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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 10, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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42 known suspected terrace arrested, 700,000 getaways in one year. didn't have 1.7 million country. president trump secure the border at a level we've never seen before in his he would have been in office right now we have the most secure border by far. i hope they come back and secure the border. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, good for you to watch this, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: president biden, he claims he's helping americans, what a big helper. inflation is in his fault. who's to blame? the people in the red and aga hats? of course. laying out much-needed solutions for skyhigh prices, nothing even remotely close and what was advertised and said a bunch of old guy excuses. watch. >> there are two leading causes of inflation we are seeing today. the first cause of inflation is
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once in a century pandemic, the second cause. mid mr. putin's war in ukraine. we saw in march 60% of inflation that month was do to price increases at the pump. >> what about the price increases before putin's price hike? what about the monetary issues? today there was a new bogeyman, unwashed deplorable's and the and aga crowd. >> senator rick scott, member of the senate republican leadership late at all out. the plan put forward by congressional republicans to raise taxes on working families, lower income of american workers. i never expected the ultra mega republicans who seem to control the public and parties now, to control the republican party.
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kennedy: you are so lucid, sir. first of all, mr. president, rick scott is from florida, not wisconsin you might be thinking of ron johnson from wisconsin. second what are you talking about? americans are dealing with the highest inflation in 40 years. gas hit another record hi, the price of everything else, that is way up, important things like baby formula, nearly impossible to find. the president thinks his policies are working great. >> do you take any responsibility of your policies? >> our policies help, not hurt . his blaming maga is only strategy? nights party panel, attorney
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republican strategist, alexandra wilkes, fox news political analyst, juan williams, he's right there and we got hannah cox, host and foundation for economic education content manager, hannah cox is back, welcome, everyone. great to see you. alexandra, i know it is tough to come out and say my party is overspending, caused and exacerbated inflation because that means you have to stop spending, it's the last thing they want to do so the president and his administration resorted to two things. one, the economy is great which doesn't five when people are hurting and two, blaming everyone else but themselves for inflation, the opposite of what he said he would do when he was elected. >> totally. that speech was almost unwatchable today in terms of the tone and temperament and excuses offered. the speech inspired nobody and i
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don't think anyone believed it. bottom line, the average american family, they are seeing $500 increase, every single month in the budget to account for inflated prices they see at the grocery store and gas pump. i think him resorted to labels like the maga crowd, it sounds like a bad focus group label that came from some democratic circle, clear they wanted it out there because they put out ahead of the speech but when it comes down to it, the labels like gunslingers with obama and deplorable's like hillary, they fall flat because that's not reality, which is like i said, the extra $20 at the grocery store or gas pump, that is going to fall flat and not resonate with the american people. kennedy: it doesn't seemed like the president or vice president have a good handle on explaining inflation because those things
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fall flat, even if he says over and over again we released a bunch of oil from this petroleum reserves, it may not be a long-term solution but something people can wrap their head around, they can wrap their head around the e15 gasoline, ethanol additive and things like that and i think that's -- that's what he should be pivoting, a few things he does have in his control but he promised to be a uniter and not a divider. when you voted public and/or intend to vote republican, the attacks feel personal to people who are hurting. shouldn't the president be reaching out to those people to try to build a slightly different coalition if he plans on running again in 2024? >> i hope you're talking to me because i like to respond. i think what i have heard so far is on target in terms of people
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going to the market gas station but i think the difference is most americans think we should be fighting them and we understand taking russian oil off the global market will have an impact in the think people understand there was a coronavirus, he did in fact stop the economy from sinking when we were locked down but now i think there's a lot of frustration post pandemic or this. we are in right now, this will in terms of the pandemic and i think all the frustration is centering on biden. when you think about what he can do, he said be a uniter, i'm not sure. after the leak of possible abortion ruling, i think that's the first time he used the maga phrase and said these are maga, it's not judging biden against biden because it could be a referendum in the midterms, it's more like judging biden against
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the alternative and he's going to make sure hillary is the alternative. kennedy: it makes you look weak if you attack an opponent who declared he's even in the race. i don't know i necessarily agree that americans want this administration to send troops to fight russia. >> we know that is false, pulling overwhelmingly shows americans are tired of countries we have no is being in and we are not even happy we are fighting a proxy war and sending millions of dollars overseas to people when we can't even get baby formula in this country for our own kids and we are sick of it. i don't know what planet you have to be on think american people care about russia and ukraine right now, they don't. they care about their basic needs. the administration has proven they are incapable of ensuring people have opportunity in this
