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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 22, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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[laughter] ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. summer has arrived, but halfway into the year america is suffering. inflation at a 40-year high, empty shelves of baby food while the stock market is now down for eight weeks in a row as investors are questioning whether we are, in fact, already in a recession right now. >> the market is really
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semi-froze opinion, and this is, again, the worst downturn since the crash, and it looks to me we're heading into a very serious recession. maria: coming up, arkansas senator tom cotton on the economic crisis that has followed the foreign policy crises that are still the unreallying. and then this -- unraveling. and then this, it feels like a war zone. dead bodies, hydration, starvation. 8, 10, 20 people jammed in one heated vehicle. kansas city senator roger marshall at the border watching the thousands getting ready to flood in. will a judge's ruling change anything? plus, hillary clinton exposed. explosive testimony as clinton lawyer michael sussman's trial this week nailing hillary herself who orchestrated and
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approved the big lie to go viral just as former dni john ratcliffe told us back in 2020. >> once i declassify, it was russian intelligence that was of briefed by the former cia director, john brennan, to president obama and vice president biden, and it was properly referred to the fbi for investigation. it all related to a hillary clinton plan to create trump-russia collusion narrative that wasn't true. it wasn't just the fbi that knew that though, it was the intelligence community and our law enforcement community that knew that. and i think everyone knows at this point that hillary clinton did create the trump-russia collusion narrative. maria: yes, the world is now aware they made it up, and they brought it to the fbi, they brought it to the media. all the while destroying lives and dividing america. coming up, former house intelligence investigator and chief of staff of the dod kash patel on the fbi's role in
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pushing the story. then, the midterm elections are now just 170 days away, and the democrats' approvals are falling as fast as joe biden's. coming up, mark penn, pollster on tuesday's race in georgia. a too close to call race in pennsylvania and what independent voters are thinking ahead of 2024. it's all right here right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: but first this morning, president biden is in tokyo today expected to meet with officials from japan, india and australia after visiting south korea yesterday. the white house is claiming that it is using this asia trip to reinforce asian alliances to counter a rising china influence. but at the same time, the white house officials are also considering easing up on -- even further on china policy with the potential to remove the tariffs on some of the $360 billion of
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chinese imports every year. is so what is really getting done if the democrats continue to give into communist china the's demand? joining me now is arkansas senator tom cotton. he is out with a book this november called "only the strong" that shows his strength in foreign policy. senator, good to have you this morning. thanks very much for being here. >> thank you, maria. it's always good to be back on with you. maria: congratulations on the book. we'll get to that in a moment. but first, assess this trip, joe biden's trip to asia. tokyo today. what has been accomplished, from your standpoint? if. >> maria, unfortunately, i haven't seen many accomplishments yet. it's important for the president to visit our allies in the western pacific. i think it's come about 16 months too late because china's the number one threat we face. i wish president biden had gone there early in his tenure, not spent so much time in europe,
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not made his first big international summit with vladimir putin last summer, for that matter. it's always important to talk to our allies, to visit with them. but what xi jinping and communist china watch are a actions, and unfortunately, the actions just are not backing up any words. china is still closing the gap with us militarily, they're gaining diplomatic ground by opening potential port access in western pacific states where joe biden and his administration have been caught asleep at the switch, and they're still stealing our intellectual property and not living up to their trade obligation. we need to take the firmer action not simply talk tough. maria: so what are they going to do, senator? i'm told that there is a serious debate right now within the white house, the globalists are saying remove these tariffs on china, and joe biden is trying to make us believe that if he removes the tariffs on china, that's going to impact inflation rather than undoing some of his
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own policy that has brought us to 40-year highs. are you expecting this administration to drop the tariffs on china? >> well, i think there's a lot of division inside the administration right now. on the one hand, they understandably don't want to be seen as weak on china since joe biden has been weak on china going back decades. just as recently as a couple years ago, he was still saying that china is not our main competitors and china has no chance of beating us. even if he sticks his head in the sand. on the other hand, they are deeply worried about inflation. these tariffs didn't cause the inflation we see now. we had tariffs under the trump administration. for that matter, we had a global pandemic under the trump administration. we did not have inflation during the trump era though. that inflation only started when joe biden took office and poured trillions of dollars on an economy that was already recovering from that pandemic. so the president can blame tariffs on china or the pandemic
