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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 26, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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looks like a suicide mission to them, that is their commission but they don't have that leadership. david: they are good people, ken, great to see you, thank you very much and thank you all for watching. i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, we will see you back here to ralph. ♪♪ kennedy: did police wait too long to storm rob emma leisure school and kill the shooter? that is the big question senate as law enforcement officers defend the actions during tuesday's massacre in texas. here is where we stand, witnesses claiming police were on the scene for at least an hour before taking action. we are told some parents that are pushing their way into the school in an attempt to save their children's lives according to the "wall street journal". federal marshals handcuffed a mother who tried to sprint into the school, that woman telling
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the journal she saw cops pepper spray one parent who tried to do the same that runs counter to the initial report cops acted medially. it raises difficult questions about whether the tragedy could have been stopped sooner but police are pushing back claiming they tried to enter the school four minutes after the government barricaded himself into a class of fourth-graders. today we learned there was no encounter with the school security officer. we are told the suspect crashed a vehicle nearby, shot at the school and managed to enter through a rear door supposed to be locked. no shootout with police or anybody else although the suspect reportedly did open fire and two bystanders across the street. investigators say it will take some time to sort out fact from fiction. devastated parents are demanding answers, understandably so. i am in no way and the police of the needs to be some
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accountability. we have to learn lessons so we don't repeat nightmares in places like columbine and parkland. today even more bad news, we learned the husband of one of the teachers who died, he's also dead himself after suffering a heart attack in the wake of his grief this morning. the family said he did die of a broken heart. for children are now orphans, they are beyond words and difficult to wrap your head around. what do we know about the timeline of events is a horror unfolded? joining me live from uvalde texas, fox news correspondent, jeff paul. >> the tipping.this video surfaced over the last 12 hours that showed parents right outside the school visibly upset, understandably trying to get inside saying let is and while they were held back by different law enforcement. after that made rounds, texas
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dps saying they needed to respond, clear the air and they gave us insight into this timeline. according to texas dps for the time the suspect crashed his truck near rod elementary school, took about 12 minutes to get inside and they said they believe at this time the door he entered on the west side of the school was unlocked. investigators say it was at this time during the first few minutes inside the school where most of the shots were fired. texas dps cleared up, there's no armed school police officer on campus, no interaction as previously reported by investigators. four minutes after the shooter got inside, police entered and immediately shot at so they call for backup for all law enforcement in the area to respond. an hour later, border patrol officers arrived and eventually shot and killed the suspect. >> we want to know what happened to re-create the scene.
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it takes days, hours. that takes time and a lot of information. we have to do a lot of interviews. >> right outside the school, community continue to mourn the loss of the 19 students and two teachers, 21 crosses were placed for the victims there in the school grounds. as we continue to see countless people show up offering thoughts, showing up flowers, taking a moment to think about what occurred behind us there at robb elementary school and last night our team spoke with one of the teachers who was essentially trying to protect her student next door to the fourth grade classroom and when she was asked about, she kept referring to her students as children and even pointed out these are my kids, not my students, they are my children, it shows you the connection between teachers and students especially during something like this. kennedy: come hell or high water, parents are going to
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protect their kids. it's completely understandable the parent any outside seeing the cops guns aren't rushing and to save more lives, their frustration is understandable. we are seeing reporting some law enforcement officers went in and got their own children. have you heard about that? >> the crucial part of this is this hour between when officers first engaged with the shooter and ended up eventually killing the shooter, what happened during that hour, for their efforts to rescue kids throughout the other parts of the school, where their efforts to break into the classroom through a window to take on the shooter? that's a big chunk of time, dps even when they were asked about said we don't have answers right now. we are going to get back to you so there's a lot out there we need to learn especially when it comes to the big block, that hour of time between the first
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engagement and when the shooter was killed. kennedy: great reporting and keep us posted. i know you will be there a few more days, thanks for all that. as i said at the top, police reportedly waited for at least an hour. you heard jeff talking about before storming the school, cops insists they were not sitting around. they claim they were preparing tactical units for the operation. regardless, that hour is an eternity for the terrified kids inside and their desperate parents outside. did police follow proper procedure? i want to bring in d.c. police detective defense attorney and fox news contributor, ted williams. what strikes you about the mysterious our? >> i'm happy to be on with you under said circumstances but what comes to me right away is police officers dropped the ball here.
