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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 12, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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average 27.3%. here, roughly 8.2% on average according to the tax foundation. french life seems intoxicating. that is how socialism is usually sold. buyer beware, trading in the maga cap for a beret could cost you big time that is it for fox business to knight. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> happening now wall street is warning that stocks cannot find a bottom until inflation and recession fears stop but we got another hot read on inflation today and biden and democrats cannot and will not admit their only victory trillions of dollars in new government spending is driving inflation. now about biden attacking trump when trump is not on the midterm ballot. with us congressman lee zeldin, byron donald, fox news
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contributor liz peek, "daily caller" vince colanese, gop strategist ford o'connell. vice president of the national fraternal order of police, he is joe gamaldi, national border patrol council president brandon judd. nancy pelosi tout as new democrat inflation plan that economists warn will ignite gas shortages. president biden ridicules voters, confused, not focused on inflation when he is the one who is confusing and misleading. the supreme court meets for the first time since the roe v. wade leak. will the white house and democrats supporting illegal marchs on the justices homes, will that backfire? they're trying to turn out the midterm vote. also this story, two top gop lawmakers say they have whistle-blower evidence that shows white house terrorism probe of school board parents, worse than realized. elon musk is firing back at "the new york times," quote, inaccurate, slanderous reporting
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about him. twitter backlash, its cofounder admits it was a quote business decision to censor trump and hunter biden laptop story and conservatives and more. we have wild videos coming in surfacing of chicago teenagers rampaging on buses and cars. that happened just blocks away from the governor's mansion. also tonight, the damage that police officers face nationwide in the wake of the democrats defund police push. and we've got another biden loss in court over the southern border. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: get a check of your money. thanks for joining us. we forget with the dow, s&p, ending down. nasdaq slightly in the green. wall street is worried that fed rate hikes to stop inflation will trigger a recession. the dow is now in its longest losing streak in 21 years.
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the nasdaq is up slightly. it is teetering in around a bear market. we have wholesale producers prices, feedstock into inflation, up 11% annualized. that is still lower than the prior read of 11 1/2%. groceries are up 10.8%. that is the biggest jump since 1980. we have gas hitting new record average of $4.41 a gallon. we're staying on top of this breaking story as well. 20 homes destroyed in a massive 200-acre wildfire in laguna beach, california. 900 homes still evacuated. we want to get to hillary vaughn in washington with the latest on d.c., inflation, this shows a slamdoor, get out nail gun moment but we'll give you calm perspective after hillary does her reporting. good evening, hillary. reporter: liz, the president is not optimistic of prices going down anytime soon. he was at a dnc fund-raiser in chicago and he told them this,
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inflation will scare the living hell out of everybody. we're making progress but there will be a way to go. the biden brushed off the idea that his american rescue plan last year contributed to inflation we're seeing one year later a big part of biden's plan to combat inflation is spending more. part of his prann includes subsidies and tax credits. congress is work on taking action on biden's agenda, voting on legislation banning price gouging at the pump because they think oil companies are to plame for high price. >> this is major exploitation of the consumer. because this product the consumer must have. again putin tax cut, hike at the pump is a part of this. you would think that the oil companies would compensate for that. reporter: liz, republicans say the best thing that democrats can do is do nothing, at least not more government spending. they say that caused inflation and will continue to make
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inflation worse. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, thank you so much. thanks for joining us with your great reporting. joining us congressman lee zeldin from house financial services and fox news contributor liz peek. stay on this, i want to turn to you, congressman and then you liz. nancy pelosi has been around since the reagan era. biden since the knicks son era. pelosi trucks out a new plan to battle inflation? think will decide what causes prices at the pump? price controls cause fuel shortages. why do we have continuing incompetent policies coming out of democratses who have been in office for decades? >> they're trying to put the blame out on other people. for nancy pelosi trying to preserve a house democratic majority, her pole to get goal to get american people not only blaming oil companies but also blaming republicans. they're trying to dare you, trying to dare me to calling
