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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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show after the group's drummer got covid. it started when 18-year-old texed eddie vedder's daughter, the band's drummer matt cameron was not able to make the show. the teen couldn't believe his luck, he was invited up on the stage to perform the band's hit, mind your manners. never mind your manners. not here. evening edit starts right now. elizabeth: happening now, the battle begins for power in d.c. the today the midterms version of super tuesday. we have primaries in five states. this will test the power and influence of both president biden and former president trump. we've got a live report and guess who elon musk now says he is voting for? with us tonight congressman beth van duyne, dustin johnson, dr. greg murphy, congressman brian babin, guy lewis, gop strategist ford o'connell, fox news contributor deroy murdoch. inflation, that is the danger
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zone for biden. internal democrat polls show that. nancy pelosi today tries to put out a political wildfire for president biden, threatens indictments in the baby formula shortage? why pelosi's bare-knuckle politics again falls flat when the white house knew about this crisis late last year? musk joining jeff bezos is zinging president biden on fueling inflation. musk talks what they talk privately about, whoever controls the teleprompter controls the white house. trial kicks off today in hillary:that's debunked trump russia. prosecutors say the clinton's team sense of entitlement and privilege. use the fbi to create a false, quote, october surprise to destroy jump crime in america.
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17 shot in milwaukee. five fate -- fatally. polls show americans say d.c., stop politicizing crime like you did the pandemic. we have a big fight in capitol hill keeping trump's pandemic border policy, title 42. dr. fauci weighed in on that the president is set to wipe out that policy in six days. we have the latest developments at the border tonight. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. let's go right at it. look at your portfolio. stocks rallying into the close. retail sales grew about 0.9%. it has been trending up for four straight months. people are just shrugging off inflation, retail sector. home depot had its strongest first quarter sales on record. walmart had a big miss. now the president was in buffalo today calling the racist mass shooting domestic terrorism.
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the shooter fixated on the idea that white people are being intentionally replaced. now new york did not impose a red flag order to stop him from buying guns even though he threatened his high school. the shooter describes himself in his manifestos a quote racist ecofascist. he believes immigration destroys the environment. he is anti-free market. he says he is not a conservative. he thanks god that conservatism is dead. move on to the story. super tuesday is today. this is for the midterms. midterms version of it. five states with primary today, idaho, kentucky, north carolina, pennsylvania and oregon. it is the most jam-packed on the 2022 midterm calendar so far. so what do voters care about? connell mcshane has the latest. connell, good to have you on. reporter: liz, good to be on. we spent time on the ground in north carolina and pennsylvania in recent days. what voters care about, the
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economy and inflation is receipt at the top of the list. when you talk to a long term pollster, christopher in the state of pennsylvania, he tells you republicans largely because of that seem to be right now at least in pretty good spot. take a listen. >> undeniable in pennsylvania that republicans have the momentum. we see it in number of metrics, registration numbers, public opinion polling republicans are more energized to get out and vote. reporter: momentum driven by economics we spoke about. what is interesting in pennsylvania, there is a risk as he sees it for the gop, today in the primaries they nominate the wrong type of candidate, too far out in the mainstream. voters in bucks county picked up on some of that. republican voters are fired up, ready to vote but liberal voters are quite enthused about different topics. take a listen to a sampling. >> well the economy is so bad and things don't look good for
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children, for their food right now, things like that. >> i'm concerned right now about women's right to choose and right to our own body. >> i think it is obvious it's the economy and to have fuel prices and diesel, how could the everything just continue to rise? >> what is most important to you this year? >> climate, number one. the environment. abortion. reporter: roe v. wade leak came up a lot, liz. talking to more liberal voters in states. so the point, a guy like christopher borac heard from beginning will make, although republicans clearly have momentum, tight three-way race in the primary, governor's race, go too far out of the mainstream, don't nominate what pennsylvaniaian consider a moderate candidate liberal voters would show up in the fall. pennsylvania is a state to watch. elizabeth: connell, great report. good to have you on.
