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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 11, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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to this. elizabeth: you've got to push against all of this, you want to give a plug for yourself what you are working on? >> please come support us protect america.calm. elizabeth: thanks for joining us, thank you for your service to our country. he been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, that does it for us. have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: welcome to help night. welcome to fantasy island where according to president biden inflation is everyone else's fault but his own and might be a good thing. how long until supporters get sick of the sharad? the president flew out to a form in illinois to pitch his lower prices. the bureau of labor statistics today dropped another bomb, inflation last month was 8.3%, that's down slightly from the
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month before, still very close to 40 year hi, way to high and worse than the government predicted still. not transitory so much, the president so far has blamed putin, china, republicans and the tooth fairy. today he blamed u.s. companies claiming they are jacking up prices. >> the big companies make massive profits. prices at the grocery stores have gone up and prices farmers receive have gone down. let's reflect the market distorted by lack of competition. i am a capitalist the capitalism without competition is not capitalism, it's exploitation. kennedy: you know what else is not capitalism? the government spending every aspect of the economy, that might be true in some isolated cases but prices are literally up in every sector of the economy. gas, electricity, food, cars,
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beef, bacon. you want to eat it? you name it, it's more expensive. more on the pricing in a bit but today on fox news, wyoming republican senator john barrasso said it falls squarely in the lap of the president. >> president biden mismanaged the economy so badly people are trapped in this inflation nightmare which we are living in. for seven months he said this was transitory, it would go away living in denial of this. we ought to do the opposite of what the president has done. kennedy: speaking of doing the opposite, everything biden today dropping, amazing op-ed title president can stand this, take on inflation and president biden on tuesday tried to get ahead of wednesday's april inflation report with speech rehashing well warm proposal to reduce prices. subsidies, raise taxes and increase regulations. he should take "seinfeld" advice and do the opposite of his every
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policy. instead of blaming everyone else for inflation, a better political strategy to separate responsibility and actually do something to fix it. tonight party panel from the editor in chief, jon gabriel, bearded and rested, well done. democrat strategist radio host and fox news contributor, leslie marshall and cohost of basic politics and foundation for economic education, mastermind of freedom, brad polumbo. welcome one and all. bearded one, i shall start with you because we are not having enough conversations about monetary effects on inflation. we are trying very hard to blame the symptoms as if they were causes but that's is not necessarily the case. as long as the administration ignores monetary elements, are we just going to see inflation
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continue? >> yes, it will keep going, cranking up the money printers and letting it roll, for these people and those people, he goes to a farm, why don't i pump more money into your community? why don't i increase relations over here? it is madness. in econ 101 professor could tell him how to do this yet refuses to fix the problem. you need to restrict the money supply, that's how inflation gets fixed and i guess the democrats want to continue their spending spree until they get crushed in the midterms. kennedy: we can't keep doing that though. it would be wonderful if we could spend our way out of these problems but all you have to do is look at the getty children to know sometimes giving problems more money only makes more problems. >> it may not be a bearded one but it depends on what economists you have because you
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look at farming for example in inflationary numbers, a large percentage doesn't directly relate to farming because of the increase in food. if you make it easier for farmers to double their ability to produce these crops, it's going to lower the money and is going to lower the prices of food and going to be some assistance. i know people on the opposite side of the i'll say it has to do with the american rescue package but economists on both sides don't agree. they said although it does contribute a small percentage, we would have these inflationary rates, we have inflation even without this plan, even without the legislation. kennedy: spending doesn't help, you're right about that, it's not simply the congress spent too much money, it also is our monetary policy in this country and the fact that race has been low for so long, biden, the
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central bank. now you see this there out in higher prices even though they have the record 20 year, we haven't seen in 20 years rate hike this high. it's not going to be enough and it could have disastrous effects but yes, you do have to stop writing checks and i disagree with leslie, farmers especially corporate farmers are over subsidized in this country. >> they certainly are but the bigger picture question is not just about spending. spending contributes but it's not the whole issue here. the federal reserve, monetary policy, they've printed trillions of dollars over the last two years. of course the dollars we currently have in circulation would become plus valuable.
