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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪. dagen: let's go rangers. new york rangers making history, becoming the first team in stanley cup playoff history to record three consecutive come back wins in a series after last night's win against the penguins. they play the hurricane starting this week. i love the rangers. that is it for "fox business tonight." elizabeth: happening now, hundreds of migrants crossing illegally into the u.s. again at the hot spot across the border. we'll take you there. biden is set to wipe out trump's pandemic border policy in seven days. we have chaos ramping up at the border. and this trump flips the script, flips the script on biden's new attacks. trump talking up the new economy biden claims he did not inherit. greg stuebe, brian steil, former
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prosecutor jim trusty, jason chaffetz and and arizona attorney general mark brnovich. president biden is head towed new york after the racially motivated shooting. we have update on the shooting in california. jeff bases is schooling president biden for misleading on inflation. biden cannot answer. how does raising your taxes, raising government spending low your inflation? biden approval rating hit as record new low in two new polls. we're talking monmouth and nbc. not even one in four americans approve of the president's handling of the cost of living. nancy pelosi and democrats also get schooled for misleading on what to blame for your soaring gas prices. and the far left demands the white house drop sanctions on venezuela to import more oil in the u.s. does venezuela oil not cause global warming? the trial starts today in the trump russia case of hillary's campaign lawyer.
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clinton's team is fighting really hard to keep details of what they did in trump russia out of court. we have smash-and-grab looting. it is exploding again, it is taking off again in weak on crime cities. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we begin with stocks ending mixed. it was seesaw action in the on wall street corner of broad and wall as big retailers report earnings this week. we're talking walmart and home depot tomorrow. now they are the bellwethers on consumer spending. retail spending has still been holding strong. we'll take a close look at that tomorrow. president biden is traveling to buffalo, new york, tomorrow after a mass shooting at a tops store. a teenager murdered 10, injured three others. reports the shooter was in buffalo in early march. he had plans to target another store before he was captured.
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the mass shoot something being investigated as a racially motivated hate crime. authorities say a separate mass shooting in southern california, laguna woods by an asian mad angry over china taiwan relations. he shot six killing one. now this, reports that the president put the white house on campaign footing for the midterms but amazon founder jeff bezos throws a wrench into that saying president biden is misleading americans on inflation. edward lawrence in washington with more. edward. reporter: well, liz the twitter storm brewing between president joe biden and one of his biggest supporters, amazon founder jeff bezos. the president tweeting out that if you want to lower inflation you then have to make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. bezos fired back at a tweet which then led to a statement by the white house saying this, this tweet comes after the president met with labor organizers including amazon employees. more from bezos. look a squirrel h squirrel. this is white house statement
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about my recent tweets. they understandably want to muddy the topic. they know inflation hurts neediest and most. he goes on to say the inflation tried their best to add $3 trillion in spending. if they had succeeded inflation would be higher than today and inflation is at a 40-year high. republicans say this is exactly what is wrong with economic poll coming out of this white house. >> they're not concerned with everyday americans and wisconsinites, i think the situation will get worse until they change their energy policy which is stifling domestic production and increasing costs across the board. reporter: there is no change of course in any of the policies including economic ones from the white house. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you for your reporting. we have claudia tenney from house small business and congressman tim burchett from house foreign affairs. congressman, your reaction to jeff bezos, the democrats at one point actually wanted 6 trillion in new spending. >> he is correct because the
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businesses across our region are struggling too and energy is part of the equation. biden didn't inherit a bad economy. he inherited a economy created by donald trump with low taxes which helped the small business community with great parts of tax cuts and jobs act for upstate new york. took out loopholes of state and local tax deduction, capped it, it was better for our region and lowered administrate costs and lowered and complain about inflation when he pumped 1.9 trillion did. what bezos is arguing, joe manchin, senator joe manchin stopped build back better which basically save the american people. right now i filled up my car yesterday. it is $4.75-gallon, that is for the cheapest one i could find this is really a disaster this is a tax. it is really hard on especially seniors. it is hard especially on lower, middle income earners. elizabeth: we went from 2%
