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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 31, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we'll continue to watch everything for you. we hope you join us back here tomorrow night same place, same time. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts now. ♪ ♪ david: happening right now, hillary clinton's former campaign lawyer found not guilty. michael sussmann acquitted of lying to the fbi after pushing the debunked trump-russia collusion narrative ahead of the 2016 election. will this close the book on the durham probe? if we've got the latest. meantime, president bidened today holding a rare meeting with the fed chair as his manmade inflation continues to take a bite out of your wallet. does the white house have a plan, a real plan in place in order to avoid a recession? and the baby formula shortage
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continuing to get worse. the out of stock rate stands at 70% nationwide. now some parents are taking desperate measures to feed their children. lara trump joining us to discuss. plus, we're tracking the latest in texas where a gunman opened fire killing 21 people at a school in uvalde. democrats are calling on the gop to join them in their long-stalled efforts to reform gun laws. now people across the country fear losing their second amendment rights. plus, more than three dozen people dead after a violent we moral day weekend -- memorial day weekend. when will soft on crime officials wake up and implement hard policies to get criminals off the streets? and thousands of migrants spotted illegally crossing the border over the holiday weekend. a former border patrol blasting -- an agent blasting biden saying the u.s. is facing a, quote, national security crisis. i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪ ♪ david: a federal jury finding former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi. what does this verdict mean for special counsel john durham's multiyear probe into the origins of the trump-russia collusion hoax? david spunt has the latest details. >> reporter: good evening. back to the drawing board for special counsel john durham who charged michael sussmann with lying to the fbi last september. in 2016 sussmann went to the fbi and said he had information linking the trump organization to russia. ing special counsel john durham says suss sussmann lied when he said he brought the information as a concerned citizen, not a partisan with the clinton campaign. ultimately, jurors believed sussmann. >> i told the truth to the fbi,
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and the jury clear he reck -- clearly recognized that today. despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved that justice ultimately prevailed in my case. >> reporter: special courage john durham released a statement: while we are disappointed in the outcome, we respect the jury's decision and thank them for their service. i also want to thank the investigators and the prosecution team for their dedicated effort in seeking the truth and justice in this case. john durham is up for bat again in october. igor danchenko, a russian national with connections to the steele dossier, is charged with lying to the fbi five times. again, that case kicks off in october in northern virginia. back to you. david: david spunt, thank you very much. for more on today's verdict, let's welcome to the show former federal prosecutor jim trusty. jim, thanks for being here. quickly, your reaction to the verdict. >> well, a little surprised although not entirely.
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i think the case may have been determined in jury selection. you have to remember if the judge lets a juror on for the defense that is anti-government and the government loses, they're stuck. there's no appeal, nothing they can do about it. conversely, if the defense gets some jurors on that are against they're client, that have some sort of bias against the defense, well, that's the stuff of an appeal if you're convicted. that all tends to make the judges skew i a little bit or maybe in this case skew to letting jurors on that weren't particularly sympathetic to john durham's team. you might have had as many as three jurors who were hillary clinton campaign donors in a predominantly democratic city. i don't think it means a whole lot in terms of where his investigation's going to go in the long run. david: this was not a majority. all you need is one juror who felt he was incident to -- innocent to get him off, right? >> no, actually the, to get an acquittal, you need all 12. so they were able to convince
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like-minded folks that this case was not something they wanted to convict on. keep in mind this is -- i think the only other thing you can look to besides jury selection is maybe a general unease is -- with these false statement cases that became popular during the mueller probe. we kept seeing not the underlying investigator defense, but these kind of false statement moments. and that might be a lesson here too which is that there's a growing discomfort with relying on these process fouls rather than the underlying substance. david: i don't want to relet gate the whole thing -- relitigate, but there was that extraordinary note by sussman himself to the fbi general counsel, jim baker, the day before they met. here it is. jim, it's mike sussman. i have something time sensitive and sensitive i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau. so how was it -- a.
