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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪ that doesn't for us on "foxbusiness tonight" heard what a pleasure to be with you the whole week i've been getting a lot of e-mails from you all, really appreciate them. thank you so much great help to see you back very soon. meanwhile elizabeth macdonald is here to take it to another hour of "the evening edit". stay tuned. >> happening now, political reporting the stunner growing democrat insiders fear president biden cannot and may not run for reelection after democrats are expected to lose in the midterm. he is not up for it, especially if it is again strong. and this, whited white house press secretary sake defend protest at supreme court justice personal homes after the war and those protest could get violent
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at the home of the irs lois lerner, remember that one will show you the long history of intolerance democrat bullying. joining us senator run johnson. texas attorney general tech joke onto former nypd detective. white house cannot run an economy inflation report today here's what's going on it is ramping up the cultural issues and potential censorship we've got biden's long history thereto. and 20 states that do sue over it biden's new disinformation board. we've got more on biden's new disinformation starts bettering hillary clinton disinformation about trauma russia. trying to paint without evidence accusing elon musk over racism, even a billionaires mother slams "new york times" for a piece that clearly was not fact
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checked rate not nothing state-of-the-art there. more big companies like boeing enjoying the flood of voters fleeing cities because of skyrocketing crimes were nearly 20 house democrats hitting that midterm panic button desperately urging house speaker pelosi, move on legislation by the police. on dhs secretary mayorkas gets a pinocchio's for big whopper on security. i am elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit", it starts right now. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. the stock market again ending to the downside. well above session lows for this a big tug-of-war the federal reserve interest rate hike overshadowing that decent jobs report, 428,000 jobs in april, better than expected with the economy though is desperately in
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need of workers. more people quitting not working, less worker to rush up inflation to sell eroding your wage again. edward lorenz in washington with moore, edward. >> very good job support your single wages go up 5.5% year-over-year. b of cpi inflation now at 8.5%. the end result is workers are losing money is saved with the president says that there is no question that inflation and high prices are a challenge for families across the country. in fighting inflation is a top priority for me pretty want to blame covid, the invasion of ukraine, the labor secretary attic more to the wall to see what six. >> were seeing a lot of factors and try to shut down for everyone to see another of supply chain issues that is not caused quite honestly by america and american workers and american economy but it is a global issue. >> still some economist question why the administration is not made some economic policy for a bit. >> very nervous about where this economy is right now, not with
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sound in this. we need to get some growth policies but i don't see them from biting. see talk of more taxes more war on american energy, more government spending which is what caused the inflation the first place for reflexive 11 half-million jobs open in this country and 5.9 billion people unemployed. it seems they are staying on the sidelines at this point, lisbeth. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you very much for it lucas hit senator ron johnson. saturn it's always a pleasure to have you on. your reaction to the job support? biden is touting job creation when democrat lead shutdowns destroyed 222 million jobs are still a million jobs short versus pre-pandemic. >> first of all, they are not jobs being created. their jobs being filled. i don't of the exact number between somewhere about five or ten or 11 million jobs are just unfilled. i don't wisconsin for a traveler on the biggest complaint employers have is they cannot find enough people to work with and of course it's inflation
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supply chain dislocations. the fact of the matter is, the biden administration, all of their suspending cost inflation their war on fossil fuels sparked a record high gasoline prices high energy prices. and what they are spending this money on is allowing people to stay on the sidelines and not enter the workforce of factors in wisconsin cannot hire enough people to fill the shifts to fill the demand for the product. i called at the triple way emmy of democrat policies and governance that is sparked all of this appeared to be success of the black swans, those policies paid by the way, sent mitt romney thing trump is like the gop nominee if he wants it. politico is reporting invited may announce he's not running after the midterm that democrats are really worried he cannot handle another race. he won't use the oval office for media because it does not have a teleprompter. things like that troubling
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insiders, your take on that? >> i will be shocked if you be able to run for second term. think democrats ought to be relieved because before he got elected you can already see i don't say this and enjoy it all be you can already see has declined. age is having impact on the president is an enormous task. we need some plate with both capability doesn't have it right now. elizabeth: also have democratic senators mark kelly joe manchin warning they are not happy with the white house lack of action on inflation. we had invited not in a good look he was caught on camera, it will sticky situation he was laughing about a joke on inflation. >> everything you've come into office everything is upping a gas is up, wrenches up, food is up, everything. [laughter] elizabeth: he really was guffawing over that, what is your reaction?
