate about it, but you are essentially calling for secretary mayorkas to disband his disinformation board. we have talked about this multiple times, about the kind of information that is being put out there. this comes at the same time that elon musk, for example, is trying to buy twitter, to say we
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need a platform for free speech and then you've got the democrats putting this board together essentially to say, no we've got to tamp it down, we have got to control the messaging? >> what they're telling you is don't even try because we are going to find a way to silence you and shut you up. we're going to find away to censor. and if you're going to regulate social media, if twitter is doing to be held by elon muck, then we're going to do the federal government, put them in charge in front of all of the social media platforms so that you the american people, cannot express your political opinions. jackie: senator, always great to see you. get your insight on such crucial important matters facing this country. thank you. >> thank you. jackie: all right. crime may be rising in new york city but that didn't stop the mayor. mayor eric adams from making a questionable statement at the met gala last night.
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then we'll break that down with lara trump later in the show. we're tracking latest on the fallout of the unprecedented supreme court leak. is the left using this leak to push their agenda forward. we're digging into that next. on "the evening edit." >> we'll never know if the opinion changed because of the public and political pressure or if it just evolved because of the court's natural process. this is why this leak is so dangerous to our democracy. you know democrats talk day in, day out how dangerous republicans are for democracy. this might be the single worst thing that has happened. ? or is it a feeling? a freedom, to live our lives the way we intended. through the ups. the downs. all of it. this is financial security. from long term care planning, to annuities and life insurance, lincoln helps you plan,
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♪. jackie: tonight republicans and justice roberts demanding a federal investigation into who leaked that apparent draft of a majority opinion showing that the supreme court is on track to overturn the landmark roe v. wade decision. that is protected a woman's right to an abortion for the past 50 years. peter doocy live at the white house with the breaking developments. hi, peter. reporter: it is so interesting, jackie, because there is going to be an investigation at the supreme court. so lawmakers from congress are calling for that but here at the white house officials are not expressing big outrage that there was a leak of a confidential document. instead what they are upset
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about is the substance of that leaked document. >> what our focus is on right now, beyond the leak is, is how we're going to protect a woman's right to make choices about her health care with her doctor, a right that is supported by the vast majority of the american public. some call it a political issue. it is not. reporter: well it is apparently for the dnc, because they sent out a fund-raising appeal. part of it says, make no mistake reproductive rights will be on the ballot this november. the president is saying this will be a reason to elect pro-choice democrats, while his vice president kamala harris adds this, the rights of all americans are at risk. if the right to privacy is weakened every person could face a future in which the government can potentially interfere in the personal decisions you make about your life. this is the fight to fight for women and our country with everything we have. president biden, also now making it sound like he thinks the
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ramifications from this leaked document go far beyond abortion rights. president biden: you know if this decision holds it is really quite a radical decision. it basically says all the decisions you make into your private life, who you marry, whether or not you decide to conceive a child or not, whether or not you can have an abortion, a range of other decisions. reporter: and in another sound bite from joint base andrews the president did use the terminology abort a child that is different than what pro-choice activists usually use. they talk about the process of aborting a fetus, jackie. jackie: peter doocy, thank you so much for that. for more on this one supreme court leak, the big story today, welcome to the show, former independent counsel ken starr. great to see you. i want to start with the leaked aspect of this, the democrats are not up in arms about right
6:18 pm
now. you clerked for chief justice warren berger. your thoughts on how this impacts the integrity of the supreme court. you actually were in there. you read these opinions. i imagine there is a sense ever responsibility, implied oath you take to work there, to protect the integrity of a court, it was breached today. >> that is exactly right, jackie. when you're an employee of the court, law clerks, elbow of the justice, or the chief justice, and you know that confidentiality is the coin of the realm, you know that it is unthinkable, it is inconceivable that you would go and share this information, a full draft opinion with the outside world, even with a close friend, even with a family member. so we have now done that which is truly unprecedented and which was unthinkable, a terrible breach. it is very good that the chief justice announced an investigation. i personally think that we
6:19 pm
should look as to whether this was a crime or not. i know most people are dismissing it, it is just a breach of ethics but also the appropriation of government property, very valuable piece of government property. i'm not saying it is. i'm saying let's take a look at it. jackie: i agree with you 100% and i don't dismiss that with you at all. i heard several people saying there were several theories, investigation under oath, many of the clerks and office staff will be questioned. maybe somebody would lie about this. that is the way this goes. that become as crime, potentially as you said, this is a piece of government information. your thoughts on if there will be criminal liability here? >> it is just too soon to tell. i'm just saying it should be looked at very carefully. it is impossible to exaggerate the dangers of this, damage this has done to the integrity of the court. what happened to the bond of trust. it is certainly eroded.
