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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 17, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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simply opens our borders and erases the border and we are going to pay the piper educating, incarcerating and medicating millions and millions. elizabeth: thanks for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: it's the day billions of people around the globe have been waiting for, the first open government hearing on ufos and more than 50 years, where are the phase hiding the flying saucers? house intelligence subcommittee hearing, experts now say ufos no longer a punchline, they may be national security threat. the numbers are staggering, today we learned only 400 encounters between the u.s. military and unidentified aerial phenomena.
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phenomena. phenomena. revealed in the last year's landmark ufo report, 11 of them near misses. meaning ufo almost collided with military plane or ship or whatever, hell of a game of chickens there. the problem according to deputy director of naval intelligence scott bray, we still have no idea who's flying to saucers. >> there are a number of events in which we do not have an explanation, a small handful in which there are characteristics, signature management we can't explain with the data we have. kennedy: please explain it, we are waiting. the russians, chinese or little green men from beyond? hard to say but whoever it is, they have unbelievable technology, some of which have been caught on video. >> in this video u.s. navy personnel recorded what appears to be triangle, some flashing,
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several years ago off the coast of the united states. this was recorded while the u.s. naval ship was served a number of small unmanned aerial systems in the area. kennedy: are these hearings for real or are they just trying to look busy? live from capitol hill, man on the scene fox news senior congressional correspondent, chad pergram, welcome back. >> good evening or as some might say -- nothing on the symptoms. tonight close encounters of the congressional kind, military lacks the answers. >> is this one of the phenomena we can't explain? >> i do not have an explanation for this specific object. >> we used to call them ufos, the new hip turn into a aps, unidentified aerial phenomena. there have been more than 140 reports of you aps, 11 near collisions, some baffled the
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military. >> we have our questions, we want to know what's out there is much as you want to know. we get the questions not just from you, from families and we give them night and day not just in committee hearings. >> indiana democrat kherson says there had been a stigma for pilots to report what they saw in disguise. the military used to regard those who reported strange things as kooks. kherson has serious questions about what is out there. >> what is the strangest thing? >> we will seem strange things, have you seen anything like this? >> the strangest things i probably seen, stuff in the last couple of years in the house chambers but that's just me. [laughter] >> lawmakers from both side asked if the technology could belong to a foreign military rifle. 1966, future president and then house minority leader gerald ford call for congressional
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investigation into ufos and followed sightings and southern michigan. kennedy: chad, we know former senate majority leader harry reid has been instrumental in creating the committee to check up on the ufos but he's also been someone who worked diligently to keep them from public life. are we seeing a shift in the federal government in terms of how these are documented and shared and did today's hearing show that shift? >> the fact that they had a hearing on that says a lot, you're right about the late senator harry reid, something he talked about often. area 51 in his state and nevada here but the fact that they have this hearing and the military now has a program set up where they encourage pilots or members of the military to report these phenomena when they see them and document them and one clip today they said it took them years to figure out what it was, one declassified piece of video played during the hearing today,
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it took a lot of logistics, research they figure out it was drones off the pacific coast, they did not know that and there was reasons why they thought it might be something else. the fact that they have this hearing and there is a push by some members of congress to declassify even more information. kennedy: declassified at all, i can't wait until we have a president who does that. it's not going to be yet but we are getting there. thank you so much. >> figure. kennedy: deputy director testified the reports this year to be because as chad said, the stigma largely has disappeared. >> our main objective was to transition qap efforts to anecdotal narrative based approach to rigorous science and technology engineering focus. we also spent considerable efforts engaging directly with naval aviators building relationships to help destigmatize active reporting
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sightings for encounters. kennedy: is the pentagon supporting the whistleblowers here or is this garden-variety? what didn't they tell us in the hearings today? here with me now former director of the pentagon's advanced aerospace threat identification program, he was working on the inside around all this. welcome back, lou. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: what did you want to hear today that you didn't hear? >> i think it was a mixed bag, if i can, let me give the good news, this was historic not in the last 50 years have we have anything like this to congress. last time was project blue book and senior air force representatives justifying before congress. now 50 years later we have senior dod officials intelligence officials testifying before congress. that is the good news. i expect there will be more hearings in the future. now the bad news, this was largely pro forma, i think
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congressman asked good questions, obviously well informed on the topic. dod came across a little bit flat. there were moments, they were not being as forthcoming as they should, several moments they were contradicting themselves to think of people pour over the transcripts, they would see that. happy to show those if you would like. kennedy: give us more two contradictions, what we know and what did they say that contradicted it? >> you said it yourself, they were saying before we know it's not american technology, blue force technology. they testified today that was the case but they also said they didn't think it was foreign adversarial or you talk about aliens. if it's not our technology, if it's not adversarial technology, it's not alien technology than what is it? those are the only choices there are in clearly obfuscating.