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>> there's nothing funny about the pain the americans are experiencing because the democratic government. both president obama and president biden as they are both campaigning said it was a chance for america but we are witnessing now is that fundamental transformation. open borders, 40 are high inflation, rising crime what they're basically doing is fundamentally destroying this country. i can tell you folks in wisconsin you're highly concerned that i hope that energizes them to sweep democrats out of power in november of 2020 that's we need to do. elizabeth: biden is out there slamming trump voters is the most extreme that's the midterm messaging. policies are extreme. slamming biden for being divisive. now if that reports the white house is going to bring in a needed done calling in the calvary because they are worried about gop investigations of biden after the midterm. what are you going to look at first with biden?
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>> we just did last week was examined at their border policies and they are in a complete state of denial they are. but terms of my own investigation, will said the justice department does with hunter biden. of highly concerned about what has happened during covid. i've written 36 oversight letters to her federal health basically not gotten any responses. i am concerned about her lack of concern over their own vaccine safety surveillance systems. they utterly ignored another putting restrictions on the j&j vaccine. i think that probably came way too late. it's a target rich environment for like a mosquito in a nudist colony. there are some things that do need examination very quick to make an important point about what your voters are saying. they just see the total breakdown and lack of comedy and debate. under reagan we had bill bradley with dick gebhart, tip o'neill
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they have the reagan team there forging ahead. they somehow had bipartisanship. what we are seeing now is a far left a swing of the democratic party that we have never seen a democrat party acts like this but let's watch the labor secretary and cnn. the polls are crashing even at cnn for biden pre-three out of four say his policies the economy. senator, you're going to see another blaming it back on the pandemic we thought it was russia, watch this. >> more than three quarters, 77% say they are poor the president came out sold in improving economic picture for the country, what is the disconnect here? >> first i think we cannot lose sight of the fact we are still living within a pandemic. elizabeth: that pandemic forced biden to shut down the keystone pipeline to defend the bank u.s. energy it pushed into all those dozens of executive orders, to collapse u.s. energy independence and collapse the
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borders. >> yes exactly, open the borders, the pandemic had nothing to do with that. the pandemic allowed one restriction, title 42 to remain in place they were to cancel that. president biden is in his inaugural address promised i think eight times the number one goal is to heal and unify this nation. just said last week cap of the nation that did not vote for him are the most extreme group in american history, note the democrats are extremely they continue to divide this nation. they need to be held accountable. elizabeth: editor ron johnson always a pleasure thanks or spend time with us. hope you have a good week and preach otis again soon it's good to see it. okay, staying on the scene in the far left is now attacking elon musk. this is its go to pray they are trying to paint, without evidence, elon musk is racist for even the billionaires and mother slamming the "new york times" for a piece that was clearly not fact checked and not state-of-the-art plus the white house press secretary indicates
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the white house will greenlight and welcome activists, protesting at the personal homes of supreme court justices. many have children, even law enforcement won't protest could give violet of democrats and the white house who never seemed to step up to condemn potentially violent protest for drink digging in next, in the evening at it. >> it is an implicit threat of physical violence that has no place in our system of government. certainly no place in our judicial system. ♪ aves when they bundle their home and auto insurance. isn't that right, frank? i saved 25%. booyah. you protected your casa? sure did. and the frank tank? you know it. and now you're relaxing. i'm working from home. sure you are. alright i see a lot of head nods. let's circle back tomorrow. you weren't kidding. save up to 25% when you bundle home and auto with allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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physics joining us now congressman jason smith from house ways and means. congressman it's always a pleasure to have you on as well. let's look at this verse for u.s. law enforcement is morning protest expected this mother's day. some of these protest could get violence. after that leak of the supreme court opinion on roe v wade. watch the white house press secretary defending protest at the personal homes of supreme court justices this weekend. we have never seen this before, watch this brick works peter look i think our view is peaceful protesters a long history. i think the president's view a lot of passion, a lot of fear. a lot of sadness from many, many
