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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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david: update to a story we brought you yesterday. yankees player aaron judge meeting that nine-year-old fan who was gifted an aaron judge home run ball by a toronto bluejays fan. that is a beautiful thing, baseball. that does it for us on fox business. end your week tomorrow with us. we'll see you then. ♪. liz: happening now, brutal reality check for the white house. big stock market drop. the u.s. economy potentially veering into recession but unity biden's deplorable moment. that sale for hillary. biden calls half the country extremists when biden collapsed the border and democrats defund the police. now this, we have a major voter base about to deliver a resounding common sense wake-up call to democrats in washington. joining us tonight, mike john, mark green, pat fallon, fox business larry kudlow, economist
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lindsey piegza, "fox nation" host tommy lauren and former tom homan. we have people protesting at supreme court justices homes. dems are trying to use and the roe v. wade leak for victory. cdc bought cell phone location data to see if americans were breaking lockdown rules. can americans sue? the house gop calling in biden's new disinformation czar to testify. new video of her again making misleading claims. biden's chair of the fcc, a major conflict of interest. she worked at the same far left group now pressuring her to stop elon musk's takeover of twitter. who is funding two dozen far left groups pushing for a boycott of twitter? hillary clinton's team hit with a major loss in court over hillary's trump russia. we have blowback against energy
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secretary jennifer granholm. claims no conflicts of interest between hunter biden, between biden and hunter biden even after a detail senate report uncovered major conflicts of interest in hunter's overseas deals. potential criminality too. the justice department is probing hunter biden. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: begin with stocks. a broad selloff, down nearly 5%. all 11 s&p sectors down the worst day for the dow and the nasdaq since 2020. a year of gains have been wiped out. this is being blamed on fed rate hikes to battle inflation. the 10-year yield, watch it, it is surging above 3%. check the loan rates there. a massive barrier erected around
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the supreme court. similar to one after the capitol riots. police clashing with protesters in l.a., antifa in seattle after the draft majority opinion in the roe v. wade case, dobbs versus jock son leaked. we have news that protesters will demonstrate at homes of half a dozen justices. put on internet, supposed home addresses of justice amy coney barrett, john roberts, samuel alito, brett kavanaugh, clarence thomas and neil gorsuch. polls show americans don't like this. this is cultural issues, what suburban momses will vote on. they are votes determined last two presidential contacts. grady trimble has more. take are listen to grady. grady what you got?
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reporter: liz, president biden talked a lot about the budget deficit in the speech about the economy. it is truly, it fell $350 billion during the first year in office. it is expected to fall another 1 1/2 trillion this year but that is missing some important context. look at the chart from the office of management and budget. shows skyrocketing deficit because of spending during the pandemic. those pandemic era programs are ending. so the deficit is falling as well. after that though, look at the trend in the next 10 years. it is trending upwards once again. a committee for a responsible federal budget points out several proposals by the biden administration and here in congress could add to the deficit like the china competition bill, the restaurant relief bill and of course student loan debt cancellation. also worth noting that in his speech about the state of the economy president biden largely glossed over inflation pott pott bringing down the deficit is one way to ease inflationary pressures in the economy where
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consequence of a war and gas prices and oil and food and it all, it is a different world right this moment because of ukraine and russia. reporter: as important as the deficit is, that's just not what people are talking about right now, liz. the latest "fox news poll" which you've reported on found that nine in 10 americans are either concerned or extremely concerned about inflation. liz? elizabeth: grady trimble thank you so much. good to see you. joining us now congressman mike johnson from house judiciary, along with stifel chief economist lindsey piegza. thanks for spending time with us. first, congressman, soccer moms could decide the midterms. democrats are fighting to move the news cycle away from inflation. they can't campaign on a weak economy. is this going to work? they have got to convince voters, inflation, possibly recession, crime, open borders is less important than the supreme court fight over abortion what do you think?
