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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 19, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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impeach secretary mayorkas, because he has given up and opened our border up to death. elizabeth: tom homan, come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ kennedy: buckle up, buttercup, the economy is on the verge of a nose dive. gas prices, inflation, empty store shelves, and now serious fears of recession is. can we count on sleepy joe to wake up and do something about it? for months economists have been warning that we are headed in a very bad direction. you purchased anything recently, you know the pain. one restaurant in jackson, mississippi, now forced to charge $34 for a 15-piece order of wings. that's expensive even for a dreary old manhattan.
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on top of that milk is up 25%, bacon is up 35%. put that in your blt. oh, you can't? because you can't afford it in and don't even get me started on the gas prices. today another record. the national average for a gallon of go juice, $4.58. experts say we could go north of $6 sometime this summer. in fact, one gas station in washington adding another digit to the pushes in case it goes up to $10. the administration not doing much to help. today republicans teed off on the lack of action. watch. >> joe biden believes if gas is $5 a gallon or $6 a gallon or $10 a gallon that if he imposes enough pain, that eventually everyone will have this, this epiphany and get rid of that truck or get rid of that minivan, and everyone will go buy an electric car. >> they believe the more expensive oil and gas gets, the more people are going to buy
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electric cars. not everyone can afford them right now. we don't have enough electric cars, and the batteries are made in china. >> one of the things to come up with is to electrify the transportation mode. when countries like the united states and others rightfully said that we are not going to be funding vladimir putin's war, we're not going to accept any of those barrels, that pulled about a million and a half barrels a day off of global market. kennedy: so what should we do about it, sweet meat? didn't hear any solutions there, madam secretary. of course, president biden does have a few people in his corner. among them, the bozos on "the view" who claim none of this is his fault, you guys. watch. >> gas prices aren't bad because of anything biden did, it's just what he's going to absorb. >> there's also a war going on. >> right. >> there's a war going on. people want baby food, baby concern. >> formula. >> that also is not on him. >> nope. >> that's on abbott.
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kennedy: jesus christmas. whoopi probably hasn't been to a gas station since the color purple was still lavender. and the white house claiming the jobless rate is the lowest in years. that may be true, but it does zero to ease inflation. is the economy about to fall off a cliff? and if so, is there anything to be done to stop it? professor of business at the kings college in manhattan, fox news contributor, brian brenberg is here. it is time, finally, for brian-omoics. please explain what's going on with a cratering stock market and fears of a global recession. what do you see here? >> well, we know what's going on with inflation, it's through the roof. gas inflation is getting far worse, especially into the summer. here's what's happening. this is hitting consumers very hard. we got some bad reports yesterday from target and walmart. that's where you go if you want to get a deal. and if those stores are saying
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people are pulling back on their spending because they're having to spend more money putting gas in their tank. as a result, this economy is starting to slow. company earnings are starting to slow. when that happens, now you're really talking about a recession sooner rather than later. we've got one foot in the recession hole because in the first quarter we had negative gdp. april is looking like a bad month, kennedy, which means we might already be in a recession right now. forget about talking about future, we might be in it right now. so biden wants to brag about the jobs report and the jobs numbers. that will get worse if we are in a recession. we very well could be there. and if we're not, we're headed there because gas prices, diesel prices are beyond what consumers and businesses can bear at in this point. kennedy: and, you know, big box stores like target, walmart, home improvement stores like lowe's, they are being battered
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in this market downturn. what does that that have to do with gas prices and supply chain issues, and is that also a harbinger for bad things to come? >> it is. it's the major harbinger for bad things to come, because every one of these companies depends on moving goods around the country. they've got to put 'em in trucks. those trucks run on diesel. diesel, national average is $5.50 a gallon right now. you simply can't make money when you're paying that much money to move things. these companies are reluctant to raise their prices, kennedy, too much, because they know consumers won't buy anything. that's what the target and walmart earnings reports were about yesterday. we're not -- making as much money because if we raise prices, these consumers are going to pull back. the it's like squeezing a balloon. the biden administration has no solution for what's going on because it will not do the one thing that could actually take