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people across this country about what they saw and that leaked document. >> he was in character protesting outside the supreme court or outside someone's private residence? >> i do not have official u.s. government position on where people protest. we what it of course to be peaceful. elizabeth: your reaction, no condemnation no no say don't do the violent stop the violence question what your reaction? >> was is unacceptable just like this administration washington democrats not condoning the billions of dollars in property damage done by the nt 4.0 is just a year ago. the fact that they are not like condemning lisa left awaiting groups there promoting this kind of activity are not condemning it is unacceptable very similar to what they did to my home send
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senator josh hawley right after the wife had their newborn child, just to protest there for this is unacceptable. elizabeth: protesters showed up at the home of jenn's sake and when the personal home of irs official lois lerner in obama's conservatives are. so what we are seeing now is cut senator john cornyn is resorting to have to push a bill for 24/7 security detail for supreme court justices, this is the united states. we stand for law, order, peace be with got what urban guerrilla warfare for democrats and their convention defend the police riots that killed 30. turn down statues, mobs going after senator rand paul. not walk why not more local condemnation from democrats on this? >> if you remember just a few years ago, it democrats,
6:18 pm
including maxine waters was telling protesters to get in the face of cabinet secretaries of donald trump. he would sarah huckabee sanders going out to dinner with her family and having a protesters abruptly coming into their face and how these liberals act whenever they have a difference in opinions is absolutely unacceptable. democrats say they believe in diversity but they do not believe in diversity of thought i can tell you that much. >> they believe in their own thoughts. we are going to show you brought up what democrats have said in the past and exciting people to protest even a right and more. let's watch this, watch. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy it what you stand for, what you care about. >> but i like to debate this gentleman. i said no if we are in high squad taken behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. >> might be ready to take a punch i would be ready to throw a punch. >> you get out and you stay out.
6:19 pm
then you tell them they are not welcome it. >> everyone should take note of that on both levels. they're not going to let up and they should not. >> i'm going to tell you, you have relieved the whirlwind that up in the face of some congresspeople. >> doesn't do any good running eye from donald trump you need to go back and punch him in the face. your reaction this is just democrats what they can is any thing possible to get their agenda pushed through. what they are doing right now this opinion was possibly even a leaked, it is absolutely for this country by the supreme court needs to issue its opinion
6:20 pm
immediately. doesn't need to wait any longer than to issue the opinion the democrats are only going to create more hostility and create more violent protest for a. >> we don't to be here in this country were we are at. we have never been here like this before. he looked back on that latter part the early part of the two thousands we never thought this would be here like this. this a democrat party has been a whipsawed normalizing violence of that is wrong that's not who we are as a nation. not at all. we are about law and order and debate and the constitution and the bill of rights, that is it. on the past we've had bipartisanship. now we have bullying and we do not want it on either sides of the political aisle. by the way, political polls show majority of americans were about inflation and recession, not cultural issues where they rank down on that list. the majority of voters already change parties to align with their beliefs on cultural issues and things like abortion.
6:21 pm
i don't know what they thinking they're going to do, it's not going to pull out, pull people to their side there already there. we have capitalism has been under attack member president brock holland, and elizabeth warren said he got up business you didn't build that said nothing when democrats destroyed the small businesses and a left wing and t5, rioters broke a lock down and destroyed the small businesses? with what it's about today it's not who they are. >> they spent the whole last year trying to push the defend the police now they are acting like they promote and support the police? everything they have touched has created a crisis for everyday americans. what they care about is to put food on the table close on the back gas in the car's enforcement under the pulse of the democrat they cannot afford too. elizabeth: i said is not who they are democrats representative henry of texas is saying this, congressman he is
6:22 pm
saying the progressives are trying to define with the democrat party is. he is saying they cannot and they should not. they do not get to define what the democrat party is the moderates, the centrists and the voices and all the silent majority that party pig congressman jason smith, thank you so much the loudest sound of that is deafening. come back soon for the story house republicans now demanding, and security secretary mayorkas will staff the bidens disinformation board. we don't know who is in john kerry's office for this is a big fight that is coming up next on "the evening edit". like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ this isn't dry food or wet food. it's not burnt brown pellets.
