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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 18, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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change the fact we need to do something now. elizabeth: got it. congratulations, thanks for coming on, good to see you. i'm elizabeth macdonald, been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: ding dong, the witch is dead. ♪ we are all in song now. right, nina? president biden's ministry of truth dissolved the how long does the white house try some other one of control the started a few weeks ago when the administration announced creation of the so-called disinformation governance board. sounds bland and bureaucratic. public by design, nothing to see here. move along. fortunately some freedom lovers caught wind and what they found
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was bound alarming, a government agency designed to monitor what we all say and do, white house claimed it was created to keep them safe. who gave them the right to decide what is true and what is false? if that wasn't bad enough, they put this mary poppins. fan in charge. ♪♪ it's quite ferocious ♪ ♪ i have to take some lies ♪ ♪ and make them for coaches ♪ ♪ slightly less atrocious. kennedy: i wish i could say that's a thanks but that was real and is come back to haunt me nina jankowicz and that this info board, she has denied but there's bad news biden administration says the agency has only been positive. not sure what that means and the white house today are peter doocy asked for some badly needed clarification. >> you think the board was
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mischaracterized the disinformation board is shut down because of disinformation, is that what's happening? >> the board was put forth for a purpose, to make sure we really did address what was happening across the country when it came to disinformation. we are going to posit and do an assessment but the work doesn't stop. kennedy: here's a better idea, stop the work. did the white house get the message or will they try, try again? let's meet tonight man panel, vice president of pr, chris barron is back, former biden campaign surrogate democrat strategist whose eyes are as blue as his heart is read, kevin walling. director of libertarian institute, ice water in his veins and that's why we love him, scott horton back in action. chris, they say the board is
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just caused. what does that mean? that mean they are starting up in some other government agency? something like this is already happening and they are shifting the focus? what does a pause mean for a new government board? >> they want to do it again, they hope next time they could be sneakier they hope they can be more clever. i assume nina jankowicz is the one who leads the story to lorenz. it's literally, taylor lorenz writing a story about nina jankowicz being forced out of the disinformation board is like the political version of the human centipede. it was like who messed this one up? kennedy: this is an npr, watch your language. >> and went less credible than taylor lorenz to write about
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nina jankowicz, the whole thing is a mess the fact is, it proves why we should not be engaging this at all to be begin with. there's no role in the government deciding what people are going to determine is misinformation and what not misinformation. individuals make those decisions, that's the place we live in and thought we lived in and i hope though i don't have much faith biden administration will understand this was a disastrous mistake and they won't try again. kennedy: what i'm hoping, when they thrust the idiot programs in the future, and they certainly will, they that the people better who are going to be leading these subjective charges. there is no objectivity here and alejandro mayorkas, he should also resign not only for disastrous performance on the border but also standing up for
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nina jankowicz and acting for credibility when all of these facts about her work unknown to him. his incompetence or laziness on the part of his staff, if he can't inspire hard work from his staff and he has to go. >> it's an interesting thing, the rollout for this governance board was a mistake from the get-go, secretary mayorkas struggled to discuss before congress and even on fox news sunday. this was a board bungled in its announcement from the very start. the importance of some kind of operation that should have bipartisan support when it comes to cracking down on overseas disinformation, misinformation for the chinese government and russian government and drug smugglers and human traffickers are doing with disinformation is harming our society and our country and we should have publicans and democrats figuring this out and working it out together so it's not an attack
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on the biden administration but something we can work together on to protect the american people from. kennedy: democrats think whatever republicans say is disinformation, they naturally think republican's other enemy, they are the other and therefore anything that comes out of their mouths horrible. that's what happens when you have a two-party system. scott, this is the kind of stuff that happens in countries far less free, places like turkey and china and north korea and russia, they have these kinds of boards to make sure people are in compliance with them. this is an un-american idea. >> of course, just like the department of homeland security itself and they tried to claim the washington post article, they weren't going to have any power, to get you kicked off of facebook or ghosted on twitter or suspended from paypal or all the things they have done to
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people to censor people. all of that would eventually be within the power of this group. the lesson is for national government to go the traditional route, flood cable tv news channels with so-called retired generals and cops and spies to push the party line and prevent they are independent actors with an independent view rather than on salesman whatever it is, moonlighting in their off time, that's the traditional way to handle it. kennedy: but instead msnbc, people like john brennan, big contracts to far out opinions when he's been to the dentist for democrats. it's incredibly dangerous because the people you say are experts, they are the one lying to us for years. why would we trust any of them to tell us the truth about outside actors trying to lie to and harm this country when they
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been doing it all along? i hate to say it but i'm incredibly skeptical. one man trying to save free speech, elon musk says he will vote republican in the next election after voting democrat for years. >> i don't trust myself as a moderate, republican nor democrat and i've voted overwhelmingly for democrats, i'm not sure, i might never have voted republican to be clear. this election i will. kennedy: interesting. the video tweeted the democrat party has become a party of division and hate. a political attack on me will escalate dramatically in coming months after most president biden for not getting anything done in saying twitter has a far left bias. will his backing of the republican party pushed democrats to wake up and do their job? what kind of a different will it make? >> none. it should, here's a guy who got rich off building electric cars.