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[laughter] do you think that the jurors believed that a guy who was the main man in the hillary campaign wasn't representing the hillary campaign in bringing this issue to the fbi? >> yeah. i mean, look, that text message is a smoking gun, it really is. it really removes the issue of credibility to a large degree because you've got the statement in writing from sussmann. now, there's still an issue of materiality, whether the fbi treated it seriously and had to actually investigate based on the false that statement. there was some muddled testimony from reluctant fbi witnesses in that regard. but, look, this is basically nullification. this is a bunch of jurors saying this is a high profile, politicized event. good decision by sussmann not to testify, frankly, and i think at the end of the day they look at it and say we're comfortable walking away from this and doing what we can as loyal democrats to maybe shut down durham at least on this bridge. david david one thing the trial
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did expose was the fbi becoming a political instrument in the process of the 2016 election because all this took the place september right before the election about a month and a half before the election. there was this one note that was made by an fbi senior agent, his name is joe by cent ca, to another agent. he said people on the seventh floor, that's where the higher-ups in the fbi work, including the director are fired up about this server. did you guys open a case? reach out and put pools on it. if not, i will call dan as prestep says it's not an option. we must do it. it's quite clear that they've got a very suspicious connection between the alfa-bank which turned out not to be true and the trump campaign, and it was the higher-ups. the agents saw a through it, but the higher-ups wanted it to be
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pressed. that exposes a lot about how the fbi i was doing business here. >> you make a great point. that's probably the other smoking gun though it doesn't relate to sussmann. comey, mccabe, strzok, page, you had agents say this is a worthless tip, we've looked at the white paper that accompanies it. it was very weak sufficient to try to connect to alfa-bank, but then enter peter strzok, enter the seventh floor which is the management of the fbi. they were all too happy to run with false information. david: just like the toole the dossier. >> exactly. david: so what is next for durham? i mean, he did get one -- it wasn't a conviction, but kevin clinesmith pled guilty to having falsified or altering documents during the investigation. another one is coming up, igor danchenko. what about that case? >> well, danchenko has some semities to sussmann.
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it'll be -- similarities to sussmann. it'll be tried in eastern virginia, and this will tie the much more directly into the russian dossier, but he's kind of a low figure. i think what we may see -- and this is all guess work because durham keeps things close to the vest like we should want -- my guess is this could be a high water point against the hillary rodham clinton the campaign with still much to come on the fbi side of the equation. david: so could this do more to essentially put the fbi on notice that they are not to become a political animal, that that's a very dangerous animal when you weaponize, politically weaponize the fbi. >> yeah. both parties should be in full agreement that we cannot have an fbi like what we had under comey. the guy had a special employee to leak things to the new york times. that's just the tip of the iceberg about the culture there and peter strzok and the rest. hopefully, we'll see some changes although it's going to take time the, i suspect. david: it is. of course, it took time after the whole nixon thing.
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it doesn't matter which party's doing it, you don't want to -- it has a tend city, it's kind of like a boat breaching, it has a tendency to go in that direction. you don't want that to happen though. it's a very dangerous thing in a democracy like ours. jim trusty, thank you very much. you if make a lot of common sense. >> sure. thanks, david. david: president biden holding a rare meeting with the fed chair as inflation continues to take a big bite out of your wallet. the president outlined in the "wall street journal" what he says is his plan to fight inflation, so how credible is that plan? we fact check the president straight a head. ♪ ♪ customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. new poligrip power liberty. liberty. ♪ hold and seal.
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♪ david: president biden meeting earlier today with federal reserve chair jerome powell to address record high inflation, at least rising prices not only crushing our nation's economy, but the president's approval rating as well. and despite economists warning that government spending has contributed to inflation, there is a renewed effort by democrats to pass parts of the president's spending agenda. hillary vaughn is at the white house with the very latest on this. hillary. >> reporter: good evening, david. this face to face with the fed chair was not a pressure campaign to persuade powell to hike interest rates faster.