6:20 pm
jackie: right. >> there was irrevocable injury, and a terrible day for the court. jackie: the process of confidentiality of this court, justices can go back and forth, can review them, can have a discourse about such an important issue over the matter of months or a year, however long it takes until they come to the final decision that they come to, which we don't even know. i question the timing of this leak as trying to almost have an influence on that potentially but i think the justices probably will hold to their original opinions. having said that, the democrats are not focusing on the leak aspect. they instead are focusing on the potential to overturn roe v. wade. what alito was essentially saying in his opinion, but you know more than what i do, abortion is not a constitutional issue. this cost completely decided wrong at the get-go. this should not be about choosing whether abortion is
6:21 pm
alive or well of this country. it is an issue should be decided by the states. >> it is we the people. this is actually a very important, sounding board for democracy and yes, so when democrats and anyone else are saying, let's have a debate about this, this is exactly right. that is what the opinion, the draft opinion, just a draft but a draft opinion that essentially announces a restoration of democracy, that is we the people, not we the judges. we the people decide all manner of very sensitive, important policy questions. i do want to say that those saying this signals a retreat from all kinds of rights such as right of who you will marry and so forth. they haven't read the opinion or ignoring the opinion. this is limited to the uniqueness of abortion, and ending what the court calls itself potential life. jackie: i think you're referring to the president there in that sound bite that peter doocy played for us. he called it a radical decision. essentially said that it was opening up all of these matters
6:22 pm
of our private lives in a certain way which isn't necessarily true. having said that fox news contributor ari fisher said the leak is concerning for the supreme court. it races an integrity issue. >> what really troubles me, not the ruling itself, if that is the ruling itself i accept and respeck the ruling but the leaker. make no mistake this is insurrection against the supreme court. i've already seen people on the left celebrating this leaker, calling him brave, trying to throw a hail mary to stop the ruling from being issued. who at the supreme court will trust each other now, if they know the drafts will be leaked like everything else in washington? the supreme court seemed to be the last institution standing with internal integrity. jackie: ken, where do we go from here? we have heated debates. this country is more divided
6:23 pm
thank ever. if we can't trust an institution like the supreme court, i don't know, it is troubling? >> it is extremely troubling. that is why it has to be handled, i think it will be with great seriousness. get to the bottom of it, take the appropriate punitive action. ari is exactly right. the supreme court has been a bastion of integrity. this is an assault on it. jackie: always great to see you, to get your insight, your perspective, ken starr, have a wonderful night. >> thanks, jackie. jackie: more republicans are slamming the head of biden's new disinformation governance board. what resurfaced tweets from nina jankowicz show what she is most concerned with. we have that for you next on "the evening edit." >> she is a democrat prop grandist. she pushed the false story that russia colluded with the trump campaign. she pushed the false narrative, hunter biden's laptop had all earmarks of a russian
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feel stuck with credit card debt? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan. you could get out of debt sooner — and get your money right. ♪ ♪. jackie: more republicans are ripping into president biden's disinformation czar, nina jankowicz. past tweets surfacing that her biggest concern, pressing memes online. with us to discuss tonight, congressman austin scott. congressman, good to be with you. start here, last january jane cowhiz tweeted this.