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not a thing you normally associate with conservative. they've managed to alienate him but it should be a moment of reflection for the democratic party where they look around and say if we are turning off guys like elon musk, who should be the bread and butter of our party, a tech guy all about building electronic cars and green energy and instead turn them up so much, what are we doing wrong? the truth is there will be no moment of reflection, they will continue to plow forward and why the things that are going wrong in this country right now, biden said of looking at his own policies and asking questions about should we do something different? they decided i will attack people at all traumatic. they are in charge of anything but blame them even though i'm in charge, on the president and we control the house and the senate. there's no moment of reflection, there should be but won't be. kennedy: to elon musk credit and i don't believe along with anything from a he's a solutions
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oriented person, who believes in creating systems to make the world better. he has done more to push environmental movement in the private sector than arguably any human at least in the modern era so it's interesting he's being demonized and he feels he's being forced out of the democrat party like ronald reagan and that could be good news if conservatives wake up and by more tesla's. would not be better for the energy crisis and the planet? >> i love everyone, i don't think it's possible but i don't think we're moving in that direction. elon musk is a billionaire who doesn't want to pay more taxes and paying more taxes throughout his entire life. kennedy: how much did he pay in taxes last year? >> not as much as he should have based on independent studies in
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terms of how much he makes relative to the tax bracket he's in and paid for, certainly. kennedy: between 900,000,001.5 million. >> how much is he worth? kennedy: having net worth -- okay, having net worth and the blues in your bathtub are two very different things. people like elon musk and jeff bezos create wealth for other people, they also make other people's lives better and easier. did they screw things up in the process? they do but that's not a nice thing about the private sector, if they screwed up and you hear about it, you can take your business elsewhere. i really feel the whole disinformation governance board backlash to elon musk saying is going to buy twitter. this was the federal government calling something together to have their own version of content moderation. >> of course, they are obsessed with censorship because everything they do is horrible.
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right now it's been 13 weeks since secretary of state has spoken with russians foreign minister. we are in a full-fledged proxy war on their western border which is treason against all mankind. this entire government should be running out of power right now, the democratic party should be destroyed in place with something entirely different and get all we have supposedly, i guess as our option republican party run by mitch mcconnell who might as well be nancy pelosi on this issue. i saw a great clip of chip roy today conservative america first republican congressman opposing saying antiwar stuff in the floor of the house of representatives and that is the real fight between now and november, forget the democrats, it's on the right, between america first on interventions right, an of of george w. bush foreign policy thank you very
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much. the leadership like mitch mcconnell who would get us killed even sooner than biden if he had his way. kennedy: mitch just wants to sell cocaine to everybody in the world. [laughter] pretty sure. >> i'm settle for that. kennedy: honestly i think elon musk, if you want to do something really interesting, don't become republican. talk about third party, the libertarian party even if you don't like blts, there has to be alternatives better than these two parties who spend way too much money, you will get us into too many wars and screw everything up making the federal government bigger and bigger and bigger, republican party is no longer party of limited government, a few raisin wonderful people willing to stand up every once in a while and say the right thing. hopefully actions will follow.