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or, for that matter, big oil or big meat or vladimir putin or anything else he wants for inflation, but the american people know that this inflation is a result of the democrats ooh' reckless policies. maria: and they continue trying to push portions of build back better. it's almost like they have the -- they have a tin ear. we know that we haven't seen the worst in terms of gasoline because we haven't approached the summer driving months yet. and yet they still are trying to get portions of build back better in other, in other policies now, right? >> yeah. it's really remarkable, maria. they continue to push their ideological agenda of trillions of dollars of new taxes and new welfare spending rather than addressing the causes of inflation. some of that goes back, again, to the trillions of dollars in tax and spending we saw last year. take gas rates. one of the reasons it costs so much is the biden administration has waged a war on fossil fuel.
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this is not an accident. this is what joe biden promised in the campaign, this is what far-left members of the democrat caucus wants. they want you out of your pickup truck, your minivan or your suv driving electric cars or taking subways and trains to work. this is their intended goal. this is not an accident. what we should be doing is encouraging investors and industry to create more oil and gas and fossil fuel energy in america. these things take billions of dollars of investment and years to bring online when you're talking about oil and gas wells or pipelines or export if facilities. and if the administration makes it clear that they are hostile to those investments, then it's not surprising that people are spending less money in the industry and, therefore, producing less oil and gas, driving up your price at the pump. this all goes back to the democrats' war on fossil fuels. maria: yeah. and we've got this graphic that we with just showed, the inflation timeline.
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inflation was at 1.4% when joe biden walked into the oval a office and on day one killed the keystone pipeline. obviously, that was one of the most important impacts to the inflation rate, all the way up to 8.3% which was the last reading just last month. senator, i want to ask you about your background in foreign policy and, of course, it is extensive. i love the fact that you graduated from law school and left and went into the military after 9/11. 9/11 impacted you so much that you joined the military, became an infantry officer, did tours in iraq and in afghanistan, and that's why i'm looking forward to the book in november. talk to us about your decision to vote for the ukraine package and the rest -- the threats that we face today the away from china. there's been a lot of debate, some of your colleagues in the senate, rand paul among them, said we should not be spending all of this money when we have
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inflation here, we don't have any money securing our own border. >> sure, maria. thank you for the kind words with. i guess you could say maybe i redeemed myself after becoming a lawyer, quitting the law and joining the army instead. i think it's very important that we support the ukrainians as they dedefend themselves against this war of aggression by vladimir putin. first off, i do understand the reservations some people had about that legislation, and there were some excessive or unnecessary measures, but a lot of that money went to support our own military and troops to replenish the stockpiles of our weapons that those troops need to defend themselves, to product our country and not just support our allies in europe, but also in the western pacific, taiwan in particular. second, i think it's the very important that we help the ukrainians fight their own war. this is much like what ronald reagan did with afghanistan when russia invaded that country in the 1980s. he didn't commit american troops, he didn't go to work with russia, but he did support the afghan people fighting back against the russian invasion of
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that country. and finally, i think our main adversary -- xi jinping and the chinese communist party -- is watching very carefully what's happening in europe. if they see the united states and our allies falter in our resolve to support ukraine defending itself, then i think xi jinping will believe there's no way we would actually come to the aid of taiwan because xi jinping will invade taiwan in the next phi years is the united states -- five years if the united states does not take strong action to deter it. that starts in par by showing him we have the resolve to help ukraine until the end especially after the debacle in afghanistan which only emboldened people like xi jinping and vladimir putin. maria: that's a great point. will sweden and finland join the nato alliance, and do you expect some pushback from russia? >> they've applied to join nato. i welcome their applications. these are both advanced, highly technological economies. they have very capable
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militaries that have often a worked with nato in exercises in the past. frankly, their militaries are probably better than half, maybe two-thirds of current nato countries. they also add critical terrain that complicates russia's defense planning. finland has an 800-mile border with russia, they have a long history of standing up to aggression by russia which is still something that russians and finns remember very, very deeply. maria: yeah, great point. >> -- baltic police in the gulf of finland. a giant island that sweden controls is like an unsinkable aircraft carrier, so these two the countries joining nato strongly contribute to nato and, therefore, american security. and finally i would also add a, maria, that they have nokia and erickson, two of the only real competitors to chinese telecom countries, so that's another reason to try to counteract china's economic mercantilism around the world. maria: yeah.
