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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪. dagen: beer yesterday, chicken wings today. one restaurant owner in jackson, mississippi, was charging 13.59 for 15 piece order before covid. now almost 28 bucks. real cost for him, $34. he is eating it for you. "the evening edit". elizabeth: happening now, gas is hitting all-time highs for every day 10 days straight. jpmorgan warns that gas could soar more than six bucks. we're on break of energy crisis and recession. biden and democrats in a freefall with voters. new quinnepiac, cnn polls. they're out of touch. only answer spend your money. their public policy shop is empty. ron desantis and rick scott policies are on the rise.
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biden may not run in 2024. with us senator dan sullivan, dan meuser, tomi lahren, former u.s. assistant attorney andrew mccarthy. libra initiative president daniel garza former acting home i.c.e. director tom homan. pushing expensive electric cars on you they don't even drive. they claim tax hikes will stop inflation. what? the white house fix for the baby formula shortage they admit they saw coming late last year. the fix is a page out of trump's playbook. nbc joins "the new york times," washington e post confirming hunter biden laptops in new story. breaking news, details ahead. hispanic voters are fleeing communism. they fled it in cuba and south america. they're leaving the democrat party. they fear the rise of socialism
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and communism in america's democrat left. biden's approval rating with hispanics, cut in half. in "quinnepiac poll." new twist in the hillary trump russia trial shows how low they went. the white house let es trump pandemic border policy expire on monday. florida governor ron desantis again says he will send illegals to biden's home state of delaware. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. we begin with stocks falling on recession fears. the s&p is on the brink of a bear market. here is what is it going on. retailer kohl's, they joined target, walmart sounding the alarm on inflation. sysco missed on sales. here is the silver lining. wall street economists say this doesn't feel like 2008 crash or 1987. feels like the slow grind of 1981. numerous asset classes getting hit across the board.
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remember 1981 was about fixing government that was in a mess. reagan fixed it. we can do it again. we have another major story. the senate approved 40 billion-dollar aid package for ukraine. president biden launches trump's version of "operation warp speed" for baby formula. senator marsha blackburn advised that. white house has no timeline when it will get imports in. no timeline, no accountability. $28 million more for the fda, when the fda got more than 100 million. edward lawrence in washington with more. edward. reporter: now getting aggressive trying to get baby formula on the shelves here in the u.s. he is calling it operation fly formula. they directed the agencies with within the administration to work within the department of defense to fly baby formula in from europe to the u.s. using existing contracts from the dod. when pressed senior
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administration officials don't know yet where the additional formula will come from or when it will arrive. the administration making announcement it is acting after claiming they were working on the issue three months ago. congressman michael waltz said he has been searching the area for baby formula himself. >> i see when children are malnourished when they don't get what they need. i didn't think it would be in the united states. we've been struggling as parent to find formula for months. why is the biden administration waking up, caught flat-footed out of touch to take this on? reporter: the president also invoked the defense production act to make sure that baby formula companies in the u.s. have the ingredient that they need. back to you, liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence, thank you so much. joining us now senator dan sullivan from senate commerce. so good to have you on, senator. >> good to be on. elizabeth: rick scott isn't saying this. great to have you on. there is no shortage of baby formula in mexico, panama or canada. they knew about these problems with this michigan baby formula
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plant eight months ago. that is not the only problem. it is because we have such strict guidelines and rules what we can take in imports of baby formula. mika brez sins ski says there is lack of intensity. poland at border of ukraine has baby formula. what is going on here? >> liz what we're seeing is a return to the 1970's jimmy carter malaise on almost every single issue. they're behind the curve on everything. their policies are creating empty shells, high energy prices, dictators invading other countries. carter all over again and the american working family is paying the heaviest price for this right now. elizabeth: sir, we're hearing that the president according to "the hill" media, newspaper out of d.c., he may not run again. that is what the talk now is in d.c. are you hearing that?