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country to pursue the american dream. everything they've done has created inflation, amplified problems, stagnated supply chain and they have to start answering, continuing to blame things on putin or a random senator in florida, the gop doesn't even back this guy's plan or maga, it looks irresponsible and childish admit your spending and regulations have created this, stop pushing unions and things that hurt people and get out of our way. kennedy: they need to stop making government bigger because the bigger and more intrusive, the more harm it does to individuals and the economy. i would hate for them to learn that the hard way when we are in a period of prosperity because of irresponsible fiscal and monetary policy. it's like a joke about the president and vice president being incapable of explaining inflation, i understand there politicians, the fed chair didn't have a good understanding of inflation and people thought jerome powell was crazy when he said it was transitory.
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that is wishful thinking and the fed has made it so much worse. he never heard the president talk about that but the panel will stick around. we will hear more but the protests have not stopped over the supreme court roe v. wade draft leak, they brought the street party to a leaders home, the third justice mobs targeted the d.o.j. remaining silent despite federal law prohibiting tickets to influence the case. the white house will not contend the protests so will they ever end? probably not especially when you have the mayor of chicago tweeting for a call to arms and whoopi goldberg and bay heart saying stupid stuff like this. >> when she says the call to arms, that's something we in the 60s know what it means, it doesn't mean -- that means pay attention and make sure you are there doing what you need to do.
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>> show leader what it looks like to lose your freedom of choice. he cannot leave the house easily so maybe it's a good lesson for them. kennedy: my god. make it painful. instead of trying to intimidate the justices, will people relax for a second until the case is decided and voted upon? joining me now, fox news contributor and editor and host of the ben domenech podcast, it is ben domenech. it is hard to believe your wonderful and rational wife used to sit at the table with those dumb gums. do you get ptsd watching those clips? [laughter] >> i will admit i get a bit of ptsd when i see that but they're being honest about their opinions, it is acceptable in their view to arrest supreme court justices they disagree with. if this was a group of red hat wearing ultra maga people outside the homes of soda mayor or elena kagan, i don't think
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they would say the same thing. instead, they would call out the national guard but it's a situation we are in right now, we have the wall before the decision drops where these protests are going to happen but we are likely the longer we go before a decision happens to see violence for escalation because of the fact that so much of this has been slow when it comes to condemnation from the white house and other powers, it seems to be encouraged by a lot of them and i think that is what the leaker probably wanted to do in this situation. we may never know what the actual motivation was but here's the thing i think we should view it help your term about this, the vast majority of the american people don't occupy either of the extremes on the abortion issue, either the people who believe it should be available every time, any moment in pregnancy back to the
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taxpayer funds and the like which is essentially the platform of the democratic party especially now someone like joe biden previously supported it and other prohibitions on taxpayer funding switched in the last election but what you're going to see come out of this once the decision comes down if it looks like what we expected to look like, i think you will find this is something the american people can result through their elected representatives at the state level as they do so many other issues. it will be something with negotiation back and forth on what limitations are in place in what funding is in place and you will end up with a range of differences between california new york, mississippi and oklahoma and the like but i believe in trusting the people. at the end of the day it's something we ought to do on this subject short-circuited in 73 and now we have the opportunity to resolve ourselves and if as the left claims, abortion is so popular and nobody agrees with knocking down row, they will
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have a easy job of making their case to the american people but i think they will find they have a harder job than you might hear from people in the media. kennedy: and if the polling does there out during the midterms, you will see people shift their vote based on a single issue which we live in complicated times, we cannot over simplify how the country is run or something, even something as important to both emotional factions as abortion but still, that cannot be the sole deciding factor of the future of our country. it's always good to talk to you -- >> one quick thing. i just want to encourage people, check out the recipes for making formula yourself it's hard, it takes work but you can, check out raw milk, look into this and make it for yourselves and it will be better than you would get from the store probably,
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shortages a huge problem for you can make it yourself. kennedy: i breast-fed my children for like 75 years so i know there are other alternatives in but maybe you should look it up, i'm not saying you have to if you're comfortable with the formula, you may have to do a lot more legwork but things are so backwards people are more concerned about aborting babies than feeding them. >> joe biden is not going to come save you. kennedy: he just can't get thank you so much. >> great to be with you. kennedy: president biden reported the blaming the military and cia leaking secrets about our involvement in ukraine. is somebody trying to start another world war? mike baker joins us in moments. ♪♪
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breaking news, has expected to vote tonight on another $40 billion cash giveaway to ukraine and in the meantime, trying to start world war iii. by someone i mean pretty much everyone. president biden is angry over recent weeks.