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for insights on when to buy and sell. and proactive alerts on market events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. elizabeth: pick up the store for u.s. attorney merrick garland is launching a justice department unit focused on enforcing environmental justice. now, this comes right when america energy costs have soared this year. great trouble is in capitol hill with more. >> good evening lizzie. the department of justice is crating a new office they say will tackle areas of environmental justice concern. although violations of our environmental laws can happen anywhere, communities of color, indigenous communities and low income communities often bear the brunt of the harm caused by environmental crime, pollution and climate change. >> this it comes as a fuel
6:27 pm
prices rate high with no signs they will come down anytime soon. the biden administration announced this week plans to buy back 60 million barrels of crude oil to start replenishing the strategic petroleum reserve at the third of the one or 38 million barrels they are releasing to lower energy prices. so far not with great success. summer travel season is getting closer and a lot of people still have plans to hit the road or buy a plane ticket summer, lives. that is despite the fact national average for gallon of gas is at $4.27. baz is at the highest it's ever been a $5.51. great journalism there thanks for joining us look is back congressman jeff van drew. you heard this report do we need this unit? >> of course we don't purge two of those folks need project in the areas they are talking each other going to be safe and they have enough police with a don't buy then each other going to be
6:28 pm
able to afford to put a meal on the table, hopefully to be able to find a job and to do good things in their community. this is just another wacky idea every day, every week, every month it's more and more, our country is upside down but you know the department of justice what they should be worrying about, have a big crime away that's occurring in that major cities all around our country. maybe that is something they should think about. or maybe they should think about what is going on with hunter bidens laptop and find out with the real story is there and how the communist chinese are accent and their interview companies maybe that will be something good that would help our country. as just another form of political nonsense. elizabeth: 's d.o.j. units coming off the biden white house launched home and security. they are saying it's basically they don't want the wrong message and going out into central america, is what this is about.
6:29 pm
but conservatives are single weight, the going to stretch up or we do not even know what climate czar john kerry is doing with his office what's on the payroll they are pretty stonewall media clips. the point you are making, i think, is about these units popping up in homeland security republican sending a letter to mayorkas singh who is going to be a staff? there are 20 republican governors potentially suing over this. what is this a weird work going on in washington? we've got so many government workers to be doing this job, what is this? >> one thing we don't need to spend more money and more bureaucracy. especially because some of this is dangerous. grand creek view tool to create winners and losers. it is not even able to lie well. he lives but he doesn't do it well. and i asked him as i mentioned
6:30 pm
to you before a lot of questions he can't answer any of them he cannot answer them truthfully has no idea what he actually let title 42 go, what is going to happen. and a host of other issues that he can't do anything about there's no ability or no desire or both. and yet now launches this czar, this person who's going to be in charge of this information. she is a purveyor of misinformation. she is the one that said the russian hoax existed but she is the one that said there is no laptop and she is the one that said we should do anything about it. it's going to try to's waltz conservatives, their thought process for their scared what's going on with twitter per they're scared of what is coming in and may be opening up that's the real deal. something from 1984 communist russia. elizabeth: let's watch white
6:31 pm
house press secretary soccer refused to answer questions and dodge questions about bidens disinformation czar, watch this. >> there is this woman was going to be in charge of the border. she has said she things the hunter biden laptop is russian disinformation. so should we look forward to the future to her censoring internet traffic about a hunter biden laptop? >> i think i know exactly what the objective of the boards include and conjuring the work of the pride menstruation been the woman you know it has experience have done extensive work addressing disinformation. elizabeth: why not just answer the questions? answering -- watching and listening is like fighting with a dozen sequels why not just answer the question? >> if you answer the question inevitably rolls you to the truth but they don't want the truth but we are in trouble in the country. you've stated that well before when you're speaking to a different guest. this country right now we have
6:32 pm
never been where we are. i really want people to understand the speed of greatest challenge we've ever had since the civil war when we had better stand up, we better fight hard in a good way. better stand for freedom and democracy in our constitution. what happened to these judges is shameful. so may things that happen every day and every week are shameful. people are depressed about it. people are really worried about the future of america. most good people are. elizabeth: congressman van drew thank you for joining us come back soon but we are sitting on the store pick up this gop basically talk about missouri and louisiana. now they are suing the white house, the present, the press secretary, dr. fauci, secretary mayorkas they allegedly clean with big tech to censor conservatives. these estates and found what they are looking into is worse
6:33 pm
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36 joining us on fox news contributor joe concetta. joe, we love having you on the show your great writer too. we have both the long mosques and mother and twitter users slamming the "new york times" trying to paint elon musk as a racist. right privilege were growing up and south africa for it looks like the times did not call elon musk's mother to fact check up she protected them from racist propaganda. what is the release in panic mode and not doing basic fact checking my calling his mother or even him to talk about this? why is the go to an all else fails, racism it is bullying.
