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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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folks? it is the greatest game in the world. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." thank you so much for watching. we'll be back here tomorrow. we hope you tune in. see you then. meanwhile "the evening edit" starts just eight seconds. ♪. ♪. >> happening now, the fed approving historic interest rate hike, ratcheting up a fight against inflation. still president biden refusing to take accountability for the soaring prices that are hits your wallets. meantime biden today also condemning efforts of the extremist maga crowd to overturn roe v. wade abortion protections. the democrats now using supreme court leak to gain votes ahead of the midterm election. and this, donald trump's endorsement, power at the poll,
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dominating in ohio and indiana. an early test of trump's sway over the party as he eye as possible run for the white house in 2024. plus the battles for free speech intensifying. comedian dave chappelle attacked on stage in l.a. as liberal groups stage an anti-musk campaign urging advertisers to pull cash from twitter. new development in the hunter biden scandal. democratic leader adam schiff and other liberal media now facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for allegedly pedaling false russian disinformation. also, the cdc allegedly paying $420,000 to get information on you during the lockdown. we have that story. i'm jackie deangelis in for macdonald. "the evening edit" startsig now.
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jackie: good evening everybody. the dow soaring 900 points. new polls show biden is underwater when it comes to the economy. he is refusing to own inflation. we all face it as you know as you lose more hard-earned cash. we have new "fox news" polls, a growing number of americans will continue to be a major issue for at least another year. this as the federal reserve today increased its benchmark interest rate by half percentage point. its largest rate move in 22 years as we battle swelling economic pressures. madison alworth has the latest from arizona where residents say they are being crippled by rising prices. reporter: jackie, when it comes to arizona normally the top issue is immigration. but voters we've been speaking to, they say that inflation is now their top concern.
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>> for me mights -- might be inflation. immigration is sort of subtle, i'm retired. so we're on fixed incomes. and, if it's a 30% inflation, our spendable income just went down 30%. >> probably inflation because it affects more. immigration is a big issue. gas prices i'm losing every single paycheck, everything going straight to gas and groceries everything you can see. reporter: makes sense when you look at the numbers, while the nation as a whole dealing with price spikes, phoenix has particularly bad. meat, electricity, apparel, all seeing double-digit price hikes. all of them outpacing the national average. that lines up with we're seeing across the country. the latest fox polling showing inflation is the top concern among voters with november just months away, constant reminders of inflation wherever you go,
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voters are paying attention. jackie? jackie: they sure are. madison alworth, thank you very much for that. meantime trump winning big. he wasn't on the ballot, no, but nearly two dozen candidates he endorsed saw victories in primary races in ohio and indiana. the former president now predicting last night was just the beginning of a tremendous season for republicans heading into the midterms. joining us now congresswoman claudia tenney, house small business and republican strategist ford o'connell. good to have you both. congresswoman, i will go start with you. polling numbers are pretty staggering, when it comes to inflation almost seems like this administration is tone deaf how hard it is hitting people. >> this is a big issue that i hear every day, not only impacts my constituents but me as well. in addition to the impact inflation has on the cost of gas and to fuel our cars, to get to work, have groceries, you are
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interviewing people feeling that same pinch. i actually drove by a lawn sign the other day in my district, there was a big picture of president trump it had a picture underneath it, gas $1.89. so people are, this is probably a big reason why people are probably concerned about what's happening with joe biden is denying it by the way. he is saying reducing the deficit. taking credit for anything good that happens, refusing to accept the bad. people understand this. look it, i also saw another bumper sticker that said, meme tweets, 2024. so people realize what hits their pocketbook and the bottom line is really what is going to make the difference in the coming election. jackie: yeah. the administration and the president like to call it the putin price hike although inflation problem we've been experiencing started the moment that he took the reins of the white house. ford, i want to come to you because when it comes to strategy and the midterms this is the number one issue impacting people will people
