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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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one for most voters or the economy? >> initially it was immigration but as the biden administration has allowed inflation to increase and allow other tragic things in our country, it's becoming both clearly. >> texas attorney general ken paxton, great to see you again, thank you for being here. i'm david asman and for elizabeth macdonald, we'll see you back here again tomorrow, that does it for us, have a great night. ♪♪ kennedy: we are hours away from one of the biggest primary days of the year, all eyes are on georgia where we have it all. former nfl star, progressive dissing her own state and trump endorsement that could go horribly wrong, it could go down in flames. you want drama, the peaches date has your drama. first republican primary for governor, one quarter trump nemesis brian kemp seeking reelection. the other former senator david
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purdue, who? exactly. trump endorsed purdue because he so mad at camp. however, mike pence endorsed can't and it suggests he could win in a landslide. awkward. the democrat candidate, stacey abrams still hasn't conceded but she shocked a lot of georgians when she said her state is the worst in the country great marketing. >> the worst stay in the country to live in. kennedy: if you hate it so much, why would anyone want to be governed by you? it sounds like she's already given up. the story gets even worse, you may recall she was one of the loudest critics of last year's republican voter rights, she and other progressives claimed the gop was trying to prevent minorities from voting. president biden called jim crow 2.0 but georgia set a new record for early voting. state reporting nearly two 100% jump compared to the last few
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years thus proving progressive propaganda was perhaps hot load of malarkey but that's not all at states, we saw herschel walker running of the georgia senate primary, he's got a trump endorsement and if he wins tomorrow, he'll likely square off against democrat rafael warnock, it could determine the balance of power in the senate. lots to unpack here, nobody better to explain it all, my next yes, fox news she's political anchor and host of special report, brett baier. welcome back to the show. >> hey, kennedy. kennedy: let's start with the governor's race, donald trump, a very personal one for him. he went after governor cap for quite some time, not surprised he didn't endorse camp but david purdue? what is that going to do for the trump magic touch if it fails? >> one of the races were he's upside down heading in, we don't know, the only poll that matters is election day, we always say
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that but it's an interesting endorsement split in at president trump endorsed david purdue, recruited him for this race and vice president pence endorsed brian kemp so you have trump heads on both sides of the race. heading in, kemp is overwhelming, pull had about 30 points but it depends on what happens election day. if he wins, he faces a rematch against stacey abrams and already mentioned which is getting criticism talking about her state. when you say it's the worst state to live in, it's not the optimistic ronald reagan city on a hill kind of pitch on the back of the bumper sticker so she will have to battle the are and see, kemp adds probably soon. kennedy: absolutely. do republican's have the same kind of advantage in georgia they do across the country in terms of enthusiasm? who's looking to be the favorite as of now in the fall election?
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>> there is enthusiasm, a lot in georgia, herschel walker is expected to cruise through the primary process and become the senate nominee against rafael warnock. for all the talk about that voting law and state legislature passing the voting law in major league baseball moving all-star game out of atlantic crossing the county about $100 million for all of that, stacy abrams weighing in on that through if you remember that. early voting is astronomical, record turnout. with the new law in place in all kinds of communities, black, white, hispanic, everybody is up. the voting is not finished, they have tomorrow's voting during the day so i'd be interested to see what major league baseball says, they had to go back in the braves made the world series. kennedy: do you know what i say to that?
