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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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prices for gas, waiting for them to climb on an average, probably over five dollars this summer. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: happening now the president today said he quote, wants everyone to know he is taking seriously rocketing inflation. here is his fix. blame everyone else for the problems he helped create. blame maga republicans, that is his new term. blame putin again and blame the pandemic. even a new poll shows the buck stops with biden. the majority say his policies are to blame. with us tonight congressman french hill, kat cammack, dan meuser and darrell issa. economic pro mitch roschelle, "the hill" media columnist
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joe concha and former acting i.c.e. director, tom homan. here comes trump. elon musk says he will put musk back on twitter once he takes it over. that the ban was morally wrong and stupid. left in an uproar. the white house threatens retaliation. we got it. critics say biden's new disinformation board should investigate the administration itself for information. where is the president, where is ag garland, why are they silent on illegal protests at homes of supreme court justices over abortion? tonight, why trying to normalize harassing the high court must stop now. it is literally a crime. judges, families have been attacked across the country. the house gop answer to the democrat culture wars, stop the u.s. crime wave spreading across the nation. now the gop ready to launch new legislation to stop democrats weak on crime policies, defund the police and how crime is
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connected to biden's border collapse. how will this play in the midterms? new developments in the hunter biden scandal, two prominent gop senators raise potential conflicts of interest in the government's case. stunning admission from the black lives matter cofounder that could blm in legal jeopardy. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's go right at it. look at your stocks. u.s. stocks were in seesaw action today. the s&p, the nasdaq finishing up. it was a tech-led bounce. the dow ending down t was choppy trading. here's what is going on. there are fears about inflation, fed rate hikes and possibly recession. stocks have been performing at their worst since the pandemic started. tech giants lost more than a trillion dollars in value in the last three trading days. we also have this, gas hitting a record high, $4.37 a gallon for the national average according
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to aaa. new york, new jersey, delaware, pennsylvania, if you live there you're seeing all-time highs. the president today laid out his plan on inflation before that new read on prices coming tomorrow for april. it is expected inflation is expected to again stick at a 40-year high. edward lawrence is in washington with more. edward. reporter: whiz, president joe biden laying out his plan now to combat inflation. it's basically asking congress to pass his social spending package. as of right now president biden using that speech to bash republicans. adding inflation is too complicated for americans to understand, then trying to backtrack that point. >> all they're focused on understandably is problem they're phasing. 5 1/2% average rage in their salaries yet inflation exceeds that. they look around the world. they know a lot of it is extremely complicated.
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i don't blame them. reporter: president biden blamed omicron and russian invasion. you see in the graph where president biden took office and when russia invaded ukraine. minority leader mitch mcconnell placed blame where it belongs. >> these price hikes will be american family new normal at the checkout counter, a permanent, permanent direct result of their failed policies. reporter: this administration pointing figures not changing policies. liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence great reporting as ever in washington. joining us now, congressman french hill from house financial services along with macro trends advisor founding partner, the great mitch roschelle. you're great too, congressman. congressman, what was your reaction to the president today? senator rick scott is slamming biden as incoherent and really pulling out the howitzers. what is reaction today? >> my reaction is more nonsense when in the state of the union
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joe biden said hey, guys, just lower your costs. that is a second -- a non second quitter. you don't have to talk to republicans larry fuhrman, former treasury secretary, steve rattner, warned the biden administration a year ago. don't keep spending money. you're fueling inflation. elizabeth: mitch, to the congressman's point, what is fueling inflation? because we're looking at the fed balance sheet. we see it is nine trillion. we see there is $325 billion in circulation over the past year itself. there has been money plowed into the system in pandemic relief. the president didn't mention that today. what do you think? >> you know, anybody who took economics in high school or college remembers supply and demand and i will talk about the two sides of the economy, the supply side of the economy which has been broken since the shutdowns two years ago and the
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demand side. all this administration has done is stimulate the demand side. so we have all the money sloshing around the system. we have the fed printing trillions of dollars of money. we've done nothing to fix the supply side of the economy if we can fix the supply side of economy, get people back to work, incentivize businesses to hire people, we fix the economy. pointing fingers at putin, pointing fingers at a virus doesn't solve the problem when we have broken supply side. elizabeth: to what mitch is saying, congressman, white house inherited a v-shaped economy. it was growing up. now it is pounded into the ground. there is 11.5 million job openings. literally two job openings for every worker, everyone employed person. we're paying people to stay at home. the quit rate is sky-high. sit tight. listen to more of what the president is saying today. he said none of it is his fault. it is everyone else's fault. watch this. >> the maga republicans are
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counting on you to be as frustrated by the pace of progress which they have everything they have done everything they can to slow down. and lower the deficit by asking large corporations and wealthiest americans to not engage in price gouging and to pay their fair share in taxes. there are two leading causes of inflation we're seeing today. the first cause of inflation is a once in a century pandemic. this year we have a second cause, a second cause. mr. putin's war in ukraine. look, i know you got to be frustrated, i know. i can taste it. elizabeth: i don't know what he is tasting you know? congressman, what was your reaction to the president's explanations there? >> well look, again, it's the demand side. we're spending unprecedented amounts of money like a drunken sailor. he has done that since he has been in office.
