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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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paypal. also an early investor in facebook. he is exiting meta's board to spend time backing republican midterm candidates. think about that just a little bit. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts now. ♪. elizabeth: happening now the president has a brand new scapegoat for inflation. he blamed trump today. tries to attack maga voters to help democrats win the midterms that they are expected to lose. when the fix to inflation is staring the president right in the face. with us tonight congressman bruce westerman, senator marsha blackburn, economic pro tomas philipson, "fox nation" host tomi lahren, former independent counsel sol wisenberg, "the hill" column i kristin tate and arizona sheriff mark lamb. backlash against the white house, the left, senator
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elizabeth warren the "squad," they still support illegal protests underway at the homes of half a dozen conservative supreme court justices. that is against the law. tables have turned, pro-abortion activists march on home of nancy pelosi in san francisco. plus the left is outraged that elon musk is letting trump back on twitter. the candidates that trump backed win dozens of gop primaries in multiple states. top democrats now ramping up calls to indict trump. biden's new disinformation czar, caught in a new government overreach. critics war her new fix to twitter would make censorship even worse and more out of control. also there is a new twist in both special counsel durham's criminal probe of hillary's trump russia and separately the hunter biden scandal. and this story, democrats, it is too little too late, they're final aanswering wake-up call over revolving door justice letting felons on the street to
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attack citizens again. texas angers white house in texas's crack down on biden's border collapse. we have a new crisis in the border. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with stocks down again. we had a new read on inflation, came in higher than expected. that 8.3% annualized rate is still cooler than march's hot read of 8 1/2%. this is still at a 40-year high. all of this is driving fears on wall street the fed will be even more aggressive with rate hikes, maybe even three quarter-point hikes. we'll watch for that. inflation has quadrupled under president biden. real wages are down after inflation for the 13th straight month. the president talking inflation at a family farm in illinois. critics say why illinois, why didn't he go to iowa?
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edward lawrence in washington with more. edward? reporter: liz, president joe biden trying to spin the cpi inflation numbers, 8.3%, yes down a little bit from last month year-over-year but still a very bad number. just look at the double-digit increases for everyday american goods from eggs up 23% to gas up, more than 44%. republicans blame failed policies. >> he has taken almost half of america's strategic petroleum reserve out of the reserves and put it in on the world market. most of that oil is sold to china. not here in america. joe biden sent that to china. gas prices today are higher. reporter: president biden tried to sweep all republicans into a plan by senator rick scott calls for more americans to pay taxes. senator scott, that is not the point. he wants to get more americans jobs where they fall into a smaller tax bracket. >> when you work you pay payroll taxes. that is how this country was work on workers, not people
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saying what new government program can i get on to where i don't have to pay any taxes. reporter: president focusing on the positives in the economy. he says if you like what you see, don't put republicans in power. elizabeth: edward lawrence. always terrific reporting. joining us now congressman bruce westerman, ranking member of house natural resources, former acting chair of the white house council of economic advisors tomas philipson. welcome you both to the show. thanks for joining us. first to you, congressmans the president blames trump for inflation. your reaction? >> inflation hit its pace when joe biden became president. it happened long before putin invaded ukraine. joe biden's been pointing fingers, there are three pointing back at him. this is solely to blame on biden and his administration. inflation with food and energy, all of the above. he is one needs to be taking responsibility for that. elizabeth: at its current pace,
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to the congressman's point, tomas, inflation could exceed 9% by end of the year. inflation was trending 7.9% before putin invaded. the president's plan to battle inflation, increase government, increase taxes, increase regulation, increase government spending, we need more workers, more industry to clear out inflation, ignited by trillions in covid relief aid, right? that means unleashing u.s. energy. unleashing u.s. manufacturing. >> i think it was kind of interesting today with the cpi report on inflation came out because it was basically a direct shot at the president's speech yesterday which we, he basically went through the two main causes according to him on inflation in the past was energy and pandemic bottlenecks. if you look at this month's inflation report, actually what happened is, energy prices took