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air out of the balloon, and that is drill for more oil, produce more gas in the u.s. it doesn't even have to start right now, kennedy, okay? all the administration would have to do is say we're committed to becoming the world leader once again. but these guys won't do it. and the answer is because the base of this party, the democratic party, loves the fact that gas is expensive. you heard whoopi goldberg say it. she has no idea what she's talking about except she knows this, she wants gas prices through the roof because she wants the green dream that everybody's buying cars that they absolutely cannot afford. kennedy: it's so funny because the left is demonizing elon musk, but he may hold the key to a green future, oh, with the best known electric car company mt. world. so -- in the world. so hay want to further enrichest loan musk while getting mad at him for becoming successful for coming up with an idea that might help us out of our energy
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dependency. but it has been pointed out that our energy policy in country is out of sync. there are more coal plants that are closing than wind and solar farms can open up. and what does that do to the energy needs of people who are already hurting from high prices? >> yeah, it sends their prices through the roof. we're not even out of sync, kennedy, we are backward, okay? right now we've got the biden administration saying you're not going to krill in alaska, you're not going to drill in the gulf of mexico, they're raising royalty race -- rates for new leases to make it more expensive to drill. those things are going backwards. we're not out of sync, we are completely broken right now. and the worse part about it is america can produce the cleanest fossil fuel energy in the world. let's do that. if you want a green dream, start with fossil fuels. kennedy: all right. and that is what has to happen.
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there has to be a bigger, longer ramp not just on my prom night, but many 'ems of solving our energy crises in order to overcome this inflationary market has being made so much worse by the price of energy. it can be lowered, they don't have the backbone to do it. i mean, brian, you are such a nice person, and thank you for being a part of the show. >> good to see you, kennedy. kennedy: someone check on brenberg. the economy is only part of president's problem. there's covid, ukraine, scary poppins and the ministry of truth. the baby formula shortage and the border mess. and that's just a few things. the new york post framed it as a literal train wreck. there he is. hi, joe. there's the amtrak joe with. i love trains! it's as if the country is on the brink of collapse. that's not good. so which crisis is worse for this administration? we've got cohost of the gary and shannon show, gary hoffman is
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back! we've got fox news political analyst, the shining beacon of hope, juan williams is here, and the host of the part of the problem podcast, dave smith. he has tongues wagging, and he has people wanting for more. smith is back, so let us talk about all these things. we gave you guys the choice of what is the worst crisis facing this administration. what is the biggest problem facing president biden and all the people who are trying to shovel him out of very, very deep yogurt? gary. [laughter] >> i say the biggest problem but also potentially the biggest game is this baby formula crisis. this has been several weeks coming. despite whoopi goldberg's admonition that this is abbott's fault, we should have seen this coming. 98% of baby formula consumed in the united states is made in the united states. now, that's not to say that we
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make bad or that we're formula won't be allowed in the united states because the fda doesn't like the labels, for the most part. now, all we have to do is very simply say we're at least temporarily going to put some of those fda regulations on hold. and while i love the idea of the defense production act being put into place, it makes perfect sense in this situation, we don't just have to rely on military aircraft to get that baby formula to the united states. there are literally thousands of airplanes in the air as we speak right now for delivery companies all over the place. if joe biden were to take the podium and ask the ceos publicly of those companies to give us six, eight, twelve of the planes in each of their fleets, that that greatly increases the ability for us to get baby formula from other countries, perfectly safe baby formula, by the way, onto the shelves in a matter of days, not several weeks like the administration has been promising.