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"quinnepiac polls" are again bad. 35% approval rating. cnn nearly nine out of 10 fear, they expect recession that we're on really brink of a big problem? >> look what i think we need to do is win back the senate, win back the house in november. that's the number one priority that i and my senate colleagues are focused on right now. then win back the white house in 2024. that is the critical issue because so much of what's happening here are self-inflicted wounds on the american people. you know you and i talked a lot about energy before but this is getting out of control. 10 energy price records in the last 10 days at the pump. i mean this is really hurting working families and again, liz, as you and i talked about, it is policy-driven, whether it's them trying to shut down energy production, limiting energy infrastructure, strong-arming financial institutions not to
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invest in the american energy sector. now you're seeing it this past week, continuing their begging of dictators around the world, this time venezuela to produce more american energy when they're shutting it down in places like my great state, the great state of alaska. these are policy, self-inflicted wounds. i think we'll see a very strong result for republicans in november. elizabeth: you know the voters, the polls, we keep reading through the polls, senator. they see through what is going on in d.c. you just go to microphone an make a statement and act like that's the fix to the problem when there is no follow-through. the anti-prosperity socialist policies of the left-wing, i covered the irs, i covered taxes since 1986 and the irs. i know what it is like to deal with bureaucrats in the fbi, in the sec, in the irs. in my fourth decade. the left-wing is inside of government and they're slamming the u.s. that is what is going on. we have nancy pelosi, janet yellen, they're saying they do all they can to bring down gas
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prices. that is rhetoric. what are they doing? thethe white house is cracking n on u.s. energy. >> that's their, that's their line they're using. the president is doing that we're doing everything we can. the seg tear of energy was testifying in front of the armed services committee today. she is using the same can, we are doing all we can to increase production. i said with all respect, madam secretary, that is fundamentally false. three examples i mentioned to her, shut down the oil and gas lease in as can, cook inlet gas lease. shut it down, no reason. they took off the table of the national petroleum reserve of alaska. this is area set aside by congress the size of indian that. one of the most prolific oil and gas basins in the world. they took it off the table three weeks ago, with an executive order. they are making it hard to build oil and gas infrastructure, lng
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export facilities and pipelines this is all crushing american energy and we're seeing predictable results. higher prices on the back of working families. elizabeth: listen to senators marco rubio, ted cruz, and you're going to see the energy secretary make a big whopper of a mistake. watch this. >> joe biden believes if gas is five dollars a gallon or a $6 a gallon or $10 a gallon, if he imposes enough pain, that eventually everyone will have this epiphany and get rid of that truck or get rid of that minivan and everyone will go buy an electric car. >> they believe the more expensive oil and gas gets the more people will buy electric cars. not everyone can afford an electric car. we don't have enough electric cars. the batteries are made in china. >> electrify the electric system so we're not at whims of vladmir
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putin. when others rightfully said we'll not be funding vladmir putin's war, we'll not accept any of those barrels that pull ad billion 1/2 barrels off the global market. elizabeth: they have to start firing people in this white house, senator. russia does not produce a billion 1/2 a today day. less than half a million a day. that is misinformation. they're basically pumping up oil out put to settle once and for all that it is putin's price hike. >> the other thing that came out of that clip with my two senate colleagues, senator rubio and cruz, is they're exactly right. the administration, biden administration, these are purposeful policies that drive up energy prices. gina mccarthy, said it to quote, accelerate the move to renewables and green energy but on the backs of american working families, liz. that is the purposeful strategy they're undertaking right now. elizabeth: to your point, remember obama's energy secretary designate stephen chu
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he wished that u.s. gas prices would rise above europe's gas prices. this is in 2008, in order to get more green renewable policies inside of the united states. we've been living with this for years and years. this is pulled to the forefront right now. your final word, senator. >> i couldn't agree more with that. the real insult when this administration goes out and begs dictators, those in venezuela, those in iran, those in saudi arabia, for more energy production when they're shutting it down in my state and hurting the good working families of alaska and america. elizabeth: got it. senator sullivan. come back soon. great to have you on. >> thank you. elizabeth: nbc joins "the new york times" and "washington post" confirming that yes, hunter biden laptop emails, they're real. now reports hunter biden made a big 11 million-dollars over five-year span from foreign firms accused of corruption while biden was vice president. this is a national security risk that's the debate. we'll break it down.