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balls and strikes here. then they will claim, look at them, they're out defending oil companies. the reality is, the average american out there is smart enough to realize if you cut off russian oil imports you shouldn't run off to iran and venezuela. you should be ramping up domestic energy production. the average american is smart enough to realize, watching the piece with hillary vaughn, a loaf of bread, you have to pay more for diesel, when you buy chicken it will cost more, local bread will cost more. americans are smarter than pelosi giving them credit for. elizabeth: congressman is saying, liz, gas is at record highs but white house canceled oil and gas leasing in the gulf of mexico and alaska? >> liz, they are basically utterly opposed to fossil fuels. we have climate zealots in the white house making these policies are very visibly hurting average americans, all americans. but nancy pelosi thing is really
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astounding. as you point out we had actual shortages when they tried to put price controls on gasoline in earlier times when we had this kind of escalation in gas prices. it doesn't work. it never works. and by the way, if it is all putin's fault, how basically slamming the brakes on small operators, gas stations, nancy pelosi may not know this, they are not owned by big oil companies. they're owned by independent operators. elizabeth: right. >> somehow they're in cahoots with putin? the thing is ridiculous. it is not laughable if they actually do this. elizabeth: feels cynical too. they're running out of scapegoats to liz's point. they're running out of scapegoats. president biden is now, he is stepping on a rake with another whopper. watch the president with that and watch him shout about food shortages. we have a baby formula shortage that is really severe right now under his administration. watch this. >> we had an economy on the brink of a great depression.
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millions of people losing their jobs, losing their homes but even more importantly, losing hope. remember those long lines you would see on television? people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food in their trunk? how quickly we forget. people were hurting. and did the maga crowd want to go do? forget it. forget it. god, this is the united states of america. elizabeth: okay, this is breathtakingly idiotic. democrat-led shutdowns destroyed 22 million jobs. the democrats did that. he inherited a recovery. show the data. is he going to change course, congressman? any new staff, new policies or just blaming and stonewalling? they are running out of scapegoat. we have $3600 more households have to spend per year because of inflation. >> i think they will keep on blaming. that is the strategy. it is clear now when you see the
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president give a speech, what the average american wants is to take ownership over what the issue is. they want to see the president lead in saying that yes, we have an issue with access to baby formula. here's my plan to do something about it. instead just, rather than identifying what the problem is and offering up your solution the american public is getting frustrated and tired of just constantly trying to scapegoat. we're not living through a never-ending democratic national convention. you and i have spoken about this in the past and it seems like while you and i realize these are real challenges, real issues that need to be dealt with impacting lives, this is about life and death even for little kids unfortunately the white house just can't help themselves and they're trying to find out new people to blame. elizabeth: liz, inflation is becoming systemic, right? it is not food and energy, it is beyond that. it is going into services. listen to this. biden is the product of 50 years of d.c. democrat thinking,
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putting spending on steroids. trillions of government spending we only see in wartimes. plowing hot money into a system in lockup, at the same time restricting production of goods and services and energy. can they keep shooting bazooka elephant gone at the economy with an 500 billion-dollar output gap? >> exactly the output gap is one quarter as big as the amount of money they threw at it. liz, they don't have any answers so they will continue flail around like this. everything biden does contributes to inflation. his push for unionization. his demand all the projects in the infrastructure bill be filled with union labor. energy policy is bonkers in terms it of where we are. defending saudi arabia, u.a.e., only countries on the planet that have access production
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capacity, could ramp up out put right now and help americans and the world with lower oil prices. he so infuriated him they won't do it. everything he has done is wrong. i really search for something to kind of balance that against. i can't find anything. i really think he is just so out of it and sort of off in left field he can't see. >> liz, the point is, you need to clear out inflation, stop hyper regulating, shutting down u.s. oil and gas and manufacturers. that is how you clear out inflation, right, liz? final word. >> also you have to get people back on the job, liz. handing out 1400-dollar checks in the american rescue plan, continuing to give out things like moratoriums on rents and student loans and so forth, all that means that people don't need to go back to work. we need people back on on the j. inflation is a real problem now. elizabeth: congressman zeldin, liz peek, thanks for joining us. great to have you on. house republicans say they have