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>> i think they will fail miserably. i'm in district of louisiana. all members of house are home this week. i've been out and about with all soccer moms in louisiana. i can tell you what they concerned about. i narrow down to the three is, inflation, immigration, incompetence. on all issues you listed foreign policy, energy policy to crime, all of it. everything the biden administration has touched has become a crisis or catastrophe. everybody can see that with their own eyes. cultural issues are important to people as well but number one thing will drive them, to get them to the polls is other issues, kitchen table issues. we're right on all of that. we look forward to that contest. elizabeth: there is that. lindsey, americans want prosperity, they want a better future. even democrats like nancy pelosi yes, it is the economy, the economy, the economy. lindsey, we've seen polls from quinnepiac, monmouth, it is the economy. does it feel like 2006, 2007,
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what? >> when we look at the latest gdp report. that sums it up. we've seen the first negative print of this cycle. much was due to trade and the inventory cycle when we look lot the latest data from consumer we're losing momentum. wage growth is up on nominal basis. when we adjust for inflation real income is down double digits. if the consumer continues to pull back going forward that will leave the con in dire straits. layer on a more aggressive fed, that translates into weaker breath and possibly recessionary conditions. elizabeth: what lindsey is talking about, democrats, republicans signed on to it, wartime spending after a pandemic and shutdowns. massive amount of m1 money supply pouring? >> sure. elizabeth: maloney the head of the democrat campaign committee, midterms will be about abortion. watch what is going on.
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watch this. >> the idea that we're going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to, to abort a child based on a decision by the supreme court, i think goes way overboard. this maga crowd really is the most extreme political organization that existed in american history. in recent american history. what happens if you have state change the law saying that children who are lgbtq can't be in classrooms with other children? not many senators from delaware. small state. as a matter of fact never been one and so i want to take advantage of -- >> inflation is number one driving factor i believe in my state right now. it is hurting everybody. not just at the pump but the grocery store, at the drugstore
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at the pharmaceutical. everything they do. >> the election this november will be a referendum on privacy and your right to freedom as an american. they don't want to make that the case. they want it to be oh, it is inflation, something at the border. elizabeth: okay. there's that, you heard all that. by the way the president was a senator of delaware. i don't know what he is talking about. congressman, a "gallup poll" last year, 58% oppose roe v. wade. cultural issues, critical race theory turned out voters in virginia what base will democrats energy to come out? vast majority to change parties to align with their own views on things like abortion? >> exactly right. they're not telling the truth. not only is it incoherent because the president is apt to be but they're simply not telling the american people the facts. anybody who views the draft opinion, alito draft will know this is strictly returning the right to the people in the individual states where it was
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before 1973 when unelected justices of the court ripped that freedom away from the people. we are returning freedom to the people. that is what this opinion will be. they will decide it in their own individual states where the decision always belonged. >> we have talk of a biden-trump rematch, lindsey. that is growing. let me back up. we'll not talk with but the supreme court decision. you're an economist. by the way president biden as a senator voted in 80s to leave up states to vote on abortion. that is what the leaked supreme court draft is about. europe has same standard, saying no after the first trimester. the president is ramping up the rhetoric, he is ramping up the mistakes. do you think we're really going into recession? what do you think? >> i think at this point, to your point voters are focused on social issues. that's a key many do point -- component. the big issue feeling inflation
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from the grocery store or gas prices. average american household, two-car family, 20-gallon tank, filling up two or three times a month, translates hundreds more a month to fill up the family car. household balance sheet, 20% is going to energy costs. additional 10% going to food costs, higher food costs. that will leave little discretionary income for average americans to go into the marketplace to spend on non-discretionary goods. without that spending power the economy is likely to sink. we do forecast the first negative print in q1 of 2023. elizabeth: do you feel like we're in recession already? >> i think we're headed towards recession. the fed will have to back off more quickly than expected to in order to stave off the recessionary scenario. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, lindsey piegza. striking democrats in tim ryan in ohio, he is many doing whether he should have biden help him campaign against
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jd vance. that is striking in the senate race there. mike johnson, lindsey piegza, come back soon. growing outrage, reports that the cdc got location data from millions of cell phones to attract whether americans were breaking covid shutdowns. we're staying on the story for us next on "the evening edit." >> it's so creepy and i don't understand how our government continues to allow this kind of thing to go on. i think anybody who hears these stories is kind of shocked it is actually happening in america. i know i am. ♪. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now congressman mark green. he is a member of house subcommittee on the coronavirus. great to have you back on, sir. >> liz. elizabeth: how did this happen? who approved the white house or cdc, vice magazine report that the cdc paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for phone location data to track millions of americans to track whether they were complying with lockdowns? who was signing off on this? >> who knows. we've got to get to the bottom of it and however made that decision needs to be in jail. they essentially violated the fourth amendment to the constitution surveilling americans without probable cause, without a warrant.