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president biden says it's the fed's job to fight inflation, and it's not his job to get in the middle of it. >> my plan is to address inflation and starts with the simple proposition, respect the fed. respect the fed's independence. which i have done and will continue to do. >> reporter: larry summers, former white house economic adviser under president obama, saying today he thinks the fed flubbed the response from early on. republicans say even biden's fix for inflation -- can raising interest rates -- is not an economic cure without its own side effects. >> when they raise interest rates, that makes it harder to buy a home, that's going to usually make the stock market go down as we've seen with the last few rate increases, and that's going to affect people's 401(k). so jerome powell doesn't have a lot of options now. >> reporter: and, of course, republicans are making the case that government spending is what got us into this inflation situation in the first place, and they think the best with plan is for president biden to
6:16 pm
pause any new government spending that's not paid for. david? david: yeah, that's a good idea. hillary vaughn, thank you very much. well, the white house facing renewed criticism for record high gas prices, but in a "wall street journal" op-ed president biden continues to push the blame on russian president vladimir putin and claims his new three-part plan will guide the economy to stable and steady growth. joining us now for reaction is macro trends advisers' founding partner mitch roschelle. mitch, you and i did exactly the same thing. the difference is i used to be the op-ed editorial to have of "the wall street journal," so if i had received this from anybody maybe except the president, i would have refused it. there are just too many fact-checking points that are absolutely incorrect that make the basis of the president's argument here. i want to just fact check it with you, if you don't mind. let's start with the third paragraph. the first sentence says in january to -- 2020 when i took
6:17 pm
office, the recovery had stalled. well, in point of fact, we had a 4.5% rate of growth in the last quarter of 2021, it went up to 6.3% in the first quarter of -- excuse me. that 4.5% was the last quarter of 2020. first quarter, 2021, it was the up 6.3%. that is not a stall thed economy, is it? >> no. in fact, it's, you know, a multiple of the trend line of economic growth that we saw throughout the obama/biden administration. if so it's not a stall at all. and how can the president take credit for all of the jobs that were created and then claim that the economy was stalled when he took over at the same very time that jobs were being created? by the way, i'm a subscriber. i'm not the op-ed editor of "the wall street journal," but what i would do with that op-ed is i'd line the bird cage with it. david: yeah. well, listen, with all due deference to my friends there the, he is the president of the
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united states of -- when you get something from the president, you've got to publish it. but that leaves it to us to do the fact-checking. in one sentence he has a couple of facts that are wrong. since i took office, families have increased their savings. well, in fact, we have the lowerrest saving rate since -- lowest saving rate since 2008. and then he says and they also have less debt. we have a near-record $16 trillion in consumer debt. so in that one little, short sentence there were two facts that needed to be checked. >> yeah. and here's the reality, during the lockdowns people were saving and debt was going down, they were actually cleaning up their balance sheets. why? because the supply side of the economy was shut down. once we started opening it, there was this pent-up demand, people were spending like crazy which did cause the economy to grow, not stall. but what's happening now with inflation running as hot as it is? they're actually eating into
6:19 pm
their savings. we saw a big dip in the savings rate, and worse yet, they're loading up on debt again. the demand side of the economy does not need more stimulation. we need to fix the supply side of this economy, something this administration does not understand. david: the next fact check is a feeling, not a fact. but he says americans reported feeling financially comfortable at the end of 2021. well, maybe some americans at the end of 2021 did, but 79% of americans right now think we're going in the wrong direction. i would think that the indicates some discomfort, wouldn't you? >> look at consumer confidence. that comes from university -- i mean, comes from the confidence board and consumer sentiment comes from university of michigan. both surveys are hitting new lows in terms of how the consumer feels, and look at the earnings quarter we had. all of these companies are providing guidance that they're very worried about the consumer, not a leading indicator of an economic recovery. david: then he says business investment is up 20%.
6:20 pm
now, obviously, he hasn't been to silicon valley recently because 70-80% of those deals are falling apart, those investment deals. business investment actually has slid over the first quarter of 2022 according to all indicators now. i don't know where he's getting that, do you? >> no. and one of the things that, you know, higher interest rates do, which is what the fed is doing, is they curtail business, cap-ex. companies don't spend when it costs them more to borrow money to do so. one of the things that higher interest rates do is they get the economy to slow down, and one of the ways you see it on the business side is to cut back on investment. david: well, then we have the notions about what's happening with oil and gas, and he says -- he continues to say again that it's all putin's fault, but we have a chart showing from the time, the day he was elected -- not when he was inaugurated, but
6:21 pm
when he was elected -- the price of oil and gas began to pop because of the fact that people realized that a war on fossil fuels would lead to less supply, and less supply means higher prices, right? >> right. and it's a two-pronged war. it's a war on fossil fuels, but it's also a war on the internal combustion engine, right? all of this push to have more and more charging stations, and it's a war on cars, it's a war on trucks. and it's not just whether or not permits are issued. look at some of the choices for the fed and other banking regulators. they were talking about putting taxes, if you will, and higher regulations and prohibitions on lending money to companies that were oil and gas exploration. if you know there's that kind of regulatory headwind, you're not going to invest in exploration. so the entire policy across all of the different agencies was anti-car, anti-combustion engine, anti-oil and gas. david: and then a couple of
6:22 pm
months ago we had the president wagging his finger at mom and pop gasoline stations because most of them, the overwhelming majority, are run by small, they're small service stations. he called for companies to lower gas prices because he said oil prices were down. well, it's now up to $1203 a barrel or close to it -- 120, so if they had followed his advice or had been forced to do what he thought they should do, most of them would be out of business todayful. >> right. and it's also part of this theme of the war on small business. i was talking to a small business owner yesterday, a pizzeria, and he was talking about how the supply chain is still crippling his business. a person that owns a gas station, they can't afford it anymore. david: the babylon bee, which is one of my favorite sources, it's satirical humor, they had a headline: nation is excited to see how much they saved on this
6:23 pm
year's memorial day barbecue. [laughter] remember last year they tried to do that saying, oh, you're saving money compare to the barbecue a year ago. there was the one from last year. well, guess what, folks? people know what's really going on with what they're spending money on and how it's going up. great to see you again, mitch. thank you so much for being here, appreciate it. >> good to see you, david. david: well, the baby formula shortage continuing to get worse. the out of stock rate stands at 70% nationwide. now some parents are taking dramatic measures to feed their children. we'll discuss that with lara trump straight ahead. ♪ ♪ than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership.
