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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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hats mom wears from chef to financial advisor. reservers found a job would pay more than 100 grand per year if moms were paid for work as parents. now doubt they're overworked and underpaid. that does it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. david: breaking now, we are learning more about the massacre at uvalde texas, elementary school. authorities say the suspect walked into the school and unobstructed. he was in there for an hour before authorities were able to subdue him. we have the very latest. another day, another gas price hike. average fuel hitting historic 4.$60 a gallon as people gear up to travel this memorial day weekend. president biden, we ask, where is your plan to ease pain at the
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pump? fda commissioner grilled by lawmakers on capitol hill. a whistle-blower said unsanitary conditions at the abbott factory didn't reach top fda officials for months. could more have been done to insure that america's babies don't go hungry? hillary clinton's campaign lawyer not taking the stand in her russia trump collusion trial. as we get set to hear closing arguments tomorrow. was it a smart move for michael sussman to dodge the hot seat? this woke culture at it again. why a powerful banker was apparently suspended for his remarks on climate change. plus fbi chief christopher wray warning that there is a national security threat at our southern border as hundreds of migrants pour into the u.s. every hour. we've got the details. i'm david asman, in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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♪. david: and tonight we are learning new information about the horrific mass shooting at an elementary school in uvalde, texas, that left 19 students and two teachers dead. police say the gunman was able to walk into the school unobstructed, unlike previously reported and was in there for at least an hour before being killed by authorities. they say the door to the school appears to have been unlocked. this is new video surfaces of parents clashing with police on that fateful day as they tried to get into the school, desperately to save their kids. then there is this heartbreaking moment when a father found out his daughter had died. >> i was aiding assistance. girl was covered head to toe. i asked her what she was wrong. she is hysterical saying he killed her best friend. she is not breathing. trying to call the cops.
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i asked the little girl, the name and she, she said told me, emory. >> that is how you learned? david: the president and the first lady are set to visit the community on sunday. meantime as police continue to search for a motive beyond the pure evil of the act itself, social media posts from the 18-year-old gunman are raising questions about big tech's role in these tragic events. hillary vaughn has the very latest from capitol hill. hillary. reporter: god evening, david, meta has taken down the shooters accounts on facebook and instagram after his disturbing social media activity minutes before the massacre had come to light. texas governor greg abbott detailing what was in those messages yesterday. >> the first post was, to the
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point of, he said, i'm going to shoot my grandmother. the second post was, i shot my grandmother. the third post maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school was, i'm going to shoot an elementary school. reporter: meta, facebook parent company spokesperson andy stone tweeted this, the message governor abbott described were private one-to-one text messages discovered at the terrible tragedy occurred. we're closely cooperating with law enforcement in their ongoing investigation. the uvalde school district previously used a company called social sentinel to monitor social media activity and identify possible threats using artificial intelligence but if it is not clear if the school district has the contract today with this company and if they were able to flag anything before this event. david? david: hillary, thank you very. this evil behavior, the
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bone-chilling social media messages from the shooter, raise questions whether the tragedy is part of a broader social problem among our youth. joining us congressman pat fallon from the house oversight and reform committee from the great state of texas, along with heritage foundation tech policy center director, kara frederick. thou both for being here. congressman, before getting into details what happened, anything to do about it, if there is anything that can be done about it, i want to focus on a big picture, a very big picture which is the social ills that plague america right now. i can think of three off the top. the breakdown of american family. this kid came from a broken home. as so many americans happen to do. so many more, broken homes are going in america. the lack of faith in your communities. that i think also plays a big role in this, that allows for the spread of evil. i know it is not fashionable to say that, but clearly i can't think of another word than evil
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to describe this attack and then the folks, the crap, forgive me, that people get sucked into on social media. again, that's a problem that seemed to plague the shooter in this instance. how do you address that larger issue, those larger issues? >> you know, david, you took the words right out of my mouth as far as some of the problems we're facing that are just unique. when we were growing up i never remember hearing about any school shootings it was not part of the culture at all, fortunately then, but unfortunately now. we see breakdown of the family. we see breakdown of faith, quite frankly. what social media does, it makes people anti-social with social interaction. these folks that commit the evil acts almost always loners. they are not the popular folks or have a healthy social life. that is something we need to talk about, need to address moving forward in society. david: there hasn't been a