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a huge dive. we didn't make. of an impact on overall inflation. so this is not about energy what he is saying this is the first time now that inflation data is showing that right up. elizabeth: tomas just mentioned the president. he is making more gaffs today. the often wrong but never in doubt white house is president is at it again. you know said his agriculture secretary, congressman, hags forgotten about farming and watch the other gaffs like claiming spending by the government is not behind inflation. watch this. president biden: we're the only nation in the world, the only nation in the world, that has come out of every crisis stronger than we went in it, every single time. regardless of what it was. no other nation has done that. that is one of the reasons why in some places we're called the ugly americans. we think we can do anything. we travel the state. tom has forgotten more about
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farming than most people ever learn, i'm sure this room knows as much but -- >> just to make sure, like, what he is saying is, the pandemic is spending in response to the pandemic and he does not believe the size of the spending matters with regard to inflation? >> again, no. president biden: i agree with what chairman powell said last week, the number one threat to strength, that strength that we built is in inflation. number two, i think, you know, they're not focused, all they're focused on understandably is the problem they're facing. i think our policies help not hurt. we control all three branches of government. well we don't really. elizabeth: so, mixing in those gaffs was the point about government spending, congressman. saying government spending is not a problem like dick cheney saying deficits don't matter. that is like saying ketchup is a vegetable. that is the like the dumbest
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thing we ever heard. show the money supply, show data coming in about government spending. congressman, we threw trillions into a hot recovery after 22 million jobs were destroyed. we didn't have the workers there to mop up inflation. we didn't have the productivity to mop up inflation. government supply and and spending walloping, from government shutdowns surged inflation. >> that is the process is high. i think we've only seen 9 beginning of it. biden administration was taking a playbook from fdr when they injected money into the economy and when there were no jobs and you needed government spending. this administration put money into a red hot economy, made labor supply short but -- elizabeth: congressman, republicans signed off on the covid aid too. you guys are signing off on 40 billion to ukraine. you guys are talking about more
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covid aid relief. >> we did the cares act. we didn't do the second infusion of funds which happened right after biden came into office. i think that is really where the government spending should have stopped. this is solely at biden's feet. it's bad policies. we're paying the price for it. we'll see worse going forward. elizabeth: okay. >> because of the cost of energy which leads into higher food costs. elizabeth: what do you think, tomas. >> talk about causes of inflation, talking about how to fix it, he said basically the white house is the, has the best solutions of fixing inflation. that is like arsonist being asked to stop a fire essentially. his policies guided up -- [inaudible]. pumping up demand raising prices, cutting down supply which raises prices and monetizing the debt raises prices. it is pretty clear this is a
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white house problem. elizabeth: the real astonishing thing, congressman, wall greens, cvs, other drugstores are talking about rationing baby formula. 40% of the supply is not in stoke. listen to senator john kennedy what is going on. watch this. >> sometimes i think president biden just doesn't eat enough fiber. he said today, for example, as you pointed out, that he bears no responsibility whatsoever for inflation. i think most americans are thinking, right and jimmy hoffa died of natural causes. the truth is, that the biden administration just keeps kicking its own ass. the truth is, president biden won the nomination because he promised not to be bernie sanders. who has he tried to emulate? bernie sanders. and the american people see this. they see that after 14 months nothing is built, nothing is
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back and nothing is better. elizabeth: when will the white house take off the somotherring pillow of hyper-regulation from u.s. manufacturing and u.s. energy? >> so i don't know when they will take it off. they certainly laid it on thick. about $200 billion worth of regulations that factors into inflation directly. it is hard for anybody to say it better than senator kennedy does but you know, we're talking about a president who tried to shift blame on republicans in saying we were pushing for a tax increase. i think even "the washington post" gave him three pinocchios, was talking about a fourth one on that one. you can't really believe anything coming out of this white house. elizabeth: okay. >> they're playing the blame game and trying to shift their responsibility on others. elizabeth: congressman, tomas philipson, welcome back to you, sorry we ran out of time. thanks to both of you for coming on, we appreciate it.