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another issue i have, they acknowledge my program that i was part of an blue book but there's a 45 year gap in between. when asked what are you doing when congress asked what are you doing to collect any information the u.s. may have from other programs and efforts that have existed? was a goose egg, nothing. they said we are not doing anything. how can you say for the record then the task force has no material or anything in its possession when you haven't done due diligence. your think the task force is doing wonderful things, talking to foreign countries, academia, scientific community and get didn't you just tell the american public two months ago the task force has only two people? to full-time people. how exactly are you doing this analysis with two people? how are you getting the information for investigating 400 incidents and foreign allies and scientists and members of
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academia with two people? kennedy: and all of this poses national security threat which is something they are admitting by moving this into the dod, more militaristic sphere, if it is a great threat, why would you only have two people working on it? it's also interesting is going into the technological realm, doesn't that tell you they have material evidence in their possession even though they continue to deny that? >> it in the law, it's no law of the land cosponsor member, it's bipartisan this was cosponsored by senator gillibrand and marco rubio coming together on this with countless numbers of other senators and congressmen, congressman gallagher today asked a great question, he said what are you doing to find historical information the dod
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may have or intelligence community? the answer was nothing and you are right, there were inferences there if it's law you have to do material science collect material and get you say you don't have any, that doesn't really report very well i have to be careful what i say on that, i've been told i can't elaborate. i said for the record my piece for my time on what i think about material. unfortunately, it's as far as i can go with that as i've been told. kennedy: all right, i understand the implication, i appreciate it, i know you are probably in the confines of some sort of a mutually agreed-upon document. tell me about communication because they also said with not tried to communicate with potential authors of these craft. >> another great contradiction, right? they say we didn't try to communicate yet they are
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admitting there are frequencies admitted by these so commanded control or communications or whatever, navigation, they say yes, there's an rf signature associated with these from time to time and yet we are not trying to collect on it? one side you have electronic warfare operations, that's their job to understand what the enemy is doing but the other hand they talk about drones over a military warship. guess what, there are protocols in place and policies if you see an aircraft over a military ship during maneuvers, there are protocols to communicate using basically radiofrequency to say look your in your airspace, we are doing operations, try to de- conflict so there's yet another contradiction, you're saying you're not trying to do anything, i lived on the chesapeake and i know when there's a navy boat there, if i
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have my boat anywhere near a navy vessel, they would should be out of the water. everybody with boats in the chesapeake knew that, that was the particle and get your telling me there are things flying over our navy assets and we just sit there and look at the pretty lights? that's not the navy i know. kennedy: it also doesn't make a lot of sense, it sounds like the green navy, not the best navy but absolutely, if there was something hostile and close, he would hope our military was communicating with it if for no other reason than to figure it out and keep us safe. they say they are not engaging in a cover-up but there's so much gray area still here that's where the room is for conjecture and conspiracy theories. we does work more transparency and you deserve vindication. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me.