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man panel will follow me through the show and they will be back in a little bit. coming up, breaking news on the baby formula crisis, white house finally doing something, details on that. last night's primaries, a major barometer of what's to come in november. the main focus has been on president tom's favorite candidates but is there a bigger story we might have missed? ben domenech is here next to explain. ♪♪
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i love hope. classic primary elections in pennsylvania north carolina have term predictions in a new light. freshman congressman madison cawthorn. state senator chuck edwards in pennsylvania trump endorsed tv star doctor oz, world-class heart surgeon and businessman dave mccormick are still neck and neck and may need a recount but the biggest win of the night might be lieutenant governor john federman who crushed on her land, the monarch, senate primary seat. progressives and moderates are in a tug-of-war for party control ahead of the midterms but if progressives gain steam,
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democrat will lose it all in november. he with me now, host of the ben domenech podcast, fox news contributor, one of the finest analysts i know, ben domenech is back. >> great to be with you, a fascinating night and i think at the end of the day this is a dynamic we've missed this big story happening right in front of us, everyone has been focused on trump pics, who he endorses and lines up with as a way of gauging how powerful he is within the republican coalition. i think the real story of last night's primaries how well progressives and increasingly radical minded performed knocking off a number of people backed by super pacs that were close to nancy pelosi, close ties to democrat leadership and if you end up in these competitive seats in a situation
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where you have a progressive further left candidate, it gives opportunity for republicans to run up the score and parts of the country you might not expect them to win. kennedy: will progressivism hold in november? one thing -- i'm curious what you think about these pennsylvania voters because connor land was supposed to be the moderate democrats throughout the country. here's a guy who's one the uniform, well spoken, full of energy and ideas and he's drowned by her bernie brow in short. what does it say about the voters of pennsylvania? is this short-term lust on the part of the democrats and good news for republicans or are we in for a long winter? >> i think what you are going to see in the short term is going to be good news for republicans the next several months but they will end up dealing with democratic coalition in the post nancy pelosi era and all likelihood after november that's going to look a lot more like
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the squad and a lot less like democrats like connor land and democrats like tim ryan, these folks at one time were considered as future golden boys, democratic coalition, people going to be that gen x level of leadership. instead, they been unsuccessful largely in statewide campaigns, people are not exactly going to end up i think future leaders of the party and that's something that creates a dynamic where the critique accepted by democratic voters i think coming out of this experience is that joe biden should have governed even further left than he already has. he needs to press further into that direction and that's something that sets up democrats to have a real problem winning back moderate voters in the longer term beyond this year. kennedy: progressive voters were the only members of the democrat party who were energized. they see it taking, gas prices
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going up, they see baby formula impossible to get and progressives did not stay home, a good points and they are by and large unemployed, who do you think wins pennsylvania republicans senate primary? >> looking and paying attention, talking to a couple of people on the ground in pennsylvania, it looks like doctor auld will be able to pull this out but i think the likelihood is we are headed for a recount it could take weeks, we may not know the answer for a while and it's amazing to come to the end of this race and have two candidates who beat each other up so much, pitted in an election this close, it's going to be i think a real hall until we figure out who one pennsylvania will be the focus of a ton of money and effort from both parties going into this fall's election.
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john federman is an interesting candidate whether he's able to stay in the race is something people are openly considering after dealing with health problems and a stroke trying to recover, a tough guy and a reputation for being a tough guy but we all wish him the best but it's always still a challenge to navigate those health issues on the campaign trail. kennedy: doctor oz is going at him in a general election, we do have a lot of experience operating on patients who have had strokes and sometimes the outcomes aren't that good. i don't think he wants to face doctor oz. very quickly, running out of time, ten seconds. were you surprised by the implosion of madison cawthorn? >> one thing to keep, maybe a little, one thing to keep in mind is cawthorn was an upstart when in the first place. he's a young guy, i think he's right to support the republican who beat him in this race and i don't think you seen the last of
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him, i think he will probably come back at some time dealing with a lot of these questions. long time ago in his early 20s. [laughter] kennedy: absolutely right. thanks for your expertise, thank you. >> great to be with you. kennedy: coming up, our robot coming for us? attack from says we are very close. artificial intelligence, are we one step closer to the end of humanity? a brand-new kenne-dog. there we go. hi, baby. ♪♪ i'll be back. ♪♪
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do do do do. see what i did? humanlike intelligence and robot, resistance is futile.