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ha ha. stacy abrams campaign manager says no correlation between voter suppression and voter turnout but i think a lot of people would take to differ with that statement because if you have record turnout in the cross party and every socioeconomic demographic, i think is a good case to be made that this is the opposite of voter suppression. >> jim crow 2.0? using that phrase suggests a manipulated effort to drive down african-american votes or black communities coming out. if you look at where the turnout is coming, it's across the board in georgia already. they expect even more. this is more than the presidential election turnout if you are talking about a law designed to drive voters down in
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some kind of community, he would not see these numbers across the board right primary election. kennedy: no, people are engaged and they want to talk about it and vote for the candidate an issue of choice. i have a question about marjorie taylor green, is she going to get madison cawthorne? >> it's possible. it's tough in these races because the polling is so slim, not a lot of polls specifically target. she's been very controversial, drawn a lot of criticism from all corners, even on the right but she has strong fundraising, endorsement of president trump, in a district that is very trump so we don't know until tomorrow, we didn't think madison cawthorne would be upset and he was. kennedy: the polling went opposite for him at the last minute even with the endorsement so we will see. thank you so much. meanwhile, the trial of hillary
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clinton's campaign michael sussman continues today, charged with lying to the fbi about the trump russia collusion hopes, the most stunning revelation thus far, former clinton campaign manager admitting under oath it was crooked hillary herself who approved the entire ruse to frame then candidate trump when she was losing it triple president early in the presidency and causing turmoil in the country as anti- trump insisted vladimir putin got trump elected. all that time the queen remained silent knowing it was a lie. will she or anyone in her circle face consequences? tonight party panel and discuss, new york post columnist karol markowicz, no longer in new york, she's in florida. host of aggressive progressive podcast former h chuck schumer christopher hahn in a stunning hotel room it looks like and cofounder politics and foundation for economic education correspondent brad
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polumbo. the main street, welcome to the show, party panel. let's talk about this, karol. i think it's a pretty stunning revelation, does this say more about hillary clinton and her team turning on her or is this just cya trying to stay out of jail? >> i think it's the second one but i remember saying to anti- trump friends at the time when the story was breaking, you have to pretend he's a russian spy? it seemed like a step too far and we talk about the information but it's never about how hillary clinton led me to believe president trump was russian assets and the real problem here isn't even hillary, is that she was able to fixate a fake story to compliant press who ran with it despite no evidence. so now testifying he didn't tell
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campaign lawyer sussman to go to the fbi, he told him to go to the media because he wanted the fake story in the media instead if none of them believed trump was a russian spy, they just wanted the public to believe it. kennedy: they really did manufacture this entire story, chris. presidential politics in this country has gotten absolutely disgusting when this is the level of desperation, your ideas or personality are not enough, this is what the campaign resorted to and it's falling apart for them and i'm shocked i have to ask this but will hillary clinton in light of this run again? >> i never thought she would run again in light of this or anything else, i think she's enjoying her life not being in public life. [laughter] but the campaigns have been trying to get things in the press, negative stories about their opponents and it's up to the press as your previous guests said to do their homework
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and source information being told to them by a political candidate who wants to dirty their opponent. it's not the campaigns a job to get the. kennedy: no it's not, it's absolutely the campaigns job to that information if it is false and manufactured and then to give it to a news outlet not to do journalistic diligence and they said we are going to run with what we believe here. they hated donald trump so they ran with everything knowing if they issued a correction it would have been sliced and after the election and did the campaign do? jake sullivan, hillary clinton, they retweet the story as though it's the first time they are hearing about it. >> the clinton campaign said on the stand today they didn't know it was false, they got the information and gave it to a reporter. the reporter should have vetted the information but they didn't.
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kennedy: they knew it was false, they manufactured the entire thing. brad, take us home. >> i'm just over here like the sky is blue, water is wet, hillary clinton is correct. this is bad literally said this and acted like what a surprise when it came out. to me, it is bad but i do kind of agree it's a typical politician thing to do. my take away is the media. what kind of journalist on critically out about their opponents? unfortunately, the average journalist does and this is a sad display that reminds us that journalism has started morphing into the democratic national committee's press arm. we need to see a reckoning in this profession with these stories, it can never be allowed to happen again and we can't count on politicians to just not be corrupt. kennedy: you can't take your
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hatred of a candidate and use that to take journalistic objectivity and throw it out the window and that's exactly what happened. it's so disturbing because if people like lester holt who said we don't need to be objective, we can have feelings and opinions, you can when you are an opinion journalist but when you are supposed to be presenting facts after you've weighed and vetted them, it's disgusting and brad is right. >> yes, i absolutely -- i think they are all opinion journalist, they just have not told us that yet. we should treat them like opinion journalist because they are giving us their opinion. i don't think there's any legitimate journalist out there anymore, i don't think it exists anymore and we should all stop pretending it does. kennedy: i think we should treat them like children and stick
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them in a turkish prison. much more with the party panel, they will be back. next, president biden says china invades taiwan, the u.s. will get involved militarily, it sounds like a great idea. white house is in cleanup mode saying one china policy has not changed. does the president know what that means? we will discuss that in moments. ♪♪
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the biden administration once again confusing the entire world with foreign policy. today in tokyo the president said he would defend taiwan militarily if china invaded. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes, the idea that taken by force, just taken by force is not, it would dislocate the entire region and another action similar to what happened in ukraine. kennedy: the white house had to walk back the comments saying the administration's taiwan policies have not changed but china heard biden said, they are not happy.