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the about his prostate, your gross. about the military assistance to ukraine, intelligence that helps them kill russian generals and think of battleship. >> the president was displeased the leaks. his view is that it was an overstatement of our role, inaccurate an understatement of the ukrainians role in their leadership and he did not feel they were constructive. kennedy: the president thinks leaks came from the pentagon or cia or the other one with the s and the b and the i. why would anyone want to leak information that could cause a nuclear war? former cia officer, chairman and ceo just in time for father's day, it is mike baker. >> thank you and happy mother's day, i know it belated but happy mother's day. kennedy: thank you. >> why would anyone want a leak? because there's no consequences anymore. we seem to have developed a
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culture here where part of it is slack of journalistic standards where you can reduce a front-page story based on anonymous sources. part of it is the notion over the past decade and a half plus senior people getting out of whatever administration was in charge right to tell all books and the people below them say why not me, too? he's opening his pie hole and talking about things he shouldn't. it's taken years and every administration for quite some time has had a problem with leaks. none of them have dealt with it appropriately in the sense that there have been no consequences for this behavior. kennedy: so if someone is out there and don kirby is saying this reporting is misleading, what does that say to you? misleading doesn't sound like strong condemnation, like hell no, we would never do that. what you think is wrong with us?
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we are the united states of america, we wouldn't try to get to work with russia. is it your boyfriend? it's kind of misleading. >> he says you sound like a root and tooting cowboy. i don't see him doing that but here's the thing, everybody i think that's engaged in this in some level, on the russian side, u.s., nato side, everybody understands them. the problem is you don't say it, you don't say it out loud. the idea the u.s. is sharing intelligence signals communications, to the ukrainian military, that shouldn't shock the buddy who pays attention to this. the russian military and russian regime, i'm not sure they assumed that was the case clearly understood because
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the countries are at war. the problem is in this self-righteous desire to pat themselves on the back somebody is opening their yap and whether is the pentagon or somewhere within the intel community, it's a relatively small group within the organizations that have specific access to information that may have resulted in this story and the follow-up washington post story. if we made a list of all the people who have access to information when there's a leak and gather them up and send them down into visually and box them from polygraph them and punch them in the nose but less polygraph them and once we find the person talking, if we take away clearances and show them the exit, that is the consequence and that will make other people think. kennedy: he make an example of someone but also, this was very
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smart, she knew she had a leak in her organization so she started telling her hair and makeup people separately, gossip about herself so when they showed up, she knew exactly who it was and that person, that's what they need to do. >> we did that at the agency, the same thing and shared makeup techniques and he got out and figure out and triangulated in on who was responsible, a brilliant technique. there i am talking about something like that and i should not have released that, so easy. kennedy: and then you give crack to the inner-city and it's a bruise on -- >> you really stepped over the line, didn't you? here we were having a lovely conversation and you had to do that but that's good because there are people out there who still believe that and everyone
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has a right to believe what they are going to believe. kennedy: even went misleading. >> even when it's misleading, yeah. kennedy: your able to bob and weave, the best defensive guest we have on this entire network. [laughter] mike baker, thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> it's a skill. [laughter] kennedy: coming up, elon musk making a huge announcement about twitter and former president trump, are they teaming up for a movie? the panel returned to discuss next. ♪♪
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when the deal goes through, will trump come to? elon musk think twitter is buttoned up, he will let the former president back on the platform. >> it was not correct to ban donald trump, it was a mistake,
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alienated a large part of the country and not ultimately result in trump not having a voice. i guess the answer -- a permanent ban. kennedy: trump told fox news he will not return to twitter but the door apparently is ajar. will trump take you want bait? the party panel is back. alexander books, juan williams and hannah cox. what you think of elon musk in his pronouncements that twitter is left and that it was wrong to ban him for good and let him back? >> what i think is he wakes up every day and things what you have to do to put on my face to pound this morning and he does not think because he consistently knocks it out of the park. i've never heard somebody at his level be so consistently write about our political system and what's happening lately.
