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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 4, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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progressive vision of abolishing our entire border in our system is getting overwhelmed not only criminals coming in but these people getting benefits. >> and a lot of people are worried about it. we will have you on again, thank you. i am jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald, you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. thanks for watching, have a good night. ♪♪ kennedy: i'm talking, hello, good to see you and happy star wars day to you. the race continues, president biden and democrats ramping up attacks on the supreme court after the bombshell leak potentially poised to strike down roe v. wade, thousands of protesters taking to the streets and liberal cities changing my body, my choice. where were you dumb dumb's a year ago with the vaccine passports and mandates? party leaders are soaking in flames with serious claims like these.
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>> i am enraged but confident, the united states supreme court, there is freedom on all the women of this country. >> how dare they, how dare they try to do this. how dare they deny women their rights and their freedoms. kennedy: sorry, that's the only time she's talked about killing babies. also, apparently a biologist, well done president biden, very serious attacks at what he calls the mag crowd, fantasizing the ruling will be somehow used to persecute gay children. >> this is a lot more than abortion. what happens if you have state
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changing the law saying children were lgbtq can't be in classrooms with other children? is that legit under the way the decision is written? one of the next things that will be attacked? this and aga crowd is the extreme clinical organization that existed in american history. kennedy: and the history of the world, justices have not yet voted to overturn roe v. wade and the ruling would have nothing to do with lgbtq kids in classrooms, is it a political stunt to get democrat voters fired up for the midterms? they have been disengaged. tonight party panel, editor and fox news contributor katie cap which is back along with former state department spokesperson and fox news contributor, marie harve and comment and host of the part of the problem podcast, he is our solution, dave smith,
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welcome everyone. katie, let us begin. elizabeth warren and kamala harris really are trans public and this ongoing simmering debate. your take? >> california governor gavin newsom today said having this conversation we wouldn't if men could get pregnant. i've been told in the emotion section men can get pregnant but i think we have to start with the argument made about roe v. wade, the left is arguing if it's overturned, it will ban abortion everywhere but that's not true, it is turned to the state, joe biden voted for this with republicans and 1983 to put it back to the state and i think it's important to talk about the polling because the white house and democrats are using the polling saying majority of americans want roe v. wade to
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stand and that's true but when you dig down and ask about limits on abortion, they say 54% majority of the country 115 week limits on abortion in the country where is the democratic party has gone from rare abortion to wanting to discuss no limits on abortion whether hillary clinton in 2016 and joe biden now. any kind of limits on abortion and is ingenuous about the overturning of roe and what it would mean. kennedy: what does it mean, marie? >> first, it overturns 50 years of precedent which several justices said they would not do when they were nominated so talk about disingenuous but it will also put women across this country and incredible precarious situation depending on where you live and whether you are rich enough to fly to a blue state, you no longer will have control over the most private decision you will ever make about your body.
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the idea politicians will get to decide something a woman should decide with her doctor, her religious leader, her partner or spouse, the fact that politicians on the right think they should be able to dictate that is i think something many of us never actually thought what happened coming from the supreme court. this feels too many women like an attack on their ability to determine their own future and we know lower income women who don't have means, black and brown women who often don't have good prenatal care, even the people impacted the most, abortions don't go down when it's illegal, they just become more dangerous. abortion has been declining steadily for a few decades under rope so i would love the gop to say what their goal is because if it's fewer abortions, that's already happening. kennedy: and that great but i wish democrats would acknowledge
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there should be fewer abortions. if you take the law out, politicians and the courts and take them completely out of the conversation, i'd like to hear more people on the left say as a society we should be performing fewer abortions, we have so many choices, i talked with my girls about this all the time, they have choices we didn't have 20 or 30 years ago when we were teens. now you do. abortion rates are going down for a number of reasons and that is a good thing. unfortunately, on the left they talk about abortion as though it's this wonderful thing. nina said she wished she had an abortion. what a sickening statement because it's not good, it's not a wonderful thing society can terminate pregnancy. it is personal, it is a conversation between you and your doctor and that's where it should say but the left needs to
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be a lot more responsible when talking about something as serious as terminating pregnancies. your thoughts without a uterus but still has a say, dave smith. >> i have a couple of children so i think having kids means i have somewhat of a say or perspective on the issue. i think it's interesting personally as a libertarian and pro-life libertarian, it's interesting to see democrats start invoking this libertarian language but only when it comes to killing your baby while it's still growing inside of you. it's the one case where bodily autonomy and freedom of choice and liberty and women's rights in all of these things matter, kamala harris talking about this when she was a prosecutor in l.a. she put over 1500 people in jail for pot offenses but all of a sudden she is a great champion of what you want to do with your
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body, to me whether you want to smoke pot is not as big of a deal if you want to kill your baby but i will say it's right, if you ask big questions, do you support medicare for all, pro-choice? you get a decent amount of americans who say yes but once you drill down, it's much more controversial. if you say you support medicare for all if taxes go up? it falls by like 15%. do you support in new york city no questions asked, anyone can have an abortion for any reason up to 24 weeks? you don't have a majority on that because it's to most people, killing a baby. i think the broader lesson is we have had 50 years of an issue that there is not a consensus on dictated by the supreme court, it's going to be this one way and it's enforced every single state and what has it led to? fifty years of this being a huge cultural divide.