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let's wipe away their mbas and let them talk to congress and the government and maybe will have answers. kennedy: absolutely, well said. coming up, pulls are about to close and major primary races, among them, pennsylvania where doctor oz hopes to win in north carolina for madison cawthorn is in deep yogurt after scandals, we've got party panel assembled, best in the business and they will discuss next. ♪♪
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we got breaking news, huge night in primaries in five states, pennsylvania, north carolina, kentucky. idaho and oregon, a few minutes pulls are going to start to close, pennsylvania celebrity doctor oz is running for senate, he's been endorsed by former president trump but to others on the ballot, ex- hedge funder ceo dave mccormick the right wing nut bar kathy burnett. looking extremely close. we democrat, john federman, slated to win his nomination two days after having a stroke on the campaign trail. he's recovering, he's doing well. north carolina, freshman republican congressman, handsome
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madison cawthorn, crazy as he is attracted fighting for his career after several scandals late endorsement by john, his reelection is being put to the test. where the former presidents influence turn out big tonight? like it has so far in other states, we got editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich, arizona, love it. the host of the richard fowler show, fox news can jupiter, richard fowler is here. content manager for the economic education, cofounder of base politics, hannah cox is with us. talk me through what's going on with madison cawthorn. orgies to coke field commerce meant to make it at something, will he survive the primary challenge tonight? his numbers have gone down his numbers have grown up so where
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are we with this? >> i am grateful you explain all the scandals so i didn't have to because i think you do a better job of handling the uncomfortable things like orgy accusations from that race but he was able to save his endorsement from president trump who says he's gotten into trouble but give him a second chance. that isn't really consequential, it's a safe republican seat, the real race is pennsylvania primary for a number of reasons, first as president trump is deeply involved, it's been all over the place trying to push doctor oz over the top, kathy burnett from behind and david mccormick whose endorsed by senator ted cruz and former secretary of state pompeo gives you some insight into what's happening in 2024. pennsylvania is a race pelicans want to win to take back the senate from democrats and democrats are trying to hang on
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hoping they continue to have a majority in the senate come 202. that's what they are working on and the states -- in pennsylvania despite the attention madison cawthorn has been getting. kennedy: and another one of those phrases in pennsylvania, let's say that, doctor oz running on the republican side for the open senate seat, do you think he has a shot? he's slightly ahead, he's keeping a search on kathy burnett at bay, do you think he prevails tonight and what about justin federman? will he survive the perception of being you can buy a stroke even though he's doing well? >> amazing questions, we will find out in a couple of hours. what's interesting is it will determine how the donald trump endorsement really is. does it stand up to a candidate to the right of a trump endorsement? the young lady in the race, she
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surged in the end it had everything to do with that. the democratic primary, it looks like federman had it but we have to wait and see because the polls are still closing. we have to wait and see what happens. kennedy: they have about nine minutes. we will see because he's been very popular in the estate, he's 6-foot eight and wears shorts. >> and a hoodie. kennedy: we will see if he prevails and if doctor oz falls, i think it could be the end of celebrity politicians for a while. why are the primaries so important? is it that there's so much on the line for the midterms? people are hoping president biden is a lame-duck president who can do nothing with republican-controlled house or is it more about 2024?
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what are we looking at? >> let's be honest, i don't think most countries knowing this is even happening right now, a lower turnout they matter to people like us who wants to know what's going to happen in the next year or two and figure out the next presidential election but this year personally i don't think we need other bells other than the ones going off in the market we know what's happening, where the american people are in the biden administration has been a colossal failure and i don't even say that as a person person, i'm a libertarian, i like either side but it's embarrassing couple of years for the country, we are struggling, the economy is doing terribly and nothing will make a better. we've only been able to start off things like build back better and things like union backed bills trying to push people out of work, it made the economy even worse and we've only been able too because to democrats easily slipped on them. watching the midterms, the only thing that matters is to see
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what's going to happen in 2020 for which i think we arty know and in short we don't give democrats more of a majority to continue pushing havoc on the rest of us, it's enough for republicans to come in and take this time around but you look at the people running and they are cuckoo for koco puffs. you got people invited to orgies, 34 years old nobody has invited me to an orgy, i think you have to give up a certain vibe to get that invite. kennedy: what are you doing later, hannah? [laughter] >> that was not an invitation. [laughter] kennedy: fake news, the whole thing. absolutely crazy but the senate races, very important and i have a feeling federman would rather face kathy barnett in the fall and doctor oz but we shall see how it shakes out. we got much more with the panel, they are sticking around because we are going to talk about the two richest men, elon musk and basil. biden administration making
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inflation worse. are they rich and right? plus amber heard cross-examined today against donald, johnny depp, wait until you hear the gory details. james franco, party panel returns to discuss and moments. ♪♪
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president biden says he's working on reducing inflation but does he know what inflation is? over the weekend he tweeted quote, you want to bring down inflation? let's make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. that was quickly mocked by jeff base those who call it disinformation and misdirection. peter doocy asked the white house press secretary about it. >> how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas and the cost of food for everyday americans?