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social healthy life and pandemic for lockdowns for two years. that is part of the problem too. apparently this guy dropped out of school in the middle of all of that. i don't know whether the lockdowns themselves played a role, but cara, texas lieutenant governor dan the patrick spoke to the larger point we're trying to get to as well in the segment. it's a fairly large sound bite from laura ingram's show last night. then i come back to you. roll tape. >> this problem is a much larger problem than the infrastructure, the gun issue, the mental health issue. this is, all those are important but at the end of the day, laura, we're in a sick society where we are at each other's throats all the time, everywhere you look. we are just, whether it is on the internet, whether it is any walk of life, people are at each other every day and we have to ask ourselves who we are and i believe we're a nation of godly people and godly people need to
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pray. you cannot change the culture after country without changing the character of the people and you just cannot change character without changing a heart. you can't do that without turning to god. david: cara, kind of a perfect storm for the social ills that lead to the awful massacres that we've seen too much of. >> exactly. all three of you are exactly right and what we need to do is we need to get comfortable talking about these issues in moral terms. especially when it comes to social media use and the big tech issues. we talk about it in through an economic lens. we talk about it through a political and electoral lens. but we need to talk about it what it does to the moral fabric of our country, and particularly our kids. study after study after study has shown at the very least, correlation between children using social media and their life satisfaction. we know that social media lights
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a fire under these social contagions. we know it increases atomization, and these big tech companies design products larger generations like pre-teens with addictive properties. we need to talk about it with that regard. we need to infuse technology with morals, with values, with our god-given ideas and rights. talking about it in just very staid economic and political terms is no longer acceptable. this is a moral and cultural issue. david: and our leaders have to talk about it with a sense of civility and not make things worse by screaming at each other. congressman we just saw an example of that today with senator schumer over in, not in your house but in another house close by going after the luke and alex school safety act. that was worked on by families of the parkland shooting. he said governor, gop senator
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johnson just tried for a bill that could see more guns in schools. so i blocked it. the truth, there were officers at the school in texas. the shooter government past them. we need real solutions. we will vote on gun legislation starting with the domestic terrorism protection act that was a misdescription of what the luke and alex safety act was all about. marco rubio answered back, the truth, schumer blocked a bipartisan bill that makes the school safety clearinghouse, school safety government permanent because radical left-wing activists oppose it. how are we going to get anywhere inside of the beltway when you have screaming matches like that? >> you know, david, we do need to change the culture in washington. that's for sure. because not everything is partisan and it is very sad to see and very unfortunate to see some people in positions of power, using this as political currency, this tragedy with 21 innocent souls lost, with the teacher's husband dying after
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heart attack today, 22 souls lost. we can have real solutions here. we need to harden schools and leverage technology. i was in city council 13 years ago, all of our city have all the schools wired, every classroom, hallway, everything, integrated with police and law enforcement this would be great aid and benefit. we need to change the doctrine of law enforcement so children aren't being held hostage by a government for 90 minutes. we need to be able to address this thing, these things with rapid response. almost also very much in favor of school marshals as well, david. the more firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens the safer we all are. david: right. cara, before we had the social ills, i call them ills. a lot of people say they're progress i think we should get back to some of the family values that we used to have, we used to have kids walk around with guns, i remember a kid with a rifle going on subway in
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new york because there was a rifle club at his high school. you know, you had stuff like that, that was going on and people weren't thinking two-ways about it. but in fact nowadays when you add social media, you add all the earth ills in there, such a toxic, toxic combination. the uvalde shooter put his intentions on the internet, when he was in the midst of the massacre. first the massacre at his home, then school doing it. was there anything that social media companies could have done to flag that? >> yeah. companies are getting much more sophisticated when it comes to this. you know they are using artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques to detect things like suicidal ideation and posts and incity great wellness checks by law enforcement. in my estimation companies are doing that, youtube taking down live streams of conferences because moved race issues they