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>> baby formula shortage, it is worsening in the u.s. as they grow ever more scarce on the shelves and have a sock percentage rate, he has getting 70 percent nationwide, and some parents are desperate to fill the gap and use products telling fox, that they have resorted housing in new mexico in order t supplies and here's what some folks border towns are saying. >> i think it is going to be to come over to try to get something to 19. >> people seem to be getting - >> one of my friends who live in la, having problems without as they are out of formula so we can just cross the border and
6:28 pm
friday here. >> in here to take it up his fox news contributor and former trump campaign advisor, icus shaking your head as i didn't quite honestly though or not, that there is no better example of how we are slipping into the third world status and the folks in the united states having to go to mexico to get there formula. >> day many, i wish that this was a joke energy talking about the babylon and before the commercial break you would hope that he could be a joke like god meant it is reality right now and this is such a sad and depressing moment for america and this is higher than the fact that you have moms and dads out there and here is desperate and literally the only thing that they can focus on right now is finding food for the children in 2022, in the united states we ae not a third world countries you just said, this is the unitd states of america we've what about prior to this going to canada and people driving
6:29 pm
hundreds of miles to canada to try to get baby formula now the going to mexico and often times people think of mexico, you do not know if things are up to part on their and you don't really know the background but when you come to a desperate point, i mean people are willing to do a lot of things to feed their children and basically anything and you know, this is sort of a tale of two much regulation in some ways the fact that this plant has been shut down for five months, we could not sit back up and running to fix this problem, that reason that it is principal down in mexico's they don't have the same onerous relations on the companies i think back to donald trump who had 22 regulations removed it for every one that he put in place and he understood, others could affect not just companies in the industry, the parents as well. david: we want to get rid of the red tape and you don't want to get rid of safety controls, but you do want to get rid of the red tape that causes the shortages here in the bottom line is in the third world you gotta feel powerless, you feel
6:30 pm
powerless to change anything on the american dream, the reason why the people come from the third world to america, feeling of control and this part of the american dream and that is what we are losing a seems to me sweet if yes that's exactly right and david, when you look around this country, the fact that you know obviously baby formula situation and people in many respects do not feel like they have the same ability to do things that they could do even a year ago and gas prices are because of everything is going up think also concerned many americans i think on so many ways, and it does not give you the ability to pursue the american dream and whenever you can't field and feed your child develop your car with gas that we hear things possible ground and blackouts across an arcane is a really frightening place to be sue and the biden suggestion
6:31 pm
for all people to be driving an electric car and imagine it, the brownouts in the blackouts that are going to happen anyway, now but if you go full-scale, to get rid of gas powered cars entirely, that would lead to huge huge challenges for our elected kids. lara: , could you imagine that if everybody what happens to be an electric car right now in a situation in an understandable, that there are people trying to figure out alternatives to fossil fuels but until you have those alternatives come you cannot get red of the fossil fuels and that is the problem at this somebody people facing right now coming it seems like a communist dream in some respects on the food shortages baby formula shortage is an increase in price, gas shortages, and a possible ground and blackouts and is terrible sue and this is what happens with policies not grounded in common sense and whatever ideology that you want to label it, and it clearly is not, says that is why it's not
6:32 pm
working i thank you so much for being here lara trump and it's good to see you and democrats are calling on the gop to join them in their efforts to harden the gun laws the deadly mass shooting at the school in texas and people across the country fear that they may be losing their second amendment rights and that story, straight ahead zero-commission trades for online u.s. stocks and etfs. and a commitment to get you the best price on every trade, which saved investors over $1.5 billion last year. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation.