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joining us congressman beth van duyne, house small business along with congressman does at this johnson from house agriculture. thanks for spending time with us. good to have you on. trump is on the record tonight in roughly two dozen states, two dozen races, trump is staking his claim, trending 58-1 picking winners. what do you think, congressman van duyne? >> people really appreciate trump's policies especially when you compare them to the biden administration. the number one concern i have in my district over and over is inflation. inflation is a big issue, i don't care if you're a democrat, republican or independent, it affects you negatively. you have got an administration keeps throwing his hands up, we have no idea how this is happening. trillions of dollars in debt in costs and spending, trillions of dollars printing money. elizabeth: yeah. >> paying people to stay home. putting all the regulations on businesses. they're importing as opposed to
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giving businesses here an opportunity. this administration says we have no idea why you have inflation. they're causing it. we don't know policies they're enacting are causing it, they're inept, need to be voted out. if they do know they need to be voted out. elizabeth: elon musk is voting republican, congressman johnson. now we have the white house talking, letting chevron talk to venezuela about getting venezuela's dirty oil. does venezuela's dirty oil not cause global warming? why aren't they going to u.s. energy? >> they should absolutely be going to u.s. energy. this is one of many mistakes president biden has made. this is a supply and demand problem. we know our stuff better than the russian stuff. it is better than the venezuelan stuff. number one is far more freedom focused but it is cleaner. if you care about our stuff, our stuff is 23% cleaner than the other stuff. joe biden has been wrong on energy. elizabeth: watch former president trump here.
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watch this. >> now i think we're going to go to ultramaga. as a result -- [cheering] our country was ultraprosperous, ultrasecure, and ultrasuccessful, the most successful our country has ever been. i want a border. i want voter i.d. i want low taxes. call me liberal. call me anything you want but when you think about it, most of it is common sense. elizabeth: you know pew research, congresswoman reported last week inflation is the number one concern for americans. seven in 10 say that. wall street is asking, what is the next shortage? first chips for cars. then it was baby formula. now it is diesel fuel. >> which of us did you want that, to take that, liz? elizabeth: congresswoman van duyne, sorry about that. >> we have concern. we have gotten phone calls in our district about the baby
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formula issue. again you have the administration throwing its arms up. you have fda forced a shutdown of largest manufacturer of formula, did not have the forethought they needed to open back up to meet the needs. you have a company with abbott that was very proactive, that 60 issues fda had. they had to wait over five weeks to hear back from abbott. the only reason they're being allowed to open up because they had a fire lit under them with all the negative publicity this administration got last week, desperate calls from parents. that is the only reason. elizabeth: elon musk is joining jeff bezos in criticizing president biden about soaring government inflation igniting, soaring government spending igniting inflation. watch elon musk here. >> printed zillion more amount of money that it had obviously. the government can't just have, issue checks far in excess of
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revenue without there being inflation. you know, velocity of money held constant. various countries tried this experiment multiple times. i wonder what happens if this is done. venezuela, this administration, it is knit interested in getting a lot done. trump administration, leaving trump aside there were a lot of people in the administration effective getting things done. whoever is president who controls the teleprompter, you know? like the path to power is the path to the teleprompter. elizabeth: wow, those are zingers from mug muck, congressman johnson. >> yeah. listen elon musk is one guy. i wouldn't give his opinion too much weight. the reality is what he is saying is echoed by millions and millions of americans. i talked to a south dakota trucker today, liz. he told me it is costing $700 to fill up his tank. you see this across the economy. joe biden might be a nice guy but he is a very bad president and as a result folks are not
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buying what he is selling. elizabeth: then you had nancy pelosi trying to put out this political wildfire, congresswoman. threatening indictments in baby formula shortage. you will see now hhs secretary becerra say the biden white house knew about this crisis last year even though the president claimed ignorance of the problem just recently. watch this. the. >> it comes to babies here and now and at this moment. i think when all of this is done, i'm not associating my colleagues with what i'm going to say my now, i'm saying myself. i think there might be a need for indictments. >> from everything i have known, fda kept me aprizeed from this from last year we have been moving quickly as we can. >> did you fail to recognize the problem you had on your hands? >> at all times fda recognizes what might happen when it moves inn to tell a plant, a manufacturer, they have to take
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pretty dramatic action. no doubt. president biden: if we had been better mind readers i guess we cohave. moved quickly as problem became apparent to us. three questions. i will answer the baby formula question because it is on front page of every newspaper. elizabeth: you hear that, congressman, nancy pelosi who will she indict? what is the bare knuckle politics she keeps doing, it doesn't go anywhere? >> the democrats in the administration have a complete war on business. that is what you're seeing. they would rather import from control of companies that they have no control over manufacturing. they would not want to partner with american-based companies. it is a shame it happened. it should have never happened. they create the problems, these crises. have no solutions for it. throw up their arms. american people are sick of it. we need to stop it. >> congressman van duyne and congressman johnson. pleasure to have you on. next time we come to you last, congressman johnson. we have it wrong.