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that's a great point. today there's a story apple is considering taking production elsewhere away from china as well. so you're feeling this issue is becoming more important across the world. senator, good to see you. i know iran is still a big concern of yours. we will talk about that the next time. arkansas senator tom cotton, we appreciate it, sir. thank you. we will take a short break. when we come back, hillary clinton busted, exposed. explosive testimony including robbiebook, former campaign adviser. what else did we learn about the big lie and where special counsel john durham's investigation goes next. kash patel will be here to look back and look aheadad another crazy day? of course it is—you're a cio in 2022. so what's on the agenda?
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testified under oath is 1% confident michael sussman is not there for clients. thus in gutting his defense critical testimony from the witness himself. if that was not enough, jon durham for my deposition of michael sussman four years ago when i was running the investigation where i asked under oath, did you go to the fbi for a client? and he said yes. it is not just the witness case it is a paper case by then have
6:19 pm
michael sussman's own text a message on the evening he went to see james baker eight message to baker where he himself explicitly says i am coming to you as a patriot, as a good samaritan. and let's move on to the testimony of now mark his law apartment in funneled all of the money from the hillary clinton campaign and the alpha bank server nonsense. he comes in and guts his defense. he says we were working together and of course the hillary clinton campaign was our client. and then there is the documentation the e-mail and the billing that shows michael sussman was a building the hillary clinton campaign for all of the work related to alpha bank. and if that was not enough you have the fbi tech expert come in. come in and say the fbi knew one day after we receive this information about alpha bank and
6:20 pm
they reported connection to trump tower that it was complete garbage. that is some pretty powerful testimony and documents. i want to talk about the statement at the trial because what scott he is the fbi's cyber analyst testified as you just said he knew right away the data did not suggest any covid communication between trump and russia pretty added he wondered if the person to put together the data was suffering from a mental disability. talk about the fbi for a moment. we know there are two parts to this. on the one hand there was a communication between trump and the kremlin via this alpha bank server. but on the other hand it is the steele dossier. so we know that in january 2017 the fbi interview said the steele dossier it was garbage. we made it up or have them beers
6:21 pm
joking around with friends. the alpha bank he knew in september 2016. at the meeting with the fbi in january of 2017 just as trump was taking office. and right before the election september 2016 the fbi said this cannot be true. so talk about the fbi culpability here. were focused on the clinton campaign but the fbi was not fooled into doing an investigation of trump or was it? >> know that's what we call them corrupt cops. me as a former prosecutor was her reminder of the timeline. this is the same time in the end of 2016 when they corrupt clintons bring their dirty information to corrupt fbi agents who lied to a federal judge about the steele dossier. about the alpha bank server nonsense to illegally surveilled their political opponents. and now you have the fbi agent who did the technical analysis shredding the likes of peter and lisa, the corrupt fbi trio that hatched this entire conspiracy
6:22 pm
on behalf of of the clinton campaign and did not like donald trump or that is not my words that they are words we have seen publicly. this fbi agent is taking on the fbi former leadership to say there are still good cops here. we knew this information but we did the work on the ground level but it looks like the political leadership of the fbi politicize national security and put their personal interest above what the law required. and that is why the fbi's confidence has been shattered and the public. maria: i want to know what this means in terms of testimony where this is going. will jon durham call witnesses from the fbi? let's take a short break i know you think this trial is over, this upcoming week. he went to ask you how this all ends and what is next with the ends and what is next with the durham investiti this is remington. he's a member of the family, for sure.