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inflation you know, $2 or so in gas to this. you know, congressman burchett, to the congresswoman's point the media focused on trump's tweets, the false trump russia story but not what trump white house is doing to fix the economy. as we pointed out a 40-year high inflation. listen to president biden on this. watch. president biden: we'll see the strongest job creation in modern times. we inherited a economy on the brink of a great depression. millions of people were losing their jobs and their homes, but even more importantly losing hope. look at the economy today. elizabeth: why, congressman burchett, why is the president saying demonstrably false things? he inherited a recovery. the, we're talking third and fourth quarter of 2020 was moving higher at 6.4% gdp for each of the quarters. >> all he has to do is lie. it's epidemic among the left to
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demonize wealth. that's what they're doing with jeff bezos. when people make money all they do it is invest it back in the economy. the government takes it and blows it on $40 billion on things like ukraine and other things. doesn't make any sense. when he took office gasoline was a little over $2. now over $4. american public is not buying what they're selling. so they have to clearly go to lying. they're skipping all of the points and going straight to the home plate and they're not getting anywhere with it. elizabeth: let's listen to former president trump. he is now responding to president biden. he continued to brand the quote, ultramaga movement. this is the president's attacks for the midterm elections where democrats are poised to have historic losses. that is the forecast. watch this. >> now i think we'll to to ultramaga. as a result -- [cheering] our country was ultraprosperous, ultrasecure, and ultrasuccessful, the most
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successful our country has ever been. [cheering] i want a border. i want voter i.d. i want low taxes. [cheering] call me liberal. call me anything you want but when you think about it, most of it is common sense. elizabeth: you know, and now, hear the former president trump there, congressman. and now we've got the federal reserve bank of san francisco saying about half of the rise in inflation is because of spending. >> it's outrageous. it is completely reverse economics and what's reality and they know it. i don't think the american public is buying it. i think you will see, we've seen the statistics say hispanic-americans are going to overwhelmingly vote in the republican corners and black americans are too. you know when folks play this game, al sharptons of the world, race-baiters, when they play the game they have only chance to
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succeed is america fails. they are not failing. under these policies we will continue do. the hispanic folks left marxist regime. they left, coming over here are voting in republican territory because they don't want to go back to the marxists. they want to go conservative route and capitalism. they know it. they can't sell it. elizabeth: the nation is looking at, congresswoman, baby formula out of stock, 40% of the supplies. because of fda tough rules on ingredients. it is being blamed on all sorts of things and the supply chain crisis. abbott labs is also firing back at white house transportation secretary pete buttigieg for blaming abbott. abbott is saying you're painting the wrong picture there. this is not a good look. it is also being blamed on trump's tariffs and nafta. then you have that. you have biden moving to cancel student loan debt, not getting at the root cause which is colleges plies gouging on tuition -- price gouging.
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>> i think people want to see americans not be responsible for college debt f you take on a loan you have to pay that off. i understand the students are concerned what they end up getting after four years of college and spending $77,000 which it costs to go to my alma mater now. it was only 7500 when i started several years ago. this is problem, the great maga king they like to name him as they name-calling representative burchett said they have no argument. they don't understand people are coming to the country because they want a chance for prosperity. they want a chance to create their own wealth. wealth is not necessarily a huge number. we have seniors in my district who want to keep their houses that they spent their entire lives paying for. wealth is a relative term. people want to be independent, self-sustaining less government, more freedom and they want the opportunity to thrive. they're not getting that under joe biden particularly when you look at baby formula shortage. he said i'm not a mind reader. we know he is not good at the
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economy and economic illiterate and so is the administration. this is the big concern. there is big concern of my community as well. elizabeth: congresswoman tenney, congressman burchett. thanks for joining us come back soon. nancy pelosi and democrats getting schooled for misleading what is behind another historic rise in gas prices. we're breaking it down next on "the evening edit." >> this is an administration bent on idealogical agenda. gas prices are good example. why would you shut down energy production in this country unless your goal is to get everybody into electric vehicles?y? ♪. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time. it's a buick. let's be real. don't make me turn this alexa around. oh my. it's painful. the buick enclave, with available alexa built in.
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gas hit another record high. hillary vaughn all over the story. she is at capitol hill. hillary. reporter: liz, gas prices have been high for months but since day one the biden administration has been blaming oil companies of ripping off the consumer. so far the administration has not proven price gouging is why gas prices are rising. >> what i can tell you from the administration perspective there is guidance going out to crack down on price gouging where we see it.