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vote for their wallets or will they be distracted by other issues, for example the leak of the supreme court opinion that has ignited the debate over abortion? >> look, the democrats are going to lose big in 2020. the only question how much. right now it appears they're headed for a bloodbath because they're down in double digits with respect to inflation. the border, the crime, what is being taught in schools, you name it. the democrats are going to try to little slight ever hand, they will try to lie and try to fear-monger as the congresswoman points out. at the end of the day the republicans will win big. it is up to the republicans to win the key races particularly in pennsylvania and nevada. jackie: john barrasso, senator, said the biden administration is essentially not doing enough to curb the inflation problem. watch this. >> combination of soaring inflation and a stagnant economy. we haven't had that since the
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knight '70s. they call it stagflation. so people are actually feeling poorer. the reason people are feeling poorer because their dollars don't go as far as it was before to buy things. so they are actually poorer and joe biden and this administration don't seem to get it. the american people deserve better, much better from what this administration is providing for them. >> congresswoman, i want to come back to you because as we talk about people paying more for their groceryies paying more at the pump, the interest rates are rising too. that is how the fed tries to curb inflation. it takes a while to set in to have the impact it wants. essentially everything within the american dream, right, food, necessities, gas, going to work, owning a home have become out of reach for some people. >> yeah. this is really a disaster as i pointed out earlier. this is the economy. thank goodness that we have the tax cuts and jobs act. we had president trump cutting back on unnecessary regulations which is a huge driver, to
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what's going on in the economy because that is what sustained us through the pandemic and enabling us now to be able to continue to have any kind of economy left but without any kind of robust continuation of those tax cuts, less regulations, energy independence, which is a critical factor, the crime problem, everybody is feeling and seeing this. i'm worried with the fed having to get in the situation, you know the biden administration, all they want to talk about is more spending, more taxpayer, more taxpayer money down the drain. there isn't a better example i think in the entire country than to look at the state of new york. i live in the state of new york. just look at florida versus new york. it's a great example. more people in florida, more people dependent on fixed incomes in florida. the florida state budget is about 99 to $100 billion a year. new york just passed a
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220 billion-dollar budget, all spending. we have the highest taxes. we have the highest out-migration of people. we're seeing a real downturn in our economy. everything that the economy, that the democrats are doing that has been done in new york, they're replicating on a national scale. now we're seeing it spread around the country. jackie: congresswoman, i live here. i make that comparison every single day. you don't have to tell me. you're preaching to the choir. final point i want to go to you, ford o'connell on this. even "the new york times" is saying to the congresswoman's point the fed may be too late here with respect to inflation and that you know, sat back, said it would be transitory. now the headline is the fed is set to pull back economic help rapidly. is it too late? essentially they're saying it took long to recognize we have a big inflation problem on our hands here. as the poll suggests we shared with you at the top of the show. many americans feel this inflation problem will linger for well over a year? >> we are certainly in for a
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bumpy ride. it is because of decades worth of bad fed policy thanks to jerome powell and janet yellen. when it comes to biden administration, it is absolutely right. about the out of control spending. the fact they are basically choking america off domestic fuels which contribute to the inflation. jackie: great to see you both tonight. congresswoman claudia tenney, ford o'connell, thank you so much. >> thank you, jackie. jackie: we're following new developments in the hunter biden scandal as well. democratic leader adam schiff and other liberal media now facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for falsely pedaling russian disinformation. that story coming up ahead. plus biden today condemning efforts of the extremist maga crowd to overturn roe v. wade. that abortion protection. the democrats now using the supreme court leak to try to gain some votes ahead of the midterms with vp harris slamming the gop for trying to weaponize the issue. we're digging into all of that next on "the evening edit."