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>> c1 after the horrific a school shooting in texas, president biden's focusing on going control they soaping for a mice will republican senators mitch mcconnell and john cornyn and jacky heinrich isn't out but in washington the latest on this. reporter: david president biden is about went to homer today about gun control christmas hope for a bipartisan agreement coming together in the senate and the president's involvement could bring new ways to this auction house numbers are putting together a package of gun control pills, that are
6:37 pm
widely seen as a messaging is not clear with the policy changes the senate group is moving to the white house said it they are not try to go full senate came out after prime minister announced new legislation it to freeze the purchase and sales and transfer or import of all handguns. >> he supports the mantle cell the assault weapons and high-capacity disease and expanded back on track to keep guns out of the dangerous. this is not support be on the sale of all handguns. reporter: notably he hosted prime minister today, and the meeting was supposed to focus on trade and security in the pacific up for control became a very big topic and she got past the package of gun reforms is a 51 - by white supremacist in 2019 and hamas sue and while the democrats are pushing the gop to join them in the latest effort more gun control and now many people fear that their right to bear arms is at risk and most of
6:38 pm
the congressman it no brooks on "fox news" sunday. >> as long as we enjoy gun and friend second minute rights, we don't really have to worry that much of the government ever becoming that was it) for the founding fathers and quite frankly it is a fierce today see what if we learn the justice department is reviewing police response to the shooting and uvalde, texas, that led to 21 people being killed in the gunman's motive, beyond pure evil, still unclear with us to discuss tonight is harassment greg - and it's good to see you and think you for being here in the first just quickly, there is going to be a federal investigation it doj investigating the police response to the shooting and you support that investigation. guest: absolutely support the investigation and i think the congress before the democrat wanted to act on a huge big package, to restrict human rights on thursday we should actually get the information about what actually happened it
6:39 pm
is letting and shooting out of you get to do the scope any type of precautions put in place and all the type of things and where he purchased firearms we should get all that information before we ask. david: and the president has focusing on guns, not focusing on pardoning the schools. brooks: that is sad because that's actually what we should be doing to protect her children you're never going to be able to prevent evil from occurring come you never going to be on the prevent evil people from doing evil acts, the boston boston marathon guy who used pressure cookers and also some things and in wisconsin used a vehicle to kill a bunch of people and friday are never going to prevent evil also trying to do is restrict citizens to defend themselves. david: do you trust democrats with any proposal on the guns about republicans except and is there any kind of room for compromise between republican. >> but i can tell you been in committee on thursday in the
6:40 pm
house, i think the republicans hope for the bill that they just unveiled today, it is a linear different things like man to certain magazines, and everything over ten printed magazines would be illegal in the united states, think it would not prevent atrocities and murders from occurring, in a country that's a typo think they're trying to do to restrict law-abiding citizens was not addressing the problem then let's do the school safety is in short that her children are protected listen to the somebody is trying and armed is any schools to be able to protect against our schools come his were closing of the armed people in schools and all other schools and, that's why the united states should beat us way that we have malls and banks and all of the security all these different places, anytime a group of people together we should have security in place that's properly trained. david: so often there seems to be bait and switch going on, invest will say look, we don't demand the guns come adjusting this and after something has signed on, if the gun control it
6:41 pm
up further and further do you worry might happen here. greg: while yes, that's absolutely with you do, and what is interesting is what they are trying to accomplish, would hundred but not publishing and they say it will, the building just unveiled today, guards the rifle or handgun release types of things and they go and sentence of the very things that they say this. the mass shootings, absolutely will not stop the mass shootings and all that. is the 18 -year-olds, daughter is going to college malcolm is living in an apartment from being able to protect yourself in her own home. david: there is so much more to this than just the issue of guns guns and get some of the used to be something that was very commonplace in the united states and even in new york, we had about 80 school district in which the kids would bring against the school for gun shows
6:42 pm
and for the various classes they had a gun safety. greg: that's during this country because school district don't want any type of firearms in your schools but you are absolutely right, teach the children and educate them on how to shoot, i tell my son how to shoot i told him firearm safety and i told you think that he needs to help to be able to quickly and ably respond, when he is a firearm in his possession to hunt we gotta leave it at that and think you for being here we appreciate it and meanwhile, more than three dozen people dead violent memorial day weekend in case after case of violent crimes, committed by repeat offenders with long rap sheet and when will soft on these officials, wake up in a moment hard policies to get criminals off of the streets, we will discuss that coming up next.