7:30 pm
i love these things and it's funny because we give him praise for saying things that are obvious, twitter has had left-wing bias, no arguing that. they take kicked off donald trump meanwhile they let isis and communist china tweets. the left melts down over these obvious things because they are not used to having the truth it seems pretty. it seems like he has a pretty based approach cares about free speech and tries to think through how to moderate content in a way to make sure is not illegal activity happening which is important, make sure there's not porn being put on there or children trafficked and that kind of thing so i hope he gets to go through this in one thing, republicans need to be careful because a lot of them have been advocating for things like the ftc and d.o.j. more power through antitrust trying to give the ability to block deals like this and they are about to
7:31 pm
basically when they are not principles, you set yourself up for failure. kennedy: they are not true as they should be. juan williams, there are people, donald trump is back on twitter, i'm leaving for good and i will move to canada eventually. are you melting down? you must be delighted because it will be nice to be the 45th president, float a few dog whistles for the media. >> i think people have accused them of that before. by the way, i didn't say americans should send their own troops and i think ukrainians should defeat russia, prussia has to be defeated the best of the entire western world so i want to clear that up. kennedy: elon musk is trying to help with that as well but people are mad at him and he's trying to save the globe because of electric cars. >> yesterday he said he wouldn't be alive because russians were
7:32 pm
threatening to blow him up in space or something but here's the thing was listen to what you're saying about twitter, what you mean twitter wasn't fair to donald trump? twitter made donald trump, he is all over twitter to reach his base for years. it was his primary source of connecting with the american people in was only when it was the obvious january 6 event in his possible provocations that encourage the bad behavior that was a threat to our very form of government, twitter finally said this can't be, it shouldn't be. it was right. elon musk is after-the-fact saying it alienated the trump based on twitter, i don't think so. kennedy: they are trying to deprive him of necessary political oxygen that turned him into a viable candidate.
7:33 pm
making sure he didn't have that, they assumed he would wither on the vine and that hasn't happened either and that is what he's saying, conservatives left twitter when he was kicked off permanently and he wanted to be a town square where people who disagree with. >> you can respond in the way the four of us are talking tonight. it's not a town square when there's no response because everybody is in their own travel saying of noxious and violent things. kennedy: that is not all of twitter. it's a lot of twitter things to the ayatollah. [laughter] let me ask you about this, alexandra, where do we go from here? you think the former president will be back on the platform since he had so many followers? >> we will have to see, he's full of surprises.
7:34 pm
i think the advocates of censorship miss the mark on his they fail to ask basic questions, which is they can't, basically what good has come from an act of censorship on a platform like twitter? i think the bottom line is you can't say any, you can say plenty of examples of where there was actual harm done by the new york post for example suspended right before the election, the hunter biden story the ended up being true or example after example of this. it's like when there's a government actor involved, any attempt to issue prior restraint on that is so rigorously guarded by the court under the first amendment you can see why censorship fails and i wish twitter could go back to the old days where it was a self-correcting free marketplace
7:35 pm
of ideas. if somebody got something wrong, it was immediately retweeted and corrected for people to see and that free flow of information is something i hope is brought back. kennedy: i hope he buys us all bubbles. i'm glad you brought up the new york post, the administrations new disinformation nina jankowicz apparently has real attention, she's reportedly shared debunked claims about trump russia collisions since 2016. republicans, kevin mccarthy announced a bill that would dismantle the entire disinformation covenants board, the ministry of truth also known as. how did she end up in charge of this for show? hannah, are people so busy they can't do basic vetting of someone who's given such great responsibly over what constitutes truth and falsehood?