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♪. jackie: despite growing inflation, collapsing border,
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surge in crime in liberal cities democrats across the nation are trying to capitalize on the supreme court's potential move to overturn roe v. wade, using it as a way to jolt voters heading into the midterms. joining to us discuss, former deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree. tom, great to see you tonight. let me ask you this, whoever leaked the opinion was trying to influence the justices how they eventually stand on this decision or voters when it comes to the midterm elections. your thoughts because the democrats right now instead of focusing on the leaker are bringing the conversation back to abortion itself and attack the justices on the court saying they lied at their senate hearings. >> yes, i think the leaker, who or she might be may have had multiple motives here. one was clearly trying to influence the justices on the supreme court or make them refuse to change their vote or pressure them to change their
6:16 pm
vote. second motive was to stir the pot on the political front to rile up the base, get voters interested, active, maybe have effect on midterm elections, hey, look there is supreme court decision that might be coming down the pike the next few months. jackie: during a speech in washington kamala harris made remarks on this. i want you to listen. >> those republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women, well we say, how dare they. how dare they tell a woman what she can and cannot do with their own body. jackie: tom, you're the attorney, if you read the opinion, you know that justice alito said this isn't necessarily constitutional issue. that is not what he is focusing on. he is not attacking women or their rights. he saying it is not within the purview of the supreme court to make this decision but it should
6:17 pm
be decided at a state level, yet kamala harris gets up there to make it an attack on women? >> it is no such thing. look justice alito in the draft opinion is not weaponizing the law. he is interpreting the constitution. he is reading the plain text of the document and interpreting it in good faith the best he can to see what it protects and what it doesn't protect. i think democrats will go overboard and overstating what they think is the consequence. they basically said the opinion as it stands will be the end of western civilization, roll back rights, it is not. narrowly confined abortion issue. justice alito makes that clear. this will affect the issue of abortion and no other rights should be construed other interpreted to be in this decision. jackie: right. because each set of issues, right, is completely different, different set of circumstances and it is interpreted in a different way, yet president biden, gets on the stage tells
6:18 pm
the public, oh, no, this is part of a big adenda and you all are going to be under attack. listen. >> let me tell you about the ultramaga agenda. it is extreme as most maga things are. ultramaga. i don't with to hear republicans ultramaga deficit the maga republicans. don't want to mispronounce it. the maga crowd. >> the maga crowd is very extreme. say the opinion justice alito wrote ends up being the decision of the court. it gives authority to the states to impose abortion law, that will not make abortion illegal in this country. there still will be states that allow to have abortions. >> it really changes the battleground over this issue from the courts to the statehouses across america where the question of abortion, whether it can be, should be regulated, how it should be regulated will be fought out
6:19 pm
through the democratic process rather than a matter of constitutional law, the president's comments about maga agenda. the supreme court is not political, don't have an agenda, don't have a maga agenda. they are nine men and women interpreting the constitution to their god-given ability. they are not political actors. jackie: fine for the states to decide. it is fine for them to set soft on crime policies. it is fine on them to impose very extreme in some cases tax-and-spend rules. it is not fine as far as democrats are concerned to weigh in on medical health issues. there are many people out there who say absolutely not. let your state, let the people around you, let the democratic process work and let the leaders that you elect decide what the rules should be. >> remember our old friend al gore talked about the how the
6:20 pm
states were laboratories of democracy. that they could try out different approaches. if the people of a state don't like the decisions their leaders are making they can elect difficult leaders or move to a different state. jackie: right. >> it is interesting how people like local democracy and local decisions but not when it doesn't. jackie: exactly. more of the hypocrisy we discussed in some other themes as well. tom, great to see you tonight. really appreciate your time and analysis. thank you. >> thank you, jackie. jackie: we're following new developments in the hunter biden scandal. democratic leader adam schiff and other liberal media outlets now facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for falsely pedaling russian disinformation. we've got this story. it is coming up on "the evening edit". ♪.