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>> it's impossible that they it's impossible they were not an audit. we know from the early spring, late winter of 2016, obama, the abided administration are all briefed on this. then you fast-forward it as it peter one of the lovebirds who by the way the judge in the sussman case, his wife is the lawyer for one of thene lovebir. maria: wait a second racing the wife of the judge per sighting, his wife is representing either peter or lisa or page the lovebirds? rex as i understand it it's lisa page and there's also a juror, one of the jurors and kids was on a row tea or rowing with one of sussman's kids. it is quite amazing the stuff that's going on here. thirty-six that was known as on mornings with maria on foxbusiness on friday with me
6:27 pm
revealing the wife of the judge presiding over the assessment chart represents former fbi attorney lisa page burbach with kash patel. do you have an issue with this the wife of the judge is now representing lisa page? is she going to be a witness? she and peter strzok allegedly having an affair were also trying to take down trump with this story. >> is a former public offender and prosecutor i can see why there's a problem with us from the public. i have to remind the audience john durham filed multiple notices of conflict of interest based on other reasons.t he is a federal prosecutor. if he felt there is an actual conflict of interest he would have filed that notices in front of this court. the one thing i learned between being a public defender and a prosecutor is theirs to a sick tick off a judge. reverse them on appeal in a filing a motion for having the big work he was saying you're
6:28 pm
too conflicted per week judge prides himself is to be impartial but i can see what this is a public issue and that it is an issue for me. the fact john durham chose not to do so tells me he is proceeding methodically on his prosecution. lisa page can be a separate unrelated target. she is not listed as a witness in this neither is peter strzok which is also telling to me. which means they are likely cooperating and there's unlikely to be a conflict the judge cannot set aside. maria: i understand. they may be cooperating. i just want to make sure we are clear it with scott hellman. this is the fbi's cyber analyst and what he said. he said right after reviewing the data that was brought to him from james at baker if there is not an updated there to make the conclusion there's any communication or the secret communication between the trump organization and russia. this is in september of 2016. the fbi knew in september of
6:29 pm
2016. yet how many fisa warrants did they get to spy on the trump campaign? i have spoken with carter page a number of times. he was spied on for a year by the fbi. no charges were ever brought down. what is the culpability for that? >> four buys a warrant starting at the end of the september 2016. i couple the issue and testified in court the former clinton campaign men's that hillary clinton herself do it, authorize it they leaked that false information toat the media to gn up attention against donald trump they're working the fbi pursuant to testimony and those twoel forces combined with the dossier to launch an unlawful sfisa warrant. that some of the most damning testimony from this week. all roads lead to anti- the deck deputy director of the lovebirds in their office concocting an insurance plan in august of 2015.