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>> we encourage those who have done very well, especially those who care about climate change to support a fair tax code that doesn't change, charge manufacturers, workers, crops, builders, higher percentage of their earnings the most fortunate people in our nation and not let that stand in the way of reducing energy costs and the existential problem. kennedy: where was the inflation part of the answer? she didn't answer anything about prices and inflation, she called together a word salad prewritten for her, she was reading out of a notebook about climate change. is the entire biden administration in over his head when it comes to the economy? why can no one involved in this presidency explain what inflation is, how it got here and how to fight it? katie pavlich, richard fowler and hannah cox.
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i've watched the vice president struggled with this and the president struggled with this, marie harf last night said the president talking about policies all the time, this is the most important issue to americans right now, inflation. regressive tax is hurting people and every income bracket. yet when they are faced with the question about how raising corporate taxes correlates to inflation, they can't answer a simple question because there is no correlation. your thoughts? >> right. there's no correlation, no answer and the thing about inflation, once the damage is done, it's difficult to put the toothpaste back in the tube so if you look at the charts, inflation starts after the $1.9 trillion stimulus package no publicans voted for. it's important to mind people and jeff bezos to this, democrats wanted an additional $6 trillion with build back better agenda. it completely failed, they got it down to 3.5 trillion and negotiating that and that failed.
7:31 pm
it's a worse position now but they've already done the damage and now they are trying to figure out a way to talk their way out of inflation as prices continue to go up the federal reserve will have to continue to raise interest rates and people are going to have to stop paying the prices for inflation to eventually go down but there's nothing the biden administration can do with the team they have who believes in socialism and infusing the economy with more cash regardless of consequences, sanders is in charge, venezuela are good models of economic success so you shouldn't be surprised when they don't know what to do with inflation or throw their hands up and act like it's not a big deal. kennedy: elon musk points out similarities between what's happening in our economy and places like venezuela, they were faced with the same thing, price of oil plummeted so they didn't have oil receipts yet they were sending out checks and continued to send out money and that's what people are talking about
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when they talk about flooding the economy with free money, sending out stimulus checks while manufacturing is completely on hold, you're going to create inflationary environment. the more money the government takes and the more it spends, the worse you make it. it's interesting, jeff bezos and elon musk are both confessed democrats. i think they represent a large swath of the democrat party who is frustrated, people who want to be successful, they want to take care of other people but they can't in an environment like this. >> i think it's a great question, we have to understand what inflation is, there are far too many dollars in the marketplace and causes everything to go up. when the president wants to raise taxes, not that i agree with that to curb inflation, what that will do is take the dollars currently in the marketplace. inflation is a global thing, one
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reason we have goods and services, shanghai is close, you can't get a claim or piece of fabric out of shanghai with direct impact on american prices because we do a lot of trading with china so part of the president's strategy is finding where he can have a lower cost on things like housing, rent, insulin and figuring out ways to bring money or take money out of the economy and one of the easiest ways is for the companies making billions of dollars to pay their fair share. kennedy: they do, the more people who work for big companies, the more people are buying cars and buying gas in houses and sending their kids to private school. it's naïve to think elon musk shoving his billions under his sleep number matters, i'm assuming what he slips on, is a great bed.