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kennedy: yeah, but that's hard to do because there's no competition, and that's because of government. because a few baby formula companies that there are compete for contracts that are given out by the states and half of the formula that is produced goes into the federal snap/wic program. so, juan, you can take a totally different turn here. what do you think is the biggest crisis facing this administration? is it inflation? immigration? it is juan's choice. >> well, thank you, kennedy. it's such a buffet. a young fella could really dine here tonight. i think we're just looking for all the negatives. i i think there are some positives out there. i think, for example, that he's doing a pretty masterful job of handling what's going on with russia. but let's leave that alone. i think if you look at the economy, a lot of people say, hey, we're really worried about inflation and all the recent polls. so ill say that's the biggest --
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i would say that's the biggest challenge. i tend to think that the baby formula thing is the result of a corporate issue more so -- government doesn't produce baby milk and formula. as we heard, it could have been that they should have foreseen this, but you can foresee a lot of things. part of it is they have said the united states can import from overseas. he's put in place the defense production act so that you inspire some of these private companies that have failed, that have the contaminated formula to produce good formula now and get it going with every machine they have. but i think it's inflation. i think it's the economy. kennedy: yeah. >> and i think he needs help here from the federal reserve, and i think he needs also us as americans to realize, hey, you know what? we're all in this together. it's not about blaming joe biden for everything. we love new york post covers but, gosh, this is our issue. kennedy: it is. it is america's issue.
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but who is the author of these problems, dave? and what's the worst chapter? >> yeah. okay, well, i'm going to agree that i think inflation is the biggest problem for joe biden right now. i think potentially what is going to be the biggest, biggest problem for him is if these fed interest rates actually do burst this bubble that we're in right now, which is a gigantic debt bubble. if that happens, all bets are off, and we're going to be looking at a recession far worse than what we had in 2008. but this baby formula thing has the potential to become very, very bad. i've already seen several articles about babies going to the emergency room because people are making hair own formula at -- their own formula, they're diluting formula -- kennedy: but also they can't get specialized formula, and that's why those two kids were hospitalized in tennessee, because abbott makes the most specialized formula for young babies who have food allergies already. >> that's correct. kennedy: they need these
7:14 pm
specialized diets. they don't materialize out of thin air. go ahead. >> that's correct. but just to juan's point, this is not the story of a corporate mess-up, this is all the government's fault. i mean, the reason why you have these monopolistic companies who are producing -- abbott was producing nearly half of the formula made in the united states -- is purely because of government fiat and decree, because they decide that these companies get these privileges. and the truth is that we have incredibly unhealthy formulas in this country. there's high-fructose corn syrup in formula that we give to babies in this country, and many parents illegally buy formula from europe because there's healthier formulas out there. look, when donald trump invocked this national production act, we were sending tons of ventilators to new york city that they ended up not even needing during covid. what you need is the fda to get out of the way and allow people to buy healthy, good formula that's sold in other first world countries.
7:15 pm
it is an embarrassment of epic proportion that there would ever be in a first world country, in the united states of america in 2022, a shortage of baby formula, the most precious of commodities. and the idea that the government shut down abbott without having any type of plan in mind, and they waited million there was this public outrage for it, is despicable -- kennedy: and they knew that was pretty much the one-stop shop for two-thirds of the states. a because when a state bids on a formula company, they are all in. >> and this is one more -- kennedy: -- priority in grocery stores and pediatricians are much more likely to suggest that type of formula. whatever the state buys into, that's what people get. if. >> i just say one more thing very quickly, kennedy? that for the former now white house press secretary to blame parents for hoarding is the most despicable thing i've ever seen out of a government official. the idea that you would blame parents who saw this shortage
7:16 pm
coming who were just trying to make sure that their babies don't starve to death rather than blaming the government that the created this entire mess, i'm glad she's gone dow now, but what a disgusting thing to say while mothers and fathers are terrified that their bibbys are going to starve -- babies are going to starve. kennedy: gary, you're in southern california. we just saw a record number of apprehensions at border, 234,000. and that's higher than anything we've seen in the past, and that is before the effect of title 42's repeal takes pull effect. so what are we going to see in terms of immigration? if what are officials in california and arizona and texas expecting? >> well, they're going to repeat what president biden has said about gas prices, about inflation, about hurricane season, about baby formula, about the economy in general.