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plus biden's disinformation czar is now on the way out. she claims disinformation killed her job but not her own disinformation. we've got what she said ahead on "the evening edit." >> history teaches us if a government is intent on censoring information on engaging and purging what it calls misinformation, those tend to be the same governments that historically are non-transparent about their efforts to do the same thing. ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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elizabeth: joining news congressman dan meuser. congressman, great to have you on. i want reaction to this elon musk says he won't for democrats. that is the party of division and hate that is a direct quote. he is slamming progressive activists calling them whack tivist. they're mad but not mad about things like inflation. >> we're glad to have elon musk kind of see the light here. i don't know how anyone could be part of this new democrat party, liz.
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i mean we're all about national security, we're about energy independence, we're about secure borders, we're about economy that can create the american dream and we're, it is basically big government, big government socialism versus free-market capitalism. elizabeth: they should be their own party. it is not the democrat party. it shouldn't be called progressivism. it should be called militant leftism. >> i agree with that. elizabeth: there is nothing progressive about it. it is backward. this disinformation board, congressman, is now falling apart three weeks after it launched. about the same time cnn plus got unplugged. nina jankowicz is out the door as misinformation czar. congressman, she is speaking out. that miss information cost her job. >> never characterization of the board you heard up until now is incorrect. frankly kind of ironics, the board was taken over by
6:18 pm
disinformation when it was meant to fight it over. over the last three weeks i had one or two days i didn't report a violent threat, something like we're coming for you and your family. i have prided myself over my career being a really nuanced, reasonable person. again as i said, i have briefed and advised both republicans and democrats. i admire some of the steps that the trump administration even took to combat disinformation. to say i'm just a partisan actor was wildly out of context. elizabeth: listen. it is appalling. listen, should be condemned. nobody should be making death threats against anyone. that is wrong. >> certainly. elizabeth: she has a record of defining disinformation as you know, based on opinions that she doesn't like. there is a long track record there. but they didn't get into that in that interview. take that on. >> in a way she was offering disinformation. the left is about suppressing information that they don't agree with in our schools, i mean the chance when a
6:19 pm
conservative shows up at a university that is supposed to have diversity of discussion. here you got, here you got nina jankowicz, who couldn't possibly be the worst pick for the disinformation board. i mean she immediately came out said the hunter laptop was russian propaganda. she said the steele dossier was factual and wonderful. she continues to say how the wuhan virus did not come, did not come from wuhan. then she works for mayorkas. frankly liz, secretary mayorkas has to be the most decease phut person in washington, d.c. that is a heck of a low. he continues to tell us the border is under control. elizabeth: yeah. >> of course we see it's a unmitigated disaster. these people. you would think he would want to focus on the border, now all of sudden have a disinformation board under his purview. pretty outrageous. the american people are not interested in, in what they're doing as we can see from biden's
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polls. elizabeth: we have to move on to this. attorney general merrick garland met with supreme court officials about security. he is now saying it is unacceptable, dangerous, to threaten anybody at their homes. there has been marchs on supreme court justices homes in advance of the opinion about roe v. wade. you're going to see democrat representative sheila jackson lee saying she has no worries about what is going on with the supreme court leak. it's a distraction about the protests. we'll listen to that. we'll listen to a cnn pundit talk about it and the virginia governor, youngkin talk about it. watch this. >> okay. >> the, acknowledge the very distraction after leak of absolutely no concern about a leak. where a duly constituted body such as the supreme court would be prevented from doing its work. >> we know we are a country that honors and values the first amendment but the idea of the expectation of free speech and
6:21 pm
reaction in assembly turning violent is something that i think we can't get used to in a society. >> reality is as we head, as we head into this final decision we in virginia are preparing to make sure that, yes, people are allowed to exercise their first amendment right. i actually uphold the constitution but, on the day that i was sworn in, so help me god. we will protect people's rights to exercise their first amendment rights, we will not allow violence. we will not allow looting. >> how can you have a representative of congress saying they're not worried or upset about a leak out of the supreme court? >> that is terrible that itself is illegal. the type of protests taking place at the justices homes are illegal and the law has been held up. in a way this is nothing new. when we saw the summer riots in 2020 we were told over and over while there was burning police cars in the background how peaceful the protests were. so all we can do is hope it
6:22 pm
doesn't get to that point. i'm very glad garland stepped in. now at least making some comments because of course we heard jen psaki circling back telling us how these are peaceful protests meanwhile they in fact illegal protest. elizabeth: okay. congressman meuser, thanks so much for joining us. good to have you on. >> we appreciate it. elizabeth: hillary's trump russia trial. the fbi former general council basically just shredded hillary clinton's campaign lawyer michael sussman in the first trial of hillary's trump russia. we have the latest development and a report just ahead on "the evening edit." >> we now know journalists who were meeting directly with the democrats, taking this horrible story, willing to put it out there, to destroy republicans, destroy president trump before the election.