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opening arguments happened today it did not go well in the trial of hillary's team on trump russia. elon musk warned china is eating america's lunch. he is slamming come placent entitled u.s. workers. takeover of twitter is on pause again. a lot of highlights coming on next on "the evening edit." >> this administration seems to not have like the drive to just get [bleep] done. the real president is whoever controls the teleprompter. ♪. are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now gop strategist, ford o'connell. we're laughing, the gang here at the commercial break, the fight for free speech, not censoring conservatives, elon musk is tweeting back at twitter's ceo, elon musk is saying hey, i don't believe you less than 5% of the users are spam or bots. musk is saying it is 20% or higher. he just did this bathroom humor emoji. i can't say what it was. i think we'll show it, musk tweeted back. you see at the bottom what musk tweeted. after the long diatribe explaining about spam on twitter. what does this go on here? what does it mean for free speech and fight for that?
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>> look, when you're going to spend $44 billion on communication company verifying the actual human losers seems like a logical request for a person. the true value after social media company is the ability to monetize its users and it is very, very hard to monetize fake users. a lot of people want to push this off as elon musk wanting to back out of the deal. i don't see it that way. i see this as a situation where elon musk does want to purchase twitter but wants to purchase it at a better price. elizabeth: ford, the market is saying that twitter is now worth $16 billion less than what musk was offering at 44 billion bucks. this is, supposed national town square. this is where people come for speech. if it is behind the scenes it is even worse and more rotten than we realize then what the heck were we doing all these years listening to whoever was dominating the conversation on twitter? if they have got, if it is
6:19 pm
loaded with so many problems? >> well, as "new york post" pointed out and others what is going on at big tech and social media is absolute bias and censorship and there is no free speech principle. i do believe that elon musk does want to purchase twitter. i do believe the market sell-off made it so he has leverage to do a better job. i think it is important he ultimately goes through with it, to your point, liz this is about the mission to restore free speech, something lacking in big tech but also in america. elizabeth: we believe in free speech bus twitter is a cesspool, people attack anonymously. like juvenile delinquents in 7th grade, doing hit-and-runs, not honest who they are and being deceitful on twitter. musk is saying this, the u.s. need to stop with the political infighting in d.c. because china is eating our lunch. china, ford, you know, this it has a per ferocious work ethic.
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what watch elon musk says. >> not everything is plot by chinese government. a lot of hard-working people in china want to get ahead, want to get things done. they're not complacent. too much of america is punching themselves in the damn face which is dumb. we better step up our game and stop infighting. they won't be burning midnight oil but 3:00 a.m. oil. so, they won't even leave the factory type of thing whereas in america people are trying to avoid going to work at all. elizabeth: you heard what he said at the last point. listen we're not advocating people should work until 3:00 in the morning whatever, but was your take on what you heard from elon musk? >> elon musk is absolutely right. we have to recognize, i've said this for years on your show that china is the true threat to america, not republicans and democrats. we need to stop the infighting
6:21 pm
and be realistic recognize china is country of 1.5 billion where people work their fingers to a bone, we're a country of 330 million, a significant portion refuse to go to school, refuse to go to work, vocational jobs. frankly in a country where identity politics replaced patriotism. this cannot stand in america. we need to change our ways or china will take us down. elizabeth: because that's the point. we're about america. we're about liberty and freedom and you know, really, really helping people in all walks of life get ahead. now we have this other poisonous conversation going on in d.c. your final word, ford? >> look i believe in the american worker but i will say this when it comes to republicans and democrats, they are too focused on destroying each other. not focused on strengthening our democracy because free speech bus not mean opinions you just like. elizabeth: okay. ford o'connell, great to have you on. fox business is reporting this story. we'll stay on china. national security pros warning
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about three major u.s. defense firms doing business with china's military. plus a fight breaks out on capitol hill. dr. fauci testified for more covid aid turned into a fight about the border and title 42. we got it just ahead on "the evening edit". ns. look how nice they are. the moment you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels. so you can go and see all those, lovely, lemony, lemons. and never wonder if you got a good deal. because you did.