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that's just economics 101 and hilarious to see people spend these new numbers as it's not as high as last month, it's still 8.3%. this is a tax on americans, we've got to wake up and biden and jerome powell, they've got to change course. kennedy: they have to because it is bad now the people are fully employed and some people still have what the government has given them over the last two years but when you see a recession combined with these prices and people look at nightmares from the late 70s and early 80s then we are back in jimmy carter territory and what we have to avoid and the only way to do that right now is to cut spending and you have to cut taxes. those are two very unpopular ideas essentially with both parties but mark my words, i say it's all the time, cut taxes,
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cut spending. watch the economy grow. while idiots in washington bigger about plane americans are getting killed with the rising costs. prices up nearly 11% this last year. they've been hit the hardest, almost 22% increase. you know how hard it is to egg our enemies garage when the prices are this high? meet up 14%, look almost 14%. lactose intolerant big capitol but it doesn't stop there, gas prices hit an all-time hi, the national average is $4.40 a gallon, even in delaware they've had enough. >> this is insane, almost $100. >> with these prices, they've got to be fixed because it breaks. >> president biden is the cause of this. if you would have opened up the pipeline and didn't bow down to climate control activists, we wouldn't be in the position we
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are in today. president biden going to have a similar legacy as jimmy carter. kennedy: c? are not the only one saying jimmy carter. people like mark saying i'm glad the prices are so hi, the only way we will save the earth. yes, fewer mouths to feed because people will start dying. according to a report by lending club posted two thirds of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. i think that may be low. the cherry on top of all that doom? no matter how expensive baby formula is, it's nearly impossible to find retailers across the country, 43% of baby formula products are out of stock. five states it's scarcer than that. how is the average american supposed to live and when will it bear out in the polls? >> it has been bearing out quite a bit but the polls will continue to drop. year ago comparing biden to
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carter and now carter looks like a cato economist, it is crazy because carter was at least trying to help, flailing around but he did do this and that, sometimes help a little. biden is just wheezing over the cliff, he doesn't seem to care, people running the white house don't seem to care so i think his polls will continue to go down especially as we look at summer, everybody who has a vacation or something like that, maybe it will be cheaper to fly-drive. kennedy: people would just sit around and argue about abortion because they can't go anywhere. is abortion the only thing that's going to save democrats in the fall? >> i certainly hope not but i think what we heard from the man in delaware, one reason we see the polls the way we do, not just because you have people living paycheck to paycheck and
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by the way, they were during covid evidence sad i've been there, i'm not there now but it's tough, i grew up in a poor family and i know how that is but i also know reality and the reality is even if you open the keystone pipeline, it will affect for years and the experts say that, not just me. in addition, this is a global gas price increase as we see across the board and not just here in the united states, joe biden could be blamed because he's the guy in power but it's not the reality and can't blame him for a recall of baby formula in michigan the company disturbing the baby formula imposed for safety of kids, there was a problem with the formula and they recalled it. i don't think people joe biden for that but can't. kennedy: you're right about the recall and it's another issue more complex than the president needs to do something. the president needs to breast-feed the nation's
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children and if you were a good person, he would be doing that but he hates babies. we are seeing this over and over but it's not just people with limited income living paycheck to paycheck, people have been borrowing money living on credit for a while, the problem is people have been in that behavioral mode but every interest rate is going to go up so it's going to be more expensive to pay down the debt. that's when is going to be impossible. >> it is and the national debt is a ticking time bomb and refinances every 60 months so interest rates going up, we are going to owe trillions in new taxes but on the baby formula issue, i agree it's not biden's fault specifically, he didn't cause it but the federal government sure could do a lot to solve it. we have 18% tariff on baby formula, make that make sense. one of the most related products in america, it is illegal to