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for a quote today. jackie: another day, note new twist in the hunter biden scandal. the "new york post" reports that the laptop repairman who released the computer reportedly filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. who he is suing? cnn, democratic lawmaker adam schiff, "politico," oh, yeah, "the daily beast," claiming they falsely accused him of pedaling russian disinformation. this as more emails are emerging showing that hunter's allegedly shady dealings and business contacts overseas are actually accurate. they were real. with us to discuss
6:25 pm
"the federalist" senior legal correspondent, margot cleveland this laptop repairman is speaking out. he tells the post, all he wants for the rest of the country understand there was a collective effort he says, this is a quote by the mainstream media to block a real story. then he went on to say collusion led by quote politically motivated department of justice and the fbi as well. this was a person who was skewered essentially when this story was deemed disinformation and the outlets tried to block it. social media outlets tried to block it as well. here we are, the laptop is real. >> absolutely, and this is just one of the many victims of the collateral damage that we're seeing here and, mr. mac, he did the right thing. he called the fbi. he provided it to them. who knows what the fbi did with it. they had it for quite a long
6:26 pm
time. they knew what was on it. we're not talking about the stuff inappropriate with hunter. we're talking about the documents, that implicate both hunter and his father in a pay-to-play scandal and, yet, what question have instead the computer store owner who ended up losing his business and he is trying to get some sort of recompense for this and, fortunately it will be a long battle for him to do that. jackie: yeah. and the cover, from the october 2020 "new york post," this is before the election, remember, very critical time, was breaking this story and that was when the post said essentially that they had come upon this information. facebook, twitter, tried to block it as well. a facebook spokesperson at the time said the presence on the platform was being reduced on the account of fact-checking. twitter also warned users that headlines don't tell the full story. i mean essentially, this is censorship at its best. >> exactly.
6:27 pm
and we see this still continuing. it worked for them now so whether you have the department of truth for the biden administration trying to say, hey, we're going to come out they're and protect people from disinformation? that should have been our clue that this is something that should not be going on. jackie: yeah. >> the problem is not merely what happened to the computer store owner. that is horrible and all of that obviously should be taken care of but now we have the president in the white house and we have, all the victim information out there, that russia surely has and what is going on, we're in a very cold war with russia right now and who knows how this is impacting decisions. this -- jackie: absolutely. >> shouldn't happen. jackie: claudia, i'm sorry, margo, i don't think it's a coincidence and i don't think it's a coincidence at all.
6:28 pm
speaking of president himself, right? all this is going on, the president an administration are dodging this story still. listen in his own words. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i have never spoken with my sons about his overseas business dealings. i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their business, period. >> what's your understanding what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money. reporter: president biden: i don't know what he was doing. >> do you think it was wrong to take the position because it was that company wanted access to you. president biden: that is not true. you're saying things you do not know what you're talking about. no one said that. who said that? my son has not made money in terms of this thing, what are you talking about, china. jackie: i mean, you watch that, margo, you have to shake your head, which i see you doing there. it is amazing, how the narrative continues on from the administration's point of view,
6:29 pm
and they're appointing a disinformation czar, nina jankowicz is still saying the laptop story is false. >> absolutely, it is shocking that he continues to deny it but why not? he is getting away with it. most of the media will run from the story. they published a couple stories about the investigation on hunter and what that might be leading to an indictment, but what is going to happen. the indictment is going to drop. this is old news at this point. jackie: right. >> this is a huge scandal. that no one is covering it is equally a huge scandal. jackie: yeah. it's, it's a lot to take in and when you think about as you said the gravity of the decision making that is being made right now with russia specifically, you have to wonder. margot cleveland, thanks so much. good to see you. >> thanks so much. jackie: battle for free speech is intensifying comedian dave
6:30 pm
chappelle was attacked on stage in los angeles. liberal groups staging a anti-musk campaign as well, urging advertisers to pull cash from twitter there is new backlash from republicans aimed at biden's disinformation czar. we're digging into all of this coming up ahead. >> so should we look forward in the future to her censoring internet traffic about the hunter biden laptop? >> i think i noted exactly what the objective of the board is, including continuing the work of the prior administration, and the woman you noted has extensive experience and has done extensive work addressing diss information.
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♪. jackie: elon musk is now the target of liberal groups. they are staging a campaign against him urging advertisers to pull money from twitter. this is coming after word broke that he bought the company. kelly o'grady with the latest developments for us. kelly? reporter: great to see you, jackie. the well the anti-musk campaign is really heating up.