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i welcome our new computer overlord. google owned tech firm reportedly close to human level ai which means machines can learn just about any intellectual task a human can with no training. one scientist says game is over in terms of achieving it, it has to be scaled up with more data and computing power. what could possibly go wrong? and panel is back. scott horton, i will start with you. i think this is exciting, great technology and we've been head of this election for a long time. why are people freaking out? we are all going to have sex robots in a couple of months. >> i'm sure that will appease giant portion of the population. but i don't think we need to fear robots could ever be as smart as humans. i think you have to redefine human intelligence, dumb down in
7:30 pm
a way, your understanding of humanity to compare silicone wafer to it, not everything is measured quantity or not. we can have sophisticated software and algorithms and hopefully droids to help us a reasonable prices without being enslaved by them but our pentagon just like in terminator, terminator three i guess, not the worst one, for was the worst one. terminator three where they show how they turn over nuclear weapons and the rest of the pentagon turnover more and more of their systems not just to automation, ai to make final decisions on pulling triggers and they are doing that now in africa and other places. our humans dumb enough to put robots in charge of killing other humans? i'm afraid yes they are. kennedy: unfortunately yes they are. will the machines be able to feel love?
7:31 pm
>> i sure hope so, i'm aiming for that down the road, i'm a nerd, i grew up watching "star trek", this is super exciting to me this is where we are headed as a country. there always has to be a human element with any of this but elements of this movie over our exciting in terms of technological advances we are seeing with what the i can do in terms of anticipating things, responding to things and as long as humans use them in appropriate fashion, sans the sex doll, it's an important step forward. kennedy: of it the doll. i think you are excited, chris. >> i'm not excited at all. not excited at all. i think people are insane, has no one seen terminator? like no, of course -- we are going to eventually turn over the world to robot. this is not an exciting proposition, i do not trust
7:32 pm
humanity with this level of technology eventually that will run away from us. i live on top of a mountain on the west virginia, virginia border, and helping with indoor plumbing, low satellite tv, i'm good to go. i definitely do not need human level ai. kennedy: did you not see due to law in ai? that's the future and it's fantastic. >> -- an alien go. kennedy: what's, say that again. >> i said don't forget ash and alien where he tried to do the ripley. kennedy: oh yeah, i think he's finally found his scrotum in the file cabinet he's given up. [laughter] did you hear that? not good. this is why we need computers. speaking of the future of humanity, an elephant a person?
7:33 pm
it's not a tickle me tuesday joe, it's wednesday. that's what the court will soon decide. the elephant lives alone in the zoo, so sad but in animal-rights group says it's too cruel and they are suing, understands her surroundings and deserves the right of a person, the case went front of a judge and we may get a ruling in a month so our animals people? my only problem with this, i know you're from texas elephants have rights, that means cows will have rights and cows are delicious but they are going to say with their ouija board vacancy for the animals and animals don't want to be eaten so i don't appreciate that vegan agenda. >> they want us to give up our stakes in the not going for it, no texans are. but i forgot the question. [laughter] kennedy: it's about imposing
7:34 pm
rights on a group of beings -- >> oh, elements. i'm the worst. animals are not people but i'll be brief, everyone read doug banda and forbes white elephant should be treated like cows, like livestock and that's the best way to protect them, they are endangered in africa now because they are treated like wild animals but bump up against human civilization all the time and doug banda solve this for us so check it out. kennedy: kevin. >> having lived there since 1977, 51 years old, this is amazing to me not just longevity of elephants but the fact that these folks are coming forward now. she had two companions, took out one i think one was named grumpy in an altercation where grumpy got the act. i doubt it's going to move
7:35 pm
forward, elephants are elephants, people are people and we should keep it like that. i love going to the national zoo on the street for my home here, great for this exactly right. they need to be behind glass certainly but people are people, elephants are elephants. it is new york so who knows. kennedy: it's a slippery slope and i think there is a way for the judges to rule that yes, perhaps happy should go to a different elephant sanctuary as an elephant, not a person and maybe shouldn't be living at the peninsula. [laughter] >> i've got four dogs, eight chickens and a couple hundred thousand bees, i love animals. dogs are better than people 99% of the time without question bud sometimes. i hate the thought of beautiful animals like an elephant being
7:36 pm