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new twist in hillary clinton probe of trump russia and hunter biden hunt laptop. we got the story. protesters march on nancy pelosi's house in san francisco. the left, the "squad," still support i would legal protests happening at homes of conservative supreme court justices. that is against the law. we'll dig in next with senator marsha blackburn on "the evening edit." >> open effort to intimidate supreme court justices on their decision. it is illegal, it is improper, it should be condemned and it will lead to bad ♪. and everyone on social media is trying me. i'm trending so hard that “hashtag common sense” can't keep up. this is going to get tens and tens of views. ♪ ♪ ( car crashing ) ♪ ♪ but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for this... yourself.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, this story, senate vote failed to open debate on a new bill that could have potentially codified roe v. wade into law. polls show americans say economic problems take precedent over abortion. joining us now republican senator marsha blackburn. senator, great to have you on. your reaction to this vote? >> we had expected this vote would fail but bear in mind, elizabeth this is all about politics for the democrats. as soon as the document was leaked it appeared they had been tipped off. that there was a democrat activist that was going to leak this document because, you had people showing up at the supreme
6:17 pm
court, with printed signs ready to go. you had pelosi and schumer immediately issuing statements. this was done on the opening day of the 22 primary season. so there's just appearing to be a lot of coalescing of events around a time. now they have maid made this a political issue. they need something to run on. they said they would codify roe v. wade. the problem is, the bill they put on the floor, the women's health protection act, would put late-term abortion on the books in our states. it would override state laws. it would allow dismemberment abortion. it would do away with parental rights. it would do away with informed consent. people in our country do not want late-term abortion. they want the states to set
6:18 pm
these rules and regulations. women have figured out that this is not a ban on abortion. that if justice alito's ruling, his opinion on a ruling proves to be accurate, then it means that the regulation and restrictions on abortion would go back to the states. so you've got a lot of political theater taking place around something that they fear is going to happen and, we will wait and see when the justices send to us their ruling. elizabeth: senator, what was your reaction when you heard activists marched on home of nancy pelosi in san francisco? >> activists not to be marching at home of any elected official or any judge or any justice. that disrupts the entire neighborhood. there is a place for peaceful protests.
6:19 pm
it is called the public square. elizabeth: you know, so, what happened was activists are really upset with pelosi and democrats saying they're complicit in the potential reversal of roe v. wade and pelosi a few years ago said the democrat party is focused too much on abortion. democrats should not make a abortion litmus test issue for democrat party. americans out there worry about a lot of things including the economy. suburban women are worried about it. >> you're right, number one issue with suburban issue is economy, price at pump at the grocery store. the number two issue is crime in the streets, gangs, drugs, open southern border. they are not focusing in on this, especially when they hear it isn't a ban on abortion. it is reversing the ability to set the regulations and restrictions on abortion to the states. that is something that something
6:20 pm
a majority of american people actually support. elizabeth: we have planned protests today outside of homes of all six conservative supreme court justices. that is illegal. it is against the law. justices have been targets of assassination attempts and threats. judge esther salas, she lost her son, he was shot dead at their home in new jersey. her husband was shot by a lawyer involved in a case that she was adjudicating. let's listen to judge salas. >> we need to understand that public debate has a place, that is in the public forum. it does not have a place in front of justices or judges houses. elizabeth: your reaction? >> well, she is correct on that. the public square. this is where you carry out that kind of a protest and debate. there are plenty of public squares where that could be done. it is illegal, 18 usc 1507, that
6:21 pm
you cannot go to a justice's home to try to intimidate. so that is something that protesters, they need to be booked. >> we understand that. senator, you talked about the public square. big tech censorship, big tech and social media is called the public square too. you've been working on this issue. can you tell us more about that? >> yes, indeed. we're working on a kids online safety bill, which would keep our children safe online. also on consumer privacy. and i've just released a text guide for parents and grandparents and caregivers, keepers of children. the summer is coming on and we know that they want to keep their children safe online, keep them away from the pedophiles, drug dealers. those that would seek to do children harm on some of these social media platforms. elizabeth: senator blackburn, always a pleasure have youing