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>> china strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the u.s. remarks. taiwan is an inalienable part of chinese territory. china will take firm action to safeguard sovereignty, security interest and we will do what we say. kennedy: we will do what we say, what we? how long until one of these gets us into a hot work? he with me now, combat veteran purple heart recipient, kate tt eight seattle radio host, bryan suits. the blinds are drawn. hello, brian. >> cleanup on aisle biden. cleanup on aisle biden. [laughter] kennedy: this is not great news. sure, ukraine is having their way with russian army, chinese army is a little bit different. correct? >> well, from the chinese
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perspective, keep in mind this is the third time in nine months he's made the same mistake so twice as coincidence, the third time is an action, the chinese now are left with elder abuse and they should get him out of the mike or he really is stating united states position on taiwan, he would militarily treat them like south korea or something like that and there's no such agreement. if we want to, it's a penny for a pound because you can't reach taiwan once it's wrong from china. you can't supply taiwan throw romania or poland. it's an island. an island. they basically do what they start on day one. it's without breaking through chinese, the wall of the navy and that means war.
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you wonder at this time, does he keep making the mistake because it's a new policy? kennedy: he keeps making the mistake because he thinks he's being a tough stuff mcgillicuddy. i need to fight them with my bare hands. i need to go to taiwan with a rifle, bolt action rifle and i'm going to take it right after my second scoop of ice cream. [laughter] >> you bring them on the curb in her corn pile. kennedy: it's not a good look for the united states. does this project tend administration riddled with foreign policy finesse and clear understanding of our position in the world and maintain ongoing hedge money? >> it does not and the chinese make gigantic deal about personality study and the
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chinese don't make a mistake. the foreign affairs spokesman said invading taiwan, he be donating and would never hear from him again so they assume everyone in the world is like that . kennedy: ryan froze. it's the saddest thing in the world. that's what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden you have six feral dogs eating your modem and that is a euphemism. bryan, i understand we have you back, a miracle. you are the lazarus of prime time cable news. >> but yeah, the chinese take it very seriously because they don't make these mistakes, they do not on any stage. kennedy: why does our president keep making these mistakes? >> because you keep putting him on video.
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[laughter] kennedy: i didn't. i think is entertaining, gives us something to talk about but it is scary. you got kids, our kids are close in age, like a month apart, we want them to outlive us and live longer after that if that's not going to happen if we get into hot war with russia or china. >> and the premise of the question originally earlier today and tokyo, he didn't get involved directly for obvious reasons. his media not aware china has nuclear power since 1953? kennedy: they are probably not aware of that. >> they have nuclear weapons just as much as russia but same reason, they discovered h bombs so i'm with you, i'd like to see my kids turn 18. kennedy: yeah, it would be wonderful. at this rate though, we are so host, thank you for that, president biden, not what i
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voted for. that's why i voted for joe jorgensen. thank you, stay safe. coming up, have you heard about this crazy monkeypox scare? is it covid 2.0? or are officials needlessly stirring up panic and fear to control us? party panel returns to discuss next. ♪♪
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get ready for hot monkeypox summer. i love this, it started in rave. first, the first official case of the virus landed in the united states, president biden said people should watch out. >> something everybody should be concerned about, we are working on it hard to figure out what we do and what vaccine may be
7:28 pm
available but it is a concern in the sense that if it were to spread, there's consequences. kennedy: if it's not -- i can't understand what he said. i need subtitles. the world tells officials advised unlike covid, monkeypox is not airborne and doesn't have known a cinematic spread. is monkeypox going to shut everything down again this summer or is it a bunch of monkey business? the party panel is back. christopher hawn, brad polumbo and karol markowicz. i don't have the energy or patience for another pandemic. >> i would say the problem with the biden administration saying anything about a new disease is the use of a lot of their trust lying to us about covid. should everybody be concerned about monkeypox? maybe but how are we supposed to believe health agencies that have been so dishonest with us?