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can get on live streams a lot quicker than they have in the past. there are technical solutions to this. tech companies should focus on those. david: we got to leave it at that. there is obviously a lot more to talk about concerning this issue. congressman fallon, kara frederick, thank you very much. >> thank you, david. david: national average of fuel hitting another record high today as people gear up to travel in the memorial day weekend. we ask president biden, where is your plan, a real plan to ease the pain at the pump? so far nothing that you have tried has helped. more on that straight ahead. ♪. and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps)
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♪. david: while bond traders think inflation might have reached a plateau, a new report from the non-partisan congressional budget office says americans will face uncomfortably high prices for the rest of 2022. edward lawrence is at the white house with the latest. edward? reporter: david a new congressional budget office report shows inflation will remain elevated but a report says it has peaked. however that report saying that inflation will drop to 4.7% by the end of this year and fall again next year as well as the year after that to get close to the fed's 2% target by the end of to 24. on the federal deficit the
6:18 pm
president taking credit for reducing the deficit. president biden: let me remind you again i reduced the federal deficit. all the talk about the deficit from my republican friends. i love it. reporter: committee for a responsible federal budget says that is not the case. >> all president biden's policies bring the deficit up to 2021. relative to that is coming down in 2022. this is not a case of him enacting policies. the exception i do think the american rescue plan created more nick growth and more inflation. that probably drove down the deficit more than it would have been. reporter: cbo said the deficit will increase next year and increase most of the years after that until 032. david. david: edward lawrence. thank you very much. holding this administration accountable for the ongoing pain at the pump republicans writing a letter to energy secretary jennifer granholm accusing the white house of draining the nation's strategic reserves as a stopgap measure that obviously
6:19 pm
did little to combat high gasoline prices which keep going up. joining us now to discuss, former labor secretary nominee, former chief executive officer of cke restaurants, an did i puzder. -- andy puzder. we'll get into oil and gas in amendment mo. the i talk about inflation, and the fact we are slipping on growth. we got a revision of the gdp figures in the first quarter. we thought it was 1.3% down which is bad enough. turns out it was 1.5% down which is much worse. it looks like we're in the midst of stagflation. >> we are in the midst of stagflation. even more importantly, i think the american people are already sensing stagflation, even if, i don't know if the numbers are there yet or not. we'll have to wait for the government to record them. talk to anybody, somebody buying to buy gas, food, taking care of their family around bills, they're feeling stagflation today. whether it is technically here or not may not be as important
6:20 pm
as whether or not people are living it. david: it's a fancy term but demand destruction is what is going on here. just a very concrete example of that, comes from our old business, the restaurant business. i went to a restaurant last night. my sister-in-law is in town. my wife and sister law was in town. we went same place a few months back. $200 for the three of us. it was a pricey place. last night it was $300. a 33% increase. made us wonder if we stay at home buy a nicer bottle of wine that we can get at a restaurant. that kind of thinking should i spend that much for a night out on the town, even less than that a fancy stake and hamburger. you're. >> you're not only person thinking that. numbers, savings, amount of money people have in savings accounts have gone way down. credit card debt has gone way
6:21 pm
up. there is point where credit card debt is super high. savings are very low. you will see people cutting back on kind of activity the they are engaging in since the pandemic ended with all the government money people had. that will have a devastating effect on businesses, particularly restaurant and smaller restaurants, the restaurants one in the cities like the one you ate steak at. this will be a problem. these people will survive the pandemic. will they survive biden's economic policies post-pandemic? that is a tough one. david: his policies specifically oriented trying to fix the problem, at least not doing anything if not having a perverse effect making it all worse. the letter from the republicans to energy secretary jennifer granholm i will read a bit of it, the americans know the doe plan to backfill the spr, the strategic petroleum reserve they have been take a lot of oil out
6:22 pm
of, selling it mostly overseas by the way. the spr is intended for emergency supply chain disruptions, not a stopgap to make up for the biden's administration war on domestic policy. we'll have to refill that with prices much higher than we bought the oil at. we're selling it overseas, even though meant to be used here. it is not bringing down the price of oil. it is failing on at least three fronts, if not more? >> of course it is not bringing down the price of oil. oil prices go down when the world anticipates there is going to be an increase in the supply of oil. a temporariry release from a strategic energy reserve isn't going to convince the world that that's the case. if we need to, america were granting permits, new leases, building pipelines, encouraging banks to lend to oil industry companies as opposed to discouraging them, if biden stood on the steps of the white house said we're back in the oil business. the oil is going to start to flow, prices would come down. that is not what he is doing.