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we spend 4 1/2 trillion to run the government as is. he added 4 1/2 trillion on top of that since 2021. yes, secondly, the fed has been printing unprecedented amount of money in government bonds. when they should curtailed that and began to shrink the balance sheet late 2020. every night recent months over a year, there is $2 trillion in a reverse purchase agreement in the fed. that means demand side money is sloshing around. finally joe biden is not unleashing american energy and removing barriers getting people back to work, that his policies have curtailed. elizabeth: two trillion is in circulation right now. gas is at a record high again. the president, mitch, has been slamming u.s. jobs in the u.s. energy sector undercutting it. so you know, you would need jobs like that, wouldn't you to mop up all of that inflation? >> right. he had stagflation. he has got with gdp down in the first quarter, that is an indication we're going into
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potentially stagflation. elizabeth: mitch, what do you say? >> no. and i agree with the congressman. the thing that bothers me the most right now, when you look at oil, i've been speaking to a lot of oil executives is they're very worried about this administration being so focused on green that they're worried that if they invest the billions of dollars that it takes to get oil patch back up and running, that they're just going to meet roadblock after roadblock in regulations that will prevent it from happening. the thing on the supply side of the economy that really frightens me, is the price of diesel. because right now we have a disincentive for truckers to drive trucks. it is hard enough to find the drivers. now independent owner operators probably can't afford to make those runs because we have diesel in some states approaching $7 a gallon. elizabeth: there is that. i understand what you're saying on that. the president, by the way saying the rich should pay more in taxes. the top 20% pay nine out of 10 of federal income taxes. 2/3 of u.s. households don't pay
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income taxes. they pay payroll, they get that. that never comes up in this debate. congressman, tomorrow, we get new inflation data for april. expected to show inflation is above 8% at 40-year high. the president job rating never recovered after biden's botch the exit from afghanistan. we have polls coming in, reuters reporting suburban women in phoenix, arizona, they care more about inflation than culture wars. >> 100%. inflation is what i hear about when i'm in my district. what it costs to put food on the table, fill up the gas, buy clothes for the kids of the that's where we're struggling and joe biden is disconnected from the american people when he is trying to blame putin or blame maga republicans this is ridiculous. he needs to focus on the policies he can change today that will lower energy prices and remove bottlenecks in the supply chain. elizabeth: okay. congressman hill and mitch roschelle, it has been a pleasure having you on. come back soon. former president trump, he is back on twitter. the left is in an uproar.
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elon musk says he will bring back trump once musk's takeover of twitter is complete. the white house press secretary indicating there could be a plan to stop all of that. we have the latest details. plus, why is the president, the attorney general, silent on abortion demonstrators illegally protesting at the homes of supreme court justices? the white house again today downplaying what is actually a crime. we dig in next on "the evening edit." >> they're not looking for peaceful speech. they're looking for threats. they're looking for intimidation. they're looking for targeting the kids of the justices. and that is grow -- grotesque.