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a culture war issue. isn't it preferable to say state can make up the loss, we let murder laws and rape laws and grand theft auto laws be determined by the state. why can't we let this be determined by the state? why does washington d.c. have to rule over 320 million americans? kennedy: if it is my body my choice, that goes for everything from now on. much more to discuss, a big night for president trump endorsed politicians. twenty-two trump backed candidates won their primary elections in ohio and great state of indiana. major victory for jd fans. ohio's republican senate primary. he liked in the polls until he got the trump votes. >> thanks to the president for everything, for endorsing me. i've got to say a lot of fake news media out there and there are some good ones, some bad ones, too, let's be honest but they wanted to write a story
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that this campaign would be the death of donald trump america first agenda. it's not the death of the america first agenda. [cheering] kennedy: what do the winds mean for president trump? chances he runs again in 2024, fox news contributor and editor of the transom, then dominant. what does this mean for the former president? does he look at this and say i love being a moral? i am the king maker? this is the ultimate or does he say i got to be president again? >> i think he takes away from a good night, signs that his agenda and approach to politics have been vindicated in places like ohio and indiana. we know as the polls indicate, it's not going to be the case for a number across the country particularly in a state like georgia where it looks like his
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favor candidate, pretty will go down by a wide margin to governor bryan kemp was one of his first targets when it came to this. the attitude i think trump ought to have in this moment is one of saying, being able to claim victory, claim a lot of his candidates were vindicated in their approach but it's keep in mind, there is complexity. jd fans was one of the biggest critics of donald trump when he was initially rising through the political scene so i think that is a circumstance that's going to be interesting when he gets to the senate to see how he approaches this assuming he can beat tim ryan in the fall. this will be collocated series of elections and a lot of people like me will try to see how powerful is donald trump? at the end of the day i think a
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lot of outcomes will determine not whether he runs or not because i believe he will but how big of a challenge he gets from a potential challenger. how does montesano's read the room? kennedy: how should he? should he run even if trump runs? >> that's the question on my mind, you can see to florida man going after it. i think that is something that becomes more likely or if it looks like donald trump is not necessarily the king of the jungle automatically anymore. >> maybe he is comfortable being the person in charge without being the head of the party. i know that would be a lot of people who appreciate the trump agenda get fed up with the guy and his personality and his flaws, who knows. it's interesting especially since tim ryan had a progressive candidate because it was a good night for trumpism, not a good night for progressivism. a lot more primaries coming up
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ben domenech, thank you so much. >> great to be with you. kennedy: l.a. teachers union tweeting out demand for more cash and debt forgiveness during teacher appreciation week. i would appreciate it if they stop holding our kids hostage and actually teach something. i'll discuss with steve hilton next. ♪♪
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welcome back, turns out cdc has been sending us for the covid virus. the agency say $420,000 for cell phone location data, tens of millions of americans in 2021, just last year. cdc says the use the data to track our compliance with lockdown orders and vaccine mandates. how does a health crisis justify another government invasion of privacy party panel is back. katie pavlich, marie hart, david smith. katie, explain to people how this is problematic. >> how much time do we have? the cdc was working with a private company called safeguard
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giving the cdc information and data they have, the cdc used it to monitor people going to church, monitoring the pharmacy visits and complying with curfews and lockdown orders and it's problematic because it violates a number of issues with the fourth amendment but there aren't laws in place that protect americans from private companies selling your information to a government health entity to track your movements. i'm not sure how congress can solve this but it can be solved, the idea private companies can just sell your information for tracking for the centers for disease control when we've seen how places like communist china have used data location services -- their own civilians is a huge problem. the lockdowns we've seen recently with people forced to stay in their apartment with no