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it is the basics of our government. the fourth amendment, the bill of rights, they're throwing it in the garbage. the cdc even used a company that google had banned. google banned them because they weren't managing peoples data appropriately. the liberal company, google bans them. the cdc hires them to surveil americans. it's surreal. elizabeth: they got extremely accurate data on age, gender, income. this is like george w. bush's administration bulk metadata collection at the nsa or the cia under joan brennan admitted they were spying on senate intelligence. we're talking about visits to neighbors, to churches, to stores, pharmacies. >> sure. elizabeth: and more. this feels awful. now we've got this disinformation board at homeland security, this ministry of truth, basically we've got 20 house, excuse me, 20 gop governors saying no, we'll stop this. listen to secretary mayorkas of homeland security talking about
6:18 pm
it. watch. >> when the department picked ms. jankowicz, did it know that she has vouched for the veracity of the steele dossier? >> senator, let me repeat myself and add an additional fact, one, we do not discuss internal hiring processes. two, i was not aware of that fact. >> when the department picked her, was the department aware of her tiktok videos? >> senator, i -- >> they're really quite precocious. >> senator, i was not aware of those videos. >> think of all the debates and disputes we've had over the last 50 years in our country. we work them out by debating them. we don't work them out by the government being the arbiter. i don't want government guardrails.
6:19 pm
i want you to have nothing to do with speech. you think the american people are so stupid they need you to tell them what the truth is? you can't admit what the truth is with the steele dossier. elizabeth: this report, house republicans will call in nina jankowicz to testify. congressman, why does it feel like when you listen to the dhs, or white house press secretary jen psaki, you feel like come away you had a fight or a struggle with a dozen seagulls? it is really rough stuff. >> look comrade mayorkas wants nothing more than to insure they control the messaging between now and november. now this is the guy who refuses to enforce the laws in our southern border. is absolutely defying a court order telling him to reinstate remain in mexico. just issued a ruling on asylum processing that violates the constitution of the united states. and this guy is going to oversee the ministry of truth in america?
6:20 pm
it is absurd. and of course governors are going to push back. i hope my governor pushes back. we need to push back. this is unacceptable in our country. it is, it's ridiculous. it is orwellian. elizabeth: we also have this video surfacing of nina jankowicz, dismissing, setting aside of the loudon county concerns about politicizing children in schools. called it disinformation for profit. when parents are worried about critical race theory, teaching that american institutions are racist, skin color determines their social and economic and political differences. watch this. >> you're absolutely right, critical race theory has become one of hose hot-button issues that the republicans and other you know, disinformers who are engaged in disinformation for profit frankly, there are plenty of media outlets that are making money off of this too have seized on. weaponizeing peoples emotion. elizabeth: your reaction to
6:21 pm
that? >> so, she is basically saying that they get to determine what is right and wrong. and it is absolutely farcical. she is the person who said one critical race theory is, you know, a for-profit false narrative which we all know is false. she actually said that hunter biden laptop was russian disinformation. that was another of her false claims to truth. so there is no way she has any right to tell another american what they can say. robust political debate is what defines our country. american is a government of the people and if the people will hold the government accountable, we have to be able to say what we believe and what we think and here the democrats, particularly the leadership in the the department of homeland security and comrade mayorkas want to shut us down. we'll not allow that to happen. elizabeth: congressman green, thanks for coming on. good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: the fight for free
6:22 pm
speech, we're staying on this. this major conflict of interest, biden's chair of the fcc has ties to the same far left group now pressuring her to stop elon musk's takeover of twitter. that and more next on "the evening edit". ♪. lemons. lemons. lemons. lemons. look how nice they are. the moment you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels. so you can go and see all those, lovely, lemony, lemons. and never wonder if you got a good deal. because you did.