6:38 pm
>> elizabeth the "new york times" wrote this piece for is even written. that a predetermined narrative they were going to push and they're going to let anything like facts or talking to people close to elon it must in the way of that. it is just amazing the papered of record now sin thing but we attempted to smear on elon musk is unbelievable these writers and editors are going to need a good chiropractor both times as donated twist themselves into not to apply white privilege of misinformation to elon it's amazing to me so many journalists and reporters are so dead set against free speech. one would think the media initiate would embrace and on musk and free speech absolutist. fixing the cesspool that is twitter produced a platform that is censored on suppressant 99% the time from the right and even locked out of accounts in the process.
6:39 pm
people want to defend the way twitter conducted themselves over the last couplers on that back and said what elon bus is bring it in terms of a for your platform it's unbelievable? elizabeth: the quickest way to ruin your reputation is writing to head like the "new york times" doing the snarky little vicious attacks and not fact checking them. how they're like their journals get away with that part i want to talk to about this gop attorneys general missouri louisiana they're suing president biden, jen psaki, marcus and biden officials they are alleging collusion to censor hunter biden's laptop potential lab a leak. we looked into it, what they are saying is they are digging into what the candidate joe biden did on the kent pain trail that he repeatedly threatened big tech immediate social companies were not doing enough to censor trump and his team for they sat down for "new york times" editorial board and biden threatened to yank section 2:30 but they did
6:40 pm
not did not censor more. >> while that is a true collusion. remember all this with the hunter biden laptop but you just missed the just missed the story is russian disinformation then the swamp jumps in. giving them their mission and okay disinformation even though they have no evidence supporting that they admitted not having any evidence supporting it came from the kremlin and then a social media, twitter, facebook make sure the story did not see the light of day lockout accounts like we talked about in all the pressure comes from the biden earley's the biden campaign in the process breaker excellent talk to about this too. biden also threatened facebook ceo mark zuckerberg with civil liability and and even criminal prosecution if he did not do more to censor trump's team on facebook for the 2020 the biden campaign publish an open letter
6:41 pm
and online petition calling for facebook to do more aggressive censorship. there talk about this at disinformation team that's what's going on behind the scenes of a big in the biden campaign. >> boy i cannot wait for the 2024 campaign that's going to be exciting part all that arm twisting going on threatening these companies if you do not do this then we are going to do that. with lawsuits like this it's only going to get worse before it gets better. you have a president curtain polling at 33% per he is at 26% approval among hispanics. there's a red tsunami coming in november. i don't have a change is given the current situation given inflation, crime, board of education, ukraine at the gop does take back the house and the card you're going to see that knives out in terms of an open primary in 2024 and the democrats because either joe biden is going to be pressured not to run if he does when there's going to be plenty of primary candidates against him. elizabeth: thanks for joining us have a good week and back to
6:42 pm
them. okay going, boeing agana boeing is the latest major company chile chicago. voters and businesses are blaming week on crime policy, skyrocketing crime. more on how democrats are destroying their own tax base rate that is ahead on "the evening edit". lemons. lemons. lemons. lemons. look how nice they are. the moment you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels. so you can go and see all those, lovely, lemony, lemons. and never wonder if you got a good deal.