6:30 pm
and idu think john durham knows what that insurance plan is right know we figured it out and trying toli educate the american public on it but it remains classifieded partly. maria: and we have those text messages back and forth were lisa says says to peter strzok, trump is not going to win, right? and peter strzok is no, no, no, we will stop it we have the insurance policy. >> is absolutely right around the audience as august of 2016 with their digest in the steele dossier. when they running with the alpha bank server nonsense they're getting ready to go to the pfizer courts. this trio that led the biggest criminal conspiracy in u.s. history i believe is in the crosshairs of john durham and that is what's coming next after the indictment. he has their own words putting them on blast in the fbi corruption and the testimony from this agent and james baker and robby mook. it was not only fraudulent or the alpha bank server after. hillary clinton knew abouts it,
6:31 pm
she authorize it and spent tens of millions of dollars pushing it to the fbi, the d.o.j. and the media. and corrupting t the world and putting on the biggest disinformation campaign in u.s. history. maria: before you go, where is this going?ig do you think this trial ends next week, this upcoming week. she'd paid what, $100 million and they use it for all of this, hiring et cetera. and pushing out the story. >> yes, i think the trial ends around tuesday and then he marches on and i is a few more indictments coming this summer that is john durham. i remember the audience hillary clinton already admitted to violating the ftc for spreading those millions of dollars on opposition research instead of politics. and yes, our investigation shows she spit north of $50 million to $100 million pumping money into a purchase they have a just like the fbi had it cut out with christopher steele so they could basically get a warrant and
6:32 pm
leaked to the media to have circular logic approved in a fraudulent investigation. tons of. money. i think the scc has more work tw do as well, maria. maria: wow, what a story. unbelievable we called it out from day one kash at an job on this thanks very much. kash patel joining us this morning a real truth teller. thank you sir. quick break and then ukraine may be a war zone. roger marshall said the southern border feels like one. he is there at the southern border ahead of biden's target day to lift title 42 tamara preble joe biden blow up a federal judge's order? what about all of those people who were already in route to the u.s.? kansas under roger marshall isou certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns.
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♪ ♪ >> while of course we are preparing for the end of title 42 based on the centers for disease control and prevention decision that it will end onil . that does not mean that the border is open beginning on may 23. we continue to enforce thela las of this c country. maria: as secretary of homeland security is secretary 18. there'd been a 7000 in counties
6:37 pm
of illegals every day but most released back into the country. many people have told us on this program the administration infected not re- implement the remaining mexico policy fully per despite a federal court order to do so. are they really following the law of this country? now federal judges temporarily blocked the administration two tomorrow. the white house says this weekend it will appeal the ruling. so will they blow up the court ruling again? what about the thousands of f people who plan to flood the border ahead of monday's deadline to overturn title 42 question wreck my next guest is it's too late and he is expecting 18000 apprehensions tomorrow at the border. and every day after. senator roger marshall is at the border in mcallen, texas this morning. he sits on the senate health committee also ato medical doctr himself. senator it'san good to see you, thanks so much for being here. you have done humanitarian work all around the world. haiti, you i are in poland how would you assess the southern
6:38 pm
border today? >> maria this is a human tragedy here. at night time it looks like a war zone there's a sea of humanitarian crisis here. every evening and every day it is lived out as well. i just want to shout out the border patrol officers are doing an incredible job. the department of public safety here in texas, all of those people are doing the best. they are simply overwhelmed. this is an unsustainable crisis. it is aid war zone every night. i am calling on joe biden to come down here and see this for himself but i don't mean to a flyby stop at the airport here in mcallen. and he said come down, spend some time on the river. he needs to fish people out of the rio grande river behind me after they have traveled thousands of miles. he needs to go up the interstate here 60 miles and pick up people that are been traveling for two or three days without water in the desert here as well. he needs to go with those farmers and ranchers who are finding dead bodies on their ranches. most every daydi now they are finding dead bodies.
6:39 pm
maria: unbelievable have a shot of one dead body found department of public safety. and christopher pointed out thi, woman is from honduras. she was found dead in the brush. he says in april there is a record high in the department of home and security history, 234,000 encounters over 118,000 released into the country. this is a record number of people coming over. fentanyl seized by officers nearly 1400 pounds seized offense and only month of april. tell me what you are expecting. do you think they will pause looking title 42 after the federal judge ordered to do so tomorrow? >> welt maria, no one told up migrants are stacked up like t cordwood that title 42 is not endingom tomorrow. joe biden has to stop sending the signal to everybody.