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6:26 pm
funding them? we have reports the george soros open society foundation, ngos funded by former clinton and obama staffers and wealthy democrat donors, their family foundations, labor unions and more. kelly o'grady has been all over the story. she has more. reporter: great to see you, liz. this is all about dark money. okay it is a key resource in funding the liberal agenda but now they're using it to police free speech as well. 26 activist groups and n gos sending a letter to twitter's biggest advertisers urging them to boycott if elon musk refuses to uphold the current censorship standards. the billionaire questioned hypocrisy who is behind it all? the list, includes everyone in big business, foreign countries, election watchdogs, european governments like germany, denmark, george soros, even twitter amongst itself as donors. another is accountable tech,
6:27 pm
dark money are unclear but founder is former foreign policy spokesperson for hillary clinton's campaign. this is not a new tactic this is a new focus. we have another target now the supreme court. white house linked dark mony group, demand justice, pop-up groups organizing protests aimed at pressures those justices. if you follow the funds, dems are leveraging dark money as creatively as republicans if not more, whether policy or business. i do want to highlight even with the pushback, elon's quest for open town square is gaining believers. he secured another 7 billion in equity to fund the takeover. he has momentum. elizabeth: prince alwaleed and larry ellison. kelly, great reporting. always good to have you on. >> thank you. elizabeth: look who is here, one of my favorites, fox business anchor, superstar larry kudlow. larry, good to have you on. what is your reaction to that report? >> i love it, i just love it. all the lefty crazies are trying
6:28 pm
to gang up on my hero, my free speech hero elon musk and guess what? they're all going to get whooped. he will raise the money. he will take twitter. he will take them private. he will change the business model. he is going to instill free speech and it doesn't matter what the george soros crowd wants. they're going to get whooped. that's all. elizabeth: larry, also this, this far left group, the open markets institute, it is lobbying the ftc to stop elon musk taking over twitter. larry, biden's fcc chair, lena kahn was former director of open markets institute. gop representative jim jordan says ftc has to preserve all records on this. what is your take on that one. >> jordan is all over this as he should be. she will not block on the merits. the fcc, look, the federal trade commission is essentially antitrust this woman is very far
6:29 pm
left radical progressive. she doesn't understand the idea of consumer benefits but she is not going to carry the day. the fcc will approve this. he will take it private. remember, so that kind of takes all these government agencies out of play. all elon has to do is raise the money and he is going to do that as your report suggests. i was particularly impressed that prince alwaleed will go with elon, to finance the takeover. he was lukewarm at the beginning. you have stalwarts with people like larry ellison coming in. paul singer will help him out. no question, elon will win this. these guys on the left, this is only about one thing, they want to control speech. okay? they want to control the narrative. that's all they're interested in. elizabeth: yes. they do. but there's this, i want you to
6:30 pm
listen to this because we found this sound bite of climate, one of the climate advisors, gina mccarthy. she is now threatening u.s. airlines that they're going to basically be attacked if they break biden's green rules. this is about attacking institutions, rule of law, attacking the supreme court. americans don't like it. they didn't like tearing down of monuments. they didn't like defund the police. they didn't like it. listen to this. watch. >> we are developing partnerships how we work together for new building standards, even for sustainable airlines. who would have thunk that there would be all-in, but they better be or they will be out of here. >> every time democrats don't get their way, whether it is in a presidential election or senate election or supreme court ruling they assault the institution itself. it is dangerous. it needs to stop. >> everybody is hypocritical. people complaining about democratic norms under donald trump have no problem with this violation of norms.