6:22 pm
on. >> always good to see you. elizabeth: biden's new information czar, this is her fix to twitter. she will demand that people she deems quote, trustworthy, be able to edit other peoples tweets. saying this in a newly-released video, basically give other people power every what you tweet because she is one of the trustworthy that can break this down and do it. tomi lahren breaks this down next on "the evening edit". rf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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♪. elizabeth: gop house minority whip steve scalise held a press conference with republicans today, on their new legislation to defund and get rid of biden's new disinformation board. republicans want their legislation put to a vote to get democrats on the record about censorship. david spunt in washington with more. reporter: a group of republican lawmakers say they have a plan to end the new disinformation governance board run by the department of homeland security. they plan to cut all funding through a new bill. >> the government should not be in the business of telling you what your truth is. reporter: the bill is supposed to stop misinformation from countries coming south of our border encouraging people to enter illegally. it is supposed to combat information coming from russia and china. nina jankowicz has experience in foreign policy. she was critized the downplaying
6:27 pm
hunter biden laptop in 2020. congresswoman lauren boebert is behind the bill. >> the american people will not have their speech monitoredded by corrupt career professional politicians who lie in day in, day out. >> unlike some of our colleagues on the other side, we're not interested in censoring other peoples speech. reporter: nina jankowicz pushed backs against critics in a statement online. i would consider for working with any information with a solid respect for the truth and democratic, human rights, whether conservative or liberal. elizabeth: david spunt, terrific reporting as always. welcome back to the show, "fox nation" host tomi lahren. tomi, i would like you to listen to this. there is uproar over this. biden's new disinformation czar, nina jankowicz, this is her new fix for twitter, people she deems, quote, trustworthy she should be able to edit people as tweets. >> verified but a lot of people shipment be verified who aren't,
6:28 pm
you know legit in my opinion. they are real people but not trustworthy. so anyway verified people can, spendingsly start to edit twitter, the same sort of way that wikipedia is. elizabeth: what do you think, tomi? >> oh, boy, if censorship and shadow ban something an assault on free speech what she is describing there, there is a war on free speech. who is nina jankowicz to tell me if i'm legitimate or not? who is she to tell me what is trustworthy, who is trustworthy, what algorithms we put in place. god forbid she ever edit any tweets. the fact of the matter we know from the past where they edit the hunter biden laptop story? would they he had it the fact the covid-19 does not prevent transmission or infection of the covid virus? would they he had it the fact that wuhan lab leak is something verifiable and checked up upon? she wants to edit content. because she is so afraid of the
6:29 pm
narrative flipped, the truth getting out, she wants to manipulate, she and her gang of people she deems trustworthy. she is not trustworthy, she is not neutral and she is reprehensible. elizabeth: she wants to hire a army of bureaucrats to edit trump if trump gets back on twitter. trump tweet as lot. he will not come back on twitter, he says. he will go to his truth social, tomi. elon musk is getting hammered with personal attacks against musk over this. what do you think of that? >> well, donald trump should tw. again it's the left being so terrified of donald trump and so terrified of the truth. somebody who is able to reach millions of people. i tell you what, i think folks at cnn, msnbc, would be cheering if donald trump came back on twitter. it might help their ratings a little bit to give them something to talk about the myriad of biden dumpster fires erupting around the country. if donald trump wants to be on twitter. he issued absolutely be on
6:30 pm
twitter. his audience would like that. elizabeth: germany's former chancellor angela merkel said it was quote problematic twitter banned trump. france's digital minister, bruno lemare, he said it was wrong to ban trump. he was banned after the capitol riots for inflammatory tweets. watch elon musk on this, calling it morally wrong and stupid. watch. >> i do think that, it was not correct to ban donald trump. i think that was a mistake because it, alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice. he publicly stated he will not be coming back to twitter and that he will only be on truth social. and this is, the point that i'm trying to make which perhaps not getting across is that, is that banning trump from twitter doesn't end trump's voice.