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whistle-blower evidence contradicting u.s. attorney general merrick garland, showing the white house terrorism probe of school board parents, looks like it may be worse than realized. plus we've got questions mounting why the white house is not stopping illegal protests at the homes of supreme court justices. will this backfire on democrats risking the sate of -- safety of justices in order to turn out the midterm vote? we'll show that ahead on evening edit next. >> terrorism going to homes of supreme court justices who have extremely difficult job, often a very dangerous job. ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now congressman byron donalds from house oversight. okay, i will take you back to the way-back machine. just like we're in 1980, 1990s, 2000s, somebody told you white house and democrat was stay silent on illegal protests at homes of supreme court justices when the law says you're not supposed to be interfering, influencing any justice especially of the supreme court. would you ever for seen this is where we would be at now, that there is silence about this? >> 20 years ago i probably wouldn't have foreseen it but
6:17 pm
today everything is fair game when it comes to the democrats and radical left. because, listen, it is about accomplishing the agenda. first and foremost, anything that interrupts the agenda, all the norms they love to talk about go completely out the window. that is what we're seeing here. the leak was a disaster for the court, but even bigger than that not condemn people protesting at home of these justices -- elizabeth: goat to stop. >> i don't want anybody protesting at my home. that will not work out for protesters, tell you that. elizabeth: they're not allowed to normalize this. not allowed to set the norms for the country, not allowed. time for this to stop. the supreme court met today first time since the roe v. wade leak. reports are coming in they will stay the course, not pressured by marchs. congressman, speaker pelosi will lead democrats at a protest on house steps, we get that, free speech. john cornyn say house democrats are slow walking police security for justices at their homes.
6:18 pm
why? >> they absolutely are slow walking it. they're doing it because they don't think they have the votes on their side of the aisle, with members who don't want to vote for protection of supreme court justices. be clear, just for the six republican justices on the supreme court. those are the ones that they don't want to provide that security for. it makes no sense to me. nancy pelosi, i don't think has the votes in her conference. that is why they're slow walking this. republicans will vote for it immediately. if you watch how nancy pelosi has positive earned the house of representatives in this congress, she does not want republican input, she does not want republican support. she only wants her members on it, regardless whatever republicans do. that is why they're slow walking. elizabeth: poll after poll shows strong majorities of americans think abortion should be legal but for restrictions. but for the soccer moms, suburban school board parents, the economy is taking precedence right now, right? that is where the debate is right now when it comes to the
6:19 pm
midterm vote. >> it absolutely is. listen, obviously abortion is an issue, that is highly, highly divisive in our country, it always has been but inflation is the thing that is causing americans to suffer. it is the clear and present danger for working families, seniors on fixed incomes, frankly all americans at this point. you have a situation where mothers can't even find formula for their children. that's the stuff that matters right now. the decisions, political decisions to come on abortion, on roe v. wade, that's a part of the political debate today but it is not the full, it is not the full enchilada. it is about our economy. it is always about our economy. about people needing, being able to feed and clothe themselves. elizabeth: former clinton labor secretary robert reich, critted for over over the top hyperbole,
6:20 pm
saying this is second civil war. this democrat tying this so abortion. this sound bite is disturbing. watch this. >> i don't think they compare. i think they reinforce each other. the fact things like inflation can happen, can become more expensive to feed your kids and fuel your car is exactly why people need to be able to be in charge of how many mouths they're going to have to feed. elizabeth: your reaction, congressman? >> i just don't have any reaction to that whatsoever. i just found the comments to be completely obscene. we're talking about life. the life of unborn children. they do deserve to be protected in the united states but to try to tie the reckless economic policies of joe biden and the democrats to say that is why we have to actually have abortion in the united states is outrageous, it is cynical. it is the worst politics. it is awful statement. completely all of full. elizabeth: we hear. understood. senator john kennedy on this. >> look, we all see what is
6:21 pm
going on, a opinion, draft opinion leaked from the supreme court. we don't know if it is going to be the final opinion. the neosocialist left has become completely unglued. elizabeth: congressman, from where you sit, how did the leak happen? what are you hearing what happened? >> well right now i'm not really hearing much on the hill. this is something the obviously the court is getting into right now. it is pretty clear one to me one of clerks on the left side of the court leaked this document, they want to see a political reaction that will influence the decision of the majority on the court. that is what will happen here. this is destructive of the court. destructive of its very institution. shouldn't happen in america. that person needs to be found, prosecuted immediately. elizabeth: congressman donald, thanks for joining us. come back soon. we have wild video coming in of chicago teenagers rampaging on buses and cars.