7:29 pm
the cdc a lot of political actors like randi weingarten to craft policy. anthony fauci spent his time on television contradicting himself every day, the american people have no trust in some of us have been saying that throughout covid that this would be a problem for future diseases and here we are. kennedy: absolutely. chris, you have a wonderful phrase, panic. walking through that category. [laughter] got to tell you, your biden sounds like a grumpy old man, i don't know if you still that subconsciously or consciously, i don't think we are in this country for anything ever again and i do think -- monkeypox c anymore coming. kennedy: hand sanitizer and masks sitting on paper on the toilet? >> i mean, you should always wash your hands.
7:30 pm
i'm just saying, america. kennedy: thanks, doctor fauci. chris is now fun police, we can't do anything good this summer, brad. >> no more wiping and then shaking hands without washing. >> and skip out on orgies, people. apparently that's where this all started. kennedy: why not fill my heart with delight? at least somebody had a good time. covid didn't start in an orgy. >> we don't know. kennedy: unless people were shoving that's up there but. >> my kids are watching. [laughter] >> i think this whole thing, we need to avoid covid 2.0, you can take it seriously, you can listen to it but like karol said, this doesn't politicize and the effects we do know that could change with the facts we do know are that we have a
7:31 pm
vaccine already that could be repurposed for this and it doesn't spread anywhere near as rapidly as covid so calm down, don't let them scare us, that's what they do to try to control. kennedy: exactly right. they are showing images of pus filled lesions trying to scare people into submission because there's big money in compliance out of abundance of caution. i'm going to tell everybody we have to stay out of each other's bodies because i'm anthony fauci and i kill people. today, title 42 is supposed to expire, potentially exacerbating already dire crisis on the border but federal judge holding hitting the biden administration another cumulating immigration law, title 42 is a trump era health order that the port migrants for covid related reasons. the administration has been fighting to end for months, republicans claim he could cause a surge of the border but
7:32 pm
vulnerable democrats especially in border states now breathing a sigh of relief because the ruling is them out of a tricky political situation so who wins and who loses? >> the democrats have to eventually admit what they actually want to do on immigration. stopping title 42 appeal by some time but they have to be forced to tell us the truth what they want to see happen. right now we have a poor border in the democrats say we don't want to open orders but they have policies that lead to open borders. i think it's dishonest to represent one position. >> and people with words but live under a completely different one. i think we need to be forced to meet the positions and tell us what they want to see happen with immigration. i'm an immigrant, obviously i am for immigration but was happening at the border is a travesty. we need to stop and i think the democrats need to face what's happening first. kennedy: just talked to
7:33 pm
democrats in border states, it's inhumane regardless whether or not you feel human beings should be able to move about the world as they see fit, this is not policy and democrats have had plenty of time to craft it so what is the democrats position on this kind of immigration? it's bad for kids, horrible for families, incredibly dangerous. it puts vulnerable people in peril who are escaping horrific circumstances and there's no guideline from the administration for democrats what they want to see, if they could craft immigration policy, why didn't they just do that? >> the policy they would craft would be the. [two bells tolling] border security and immigration modernization act that passed the united states senate with the bipartisan vote and never was taken up by john weiner in
7:34 pm
the house of representatives. title 42 was put in place as a covid measure, the last segment in this segment we talked about how covid is over, we are being hypocrites sank we have to keep title 42? i don't want an unruly immigration system in this country, i want that to be passed. democrats and republicans. kennedy: why do you put pressure on your party -- >> i do it every time i'm asked about immigration, i believe democrats and republicans need to get their act together on this, they both wanted the bill, it passed with the bipartisan vote, lindsey graham and chuck schumer together. kennedy: okay but stop talking for a second, to what you're saying, we are in a completely different political moment than in. [two bells tolling] what happened then isn't going to happen now on anything in terms of monetary policy, in terms of immigration, health