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6:47 pm
the call of duty. we sacrifice our own lives in order to protect those who are out there and we live up to our oath and take our task very serious we go out there and do this. a lot of times we'll do not realize what it's like to be a police officer because we put our lives on the line every single day. we answer the call when somebody is in danger with a gun for we do not run away we run towards it which is noble. >> yes it is normal. so much it dignity and integrity there. boeing is moving its headquarters out of chicago to arlington, virginia this is the latest blow to u.s. city, really a battered by crime and weak on crime policies for united airlines already left for irvington virginia chicago's wealthiest resident, set it out founder ken and griffin is talking about moving his 388 billion-dollar hedge fund out of chicago, even the nfl chicago bears are considering an exit to the suburbs. what is going on here?
6:48 pm
>> have to do a cost-benefit analysis for public safety there is a loss of life, people are afraid to go out. you have to move because the wrist have to move his elusive profits are also good to lose lives for therefore you must go. public safety is a number one issue. the politicians are giving out, get out of jail free cards when they should be punishing people and holding people accountable. they do a disservice to the people they arrest also because if you are not getting them help and you just want to say i let them out, that sounds good but you are hurting the public and of course because you have your 24 hour seven days a week security, you are okay. that is a disservice to really your self and the community in which you serve and represent. >> are not chicago's home show a lot of major companies but crime is up 35% before this year there's nearly 70% jump in the robberies. we know about lisa's tongue but a casino hotel complex. it really destroys the tax base when you allow crime to spiral
6:49 pm
out of control because people leave and bring their money with them. >> oh most definitely. you have to leave it. there is no reason to stay there if there is no public safety. united states constitution guarantees you certain rights. they are definitely not upholding it by letting people back out with no sort of treatment the crime is rising. these are crimes against the public, people are losing their lives, little children being shot and murdered. how can you stand there? anybody in their right mind so to speak to leave. like i said i'm tired of people sent was a rest in peace they want people to say let's live in peace and get rid of all this nonsense. that's an important point you made, he is facing a second recall for being weak on crime. his office will not charge isaiah elite with felony assault after rush comedian dave chapelle pete had a replicated gun and a knife in his bag he's being charged with four misdemeanors weak on crime l.a.
6:50 pm
d.a. refuses to prosecute over 13200 crimes because they don't conform to his special rules. what you think of that? >> well of course that is insanity once again it's doing the same thing over and over and expecting something to change without looking at the numbers, how crimes increase exponentially. from an academic standpoint every two mustang point is kim and it's a way to buy a minimum of two patient for an average of 13000 you double that this 26000. now elect 26000 people back out on the street who just committed a crime but if you follow up on that more than a majority of them are going to commit more crimes great people are going to lose their lives because of that when you start equating that and looking and tracking the data the people are let out go out and commit were scrubbed especially just let them out with no sort of follow-up. elizabeth: that's interesting insight great perspective good had gone come back soon. okay we've got this texas officials now ramping up border
6:51 pm
drills even more intensely that migrant storage is growing in biden's border crisis is getting rid of trump's policy. the "washington post" gives secretary mayorkas for a three pin oak is for a whopper of a false claim about the border. got it next on "the evening edit". >> all those folks in d.c. they talk, they have these hearings and nothing gets done because they don't care about american taxpayers to be to think secretary mayorkas cares more about central america the middle america. ♪ wow, first time? check out this backpack i made for marco. oh yeah? well, check out this tux. oh, nice. that'll go perfect with these. dude... those are so fire. [whines] only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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well, then you should find a hand specialist certified to offer nonsurgical treatments. what's the next step? visit today to get started. elizabeth: texas is ramping up at the border there bracing for a flood of migrants. biden is set to get rid of the pandemic border policy the week after next or separate innate full he is in texas with more, good to see you. >> after four hours of drills the texas dps, national guard as well as national police and national guard have wrapped up today we got a ride along with texas dps is we have to hover over all of it from above. they support air support for today's drills buried while we were up there got a call from border patrol about a group of riders about 2 miles east of the drills. we not one person is in custody