7:17 pm
it's going to be a tough summer. we're going to see -- already the indications are that we're going to see record numbers, above the record numbers that we've already seen, record numbers of apprehensions, but also record numbers of people coming into the country. and the policies that we've had in place, i mean, you and i could have said this 15 years ago. the immigration policies that we have in place are either completely ineffective or so absolutely redundant as to be out of date and completely worthless. kennedy: yes. >> and congress, god bless their little hearts, congress cannot pull their heads out of the dark crevices to try to figure out a way to compromise in any way when it comes to immigration. in my lifetime as an adult, there has never been a solid, substantial, effective immigration policy put in place by congress. not one. kennedy: well, and we're seeing that bear fruit because executive orders, they're not going to cut it. and, you know, democrats have both houses of congress and the
7:18 pm
presidency, and once again -- just like in 2010 -- they have failed to act on immigration. and that, i'm sorry, juan, but no matter how you feel about it, it's inhumane. like, even if you're very pro-immigration, watching people trek through the desert, people sending their kids on their own so some of hem don't make it -- them don't make it. that is going to be very troubling to voters when the president says, hey, don't come here. people aren't listening. >> well, no, people aren't listening. most often those people are pushed by cartels who see profit in their suffering. and you have people who are suffering from political oppression, violence, you know, economic bad news, and they're trying to get to the united states. okay. so we understand that source. but, gary, you know, is absolutely right. i, you might be a young man, but you go back to ronald reagan is the last time we had immigration
7:19 pm
reform. and why is it that we don't have immigration reform? oh, gee, both parties seem to think this is a good political issue for them. and i'll just say this, the republicans are the ones who pulled out of deals in '13, '18, you know? they block every immigration reform. they love to go down there -- kennedy: well, you didn't need republicans in -- >> here's an idea that worked. they never say here's a reason, here's what we -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: they didn't even immediate to do comprehensive immigration reform. they could have made the system more humane without amnesty, but they chose not to do it because all or nothing politics are pretty awful for this country. panel's sticking around, it is game night. they're all going to warm up in the bullpen, so wait for that. coming up, finland and sweden have officially applied to join nato. why is turkey being a jerky in and how might putin respond?
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7:24 pm
finland and sweden formally applying to join the alliance and president biden saying they have our full support. watch. >> today i'm proud to assure them that they have full, total, complete backing of the united states of america. new members joining nato is not a threat to any nation. finland and sweden's decision to request membership in nato, it'll be enhanced for all time. kennedy: swami! now all 30 member nations of nato must approve the new members, but guess who's going to try and rooster block it? turkey! so what does in this mean for global security, and how might russia respond? army rangers special forces captain and congressional candidate jesse generalson is back. welcome back -- jesse generalson is -- jensen is back. >> thanks, kennedy. love being on. zen. kennedy: so tell me about sweden
7:25 pm
and pipland and this odd military alliance they find themselves in after so, so long. >> you called it, right? this is such a huge miss on putin's part. he thought he was going to push back the west, that ukraine was going to cave. instead, finland and sweden who have been non-aligned for over a hundred years are joining with the west. this is a huge blow to putin and, you know, i wish that president biden would have been forceful and as definitive with his language when he was talking about russia invading ukraine, maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. but this is a win for the nato alliance. kennedy: so what does it mean if turkey is squawking? do they want something from nato? do they want something from the united states? will the u.s. and the rest of the allies have to buy their vote? >>. erdogan is very transactional. he sees this as an opportunity to extract value. and plenty of blame. turkey is going to use this as
7:26 pm
an opportunity to try and get something. you could argue had germany paid their fair share, had other nato members paid hair fair share and had the u.s. continued to sanction the nord stream 2 pipeline, we wouldn't be in this situation. but, yeah, to your point, turkey is being a little jerky here, and they're going to try and exracket some value. kennedy: they are, absolutely. but there are a a lot of libertarians who feel like nato is obsolete. >> yeah, i think that article v is still incredibly important which is, you know, if one is attacked, we're all attacked because you and i have talked about russia's nuclear capabilities in the past. and i think that we do need a strong defense. i think the united states can walk and chew gum. i'm glad that we're sending $40 billion to ukraine -- kennedy: are you? would you have voted for that if you were in the house? because now we're going to have some problems. go and tell. >> well, here's what i'll say, the fact that the ukrainians are fighting over there means that