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♪. elizabeth: okay. abortion activists demonstrated outside the home of supreme court justice alito in non virginia last night. justice alito reportedly moved to an undisclosed location as a precaution for his safety. now, it's a federal and state crime to influence and impede or obstruct any judge this way. aishah hasnie has more from the white house. reporter: elizabeth, good evening to you. critics say the administration is not doing enough about these protests which they say are illegal. federal law prohibits anyone from obstructing justice by
6:16 pm
picketing outside of a judge's home in order to influence them. this when just seven months ago attorney general merrick garland directed the fbi to look into threats made against school board members, because as he put it, threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to your nation's core values. no doj memo for the supreme court justices yet. as republicans claim the white house is playing politics with protest. >> the same thing we saw with black lives matter and antifa riots where the left embraced them and now they're embracing mob violence to get their partisan outcome. reporter: white house only going so far to say there has been no violence against the justices and that the president condemns violence. only supporting peaceful protests. congress in the meantime has stepped in. the senate last night approving a bipartisan bill to increase security protections for not only supreme court justices but
6:17 pm
but also their immediate family members. elizabeth. elizabeth: aishah hasnie thank you so much for your terrific reporting there. it good to see you. welcome to the show congresswoman kat cammack from house homeland security. what is your take on this? why is the president and attorney general garland still silent on this? it's a crime to do this. >> it's a crime but goes against their political agenda, goes against their narrative they will do what cowards do best, they will hide. hope another news cycle goes by to continue to deflect and misdirect. if they were truly serious about statement of peaceful protests and there is no violence for political discourse they would outright condemn the actions of these protesters being outside, intimidating, harassing justices and their families. if you hear what they're chanting, they're asking, making demands that are ridiculous this is something that the white house is going to own, god forbid something happens this. is going to be on biden's hands.
6:18 pm
he is responsible for it. elizabeth: we can't normalize this because the next mob will come, right on the next issue? >> right. elizabeth: you can't normalize harassing supreme court justices. listen to the white house press secretary normalize what it going on the justice's homes. >> i know there is outrage about protests peaceful to date. we certainly encourage that outside of judge's homes. that is the president's position, but the silence is deafening about all the other intimidation we've seen to a number of people. >> this is pending court case though. that is where the federal law comes into place a pending court case. >> well, but i think intimidation and protests and intimidation outside of the homes of school board members, the michigan secretary of state, you know, inintimidation and threats against people seeking legal reproductive health care and against our capital, american democracy warrant some outrage and we haven't really seen that. elizabeth: this press secretary, she has got to go, she has to
6:19 pm
step down. by the way, i guess, judges have been shot at and killed across this country in various states. their family members have been shot and killed. we cannot allow this. you cannot do what aboutism when it comes to the safety of our highest court. >> absolutely, liz. this is insane. for her to even say i guess, it has been peaceful protests outside of hopes of justices? you said it best, liz, this cannot stand this is violence, this is intimidation, this is harrassment. at member of congress we get death threats weekly f they're true what they say, they want to make sure that there is no violence or no place for violence in political discourse how about they start with outright condemnation what is happening but they refuse to. elizabeth: we have to move on to this the power of trump is being tested again today in the gop gubernatorial primary in alaska and congressional gop primary in
6:20 pm
west virginia. trump candidates won in the ohio and indiana primaries. his pick for nebraska race wealthy businessman, he has been accused by sexual assault by eight woman. that is not good for the former president. what could you say on that? >> trump is the architect of the america first movement. that america first movement resonating with people. it was that four years ago, it was just that two years ago, it stands true today. the america first agenda is driving people to the polls and that's what we want to see. elizabeth: what trump is talking about, fighting crime. house gop study committee is about to take on democrats in the biden white house, with the new broad-based legislative push to fight the u.s. crime wave. that is the gop take on culture wars, but answer to what the democrats are saying. they're talking about new laws to stop rising murder and homicide rates, attacks on cops and more. that federal money would come with strings attached.