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yesterday the governor, head of the texas ranger, lieutenant governor and other officials held a press conference and they led us to believe the first person this killer came in contact with was a security officer at the back door of the school and we didn't know at that time whether he had his gun or not but security officer was supposed to engage him and then we were told he went into the school and the next thing there was gunshots. then two other officers then tried to get in four minutes later into that school, through the school door and they were not able to. i tell you and i can tell our audience is columbine 23 years
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ago when you have dillon, to killer's who shot 12 students and a teacher, law enforcement immediately breaches the doors and they go in and it should have happened in this case, they dropped the ball and i think they live to the citizens of texas yesterday when they said a security officer was the first one to come in contact with the killer. kennedy: that was the official line we were given yesterday and it makes you wonder why. you are going to get to the bottom of this, the truth is going to come out because the parent have lost their children are going to demand it. they want to know if they were setting up a perimeter, why on earth would they do that
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considering all we know about the events and the things we know you are supposed to do? most of the officers have kids in the they went in and got their kids and didn't let the other parents go in, that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. that is unforgivable, i hope that's not true, i hope to god that is not true. we are hearing report officers were going down the hall saying screen if you need help, a girl screamed and she was caught shot and killed. >> just think about it, 19 kids. we watched television and see someone with a bullet hole in them. ar-15 rifle leaves large holes. you have 19 kids who were killed along with two teachers. they were also about 17 other students injured. those students had to stay for an hour.
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i need our audience to understand that, for an hour these students had to stay in that classroom with their classmates dead will perhaps even on top of them. they had remained still. this is troubling. kennedy: one of the most incredible stories, it speaks to the power of human survival, a little 11-year-old, she covered herself in her classmates blood so the shooter would think she was already dead and she survived and that is remarkable and a testament to her fortitude of staying calm in the moment and keeping herself alive. god bless her and all of the kids who had to witnessed that and witnessed the trauma especially those who lost their lives. part of this might have been needless of the shooter have been engaged sooner and for the
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parents who have survived, it's something that will eat them alive the rest of their lives as though enough hasn't been taken from them. now they have to go over that constantly in their heads, why, why, why did they go in sooner? their pain is completely understandable, thank you for your time, always appreciated. >> my pleasure. kennedy: coming up, well, the news is not great anywhere. recession is basically here, summer vacation, you better cancer that a wet teacher cancer cluster in your backyard. refusal to help anything. party panel joins in moment. ♪♪
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a sea of bad news, it seems as though our president is sinking. a new poll shows president biden's approval rating has fallen to a crispy 36%, he is toast. even among democrats his approval dropped 4% in one week. not even supreme court leaguer can help you there, friend. somehow we still have two and a half years more of this great presidency. how bad can it get for grandpa joe x tonight party panel, attorney republican strategist,
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alexandra wilkes. democrat pollster and cohost of the five on the fox news channel, jessica tarlov. 2020 libertarian vice presidents are candidate, he is the puppet master, libertarian teacher, spike cohen. i said it. alexandra, this is really bad. if you are the democrat establishment, the war in ukraine, that hasn't worked, the abortion issue was supposed to galvanize the party and reignite democrat passions, that has not necessarily worked. they have tried shamelessly to milk a horrific shooting for political gain. that isn't going to work so what is the next play for democrats? >> i think will see some of these especially endangered house democrats start to abandon the president because there's no other choice when standing and
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ablation is up so significantly that people have difficulties filling their date gas tanks and supermarket, they are going to want to place the blame on somebody and the blame falls squarely of the president's feet. i think you are going to see endangered democrats go after president biden after the spending and not just the polite ways we seen but get aggressive and honestly they should. their constituents are bringing real problems, these are the noise we heard about under president trump administration when every scandal seems to be the thing that would do him in, this -- these are constituents who can't find baby formula on the shelves. kennedy: i went to target today and the only formula was this superhigh and narrow pro formula which jessica, you are a new
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mom, that has to be terrifying politics aside. i know they are ramping up defense production act to get more baby formula on the shelves, it should never get to that crisis level in this country, we should be able to open avenues to feed babies in this country but never assume the gop is going to land a touchdown. >> that's one of the things i was going to say so thanks for the help there on the baby formula front, obviously it's been terrible, i'm lucky my mother-in-law was in jersey and everything at target there is supersized so i have three cans of formula and will hopefully make it to when they ramp up production again and life resumes as normal but i'm luckier than so many of these mothers and kids on specialty formulas which are not something you can switch your kid onto whatever your can get your hands on.