6:35 pm
a group of 26 organizations including bln, the women's march urging advertisers to boycott twitter as elon musk delivers on promise to bring unfettered free speech to the platform. targeting apple and hbo, the groups argue your brand risks association with a platform amplifying hate, extremism, health misinformation and conspiracy theorists. under musk, twitter becomes a cesspool of misinformation. the groups signing letters, are left-leaning or undisclosed ngo by former clinton and obama staffers. musks can address the hypocrisy. who funds the organizations that want to control your access to information? let's investigate. the list includes everyone from foreign governments to big tech itself. access now counts european governments, germany, denmark, george soros, twitter itself amongst its donors. for context similar past efforts
6:36 pm
against platforms against meta have not proven effective. 2020 boy cot, 1000 of nine million brands publicly joined the efforts. jackie: kelly, thank you very much. the battle over the first amendment continues to intensify, raising new concerns that the biden administration urgently to push free speech online. we have the federalist senior editor chris bedford. your reaction to kelly's report, start there. >> this is a classic tactic in washington, d.c., one often very successful. seems intimidating to all the different organizations a lot of folks in corporate media call civil rights groups, activist groups, reality a lot are interconnected. a lot of them have political ideas. some are one person with an email and group who signs on the letters. that is how it works. early in the 2000s because neoconservative angle, bill
6:37 pm
crystal is setting up groups and left-wing is good at it at all. elon musk is right, immediately wonder, are there actually dozens of civil rights groups after me or is this bunch of astro turf and who is paying for it. jackie: elon musk will continue to march forward. he always does. i don't think we'll have to worry about that. dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas was grilled by senators on capitol hill. he denied knowing his disinformation czar talked about hunter biden's laptop. this is mayorkas and senator john kennedy. >> she had said mr. hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation? >> i was not aware of that. >> she had vouched for the veracity of the steele dossier? >> i was not aware of that fact. >> was the department aware of her tiktok videos? >> senator, i --
6:38 pm
>> they're really quite precocious. >> senator i was not aware of. jackie: your reaction? >> that was amazing to watch. it was wonderful to see that grilling. of course they were aware. one of the reasons she was chosen that she has been a democratic propogandist for number of years, using this. one of the reasons americans ought to be worried her department or operation is housed inside the intelligence community. look back at five or six years, russia-gate, claiming that the laptop was russian disinformation whatever, a lot of things were given a cloak of respects ability of intelligence leaders and members signing on this is about national security this is it coming on from an administration they will only use it to oversee it. following all the same patterns. the same administration that sent fbi agents to pta meetings. republicans are right to push back on this. i don't think she will make the nomination because of that i don't think she will be pushed
6:39 pm
through. they might drop here. republicans should stop this, any single republican senator has power to demand whether the senate will fund this. they ought to do so. jackie: the disinformation board is being compared to the ministry of truth if you will. reports say this is another abuse of taxpayer dollars and federal power that will smear americans who disagree with their policies. let me tell you something, chris, i have lived in countries where they have ministries of different things about information, places like china, i'm talking about places like the middle east. not places like america. you start to see this happen and say, this is a really, really interesting transgression. >> i'm almost glad to see it because they're being so honest what they have been doing. over the last five or six years they have been working with corporations to push their censorship regime. they're bringing it in house the place the first amendment ought to protect us. they can't claim it is private companies anymore this is them.
6:40 pm
the american people can see it. jackie: while i have you i want to talk about this too, trying to get a word in edgewise here. comedian dave chappelle was tackled on stage last night in california. was performing a comedy show at the hollywood bowl. officials say the attacker was armed with a knife inside of a replica gun. no injuries but the video was very dicey. this is today, people are attacked to for using their voices on public platforms. essentially if you don't go with the woke language out there, the agenda, you will be attacked for it. >> we've seen that for years now. the level of political violence in this country has gone on and on. there was a bipartisan condemnation of the january 6th riot but there was not bipartisan condemnations of deadly riots, attacks going on for years and years before that. people attacking cabs, chasing people, punching people at rallies ever since donald trump came on the scene. they're attacking innocent people, attacking comedians
6:41 pm
trying to shut people down. i don't know the motive if this was an insane person or not but given the environment our politicians really need to dial this back. we need to have condemnation of all kinds of political violence before it spills over and gets absolutely deadly. >> i made the point earlier today, we should follow the story, to see what happens to the individual. this happened in california obviously, you know. hopefully they will not be soft on him, because if we incarcerate people, for doing things that are bad, it sets a precedent to let others know you cannot get away with this. that is part of the problem too. chris bedford. good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. jackie: we have this disturbing story too. the cdc allegedly paying $420,000 to get information on you during the lockdowns. why and how was the agency even allowed to do it? we're breaking that down coming up next. ♪.