6:23 pm
he. first of all he doesn't want to do it. now he said we're in incredible transition to a new kind of economy where we won't, we won't be using oil. i guess idea of blaming pandemic, blaming trump, blaming putin, blaming war in ukraine, blaming price gouging, none of that worked. now we'll head to an economy, transition of economy where we won't have fuel to drive our cars, heat our homes, air condition our homes or food to feed our families. this is the biden economy. david: andy, he is not even consistent on that. he goes to the dirty producers like iran or even worse venezuela in terms of the filth with when i they produce the oil product instead of coming home doing it here. rather than encouraging production, democrats have price gouging bill. they continue to attack on the regulatory front, on this particular front putting price controls in, which create more shortages. again they're doing exactly the opposite of what will help the
6:24 pm
average american consumer. >> well, the interesting thing is, that when biden sells oil, when the government sells oil from the strategic energy reserve, guess what they sell it for? they sell it for the market price, just like the oil companies they accuse of gouging. then the reason they're bringing in oil from places like venezuela, iran, russia, any place they can bring it in from opposed to united states, they're trying to show they're cutting production in the united states to keep the democrats voting and bring oil in to try to keep gas prices down to get everybody else to vote for them. it is not working. nobody is fooled. david: by the way, venezuela doesn't have the oil. they produce 700,000-barrels a day. they use about 600,000-barrels in country and we're hoping to get a million barrels. only way to get more oil from venezuela by going in there, helping them to produce more oil. so we're helping a terribly dirty foreign oil company run by a dictator by the way and
6:25 pm
screwing our own people. it is really un-american, the whole thing is. hopefully we'll work it out. we are great. the american people are great. the american entrepreneurs are great. we will figure out a way to get through it. >> let them loose. david: but it won't happen through the government, that's for damn sure. >> it will not. david: andy puzder, have a wonderful weekend. thank you very much. meanwhile the fda commissioner grilled by lawmakers for a second day on capitol hill. a whistle-blower said unsanitary conditions at a abbott factory didn't reach top fda officials for months. what actually happened? is the fda commissioner being painted the bad guy when it goes higher than him? we break it all down next. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease.
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♪. david: lawmakers again grilled fda commissioner robert kaliff he admitted the agency was too slow to react. we have congressman mark green. thank you for being here, appreciate it. this is the first time i ever remember this administration admitting responsibility for anything that goes wrong but having said that i'm wondering if dr. cale live is a fall guy here? i think he was actually finally confirmed on february 15th, which was actually after the worst of this had happened. is he being the fall guy for more systemic problem?
6:30 pm
>> i think they want to make him the fall guy. the problem it took over a year for president biden to pick someone to lead the fda. as you mentioned in a previous mon -- monologue, it took them eight months to get the whistle-blower report up the chain of command that was a systemic leadership because the president didn't at point someone. david: just about every problem that we have where you can pinpoint it to this administration comes down to their far too great faith in the power of the government to solve problems, to arrange the economy, et cetera. as ronald reagan used to say, the government's not the solution, it's the problem. >> well there is no doubt about that and in this particular case that is very much the case. basically the, you know, food assistance programs have created a monopoly by buying in bulk from certain vendors. it basically protectionist against any competition in the
6:31 pm
marketplace. and then you layer over that all the regulations, the tariffs we put on foreign, you know, baby formula, that is why i just dropped a bill, that it is a very simple bill. it just allows the president to remove the tariffs and those regulations as long as the baby formula is safe, made to our standards nutritionally to bring it into the united states. i'm aware of australian company ready right now to ship baby formula to the united states. they can't because of regulations. >> would this australian company have enough to fill our shelves, to fill the supply gap we have now? >> they have tons of baby formula and they're ready to ship it. all we need to do is change the regulations. the tariffs, restrictions that create a monopoly inside of our own country. it is too much government once again screwing it up. david: now doesn't the executive have the power to change those, those barriers to importing that australian formula? >> he doesn't have the authority. that is why we need this bill.