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as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning through our grow up great initiative. and now, we're providing billions of dollars for affordable home lending programs... as part of 88 billion to support underserved communities... including loans for small businesses in low and moderate income areas. so everyone has a chance to move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. elizabeth: joining us now dr. greg murphy. great to have you on. what is your position on this?
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where do republicans are on this. they are reporting three defense firms, raytheon, boeing, they have ties to the chinese. lockheed martin. we have security experts say it's a concern. >> you can't change the fact that overnight the companies invested internationally. you can't change that. we know china is existential threat, a real threat to this nation not only his economy and his politic. everything part of our nation. the fact that these three major military companies are invested in the chinese weapon industry is very, very problematic. we've reached out and tried to get universities and their endowments to divest in the chinese infrastructure. we need to get our american companies, especially those in the weapons industry to do the same. elizabeth: there is that, also this, if republicans take back control of congress there will be an investigation we're hearing into the origins of the
6:27 pm
pandemic in china. >> yes. elizabeth: there is a fight on capitol hill today. dr. fauci asking for more covid aid, talking about ending title 42 next week. listen to what happened here on capitol hill. watch. >> telling the president there is no pandemic at border, we don't need new money. we have money lying around we can spend on the vaccines if the administration says we're out. >> i think that the immigration policy should be accelerated from the public -- >> i don't want to get you involved in immigration policy. from a public safety standpoint is it safe to rescind title 42? >> i think that the cdc decision was a reasonable decision. elizabeth: so he is saying okay to get rid of title 42, so there is no pandemic at border but new york is now talking about putting masks back on? >> liz, very clear about this, i have had my disagreements with dr. fauci as a physician, as i'm a physician because i think he has made this entire pandemic
6:28 pm
about him. about his personal beliefs. he doesn't want the pandemic to end. i don't believe there is more relief aid needs to be done. what we need to do is get people who stayed out of work back to work. we need to get the country going again. we don't need to continue fear-mongering and the nastiness that has gone on from this administration in bullying people through the pandemic. time to get america back online. elizabeth: doctor, also the bullying and stonewalling from the nih, dr. fauci on origins of the pandemic. >> yeah. elizabeth: we have scientists from mit, stanford, numerous academic research institutions looking at the origins of the pandemic. they're looking at the genomic sequence, you and i, doctor, talked about this, the genetic fingerprint of the covid-19 virus does not exist in nature. they have never found it. it exactly matches what they were working on in the wuhan lab. so i don't know how you get around that, dr. murphy. >> well you can't and w.h.o. gave china, 10 months, 10 months
6:29 pm
to sterilize their lab, to evacuate anything of any material. they go in of course, say everything is okay. well it's wrong. i'm sorry. i'm a physician. what it is, is what it is and the fact that you will never convince me that virus did not come out of that lab. so just the opposite. we've seen so many times where things were attempted to be hidden by scientists that both here in the united states and in china, that really you know, it is a smoking gun. elizabeth: what if trump was president now, what would he have done? >> i think we would know a lot of more. we would know a lot more. president trump was strong why the rest of the world didn't like him, he was strong about the american agenda was. now it was hidden and we cower. this is what biden does, the world shows weakness and seen weakness in the biden administration since day one in afghanistan every other avenue. the world sees weakness with biden. here in china it is the same exact thing. elizabeth: dr. murphy, thanks for joining us.
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come back soon. opening arguments kicked off today in the trial of hillary clinton's debunked trump russia. looks like it did not go well for hillary's team. we have the latest developments and report just ahead on "the evening edit." >> we're learning a lot of new information about the role of the clinton campaign in creating these collusion allegations, of spreading them, of hiding their funding. ♪. welcome to allstate. where everyone saves when they bundle their home and auto insurance. isn't that right, frank? i saved 25%. booyah. you protected your casa? sure did. and the frank tank? you know it. and now you're relaxing. i'm working from home.