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food and if they go outside to go to the grocery store, they are beaten in the street so it's a real problem and i think lawmakers have to look at protecting people's data from the government, using it to surveilled them under the guise of public health. kennedy: my problem is the cdc has had so much power particularly during the pandemic and they don't seem to eager to get that done anytime soon so i don't trust them when they see they are keeping tabs on us just for research purposes. my issue is unintended consequences, what did they do with the data in the future when they realize someone has not been compliant and has visited a house of worship or their neighbors after curfew or gone to the pharmacy but not got there vaccine? >> today this company actually said after these revelations, they would not sell data when
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people visit abortion clinics so an issue related to health, this company is under public pressure because people are concerned how the data could be used in the future going back to our previous discussion so i think there are lots of issues related to privacy, roe v. wade, i'm glad to hear people on the right like privacy but there are . kennedy: privacy for a long time but thank you for that. >> related to tracking and we all give phones too much data to begin with, companies like this one partially funded by peter teal was a conservative activist should not be able to do things like this. kennedy: i think the cdc, they are the ones who have greater responsibility since they are a taxpayer funded government entity. dave? >> the cdc should be abolished.
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i don't even want to sell the building to a private business, i just want demolition style blow it up. after the last two years, what possible justification for keeping the cdc could you have? you had the example over the last two years of the pandemic, it would have been this is why we have a cdc and they got everything wrong the entire time but there is a strong argument to be made, public companies -- private companies should have to disclose and get the approval of customers before they do something like this but when you talk about selling data to the cdc and the cdc keeping it a secret, the idea the government doesn't have the obligation to tell people they are tracing them in this way, for all the talk about democracy i hear from progressive establishment, ukraine is about democracy and
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wind trump voters are so bad because of democracy and january 6 over democracy, what good is democracy if the citizens aren't informed what the government is doing? if you care about democracy and you should be opposed to government secrecy because of the people don't know, how can they make an informed decision when they vote? this is a., the idea the government is tracing locations of people and keeping tabs on them in the most intimate ways and you can say roe v. wade is about privacy, the actual argument is whether it's killing a baby or not, that is the distinction there. >> legal argument. kennedy: the data can be used to be anonymized and that is what happened with the wisconsin priest using this technology for going to the gay bar and meeting news on grinder which in my estimation, in my greenroom,
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that's grounds for a round of drinks. it can be incredibly harmful and it is a workaround for the government to say they are just buying it from private companies. hogwash. party panel, stay here. we are not done with you yet. an arms attacker, dave chapelle at a comedy show. is this a will smith america? i'll break that down next. ♪♪
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what is wrong with people? last night some freak jumped on stage during a comedy special debate gun and real life and tackled dave chapelle at the hollywood bowl. this not far had his arm broken by chapelle's security team including jamie foxx in a chefs hat and charged by lapd with
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felony assault. that is no good. in the olden days, excuse to say outrageous things to shock the audience and the worst case scenario would be a drunk heckler who later gave you crabs. now will smith slapped chris rock, every dipstick who wants to make points feels within his rights to hop on stage and physically violate someone they disagree with. listen, dumb dumb. words are not speech, speech is not violent. violence is not warranted or acceptable when you hear something you don't like or hurt your ego. violence is violence and there are no rhetorical gymnastics to justify hurting someone because your feelings were bruised. will smith gave unstable all past to enter a name because