6:32 pm
we could pass this in a few days. he could have the authority and wave the regulations. actually redoing the regulations is what we need ultimately to do. that will take time to ferret through. there are thousands, thousands of trade regulation have to go through. my team is working on that. but for now we gave him the authority to wave them in a time of this crisis and we need nancy pelosi to floor the bill. david: we were thinking alike. that was the next word that was going to come out of my mouth was nancy pelosi. instead she seems only to want to point fingers at the company. she said somebody there has to be indicted. who she was talking about or what exactly they would be indicted for, do you? >> they had a contamination resulted in a child's death there are liability laws that allow that to work out in our court system. i'm sure that is proceeding. abbott notified. they said they were sorry. their ceo apologized. what didn't happen the plant didn't get authorized to go back
6:33 pm
open because the information for the inspection never got to the leadership at the fda. that is failure inside of the systems, inside of the fda i point back to the fact they had no leader because the president await ad year to appoint him. david: of course there is also the problem the government is involved buying up so much of this stuff they put all these controls, not only export controls or import controls of foreign stuff but state to state, you have all these barriers, right? >> yeah. that is exactly right. the way we buy for our food assistance programs creates an advantage to those companies. basically essentially no competition. what we've got to do is get competition in the marketplace because that will one, drive down price of course. it will create supply. these guys don't understand how to manage a supply chain. david: no. well it is more fun to beat up on producers. government is not the solution. it is the problem. i think reagan had it right. >> amen. he did. david: 40 years ago. >> he did.
6:34 pm
david: congressman, thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. david: hillary clinton's lawyer not taking the stand in the trump-russia collusion trial. was it a smart choice for michael sussman to dodge the hot seat? we'll break it down with andy mccarthy next.
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david: now to the latest on the durham probe. hillary clinton's former attorney michael sussman did not take the stand for his defense today before we heard closing arguments. jurors have to decide whether sussman lied to the fbi when he claimed he wasn't bringing phony information about donald trump to the fbi on behalf of hillary clinton. has he made his case? joining me to discuss is former assistant u.s. attorney, fox news contributor, long-time friend, andy mccarthy. great to see you. >> thank you, david. david: you pointed out in the piece, there is a smoking gun in this case and it was a text written just before sussman met
6:39 pm
with the fbi general attorney, jim baker, general counsel. he wrote a text to the fbi guy, jim baker. he says, jim, it's michael sussman. i have something time sensitive and sensitive that i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau. thanks. so he said it. he said that he wasn't doing this on behalf. why isn't that the smoking gun that is going to get him convicted? >> unfortunately, david, they got it too late. when this case was indicted in september of 2021, they were right up against the five-year statute of limitations. the meeting that baker had with sussman, jim baker, was the general counsel of the fbi at the time, that occurred on september 19th, 2016.