6:28 pm
a study on focused language in certain content, humerus images like memes. jankowicz was a way to allow harmful posts to allow detection. as she allowed lies from the clinton campaign to attack donald trump. let's just start there. >> yeah. federal joke police, right? it is censorship at its best. i should say it is worse i guess. if she doesn't approve what you post or tweet, put out in the form of a meme, she will label you as a radical and put a disinformation staff on it. meanwhile she is the one that tried to, did, actually suppressed the information on hunter biden's laptop that was absolutely newsworthy information during the middle of the campaign and had it been brought out, candidly donald trump -- jackie: yeah. speaking of hunter biden's laptop, we have a response from the white house dodging jpmorgan
6:29 pm
cowhiz claims that the -- jankowicz claims that the it was disinformation. i believe we have the sound bite. >> there is this woman, nina jankowicz who will be in charge of the board. she had said she thinks the hunter biden laptop is russian disinformation. so should we look forward in the future to her censoring internet traffic about the hunter biden laptop? >> i think i noted exactly what the objective of the board is, continuing the work of the prior administration. and you woman you noted has extensive experience and has done extensive work addressing disinformation. she has testified before congress, testified in europe. she has done, worked closely with the ukrainians and has unique expertise, especially at this moment. jackie: yeah, but she doesn't believe that the laptop is real information when the rest of the liberal media has even acknowledged it is. >> yeah. she is a partisan hack. i mean again, it is censorship
6:30 pm
by the left. they do not want an open and honest dialogue. if you listen to the rhetoric they have coming out today, they're saying republicans want more control over your lives. that is absolutely not true. we republicans believe in personal freedom. that does not involve censorship. when we see people like ellen musk, elon musk, buying twitter, to create a platform both sides can participate in we believe that is a good thing. if you look what pelosi, schumer, other radicals on the left have to say about that, you know, they can't stand it. they can't stand the debate over the ideas because they know that they're factually wrong on most of the subjects being debated. >> so interesting to me at a time we see elon musk step up to the plate, i will fork over $46 billion to buy twitter because i feel that people are being censored. it is not really partisan. he said, this is about
6:31 pm
democracy. it is about having a conversation and having a back and forth of discourse and not suppressing free speech. so you have him doing that on one hand and then you've got this committee with jankowicz at the head of it, essentially you know, to get rid of disinformation. almost seems like the timing is, you know, not a coincidence, let's say. >> i don't think it is coincidence at all. we are americans. believe in personal freedom, economic opportunities. we have the things we have because we have the first amendment and the first amendment, our forefathers understood the need for freedom of speech and freedom of religion and so, you know, again, it is just the biden administration trying to put up someone in place because they don't like people discussing the facts that higher gas prices are hurting them, higher grocery prices are hurting them. they know what he did with the
6:32 pm
keystone pipeline. then removing sanctions from the russian pipeline. i mean he is, he is the chaos committee and so, i'm looking forward to being able to have those discussions on twitter again. i'm looking forward to being able to have them in the public discourse of the election that is coming up. in november i think the public will speak pretty loud and clear on what the biden administration is trying to do. i think that sense, -- censorshp is one of the things, even true liberals don't agree with censorship coming out of the white house. jackie: yeah. in the last moment i have with you obviously we have this leak of a supreme court opinion today, and timing on that doesn't seem like it is a coincidence either. all of these issues facing the left as we head to the mid term elections, economy, supply chain disruption, reckless spending in the country, all of sudden they put the hot button issue out there to change the voter's minds. >> well, what happened at the
6:33 pm
court is one of the worst things i've seen, i think since i've been in elected office. our justices need the ability to have open and honest dialogue without worrying about somebody taking a copy of it and putting it out into the public. i hope the person, i hope they find out through the investigation who did it. i hope they're prosecuted. i hope if they have a law license, they will be disbarred and that said, i believe life begins at conception. i am looking forward to the final ruling. jackie: congressman austin scott, thank you, good to see you. >> thank you. jackie: fox news is learning that there are new signs that more migrants are ready to flood the border as trump pandemic border policy is set to expire at the end of the next month. does the biden administration have a policy in place to deal with the influx? a new twist in the hunter biden scandal. new report finds a russian oligarch with close ties to vladmir putin, well, he met with biden in moscow over a potential
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♪. jackie: the hunter biden scandal taking another twist tonight. "the daily mail" reports that he met with a russian oligarch with close ties to vladmir putin in moscow for a potential business meeting so far no word from the white house on this. here to discuss it congressman james comer. congressman, great to see you as always. let's start here, the billionaire oligarch. his name is vladimir. he was sanctioned by other nations other than the united states for his hand in the ukraine-russia war. again no sanctions here in the united states. he owns a company that purportedly supplied putin forces with drones used in the ukraine battles. according emails, hunter and his now jailed business partner south an investment rosemont
6:39 pm
realty through the meetings. your thoughts on the latest development? >> this is the second scandal on hunter biden. this is the second russian oligarch with ties to hunter biden was sanctioned by european countries but for whatever reason was not sanctioned by the biden administration. we want to know why. this goes back to the whole genesis why republicans on house oversight committee continue to investigate hunter biden. we feel hunter biden has put joe biden in a compromising position particularly with our enemies with russia and china. jackie: do you think a special counsel is appointed to investigate this or the justice department isn't going to go there? >> i don't have a lot of confidence in merrick garland whatever decision he makes. i don't think they will do anything before the november elections because i don't think they want hunter biden to be to get anymore headlines than he is going to get. unfortunately for them republicans in congress have hunter's hard drive.