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the amount of idiocy i've heard on television and in print about options when your child takes formula, without your boop -- i just can't so anyway moving back to the politics of all of this, i do think alexandra is right to some degree about people running away from biden, i don't think people will -- biden but everyone will run their own race and their own senate race and you've seen it already with people like john federman for instance, what tim ryan is doing in ohio, people know how to read the root of their specific room and they will have him there if it's going to be useful and they won't if it isn't. i will say about the republican response , this isn't about
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democrats necessarily trying to weaponize or win an election after the shooting, it's about the fact if you listen to commentators right, left and center, everyone is saying the same thing. what happens in that hour, how is it possible the cops were standing outside wearing body armor? if this kid had a gun that scared police officers, we need to do something about the fact that the gun exists and can be legally gotten by someone who waited until her 18th birthday to get it. blew up every gop talking points. we need good guys with guns, they did nothing. >> the people who wanted to engage with guns. kennedy: i'm sorry but yes, you had cowardice meeting evil and death that is pretty much the worst place you want to be in any situation so -- >> rather an unarmed teacher than one of those cops any days. you think of the demonization of them . kennedy: let me stop you so we don't complete issues. this shooting has nothing to do with randi weingarten and we are not going to talk about that and unfortunately the two brave teachers are dead.
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>> yes, they are dead and they are dead because of how passionately they felt about the kids, i'm not talking about randi weingarten, i'm talking about these conversations about pruning kids and people were saying these teachers are saying they treat them as their own. kennedy: not mutually exclusive. these things can all happen at once but let's not take the issues in regina school board meetings and conflated with a horrific shooting in texas where an evil person killed 19 kids and cold-blooded murder. spike. >> on this subject we don't need to choose between the binary of defenseless teachers and cops who refuse to protect them. we can choose to have the american teachers defend themselves, is not for nothing mask shooters take no guns zones to do their shootings because they are the only people there with weapons and often the
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police won't do anything until it's far too late. when it comes to joe biden's approval rating we are in a recession, we have out-of-control inflation, food and formula shortages, labor shortages, shortages in all types of things and the reality is it's not necessarily just joe biden's fault, democrats and republican's have been working on creating regulations and tariffs and restrictions of tax that have led to these conditions but joe biden is one of the main architects for the past 40 years so falls on him and who better to fall on? kennedy: he's also the president so whoever is leading the party in power, they are the one who gets the blame and doesn't have a lot of good answers for these things. shifting the blame and mumbling, it turns out not a satisfying response for people hurting and they are, we've got new numbers so did the gdp, it dropped, numbers showing u.s. economy is that a contraction by 1.5% in the first quarter of 2022 putting us on the brink of
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recession are americans feeling the squeeze? a survey 56% of adults say they can't afford to go on vacation this year, they are planning to spend a lot less at restaurants on entertainment, clothing but won't that take the economy even faster? what are you cutting back on to pay for gas and groceries? where have you seen belt-tightening and people you have talked to, how are they saving right now? >> as simple as a not going to go somewhere because it can't afford a tank of gas it would take to get neither and i think all of this, whether gdp contraction or worsening inflation we are seeing, it goes back to something democrats insisted on at the beginning of the pandemic and something long insisted on through social programs and other things, we
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will this incentivize work in this society, demean it, send out checks instead, basically have government take the place of you going and actually working and we see how much it has hurt our economy to take people out of their routine of going to work hand sending out checks. it's created such an enormous problem in this country that likely can't be reversed for many decades at this time i think we have done almost irreparable damage to the economy. kennedy: the fed and cbo have been off on their numbers and projections but jessica, when consumer confidence goes, so does the rest of the economy. whatever is holding up, people are now seeing the numbers in the market, even if they don't have a 4o1k and they are spooked, they see interest rates going up and home sales go down
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so this hastens that economic news. >> and the big shift is was going on with the market, the trump administration as well, everything kept searching and making money and encouraging people to get involved in the market and now i know personally i'm sure everyone on the panel has been taking their accounts on a daily basis to see how much they have been losing so it is scary, consumer confidence is a great predictor of how people feel about things but they are saying it, 80% think the country is on the wrong track. this incentivizing work, democrats are party to talk about paying people a fair and living wage, i understand the effects the checks had but i fail to see how this will be the catalyst for a decades long
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problem because people were getting relief during a global health pandemic when the world was shut down. kennedy: yes but the problem is the relief came in the form of 200 billing dollars to public schools, teachers unions 6% of the money has been spent. last word, spike. >> the world was shut down by republican and democrat politicians working together. the economy is destroyed by republican and democrat politicians spending trillions of dollars having the federal reserve create 40% of the money created in the past two years leading to inflation is just getting started and recession must also just getting started. joe biden is president, he shares the blame as anyone else and he's the one in charge but reality is, it's not democrat versus republic and problem, this is people in power using their proximity to the money supply to screw over the rest of us to enrich the cronies to put them in office and rest of us are stuck holding the bag while they are bailed out. it's only going to get worse until we replace them.