6:21 pm
in other words, if a state has no cash bail or has weak on crime prosecutor, they're going to get their funding and their grants clipped and cut back. they're calling it basically the concerned citizens bill of rights. so this is, basically the answer to what is going on in the culture wars. >> yeah, absolutely. as a steering member of the republican study committee, the largest conservative bloc in congress today we're leading the fight on this culture war. we're leading in the fight reining in chaos and crime in the streets. you said it right there, this is going to clip all the federal funding for those bad actors around those agencies that want to do harm defunding, dismantling our police department. we'll take on george soros funded d.a.s. we'll put law and order back in the streets and back in the flair tiff and get this crime -- narrative and get this crime wave reined in. this is common sense type of thing. the left wants to fight it. when you have mama bears and
6:22 pm
papa bears want to protect their kids and communities, watch and wait this will come in november. elizabeth: smash mobs looting taking off in california, moving across the country into places like minnesota, into new jersey, into new york. "gallup polling" finds majority 53% personally worry a great deal about the crime, ranks third behind inflation and economy. your final word. >> doesn't matter if you're in rural areas or urban areas crime is a top concern for americans today. that is why the america first agenda works. that is why we will take back the house in november overwhelmingly. elizabeth: congressman cammack, great to have you on. elon musk, big announcement today he will put trump back on twitter and saying it was morally wrong and stupid to ban trump when you have mullahs in iran and taliban on there. white house threatening retaliation. we have details. critics slam the biden disinformation board. the board should investigate the white house itself for disinformation.
6:23 pm
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elizabeth: look who is back with us, congressman dan meuser. congressman, good to have you on. your reaction to elon musk putting trump back on twitter, once he takes over twitter. what is your thought about that? >> i think it is great. i think twitter might actually
6:27 pm
be about the truth and all of the, all of the information, not just one side of it. so, you know, welcome back to twitter, mr. president. elizabeth: they were saying that basically the left is saying other critics are saying former president trump has been been making false statements about the race and about the vote? >> i'm sorry making false statements? elizabeth: about vote fraud. you know, who is going to determine that? who is going to determine that? that is the question at happened right now. do the american people want the government choosing that, which is what they're trying to do with this information board and in twitter's case, if they have got a few folks there that were making those decisions, maybe they should have another point of view and truly have a full-fledged outlook what is accurate and what isn't. where does that start and end, liz? i think the american people are capable of figuring that out
6:28 pm
themselves, right? people get to the truth. who is the one going to be doing the censoring? that is always the question. that is why our first amendment rights exist. elizabeth: white house press secretary is threatening retaliation. she is citing getting rid of the 230 seconds in the law that gives twitter and social media protection from lawsuits over third party content. watch this. >> what i will say broadly speaking is that our effort is to of course make sure that freedom of speech is protected across the country, also these platforms are not used for rums for disinformation and we have seen a history of that, not just on twitter but also on facebook. the president believes there is more that needs to be done reforming section 230. there is a lot of bipartisan interest in that. this may be reminder of urgency doing that. elizabeth: congressman, critics say the new disinformation board should elect itself. that hillary clinton luck shun
6:29 pm
was stolen from hillary clinton. georgia election stolen from stacy abrams. that also excess debts relates to the vaccine. didn't mention wave of deadly drugs pouring across-border. >> none of that. they're developing a ministry of truth in our, in our government and the american people should be very alarmed at this significant encroachment on free speech rights. and particularly not just the government setting up this disinformation, first of all, hired by mayorkas, who by the way secretary mayorkas very well may be the most deceitful spin master in washington telling us the border is secure when it's not. then he goes hires this nina jankowicz, as you well know stated that the steele dossier was credible. stated that the hunter biden laptop was russian propaganda product, and also stated right at the very beginning that there
6:30 pm
was no evidence virus came from wuhan which all the evidence points in the opposite direction. so, what we have here is a very, very left-wing extremist who is now going to determine what the truth is for our nation? i don't think so. that is why tonight we're voting on a bill to defund, kevin mccarthy bringing it to the floor to defund this ridiculous, outrageous, disinformation board which is george orwell worst nightmare. elizabeth: the other thing too is, the president, he has been accused of being misleading too, right? he made a speech in atlanta. he likened his opponents to segregationist bull conner. he claimed to be there, he was a civil rights there, he claimed he drove a 18-wheeler truck. he never did. he said he was a lifeguard at a lake in oswego, new york. that didn't happen. he said a bunch of things about