6:22 pm
this happened blocks away from the governor's mansion in chicago. looking at crime nationwide and damage police officers face in wake of democrat defund the police push. two top gop lawmakers warning that the they have evidence of fbi's terror probe of school board parents, upset with school shut downs, mask mandates, worse than realized. we have it ahead on the "the evening edit".yi ♪. or whatever this is. but the things that last a lifetime like happiness, love and confidence... you can't buy those. but you can invest in them. we believe that your investments should work harder for the future you imagine. and that's where our strategic investing approach can help. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. they are both very much hand in hand,
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show gop strategist, ford o'connell. great to see you, ford. this is the story coming in. gop congressman jim jordan, mike johnson, they sent a letter to the doj they have evidence from a whistle-blower that the fbi targeting of school board parents as domestic terrorists is worse than realized. probes were upset with parents merely upset with mask mandates. they opened up investigations into every region of the country. what is your reaction? >> it appears attorney general merrick garland has been caught red-handed using the fbi to target concerned parents who are upset with their school boards. this is outrageous, liz. not only is this a first amendment violation but it also appears that attorney general garland lied to congress back in october of 2021. elizabeth: you know, here's the thing, the revelations come, by the way national school boards association backtracked said it was wrong to ask the biden white house to investigate
6:27 pm
school board parents as quote, domestic terrorists. any threat should be investigated, right, this has been talked about as overreach and over the top reaction. to your point let's watch the attorney general testify this stuff never happened. watch this. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. elizabeth: ford, is there a possibility nobody told him what was going on, people underneath him? because they were using the national threat assessment center to go look into school board parents? >> look, it appears that this came from the top because this memorandum, as we understand it, came after the national school board association sent an email to the white house. this appears to be a top-down operation and unfortunately it does appear that merrick garland lied to congress and you're
6:28 pm
absolutely right. all threats that are real should absolutely be investigated but were it not for the memorandum that came from merrick garland, it appears according to the whistle-blower none of the parents entrapped or enmeshed in this investigation would ever even be on the fbi's radar. >> congressman are saying this is violating so many different constitutional rights. first amendment activity and more, parents advocacy of children. they were probing things like a father opposed to mask mandates because he fit the bill of an insurrectionist, rails against the government, has a lot of guns but found no specific observations of any crimes and threats. what is this, minority report, the movie? they will predict what crimes are coming with parents upset what is going on at schools? >> look, that is exactly right here. garland set up, bunch
6:29 pm
of parents ensnared for no reason whatsoever. unfortunately this is who the biden administration views concerned parents. they view them as an irritant. they don't care about the well-being of the children. what they seem to care about based on the politics make sure they push through the democratic agenda. anyone who speaks up about mask mandates is apparently an insurrectionist. elizabeth: there is information, an unnamed state democratic party official in some undisclosed state, reported to the fbi about unnamed public state official, he was inciting violence they thought because he was against school vaccine mandates. we don't know what level this got to. >> that is exactly right. it appears once again the fbi under the biden administration is being used to play politics, not keep us safe. when we're caught up in political nonsense, what happens you take away valuable resources used for actual threats, not playing politics. elizabeth: we don't know how the
6:30 pm
school board moms and parents, whether or not they could trigger the potential landslide losses in the midterms. are you seeing any polling for where they stand now, where they will lean in the midterm elections? >> yeah. look, when you look at the actual "fox news" polling you realize 84% of americans are concerned about the future of democracy. when you see stuff like this, you wonder about trust in government. when you look at 3/4 of americans, they're concerned about what is being taught in schools. the democrats opened up a sleeping political tiger on this front. this will hurt them in the midterms along with inflation, crime, illegal immigration. you have a lot of suburban parents are hacked off what is going on. elizabeth: got it. ford o'connell, thanks for joining us. come back soon. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. wild video coming in, chicago teenagers rampaging on buses and cars. we're looking at crime across the country. police morale is hitting a new
6:31 pm
low. that is a warning sign. that is ahead on "the evening edit." >> every week we read stories about heinous attacks, about violent incidents and murders. on the subway system alone in new york city, felony assaults increased 50% from february to march of this year. you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick.