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kennedy: beautifully said. there seems to be a trend with mass shootings in this country, could america's greatest public health crisis be angry young men? new york post? at large. more in callahan next. ♪♪
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we are beginning to learn more about the suspect in the texas school shooting but the motive is still unclear. we do know he was a loner, he had few if any friends and posted disturbing things on social media. in the coming days and weeks, investigators should know more and put together a clear picture but experts say is a common theme to the recent mass shootings in this country. our next guest is an op-ed, she has an op-ed new york post which is the official newspaper of the kennett daily a show. her piece today reads in part quote read the description of america's latest school shooter, recognize all-too-familiar profile. young male angry.
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is this one of our country's greatest public health crisis. quick at large marine callahan, i am so glad to talk to you, horrible crappy circumstances but you've written an interesting piece and you cannot help but look at the traits, i think about the shooter in santa barbara where we learned the term -- men involuntarily celibate and they are often angry at women and girls in vengeful. how does this happen? >> it's interesting you let off with the official stating they don't have a motive and read the description. i think they will never uncover an actual motive but i do think so much of the why is and that description. young men who are completely alienated, who have so much rage, the school shooters pick
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one distinct profile, they are estranged from at least one parent, refuse to go to school, bullied in school, immerse themselves in the online world, emerged in first-person shooters and all of these red flags are evident in you get the lead up to the execution of these atrocities, going on social media, we know he was on facebook saying i'm going to shoot up the school now so i think until the country attacks this problem as a multipronged complicated piece it is, it's not just about gun control. we have one single cohort that continues to commit these atrocities and it is young men in america and we have to figure
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out why they are so angry. kennedy: and peter lanza, adam lanza's father, the sandy hook killer, he has been speaking out about this some time saying we have to do a better job educating siblings, classmates, parents, administrators, counselors, teachers how to recognize these things. you are right because it's a very complicate it makes of things but the deadliest conclusion happens to have a complicated mix and almost every recipe. they also buy their guns legally. it is often said you can have gun-control laws but somebody willing to take someone else's life will steal a gun, i think they get a rush in being able to go in and buy something legally, like they are getting away with something, are we alienating
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young men for a reason? is it happening with greater ferocity than it was in past generations? if so, why? >> i've heard and read so many interesting multilayered theories to what's going on, people are smarter, interesting ideas from the denigration of men in america, culture at the expense of encouraging girls which is obligated rainy because you don't want to blame women for this but i think what is happening and what you said is so important, educating teachers, parents, school children themselves, peers, and expert said these warning signs, red flags should be as commonplace in the schoolhouse were on campus, the same safety drills every single time. it should be that basic and i
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got an incredible e-mail this morning from a woman who's an educator, mother of a young son, she said this struck me so hard, my son is exhibiting behaviors i find concerning and i'm trying to get mental health and anyone who's ever tried a mental health system in this country with a child in crisis can tell you it is a nightmare. the problem is urgent and not enough resources so i think this is a public and private endeavor needs to be undertaken with incredible urgency, it should be our manhattan project. kennedy: they should take the 200 billing dollars from the pandemic stimulus money and split it up between school security and to health so every kid who needs therapy can get it. they don't have to wait for or five months or go through a
7:37 pm
certain time system in order to finally talk about the problems they are internalizing and when they metastasize is what happens. great work, i love reading your work. it's nice to talk to you on the tv. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, obviously a very tough week so we are going to lighten the mood, a brand-new game called name that tune. he got to play along. party panel in studio next. ♪♪
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your dancing already. time for america's favorite new creation, name that tune.
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hip and with it came of hypocrites and halfwits, who will read words of unwisdom from infamous loonies and goonies to see if they can identify. lyric is the most right wind front row seat to the next kamala harris speech. [laughter] significance of the passages time, dooms what is back in studio. alexandra wilkes, most of fox across america, jimmy failla and jessica tarlov. are you ready to do this? here is question number one, which goonies said on partying and drug use, the rome i was on made sinatra jaeger, all of them look like droopy i almost children? hundred biden, here's the tape. no, never mind. 800 -- johnny depp.