6:31 pm
people ha no violation of norms under trump is -- >> absolutely a breach, it is impossible to run a supreme court if you will have draft opinions leaked. no question about that. 100% agree with you. >> what do you think, larry? >> well, one thing i want to say is, this under norms upset by donald trump, you know, donald trump didn't create this collusion narrative, this gps fusion narrative. all that stuff has been thrown out. it was baseless to begin with. trump, somebody who served in the trump administration, trump had very strong policy processes inside of the administration with the white house and the various agencies. the national economic council which i directed for three years, was deeply involved in this. so i don't get this just like trump. what's really going on here is, these far left people will use
6:32 pm
whatever excuse they can. this gal, gina mccarthy, i don't want to make it personally. i think her opinions about climate change are so far outside of any mainstream thinking or i might add, data driven science that people no longer take it seriously. here's the bottom line, at the end of the day, lizzie, the calvary is coming, okay? the gop is going to take over the house and the senate. and they're going to holdover sight hearings on all of these crazy left-wing people at these agencies. moreover, the gop is already started, they have already raised amendments to this, they're going to defund a lot of these agencies if they continue to act out. i mean it is like the dhs story, with this misinformation government board. it will be defunded unless the thing is completely changed and subjected to oversight. so there is a lot of ways to stop all of this. but here's the key, the public,
6:33 pm
look at the polls, the public disagrees. the public is behind elon musk and his quest for free speech democracy around that is what matters and they can't just steal it from the far left. they tried. they failed, now they're is going to be big political changes. elizabeth: what really bothers people just like trying to get through the rhetoric, right? it is like political flannel. people are tired of it. larry kudlow you're always great. if i get a chuckle out of you that makes me happy. larry kudlow, good to see you. come back soon. he is laughing even more. love it when larry laughs. we have a victory for special counsel john durham and a loss for hillary clinton's team a federal judge rules against hillary clinton's team. we'll explain it next on "the evening edit." ♪.
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elizabeth: let's welcome to the show congressman pat fallon from house oversight and armed services.
6:38 pm
it is always great to have you on, sir. what was your reaction when you her hillary's team hit with this loss in court that they have to turn over internal documents like emails and text messages about hillary's trump russia? this is the michael sussman case. it will come in week 1/2. he is charged with lying to the fbi. what do you think of this loss here? >> well, liz, i think it is great for truth. listen, we all in politics when you get to a certain level there will be accusations hurled out there. some are baseless. some have some merit. if you don't have anything to hide you welcome scrutiny, unfortunately hillary clinton has not done that. she is about to drop a truth bomb you don't lawyer up as she did. the federal court judge made the right decision. this will get to the bottom of this. at the end of the day this is the question we need to be asking, what did hillary clinton know and when did she know it? elizabeth: the judge says we'll look at the stuff in camera,
6:39 pm
behind closed doors to see if it is shown to the public. the team, you're right, congressman, hillary's team has been fighting to knock out of this trial the anti-trump steele dossier they paid for, pushed into the media, fbi, doj, cia, tried not to have fingerprints on it like they didn't do it, right? this is hit-and-run, go to the media, government investigating when they're ones pushing this. do you think this could lead to conspiracy charges? >> it could be. you know what doesn't exactly quell the notion that the prosecutors have there was a conspiracy, liz? the fact apparently five of hillary clinton's campaign team members are going to to the fifth under oath. that is fertilizer for a conspiracy and notion there was one. there is something very fishy here going on. this has been a two-year investigation. john durham has done a spectacular job. i can't wait until the republicans take over, so the folks on the oversight committee
6:40 pm
can just find out the truth once and for all. elizabeth: special counsel durham is noting in his court filings the federal election commission fined the dnc and fined, penalized hillary's campaign for improperly saying these paints for this anti-trump research was quote, legal consulting. you know we also have this, we have, durham's team is putting out information. we're going through the court filings, that basically the decision, the fbi decision to spy on carter page, the trump advisor was built on this be substantiated rumor from the christopher steele dossier, that "washington post," moscow sources said this is bs, this is impossible. fbi still got a wiretap on page and the trump team. we hope we get more information. what do you expect out of this trial? >> well you know what? the russia hoax, the american people know, anybody that is fair-minded at all, in any respect knows that the russia
6:41 pm
investigation was nothing but an absolute hoax, perpetrated by, looks like the hillary clinton campaign. we need to know how deeply this goes. looks like, liz, they might have authored the thing to begin with. >> why do you say that? how do you know that? >> what's that? elizabeth: why do you think that hillary's team authored it to begin with? >> they paid for hit seems like. just all indications, i don't know for sure but i have strong suspicions that this may be, they might have paid somebody to write this in the first place. elizabeth: congressman fallon, good to see you. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: same here. major blowback against energy secretary jennifer granholm claiming that the president is ethical, no conflicts even after a detailed senate report warned that biden let hunter biden fly on air force two to do major energy deals with u.s. adversaries like china. we have the senate report warning about major conflicts of interest and potential