7:35 pm
policy, none of it so you have to deal with the circumstances and what you have. what you do have is a former united states senator, a current united states vice president in charge of the border crisis, she easily could have put a coalition of willing people together to at least fix some of the most glaring problems we have in terms of immigration but she's remained mostly silent. >> and she should be on the hill, on the hill working to get a version of the. [two bells tolling] bill back in circulation and back for a vote while the democrats have control and there are still many pumpkins including mcconnell who voted for the bill in the united states senate and she should call on them to do it again and bring it to nancy pelosi, she should pass it and biden should sign it and . kennedy: then why don't they? >> i think the reason they don't
7:36 pm
is because illegal immigration system is so broken and distorted we operate under the system of complete pretense. title 42 was never a covid restriction, not really it hasn't been used as one in a long time. it's a backdoor that allows timely expedited deportation of illegal immigrants and that's what they wanted for and why republicans calling to end every rejection except this one and vice versa. the truth is, they are being hypocritical because they won't fix the underlying issue. we will have a problem at the border, we are going to have illegal immigration problem as long as it's next to impossible to come illegally and go through a million hoops and heavily restricted so that's where energy should be focused. kennedy: streamline the system, remove the hoops, make the process easier to understand so people know when they come legally, they can get into the country short-term and long-term. congress doesn't have the
7:37 pm
knowledge to do that and shame on all of them, whoever is in power, republicans or democrats. this is bad news for our country and for people trying to get here. it's okay to have rules, it's okay to have a game plan that everyone adheres to. that's what sovereign countries do but congress has completely advocated that and we will not have any thing copperheads of, it will be have to be one problem at a time but you can't fix problems into you name them. >> that's exactly it. that's what i always say, the democrats have to face what's happening. democrats are in control, the house, senate, presidency, if they want to do something on this, they could but they don't because that would mean they would have to take a stand on immigration and i think they're actually believes on immigration are unpopular with the american people. what you said was correct, what
7:38 pm
we went through in. [two bells tolling] , we could never accomplish ever again so until the democrats say what they actually believe and stand behind their beliefs, i think it's going to continue the same path we've been on. kennedy: it's a bad path and dangerous. >> in. [two bells tolling] there were two dozen republican to support that, not one . kennedy: i understand that -- >> people have come through the border since then, how many hundreds of thousands of people have come then? >> this and almost everything else, that's the biggest problem in america. kennedy: they are a bunch of jerks faces. great to talk to you all, karol, chris and brad. shiny flowers i would love to sit in my garden. coming up, predictions of recession growing by the day. what's the best way for your finances? we have advised next.
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♪♪ just about everyone for president biden things america is heading toward recession. president said recession is not inevitable. that's not even a thing the economists are saying opposite and with gas and food prices soaring. average american is $9000 in savings spent last year so what can you do to recession proof your finances? he with me now, chief investment officer and fox news contributor, not scotty. scott martin is here. >> body karate, how are you? b2 very haughty.
7:44 pm
ha ug. >> operation is key. kennedy: jerome powell is the fed chair, he said inflation was transitory and now the president is saying it's not guaranteed, we are going to be in recession, we might already be in recession. >> i think we are and talking about this long call until things get better, he's finally coming to grips with reality and you are right about jerome powell and janet yellen saying similar things and safe and culpable as far as how they very consumer under inflationary gaps so that's hurting a lot of companies. we saw earnings from target and amazon and other companies talking about the pressure at the shelves and consumers talking about what they have had with gas and food prices affecting spending so it's everywhere and it's about time the president gets a grip on it. kennedy: like i said last block, it's hard to get a grip on something if you can't name it.