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♪. jackie: new report the coming in tonight reporting that the cdc monitored locations of millions of phones during the lockdown. the cdc paid $420,000 last year, last year, for access into the data, allowing insight where people live, work, travel. here to break this down with us, dr. marty makary. always great to see you. your reaction to this report that indicates the cdc was essentially using private information to monitor americans. >> well the problem is the trust in the cdc is at rock bottom low points and the cdc would have simply need toddies close it to try to win the public trust or at least see what the reaction is. when you do something without people knowing especially in the medical profession people will not let you do it again. many people feel medical privacy is dead. people at the workplace telling their supervisors they were trying to get pregnant. maybe that is why they wanted to avoid getting vaccinated.
6:47 pm
we have never seen that level of disclosure before. what the cdc tried to do purchasing this data is way too far in the minds of most people. this is not identified google mobility data which we had long access to, this is identified information that tells the cdc you went to church, you went to school. this is your name. you were compliant or non compliant with a curfew. jackie: take this a step further what do you think they wanted to do with that information? >> well nobody knows and that's exactly why it's bringing out the worst in peoples suspicion. this origination has lied for people with two years. people are now realizing. they lied about surface transmission when it was airborne. lied about natural immunity. school closures, being necessary. three-foot, six foot, masks would never be mandated that was a public health promise. when you have this many lies, we want all this private information, we didn't tell you we were going to get this, trust us, we were doing it for good
6:48 pm
reasons, the public has no tolerance for that. jackie: i hear you. talking about the fda, similar to the cdc, the fda is coming around when it comes to covid-19. the agency saying to americans essentially that we have to accept covid-19. we have to accept it in our lives. we have to live with it. another respiratory virus. it is like the flu. researchers say vaccines should be taken into consideration as a regular flu shot. there were people saying this long before the fda were saying it. dr. marty, you were saying it when you had said we essentially established herd immunity in this country? >> look, once we had an opportunity to get people immunized and everybody had a chance to get immunized. we should have sent the message that the immunity works. you should be able to live your lives. you're not protected from getting covid but risk of severe illness and hospitalization is markedly lower. go ahead live your lives. this is a seasonal virus.
6:49 pm
now we're saying the fda saying exactly that. nothing has changed is since we needed metage a while back. the question is, people are asking, is the fda giving lip service, people are hungry for the message or will that really translate into policy? we once heard dr. fauci sort of suggest the idea we need to leave it to individual responsibility and people will have to assess their own individual risk yet at the same time they're clinging to the policies of masking on airlines and kids and toddlers needing to be forced to wear cloth masks in schools. people are seeing the discrepancies. so when they see the fda say this message now that we need to recognize this as a seasonal virus, people are wondering is this just lip service or is this what they really believe? jackie: yeah. it is really interesting, dr. marty, i took an anti-body test. i never tested for covid. i never showed any symptoms. it showed my anti-body load was very high. my doctor said very possible i had covid recently within the
6:50 pm
last three months or so. you wonder how many people like that are across the country as well, that aren't necessarily reported. at a certain point we have to let this go and we've got to move on. many people would say the fda admission of this is far too late. dr. marty makary. good to see you, thank you. >> good to see you. >> we're learning the unprecedented border surge is only expected to get worse after title 42 expires next month a report from the border next on "the evening edit." >> what this government is doing, is they're handing over keys to criminal elements. they're handing over keys to the front doors of every single american citizen in this country ♪. r so you only pay for what you need? oh, like how i customized this scarf? wow, first time? check out this backpack i made for marco. oh yeah? well, check out this tux. oh, nice. that'll go perfect with these.