7:27 pm
guys like me don't have to go into europe to fight. what i will say is that germany should have paid hair fair share, other countries should have paid their pair share to drive could be this cost. we should be securing our own southern border, we should be taking care of, you know, parents -- kennedy: baby formula? yeah, with $40 billion unaccounted for, i still -- i agreed with congressman massie who was on earlier in the week, and he was one of the republicans who votedded against that. and i think rightly so. because we've already sent a bunch of money. it's not like we haven't done anything, but we don't really know where the money is going to go. you have fought enemies in conflict, and cow know that -- you know when mentioner america just throws money at a problem, often times it comes back to bite us in the koester. >> well, right here in the congressional district ken. >> ryer refused to hold
7:28 pm
accountable governor who sent $650 million to nigerian terrorists or, you know, thieves that were supposed to be funds for recovery. i absolutely agree with you. and president trump tried to sell weapons to ukrainians. president biden is giving away $40 billion. so, again -- kennedy: we have $40 billion worth of problems here in this country that a lot of parents who are having a hard time filling up their gas tanks and finding formula, they might like to see invested here or at least get their tax money back so they can make some decisions for themselves because, i'm sorry, i don't think that's one of the best government decisions that we've seen. >> no, and i don't disagree that, again, i think that there's a lot of things we could have done differently that would have prevented us from getting to this point president biden saying a minor incursion will be met with a more moderate importance if germany would have sent maybe tanks instead of helmets to ukraine, we wouldn't have -- kennedy: i always blame germany, i don't care what it is!
7:29 pm
i don't care if it's for wienerschnitzel or salty beer. jesse, i have to go, but come back soon is. plenty of things to disagree about, and i appreciate your expertise. thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: guess what? if it's game night, and we're taking the panel to the cleaners with over/under. place your bets, place your bets. i've got a vest on. see in. ♪ ♪
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7:34 pm
in the name of anna dell i have. this is so exciting, gary, juan, dave, are you ready to play? >> i guess. >> let's rumble. [laughter] kennedy: come on, cave. i want to hear more enthusiasm than that. you've done very well with these games in the past, young man. question number one, this is for gary hoffman. what was average cost of a movie ticket in 1964. over/under is $1.23. >> i want to say lower, kennedy. i'll say the turned. kennedy: yeah, you're right. it was 93 cents. gary's on the board. watch this, that's done. >> the fed destroys our currency. kennedy: end the fed, dave, there we go. juan, this is for you. how many official disney if princesses are there? the over/under is 18, juan. >> i guess i'd say under. kennedy: and you are correct,
7:35 pm
there's only 12. juan and gary on the board. oh, dave, this is your chance. here you go concern. >> poisoning our children's minds. kennedy: no, they're not. kids love disney movies. >> my daughter loves disney. kennedy: all right. january 1st of 018 to january 21st of 2018 is considered the height of the tide pod challenge, dave. during those 20 days, how many cases of people eating tide pods were potentially recorded in america? the over/under is 48. >> under. kennedy: no. no, it was 86 tide pods. >> you're right, stupid country. kennedy: all right. gary, here's your second question. according to the u.s. apple association, how many types of apples like bay a la or to granny -- bay la or granny smith are grown in these gliets the over/under is 52. >> oh, i'm a huge apple fun, i'm
7:36 pm
going to say higher. i'm going to take the over on that. kennedy: and gary's right, he's got 2 on the board. gary hoffman, over 200 different apple varieties. juan williams, here you go. for how many years have path say jack and vanna white hosted wheel of fortune together? the over/under is 30 years, juan. >> wow. i'm going to guess that it's just under 30 years. kennedy: and you would be wrong. it's 40 years. 40 -- >> wow. kennedy: yes. since i was -10 years old, incredible. [laughter] dave, here, this is if for you. >> you called me a young man. kennedy: dave, young man, young man! in 2016 it was reported that french president emmanuel macron was spending how much per month on makeup in u.s. dollars per month? the over/under is $6,000.