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your free consultation. elizabeth: now the national vice president of the fraternal order of police, he is joe gamaldi. always great to have you on. by the way congratulations on national police week. joe, we're going to show this wild video out of chicago. a mob of teenagers rampaging on the tops of city buses and cars t happened just blocks away from the illinois governor mansion. no arrests made. what do you think of this? >> it's terrible, liz. you know, what we're seeing is just a complete culture of lawlessness in this country. it is thanks to woke politicians who have literally destroyed our criminal justice system.
6:36 pm
in addition to the video, we had two mass shootings in chicago over the weekend with 12 people shot. a disturbing video out today, where someone shot on the sidewalk. there is a little child with his backpack running away trying to get home safe. the sad pardon is we don't have to live like this. we have idiotic politicians like mayor lightfoot, who by the way is tweeting out a call to arms over a scotus decision, meanwhile she preside over veritable war zone. my god the irony of it all. she is incredibly, disgustingly out of touch with her community. she is disgrace to chicago and frankly should resign. elizabeth: this, san francisco bay area, was hit with the black lives matter defund the police protest, have ice cream with a cop event. this is in the richmond neighborhood. you see these protests breaking out on the spur of the moment. then you have got americans,
6:37 pm
trying to show support for cops nationwide but we still see the push for defunding police. policing is way more dangerous since 2020. joe, isn't this reversing improvements we saw since the '90s? >> yeah, absolutely, liz. here we are trying to reach out to the community. you have protesters coming up. the community is trying to support us. we're trying to bridge the gap. i don't think people have idea how bad violence is against law enforcement. we're about to having police week ceremonies this weekend. we're adding 563 names to that monument of officers who lost their lives families ripped apart. elizabeth: since when? >> deadliest year for law enforcement in 20 years. we had 132 police officers shot this year. that is outpacing last year's historic numbers. it is not slowing down. ambush attacks are up 30% against us. elizabeth: talk about the 500 number you talked about. what is that number for and
6:38 pm
since when? >> 2021. 563 officers killed in the line of duty, could be gunfire, knives, traffic accidents, covid related deaths. every single family is one of those that will have to recover from that. i just don't understand what we're doing in this country. that is not the leading story on all the news networks. i think you for covering this fox, fox business. where is coverage of violence against law enforcement? this is stain on our society. it is horrific. it is not getting coverage. it is embarrassing. it is disgusting. make sure this is front and center for everybody to understand. law enforcement is under attack. academics, and politicians sit their ass behind their desk telling me job is not dangerous. elizabeth: cops are confronting covid-19 and getting sick themselves. listen to what nassau county chief patrick rider said what is
6:39 pm
going on. he is on "fox & friends." >> two memorials i go to will sit here in albany, washington, d.c., the same place where our lawmakers are supposed to be writing laws, that protect people, protect law enforcement. instead they're writing laws protecting the bad guy. that is the problem we have today from policing. as we look at law and order around the country, they're all suffering, if you're not backing me, you're not going to defend me, why am i going to come to work? that is why you see a decrease in those that want to be cops around the country. elizabeth: joe, what he just said, can you explain, give more color and enlighten us more about that? how defund the police movement, weak on crime prosecutors and policies is impacting the force? >> yeah, absolutely. just take harris county, for example, the third largest county in the country located in texas. they had bail reform cost $100 million. we got statistics out, 80% of
6:40 pm
people are not showing up for court dates. rogue d.a.s across the country, cutting sweetheart deals for violent offenders. not talking about a guy stealing a candy bar from the grocery store but guys shooting people. we perpetuated this culture of lawlessness. we're seeing police officers shot left and right. i certainly hope politicians that show up, pat us on the back will follow us up with legislation. elizabeth: how much are police retirements, police resignations up? >> nationwide, retirements are up 45%. resignations are up 20%. our recruitment is absolutely tanking. chicago saw 83% reduction in applications. new jersey saw 90%. i don't think it is hyperbole, liz, our profession is dying off. this is not sustainable. we need to turn this around. it starts with everybody condemning violence against law enforcement. shouldn't be partisan, certainly shouldn't be politics. elizabeth: joe, thank you for your service to our country.