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elizabeth: opening arguments today in the first court trial of hillary's trump russia. durham's team laid out why clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman lied to the fbi. he is denying that. he claimed he was not working with the hillary campaign when he gave info on trump. he is pleading not guilty. david spunt has more with the district court in washington.
6:35 pm
reporter: good evening, former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman charged with one count of making a false statement to the fbi. back in 2016, two months before the election, sussman went to the fbi and said he had information linking the trump organization, via a computer server to russian-based alfa bank. then owned by associates close to vladmir putin. the fbi investigated and the allegation was bogus. sussman claims he was a concerned citizen worried about national security but the government says he billed the hillary clinton campaign for that fbi meeting. opening statements earlier at that, federal prosecutors under the direction of special counsel john durham said that sussman sought to manipulate the fbi with hopes of creating a october surprise to tilt the election toward hillary clinton. even though a trump russia connection never materialized prosecutors say the damage was done. trump and russia were forever linked in the court of public opinion. sussman's team told jurors, the
6:36 pm
complete opposite, argued he was a well-respected cyber attorney with a top secret clearance who would never try to hide anything from the fbi. the defense argued the fbi was well aware that sussman worked for the clinton campaign when he went to the fbi to give that information. fbi agents still opened an investigation. the trial continues tomorrow and is expected to last about two weeks. back to you. >> great reporting, david spunt, thank you so much for joining us. back with us now former u.s. attorney guy lewis. guy, this is hillary's dirty political trick. this is her watergate. broke in the front of the fbi to put the story in there about trump russia. is the jury is expected to believe that michael sussman gave alfa bank info out of goodness of his heart and for the good of america just on his own? >> i think that is a tactical mistake by the defense in terms of trying to argue that because
6:37 pm
frankly all roads, all criminal roads in this case lead back to the dnc and lead back to hillary clinton and that meeting, with the fbi was bought and paid for, according to the documents, according to the records, was bought and paid for by the hillary clinton campaign. so i don't know how much clear you get. elizabeth: yeah, i mean if sussman is not working for hillary, then why did he bill and, you know, send against reports to hillary's campaign for his meeting with the fbi? if he is saying he had no intent to conceal what, to the fbi that he was working for hillary's campaign why didn't he just tell them? >> exactly. liz, he is going to come in at the end say, look, look the other way. no harm. no foul. trump got elected anyway, so really what are we doing here, ladies and gentlemen? and my only problem, look, john's a smart guy.
6:38 pm
i know him. he is a tough prosecutor but i would have, me, i would have gone back and i would have indicted a conspiracy here. i think that is his only limitation. you've seen some of the pretrial rulings are with the judge has said, obama appointee, the judge has said, a lot of this evidence about, that leads right back to the doorstep of hillary clinton is not going to -- elizabeth: who would you have indicted? who would you have indicted in the conspiracy? >> oh, i would have indicted the law firm, i would have indicted the other attorney from the law firm. i would have followed the case back to the campaigns of hillary clinton and the dnc. elizabeth: possibly indict hillary? >> well, i would have looked very, very closely at it. why not give her a grand jury subpoena put her in the grand jury? make her testify to the truth or subject herself to perjury. elizabeth: put obama on the witness stand? >> i don't know about that.
6:39 pm
i probably wouldn't obama but i got to tell you, if hillary clinton is a unindicted coconspirator, she is involved like we know she is, why not pursue her because she is what, too powerful, too political? i don't buy that. elizabeth: fbi agent scott hellman testified today. he is saying if we knew, if my team knew he was, sussman coming in on behalf of hillary's campaign that would are have changed the tenor of his probe. it looked like, the defense team saying it was open secret sussman was working for democrats. then why are you texting the fbi lawyer the night before you are meeting with him saying i'm not working for anyone? that is what michael sussman did. that is what june durham's proof is. the other think, prosecutor, debra shaw in her opening argument, guy, she is saying this about the entitlement and
6:40 pm
privilege of hillary clinton campaign, her team, her lawyers, they could go in there to manipulate the fbi for october surprise against trump, threaten the fbi. "new york times" was going to do the story anyway. this is the privilege of a team that thought they were so powerful normal rules did not apply to them. is that going to sway the jury? >> listen i think that's a powerful argument. no question privilege was involved. sussman felt he did, he was able to pick up the phone, call the general counsel to the fbi, get a meeting. that is a pretty special thing. but i think there is an element missing here, liz. as a prosecutor, did this for a long, long time. i would have thrown a few more fastballs to the head. i would have described that this does go back to hillary clinton. that this does go back to, this conspiracy lead directly back to the dnc and these people were involved. it was the dirtiest trick of all times in terms of politics.