7:36 pm
>> the bottom line is, nobody would be good at the job because no single person can determine what is true on every single subject, why we need open in burgers debates, we've let people have open discourse, we examine hypotheses and continue to learn more. i want to find these people, i'm genuinely curious because i can't imagine the left, i want to find the people who are looking to the u.s. government to tell what is disinformation, these are the people who told us there were weapons of mass destruction, we need to wear a cloth mask over our face for two years. these people persecute journalists and whistleblowers who tell us the truth about war crimes. this is the last entity that can ever tell you what's truth and what's not and i don't care where you fall on the political spectrum, you cannot think any government especially the u.s. federal government will work to make sure you get the truth and any given situation, the fact this lady is on record posting
7:37 pm
ridiculous conspiracy theories like the steel bossier and russian conspiracy theory, it's like a chest kiss, what did you anticipate? obviously they would pick somebody on the far left to run this and she's proven she doesn't have good judgment so who can be surprise here? kennedy: she is far from objective, maybe none of us are objective, maybe we have to be honest with ourselves about that, we are in a realm of subjectivity that no one person can be entrusted with that. maybe we have to leave it up to the individual to decide for themselves the facts. maybe we have to trust people once again. >> i love people and i love all of you but i will say when the buck comes and starts spreading conspiracy theories and lies and people say i saw it on the internet and there's nobody to say slow down, that's not true, i think we have a problem as a
7:38 pm
society. i think government is my last choice to do this but it's like talking about democracy, every other form of government is pretty bad but i'll take democracy because this would be somebody to say you know what? it's about pedophiles, i was reading about tom hanks today, just got, it's just not true. kennedy: but i understand and i don't disagree, i think there are a lot of falsehoods but i don't trust the government because they've been lying to us longer than anyone and has nothing to do with parties, this is cross administrational. we've only got a couple of seconds but i know you can wrap it up beautifully. >> this goes to show how silly this administration is wrapped up in their own bubble they are, the fact the woman was even nominated in the first place, not vetted, the fact that this office was even proposed under
7:39 pm
home and security, this is a liberal bubble, msnbc audience giveaway for the biden administration, nothing to do with what people care about. kennedy: they already gave jen psaki to msnbc. we will take truth and leave the government where it is, thank you all for being here. >> thanks. kennedy: fifth wave of covid circulating here in new york city. get a mask. can we still get on with our lives? doctor janette joins me next. ♪♪
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nailed it. a fifth wave of covid rolling through new york city. they say is a new sub variant called beat out 12.1234, get
7:44 pm
your woman on the floor. the city health commissioner says all options of restrictions still on the table including mask mandate. our new yorkers getting walks down against? joining me now, medical director family and emergency medicine physician and fox news contributor, fresh from ukraine, doctor janette nashua, welcome back. >> great to be with you. kennedy: more people are testing positive because more people have talked about it so more people are testing and hospitalizations are down so even if it's a super contagious omicron variant, that we encountered in december, i think this is news the virus is yet again weakening even if it is mutating and the phases. >> you know, this is not a wavelike we had over the holidays were a year ago or even the beginning of the pandemic,
7:45 pm
it's maybe baby spike. i had three cases today, everyone's symptoms were mild, it's important we acknowledge we are in a different place. we made tremendous progress. we now have control of the virus regardless of the number of cases. by that i mean we have the tools to treat, we know how to treat the virus and what medications to give and what vitamins you need to take. we have the tools and the beds and the doctors and supplies. this is not something we need to panic about and we shouldn't be worrying about lockdowns and shutdowns. we are only about 8% here in new york city, that is not bad at all. last year my colleagues and i were overwhelmed, stressed out, burned out but that is not the case right now. we have a few extra cases here and there but if you're vaccinated or natural immunity, you're going to be okay. if you're high-risk and not vaccinated and there had covid,
7:46 pm
go get vaccinated because you are the one is most likely going to end up in the hospital if you don't have protection. kennedy: speaking of protection, if somebody does come to you covid positive, what are treatments? are there new things we have not talked about? what can people expect when they go to the doctor? >> just like last night i had a 77-year-old female who tested positive, she had underlying heart disease so i prescribed anti- viral medicine, paxlovid and i checked on her today and she was feeling a little better but not everybody needs the antiviral. if you are young and healthy, most will fight it off so supportive measures. i tell my patients, drink hot tea, vitamin d, zinc and plenty of fluids and rest and quarantine. sometimes you might have a cough and we can prescribe cough medicines to control your symptoms. can you develop wheezing. kennedy: i got wheezing, i am still wheezing.