6:40 pm
he needs to stop making the same magnets. when he announced he was ending title fortitude that was the magnet for the rest of the world. and like you said they spend 8000 encounters per day t we expect that to go to 18000 starting tonight. that is already wet, double from what it was a year ago? i want to circle back on one point. the ranchers i visited with yesterday on their ranches when president trump was president they would see one or two dead bodies per year. they've already found 100 bodies on one ranch on your today right now. this is exploding for the fentanyl, all the issues why you this is a war zone. this is why this is important to kansas but this is my kansas is no longer a border state. maria: i have got numbers hear from the department of public safety that the mexican drug cartels are making $200 million a week. i went down to the border of thw last time i was there a few months ago was my fourth time at the border. they told me it was 100 million a week and then the other date
6:41 pm
christopher told me they are making 200 million a week and the charge in terms of the heads they charge $4000 ahead if you are from the northern triangle. up to 20 or 30,000 dollars if you are from the middle east. there are actually charging $50000 ahead if you are from china but we know migrants are coming from 160 countries overall. what is the word what you speak with mayorkas or this administration to put these facts in front of them for this is honestly a national security risk. >> there derelict in their duties but our president is derelict in his duties towards our secretary who supposedly visited down here as well but i don't know what you or they are saying that i am not those numbers are very accurate to me8 by few. there are 8000 people crossing today we are apprehending twice that number getting across the border let's just call it 25000 people every day. we are paying the cartel through our ngos all of these people
6:42 pm
down in the triangle are paying $3000, $4000, $7000 a person. joe biden is making the cartel richie threatening a national security. maria this is the greatest national security crisis immediately facing this nation right now. maria: it is incredible we don't have anything stopping it. is this intentional the administration once all of these people? 18000 people coming across in avone day, we don't have the border agents to actually police that. >> writes, that is why this crisis is unsustainable. again i just can't tell you. even operation loans are evan or abbott is done down here putting layer after layer putting state troopers and boats on the river behind me, interact to the department of public safety with the national guard, with the border patrol, the sheriff's officers layer after layer just like you do in wartime trying to slow down this enemy. the human trafficking, the human
6:43 pm
smuggling is exploding as well. it is unsustainablele this is completely unsustainable we are in the middle of a great migrant crisis right now. maria: the other thing is that it is emotional you're seeing these people dying in front of your how many people do they jam into one car when you find it these migrants they are dehydrated and starving,in righ? >> wright, mariahu it like you mention i've done humanitarian work all over the world. bi am not bothered by a lot of things but going to the detention center the first night and again the border patrol doing everything humanitarian possible. but before they get t their shower, before they brush their teeth for the first time in two weeks, before they have had had a food before they get hydrated it is absolute christ is easy to beautiful little girls ages six and eight on the river by themselves with the parents that paid the cartel to get them to this country they gave him a phone to call when they got here. it's about what her miles north
6:44 pm
of here past a certain checkpoint we found a young lady that was dying as well, dehydrated. it is absolutely just riveting to see what people are going through. >> it is a heartbreak it is certainly a heartbreak. et cetera thank going down there and waiting until tomorrow to see what takes place in that they do blow up the front are rolling again. senator roger marshall we will talk soon thanks for s much sir. quick break and then all of this is one of the reasons we are looking at new lows for president biden's approval rating is primary season is now in full swing the senate race in pennsylvania still too close to call. big focus will beat george of the georgia race is happening on tuesday as brian cap and david produce face often football great herschel walker take on warnock. warnock. bill never get all the ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance,
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>> absolutely i will be someone who stands tall and fights for america first policies. i think president trump did i a great job in bringing that agenda in dealing with that millions of forgotten people across pennsylvania in ouryl country that agendand somethingi will fight for progrowth economic policies fair trade secure borders these are the foundationat building blocks ofa great america and another joe biden we are very quickly deteriorating that american dream in that great america we all of us slipping away. >> pennsylvania senate candidate david mccormick on this program last week. mccormick's gop race against doctor oz is still too close to call likely headed to a statewide recount right now is a new poll shows 79% of voters say the country is on the wrong track light of the 2022 midterm elections so wondered seven days raaway. merrick on the wrong track mark joins me right now withat the