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he's a secret psycho who couldn't control his temper on what would have been the biggest night of his life. dave chapelle obviously offended people over the years and most recently with his netflix special, the closer where he took aim at the trans community, does that make you mad? then don't consume his stuff or go on a run. sensibility is an annoying oversensitivity is not grounds for physical retaliation. when you assault someone because you are a big fat simple idiot, you have lost the argument and will be forever relegated to society stinky basement. yes, it's a euphemism. dave chapelle will be fine, he's rich and successful and inspiring anger from losers as to his mystique and surviving an attack and wherewithal and humor means he's already one. that's the memo. one of his reps says he's cooperating with lapd but these folks need to get a grip. attacking comics or anyone you disagree with is never the answer so where do we go from here? party panel is back. katie pavlich, marie harf and
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dave smith. dave, you are an actual comic. where are we in society when people feel it's a good idea to go on stage and assault someone in the middle of a set? >> well, i am against that. kennedy: your for it, york going to write that down. [laughter] >> i've noticed for years, since like. [two bells tolling] but getting worse every single year, audience members are way more sensitive to something that offends them and blurring the line between violence or whatever but i haven't felt any more than the typical danger of being a nightclub that someone would do something and comedians were concerned that this would lead to a new president, i don't know if it's true or not but i
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will tell you i like the president of somebody rushing date chapelle, it was very serious, the guy had a knife on him, you have no way of knowing whether he was trying to stab him or not. i like the idea of that guy leaving with his shoulder in a weird z position and facing charges the next day so that it is what's going to happen and i think that's going to happen for most people even not in a huge amphitheater like that, attacking somebody who a bunch of fans are probably in the crowd and he's got security and stuff like that, good for this guy, people out there, don't do that. kennedy: don't do that and you would think everyone knows that but apparently everyone doesn't know that. now marie, shows will be fun because there were be a much security and questionnaires and psychological profiles before you sit down to enjoy good old-fashioned comedy show.
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>> yes. i think this is awful and i don't think it should have happened even though i don't like dave chapelle. kennedy: how could you not like him? >> i mean, that and a lot of other things just because you have the right to say things and make outrageous jokes, i don't think you should but i love the michelle and a lot of conservatives don't like her so i hope this is not the new normal because i think it's pretty serious. >> i love both of them. kennedy: that's great. michelle wolf can be funny. dave chapelle insistently way, way more funny especially when he talks about how he went from chimpanzee to human. [laughter] so katie, is this a direct correlation to what happened between will smith and chris rock? >> first, i would say if you are
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not a real comic like me but try, nobody shows up to your shows and you don't have to worry about anybody tackling you. when you are on stage. i don't know if it's direct correlation to what happened with will smith and the rock, i like comics make jokes about the things that happen to them. i have advised, my mother took us when we were teenagers on accident, thinking it would be a fun family event when the midget gave a lot dance on stage, she knew it was a mistake so if you're offended. kennedy: a little person. >> exactly, a little person. i'm so sorry, the points, if you're offended, don't go to a comedy show. >> shall wolf, dave chapelle, just keep it in order. kennedy: you say dave chapelle is the least funny? >> no, he was the tallest and most funny, dave chapelle.
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[laughter] kennedy: there hugo. i may not agree with everything but that's not why i watch company. thank you so much, this has been a party. well done. america's teachers union, they are not reading the room. americans are fed up with school closures and politicized curriculum, ucla america's second largest teachers union tweeted out demands for teachers appreciation week including but not limited to masking, higher salaries, student loan forgiveness for teachers, new social justice programs and an end to standardized testing and how did america's teachers get so disconnected from the parents of students they are supposed to be serving? joining me to discuss, the next revolution sunday night fox news channel and host of the daily california podcast new episodes out daily, steve hilton. steve, your in california.