6:40 pm
hunter's hard drive has so much damning evidence to hunter biden but also to joe biden's brother and potentially president biden. we'll continue to press this. i'm not a big fan of special counsels. with durham, we're finally getting results. this is taking a long time with durham. every special counsel, every prosecutor in history, it takes a lot longer than what people hope and people get impatient. people that have been conservatives who have been keeping up with all the hunter biden scandals, they're frustrated. they want hunter held accountable and they want answers to a lot of questions that we have with respect to hunter biden putting america at a disadvantage to our enemies because president biden's compromised. jackie: speaking of durham, the special counsel pressing for records from clinton's failed 2016 campaign and fusion gps for the sussman trial. durham said fusion and the dnc with held or redacted documents
6:41 pm
with communications from the case. all sides are scheduled to appear in court on wednesday. as you mentioned this feels in so many ways so long after the fact. >> it is after the fact but i'm confident justice will be served. i'm confident that donald trump is going to be proven right with respect to everything he said, defending himself against accusations from adam schiff, hillary clinton and liberal news media. ultimate disinformation campaign was what hillary clinton did with sussman and her steele dossier to president trump during the presidential election. it is very unfortunate. people are starting to see that this was the big scam from day one. jackie: yeah. irony here, we have to go congressman. but the irony of course is putting this committee together with the disinformation czar, nina jankowicz who doesn't believe in the hunter biden laptop. we'll have to leave it there, thank you. >> thanks for having me on. jackie: crime may be rising here in new york city, but that
6:42 pm
doesn't stop mayor eric adams from stepping out. he made a questionable statement at the met gala last night. we're breaking that down with lara trump ahead on "the evening edit". you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited.
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jackie: new developments in the horrifying brooklyn subway shooting last month. they are telling a faulty fan caused cameras to be down during the smoothing where 29 people were wounded. suspected gunman frank james exit and entered the transit system after the shooting. fox news contributor lara trump, always good to see you. as somebody who lives in new york city, pays taxes here. the fact that these cameras weren't working and then add to that, eric adams asked the met gala last night wearing the message, end gun violence. why aren't we fixing the security cameras? let's start there?
6:47 pm
>> yeah. let's start with the basic all so crazy. for so many of us, i now live in florida but you're right, i lived in new york for 15 years. i think for some new yorkers that they man, it can't get much worse than bill de blasio, whoever else gets in there, has got to be better and unfortunately, eric adams kind of feels like bill de blasio, 2.0. it really hasn't held up his end of the bargain. hasn't done many things he claimed during his campaign. it is absolutely outrageous, that in a city like new york, you do not have security cameras working in the subway. that is so vital, when you have a situation as bad as what happened in that brooklyn shooting, you need to have the cops able to pinpoint where the suspect is, so that this guy can get off the streets, not committing more crimes. he is not harming anymore
6:48 pm
people. instead of focusing on things that matter, putting money into things like cameras in the subway, i guess they were busy making sure that drug addicts can get high in new york. that the black lives matter painted outside of on fifth avenue, outside of trump towers in pristine condition, oh and billboards down in florida, trying to encourage people to move back to new york. it is so crazy and to add insult to injury, yes, there was eric adams at the met gala, hobnobbing withelites, this is so disappointing. will we get something different out of him? seems like unfortunately round two, bill de blasio, another person that unfortunately that will not do great stuff for new york. that is exactly what that city needs. jackie: we had high hopes but now four months in, those hopes are dimmed at the best. i want to talk to but the met gala also, elon musk, last night. we have a sound bite what he
6:49 pm
talked about twitter, what his goal is? >> the goal that i have should the everything come to fruition with twitter is to have broadly inclusive as possible, facilitating discussion between people and you know, sharing ideas and content and creative things. jackie: he said before, lara, essentially this is just about having a platform for free speech, that neither side should be censored. this isn't a partisan play per se, that it is that, democracy thrives when you can have discourse and that is what he is going for here. >> absolutely. first of all, let me say i love he took his mom to the met gala. that is incredible. i hope my son takes me to an event like that. this is maybe the only glimmer of hope people have right now is elon musk. the past year-and-a-half has
6:50 pm
been really challenging for americans, especially if you're conservative. because it felt like we've been totally silenced, totally censored, and elon musk is such an even keeled person it feels like to be in charge of you know, the public square of our time, twitter, that is giving people i think a lot of hope of future of america, that people all across this country and the world are going to have voices heard once again, but i tell you, jackie, all you need to know where the folks on the left stand. they are so outraged, it is going to be an even platform, that it is going to be a fair platform once again, that everybody can say what they want and what they think and not be censored. reality is the folks on the left, they have stranglehold over twitter, over social media, mainstream media, by and large. they have been pedaling their narrative for so long. the only way they can control people in the way that they have for so long is to keep that