6:31 pm
it will amplify it among the right and that is why it is morally wrong and flat-out stupid. elizabeth: so you hear what he said, right? and now we have former attorney general under obama eric holder calling for an indictment of trump. msnbc guests talking about more protests in the street against trump. >> want to cancel donald trump and the reason they want to cancel donald trump because they're terrified he will run again in 2024. they are terrified he will win in 2024. if he was a has-been, if he was irrelevant, if he wasn't still figurehead leader of the republican party they wouldn't care. they would want him to keep talking. they want to keep him on the sidelines. they want to keep him quiet. they're terrified of his influence in primaries. trump's endorsement. is only influence that matters. elizabeth: 58-1, 58 of his picks in primaries, nebraska
6:32 pm
gubernatorial race he failed there. 58 is good track record. watch cnn john king said he is a power broker. >> i said this at top, a lot of people say keep talking about donald trump. donald trump is dominant force in one of america's two political parties. he is proving it again in primary campaign. people want to stop talking about trump. we have to cover the races where trump's endorsement is clearly making a difference. elizabeth: 58-1. the candidates he is picks are now winning. >> not just making a difference, only endorsement that currently matters. i said this on your show, liz, i believe donald trump instead of running in 2024 should travel around the country making sure he wants in office is elected. his endorsement matters. he should be the king-maker. step aside and let ron desantis come into the white house in 2024. we would be unbeatable. elizabeth: tomi lahren, thanks for joining us. come back soon. texas cracking down on biden's border collapse.
6:33 pm
angering the white house. we have a report from the border. there is a new twist in special counsel durham's criminal probe of hillary trump russia and separately the hunter biden controversy. we'll dig in next on "the evening edit" with sol wisenberg. (dad allen) you know when you see a great deal on a phone, and then realize it's not for you? not at verizon. (mom allen) yep, they just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (vo) now everyone can get a new iphone 13 on us on america's most reliable 5g network. for every customer. current, new, everyone. to show the love.
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elizabeth: look who is back with us, former deputy independent counsel, fox news contributor sol wisenberg. sol, always a pleasure having you on. what is your reaction to this? "the new york times" reporting that the hunter biden criminal probe might be wrapping up. that hunter biden is trying to settle the justice department criminal probe into taxes, money laundering, violation of foreign lobbying laws. where does this go? can he avoid jail with a fine and criminal penalty? >> what does he mean by settle, is what i want to know. usually if your a normal human being investigated by the department of justice they have
6:38 pm
a case, particularly a tax case, they don't let you come in three years into the investigation, hey, fellows, i would like to settle. i would like to pay you what i owe you and walk away. that is not what happens, once an investigation goes criminal they decide to indict you or not, no amount of money you pay is going to save the day. that would be very disappointing if they otherwise have a case against him which i don't know if they have, allow him to settle it by paying money. that would be very unusual. elizabeth: unusual. we could see a federal grand jury indictment or not. we don't know where it is headed right now. that is what you're saying, right? >> we've known that for quite a while, that what would be very disturbing what is showing he has special treatment if he allowed to do some kind of deal where he get as way with just a civil settlement of some kind. elizabeth: okay. there is also this. let's move on to special counsel john durham's criminal probe of hillary's trump russia.
6:39 pm
documents in the probe show andrew mccabe, the former deputy director of fbi under james comey. he was fired for misleading the fbi about his leaks to the "wall street journal" about the clinton foundation investigation. he is underbarack obama as well. in any case the fbi new that clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman was representing a client, likely hillary's campaign when sussman met with the fbi in the fall, september of 2015. the sussman case is lying to the fbi, covering up that he was representing any client. so is this really a silver bullet victory, kind of plus for the sussman team? >> well you have to keep -- not necessarily but you have to keep in mind they knew at the fbi and they knew at the doj that sussman was essentially a democratic operative, that he and his law firm, perkins coie were doing work for the dnc and for hillary. it is pry sighsly because they
6:40 pm
knew that, that when sussman came to his buddy james baker at the fbi, the general counsel, and said i've got some information for you, baker apparently asked him, are you here as a good citizen or are you here representing a client? and according to what durham believes sussman told baker, no, i'm just here, i'm not here in the capacity of representing any of thigh my typical clients. i'm here as a good citizen. we know that happened because durham revealed several weeks ago there is text sent by sussman to baker the night before they met, saying quite clearly i won't be seeing you representing any client. so the fact in a meeting six months later andrew mccabe who was not even at any of these meetings is debriefing doj and saying that it was an attorney representing somebody who was at the meeting with baker, i don't
6:41 pm
think means that much. elizabeth: so it doesn't exonerates sussman. it is very act of himself lying to the fbi that's probative here according to durham. you know -- he has to prove -- >> that's the allegation. elizabeth: that's the allegation. >> sorry to interrupt. elizabeth: go ahead, finish your point. >> keep in mind, this is not a super strong case to be bringing in d.c., materiality of the alleged falsehood is big issue. elizabeth: the thing that is striking "washington post" is reporting that michael sussman's lawyers rye revealed 300 fbi emails that sussman was working for hillary campaign to put trump russia into the fbi. sol, as we see this unfold we see more and more how bad it was and how the fbi appeared to be working players inside of there to help the hillary campaign.