alone, at the zoo but the answer is not this ridiculousness, it's not to give human rights to an animal. human rights are reserved for humans. is there a better environment for the elephant, even though i don't love zoos, the zoo has a really great elephant where they can travel route the entire park, not a tiny enclosure, they can water throughout the park and it's cool. if we want serious conversations about treating animals better, it's fine, if we want looney tunes conversations pretending animals are people, is off the rails for me. kennedy: all right, scott, what is going to happen to happy? >> i just wonder whether they will protect human rights of humans in new york all the people at rikers island dying before they get their plea-bargain because nobody gets a trial in america anymore b2 or the kids forced to stay home for a year end a half because of randi weingarten. i want to thank you all so much
7:37 pm
for being here, inside intelligence, brilliance about it tonight, chris, kevin and scott, thank you. i didn't actually. coming up, breaking news on the baby formula crisis, biden administration invoking defense production act, is it too little, too late? darrell issa is here to discuss next. ♪♪
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breaking news, president biden announced he's finally doing something about the baby formula shortage. watch. >> today i'm invoking with a call defense production act to ensure manufacturers of the necessary ingredients to make safe, healthy infant formula here at home. i'm also announcing operation by formula. it has to speed up import formula and start getting more formula in stores as soon as
7:42 pm
possible. kennedy: does that mean they're getting rid of the tariff? still too little, too late and the administration has the ability to get things done. they just choose not to until poll numbers drop even more. what else can and should the president be doing to end this need this emergency? he with me to discuss, california republican congressman house judiciary committee member darrell issa is back. why does everything have to be forced until it is a crisis with this administration? this is something they should have seen coming months ago without producing a third of the infant formula in this country. >> the easiest way to look at it, the fda which did nothing for two months nothing more formal month after shutting down the factory, operating at less than 25% of the people showing up to the headquarters. if that's the way run a government not even bringing
7:43 pm
back the most critical people to oversee an organization like that, he will have this. let's remember this was not about shutting down because of tainted formula, this was a whistleblower that rightfully said they are not doing the cleanliness they need to, they came in and inspected it, abbott said we run facilities all over the country, we are going to fix this and foremost later they still cannot get a clean bill of health to reopen a plant that produces what he% of the formula, the reality is important in many cases from a plant in ireland abbott owns and operates doesn't change the reality. we have skilled labor and facility should have been backed up three and a half months ago still is not operational today and that's the answer, it's not a shortage of material. kennedy: nancy pelosi is talking about indictments in this case just from the sounds of it and a government obstruction, perhaps
7:44 pm
some people at the fda and usda dod, perhaps they should be indicted for not operating with the urgency they should, they are entrusted with putting the lives infants at risk. >> no question at all and laziness and bureaucracy was a crime, we have prisons more fall than we could handle. again, the reality of this is, this was an inflicted wound by the bureaucracy needlessly, the fact is if you import that product today or increase from other factors, he wouldn't be one bit safer than that facility reopened today. that is part of the problem, how long does it take to look at contaminated water not part of the process but was a risk? fix it, clean up, give it a clean bill of health. this is like taking your car in for service and they tell you to come back next year end pick up.
7:45 pm
kennedy: yes and obviously abbott now more than ever, they feel the urgency to keep their facilities as clean as possible, probably cleaner than they ever have been because they have to do reputational damage control. they have taken a huge hit here but it's layers of government that have caused this and the president giving this speech and having defense production act, flipping that switch at this late hour is just political. will voters see through this? >> i think voters will. particularly because the third time invoked, each of those times including car batteries, it had little or no effect because it wasn't the right thing to do. if the national defense is at risk because of some shortage, of course you use it. if there's an actual shortage of material than you have to clear
7:46 pm
the way, great but if you read read the can a formula, the side of it, it milk powder is a fancy way of producing it. if there is no rare earth material, the fact is all you need to do is let the skilled workers go back and do their job right, if you took a few hundred fda people haven't been to work at the headquarters in a year or two, just sent them out to michigan, they can watch with minute detail to make sure everything is right. you want to produce it, you got a factory that makes 40% sitting idle and that's what the president should have done. kennedy: it's what they should have done months ago and shame on pete buttigieg, president and nancy pelosi trying to force blame onto corporations when they were the ones impeding safe progress. thank you for your time. >> thanks for covering this. kennedy: and topical storm is next. ♪♪
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a new audit finds half of president biden's twitter followers are fake just like his teeth. that's the chief and this is topical storm, topic number one. you tubers in new zealand found herself 10000 calories of wendy's food.