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let's talk about this, hannah. where you go from here when you alienate billionaires who used to support your agenda? >> i have to say the biden administration does not have the recipe to fix inflation. the recipe they have is word salad which is something they are good at making. i don't know what they're talking about at any given time but what they are saying, the kat out of the bag, what they want to do is raise taxes on corporations, what then happens is corporations pass the tax on to you, the consumer. businesses don't pay taxes, people do. it's a way of them taking the way of taking it back out. that's why we said inflation is a self tax, away they are taxing the american people so they can't come out and say it's the plan, obviously i would be unpopular but it's ultimately
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what they are trying to do and it's basic econ 101. kennedy: it also can drive the economy into recession even faster. you have to be very careful when you over tax people already overburdened. you will not necessarily have good outcomes. >> absolutely . kennedy: you've made a better case for the similarities there but it's still a bad case and i don't mean that as an offense to you, it's just a bad idea this administration is floating because their bag of tricks is so shallow, they are at the very bottom going to liz who were in, like let's check the living crap out of the billionaires like mammal and people wanted to do on the reservation with our powwow chow. okay, we've got to move on, i
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love you. go ahead, ten seconds. >> a couple of points and number one, the reason they are breaking, illuminate the numbers of dollars in the market that's economics 101, we can have fiscal policy the other way around. kennedy: i know the difference and by the way, you have fed chair who didn't even realize or admit inflation could be longer-term problem, that's why they didn't act when they should have. >> i think we should have written this a long time ago, now we are taking up smaller steps when they could have done it earlier. kennedy: wonderful ones for your radio show tomorrow. the craziest hollywood trial since my cousin vinny, amber heard on the sand for a grueling cross examination and her $15 million trial against johnny depp. she was will overpass assault allegations and drug use. james franco, here is your daily
7:37 pm
dose of weird. who proved the bed? once again she pinned the duty on the donkey. >> she had eaten johnny's weed when she was a puppy and had bowel control issues for her entire life and sometimes gets in bed. kennedy: i'm sorry, a teeny tiny dog doesn't make a human toward because eight weed ten years ago. did johnny's team did the cross-examination they were looking for? >> i've been watching this, it makes it even funnier than watching it live, i don't have any facts about the actual trial but i have a lot of that tire which makes it very funny. [laughter] kennedy: the trial is crazy, richard. >> also here. [laughter] kennedy: people actually wanted her to lose, people were hoping his team would pin her down because there are so many people
7:38 pm
who feel she's not being truthful, they want to have sympathy for any victim of domestic abuse but the public by and large is not sympathetic toward her, why is that? >> a couple things, i agree with katie, i have been watching because there are more important things. kennedy: nothing is more important than pooping the bed, go ahead. >> fair enough. i hope we can move on to real news and not talking about celebrities complaining about defamation. kennedy: i don't know if anyone will get the millions. hannah, he brought up the best points, there's a scandal within cornucopia scandal and that is what? >> i have to push back and say i think it is important, it doesn't matter because ultimately we see right now is something that happens to non- famous people from the country
7:39 pm
all the time, people who are lied about in women do this in divorce cases to get custody of kids and something we see the left pushing believe all women material, we have to push back and say there's a reason we need process and evidence and we need better safeguards in place in our court system because while this is something we can be far from, these multimillionaires, this impacts real people's lives on a daily basis and when it comes to amber heard and johnny depp, i think is a lot of interesting things, you see the aclu spending his time standing up for civil liberties like due process, how it comes out, they authored the op-ed she accused him of domestic violence with no evidence and ran it alongside her movie to try to ensure it boosted her career, they did a pr campaign for her and it changed her promise should get money from her divorce settlement. it's a huge scandal, it's severely problematic. kennedy: its own form here which
7:40 pm
goes at the heart of her reputation which has been battered. most people don't have the money to try to reclaim their reputation when they happen lied about so it doesn't resonate for a lot of people and as we can see, violence goes both ways, especially incredibly toxic relationship. none of you are toxic, you are all wonderful, beautiful, thank you for being a part of my night. coming up, president biden sending hundreds of u.s. troops to war-torn country on the other side of the planet where are we going this time? it's a that idea, derrick then ordered is here to discuss, his expertise is next. ♪♪
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that was last night mouth trumpet monday, the winner was an -- meanwhile look like president biden was sending troops into their again, announcing the president deploying hundreds of special operation folders in somalia reversing president trump's decision to draw down, american forces there. we are told the troops will be hunting down terrorists, the problem is that is how we got into the war in afghanistan and we know how that worked out. how about the good this one and? he with me now retired navy seals senior chief in wisconsin republican congressional candidate, derrick van orden is a fact. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: this is another conflict in another part of the world, what is the strategy and victory here? >> let's go back on the clock,