6:49 pm
latest on where americans stand as georges get ready to vote in the gop primary this tuesday. mike is thehe chairman c of the stag will was aer senior advisor to the clintons. mark great to see a you very much for being here. these numbers have beenh worsening. what should go through what is most important of your own polling i know youou have a new poll this morning for your data shows binds approval rating is around 40% but his performance rating on all areas except covid has dropped. walk us through, mark. >> these are very difficult numbers for any president. mosto important by the way befoe you get to the numbers on the biden 50% of the country believes their economic situation is worsening. so consequently only 33% think the president is handling inflation. he really has inflation, product crime, the economy these ratings
6:50 pm
under which no president could really get reelected unless they were i guess running against attila thee hun. it is almost impossible to get reelected with these kinds ofhe numbers. the president is either going to have to improve his numbers or not run for reelection. maria: what you think happens,f mark, what are you expecting in terms of kamala harris perhaps running if joe biden does not run. you think he will run? >> it is very difficult to tell someone who is president of the united states not to run. president johnson was the onlyno person that made that kind of decision after mccarthy ran against him. if joe biden at once to run think the field will back him. but with thesel numbers coming out of the midterms there will of pressure for him not toto run if these midterms go as expected. harris is not running away with as a second choice either. it is a wide open democratic
6:51 pm
field for the presidential nomination. although vice president is joe biden proves typically get that nomination. maria: i want to ask of the 2024 election let's take a break, mark which way are independence leading question what do they have the power to decide the 2020 tone midterms and what about the 2024 general election ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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6:55 pm
>> remember, for years the virus was the number one issue. but no longer. inflation is overwhelmingly the number onefl issue. almost all americans feel inflation for they see it in particularly in food prices. this has moved to the number onn future, immigration after that. this is not a very good set of issues here for the democrats unless inflation comes down significantly. americans are feeling it, it is devastating but as i said before 56% say the economic situation is worsening. that is a terrible number those are not going to voteot for thoe who are in power. six mark, what do you want to say about the senate races too close to call in pennsylvania any senate elections and i want to get your take on if you would see a general election today you have got to be the winner in your polls. >> look, i think recounts it
6:56 pm
generally don't amount to much of sounds like because is going to pull it out by a couple of votes. i think of that one is probably a tribute to the trump endorsement i think mccormick wouldcc have one if oz had not been endorsed maybe mccormick will when i think everyone thanks mccormick slightly more to the center coming in slightly federal general election candidate but i thinkt either wy this will be a competitive race. i think looking to 2024 there's only two people and the republican side who will have credibility as nominees. one of those is donald trump who is handily winning one in the other is ron desantis is coming up strong. will desantis take on donald trump. will donald trump to run? those are big questions and the countries waiting to see what happens after the midterms. maria: what about hillary clinton? you and i covered the clinton
6:57 pm
lies together on more things with maria. for so many years i pushed back on this crazy story. your thoughts on what it has done to hillary clinton's brand? >> as you know i always thought the dossier any school kid could read and think it was crab. so personally, hillary now has a 36% favorable part she doesn't really havav another crazy day? of course it is—you're a cio in 2022. so what's on the agenda? morning security briefing—make that two. share that link. send that contract. see what's trending. check the traffic on your network, in real time, with the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. lunch? -sure.
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[♪♪♪] larry: hello, welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. must be something in the political air. maybe the water. very strange things are happening lately. maybe you don't think there is anything strange about the owner of the "washington post" blasting joe biden the last couple days. how about the fact that "the washington post" editorialized against joe biden orhat elon musk is going to make his first republican vote? this is


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