6:31 pm
oil and afghanistan. a lot of misinformation coming from the white house itself. >> it is. afghanistan was going well. there was nothing else we could do. just today being told that inflation is everybody else's fault. it has nothing to do with the excessive spending and assault on our domestic energy, that is part of the biden policy. look, when your policies fail, this administration certainly is not taking any responsibility for it, and they're just spinning it to the best that they can and jen psaki is the spokesperson. people like mayorkas, secretary mayorkas is initiating, failed policy, and being frankly deceitful about its outcome. american people are on to this. this is the good news. elizabeth: congressman meuser, good to have you on. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: new developments in the hunter biden scandal. two prominent republican lawmakers raising potential of
6:32 pm
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now congressman darrell issa. congressman, always a pleasure having you on. your reaction to this, republican senators ron johnson, chuck grassley, they want the u.s. attorney in delaware overseeing the probe in hunter biden, they want to know why senior justice department official nicholas mcquaid is not recusing himself from this probe due to his links to hunter's lawyer? they both worked at the same law firm. >> exactly. one of the reasons you recuse yourself is the appearance, or possible appearance of conflict. clearly there is an appearance of conflict. you know, if we have to over time get records of billing and common hallway discussions we will but by that time the damage is done particularly on a case where there is already been a
6:37 pm
considerable amount of insider influence as there was to squelch this whole story of hunter biden before the last election. elizabeth: and, congressman, the other weird thing that is going on nicholas mcquaid, the acting assistant attorney general in the doj's criminal division, he worked with hunter's lawyer, chris clark at the same law firm, for three years but that job does not show up on mcquaid's bio on the doj website. why did that get left out of his bio? >> well, as you can imagine, one of the things they have the luxury of doing is not mentioning which partners in a large law firm you work with but the fact that he worked directly with one of hunter biden's attorneys means that even though this is a large international firm, it becomes very close and personal when you are in the hallway or in an office, or even billing time in support of these very difficult questions, these very political questions. elizabeth: congressman, senator chuck grassley is also saying that hunter biden has close ties
6:38 pm
to state officials in delaware. are you concerned about whether or not this probe into hunter biden, which is occurring in the state of delaware, whether it will be aboveboard and they're going to cross all the ts and get everything done? >> well i'm very concerned that the fbi acted inappropriately even in the last administration when it came to protecting both hunter biden and his father, then candidate for president. so obviously when you look at a household word in delaware, you look at the president of the united states, there is no question at all you're going to have an appearance at least of it. but let's understand, you have a drug user who was disappearing for periods of time while the vice president was trying to find him and you've got the secret service and other agencies, including the fbi aware of his drug use hiding it. so you even have law enforcement and the secret service, really was aware of criminal behavior
6:39 pm
and how tight vice president bide was vice president and his son was committing crimes. elizabeth: even if this doj probe, we don't know where it will end up, once it concludes, are you going to pick it up and look what is going on with impo, that we look at things that might affect legislation or compliance with laws. in this case we've got to ask, how could this kind of activity fall through the cracks? how could they have hunter biden's laptop showing much of his wrongful behavior including income tax evasion it appears and it didn't get out? both the compliance side, the legislative side requiring multiple committees to do their work, including ways and means. elizabeth: to your point, congressman, senators grassley and johnson, they're worried about this probe, doj, hunter biden potential tax evasion, money laundering,
6:40 pm
violation of foreign lobbying laws, they're worried it could be compromised because it is being held in delaware, it is being done in delaware. they're asking whether any workers in the u.s. attorney's office in biden's home state of delaware recused themselves. they're upset, they're not getting any answers with the doj on this. >> to be honest that is where elections make a difference, ron johnson is chairman next year, chuck grassley is chairman again, we'll see a very different response by definition or at least subpoenas that can be issued. right now they are basically sticking up a finger to these senators as they did during "fast & furious" and other times when we weren't in the majority. this is one of the problems with government which is all in the hands of one party that party can be very arrogant and right now the party of the president is arrogantly ignoring the legitimacy of these requests. elizabeth: congressman issa, always a pleasure. thanks for spending time with us. come back soon. we have a stunning admission
6:41 pm