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elizabeth: okay, hillary's trump russia, we have former top fbi general counsel, he is james baker, also mark elias a key democrat party attorney, he helped arranged debunked steele dossier, they were grilled by lawyers for michael sussman. david spunt is at the courthouse with more. reporter: good evening, liz. general counsel james baker is considered the central witness in this case. his testimony vitally important. he spent hours on the stand. he met with defendant michael
6:27 pm
sussman in september of 2016 about allegations of a connection between the trump organization and russia. baker says he became friends with michael sussman years ago. the two kept in quote, frequent contact. baker said sussman contacted his personal cell on a sunday night in september of 2016. sussman wrote, jim, this is michael discuss man. i have something time sensitive to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow. i'm coming on my own. not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau, thanks. sussman met with baker at fbi headquarters later that day and relayed information, allegations linking trump organization via a computer server between a russia bank. fbi investigated it. nothing to it. sussman's text he was not coming to baker on behalf after client. told baker the same reason. he billed clinton campaign for the meeting.
6:28 pm
baker said sussman said he was positive he was not coming in on behalf of any clients. the defense pointed to a prior interview transcript where baker used the word clients when talking about sussman. baker said that was essentially a figure of speech and he misspoke. the trial continues tomorrow. liz? elizabeth: great reporting as always from david spunt. let's welcome back to the show andrew mccarthy. he is a top legal eagle. andrew, great to have you on. >> thank you. elizabeth: general counsel james baker, former fbi generals counsel, he says now if he had known sussman was working for the hillary campaign he would not have met with sussman on the trump alfa bank russia story because the fbi was still investigating hillary's emails. when you see details, hillary's team, hillary did a smash-and-grab into the front door of the fbi to get the fbi off her email server scandal and on to trump. >> liz, i think that is exactly why he makes the false statement
6:29 pm
that's alleged in the first place. he obviously knows that if he calls his old pal james baker, let's remember now, he is trading on his prior credentials as a law enforcement official, a justice department national security lawyer, that is how he knows baker for all those years, he knows that if he tells him, look i'm coming on behalf of the hillary campaign to pass along some opposition research we've developed, he will not get in the door at the fbi. he knows that because it is common sense. he knows it because he is a former justice department official. so just as baker says he wouldn't have gotten in the door, sussman obviously knew he wouldn't have gotten in the door. that is the whole purpose of the lie. elizabeth: are you worried about this, special counsel durham, does he have an impartial jury? >> well i always worry about a jury in washington, d.c. if one side of the case is heavily identified with republicans and in particular with donald trump.
6:30 pm
i think, as i've said before durham is the government's lawyer but this is not a home game for him under these circumstances. so i think the challenge he has in the case is the jury. elizabeth: i mean a juror told the court their daughter, juror said their daughter is on a crew team with the daughter of the defendant, michael sussman. >> right. elizabeth: another juror admitted he is a clinton donor and opposed to trump. another one donated to aoc's campaign, another one her husband worked for the clinton campaign in 2008. >> yeah. elizabeth: we got to think about this. this is d.c. d.c. swung for hillary in that election. i want to move on to this. here is the other thing going on. basically fbi former counsel james baker, he is testifying that the sussman and hillary's team were threatening the fbi, basically saying, "the washington post" is on the story, "the new york times" is on the story, "the wall street journal" is going to do this story. you got to move on this or
6:31 pm
they're going to be ahead of you guys. he goes, baker goes to james comey and mccabe, andrew mccabe to tell them about trump russia alfa bank which was hotel spam marketing emails. two computer servers talking to each other. marc elias, hillary team lawyer, he said he didn't like james comey because james comey had his thumb on the scale for, you know, email server problem with hillary against hillary. so you see, when you see the details, mr. mccarthy, you see the hillary team knew what was going on inside of the fbi, and knew how to manipulate them and play it, to get what they wanted to go after trump. >> liz, i think you know again it's not a mystery why they picked sussman to go in and make the outreach to baker. it is not just that they know each other. sussman knows the ropes at the justice department of the he was there for years. he was a top cybersecurity lawyer for the government.