6:41 pm
thanks for coming on. good to see you. switch to this story, musk musk is firing back at "the new york times" for a report he calls quote inaccurate and slanderous. saying it is slanderouses speculating without any fact-checking in south africa, exposed him so white privilege. musk is firing back. wee stay on this ahead on "the evening edit." >> elon musk lives in a world where only kind of free speech is white men feeling free to say whatever the hell they want. ♪ ank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning through our grow up great initiative. and now, we're providing billions of dollars for affordable home lending programs... as part of 88 billion to support underserved communities... including loans for small businesses in low and moderate income areas. so everyone has a chance to move forward financially.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now talk show host, "daily caller" editorial director vince colanese. always great to have you on, rather. it is always fun. you have such terrific insights. first, let's deal with the news. looks like twitter officials starting to leave twitter before
6:46 pm
elon musk takes over. the plot for general manager and its manager for revenue. they're both leaving. >> it's a good sign, it's a good sign. elon musk is coming in with a vision of free speech. you have people within the company who oppose i had. i imagine if they don't clean themselves out i imagine elon musk will clean them out. if he has this vision, i don't imagine he has not he wants to bring free speech to the platform. he says this is not an economic decision buying twitter. it's a good sign for the country. elizabeth: what is your take on this, elon musk slamming "new york times" that his childhood in south africa was because of white privilege. his mother fired back, saying she shielded him from racist propaganda. people on msnbc, joy reid, on
6:47 pm
her shows, other shows, speculating without evidence, giving opinions painting musk as racist when they haven't even talked to the guy. >> this is disgraceful. he has every right to say he was slandered, libeled by them because he was. reality here is that the major media institutions in this country are trying to gate keep once again. now they're doing it with the world's richest man, attempting to open up a gigantic social media company to free discourse. that is a threat to "the new york times." they can't have open communication. think about it, "new york times," "washington post," couple years ago had public editors. who don't realize what that is, had internal critic about failure of those newspapers. those jobs are gone. the reason they gave for jobs disappearing. that is we have pley on onhesi oututut cisoediasososo criti c us.s.s. on any a whoho ofnd bs b
6:48 pm
outam o arets ot th to the lirmmer p is i ae o-apd simeiplec haue h was ithth a nngot to bo b to to to videncencee sisisiant,t,t, sting cralm ysalalace?ac geted rock and over the top wrong. everybody believes in free speech. we have the free speech right not to listen and to turn off when it comes to nonsense and really low level, unenlightened conversations. it's like people at msnbc are sitting in the same amen corner just edifying and reinforcing each other's bad opinions and they act like their thoughts are facts and their opinions are facts when they're not? >> no, not at all and in fact what we're witnessing is projection. there is, their assessment, whenever they want to defeat a
6:49 pm
political opponent go to bigotry, intolerance for somebody for immutable characteristic, their faith, whatever, in reality what they're displaying, displaying intolerance. this is bigotry. this is assumption. if you believe he is white, came from south africa, that he must have supported apartheid, you are a big got. that is the position msnbc took and it is disgraceful. elizabeth: that is race baiting. what martin luther king was against. he was about the character, not color of someone's skin. twitter cofounder jack dorsey said twitter censoring trump was a so-called business decision. he said it was right to censor trump. we get it. incorrect information, facts, inflammatory statements we get it. the cure for bad speech is more good speech. censor the hunter biden story, keep on the site iran's
6:50 pm
ayatollahses, keep the taliban, all those are business decisions too? >> what jack dorsey is explaining he is weak. he is summarizing. i was weak. i made that decision. i was under pressure internally. there were a bunch of left-wing lunatics around me and beat me into submission. the importance is free speech. western democracies defend robust debate, if you allow that to be encroached upon by powerful, soothly what is happening here, that is how you crush civil discourse and flourishing western society. as a result we need free speech. it is very basic principle. people should be defending it until they're blue in the face. that is how the future of the country will be preserved. elizabeth: thank you. vince con -- colanese. come back soon. we have reports that arrests of drug smugglers and gangs connected to the border collapse are on the rise coast to coast.