from the black lives matter cofounder patrice cullors after the group used charitable donations to buy a six million dollar mansion in california. the jaw-dropping remarks, you have to hear them to believe it that is ahead on "the evening edit." >> they made about $90 million after the death of george floyd. we don't know what that money went to. this organization gets away with far too much and they use racism as a basis for that. ♪. r world. your why. what drives you? what do you want to leave behind? what do you want to give back? what do you want to be remembered for? that's your why. it's your purpose, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve it. at pnc private bank, we'll help you take care of the how. so tell us - what's your why? ♪♪
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♪. elizabeth: look who is back, fox news contributor joe concha. joe, great to have you on. okay, black lives matter cofounder patrice cullors, is no longer with them, she admitted, she tells the associated press, yes, she did use blm's new six poll dollar mansion outside of los angeles for her personal parties, one for joe biden's inauguration, another party for her son. that is in violation of the tax
6:46 pm
law. >> precisely. it is really hard to believe, by the way. in other words if i had a six million dollar mansion in california, if you think i would only throw two parties after having this mansion basically paid for free because i took them for donations, the cash, i'm sure there is a lot more to this story. here you have patrice cullors, she is blaming racism and sexism when this report first came out about the mansion and the purchase that she did secretly. that is what happens, elizabeth, when you play the race card from the bottom of the deck. all this should raise the biggest question, right? given tens of millions of dollars this organization raised in 2021 alone, nearly $100 million, has the organization improved the lives of the black community? there is more black lives being lost and black on black crimes in cities from new york, los angeles, the hurt rate in the black community jumped 43% in 2020. that is the same year
6:47 pm
black lives matter was raking in all this dough. where is the money going to besides multiple mansions? not many in the media, certainly not the merrick garland justice department are asking those questions right now. i have got to wonder why. elizabeth: are they going to investigate? you're right. families and people across the nation gave money to black lives matter. by the way, the families of breonna taylor and michael brown as well as blm affiliates sighs no one knows where the money is going. they used charitable donations to buy the 6 million-dollar mansion. there was potential self dealing because they used a middleman to conduct the sale. >> that's right, elizabeth. another report came out couple months ago four other homes were purchased by blm founders as well, totaling something like $3.4 million worth. so, yeah, you got to wonder, when we raised $90 million, do i even trust that number?
6:48 pm
there needs to be a full audit here, no question. but their efforts have fallen completely flat despite all of this money. remember their whole man at that called for defunding the police. how is that going? because we're seeing a re-fund the police movement in 2022, not the other way around. to your point, asking the question again, will justice be carry the out here, if this is maga affiliated organization or tea party organization they used funds like this, misused funds like this for fun and pleasure, absolute media would run wall-to-wall and multiple investigations likely charges filed. there is very little reporting on this so they get away with it. elizabeth: because they pull the race card, right? they bully people into submission claiming racism. no one wants to be called racist. it is time to stand up to people who traffic in race bullying. enough claiming racism, what happened here, seems like this, joe, well-meaning people across the nation gave money to
6:49 pm
black lives matter because they cared. they didn't want to see what was going on with police brutality. police officers themselves say, they don't like, there are bad apples, they understand there are bad apples in those police departments. everybody knew that, right? we see bad apples in the non-profit community. we have patrice cullors telling the associated press it wasn't the best idea to use the property for her own personal benefit. so when you see them, this feels like they're predators. that they were just going, using the money and then just pocketing the money and you are make an important point about black on black crime. thousands and thousands of murders in minority communities after blm got, you know localities to defund the police. >> so i think the way, elizabeth you can avoid the whole racism charge, if you're a journalist, you want to cover this, really shine a light on this organization, what they have been doing, you need the game kings of the world, lester holts of the world, don lemons of the
6:50 pm
world. if black journalists pursue this, then they can't scream racism anymore but i have a feeling that is not going to happen. oh, by the way, all those sports leagues, all those corporations that embraced this organization, how is that looking about right now? there should be apologies across the board, but of course that is not built into the dna in 2022, is it? elizabeth: joe concha, we hear you. always a pleasure. thanks for joining us. come back soon. >> great to see you. elizabeth: we have a disturbing report we've been following. a growing number of border officials and law enforcement getting shot at, getting attacked ated border in biden's border collapse. we have a report from the border ahead on "the evening edit." >> they're not detaining. they're not prosecuting. they're not deporting. the flow keeps happening. it■s hard eating healthy. unless
6:51 pm
you happen to be a dog.