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i know you work a lot in l.a., you live in northern california but this is a sickness throughout california education system, isn't it? >> it is, they are so powerful because they are controlled by politicians. democrats talk endlessly about big money and politics and corruption, the worst example is with them and public sector union and the worst, teachers unions. they wonder why we don't appreciate and teacher appreciation week, let's think to the pandemic, one of the demand they had, another list of demands a couple of years ago, the reopening of schools was a wealth tax. what does that have to do with anything for safely reopening schools? their demands are purely political because they are
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purely political. their focus is on their interests, their ideology, the political agenda is not the pants and students and educating our kids. kennedy: they don't focus on students, they are culturally illiterate and crews actually said in august of last year, our kids didn't lose anything, talking about learning loss during the pandemic, it's okay our babies may not have learned all their times tables, they learned resilience, critical thinking skills and survival. they know the difference between right and protest, insurrection and coup the people who are in charge of the teachers union and force teachers and l.a. to be part of the union, there are forgiveness, plain and simple. they want gardens and restorative actions, not discipline. if one of your little pastors pulled a knife on my kid, i want them to be punished, i want them
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to go to the court system because they are violent and dangerous and they shouldn't be in school torturing kids. they want restorative systems. you know what? restore my middle finger and your honey hole. sorry, that was aggressive. >> by the way, what makes you think if a criminal goes to the court system in california? they fluent that as well. l.a. and san francisco, hopefully they will be kicked out and that is the real hope, eventually i think it will turn because people are sick of it. you see democrat voters in revolt against what's going on, they've kicked out the school boards in san francisco, latinos leaving the democrat party in droves because i cannot stand what's happening. kennedy: and high disapproval ratings. >> they push people too far. kennedy: you are seeing that and i hope is a philosophical shift in california because it is
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time. thank you for pointing everything out, good to talk to you. coming up, rumors say vladimir putin will go in to the night for an alleged cancer surgery, potential for placement has been named, would be worse for the world and putin himself? a brand-new kenne-dog looking good. you are so sweet, i love you. look at your cupcake. ♪♪
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♪♪ vladimir putin reportedly needs cancer surgery. so what happens when he's under the knife and out of commission? rumor has it adele, he will ever a transfer power to nikolai
7:43 pm
patrushev. what does that mean for the war in ukraine and the world? he with me now, retired favor navy seal and wisconsin republican congressional candidate derrick van orden is back. do you believe the cancer rumors? and welcome. >> clearly there appears to be some health issues going on with vladimir putin, his unlawful horrific invasion of ukraine is complete stupid and the math didn't add up for that politically, economically, militarily, horrible decision, tragic this savaged vladimir putin continues to prosecute this awful assault on ukraine. something is going on and what is interesting is ukraine does not have a 25th amendment, if it did, it would be prime minister -- the guys name, in charge of. kennedy: humane russia doesn't have a 25th amendment. >> russia does not have a 25th amendment, the guy who should be
7:44 pm
taking over as prime minister, they did, he was essentially the head of their equivalent of the irs. it makes much more sense for nikolai patrushev who was in charge of the russian security council, which is equivalent of our national security council and demetri is his deputy, he's out of the running. it will be patricia. kennedy: what if patricia looks at this and takes a survey as you have and says this is horrible politically, economically, militarily, vlad is going under the knife, why don't i just push them out completely, sees total power and that will make average russians very happy and pull out of ukraine? is that a possibility? >> i floated that around a bit ago and i think it makes sense,
7:45 pm
patrushev understand how badly russia is in the international community, it's impossible not to now. he could take this sliver in time and depose vladimir putin and in order to get back in the good graces of the international community, withdraw completely from ukraine and undo sanctions put in place because of putin's unlawful invasion of ukraine and that would be a smart political move. plus fantastic to the world at large and ukraine specifically. kennedy: he probably be on the cover of "time" magazine if he did something like that, probably a nobel peace prize if he depose vladimir putin, got out of the war and started selling dirty gas again to germany but hey, it could happen. russians are not happy with what's going on right now. sanctions are hurting them more than the oligarchs, yes men who surround putin so i hope something happens, i hope we take a more positive step because it is happening at the
7:46 pm