7:46 pm
president biden abandoned thousands of american citizens to terrorists in afghanistan because he wanted to end of the river were and now he's committing troops, they say less than 500 into somalia with open ended the minute, no metrics attached. are we going to be there until we kill x amount of elsa bob martin so we spent x amount of money or until we train x amount of enablers? we just don't know. it's a complete, completely irresponsible. once again it shows the biden administration has no idea what they're doing when it comes to foreign policy, they are not being practical or truthful and they are all over the map and it's par for the course for this disastrous administration. kennedy: excusing, i talked to my own vomit because this war makes me sick. what is it about this administration? do -- is there a biden doctrine? what is the overarching theme in
7:47 pm
terms of sending troops to places like this or are they just being reactionary and going crisis to crisis as you have said in the past? >> they are going crisis to crisis and daily in the dollar store all the time. president trump pulled approximately 700 operations forces out of somalia because essentially they had troops in place in africa and mandalay kenya to act if there's an issue coming up with elsa bob in somalia, within close proximity. when he left afghanistan abandoning american citizens to terrorists, he calls out the entire region. it's a way to make up for that, the biden administration, they have to put troops back in because of the drop down by president trump. i think they're trying to make
7:48 pm
up for afghanistan and it's not going to work out. united states of america has to quit doing these things, applying military force to foreign countries without a clear and express withdrawal procedure. when are we leaving and why when the missing is a complete? we have to learn from previous mistakes and biden administration has proven repeatedly they are incapable of doing so and it's a foreign-policy train wreck, no overarching foreign policy i can discern. kennedy: he's surrounded by people who claim to be foreign-policy experts, involved in negotiations in the past with bodies like talibanncding jake sullivan. here we are again so why should we trust pencil pushers who are good at keeping us out of harm's way? >> we should not and it's kind of a joke but if i want a cocktail and georgetown and discuss foreign-policy issues, i'm getting a biden team on
7:49 pm
board but if i want to apply american military force into phonetic force and diplomatic information military information aspects of the government to make sure foreign-policy works for the united states of america, that's not the team. i want to apply whole of government approach, you have to have a government fully functioning and the biden administration has proven repeatedly they are dysfunctional. kennedy: they are dysfunctional because grandpa ice cream, he lost his way some time ago but he's our guy. thank you so much, good luck with your race. >> take care. kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪♪
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netflix telling employees to quit if they are offended by its content. just like everyone else, the employees have no idea was on netflix right now. that's a stream of unconsciousness and this is topical storm, topic number one. the championships held in austria this weekend, first up was paying ten competition to see who's paper finger say in the longe hair.
7:54 pm
then the distance competition one by a serbian contestant who drew his plane over 200 feet. talk about a paper trail. finally there was a robotics competition, one by the sky. after would like this, he could play it any children's party once. weirdos. topic number two. the truck driver transporting quarter million eggs crashed into a dallas highway overpass filling his cargo everywhere and boy did he have a on his face. 35000 pounds of eggs splattered across the highway. also known as breakfast on the go. bright side, at least they all got laid before this. the driver was unhurt, he's just a little shellshocked and believe me, if there were any serious injuries, i wouldn't be cracking yokes. police say the cause of the crash is still under
7:55 pm
investigation personally, i'm going to let them finish before i jump to conclusions. cleanup crew took several hours to clear the highway, broken egg will be transported to the nearest waffle house where it will be served that will price. you're welcome. topic number three. court in the united kingdom ruled calling someone wall is a form of sexual harassment. finally, screams wilson. the ruling came in response to workplace lawsuit after a fired employee alleged his former coworker previously called him a bald seaward him somehow the judge ruled bald was the offensive part of that. the judges were all false themselves so you might say they had some skin in the game. ruling suggested the commenting on his boldness at work is similar to remarking on the woman's breast. what's. meaning it's not okay to make rude comments about a man just because he comes with a revealing top.
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and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join. >> it is time for tickle me tuesday. what state makes the most
8:00 pm
pencils? pennsylvania. that is not my real laugh. >> i believe you. jeff, joy, roy, mark. one of the worthingtons, they to the it right on twitter. make every day, good night. >> how weak can we make this vehicle and still have it do its job? stuart: a puzzle in a puzzle. >> 180 degrees opposite what you would see in a conventional vehicle. >> a story of ground breaking engineering. >> accomplishing something people thought was impossible. stuart: back room feuds. >> they were arguing. stuart: heart stopping drama. >> the whole planet was watching this happen. stuart: only vehicle to land


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