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ports from the border, growing number law enforcement shot at and attacked. nate boy is at the border with the development. >> good evening, we are learning shots were fired during a chase yesterday with a teen accused of trying to smuggle five migrants. the chase was dps and deputies, the team is in san antonio
6:55 pm
hospital meanwhile we are speaking with a medical examiner who identifies migrants who are killed during their journey into the country. this next video may be graphic, the west county medical examiner's office. their jurisdiction covers 11 counties, they see most migrants who cross the southern border in texas, the most common ways migrants died are dehydration and heat stroke. here's a medical examiner with a message for anyone thinking about making the journey. >> message i want to send is to the families of these people, stay home. don't do this. don't believe what the coyotes are telling you. >> doctor turn she says she speaks with those successful in their journey, they say my list break them up into groups of ten and give them to joseph water to's split between all times.
6:56 pm
elizabeth: nate boy, terrific journalism as always. joining us now, former acting ice director, tom homan, what is your reaction? >> i said it month the biden administration's policies, they say they are humane and they are not. more migrants have died under the biden administration because of the, in my 34 years, microfiber on u.s. soil. these are the only or abandon in the desert or toddlers abandoned, almost 700, it's a record that's not counting hundred and 12,000 overdose deaths from conventional over the quarter. these policies, they say they are humane but they are not. people are dying because you open the fourth, the most vulnerable people in the world put them selves in the hands of criminal cartels who don't care about the health and safety of these people, just making a book. elizabeth: it's an important thing you're saying, the white
6:57 pm
house, democrats in the senate caucus basically trying to convince the nation that this is a humanitarian way to go, open the border but what they are not detailing is what you have been reporting, people coming onto the show have been telling us not humane because thousands of people died even coming up from south and central america from panama, they die in route and drowning in get attacked and sexually assaulted and not even talking about the crime wave from the bible for collapsed, violent crime from drugs is going to u.s. cities, john cornyn. hard for people to grasp how inhumane this is. >> that's why i wrote a book called close support can save lives, in my 35 years, a secure border save lives. let me tell you, when he had
6:58 pm
immigration at 35, 40 year low depending on the time you're looking at, illegal immigration at 83%, how many people die of funds and overdoses on the line securing the border? how many women during sexual is and didn't die? migrant death the way to save his life. as far as crime ways, it's because the cartel are making more money than they have ever made because not only increasing trafficking women and children, increasing alien smuggling and sentinel across the border, have water patrol is not on the line because of this crisis, making more money than ever. elizabeth: people have been attacking trump, criminal probes of trump and his family, capitol rise, people understand the lay of the land. tom's policies were working, border officials said democrats lawmakers have said privately trump policies work.
6:59 pm
when you see cartel swamping four, 18000 who came into the rio grande section of the border in del rio brother, that was purposeful. the cartel did that on purpose, small border patrol to get drugs and private criminals across. the message is not getting out. trump had it right, he was correct and did it right about the border in the failure of this white house for etiological and political reasons is really damaging the country. >> i'm behind you said on day od with six president starting with ronald reagan, i respect every president but bottom line, a stone cold fact is president trump gave a more secure border in my career and data really shows that. lives are saved. border patrol on the line be more vigilant, they didn't have
7:00 pm
42 known suspected terrace arrested, 700,000 getaways in one year. didn't have 1.7 million country. president trump secure the border at a level we've never seen before in his he would have been in office right now we have the most secure border by far. i hope they come back and secure the border. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, good for you to watch this, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: president biden, he claims he's helping americans, what a big helper. inflation is in his fault. who's to blame? the people in the red and aga hats? of course. laying out much-needed solutions for skyhigh prices, nothing even remotely close and what was advertised and said a bunch of old guy excuses. watch. >> there are two leading causes of inflation we are seeing today. the first causenf


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