6:42 pm
>> there are t baker, because hw this. babier went out of his way. mccabe is there, sorry, sussman there is to talk about alfa bank. elizabeth: okay. >> baker says, who are you here for? that is what is important about that. elizabeth: so wisenberg, great to break it down with you. come back soon. this story, the democrats answering the wake-up call finally? they're finally upset over revolving door justice letting felons out on the street to commit again? we're digging into it next on "the evening edit" with kristin or whatever this is. tate. you can't buy those. but you can invest in them. we believe that your investments should work harder for the future you imagine.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, look who is back, great writer, great columnist from "the hill," independent women's voice fellow, kristin tate. so good to have you on. we want you to listen to this. it was an emotional overnight news conference. another new york city police officer shot. mayor adams blasting weak on a crime reforms.
6:47 pm
watch this. >> the number of shootings that we are responding to every night is despicable. it took 2600 guns off our streets. and the shooters of those guns are back on our streets just like this person here. under normal circumstances you will see a decrease in time in the city but the same criminals are continuing to come out in our streets, committing violence over and over again. >> what do you think, kristin? >> well, it is unbelievable to hear mayor adams talking about this problem and complaining about it because new yorkers are experiencing more crime under him than they were under even bill de blasio. i mean the city is undeniably more dangerous. even in previously very safe neighborhoods, i mean all the time, every week we read stories
6:48 pm
about heinous attacks, about violent incidents and murders. on the subway system alone in new york city felony assaults increased 50% from just february to march of this year. i just read a story this morning about a 79-year-old man, just waiting for his train in a queen's subway station, who got violently punched in the face for absolutely no reason. these things happen all the time now. we don't even notice because the stories are call common. what is eric adams doing to solve the problem. he is going to fancy parties. showing he has no courage to go to the governor, left-wing legislature to tell them start putting criminals in prison instead of releasing them back on the streets. elizabeth: his choice for d.a., manhattan d.a. was doing weak on crime? >> exactly. elizabeth: this dangerous criminal was repeatedly let go because of new york's weak bail laws. smith, he was shot to death after he shot a police officer in the bronx.
6:49 pm
he was last arrested in march of 2020, charged with criminal possession of a gun. he was convicted of robbery in 2006. got five years probation. house republicans their answer to the culture war is a big push, legislative push to fight the u.s. crime wave and democrats defunding police. it is national police week. democrats have been defunding, demonizing, going after cops for way too long. >> yeah. the morale among cops is down. i am friend with cops in houston, tell me it is hard to even recruit people now because cops have been stripped of their dignity over the last few years but i really don't believe many democrats understand that americans care about this problem. when you go to the campaign websites of vulnerable house democrats ahead of the midterm, many of them don't even list crime or public safety on their website of top priority. they will list things like climate change or covid-19 still or lgbtq issues. not even mentioning the crime.