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import from advanced european nations, we do a lot in this country to make life harder for moms but the federal government doesn't need to add to it. kennedy: i'm trying figure out, everything is a partisan issue, twitter, covid is a partisan issue. who is the group that is trying to encourage women to breast-feed by force? i'm a huge breast-feeding advocate but it's cruel to women who can't or if you have a four month old, you can't just turn on the spigot, it is tough. it is hard enough having a little one you care and worry about that at on top of that anxiety, the world being obliterated in nuclear holocaust and not being able to feed your baby, i feel for those people. i hope the russians love their children, to. party panel returns in just a little bit, with all the
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inflation and economic blows, should the fed really send another $40 billion to ukraine? republican congressman thomas massie voted against it and joins me to explain why. he's next. ♪♪
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did you hear that? sorry. $40 billion a year money matters and people making it happen, taking about. house lawmakers are quoting about approving a cash giveaway to ukraine. only 57 republican congress members voted to keep the money here so we could give back to americans. my next guest, one of them joining me now liberty solving conduct the republican congressman house judiciary committee member thomas massie's death, time to get sassy with massie. welcome back. i'm surprised more people are skeptical about the amount of money going to ukraine with very little oversight or accountability. >> it is insanity. the other committee i serve on his transportation committee and i can tell you with 40 billion we've spent last night at up to
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14 billion we've already spent, 54 billion equal to the entire amount federal government spends on roads and bridges every year so the next time you hit a pothole and replace your tire or him or sitting in traffic remember congress could have doubled spending on our own infrastructure instead of sending it to ukraine. kennedy: it's also no guarantee ukraine will defeat russia or it's going to bring quick resolution to the conflict. that's what troubles me, the more is seen as investment, the federal government once they return and means protracted war, it doesn't mean peace. if they were serious about peace, they can negotiate that right now, wouldn't they? >> they wouldn't and they are not. what's disturbing is secretary austin and one of my colleagues today on twitter, i won't name his name, mentioned this was good for the united states,
7:20 pm
degrading russia's ability, military ability. i think it's wrong to use grain as a grinding stone against the russian military because even though american blood isn't spilt, blood is being spilled, we should look for an end to the conflict but i'm worried the industrial complex doesn't want an end. $54 billion, suspiciously close to annual amount we were spending and afghanistan every year so as soon as we got spending 50 billion in afghanistan, now we spend 50 million in ukraine. if only the industrial complex made baby formula, we be okay. enough to fill up swimming pools with that kind of money. kennedy: you know how military budgets go. if you don't spend it allotted to you, you get it taken away. if you don't have someone to spend the 54 billion, you better invented or you won't have that the next go round. it's a horribly wasteful totality and shedding light on
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that is not unpatriotic, it doesn't mean you don't have to have the warriors over there fighting for freedom but this is starting like vietnam did and disconcerting that we are sending advisors and training people but what does it balloon into america has to continue to save face? is not internalized those lessons. >> there are some people who are concerned and rightly so it could escalate into world conflict and escape the boundaries there. nobody imagined two years ago there would be a virus that changed the way we live our lives so it's hard to imagine this escalated into world war but if there's 5% chance, i will take the vote that lessens the chance from 5% to 2%. kennedy: you were first rate defender of the constitution i'm told and i know no matter how
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you vote, you explain it to your constituents, one of the few people on capitol hill who does that. you know who noticed that? donald j trump, 45th president endorsed you. how do you feel about that? you went from third-rate to first rate? it's a big deal. >> he's called me a third-rate grandstand or because i stood up and said the first $2 trillion was too much for the wrong things and we had a disagreement but we buried our disagreements and he's called me first rate now defender of the constitution so i'm glad to have his endorsement because i have an election in a week but one other thing on this, 54 billion, 4 billion is for food assistance to other countries. i think it adds insult to injury when you tell parents you can't find food for their babies, they will pay the food bill, taxes to pay for food overseas for other people, kids.