hands of the united states government. >> again, vladimir putin is the only person responsible for the invasion of ukraine but he has cable-television, vladimir putin saw wasn't biden band of thousands of american citizens to the taliban so let's hope these guys get out of ukraine, continue to support our friends and hopefully this war will end sooner rather than later. kennedy: i hope so, too. thank you for your time, always good to talk to you. >> have a great night. kennedy: absolutely. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: jimmy kimmel contracted covid-19 on the bright side, it's the first time time he's gone viral without adequate role. a sick joke. this is topical storm, topic number one. a british member of parliament is resigning after he was caught watching porn on his phone. luckily that would never happen here because our lawmakers would never resign. neil was caught watching porn on two occasions by female colleagues. they were sitting near him and
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that is the problem, the powdered wigs, no peru for vision, you never know when there are chicks around. the news said it was the first time was accidental and he was just trying to look at videos. that's what happens when you google hard-core plowing. it was a typo, he meant to search for fertilizer but actually typed fertilize her. this is why you need to be extra careful a when you're logging onto only farm but he admits the second time he watched porn, it was on purpose. he said it was all too easy. all he had to do was pull up a previous farm related search and delete the word will do. topic number two. time to celebrate the most important moment in your life. no, not me. i'm talking about your mom. like all the guys at your local truck stop do, sunday is mother's day and thanks to a new
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partnership, you can show her a kernel of love. don't give your mom a poultry gift, give her a poultry gift. kfc's fried chicken flower bouquet, literally the least you could do. regular flowers will warm her heart but this will make her blood boil. a great way to quicken the pace on the inherited she's had her eye on, the bouquet comes with four baked biscuits, three large size and eight skewers of fried chicken. includes a card you can tell mom how much she means to you but the chicken flowers pretty much say at all. you are dead to me. topic number three. connecticut man stepped outside in the middle of the night and found a giant black bear inside his mother-in-law's car. then after trying to convince her to take a drive to the store, he decided to give up and call police look at this -- oh yeah, that's what i call a tough bear.
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i haven't been this bearish about a car since the nissan lease. the owner thinks the bear was hungry and smelled an empty donut box in the car but the only thing inside were bear claws. don't worry, all pause on the bear plans. abandoned the car by telling how high the gas prices are. you can't drive anywhere, friend but the interior of the vehicle was completely destroyed. the owner said it was the most as bad as the time he gave arrives to amber heard after she had chipotle. oh amber. a lot of heard turned. cambridge university, there he is. a robot chef how to taste food while it is cooking so it can know whether to add more flavor. it's become so human, it given up on cooking and it's ordering hooper eats instead. the robot not only taste the food it makes, it also stimulates chewing it so it can
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understand the texture so is just like your mouth but instead of a toothpick, it uses pliers. the robot can only make omelettes because it's programmed by college students but it's also learning how to make salads, favorite dressing? motor oil and vinegar. the robot could be adjusted to your personal flavor profile to make your food as salty as you would like plus chewing function will allow people like president biden to eat something other than most peas for once. special thanks to british mp neil parrish for setting up this news story, he was in the house of commons searching for mastication videos and he found this. it takes a lot of unnecessary chances. hands were i can see them, sir. we'll be right back with your kenne-dog's. sending your dog, might be famous. next. ( ♪♪ in
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bill: -- bella. and this, of course, is macy's from northern wisconsin, macy's loves new people, and she is such a good girl. oh, look at here, it's lee lee knew cat and zucco. look at those faces, sandy, baby. up next, it's brooke's frenchie stella. her mom likes to dress her up in shirts. i love shirts, and i love a good frenchie. and millie, charlie and bailey, oh, the three amigos. high-five and high paw every one of you. next up we have fergus. how are you doing? you've got a great hairdo. i want to create irish whiskey. and these are tom's dogs, presley and priscilla. oh, i'm dying of the cuteness already, and lastly, this is casey's pup, chip. virginia, the commonwealth.
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he likes to eat and chew everything, and he can do it because look at that face, he's so cute. and thank you for watching the best hour of your day. follow me on twitter and instagram, @kennedynation. bye! kat timpf, game night! it's going to be epic. good night. ♪ ♪ >> on this episode of mansion global, we're abiding by the cowboy code of the west, ten rules that govern the way cowboys live and work. all except for rule number nine. that says something some things aren't for sale. if you thought luxury couldn't include pulling up your boot straps and getting some dirt under your fingernails, think again. welcome to "mansion global." ♪ ♪


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