7:37 pm
if. >> oh. measured probably be in euros, but, i mean, i have to say under. there's no way. kennedy: take the over. $9,571.60 in american currency every month on the that frog pace. >> wow. all right. if that's not the fed's fault, it's a european central bank's fault. kennedy: that's absolutely right. last round, this one is worth 3 points apiece. gary, how many grams of sugar are in a can of coca-cola? the over/under is 42, gary. >> wow, it's going to be a close one. but i will say over. it's over that. like 49 or 50. kennedy: that is incorrect. gary is stuck at 2. juan, here you go. how much was 11-year-old mccauley culkin paid to star in the sequel home alone: 2?
7:38 pm
the over/under is $3.9 million,! juan williams is in the lead with 4 points. dave, i'll give you an extra point for being a man of liberty if you get one right. you can tie with juan, get that overdrawn check. how many calories in one sour patch kid? the over/under is 12 calories. >> in just one? kennedy: -- go against it, so you haven't gotten anything right. that's a good point. over. kennedy: no, it's over. [laughter] under. >> i was trying to do the george cotan sa -- costanza rule. kennedy: you get the overdrawn check courtesy of anna delvi. don't worry, my bank is going to wire it to you any day.
7:39 pm
you all have been fantastic. kennedy: thank you for playing, juan, gary and dave, my heart is all us over moon about all three of you, so thank you, gentlemen. coming up, nba teams love to brag about their wokeness. but wait million you hear how much owners have tied up in communist china. how hypocritical can one league get? i will discuss with the legendary michelle tafoya in moments. ♪
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7:44 pm
the owners of nba teams have a collective $10 billion of personal wealth tied up in communist china with over 53 of the nets' own or to my ex-boyfriend, michael jordan -- [laughter] it appears they're directly profiting from a regime that has committed genocide and political oppression. is there any way for the league to recover? here with me now, host of the new podcast sideline sanity with michelle that a foia, debuting on monday, michele tafoya is here. how are you? >> it's so great to be with you. kennedy: i'm excited to be on your podcast -- >> next week. kennedy: i cannot wait. and i'm also excited because you've been on my podcast, and you've been phenomenal, and your global understanding of sports and politics is unmatched. >> oh, well -- kennedy: what do you see here? you've got a bunch of people like michael jordan committing
7:45 pm
$100 million to racial equity in country, but they have no problem investing in china and filing lawsuits over there when there's trademark infringement while people are being allowance into prison camps and killed. >> exactly. it's the hi pock arely city -- hypocrisy is bad, the optics art espn, because they own a 5% stake in nba china, yet they still did story. cue toes to them. the issue becomes when when you're giving so much money here in america and ignoring the fact that there's slavery and genocide in china where you're making a fortune. nba china is worth about $5 billion, that lot of money, and some of these owners, mickey erickson of the miami heat has a ton of money tied up in carnival. he's the chairman of carnival cruises. they have gotten together with a chinese shipbuilder has related to the chinese -- hay run, with
7:46 pm
ties to the military that the united states government is sort of not doing hinges that are really hunky corpsly with americans, but it's okay with mickey. and you have to ask yourself, are these ships that they're building going to be involved in some sort of conflict that mickey, the owner of the miami heat, has contributed to in way? kennedy: yes, in his partnershi- >> yeah. kennedy: -- enriching himself but also through that partnership allowing this asset to make enough money to build nuclear warships that someday could attack the united states or our allies. these are very murky waters. so why isn't there better ethical oversight for the nba? >> you know, that's a great question. the other interesting thing about report that i read or didn't read -- none of these principal owners would comment for this story. 40 of them, requested interviews. adam shill very, commissioner, who i worked with, his deputy commissioner, no one would comment on this story. why is that?