7:51 pm
in one sitting. americans call it lunch. this is mila, about to eat more food and there is an all of the area. the most expensive part is when she washes it down with a gallon of baby formula, you heartless wench. box bacon must develop chicken burger, double beef burger, to bacon mushroom burgers, fries, multiple sodas and a milkshake. ironically after eating all of that wendy's food, she later dropped a whopper. she's become famous in new zealand for modeling and competitive eating but turns out also a musician. listen to this compilation we made of her hitting low notes. excuse me. >> excuse me, pardon me. kennedy: someone call the exorcist. she's single but that's only
7:52 pm
because no one can afford to buy her dinner. topic number two. disney+ releasing a tv series entirely about she hoped. all this time i thought disney hated marjorie taylor green ordinary woman becomes giant and green after receiving a blood transfusion. turn yourself giant and green by eating 10000 calories of wendy's food, her name is jennifer walters. luckily she is used to being treating a monster. transformation triggered by anger which is why almost every action begins with her on underwear on the floor. women in the same episode and the only way to make her human again is to give her a gravity blanket and heloise. sure, she's a little unstable but i know women who behave a lot worse when they get angry.
7:53 pm
topic number three. new york city has unveiled a new $30 million that way their space, they got the idea of hearing subway streams, i pay anything to get out of the subway right now. 30 million price tag includes this staircase, 18 new surveillance cameras and artistic mosaic taking the average cost a step almost as high as weight watchers. this is in the first time the subway cost new yorkers an arm and a leg, usually it's some guy down there with a machete. new yorkers call the staircase a huge waste of taxpayer money. something it should be used to build housing for the homeless. i hate to break it to them but i think that's exactly what the staircase will be used for. have you been too new york on the subway? topic number four. russian beverage brand reducing knockoff shuttle after coca-cola stop when business in this country, not that it matters because ukraine eating their
7:54 pm
lunch anyway. they are made by the russian company -- it normally produces a green based alcohol. until now, that was the softest drink ever produced by russia. new beverages are in three flavors, it mimics the flavor of kokomo street which mimics the flavor of sprite and fencing which mimics the flavor of fanta which is ironic because fanta is already a fake soda. russians say the cola taste even better than the originals, i hear ones that will make you say -- [laughter] that's what i call russian natural gas. we'll be right back with kennedog. we made it, stay put. ♪♪ ks to voya, i'm confident about my future. voya provides guidance for the right investments. they make me feel like i've got it all under control. [crowd cheers] voya. be confident
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...ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction, ...and don't take it if you're on dialysis. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? we're on it. we're on it. with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back my pretties. it's time for kennedog. we love your dog so much we dedicated a whole segment to them. tweet me. photos and videos of your dog and a description much uses hash tag kennedog on twitter. first up. mitzi and boston, the cutest of the cuties. griz. a doof.
7:59 pm
and this is lucille's dog willow tree. she had a birthday. happy birth queen. and scott's dog on the couch . the pups fin scooter. i want to cuddle. and leyla. from florida. got mia my knees ♪ ♪ we have axle and princess. hello. this is lacey, hanging out with her toys, lacey is such a good girl, we have kelly's frenchys, princess fiona and belle, they are cute and wonderful. i laugh all of the kennedogs. thank you so much for
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watching the best hour of your day, follow me on twitter and instagram at kennedy nation, tomorrow night, hate mail. you can e-mail, tomorrow night michelle. love it, can't watch the show. make of day, a kenneday. ♪ ♪ can't decide between a modern and contemporary home, how about a splash of both? wait until you see what is on the drawing board, from old coast of florida to gold coast of california, this is mansion global. ♪ ♪


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