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some companies have become ridiculously profitable, notably including oil companies. they're not unhappy about the situation. the public is unhappy. reporter: speaker nancy pelosi says the house will vote on a bill that would punish people price gouging at the pump of the oil and gas industries is not thrilled with this bill but u.s. oil and gas association president tim stewart telling fox business this, quote, this isn't a plies price gouging bill this is a price control bill. president setting price of fuel attempting to blame industry for the biden's failed policies. ftc has never found any evidence of price collusion on oil and gas prices. >> typical of this administration want to blame somebody else this is typical of long list of examples in the biden economy people can't get or paying a lot more for. reporter: liz. elizabeth: hillary vaughn, great reporting as always. joining us from house financial services, he is congressman brian steil.
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fell rad reserve and debunked what nancy pelosi is saying about this. 90% of gas stations are mom-and-pop shops. they buy gasoline downstream. the state and local put taxes on it. you know the federal government. we were been through this on the obama white house. why are they trucking out the same old playbook? >> the democrats are dusting off the playbook from the 1970's. they want price controls. big government to get bigger. they are looking to blame everybody except the problem. the problem demand is outpacing supply. we need to unleash american energy immediately because american families are getting punched in the face by higher prices at the pump, higher prices at the grocery store and inflation is rearing its ugly head. we need to actually produce oil and gas here in the united states. elizabeth: let's listen to this vice president harris is talking about energy. she is meeting with mideast leaders as gas hit another record at $4.45. this is where we're at in stopping crises in this country.
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watch this. >> that is especially true when it comes to the climate crisis which is why we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules and agreements that we will convene to work together on, to galvanize global action. with that i thank you all. this is matter of urgent priority for all of us. and i know we will work on this together. elizabeth: what was that about? >> the vice president used 500 words to say absolutely nothing. all we need to hear is three words. unleash american energy. this isn't overly complicated but starting day one the biden administration has been attacking domestic production of oil and natural gas by starting off with killing the keystone pipeline. most recently refusing to lease
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domestic production in alaska and the gulf coast. elizabeth: seriously, do they think americans are really like brain-dead that they're going, americans are going to say, oh all the rhetoric? like mistaking activity and rhetoric for achievement. they didn't get anything done. they're just having meetings. we have this. 18 far left democrats, they sent a letter, aoc signed a letter, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib and pressley and pramila jayapal, they want president to drop sanctions of communist regime of venezuela to get venezuela oil in the u.s. as if venezuela oil doesn't cause climate change like u.s. energy. they want venezuela oil but not u.s. oil. watch florida governor ron desantis on this. >> they are intentionally reducing our ability to produce oil and gas here in the united states. they will beg opec for more oil, they will beg maduro for more oil. i guess maduro's oil isn't
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global warming but american is. i mean it is nonsense. it is ideology but it is very destructive and people are getting absolutely hammered with gas price. the overall inflation is attributable more than anything to biden's policy of printing trillions and trillions of dollars like they have done since he has gotten into office. he was warned, you had larry summers, he was warned by larry summers and other democrat economists, if you do this you will spark inflation. elizabeth: congressman, when you are in congress, have you or any republican said to the far left, why is venezuelan oil better than u.s. oil? has any republican said that to "the squad" or anybody in the far left? >> yeah. the far left continues to try -- elizabeth: wait, wait. has anybody challenged them on it, to what they're saying? why is venezuela oil better than u.s. oil? has anybody in congress, any republican challenged "squad" on this? >> i think this is regular conversation. what you hear from the left they're looking to just decimate domestic production.