6:41 pm
elizabeth: you know, you're right. it is hillary, her campaign right hand. robby mook. it is sussman. it is christopher steel. mark elias. they stage managed what is wildly considered the worst political hit job in political history. again take out the names, right? take out the names of everybody involved. that is what the prosecutors are saying. this is just flat-out dirty tricks. that it is wrong to use the fbi as a political tool and you know, everybody does opposition research. republicans and democrats. people get that. what is wrong is lying to the fbi, using the fbi in this way. your final word. >> listen if you or me or any of the good folks watching would have walked into the fbi, lied, created this whole scheme, this conspiracy, it wouldn't be just you or me on the other side of the v, a dozen people facing charges and that's my only complaint about this prosecution. elizabeth: it is about the
6:42 pm
destruction of public trust in our institutions. that is the other issue too. guy lewis, you're always great, come back soon. crime is spiking in weak on crime cities like chicago. the mayor there is taking action. we'll tell you what she is doing as shootings spiral out of control. that is ahead on "the evening edit." >> what sort of law enforcement officer will you attract to get somebody, detain somebody, arrest somebody, only to know they will be back out on the street in a few hours? old hobb. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too. what changes are you making for your type 2 diabetes? maybe it's time to try trulicity. it's proven to help lower a1c. it can help you lose up to 10 pounds. and it's only taken once a week, so it can fit into your busy life. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children.
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elizabeth: welcome to the show fox news contributor deroy murdoch. always great having you on. will this work in chicago? democrat mayor lori lightfoot is imposing a weekend curfew for all minors in chicago. after multiple shootings, deroy, five fatally including a 16-year-old over the weekend. will a curfew work?
6:47 pm
>> it would help a little at the margin. what would help to have prosecutors to prosecute criminals. talk to kim fox, one of those george soros funded soft on crime prosecutors. their idea, too bad you screwed up, mr. criminal, go back to the criminal career. get back on the street. they continue more crime after more crime. i did a piece for "american spectator" massive failures to the democrat party. they should be in the smithsonian behind glass. democrats don't like prosecutors that prosecute criminals. george gascon in l.a., alvin bragg in manhattan, chester beauty dean in san francisco. so many cases you have hardened violent criminals who get arrested, they are back on the street sometimes within hours and surprise, surprise they commit more crimes. a case in columbia, south carolina where a man went into shopping center, shot 10
6:48 pm
people. he was back on the street after paying 25,000-dollar bond, after shooting 10 people. unbelievable. this has to stop. we need to prosecute criminals. lock them up when they are convicted. we're finally seeing chickens coming home to roost after the defund demoralize, defund the police movement started two years ago after the george floyd killing, george floyd riots. we're seeing the bodies piling up as criminals continue the criminal careers often with the prosecutors waving ellem pompeos as pom-poms. elizabeth: economic impact of violent crime. costing u.s. economy hundreds of billions of dollars for justice system, incarceration, not to mention what victims families put up with. a lack of response to crime it's a gateway to hate crimes. "new york times" is reporting 2/3 of more than 8,000 hate
6:49 pm
crimes, reported hate crimes in recent year were based on race and half the hate crimes were against blacks. >> hear a lot about hate crimes. hate crimes take place unfortunately some of the hate crimes are actually staged. people for whatever reason feel they can present themselves as victims of crime. they get some sort of social points or something like this. you may remember that case with the u.s. air force academy where one of the students had some, there was offensive anti-black words sort of put on to his, on to his dormitory door. it turned out he put the words himself on the door himself to distract attention from the fact he was getting bad grades. there are people victims of hate crimes. there are hate crimes that occur but unfortunately a number of these cases turn out to be perpetrated by victims themselves in order to draw favorable attention toward themselves. elizabeth: well there is that too. the other thing too is, when you see the data coming in, we're
6:50 pm
just running out of time, when you see democrats like the governor of illinois, you know, just betting rid of cash bail, you see that, how long us did it take for, spiraling out of control, how long does it take for change to come to, stop it, turning it around? >> i think change comes in no vember.mbermbmb democraticraratt d off exist een nothing to to o spectar." igonto i the i the smith s whigswh aignds and noty. p eewed need t gut outf o there. ,inal, anti-victim..d t t bet , wer. weerrder into ryry as as democrats run cities bloesododti cnuon to owow elizab deroyeroy murdo mch ha you backac soon. um n nftate are are areying to u have to keep trump's pandemic
6:51 pm
border policy, title 4. at the rate you're going, we let in reported last night equivalent of chicago every year if this keeps up. more on that ahead on "the evening edit." >> we shouldn't have to be building barriers ourself to secure the border. it is the job of the federal government and the biden administration and nancy pelosi and cartel kelly have failed miserably. ♪ whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. another crazy day? whose resumes on indeed matc of course—you'reia. a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business, with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want—your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network.