6:32 pm
so yes they understand completely how the justice department worked. the other thing i think you can't, you can't keep these two things in separate buckets. at the same time this is going on, the fbi is going into the fisa court with the steele dossier. elizabeth: right. >> the steele dossier generated by fusion gdp which is also involved in this alfa bank scenario. so this is all one big narrative about you know trump supposedly having this corrupt, collusive relationship with russia. and it was very well-thought out i think. elizabeth: i got to ask you this, if you were on the case would you bring a conspiracy charge against hillary and her team? >> i don't know enough about what evidence that durham has about what their knowledge was. it certainly seems like durham is holding out the possibility of bringing a charge of fraud on the government but what i point out, liz, is, a lot of this happened in 2016, 2017. there is a five-year statute of limitations on most federal
6:33 pm
crimes. so time's awaysing. elizabeth: that is good point. andrew mccarthy. great having you on. we love your analysis. come back soon. this bombshell out of nbc. nbc is joining "the new york times," "washington post" saying hunter biden laptop emails are real. it is reporting that hunter biden made a big $11 million over a five-year span but from foreign firms overseas accused of corruption while biden was vice president. this is a national security risk. we'll break it down with tomi lahren next on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: joining us "fox nation" host tomi lahren. great to have you on. this news coming out of nbc. nbc breaking the story they did confirm hunter biden laptops are real, hunter biden and his company made $11 million over a five-year span from count
6:38 pm
companies from china and ukraine whose officials were accused of corruption while his father was the vice president. tomi, what is the fallout of this? >> this is not breaking news. too little two late, two years too late. the bigger question, why are the media outlets are choosing to fess up to cover the story. i tell you why i think, liz. they are ready to throw joe biden under the bus. he is not good for the democratic party. they are taking off kid gloves. unavoidable to discuss this anymore. we're talking about millions and millions of dollars. that is more than millions of americans will make in their lifetime. hunter biden with no marketable skills he was making with his last name and who knows what else. that is the question we need to be asking. elizabeth: tomi, you have been on the story, how senator chuck grassley, ron johnson, september of 2020, 2020 came out with their report on this. but what nbc analysis is doing they're showing a dollar figure. by the way this is about national security. hunter worked at burisma in
6:39 pm
ukraine. a official there allegedly pay as bribe to a ukranian official to stop a joint u.s.-british money laundering investigation into burisma's top executive when joe biden was overseeing ukraine during the obama administration. half of 11 million hunter made in the five years, 2013 to 2018, are two chinese companies with chinese intelligence. ceec, that chair has gone missing. he was accused of economic crimes. another guy, patrick ho, he was in jail for bribery. hunter was hired by patrick ho to represent him. there is corruption here, tomi. this is the tip of the iceberg. this is national security stuff. >> you have hunter biden who admittedly not person to handle things, fesses up to his own poor judgment time, and the question we also need to be asking not only the biden family but also the media is not only why now but let's talk about the
6:40 pm
big guy. let's talk about joe. let's talk about a special investigation into if he received any kickbacks. if he did that is criminal. even perception of conflict of interest is already a national security threat, when you put the administration, white house up for sale, for god es knows what in exchange that issue everyone needs to know about and should be concerned about. elizabeth: this is the other thing not investigated enough, i need to talk to you about this, it is selling access into the obama administration. now we have blue star strategies, that was the consulting firm for hunter's ukrainian firm, burisma, he sat on the board there. blue star strategies suddenly out of the blue decides to file as a foreign lobbiest. they hadn't done that before but general flynn gets nailed for foreign lobbying violations over one conversation? we don't know how much access hunter sold into the obama white house and administration. >> and that is the national security risk here.