7:47 pm
that kind of silence is deafening, to me. kennedy: yes. >> you don't have anything to say about? nothing at all? you're with fine just ripping on the united states and some of our past misdeeds or even some current misdeeds, but that's not what's going on in china. what's going on in china is awful, it's hideous. it's genocide. what could be worse, right? so the fact that a they're not being to comment and not willing to even threaten those ties with that country is really troublesome for me and, i think, for a lot of people. kennedy: yes. and 80-90% of the people in hong kong like that their lives are improving. what about the 10%? [laughter] what about the 10% who are being targeted by the government to round them up and throw them into prison camps where they're forced into slave labor or sterilized? i think, you know, there's something to be said for standing up for the 10% who cannot fight for themselves. and i love capitalism, but when you're dealing with a communist
7:48 pm
regime, that's not a free market. >> we've had so much to say about our, like i said before, about our own misdeeds, about american slavery that is over and done with -- kennedy: yes. >> we are still punishing ourselves constantly for that misdeed. and i'm not saying we shouldn't, i'm not saying that. kennedy: yes. >> but if you're going to do that, why are you going to sanction it somewhere else by having your businesses so tied up with that country that is -- it's not a free country. kennedy: it's amazing how money -- >> money. kennedy: -- can allow you to turn a blind eye. you can do well and do good at the same time. can't wait to be on youred podcast. >> we'll talk to you then. kennedy: topical storm is next. [inaudible] ♪ ♪ luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ ♪
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7:53 pm
been caught selling cans of michelob ultra for $18 apiece. i can only imagine what they would charge for a beer that actually contained alcohol. the 24-ounce cans are just a buck at target, but at the pga course, it could cost hundreds of bucks just to get a beer buzz, also known as date night in new york city! whoo! ♪ >> golf fans say the tour is taking advantage of them because everyone knows it's impossible own joy golf sober. this could put a damper on pga party theme. other than, the golf course is the only place you don't need alcohol to arrange a foursome, yeah! just don't invite john daly. michelob is actually the lowest priced beer on the menu. in fact, the prices are so outrageous, even tiger woods is considering not driving drunk this weekend. my god, that's awful.
7:54 pm
topic number two, a bride and groom that both work as hollywood stunt doubles decided to light themselves on pyre on hair wedding day -- fire on their wedding day. or as johnny depp called it, a smart move. >> oh! talk about a glowing bride. this is amber and dave of utah. and you think their bedding was hot, you should -- wedding was hot, you should have seen their honeymoon. they say they're madly in love, but it looks to me like a marriage made in hell. instead of flowers, they had a little girl follow them around with marshmallows on a stick. it's okay to make jokes, the couple is used to getting roasted. anded oddly enough, arme hammer says he was talking to his caterer. the fire was eventually extinguished by the groomsmen because usually that's the mother-in-law's job. topic number three, apple developing a self-driving car, apple users are clamoring for
7:55 pm
windows. the few apple car will be fully electric, so you'll need to charge it every two hours. the good news is you won't need a gas pedal. all you'll have to do is ask your apple car to do anything, and the rainbow wheels will spin for 30 minutes. instead of looking out the windows, the passengers will watch through virtual reality headsets so they can be as out of touch as the outside world and the people who designed the dumb car. the apple car is expected to launch in 2025. in the meantime the, you can still drive around completely in the dark by listening to mpr, terry gross, fresh air, part winds. topic number four. and speaking of people who can't see the light, it's time to -- [inaudible] ♪ kicks it off with kennedy, you're so annoying. you emit more hot air than hot air balloon. go fly away. yes, go strap your balls to a bald eagle, and you go fly away,
7:56 pm
sucker! devo writes, this program is dull as rain, and everyone knows rain is the most exciting element. living the dream tweets, @kennedynation, you are useless. i get to be the cher. sandy leaves us with let's see some jumping jacks, crazy lady. all right, bitch, here we go. 1, 2, 3. suck it, 1, 2, 3, we'll be right back. suck it! suck it! 1, 2, 3 -- ♪ ♪ an approaching car, a puddle, and knew there was going to be a situation. ♪ ♪ ms. hogan's class? yeah, it's atlantis. nice. i don't think they had camels in atlantis. really? today she's a teammate at truist, the bank that starts with care when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. big game today!
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kennedy: i do have panther feet, fine. i don't even care if you now, weirdoes. subscribe to my podcast, spotify, i have a brand new one one on ufos coming out tomorrow, incredible story, you don't want to miss it. you can't watch show, kennedy dvr. good night. (soft dramatic music continues) (horse neighing)


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