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democrats led by nancy pelosi, they are furious. republicans will not pass more pandemic aid unless there's a vote on keeping from pandemic for policy, title 42. we arty have unspent money, a lot of money later, 7 trillion improved by congress but despite its ongoing and big stuff happening at the border. casey steagall in texas with more. >> the number of large groups crossing the southern border illegally keeps on going up. new video tuesday afternoon in eagle pass texas where drones captured 2150 people, a group of migrants illegally crossing the rio grande river into the united states.
6:56 pm
cbp reporting close to one and a half million migrant encounters total at the southern border since the start of fiscal year 2022. data shows in april more than 96000 migrants were removed from the country under title 42 set to expire in a couple of days unless the court intervenes. meantime today dhs secretary holly hunter mayorkas has been here visiting the southern border but a resounding question for so many is once he leaves here, what is the solution to the problem and when is the fixed coming? elizabeth: thank you so much for joining us, congressman brian is back with us now, great to have you on we are an open arms country, we want to help refugees and people seeking asylum but this is disorder and chaos, should be shut the border
6:57 pm
down? >> absolutely this is going to destroy our country. when title 42 goes away rather than having to 44000 a month coming in, we'll have 500,000 coming in. we'll have five to 6 million coming over and mayorkas himself is on record saying he has operational control of the border, object life. he told many that personal and border security caucus and judiciary mitty, oversight committee, he simply does not tell the truth. he's on record thing what he really wants to do, he has had deportations are detained in detention of these is not the way to go, not the best interest of anyone, that's what he said. despite the fact that the law says he must detain and deport
6:58 pm
and he's doing neither and tells us he has operational control. the man is a disgrace to the united states. elizabeth: the water is out of control even with terms pandemic policy title 42. if he did have operational control, why is the white house building compound preparation for a massive wave? eagle pass texas is fox news bill melugin has been reporting. >> that's it, if we could detain, we are talking numbers like this, you couldn't, you could not detain more than about 1% of what might be coming across the border, that's not going to prevent these people from continuing what they are doing. they know they have open invitation, they know biden and mayorkas want them to come but this is the plan. elizabeth: secretary mayorkas is
6:59 pm
claiming congress for the collapse of the border. >> we need congress to pass legislation that fixes what everyone agrees is a broken immigration system. elizabeth: your response? >> our immigration system, it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination to under president trump, it was control, secure compared to what we are seeing in years past. elizabeth: are there laws already in the books that they are, that they could follow? >> yes, ma'am, there are laws. he is to detain people coming over and he does not do that. if he started detaining them, keeping them in a detention center, they would not come anymore, they would know this is not going to work. if we would turn them back the way president trump administration did, they would not come, they would be discouraged and in spite of
7:00 pm
that, the biden administration simply opens our borders and erases the border and we are going to pay the piper educating, incarcerating and medicating millions and millions. elizabeth: thanks for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: it's the day billions of people around the globe have been waiting for, the first open government hearing on ufos and more than 50 years, where are the phase hiding the flying saucers? house intelligence subcommittee hearing, experts now say ufos no longer a punchline, they may be national security threat. the numbers are staggering, today we learned only 400 encounters between the u.s. military and unidentified aerial phenomena.


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