6:41 pm
we don't know what was for sale. we still don't know what is still up for sale. i think that is not just a problem we look back, we looked back several years ago what was for sale. that is current problem. the investigation is not closed. it is ongoing. the american people are sick of ongoing investigations. we investigate everything to death. we never get to the bottom of it. i said before, nbc finally putting a dollar figure on this. this will be a passing headline. this is because they no longer view joe biden as the leader of their party. they are okay with throwing him under the bus. the media needs to be asked why they covered up the story when they had evidence there was wrongdoing way back in 2020 when it was not politically convenient. they couldn't report it back then because it could not be verified or because it was politically incone haven't for the candidate they want to be in the white house. they're throwing him under the bus. we need to know more what was for sale not only in the obama white house, but the current
6:42 pm
biten white house. what was for sale, joe? elizabeth: tomi, come back soon. >> thank you very much. >> new report coming in, polls are showing that hispanic voters a big democrat voting bloc, hispanic voters leaving the democratic party. hispanics keep saying quote we fled communism out of central and south america. we do not like the rise of socialism and communism in the democrat party. we'll dig in ahead on "the evening edit". (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be? lemons. lemons.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show the president of the libre initiative. he is daniel garza. daniel, always great to have you on, sir. okay, we see the polls, right? we know that hispanics, hispanics want law and order. hispanic voters are leaving the democratic party. quinnepiac, biden's approval rating with hispanics has been cut in half. he is down to 26%, versus 55%. daniel that is lower than all other groups. he is hitting a new low not seen
6:47 pm
before with hispanics. >> well you know biden is proving what we suspected all along that the latino vet is not baked in, they're not wired left. you cannot take them for granted either. i'm reminded of ronald reagan, i didn't leave the party, the party left me. there is more pain at the pump. having to pay a lot more like $1500 more in gas annually. every household now is paying $5200 more because of inflation. people are being brought to their knees here, especially latinos, praying they can make it to another week here. so this pain of course is causing them to stir up a political curiosity and they're looking at republicans. >> you know hispanics, they're about family, right? they're entrepreneurial. they're about prosperity. they fled communism. they know the wickedness and evil of communism in south america and cuba. now they see socialism and fear
6:48 pm
it in the democratic party. they're angry biden to talking to cuba and venezuela now. biden hemorrhaged south florida hispanic voters. why he lost florida to trump. >> liz, look, i think latinos more than anybody, or at least, especially in the western hemisphere know from personal experience that socialism is the big lie of the 20th century. it promised equality, fairness, all this, it delivered only poverty, misery, and scarcity and oppression to its people. equality is only achieved in the sense that everyone is equally miserable in a socialist system. so, you know, one of these things where every time it is tried socialism proved to be a formula for tyranny and misery. latinos don't want repeat in america. america is the beacon of freedom and prosperity f we trend towards socialism it will get
6:49 pm
wiped out. we want to be a vanguard for freedom. elizabeth: equality at the point of a gun, right? they think the government is the answer to everything, right? that there are more saints in the government than the catholic church. when you have big government and socialism an communism, it becomes an oligarchy, it becomes kleptocracy. they take peoples things. they wiped out middle class in venezuela and cuba. the government took it. they took all the property for themselves. watch gop house whip steve scalise. watch? >> when you see the hispanic candidates running, they care about opportunity and they know it is under assault by big government socialism. big government socialism is the biggest threat to the american dream. elizabeth: he just said it. you know hispanic democrats, the democrats are moving toward florida governor ron desantis. they're moving toward trump's policies. they know what it means and what their livelihoods are at stake
6:50 pm
when they see what is going on with the democrat left. >> liz, they're already seeing socialism light coming from the democrats. these kind of -- right now inflation is the priority but you wouldn't know that from this administration because they're not listening to latinos. they want to impose their priorities. right now their priorities are to amass more power and control. they want to control our speech. they want to control your he supreme court of united states to pack it and get their way. they already have the house and senate. they want to nationalize elections. they want to do away i.d.s required. eliminate with the filibuster. what do you do with power you have latinos are asking. you seem to focus more power. not something appealing to latinos. they see power hungry governments before. elizabeth: great stuff. daniel garza. come back soon. love having you on. >> thank you very much, liz.
