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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  May 7, 2022 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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executive vice president donald trump junior and miami mayor francis suarez was so many moving to miami. join us sunday on fox news. right foxbusiness every weekend, start smart every weekday from 6:00 a.m. -- 9:00 a.m. eastern with mornings with maria barbie hope you will start your day with us right here in foxbusiness that will do it for us for this week and thank youu. wonderful happy mother's day to all. i will see you again next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: hello this book on the wall street journal at large the supreme court posed to strike down roe v wade and let decide what laws on abortion should be. this return to democratic approach to lawmaking the end of women's rights as we know them. present leaking saved by the sacred norms, traditions and rules democrats have been taking is only republicans are
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threatening? joe biden says that make america great again supporters are the most extreme political organization in american history as jd vance a candidate backed by donald trump trance in the republican primary in ohio. as a gop now firmly the trump party? now a new government bureaucracy is here the disinformation governance board. how might the dgp and it's musically minded chief decide what is true and what is false? welcome to the wall to journal at but will discuss also the guest this week and 14 and harmeet dhillon at managing partner at dhillon law group. the institutions of the republic were being destroyed by evil republicans who threaten to upend all the norms and rules of democracy. while that was last week. this week, they're out eagerly seizing the shocking breaches of constitutional procedure in modern history entirely for their own political advantage
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break them on monday politico published leaked document of the supreme court may be poised to strike down roe v wade. 1973 decision discovered a woman's right to abortion in the u.s. constitution we know we still do not know who leaked the news at five of the nine justices have voted initially to overturn roeoe from the lengthy opinion exploiting the ruling. chief justice john roberts rear statement confirm the authenticity of the documents condemning the leak that saying is being investigated. suspicions it was a crude attempt by progressives in the court bureaucracy to undermine the court perhaps put pressure on some the justices to change their mind for the decision is final, they seem well-founded. especially as democrats immediately rushed to denounce the ruling. affect democrats desperately seizing on the issue to try to change their fortunes of the midterm election campaign in which republicans except to make big gains voter survey the disarray of the biden presidency. progressives took to every camera they could find this week to declare their shock, rage and grief at the pending court
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ruling. >> this is a dark and disturbing morning for america. >> reported votes to overturn roe v wade will go down as an abomination. >> obviously perception for 70% of americans waking up this morning, is going to be most likely this is an illegitimate decision by an illegitimate court. >> honestly wannacry. you know i wannacry and so many different ways rick's founding fathers did not recognize as a founding fathers were rapist misogynist jerk faces did not believe women have any rights at all. if you want an eloquent encapsulation with the left abuse the men who risked their lives or freedom in the american revolution you need to look no further. if, it is still and if the court does overturn roe it will not, contrary us enslave women and to
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some hand melt utopia it will do with the u.s. constitution tend to place a decision about the laws and ethics of complex and controversial issues like abortion back into the hands of the people and their elected representatives. from whence they should never been appropriated by a bunch of appointed old men. that epically flawed decision in 1973 perhaps more than any act in modern american history generate a culture where that still rages. plucking abortion from the room of legislative decision-making rendering into traditional rule on short and remain politically contentious. we do not know what will happen for the number of states have that ban abortions instead in very rare cases of roe was overturned now that will they have to enforce those laws we may well see political pressure to change them. most polling suggests voters to favor abortion rights but with tougher restrictions on currently have. in any case will be up to voters to decide as it should be. democrats hope this may somehow
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save their bacon in the midterm elections in november. all of which is highly ironic that a progressives who been telling us for deck dates it judges not voters should decide abortion rush of the political advantage to gain now the voters will be able to decide abortion rights. let's take this up with our guest jeremy now tammy bruce and tran 11 managing partner at the trento. tammy, him sort through it we don't know yet if the decision is final that was an initial opinion offered in the initial vote we heard about it does look at will probably likely go the way of getting rid of the rope v wade. progressives want us to think this is some handmaid's tale errant women are going to be enslaved. tells was really going to happen. >> look, scotus does not make laws we know. this is about whether or not that decision was proper based on the nature of what the constitution allows for it what left is doing now is, note everything to affect the 80s and '90s it's an insult for all this for my activism began on the left on abortion.