7:47 pm
>> long covid, that's a good thing to say, long covid symptoms and that's why it's important to do everything you can to protect yourself which includes getting vaccinated to potentially minimize long covid symptoms but we have the medicines to treat side effects of covid, wheezing, shortness of breath. kennedy: at night when i lay down, my years bus and post covid clinic at nyu said it many years, ménière's are buzzing. [laughter] doctor janette, good to talk to you, thank you so much, a beacon of hope. >> i hope you feel better. kennedy: topical storm is next, we'll all feel better after that.
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welcome back, netflix announced plans to bring as to it's streaming service. investors say they are thrilled because so far there's only been traction. that's a wall street laughingstock and this is topical storm, topic number one. a new car a body reliability and convenience and get somehow it is none of those things. get ready to say thank heavens
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parton. either that or someone tasted a massive in teleprompter, could be. the musical inspired by an interview where dolly told a reporter she loves taco bell mexican pizza and the chain should bring it back. you thought real journalism was dead. any story about taco bell food is technically shoe leather reporting and taco bell is now bringing back the mexican pizza, also known as a quesadilla turned upside down and celebrating with a musical entirely about the dish making it the first musical about food since cats went on tour in china. no word yet on what the songs will be about or even the style of music but i've always thought taco bell goes best with -- there we go. no? okay. topic number three. japanese company built a giant robot that can repair train tracks. ♪♪
7:54 pm
he's been working on the railroad all the live long day's. kennedy: it can carry and assemble extremely heavy equipment probably because he's been spending so much time training. the robot dances. ♪♪ but you can't tell because it only does the robot. operated by a human wearing a virtual reality headset because the only way to get my meals to work is convince them they are playing a videogame. whatever you do, don't tell me helping millions of people, he thinks he's buying a cartoon sword. the robot is a prototype but is led to decrease in worker activists because the workers are home getting drunk and plotting revenge on the robot that took their job. topic number four. portrait of marilyn monroe sold at an auction for $195 million or as it's known ongoing basic today, 195 million bit coins,
7:55 pm
that's funny and sad at the same time. the prince's of the 50s, i had no idea she was such a woman of color, painting sold for 170 million plus $125 million see because the buyer flew to the auction on spirit airlines. it was caught on camera, two anonymous bidders competed the a cell phone, the representatives covering their mouths because they are truly. it's broken records to make the most expensive piece of american art ever sold. hunter biden is now selling his portrait for $150 million, 45 million us holes because even he admits, it's not as good. those are fun. here's tonight to call me tuesday joke. guess the punchline on twitter hashtag to meet tuesday.
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>> it's time for tickle me tuesday. why should you stand in the corner to get cold? because it's always 90 degrees.
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it is wonderful geometry. follow me on kennedy nation. >> it is justice american amazing stories. >> a farm boy. and he was inspired to become a great investor. >> and wanted to control the game also the story of david and goliath. >> trying to bring moving pictures into the living room. >> it just might


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