7:45 pm
an inconvenient truth that your political fortunes on the way of the economy and the economy heading south very quickly, we are not going to get any answers or relief and that means people will have to do things for themselves. a lot of people are coming to grips with the fact that the federal government isn't going to help them. people in charge who want to be reelected, that's all they care about, they truly don't care about your pain and i'm sorry for that. what can people do? how can people recession proof their own economy? >> preparation is key so save more money if you can't, you're spending more of the stores and that's tough. also do training so you may have a job, you may be looking for a job but also develop new skills and it's important to tell clients, don't panic or make rash decisions and run out of the market, take practical steps
7:46 pm
or pragmatic steps and think about your future but make sure you have a plan in place not to make rash decisions and do things detrimental to your future. kennedy: exact, people love to do panic selling when they feel the economy is cratering and that is the worst thing you can do. what about gold? i love gold. >> i love gold, too. they used to call me gold member back in the day but -- exactly. it's a true gold helps value pretty well and inflationary market, it's something we've been putting in our portfolio in the stock market and bond market. kennedy: we've got an exchange system, a couple of stories with them and it's hysterical because a different environment now than it was at the beginning of covid and people are going and trying to sell their grandmother's gold teeth, whatever they can to get money for the gold and buying gold and platinum and silver.
7:47 pm
i love silver also. >> just don't buy crypto with it, that's what i would advise. but if you can get money for grandma steve, that's all good and fair game. kennedy: i still like crystal, i'm not mad at it. [laughter] >> crypto won't have the same value over time. we trust gold a little more especially in inflationary environment. kennedy: i'm going to buy crypto with gold and be a billionaire and stay away on my yacht and say by, scotty martin. time for us to go, thank you for being here, scott. it's been wonderful, thank me later. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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a new study claims troops, murderers of crows take democratic votes about where and when supplies. all this time i thought they were just winging it. ♪♪ that's tweeting your travel plans. this is topical storm, topic number one. mug shot monday and tonight we meet the worst terminal since the hamburger.
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22-year-old diana jones was arrested after tearing apart a mcdonald's because employees got her happy meal order wrong. not on purpose, it was just a happy accident. first she called 911 to report she was surrounded by idiots that way they would know is in the cost to mcdonald's. >> i'm five months pregnant these people don't know run a -- i want my money. i want my money. kennedy: , then she flew into a rage knocking items off the counter cursing at employees, staggering plastic cups all over the floor making this the only mcdonald's in america were trashed as customers. storming out and mcclory, performed mcdonald's milkshake losing her shirt and working for the employees. just another day at mcdonald's workers staring at buns. give her money back. topic number two.
7:53 pm
man in northern mexico reportedly fell throw sinkhole while sleeping and woke up inside an underground drug title. dreams do come true. leaving his bed almost as soiled as johnny depp. he removers visiting his house in connection to a drug investigation but he had no idea there was a drug tunnel directly below his living room then again the home inspector mentioned something about crack in the foundation. martin was swallowed into the earth along with his couch in the table eating him instantly furnished man kyiv, that's exciting. minor injuries from the fall, luckily plenty of painkillers down there. a city completely controlled by the cartel which was infamous for using tunnels to smuggle drugs into the u.s. and criminals out of prison. nowadays they don't need that, for just use democrats for both those things, thanks, guys. topic number three.
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the pizza will debut in new york and spread to cities across america like every other that idea in the country. i'll be right back with mouth trumpet monday. ♪♪ he
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[mouth trumpeting] ♪♪ kennedy: we have to go. olivia rondeau. make your dayse a candidate. that's why i called it a rumor. it's not true. truth is american output has increased over the last three decades, not decreased. sure, globalization has had a huge impact on jobs. and those disruptive technologies that we're always hearing about, they're real, and they're here to stay. 3d printing, advanced robotics, the internet of things, whatever that means, big data, it's all having a huge impact on the way we make things


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