6:56 pm
border patrol's tracking footprints trying to find the others. about a mile south of the river there is this a group of 1500 to 3000 patient migrants started gathering her last week. has received intel they may be across the border from mcallen were another group of migrants are gathering to democratic judge in west county worries either way things might get worse at title 42 is lifted. >> that is what disappoints me. that gives me sleepless nights those haitians at 1500 could be 3000, 5000, 10,000 as we have seen other places but. >> just yesterday texas dps in laredo said the two groups of runners, one group of 11 another group of four. then they had five with a cold turn backs count people to go back to mexico as a result of the law enforcement pursued bro sent back to you liz but. >> great journalism thank you so much sonic is now texas attorney general ken paxton paid what is your reaction to that report? it is good to see you. >> well, you know what is not surprising at all with title 42
6:57 pm
expected to be lifted the numbers have already been dramatically up since he trump administration prey over three to percent if you change at title 42 there is no doubt were going to have a massive surge of immigrants because the messages being sent to the cartels, bring them here there's no restriction on them coming. elizabeth: in biden's first year end happy of more illegal border crossings and under all of the trump years combined. we have the "washington post" given dhs secretary mayorkas three pinocchio's for a false claim that he said illegal immigrants are promptly removed when more than a 1 million were basically given deportation orders. many have not left others have just disappeared. >> yes there is no doubt that people are coming across a mink transport in the middle of the night with us by bus or plane they're not being sent back the idea that mayorkas is doing his job the numbers defy everything he's actually saying and the reality is the numbers have grown over three to percent and
6:58 pm
they are continuing to grow. elizabeth: let's watch former ice director tom was with us last night. he warns their likely violent criminals, gang members in the 700,000 guideways under biden the criminals are naturally in the got a ways they don't get caught her work and watch republican senators hammer, dhs secretary mayorkas for dodging and not answering questions being evasive and not having the information, watch this. >> there are over 700,000 got a ways but these are people that don't want to turn themselves into border patrol, why? they probably if not criminal history or their caring fentanyl or the gang members, or their known suspected terrorist request i don't believe doing anything to make the border secure there's no question you're not enforcing the law. >> when you say we have operational control of the border, is that definitionally disinformation? >> are the least bit concerned people are coming in here illegally from a 100 different countries, you don't think that is a problem? you don't think that creative drug issues, human trafficking,
6:59 pm
risks of terror set that we are telling us? >> is a global challenge. elizabeth: is not a global challenge, it is that u.s. challenge. what you say to that? >> i say they are doing exactly that they want to do. this is purposeful to be had this under control the numbers were going down under the trump administration they did everything they could to back that off, do just the opposite of what worked knowing exactly what they're going to get pretty sent the signal to the cartels get as many people here as fast as you can. hand them off to border patrol they are not running from border patrol they're running to border patrol that i get transported by the biden administration all over the country but. elizabeth: uses the loopholes to breaking and bend existing laws for illegal migration is that what you're saying? >> i am exactly what i'm saying for their violent federal law straight up. they're using every possible loophole. they're not following federal law there to exactly they want to do while telling us to doing their job. elizabeth: art ken paxton were going to sing on the story will have you back on again soon.
7:00 pm
this is coming down pretty fast but will have you on to talk about what is going on at the border, good to see. i am elizabeth macdonald given watch "the evening edit" on foxbusiness for that does it for us but thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a good weekend and join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a fox studios in new york city this is maria bartiromo's at wall street. maria: happy weekend to all. welcome to the program analyzes the week that wasn't helps position you for the week ahead. i am a maria bartiromo a wild look for walter with markets lobbing both their best and worst days since 2020. all within 24 hours the drama driven by investors struggling with confidence the federal reserve containment 40 here year high inflation rate joined me too break it all down from his


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