6:42 pm
criminality. we're breaking that down next. ♪. is it some magical number? something we just achieve at the end? or is it a feeling? a freedom, to live our lives the way we intended. through the ups. the downs. all of it. this is financial security. from long term care planning, to annuities and life insurance, lincoln helps you plan, protect, and retire. this is lincoln financial. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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elizabeth: look who is back, "fox nation" host tomi lahren. excuse me, sit tight for a second. listen to energy secretary jennifer granholm, president biden is ethical, no conflicts of interest when his son hunter biden flew on vice president biden's air force two, more than two dozen times looks like, about two dozen, for biden family overseas deals with adversaries like china. watch this. >> i also know president biden is incredibly ethical human being, that would never do anything that would demonstrate a conflict of interest. elizabeth: what do you say, tomi? >> we're supposed to take her word for it. not the mounting evidence to suggest otherwise. there is mounting evidence by the way. if she says it is so, it ain't so. i have a feeling journalists
6:47 pm
want to lien in a bit on that one, nothing to see here, let's move on. there is a whole lot to see the evidence proves otherwise. we have emails. we have joe paying legal fees. we got mentioning of dad in the emails. unless hunt hunter has another dad he has a lot explaining to do. elizabeth: the headline major conflicts interest, potential issues of criminal extortion and foreign spying by u.s. adversaries like russia and china. when you see all the information, tomi, you have been watching d.c., where does this go? >> well i will tell you this, the democrats have this master plan putting joe biden out on the campaign trail will somehow be helpful for midterms. if there is any journalist out there worth the space they take up, every single time they see joe biden on the campaign trail, they should be asking and asking because if we know this about joe, they will get very angry,
6:48 pm
that's telling or he will slip up and completely unravel, maybe then, we might hear from the big guy himself exactly what's going on here. he needs to answer for it because his name is mentioned in those emails several times. we have mounting evidence for no reason. where there is smoke, there's fire. the press needs to lean in to figure out where the fire is. >> during the campaign the biden campaign team was pressuring journalists you will commit journalistic malpractice if you talk about hunter biden. pressuring journalists. during the bill clinton campaign they did the same thing. biden new disinformation czar, nina jankowicz saying hunter biden laptop is russian disinformation campaign. she had said that in the past. >> right, well, that's why it is so important for journalists out there who do have an ounce of integrity to lean in on this. i don't think joe biden will run
6:49 pm
in 2024. if you're bullied by the left i don't think it will be that big of a risk to lean in on the president of the united states. it might not be about your career risk. you might have to do something for the betterment of the country and live up to your credo to seek the truth and report it. there is a whole lot here. it is not russian disinformation. no ministry of truth is going to tell us otherwise. journalists, if you are listening, this is a matter of national security. this isn't a republican issue. this is not a conservative issue. this is not a maga republican issue. this is a issue of national security. elizabeth: why do you say that. >> conflict of interest there. issue of conflict of interest. our national security is at risk. if joe biden was involved in foreign dealings where he was profiting or hunter was profiting off of the administration, off of his name, off of our country, that is a huge issue for national security? the man that is sitting in the white house having dealings potentially with foreign leaders, foreign governments, foreign entities why, we'll need to know a little bit more about
6:50 pm
that. elizabeth: let's go through what seems to be going on. joe biden has said i was the poorest guy in congress. he has been around since the nixon era, right? up until last decade he had a negative net worth. a lot of loans hunter biden was paying for, according to reportedly the laptop e-mails. if he is poorest guy in congress, for decades and then he says, wait a second, you see nancy pelosi makes a ton of money, sees the clinton library i, the clinton foundation, sees bernie sanders's non-profit, what do you think the psychology is there with him and hunter biden? >> i think they will cash in if they can. the thing about the democrats they always have the cover of the media to be able to do that and nobody seems to question them as we're seeing now because the media covers. they said it is disinformation. oh, they will be flagged on twitter if you talked about it. bullied and intimidated as journalist if you ask the
6:51 pm
question. they feel comfortable doing it. it is not acceptable. elizabeth: tomi lahren, come back soon. we have former dhs secretary under heaps of trouble getting into fights with senators. we got it next. stay there ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ bonnie boon i'm calling you out. everybody be cool, alright? we've got bonnie right here on a video call. we don't take kindly to video calls. oh, in that case just tap to send a message. we don't take kindly to messages neither. in that case how 'bout a ringcentral phone call.