6:51 pm
elizabeth: title 42 stops on monday. there is coming chaos on the border. we'll talk about it next on "the evening edit." >> he is violating his oath of office allowing numbers of people to come across the boarder illegally. honestly biden should be givenn: an honorary membership in the mexico drug cartels that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think.
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elizabeth: okay, we're tracking reports out of the border states, they are bracing for a wave of illegal border crossings as trump's pandemic border policy expires on monday. the white house is allowing that to happen. already more illegal border crossings in biden's first 15 months than the first four -- four years of the trump administration combined. bill melugin has the latest. watch. >> reporter: we wanted to switch it up and take our viewerses to a part of the border we've never been to before, the big bend sector in west texas. mountainous, hot temperatures. mostly runners and drug smugglers, and i want to warn our viewers, some of what you're about to see in this story is graphic. the most remote and unforgivinger rain along the southern border: on ground we're led by sergeant jimmy morris, an
6:56 pm
expert tracker with texas dps. we follow him into the dense brush where we begin finding bundles of drugs that have been ditched. the smugglers are close. moments later, with the help of cbs officers, the smugglers are found hiding in a nearby bush. they come out one by one. five men in total, all placed in handcuffs. we also come across the body of a 28-year-old honduran woman who succumbed to the brutal heat. likely after falling behind with her group. tragically, she's one of many. and the body of that woman that a we came across was actually about 30 miles inland from the border. she was just hours away from a local highway, goes to show how far some of these migrants willing to go in these dangerous and deadly conditions. back to you. elizabeth: always terrific journalism. he's such a good storythem tell -- storyteller too.
6:57 pm
brave reporting there. tom homan, it's great to have you on, and thanks for your service to our country. continued a heartbreak at the border, people are running for their lives away from crises in south and central america, but then they're getting hit with criminals, drug cartels and human traffickers. five border patrol agents in arizona in the tucson sector, they risked their own lives to rescue two illegal immigrants locked inside the trunk of a burning car, five migrants dead inside a hot train the car. so that's the story, tom, the other media's not covering, how dangerous what's going on with biden's border collapse. >> yeah. not only is the media not covering it, this network's covering it, that's it, but where's all the aocs and the congressmen from texas, castro, where's he at? they all convened on the border when a migrant died under our administration. more migrants have died under
6:58 pm
biden's administration than in my career, 700, and they're not saying a word about it. when you open the border like you did and joe biden makes the promises he made and secretary mayorkas refuses to detain 'em, the most vulnerable people in the world are going to put themselves in the hands of criminal cartels who don't care about them. they will leave them stranded on the trail to die. i've seen it in my own career, i've held many dying children in my career, things that haunt me to this day, which is why i'm so emotional about this subject. secure borders save lives. president trump's policies, while we secured that border at highest level in history, a lot of lives were saved. and that's what irritates me so much about this administration. elizabeth: trump had it right on economic policies, as economists have said, wall street has said it, he has it right on the border. his policies were right about the border. now he's got florida governor
6:59 pm
ron desantis the saying, he's done. biden has done more to help cartels than anybody he knows, and listen, if you start with this border collapse that's coming, we're going to send illegals to biden's home state of delaware. do you think he's serious? >> i hope he is. i agree 100%. joe biden's the first president in the history of this nation that came into office and purposefully unsecured the most secure border we have ever had that has resulted in over 100,000 fentanyl deaths, more women being sexually assaulted, more migrants dying. joe biden has taken the most secure border that we worked very hard to create and destroyed it on purpose. and to this day, 15 months into office, neither him or the secretary can point to one thing they've done, enforcement strategy, to slow the flow. and so i hope ron desantis is serious. look, i met with 150 republican congressmen other day, and i told them day one you take
7:00 pm
congress back, you have to impeach secretary mayorkas, because he has given up and opened our border up to death. elizabeth: tom homan, come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ kennedy: buckle up, buttercup, the economy is on the verge of a nose dive. gas prices, inflation, empty store shelves, and now serious fears of recession is. can we count on sleepy joe to wake up and do something about it? for months economists have been warning that we are headed in a very bad direction. you purchased anything recently, you know the pain. one restaurant in jackson, mississippi, now forced to charge $34 for a 15-piece order of wings. that's expensive even for a dreary old


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