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give me a break. >> are we ready for this? mr. tiger blood himself. kennedy: you said a let's roll the tape. >> you love to party? >> what's not to love? it's epic. the rome i was on made lynn jagger -- you know. kennedy: i'm tired of pretending i'm not special. [laughter] jimmy failla, you're in the lead. here we go, question two. which goonies said with got an issue in america, too many docs are getting out of business. too many ob/gyn's aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country. george w. bush, joe biden or jen psaki. roll the tape. >> we got issue in america. too many are getting out of
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business. too many ob/gyn's aren't able to practice their, their love with women all across this country. [laughter] kennedy: all right, did get it right? >> alexandra did. >> republicans talking a ob/gyn's. [laughter] very uncomfortable. but i'm totally straight. kennedy: question number three, which goonies said it's time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day. the teacher featured on tik tok, mother teresa or our vice president kamala harris. >> i don't even want this but i'll take it. [laughter] kennedy: let's roll it. >> at what time does the administration say the strategy isn't working, we are going to change that? former administration officials wrote the open letter urging the
7:45 pm
administration to change course, change strategy emma is a time? >> it's time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is everyday. [laughter] kennedy: that time is everyday for every person with two points apiece. >> kamala harris, so dumb she studies for covid test. [laughter] kennedy: question number four. which goonies said outside of the killings washington d.c. has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. d.c. mayor marion barry, muriel bowser or jen psaki. b, b and a b. roll the tape. >> business is booming. life is going on. help the economy. lowest unemployment rates in the last 18 years outside of the
7:46 pm
lowest crime rates in the country. [laughter] >> my marion various . kennedy: no one got that one. question number five. which goonies said i have an interesting mind but i want to smell like us like to be totally honest. was it ruth bader ginsburg, kim kardashian or lady gaga? >> i'm betting with my heart on this one. [laughter] kennedy: roll the tape. >> i don't think women need . kennedy: no one got it. ruth bader ginsburg? [laughter] kennedy: god bless her soul. [laughter] i want to smell like us like to be totally honest with you. >> i just found out now that we
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don't go anywhere. kennedy: this one is worth to. which goonies said we need to invent technology that's never even been invented yet? kamala harris, victoria's secret model or aoc? we need to invent technology that's never been invented yet. >> i'm doing this and i think you are, that means spirit. kennedy: roll the tape. >> we need to rebuild schools, invent technology that's never even been invented yet. [laughter] kennedy: alexandria, you and jessica split the wind. your hand in hand going to kamala harris' next speech. [laughter] >> i was already going so i want another gift. kennedy: i'll give you the new lady gaga perfume. >> i already make of myself. kennedy: you are all incredible. >> i like it. kennedy: i'll let the powers of
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be no and get you out of the cage. topical storm is next. ♪♪ ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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vacation in iceland, make sure to let them know you travel in advance to hold your horses. this is perfect for the kennedy team, bosses think we are [bleep] -- they can respond to your boss by phone but they will sound a little horse. thank you. file cabinet, a new report claims new york state is struggling to get rid $700,000 of hand sanitizer because after governor andrew cuomo resigned, the women in his office no longer needs to bacon after every staff meeting. hand sanitizer was produced by prison labor. double chakras. in the early days of the covered pandemic but unlike most prison alcohol, it wasn't made in the toilet. some say it's the cleanest thing to come out of the prison system since martha stewart. hand sanitizer sitting on an airport runway waiting to be incinerated making it the most
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wasted thing in new york city since andy cohen. welcome. to be sold at auction or donated to people in need by which i mean jeffrey's coworkers. topic number three. thursday thursday. tonight we salute cincinnati brewery called urban artifact for producing the most expensive beer in the world. until now the most expensive beer in the world was the one you have before you impregnated a new jersey lizard. it's called astronaut food because it's made with freeze dried fruit just like the astronaut eats in space. although they prefer to eat steak because it's meteor. freeze-drying process allows them to pack more fruit into each barrel to every batch is made with 1000 pounds of blackberries and blueberries. i admit that doesn't sound very
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tasty. usually the only black blues i get from beer come from punching fire hydrants. unfortunately if you want to taste it, you need a champagne budget astronaut food costs $1100 a barrel to make. for pack sells for $30. if you're loaded with cash, you're probably joe burrell. topic number four. speaking of space out drunk, time to hear what you have to say you worthless drag. james writes in, @kennedynation is bizarre. i don't even know what to say to that. such a smarty-pants, you talk as though it makes everything cringe. you know what else? i'm not wearing pants. pretend my right leg is a lecturer in left leg is a physics lecture. come see me between classes. eric chimes in your opinion and haircuts hideous. no, dipstick. your hair cut and opinions are hideous.
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finally, sugarplum writes kennedy, your voice gives me a long face. when somebody asks me if i like you i say nay. i hope they cancel your show and turn you into glue. wait a minute, i know who wrote this e-mail. >> kennedy service. kennedy: you know what? i'm getting ready for horse sausage and i'm not just saying it is sweet week. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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