6:50 pm
i was just perusing before we went on air cynthia axme, endangeredder democrat in iowa. lists 11 priorities, doesn't list crime or public safety this is one of list of many. the democrats are on wrong side of so many issues, when it comes to crime they're focused empowering criminals, stripping cops and law enforcement of their dignity. it has to end. americans are sick of it. record number of cops being shot at. your final word? >> it's a sad thing to see happen and what, the most tragic of this all is, is that the people who have the means to, they can get up and move out of dangerous cities like new york or chicago. it is most vulnerable who can't afford to do that. elizabeth: that is a great point. kristin tate. always a pleasure. come back soon. great writer. texas angers the white house on its crackdown on biden's border
6:51 pm
collapse. we have a new disturbing milestone on the border crisis. that is just ahead on "the evening edit." >> people want to attack president trump about his policies. how many people are dying of fentanyl overdoses because they are not on the line securing border. how many children didn't get assaulted or how many children didn't die? this is what real food looks like fresh real meat and veggies. the food dogs where built to eat. the farmer's dog is changing the way we feed our pets. visit to see your dogs personalized meal plan. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit subject 1: st. jude affects all corners of the world for good. i mean if you think about organizations
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texas cracking down on its own, so far it's arrested about 210,000 illegal border crossers that brought about 12,000 cases of criminality. this is angry the white house according to reports. nate boy is at the border with more. >> group of over 150 migrants processed by border patrol after crossing the rio grande in eagle pass but i want to start talking about the dangers of fentanyl at the southern border. we spoke with medical examiner whose jurisdiction covers 11 counties in south texas, she had this to say about the dangers of fentanyl now versus two years ago. >> we are very fortunate prior to 2021 where it was rare for me to see a fentanyl death in his audience. now i would say at least half of my drug overdoses have fentanyl.
6:56 pm
>> look at this from a video showing text dps stopping for human smuggling of it. there's a brief chase, the driver runs away but eventually is caught and arrested. troopers the rio grande valley sector apprehended eight illegal migrants. we spoke with two mexican immigrant apprehended by border patrol, their entire journey lasted ten days and the last four days they spent on a nearby ranch without food or water. they will likely be sent back to mexico under title 42. elizabeth: terrific journalism, thank you for joining us. sheriff mark lamb. it was a pleasure having you on. new data coming out, drug overdose deaths hit another record in 2021 fueled by fentanyl. more than 107,000 deaths, two thirds opioid like bundle. 15% increase in deaths from overdoses between 2020 and 2021.
6:57 pm
if the numbers keep going up -- >> i think they are going to go up even more this year in 2022 with the amount of drugs in the open borders on the south end of our country, we can only expect it to be more and the cartel is doing a good job packaging and delivering products and marketing it to our loved ones and 100,000 deaths, nothing to stop that. david cartel dropped about on a community and killed 100,000 people, what we do as a country? their poisoning day by day, little by little, our mainstream media other than you guys don't seem to care. elizabeth: i want to stay on this, the ohio attorney general and state and midwest, they are talking about a rise of frankenstein opioids more dangerous than fentanyl. narcan doesn't work. this is how scary it is.
6:58 pm
>> that's very scary, scary for us and anybody using that drug. a soft 20 to 40 times more powerful than fentanyl and fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroin so listeners are to get a good idea how dangerous it is, truly getting out there, it's very scary for us and everybody. elizabeth: your are really up against an attorney general merrick garland saint immigration judges consider mental health status of illegal immigrants convicted of aggravated felony considering whether to give them asylum. what is that about? >> i don't know because you know what sheriff's need more than anything? when ideal criminals violent in nature, at least there is a known quantity. what is heart is somebody with a mental health issues as well, unpredictable, extreme danger to us and society so i would hope
6:59 pm
they are determined because of their mental health issues they need to go back to where they came from. elizabeth: to senate democrats leaders senators durbin, they are willing to give republicans a vote on reversing and stopping biden from getting rid of trump spending. this is where we are at, we are doing course training over the border? >> no offense, i came from the business world before i was a cop, i saw this as a bargaining chip the whole way along. they were threatening to get rid of title 42 and republicans fell for the trap. we went hard at it and we had two, the only thing protecting the southern border and like you said, it said, they are doing at the expense of the american people and those trying to come
7:00 pm
to this. elizabeth: you've got to push against all of this, you want to give a plug for yourself what you are working on? >> please come support us protect america.calm. elizabeth: thanks for joining us, thank you for your service to our country. he been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, that does it for us. have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: welcome to help night. welcome to fantasy island where according to president biden inflation is everyone else's fault but his own and might be a good thing. how long until supporters get sick of the sharad? the president flew out to a form in illinois to pitch his lower prices. the bureau of labor statistics today dropped another bomb, inflation last month was 8.3%,


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