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that is the real answer. they're looking to move production of oil and natural gas outside of the united states. they don't want to see invests in any form of domestic production here in the united states. it is dismal for consumers it to the price at pump. it is dismal for the foreign policy where we are becoming dependent. elizabeth: listen to representative democrat steny hoyer. he said a disturbing thing talking about oil and gas. watch for it. watch this. >> it is unfortunate that at a time of war that we spend all the time blaming our own president. i wish we would get off this and really focus on the enemy. i know there is a lot of politics here but we're at war. we need to produce energy. as i told you a coke point sending 80% reversing asia supply to european supply because they need it because we're at war. elizabeth: we're not at war. why is he saying we're at war? i understand we're sending aid to ukraine. why is now, democrats are
6:22 pm
talking like the u.s. is at war? is that what they really want for this country? >> well the biden administration is looking for every excuse they can possibly get in the book. they have been blaming putin. they have been blaming all sorts of things. now they're blaming corporate greed. we know what the problem is. we have a lack of supply and production here in the united states. they don't want to hear that. president biden is getting blamed appropriately so. elizabeth: okay got it. congressman style, thanks for joining us. we ran out of time there. sorry about that we'll have you back on again soon. more illegal protests broke out at supreme court justices homes after roe v. wade leak of that opinion. we have both justice clarence thomas and justice designate ketanji brown jackson speaking out against the leak. we are looking ahead on "the evening edit." >> throwing a molotov cocktail into a pro-life office fits that description. apparently merrick garland or president of the united states does not, not speaking out
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elizabeth: okay, let's welcome back to the show, congressman greg stuebe from house judiciary. congressman always a pleasure. we understand where you will probably come from. markets are about freedom, companies allowed to do what they do. we want to give viewers update. starbucks are with other companies traveling eligible expenses for seeking abortion. apple, microsoft, sales force
6:27 pm
doing that too. your thoughts about this? >> it is sad corporate boards will not get involved in politics. now you have corporations funding abortions which is polarizing to the american people. there will be a lot of americans like myself who will not patronize these businesses because they're supporting a leftist agenda. i think they see their bottom line numbers affected which most corporate ceos typically don't want that to happen. it is really sad in america corporations taking strong political positions alienating half the people that frequent their businesses. >> abortion rights supporters. demonstrated at hundreds of marchs and rally this is weekend. justice designate ketanji brown jackson indicated in "the washington post" she was quote, shocked by the release of supreme court draft opinion of roe v. wade as departure of normal order. justice clarence thomas has been speak about this too what is going on. listen to justice thomas on this. watch this? >> i wonder how long we're going to have these institutions at
6:28 pm
the rate we're undermining them and, then i wonder when they're gone or they are destabilized, what we will have as a country and i don't think that the prospects are good if, if we continue to lose them. when you lose that trust, especially in the institution that i'm in, it changes the institution fundamentally. you begin to look over your shoulder. like kind of an infidelity, that you can explain it but you can't undo it. >> congressman, your reaction to that? >> he is completely right, especially for the u.s. supreme court. a branch of our government that is supposed to have certain protocols. that everything is done with respect and things as it relates to the rule of law that was completely breached by this, and done for one single purpose. that was to harass and intimidate the conservative justices on the court from ruling on a position on abortion
6:29 pm
they feel is appropriate for the country. complete breach of trust. it happens all the time in washington on the congress side. we had memo leaked on the republican side to the majority on something that we were working on but certainly not something that you see from the high court. he is right, it will fundamentally change the way that the supreme court operates. >> let's listen to senators dick durbin and senator ron johnson, also hbo's bill maher on protests and protests at supreme court justices homes. watch this. >> i think it is reprehensible. stay away from homes and families of elected officials and members of the court. you can express yourself. exercise your first amendment rights but to go after them at their homes to do anything of a threatening nature, certainly anything violent is absolutely reprehensible. >> i think throwing a molotov cocktail into a pro-life office fits that definition but apparently the fbi director and merrick garland and president of the united states does not. they're not even speaking out against it. i don't know what kind of
6:30 pm