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look who's back with us, tom homan. great to have you on. we are getting reports from border patrol and multiple southwest sectors at the border, private criminals, violent gang members, ms 13, previously deported child sex offenders again caught trying to cross illegally and arizona and texas. it's still going. >> i've done this 34 years in the toys around 20 to 25% has a criminal record but was more concerning is criminals didn't get arrested. since joe biden became president there are over 700,000 getaways these are people who don't want to turn themselves in to border patrol. why? they probably have a criminal history or they are caring fentanyl or they are gang members or known suspected terrace. what concerns me, border patrol
6:56 pm
arrested thousands of the criminals, how many of the 700,000 of public safety dress national security threats that walked into the country are among us? >> that's important, president biden first day in office signed seven executive orders wiping out the border security policy but we have dhs secretary may arcus claimed biden inherited a broken border. >> every time i see that, it upsets me because they've issued over 93 executive orders destroying all the immigration policies i worked with the president and others worked with the president to give us a secure border in my lifetime. it is as we dismantled the system, inherited this system? no, you inherited the most secure border in our lifetime. the data clearly shows that. immigration has 35, 40 low. you inherited the most security, you came in the first administration i know if they came in an unsecured the border.
6:57 pm
you dismembered it, you stopped building the wall. you dismantled it trying to stop the remain and mexico program. two open the border, this secretary and this president haven't done a single thing to slow it. >> we are going to listen to secretary mayorkas, unfortunately he must step down. >> the time has come for you to resign. >> this is an extraordinary failure. it's a cry for a change in leadership. >> the hearing was surreal, and alternate reality, completely denies anything they did has anything to do with this massive surge of illegal immigration, surreal. >> your reaction? >> he's the first cabinet member i know that got in front of
6:58 pm
congress and lied under oath. first of all, -- >> how did he like? >> when he said the border is secure and 700,000 getaways, that's one but every time he talks about immigration he says when people are released, immigration enforcement proceedings, wrong. thousands are released. there will be immigration if they voluntarily surrender themselves to ice. 6% of family and it's, it will be only 3%. single adult obtained, 28% of them leave and that's why they are releasing people because they know they are never going to leave the country and he knows that so all of these people. >> two thirds of u.s. hispanic panic voters are saying with got to shut the biden's border collapse. human trafficking and drug smuggling, latino and hispanic
6:59 pm
voters saying enough, shut the border, that's amazing but now we got this, the newest impact by the white house is texas attorney general and paxton saying this in his lawsuit, is that homeland security shifting the power to deport away from immigration judges to civilian bureaucrats while letting illegal border crossers giving multiple means of delaying and appealing. >> the secretary has the same data i do, nine out of ten central americans claim asylum at the border never get released, they don't show up in court. let's get away from the court. let's have cis officer do it, rubber stamp, they just look and said 90% male, we have to have them pass so they will take the judge's hand. why don't we abolish immigration since the orders mean nothing, removal order, execute judges
7:00 pm
order because secretary says being in the country illegally even though he is a final order from the judge, let's get rid of immigration courts, too. >> tom homan, thank you. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. that does it for us, thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: white house plans for disinformation board going up in their faces like a cheap chinese pen. i wonder why that's so weird. maybe because americans don't want to put up with the partisan police. the better part of the week biden administration has been getting hammered left and right over plans for so-called disinformation government board. that sounds good. critics call it a nightmare but l.a. hundred mayorkas claims as they always did, it's to keep


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