6:51 pm
we have a report just ahead on "the evening edit." >> president biden is flailing around, swinging blindly what the truth is, he can't defend his, you know administration's record when it comes to the border, when it comes to energy. ♪. move your money to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪ ♪ move to a sofi personal loan with no fees, low rates, and fast funding — and get your money right. ♪ lemons. lemons. lemons. lemons. look how nice they are. the moment you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels.
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we got reports coming in, arrest of drug traffickers, gang members on the rise from coast-to-coast. we are tracking it in california, tennessee, new york and texas. bill melugin has been at the border doing terrific reporting, he's got a report now from the border. >> border patrol means overwhelmed down here in del rio, specifically where we are here in eagle pass. we will show you one reason why. this was this afternoon during a single massive group of illegal immigrants crossing, walking across the river giving themselves up to border control, 150 people in total. talked with some of them mostly from cuba, venezuela and colombia but to border agents to process them. they had to call it other resources and leaves their man power short in other areas and that's what cartel knows. look at this video of the 2-year-old girl abandoned
6:56 pm
brought across in a group, the woman holding her, that's not her mom. she said smugglers gave her the little girl and said take her across. she did and she had no on her that essentially had heard name, her mom's name and her mom's contact information in texas, she's in federal custody like the on the way to her mom. border patrol reports in the 48 hour span, they've arrested two sex predators as well as for ms 13 gang members. elizabeth: always terrific journalism, joining us now national board border patrol counsel, brandon judd. always a pleasure to have you on and thank you for your service to our country. we heard bill melugin's report and we are tracking reports coming in about crime breaking out in u.s. cities connected to what's going on with the collapse of the border. can you talk to us more about that? >> when you look at what's currently happening, the control cartel has over border, where
6:57 pm
bill is that, as a small little stretch of border. we got 2000 miles of border we have to maintain and try to get complete control over but the cartel, when they create these gaps in coverage, they are able to get higher value, they get these sex predators and special interest aliens into our country and that is what so scary and white border security is so important. we have to go after criminality but when our hands are constantly tied with large groups of illegal migrants the cartel pushed across, we just can't go after everything. elizabeth: we have a trump appointed federal judge yesterday ending a temporary restraining order to stop biden from getting rid of germs pandemic for policy title 42, a judge out of louisiana extending the block on the white house. we also have arizona governor doocy joining texas and sending
6:58 pm
illegal border crossers to d.c. and a letter to twitter, facebook, staff and tik tok saying drug cartels and human traffickers are exploiting and using your website for their operations, can you talk about that? >> that shows you how dangerous it's becoming an all states, not just texas, arizona, new mexico and california, is spreading to louisiana and florida and throughout the united states and these cartel, they are using big tech allowing them to use their platforms to advertise their services. they are recruiting people not just drug smuggling but the human trafficking going on. big tech would start to crack down on illegal existence of the organization on other platforms than this would help us get more under control but as we have seen time and time again, they tend to only listen to liberal and if you listen to liberal pundits, everything at the border is hunky-dory.
6:59 pm
elizabeth: one here's what scary on social media, drug dealing is by the way, seizures of pencil at the border have quadrupled the last year, we've got deaths from drug overdoses skyrocketing, 15%, 107,000 overdoses but drug smugglers are on social media pushing counterfeit pills basically loaded with fentanyl, vicodin, you've talked about this. xanax, oxycontin, even vaping pens. two milligrams could kill you but they push it on websites. >> it shouldn't surprise anybody all of this drug flow into the united states response with people on the border illegally yet when you add on top of this, all of the big tech and websites allowing these cartel to advertise on their platforms, it becomes a situation is untenable for law enforcement. law enforcement has to have help where laws are broken and big to
7:00 pm
big tech aren't willing to step in, legislators will have to step up and pass bills that allow us to go after big tech. elizabeth: thanks for joining us, good to see you. you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. that does it for us, thank you for watching and we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: behold the great and powerful magus king, president biden trying his best to man the punch on his predecessor but as usual, backfiring worse than a 72 board pistol with crises piling up with snow in buffalo, sleepy joe trying to go on offense emphasis on trying. last night in chicago, he did his best to insult former president trump. that didn't go well. >> under my predecessor, the great mega king,


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