resources they're putting into investigating. >> it's wrong. it's intimidation. it is against the law. [applause] look it is not, it is not terribly violent obviously but, would you want this outside of your house? elizabeth: yeah. you know, bill maher there. congressman, your thoughts on what senator johnson said, that what happened in the pro-life clinic, i think it was in wisconsin, they had a molotov cocktail thrown. it didn't detonate but you know, why is that not being investigated as domestic terrorism? it absolutely should be investigated as domestic terrorism. if the rolls were reversed, a conservative group going after a liberal group it absolutely would be under this department of justice. 18 usc 1507 is very clear you cannot intimidate or attempt to the court before it makes it is decision. this is definitely a violation of federal law. this is politicized, weaponized doj, only goes after
6:31 pm
conservatives and not liberal activists t violates the law, it. elizabeth: i was mistaken t was oregon that happened. good to have you back on. that was congressman greg stuebe there. >> thank you. elizabeth: following breaking news on the border. reports coming in more than 230,000 encounters at the border last month f you do that on annualized basis if that keeps up we'll take in the equivalent of chicago every year. more on that ahead. plus trial starting today in trump russia case of hillary's campaign lawyer. clinton's team is fighting hard to keep details out of court. of what they did in pushing the government and the media to attack trump. we have a report ahead on "the evening edit." >> it goes to show the senior leadership on the fbi under james comey and the obama administration was willing to use false information as a pretext to target the nominee of one of our major political
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♪. elizabeth: special counsel john durham arrives at court for the first federal trial in his criminal investigation of hillary's trump russia. okay this is the first trial in this probe. it began today for hillary campaign lawyer michael sussman. he is pleading not guilty to lie toying the fbi. david spunt has more. reporter: liz, within the last 45 minutes a jury officially been impaneled in this case. john durham began looking at the origins of that trump russia narrative three years ago in may 2019. as you mentioned we do have video of john durham entering the federal courthouse this morning. he began looking into the narrative at the direction then of attorney general bill barr. he charged three people so far. this is his first trial as you mentioned as part of that probe. michael sussman is a former clinton campaign attorney charged with making a false statement to the fbi two months before the 2016 liz. sussman called a man named james
6:37 pm
baker, the lead attorney at the fbi. sussman told baker he had information that linked the trump campaign to russia via a russian bank. we know that information turned out to be false. according to the government sussman told baker he was just delivering that information on behalf of himself as a concerned citizen. however durham claims that sussman billed the hillary clinton campaign. liz, tomorrow, things will kick off with opening arguments at 9:00 in the morning. the jury will have to decide is this about dirty political tricks and opposition research or something more sinister or illegal. we'll see. this trial will last two weeks. elizabeth: terrific journalism as always reporting, david spunt. good to have you on. former federal prosecutor jim trusty. great to have you on. we love your insights on this. does the nation, do you feel this case could be a hinge point, the nation for the first time will see how bad hillary's trump russia was? >> i think they will get a flavor of it, but not a full
6:38 pm
taste. the bottom line is this judge made it clear on pretrial rulings, the pretrial motions, he doesn't want the case to go too far afield with the false statement. the emphasis is when sussman went to his friend at fbi, whether he misled him representing a client. we don't want to run down all the rabbit holes. he wants to find out where is the investigation when it comes to hillary. are there people from perkins coie in harm's way. are fbi leadership in harm's way. i think judge will keep that bottled up. we'll get a little taste but not a ton of it. the defense can open the door a little bit challenging the materiality of the false statement. we'll have to wait and see. i think the judge's intention are typical after gate keeper of a judge, keep extraneous stuff out which means we don't hear the full story. elizabeth: durham's top attorney, john durham's chief
6:39 pm
prosecutor, says hillary's strategy was to create news, this false trump russia debunked by mueller and mueller report. mueller did have a lot of crimes that were charged but not collusion. so create this, get the government to investigate it. then lead back to the media. we know already a number about people will be pleading the fifth. i think a number of fbi officials, cia officials, jim, are going to take the stand, the witness stand. could this trial lay out a road map for future charge involving conspiracy? could durham pick up anything that is said at trial and use that for a later charge? >> well, he could but i don't think you will have like the biggest targets testifying in this trial. you won't have hillary, comey or mccabe. i step back one thing you characterized, the whole story in a nutshell this is shopping a false story. this is not opposition research this is creating a false story, shopping it to law enforcement and then circling back to the
6:40 pm