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on the nature of wanting to secure at least some asked us what you get a majority of americans agree on friday understand it's a contentious issue. my position has changed over time the 21st century of technology and we know babies can survive outside the womb produce never meant to be about at any point after birth, just before birth, all of that. the extremes now are an insult to all of us who work to get to a point where american women could choose for themselves. but that also does mean the folks the fact i was decided by the court and the left wanted to be is for it to remain contentious as you noted right so it could remain a political issue. when i was on the left it was the only issue that would raise money. people have been trained to be extremely concerned about it for the fact is now they're being lied to breathe the nature of what this means it simply, i think we would want it to be out of the hands of the judiciary body so that voters locally can
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make that choice for themselves but women are now the majority of voters in this country. that puts it back into their hands. we are not in the 1960s when my mother had me an unexpected pregnancy had the money for an abortion, chose to not do it. right now i think it's really about making sure the american people understand this is not turning as a backwards it fact gives us more freedom. trucks of courses should the supreme court which is a very important and hallowed institution part of our three-part system of government, is the least democratic of our branches the federal government. every supreme work just as has-beens appointed by a man they been mostly men throughout history today there's an opportunity for women and men and the majority of women voters in the state to decide this issue they are very different cultural norms in california where i live versus many parts of the country where it is more
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conservative. as you say it most voters are somewhere in the middle on these issues i think it's important we go back to the laboratory of choices and ideas in the state to determine this issue. but, as it tammy said this has been such a lightning rod issue for the left to raise money and hysteria i think the voters are exhausted with that. i think it's pretty will baked into the democratic party platform. i think they have overplayed their hand with threats on judges which exactly publishing those names and addresses have done for them. i think it's time, let's make the decision is a terrible decision and move on. >> i want to come back but very briefly tammy the left is saying well it won't wait roe v wade ill big gay marriage only interracial marriage, and enter the dark ages "will strike everything down. >> dogs and cats going to start
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sleeping together. all that is a lie. all of it is light insult to every american to american on the fact of the matter this is about more freedom it's about recognizing we are in a modern age and this is about fear. it's about manipulating voters particularly women for whom they have no regard for it manipulating us through fear and this is an exact very perfect example of that. it's meant as they wage war they are ignoring concerns of how we actually got the information about it. we'll look at the fallout of the this is what real food looks like we'll look at the fallout of the leak on o fresh real meat and veggies. the food dogs where built to eat. the farmer's dog is changing the way we feed our pets. visit to see your dogs personalized meal plan.
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♪ feel stuck and need a loan? move your money to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪ ♪ move to a sofi personal loan with no fees, low rates, and fast funding — and get your money right. ♪ gerry: democrats of downplayed the importance of finding the supreme court lay covered they look instead to seize the opportunity to fund raise and rub their base ahead of the midterms. nine partisan sub claim court blogger it's impossible to ever say the earthquake this will cause inside the court in terms of destruction of trust among the justices and staff this leak is the greatest most unforgivable sin. what does the leak tells by the
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state of trust in the court and other american institutions now? harmeet dhillon is an egregious leak approved democrats event obsess about respect for institutions of american law supposedly of the american democracy, have seized on this gleefully and have been essentially defending it. give us your sense of how damaging this is to the court? >> i do not think the amount of damage can be overstated here. it is absolutely devastated it attacks the very foundation of trust that courts have it reach their decisions are based on in particular the supreme court with nine justices, overtime and complex decisions like this and decisions regarding the second amendment and decisions involving obamacare there is extensive deliberation within the court and drafts being exchanged what's very striking about this, it does not say so much about a breakdown of trust within the court as the court
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vis-à-vis the democratic party. what issue was it worth democrats soliciting this type of catastrophic attack on the integrity of the court? abortion is that third rail of politics in the democratic party. you cannot get nominated by the party cannot get money from the party. you cannot get the support of the big establishments of the party unless you toe the line on joe biden's press secretary saying this week the ninth month abortion is what the president thanks it should be. that's an extreme position atop the position and are in the civilized world on the position of american democratic party. and so i think what they were willing to do here is permanently damage the court to do this. a couple more points i want to make is this draft is from february so to me it is clearly this draft is been circulating and democratic circles for some time before it was released strategically in may. gerry: tam it we don't know who
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leak that there is a theory maybe it was a conservative i find that hard to believe to make sure kavanaugh does not go wobbly. more likely it seems to be assents to intimidate perhaps intimidate the justices received the reaction of people saying the court is illegitimate it really is an attempt to really put pressure on justices. >> even shimmer during the kavanaugh dynamics said the world when it is going to put upon them. the discussion about the court was also an attempt to intimidate the court all these conversations of course have been to do that. that is what this is a perry when i was on the left we would work with people inside the government. and also solder the trump administration the resistors are there like many car bombs that are implanted frankly in every agency that are not what agencies did the donald trump clean the fbi d.o.j. the signal he was this was okay this is the
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new method. once i think this in fact, this person was chosen where they knew they are going to do this for they knew about the timing, just as the major primary season was beginning. so, i think it is now for the supreme court i very concerned at you but then who do you trust? who is going to build to have access to these things so that could damage this dynamic if a crime has been a committed and i think it has been there's a serious repercussion people to get the foot down. >> victory in the buckeye state for trumpet backed senate candidate what it could (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money man our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments
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celebrate a victory in the republican of ohio senate primary this week.