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tonight we are learning unprecedented border search is only expected to get worse after title 42 expires next month. this after 60 migrants were found in a stash house in texas and another 70 migrants were encountered in a city not far from there. brian yunus is in eagle pass texas with the latest. >> good evening, a judge, a democrat says the current facing illegal immigration is unsustainable, wrote a letter to president biden urging him to
6:55 pm
come to the border in texas. >> what i'm asking the president, firsthand knowledge of what happening at the border, all of us are frustrated the border issues continue with no solution. >> president biden has never visited the southern border in his political career. this morning about a dozen migrants crossed the rio grande in unprecedented numbers, large groups of migrant continue to cross illegally. the last few days more than 70 migrants were apprehended in normandy texas. texas dps arrested 52 migrants at a stash house in laredo. judge cortez says lifting title 42, the covid policy expelling migrants immediately will undoubtedly encourage more people to cross into the u.s. illegally. he says ports of entry would be overrun by asylum seekers and border patrol which is already stretched out would not be able to handle that kind of crush.
6:56 pm
>> bryan llenas in texas, joining us now to talk about biden supporter collapse, mark brnovich, dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas, let's start there. he was intensely real during the hearing on capitol hill today over the collapse of our southern border. i want you to listen to this exchange between mayorkas and the senators. >> 1.7 million illegal encounters last year, more than 1 million in the first six months of this year. are you going to pretend that's not going on and say you are actually enforcing the law? >> we mostly are. >> why not go -- without congressional action, president trump today, you just go back to return to mexico, complete the fence, reenter agreement with central american countries and do what president gerald did, fix it. why don't you do that? you can do that with executive
6:57 pm
action. >> we do not agree with many of the inhumane and cruel policies of the prior administration. >> your reaction? >> thank you for having me on. when i heard signatory mayorkas was going to be testifying for the u.s. senate today, i was hoping you would be for impeachment proceedings because what he's done is systematically made america more dangerous and empowered the cartel. his comment at the end shows how out of touch the biden administration is because americans are dying as a result of the frontal and methamphetamine coming in, the people on the terror watch list have been apprehended and the policies, we literally had to sue the biden administration overbilled like a wall, remain and mexico, i already argued the case for the biden administration public benefits. these policies were working and now as a result of what they are doing, america is more dangerous and less safe. >> and you are experiencing it
6:58 pm
firsthand in your state. when it comes to how americans perceive this issue, a fox news goal 563% of people are in favor of keeping trump pandemic era policy in place as opposed to 27% of people. this is administration who does not look at the numbers, or the polls, that's clear but having said that, a lot of people want things at the border to change. >> it starts and ends with enforcing existing law is not allowing people job deportation orders released into our community. it means we don't incentivize and decriminalize people breaking the law by crossing the border illegally and the reality is my frustration in arizona, former prosecutor, those folks in d.c., they have hearings and nothing gets done because they don't care about american taxpayers and i think secretary mayorkas cares more about central america and middle america and as a result, people
6:59 pm
are dying in america is a more dangerous place so i'm doing everything i can in one thing we are not talking about or should have asked today is the dhs wants to grant asylum themselves. not only do you have the wave of title 42 of all these people coming over in record amounts, you literally have the biden administration granting asylum to people which is a de facto amnesty so that is happening right now, this is not in arizona or texas problem, it's the united states of america problem. >> a national problem and that judge and bryan's report was urging the president to visit the border himself and jen psaki said he's not doing it, he has no plans to do it. your thoughts on the leadership and what it says the people in the country? >> what the biden administration is doing, i can't pass a rational thought test, at first we thought maybe they wanted to get rid of ice or abolish dhs but it's clear now this is a
7:00 pm
progressive vision of abolishing our entire border in our system is getting overwhelmed not only criminals coming in but these people getting benefits. >> and a lot of people are worried about it. we will have you on again, thank you. i am jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald, you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. thanks for watching, have a good night. ♪♪ kennedy: i'm talking, hello, good to see you and happy star wars day to you. the race continues, president biden and democrats ramping up attacks on the supreme court after the bombshell leak potentially poised to strike down roe v. wade, thousands of protesters taking to the streets and liberal cities changing my body, my choice. where were you dumb dumb's a year ago with the vaccine passports and mandates? party leaders are soaking in flames with serious claims like these.


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