media and announcing hey, this is real because the fbi is looking at it. so really is a historic low in the american political system, to have a campaign do something as slanderous as this, willful, premeditated to win an election. i hope people will pay attention to it. again i don't think we'll get the full flavor. just a taste in terms of what hillary and other peoples involvement might have been. elizabeth: we know john durham has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt criminal intent for lying to the fbi. there is enough probative evidence he feels to charge, basically to get a guilty verdict for michael sussman. what we were just talking about, the conspiracy to defraud the government, basically, essentially in the end, defraud the american people, on the part of the hillary team. there is nearly 330 fbi emails that show fbi officials did
6:41 pm
understand michael sussman's clients were democrats. this is about hillary misdirecting the fbi. so that is where, that is what the nation is now waking up to, it seems when you see the coverage of this. so i know that james comey, top players as you point out will not be called. are we going to see anything else beyond the igor trial in october. being charged by fbi durham? >> igor danchenko is higher perch or connection to the hillary rodham clinton campaign. one of the best things attorney general barr give special status to john durham. when he wraps it up he is speaking to indictment of people in high positions or writing a memo that explains why it is not there. as we've said on this show a couple times, liz, the big intech great test for the attorney general how he reacts
6:42 pm
to that information. elizabeth: got it. jim trusty, always a pleasure. come back soon. we have smash-and-grab looting again exploding in weak on crime cities. it is happening. police need all the support they can get on organized looting, shoplifting, personal theft crimes rising dramatically. we have details ahead on "the evening edit". ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: look who is here, fox news contributor jason chaffetz. jason, we love having you on. we'll show this video, another smash-and-grab looting in westchester, new york, yonkers. four suspects. jason using a sledgehammer, crowbar on jewelry store. $100,000 in merchandise stolen this is happening nationwide. we saw it in fresno, california and outside of l.a. in west covina. what do you say to this. >> people don't think there will be any sort of consequence. so it continues on. you have police go out to make these types of arrests when they can. but then the prosecutors just
6:47 pm
let them back out on the street. these people know there will be no consequences. it is worth taking the risk. they will not do time. they're going to profit off of it. it is disgusting. elizabeth: small businesses bottom hammered. you know this jason during the shutdowns, right? we're talking about mom-and-pop shops trying to make a living. they're just now getting hit with crime? how do you stop this? stealing $1000 or i think that is the threshold in a lot of states. that is just misdemeanor, should that level be dropped back to $100 or $200? new jersey had it at 200 at one point? >> punishment has to be greater than the crime. it has to be deterrent to this. what is sad about this, you have places like pharmacies that will shut down. they're not going to be open after dark. when you get sick, you suddenly need to go down to get something it is not going to be there, because these stores cannot afford to continue to have this lawlessness that comes in and have this so-called petty theft
6:48 pm
that continues to add up. what employee wants to work there? what sort of law enforcement officer are you going to attract in order to get somebody, detain somebody, arrest somebody, and only to know that they will be back out on the street in a few hours. elizabeth: how did we get to this place in our nation where, this should never be, even talked about as new normal, right? this is unacceptable for our nation, for taxpayers to even be seeing these images on camera? these are liberal policies enacted by people elected in these blue states. that is, these things don't happen in some of these more conservative states. you don't see this happening in those places, but you do see it in same tired, same old true, far left policies and these, i think there was a concerted effort by some to go elect these prosecutors. they're as liberal as liberal can be. los angeles, chicago.
6:49 pm
new york. all these big cities, have policies, that are just make the place lawlessness. they forget the victims. they don't support the police. elizabeth: now in new york city, in every borough, i don't think we've seen this in so long, every borough there was a shooting this weekend. in manhattan, in bronx, in brooke been, in queens. los angeles d.a. george gascon, he is facing his second recall. he is trying to backtrack on policy wiping out cash bail for defendants. he said, well, i will let prosecutors reinstate bail in some cases. he was elected as you point out with the help of millions of dollars from left-wing billionaire george soros. >> yeah. this is, not an accident, that he is suddenly making a change of heart because he is facing this recall election. but places like los angeles and chicago, i mean chicago we're almost numb to it, right? there are dozens of shootings
6:50 pm
every weekend. yet it doesn't even get reported on the news at this point because it is just so common. but you know what? it is the people in low-income housing, low income neighborhoods. they are the ones that get hurt the most but these liberal policies of not incarcerating people who committees crimes. elizabeth: jason chaffetz. thanks for joining us. good to have you on. always a pleasure. come back soon. breaking news coming in, migrant encounters hit another historic number at the southern border in april. if it keeps up like this we're talking about the equivalent now of chicago being taking in and crossing the border every year. this as president biden is about to wipe out trump's border pandemic policy in just seven days. the chaos is ramping up. we have the latest ahead on "the evening edit." >> but here is a modest proposal. could our own government with just the same amount of effort, the same amount of money, the same level of urgency, into