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president biden of course seized on the latest evidence donald trump is indeed still a very powerful figure in the republican party sees on a characteristic hyperbole. >> very extreme political organization that has existed in american history. >> jd vance victory indeed signify the party of the donald trump are the most extreme and proud and political history insist not donald trump's a party rather than the republican party? >> the first of all, president trump does remain the most important political figure in the party. and the fact his endorsements really ran the table in the ohio primary speaks to that. i think more importantly what you're seeing here setting aside president trump's influence is a shift of the party itself. today the democratic party is more the party of the billionaires in the global elites and the war mongers and the republican party in particular the newest wave of federal candidates also you're
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seeing in the states reflects more of an american first concept representing blue-collar workers. in representing better future for americans both economically and in terms of our security securing the border and so forth. it's out jd vance is securely and that mold of someone who came from a humble background, served his country, went to yale law school and is a very impressive person. i have met him, i think he's great i think a lot of the candidates are really in that mold that the future of the party. gerry: tammy don't like everything trump says or does is it true make america great again crowned its most extreme political organization and history? what you know what is extreme is the president of another party to claim that 70 million americans are part of an extremist group. they been said that for a while though about donald trump this is part of a template, a script.
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this is not some random think someone should not have said this is what they want to say it is inexplicable. throughout our conversation and what we see happening economically and culturally, it is clear the left does not know where to stop. this is a party claiming that about americans who enjoyed and expected a good economy, a piece around the world with the abraham mccord, the best economy in the history of humanity under donald trump. that is what americans want they want the ability to live their lives as they see fit. now it's got the worst economy we have seen perhaps almost ever getting close to carter times. next immigrants do seem to think though that donald trump is a political advantage for them and away that they make the republican party see donald trump's a party they want to try to do that. >> i don't know they have been wrong on everything and they are wrong on this as well. every single thing they've touched and done has been wrong.
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you cannot call the rest of the party, the other party or opposition the most extreme which means i don't know, terrorists? all white supremacist? you just set up a disinformation board, when you have just done that which is only totalitarian regimes have destroyed humanity of done that, that's a bad sign for. >> is a perfect segue the government has indeed got a new body the so-called disinformation. they put very interesting person in charge of it they don't seem to know what she has been up too. >> was the department aware of her tiktok videos? >> senator, i don't. >> they are really quite >> they are really quite precocious a. big game today!
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>> loved it. new offices something or their excuse to spend lots of taxpayer dollars and extend the long arm of democracy into the lives of all citizens. that's a buzz of excitement last week it was revealed the department of helen security has inaugurated something called a disinformation governance board. the pgb as we shall caught has a nice ring to it after all only one letter away from another organization the kgb, had similar ambitions to control people thought. it's headed by a woman by the name of nina jankowicz. she has a fine information she told us the hundred biden laptops are was fake the russian
11:28 am
collusion hoax was real. much more alarming are the excruciating online videos she is now famous for. they are designed to promote a bit very left wing view of what is information. look at them, i warn you look at them it relates we face a terrifying prospect that our government campaign against disinformation being led by someone who seems to be a cross between a madam and bette midler. i do like they did the government telling us was true and false? >> i don't even they admit they don't know how to describe other going to make that determination. i would also suggest this is so outrageous anyone who would be willing to head it is going to be extremist, it's going to be bizarre and a problem. she fits that bill perfectly. no individuals going to contribute to at the nature of this is once again this is an unforced error in the midst of everything going on in this country. harmeet dhillon this is all
11:29 am
about disinformation with to things like foreign interference and human trafficking in that kind of stuff it is still pretty disturbing that did the government should be telling us what information is. >> will look, have little different take personally don't care about her tiktok videos that's the least of the problems here. secondly more importantly, if you have been listening carefully to the government is already been doing this without a label on it for some time. they did in the 2020 election i'm currently suing the secretary of state of california for doing exactly this for that is the government using taxpayer resources telling social media companies what and was not quote unquote disinformation about the election and then forcing these companies were strongly suggest these companies take down not just post, but actual speakers, banning speakers from speaking and the most important places. and jen psaki referred to this as well early in the administration talking about working with the big tech companies regarding
11:30 am
disinformation braid they've been doing it now they just want to put a label on it and budget it and have this crazy person with a crazy eyes and her singing on top of it. what is more dangerous is that it is pervading this government and has to stop. spin got a rapid things are much indeed thanks to tammy bruce and >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by jpmorgan asset management. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. i am jack hough in for jack otter. is there more downside ahead for stocks? we will talk about what investors should do right now. if it is complain, i'm already on i


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