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kennedy: what about germany? what about the rest of europe? it's happening in their backyard and god for bid canada were engaging in something like this, i don't think we would expect western europe to come over and foot the bill so we have to have a big rethink about all this, thank goodness you are bringing some rationality along with future colleagues. congressman massie, thank you very much. coming up, another round of protests expected tonight in the homes of all six conservative supreme court justices. wait until you see which politicians are aching on the mob. party panel returns and a brand-new kenne-dog. here's a sneak peek. you are ready for your close-up. stay with me. ♪♪
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pro-choice protesters, tonight reportedly expected to swarm the home of all appointed justices, still furious about what's in the roe v. wade opinion leak and progressive democrats seem to be a them on. senator elizabeth warren, johan omar, women and rashida tlaib, even senator chuck schumer getting protesters the green light. our federal laws against this. this morning the number two senate democrat durban told them to eat sand or something. >> i think it's reprehensible, stay away from homes and families of elected officials and members of the court, express yourself, exercise first amendment rights but to go after them in their homes, to anything of certain nature and anything violent is reprehensible. kennedy: is like going after 2:00 a.m., nothing good happens in front of someone's home. it's not a good idea, it's even
7:29 pm
possible to talk sense into progressive knuckleheads? jon gabriel, leslie marshall and brad polumbo. john, you talked to a lot of people, how is the polling on this? how are people feeling across the spectrum about protesting in front of supreme court justices homes especially when people like amy coney barrett, they have kids there. >> it is completely unpopular. when they, 79% of americans are against it when they restricted only to democrats, 67% are against it. no one likes this stuff and this is where activists be it abortion or any other issue, they tend to extreme, they get too emotional, can't control their crowds and make their position less popular. we saw this with windy davis in texas, she ran for governor on nothing for abortion and the
7:30 pm
support for her plummeted and she did far worse than predicted before that whole thing began. durbin is right and i've never said that before but good for him for standing up because this cannot go well especially you have other family members and let's lower the heat and helps them in the polls. kennedy: and you've always said a broken dic k is right twice a day and you could be right about that. >> i always have. kennedy: it's on your record. leslie, who do you side with? the omar and say it's amazing, it's like protesting can be great. the problem as you know, a mob is front of the house, my intel, i have been told people guarding the justices homes are untrained
7:31 pm
federal marshals, rookies who have graduated essentially have zero training and told not to arrest people if they go on private property of the associate justices so could get dangerous very quickly and local law enforcement doesn't have the senate control so which camp are you in? >> i'm with majority of democrats, majority of loaded democrats and elected officials like senator durbin. first, the constitution is very clear in regard to the first amendment, there are exceptions for time, manner in place and this is an exception because it's a federal mandate which is law that prohibits not just supreme court justices but any individual to be protesting at their home, the same with juror or a judge not on the highest court of the land. for those in the back who didn't hear the last three times in the last 72 hours and said nasty things to me on twitter and my
7:32 pm
family, i don't support what they are doing. another reason their support, it doesn't help because i am pro-choice in addition, protesting i've always said, it's great but if you don't follow up with action, the lovely for letter word vote, it's not going to do anything. if we look at polls, 80% of americans favor roe v. wade staring staying where does speedo we don't know if this will happen, it's the job of the court to rule amongst themselves on that but i agree leslie here, going to people's homes is a bad idea. it's a form of intimidation and leslie is right about the action and voting but it's not the action, this is the action that turns violent and only takes a couple of people spark bad news when you have attention orders
7:33 pm
circulating in front of somebody's house. >> it's incredibly shortsighted for democrat like omar to be defending the practice of protesting political figures or judges or government officials homes because guess what, you are next. this does not stop with the supreme court. it is a norm in our country we don't do this, we don't harass people's families, we don't scare their kids or their neighbors, shut down residential neighborhoods but if you want to start doing that, it's a terrible idea and crosses every line but if you do that, where does it stop? they will come for these people when it's a right wing mob. i'm against mobs and protesting people's houses if you have freedom of speech, absolutely. don't take it to that level, it will get out of control real quick. kennedy: i was one of many people against what happened january 6 and there were many of
7:34 pm