6:51 pm
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joining us now, arizona attorney general mark brnovich, great to have you back on. we are following breaking news, homeland security said they were
6:55 pm
to 34000, more than 234,000 encounters at the southern border last month, the highest ever. if he keeps up, that's an equivalent of the population of chicago on an annualized basis. the border collapse, texas moved to keep its border, who want to know if it's working and what arizona is doing. >> thank you for having me on and you and i have talked about this, the numbers are so astronomical we are losing ways to describe them. it's not just about the people across the border, it's about record amount drugs flooding into our country. states like arizona and texas should not have to be causing people to d.c., we shouldn't build barriers ourselves to secure our border, is the job of the federal government and the biden administration and nancy pelosi and cartel kelly failed at their jobs and americans are less safe as a result and taxpayers are basically, their
6:56 pm
tax dollars are subsidizing people breaking the law now. elizabeth: we have new footage from bill melugin the he's facing hundreds of crossings illegally for nearly a week every day and the largest groups he's ever seen. you brought up speaker pelosi, let's hear her avoid talk about the democrats who are control of the congress, democrats control of the white house. the presidency, the border is in collapse. pelosi, he will hear her upset gop refusing to pass more covered relief unless they keep title 42 legislation in the package to keep drums pandemic policy. >> we passed the bill, we wanted to put covid on that and we said no and we said okay, ukraine is
6:57 pm
urgent right this minute, we will do that but we have to do the covered package. no use holding it up to blackmail as republicans are trying to do. elizabeth: excuse me, how is border security blackmail when we are talking about dozens of ms 13 gang members, dozens of terrorists caught at ports of entry, hundreds of criminal illegal aliens who come into the country to attack u.s. citizens. everybody is for legal immigration. what people don't understand is how is border security blackmail? >> border security is national security, people should always remember that as a result of failed policies of president biden, mayorkas and nancy pelosi, the american people are not only being blackmailed, our neighborhoods are more dangerous and we've seen attempted d.c. to play political games. the bottom line is americans are dying, price of bundle and methamphetamine is declining which every time people see
6:58 pm
that, people are going to die we talk about this more than 100,000 people died last year as a result of failed policy and americans are not only paying the cost of their lives that as a result of the biden administration attempting to get welfare and other benefits to people, we are paying for this. the biden administration and nancy pelosi wants us to pay for people to break the law and make our communities less safe. elizabeth: of this nation has been built on legal immigration, people from all walks of faith, all creeds and nationalities, that's what makes the u.s. great, legal immigration. supreme court is taking up the biden white house fight to drop the remain in mexico policy the fox news steve hilton asked this, should democrats match 33 billion in aid we are giving ukraine to the u.s. border? >> on the first generation american and the reason people want to come to the united
6:59 pm
states is because of the rule of law and constitution means something so no matter who we are and spent how you spell your last name, we have an equal shot because rule of law means something and treated equally to the wall. their friends the only guardians of our own. we need to make sure before we do anything anywhere in the world, we've stopped tragic loss of lives in this country as a result of the biden administration's failed border policy. americans are dying. elizabeth: cross-border drug tunnel found between san diego and mexico. there have been about 90 of these tunnels in california border discovered since 2009. we are talking hundreds of tunnels across the border including into arizona, it's a problem for drug smuggling. >> it shows you the degree of sophistication and lack of fear of being prosecuted by the federal government. i've been to the tunnels, i invite you to come see firsthand, these are literally
7:00 pm
sophisticated mining operations where you can drive a car through them. when you see these you have to understand it's bringing drugs that are killing americans into our state. elizabeth: thanks for joining us, good to have you on, i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us, thank you for watching. hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ in. kennedy: today is monday, anthony fauci is faker than a $50 rolex. public health isn't his main priority, we all know that and now he's finally formally admitting it, how does he still have a job? more than two years lord fauci attempted to control everyone's life and every aspect in this country, lockdowns, masks, close schools and businesses, you name it, he's done it and even criticizing him is criticizing science because he is science. can you believe a guy like


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