6:40 pm
so they had to indict the case by september of 2021. they didn't locate the text until six months after that. by that point durham could not go back the grand jury, supercede the indictment to add new charges because it was time barred. david: so you can't bring this text into the court? >> no. it is different. they're allowed to use it for evidence. so what they have to prove, because this is the way the indictment is charged, is that the false statement was made at the face-to-face meeting that they had the day after the text, which is how the indictment reads. so he was allowed to use the text in the trial and he can argue from the text that baker's recollection which is that sussman absolutely told him that he was not there representing a client, that that his recollection, baker's recollection is probably correct because it matches up with the text immediately before the meeting and it matches up with
6:41 pm
what baker told other fbi officials right after the meeting. david: wow. then you have the problem of the jury, andy, in which has several members of the jury that were not only for hillary clinton but that contributed to money to her? >> yeah. i think that is going to be a big problem for durham. i thought, david, that you know, a d.c. jury in general is terrible for republicans and it is probably toxic for trump because of the, i mean, just a lot of, a lot of animus against him but we know as a matter of fact in connection with this trial, that the judge let people on who said they were pro-clinton and anti-trump. he said he thought he took care of this by telling the jurors that neither one of them, clinton, nor trump is on trial but i think that is kind of silly. david: i do too. >> without clinton or trump there wouldn't be a trial. david: i agree. well, finally the fbi has been exposed as at least dropping the
6:42 pm
ball on this because there have been a number of agents looked at it in an hour said this stuff is junk, it's not the real thing but they went with it. peter strzok picked up ran like a football player to the end line. took three years. should have been killed to the first hour it was brought to the fbi. if they, not only that, but could they have been more than just dropping the ball. was it the fact that they were energized and politicized as, as an instrument in the campaign to get rid of donald trump? i mean does it, does it go that far for the fbi? >> that is certainly what seems to have come out of this trial. you know, there is no doubt, that to my mind at least, that sussman made a false statement but the problem, that the prosecution has, told the false statement was material. there was a awful lot of evidence that the fbi knew who they were dealing with, using
6:43 pm
political information to go after the republican candidate in the race. david: the fbi exposed. that should be the movie if it is ever done what happened here. andy mccarthy, good to see you. thank you very much for being here. >> thanks, david. david: woke culture is at it again. why a powerful banker was apparently suspended for his comments on climate change. we have the very latest coming up. leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit another crazy day? mat of course it is—you'reion. a cio in 2022. so what's on the agenda? morning security briefing—make that two. share that link. send that contract. see what's trending. check the traffic on your network, in real time, with the next generation in global secure networking
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♪. david: an extraordinary expression of power for the woke crowd. desperate to starve the energy industry of funding for anything associated with fossil fuels a senior banker for hsbc has reportedly been suspended accusing policymakers exaggerating the risks of climate change. the problem with the suspension according to our next guest, that the suspended banker was speaking the truth. we have real clear foundation senior fellow, "new york post"
6:48 pm
writer rupert doorwell. explain why it is so important for climate change warriors to exaggerate the climate risk particularly in the banking world. >> what you have got, financial bankers, regulators, see it as their mission to direct investment flows to renewable energy like wind and solar and away from oil and gas investment. to do that they created climate financial risk. they use that to juice up bank stress tests, sec is proposing climate risk disclosures. to disrupt capital markets to allocate capital efficiently. david: exaggerate the risk, you make it less likely fossil fuel companies will get money to create projects for oil and gas? >> absolutely. what they want to say, when a bank lends to an oil company, that is risky thing they are
6:49 pm
doing, therefore they need to have more capital on the reserves. so we'll make it more expensive to lend to oil and gas companies of course the world is crying out for the oil and gas at the moment. david: the fact is this guy stewart kirk, he is a real hero. he said wait a minute, these risks don't add up. >> he blew the whistle and reaction, hostile reaction was almost instantaneous. over the weaken he was disappeared by his own bank. having the presentation was approved internally. they have completely disowned him and the presentation. david: well in fact, what you're describing, what they tried to do was outline specifically by the paris climate agreement of 2016, one of their objectives making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low emissions. the way they do that by lying, lying about the risks. >> that is absolutely right.
6:50 pm
they are creating a false market in climate risk. in 2015 which is the date of the paris climate agreement, the bank of france set up an organization called the network for the greening of the financial system, the name says it all. within days of donald trump losing the 2020 election, the fed signed on to the network for the greening of the financial civil. tells you a great deal what is happening. >> by the way, this is obviously not just in banks. in my business, the media business, a lot of media organizations, associated press and others are hiring all these woke reporters who are actually activists to come out and spin these tales that just aren't true, right? very quickly. >> that's right. associated press has a 8 million-dollar grant from a bunch of billionaire foundations like the rockefeller foundation to do to do so-called reporting on climate risk. david: we know what the
6:51 pm
reporting is. this guy is a hero. he should not have been suspended. he should have been given a race what he is doing blowing the whistle on this. rupert, thanks very much for spelling it all out for us. we appreciate you coming in. good stuff. fbi chief christopher wray warning there is a national security threat at our southern border as hundreds of migrants pour in daily. we have got details straight ahead. chya... line? need. liberty biberty— cut. liberty... are we married to mutual? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. only pay for what you need. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind.