us who were very consistent on this. there's a way of protesting but we also have to live in civil society and not how you do it. speaking of mixed messaging, someone must have mixed chardonnay with glycerin, nancy pelosi said repugnance need to get out of there cold phase. >> i want republican party to take back, take it back to where you were when you cared about a woman's right to choose and the environment. i'm think the country needs a strong republican party and we do, not a cold but strong republican congress. [applause] kennedy: republican, i don't think that means what you think it does. conservatives ultra maga publicans, hillary clinton's deplorable comment? that tanked presidential hold. will same tired old tactic ever
7:35 pm
work? has the republic and party become a cold and does nancy pelosi really want reagan's republican party back? >> she wants a party back that completely agrees with her on every single issue is what it sounds like which i would like a unicorn party but i don't think republicans are more of a cult than anyone who watches politics nonstop 24/7 screaming at people on twitter. i think both sides can be guilty where as lindsay said earlier, they are not effective or voting for convincing their neighbors but to call republicans a cult and look at zombies wandering down the streets of supreme court justices, it is a bit much. kennedy: maybe everyone has lost their minds. >> but us. >> i don't think colt would be appropriate but i would agree both sides, there are some
7:36 pm
cultlike behaviors certainly but she's not alone with republicans, i have many republican friends, greg republicans, but they long for the day when they felt their party wasn't as religious, they felt their party was socially more in line with majority of american people, wasn't so divisive. we see divisions on democrats and also republicans. i don't think it's healthy for either party. i do think there are many republicans who might regret someday attaching themselves so strongly to donald trump, the future will see. we'll see if i am right and bunny republicans who behind closed doors fear what will happen to their party if they don't embrace reagan. kennedy: i don't know that i would blame phase, a federal that i would tell the dog within you, therefore you are wrong. i think people have every right
7:37 pm
to rely on their face to come to his decisions about a number of things. i think you could look at progressivism and socialism as his own colt. i do think we have lost the ability to be rational and skeptical and that's what happens on both extremes when you rely solely on your own emotions. >> i completely agree, this might be the first time in my life i partially agree with nancy pelosi. i wouldn't say republican party is a cold but there was colt issue behavior like unwavering loyalty to donald trump pretending like he's never wrong. folks like you and i will balls and strikes but a lot of people acting like his poop didn't stink when we all know it did sometimes. the same is true for the democrats if not worse right now. they will defend anything biden says in his adult state, the
7:38 pm
greatest wises thing they've ever heard and i think party politics and the two-party system can be multi- but it's not an affliction only on one side. kennedy: maybe we need to open up to coalitions and get more parties to confuse new life. democracy. john, leslie and brad. well done, great conversation. coming up, when you go to work, do you have a different personality around your coworkers? fascinating study says you probably do, he a big phony. you're not alone. kat timpf joins me live onset, next. ♪♪ ygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq,
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kennedy: hello. are you a big fake or phony? he might be ready for the corporate world. congratulations. a survey finds 70% of americans adopt a bogus personality just for their workplace. i know, i often pretend to be lora ingram. among other things workers say they hide their political views, family details, relationship status from their colleagues, one in four say they are afraid they be fired if the details they hide ever came out. shocking. should american workers they stifle or let their freak flag fly? he with me now, cohost of gutfeld, kat timpf. so who are these people? >> i don't know anybody like that but i also, i purposely don't associate with people would like that. i think our job is different. the survey, most people to want to talk about politics at work and next time do the rundown,
7:44 pm
i'd rather not talk about anything political. kennedy: we probably shouldn't discuss -- [laughter] >> also, an exhausting way to live. kennedy: can you imagine trying to keep track of the things you haven't said to people? you and i both, i wouldn't say we suffer from the same of affliction but we tend to be very honest at times people might not necessarily expect it so it can catch people off guard but it is very freeing. >> it is extremely freeing, i never have to worry about somebody needing me or seeing me in public and being scandalized because i've been up front who i am, especially for cable news. i share things like why is she talking about that? because i have to, is easier to just be one person all the time than to remember to be all of these different people all the time.
7:45 pm
i can't imagine. kennedy: can you imagine working in a place where you can't have friends? that's the other thing, you are terrified to reveal anything about yourself, you can't be friends with anyone because you don't know john from accounting is a mole. >> that's true, he probably is honestly. i've never trust that guy. kennedy: with the accounting people? >> i don't but if they want to hit me up, maybe we can hang out. i think if you're a fake person, it's obvious you are fake so you might as well be real because of your somebody who develops this persona, unless you are an actor which you are probably not if you are in accounting or at least maybe not a good one, maybe you tried. people aren't buying it. kennedy: summer stock but yes, you've talked about struggles and body parts and body fluids. >> bedbugs, i did have the bedbugs. and you know what?