6:51 pm
going. so i guess very frightening, to see that the truth will come out, there will be fairness on a platform. jackie: "wall street journal" reporting that elon's goal to take the company private. bring it back to ipo status in three years. he wants to do this quickly. lara trump. always great to see you. >> thank you. jackie: we'll be right back. i had been giving koli kibble. it never looked like real food. with the farmer's dog you can see the pieces of turkey. it smells like actual food. as he's aged, he's still quite energetic and youthful. i really attribute that to diet. get started at your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ there are new signs more migrants are preparing to cross into the united states illegally. former president trump's pandemic era border policy end next month, fox news has fresh video showing hundreds of haitian migrants arriving in mexico over the last few days. ryan yannis is live in eagle pass texas with the latest. >> this is something installed by the national guard to keep migrants to deter them from crossing illegally into eagle pass texas you can see some have made it through here by placing wet clothes above the razors that can come through and protect themselves from cuts as they make their way in. this is something we've been seeing and something seen up and
6:56 pm
down the border. look at our fox news live drone high above us, it gives you the sense of the clothing from children, adults, mothers and fathers, we've seen onesies, pacifiers, bras and pants. migrants cross over and take off but close after crossing over, they put on dry clothes and walk about two football field toward the football field where there picked up by border patrol. something else we've been seeing is it not just those types of items but identification cards like this one from chile, we've been told some migrants prefer an annuity when it comes to applying for asylum so you will drop identification cards and that's when they are picked up by border patrol but if you look at the land here, it's private property owned by a young person, it's a ballpark and it's up to him now to clean it up and ranchers and those with private businesses, this is the reality they are seeing. already an unprecedented surge and they expected to get worse
6:57 pm
at the end of title 42 may 23 so we shall see what happens, when there's a will, there's a way and it speaks to the desperation out there for these people. we see them pregnant, with children and they come through. we have heard there have been scouts in the area that have come up to scout the area before they crossed the river but from our reporting over the last week and last year end a half we all know it's extremely dangerous for migrants. one national guardsmen drowned trying to say to people. >> absolutely, a picture worth a thousand words. thank you for bringing that to us. joining us now, the vice president of the national border patrol council, your reaction to brian's report? >> it is good that it's being brought to light but is something we've been seeing for quite some time not just in areas of texas but throughout areas of the southern border. his cause because of the magnet
6:58 pm
this current administration started for individuals come into our country illegally. there is a legal way to come in and an illegal way and unfortunately a lot of these individuals are choosing the illegal path knowing well when they do get apprehended or these who turn themselves and they are not facing real consequences for doing so. >> absolutely. why not do it this way? it seems easier than going through the rigorous process my parents went through to legally come to this country. >> that is the problem and it's something this administration has created and why we see individuals coming in between the ports trying to escape. many times in a lot of areas they run from water patrol agents and when they are detained, they don't face consequences. you've seen them attack border patrol agents and we seen stories of individuals who have been told will have to wait and
6:59 pm
mexico and they refused. they say not going back, i'm staying here because they know there's not much we can do and the reason is because we don't have enough politicians that have the political will to stop this from happening. unfortunately when you start sending the message out that title 42 is going to go away, it's even more lawlessness and i've said it many times and i'll continue, what this government is doing, they are handing over the keys to the criminal element, handing over keys to the front doors of every single american citizen in this country to the criminal cartel. >> there's huge concern about fentanyl coming across the border. that's something we've been talking about. also we have the texas national guardsmen drowned in a prior rescue attempt in the last 20 seconds, your thoughts on that? >> there's no doubt the cartel are the ones coming in, they know what they're doing and how
7:00 pm
to move agents from one area to another. many lives are lost and they will continue to lose lives because this administration is failing to do the right thing. >> good to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i am jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald, you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, that does it for us. thanks for watching. ♪♪ kennedy: anything happened today? yes, scandal of the supreme court, unprecedented week of a draft roe v. wade opinions sending shockwaves through the country. who did it and why? this is a live look where protesters on both sides of the abortion debate have been camped out since last night. that's the political published leak draft, it seems to suggest conservatives five to four majorities ready to overturn almost 50-year-old rulin


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