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new reports revealing more than 100 encounters of people on the terror watch list of the u.s. border. we are learning a gap in the border wall near yuma arizona allowed hundreds to cross into our country daily including the suspected terrace from columbia. we first told you about that earlier this week. the number of migrants crossing near yuma hit 27000 this year alone. fbi chief christopher wray yesterday to lawmakers the border is not in good shape. >> certainly any porous entry is potential vulnerability that actors of all sorts including national security threats can seek to exploit.
6:56 pm
cbp folks show me around so i can see firsthand what they are dealing with and they have a heck of a challenge on their hands. >> which i would say don't. joining us now to discuss former dhs acting deputy secretary, ken. this is ridiculous. we have these guys then? you've been saying this well over a year now and this is a national security nightmare, isn't it? >> it really is and this is the ones they know about and some like the one you reported on being released and even on the release when you've got literally overwhelming number of illegals being invited in by this president, completely overwhelms the security screening mechanisms we got in place, department of homeland security and i have never, never heard anyone from the fbi have the borders so bad they were speaking about it in congress.
6:57 pm
within the united states, don't fall for the department of homeland security, dhs is responsible for the border but inside the united states, the fbi lead in countering terrorism, they have to deal with the consequences of this national security disaster at our southern border and that's why you hear from christopher wray, director of fbi agreed that. david: that's what i was supposed to be able to do that we had tom homan on, former director of ice and he said they are so involved with procedural issues, sometimes just changing diapers they can't get involved in chasing down bad guys or terrorists. >> that's true. not only that, this administration has intentionally internally redesigned ice and cbp, i'll say it slowly, to be less efficient. that's intentional. they have redesigned these organizations and how they work
6:58 pm
together to make it harder for them to achieve their mission to protect america and the consequences were suffering, fentanyl deaths, cheaper street drugs because they're coming through the southern border and as christopher wray, director of the fbi testified to, a much heightened level of national security threat do to the poorest southern border. david: also creating less humane environment for the migrants themselves. the human trafficking going on, the people drowning in the water. they claim all this was done to create humane environment along our border. it's having the opposite, for the immigrants as well. >> for the immigrants and for american poor people whose wages are being shoved down or losing job opportunities because of this as well it has a real ripple effect but corporate america doesn't care about those people so is hard to get the
6:59 pm
attention of either party and republicans had an op-ed about what they are going to do and i have to tell you, it was pretty disappointing to see how little they plan to do with the majority when they win in november. i was truly disappointed. david: the extraordinary thing is what you say, the administration is sending poison pills into ice, our agencies there protect us, home and security or ice or whatever. i wonder, we have about 20 seconds, what is the conceivable goal of all this for the biden administration, not helping with hispanics. >> no. so this is a symptom of the radical left, the democrat party, most democrats aren't this crazy but the radical left has the wheel in the democrat party and i should say real quick we saw uvalde, the cbp, you see their commitment to protecting americans, they put
7:00 pm
their lives on the line and what looks like a suicide mission to them, that is their commission but they don't have that leadership. david: they are good people, ken, great to see you, thank you very much and thank you all for watching. i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, we will see you back here to ralph. ♪♪ kennedy: did police wait too long to storm rob emma leisure school and kill the shooter? that is the big question senate as law enforcement officers defend the actions during tuesday's massacre in texas. here is where we stand, witnesses claiming police were on the scene for at least an hour before taking action. we are told some parents that are pushing their way into the school in an attempt to save their children's lives according to the "wall street journal". federal marshals handcuffed a mother who tried to sprint into the school, that woman telling


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