7:46 pm
a lot of you have had the bedbugs and it's brutal, horrible having bedbugs. be careful who you let live with you. kennedy: also don't work in a corporate law firm. that sounds awful. >> i don't think i'd laugh 30 minutes. kennedy: i heard you are thinking about law school. >> i don't think they would let me even take the trash out. you are toxic, you need to leave i'm sorry i am fun. they don't allow fun. i come to my work in slippers and sweatpants. kennedy: that's what everybody says, they are toxic. the new amber heard. part poop in one person's bed and all of a sudden you are a scandal. >> i saw an ad, nine signs your concealer is wrong for your phone call. i was like imagine not showing people your face on a regular basis. i don't even where concealer in
7:47 pm
real life. kennedy: she literally rolled out of bed, that's how beautiful she is, she doesn't need concealer because she is kat. >> this took a few hours but you know. kennedy: i have literally home depot spackle on my face. [laughter] topical storm is next.
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republican lawmakers are moving to strip disney of its mickey mouse copyrights because they know without nikki, disney would just be goofy. he minimize mickey mouse operation and this is topical storm, topic number one. san francisco start of renting out bunkbeds pods and shared california homes, $800. ♪♪ depending on how you look at, paying money on real estate or overpaying for prison. this pot home is located in palo alto where people work upon companies like google, the next time companies say their privacy, remember how employees are so busy and service got to devote themselves. three bedrooms and bathrooms, 14 pot people in silicon valley, a
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lot of monthly active users. quickly he never aligned for another one bathrooms because in california, you can take a poop on the sidewalk. topic number two. the comptroller captured on video of the parties, i never get invited. again the summer has started early. sheriff's office delegate for the amended you. the only ship in florida wasn't at the event wasn't friendship. a perfect blend ship. all empty vessels not to mention occupied both they arrived in. amazingly the radiance agreed it's an environment for kids in disney world, personally a lot of questions about this quiet life. how do they spend all day without anyone getting a tan? the sheriff says most people were at the event to have fun but some say it was bound to happen when there was alcohol
7:53 pm
involved and even more when they are in florida. topic number three, major league baseball game interrupted last night when a wild rat ran onto the field but the biggest rat in baseball is still josé, here's a video. >> the national debut. >> on looking at the monitor, it happened in washington d.c., even if you count adam schiff as a person. they are very common at national parks, usually they are serving hotdog buns. then a time the rat throughout a first pitch. the pitching staff in 2022, they would have signed that guy right then and there. aside from that, the league agreed that's have no business at a professional baseball field, just like the washington nationals. topic number four.
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>> welcome back party people for pump night, that means kennedog, we dedicated our favorite segment of the week too them, tell me about your dog, get to it. meet dane's dog, kona, can you hear me?
7:59 pm
next up we have merve and leme. oh, my god, this is piper. piper, i bet you give the best kisses in the world. and now, look at stella with a glam shot, i'm ready for a close-up. mitchell's pooch, suzie, 14-year-old and a good girl, and shani loves to love, then darlene's pug, nanny, look at that face. all right it's manny not nanny, i need new glasses, this is dj and ruby. and this is john's doug flynn, you are cute. and you got a computer fruity booty. and the kenna dogs well
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done, use hash tag. and thank you for watching the best hour of your day on twitter and instagram. e-mail, and hate mail. tomorrow night. guy benson, jimmy fella. and what a gorgeous panel. you can't watch the show? dvr it. >> when you think of skiing, golfing, hiking, and spa retreats our mine goes to getting away but. what if i told you you could live every day like a vacation? all you need is the perfect house in perfect location with all of the amenities that you could count, we found two of best. resort plopties in two of the most covet the definitions, the best part. price tag with a lot more than the


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