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david: .[background sounds]. [background sounds]. [background sounds]. david: that's all footage out of new york city a pilot summary writer terrorizes a woman it while passengers were going to do nothing and there was carbon cycle him or describe prices is out of control, as were to say elyse three people are dead and dozens injured after a violent memorial day weekend in the country, philip will be in chicago and baltimore dealing with elyse 72 guesses prime source and city leaders do lose all the problems like me know celso minsky many ranking member new york i was money, good to see you figuring here and you know the footage, of that subway
6:48 pm
and terrorizing subway footage, has no gun in at all and this is not just about guns, the people who were shot in front of subways to their death, there's no got involved in that and people were stabbed to death in la, and no got involved in the guy people down in wisconsin no got involved in his about the criminals that are right in the streets, harming people and killing people that is the real problem is in it. guest: really is, and you know last week i was in new york city, and a lot of the nypd folks had they turned to me solemnly and said to me, stay off of the subways and they are the lifeblood of new york city and an nypd is telling you to stay off of the subways because they are not safe, that's problematic of what is going on in the country had it the law offices across the country, and a positive in past and make the
6:49 pm
criminals less - to turn their police department is how they do their jobs, it is really tragic what's going on c1 know you talk about handcuffing the cops the president is doing a bike executive order is not bad enough that the local radicals in the city government are doing it now the president is signing an executive order last week something they could not get passed through congress so that is why he signed the executive order in the dense hamstring the cops more than they already are. >> yes and wasn't president biden is creating the crises cummings not very good calling them up and this is another one that he has created in the abilify the cops defund the police nationwide, and the mass laws to be much more difficult to do their jobs and become a basically apologized for criminals and listen, yesterday as i video, jewelry store, where people walked in and just loaded up the bags with jewelry and what have you walked out of the store there is no consequence predict before with congress, when the guys, when they think
6:50 pm
of no consequences to their, some was like game on let's go this with her doing right now, for this country that is what you are saying until in philadelphia new york city and chicago over the place this weekend it and criminal conduct because you are stopping them. david: they're not illegal and not regulated more from the city council have decriminalized a lot of the steps this going on and of course that once anybody's arrested coming they do step over a line can we have prosecutors let them out. >> yes they think that okay, somebody 20 charge low-level crime and cannot make two and 50-dollar bill or thousand dollar bills. that does not mean the 70s targeted with negative all the assault and robbery and you know, that's a problem we have now because the pendulum has sunk conference on way too far to the left and that we have major problems in the bottom line is this arson community where you have to vote these
6:51 pm
people outcome of the people that have been voted into easily because a lot of people don't look at the ballot very carefully, and who deserves and does not deserve to be in office and congressman good to see and being here and appreciate it and thousands of migrants fought illegally crossing the border of the holiday weekend and portable former draw hundred classic bided u.s. is facing a security crisis you look at that with arizona attorney general, mark brockovich, next. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company.
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there are reports coming in more than 4000 migrants across illegally in the u.s. over the memorial day weekend. listen to what former border patrol agent rodney scott says about a crisis he and fellow agents say was created by president biden. >> there's no effort to secure the border and figure out and what's coming in. when you create a chaotic situation and they have created this due to their policies. david: the bodies of three migrants were found in the rio grande river authorities say it appears they all drawn. arizona attorney general mark brnovich, great to see you, thank you for being here.
6:56 pm
the three immigrants who drowned, it emphasizes that there's nothing humanitarian about the president policy, that's why he says and they created these new policies reversing the policies of the trump administration because it's more merciful way of dealing, a lot of people are drowning around us. >> it's terrible, david. the reality is what they are doing is not humane, it's insane. you will our time. i know in the human sector alone here in arizona, 21 people have died illegally trying to cross the border just to to heat related injuries. people are not only dying trying to get across the border, we know the cartel enrich themselves by flooding the drugs like methamphetamine and fentanyl into our country, americans are dying as well, our kids and grandkids, nieces and nephews are dying so shame on the biden administration because we are all paying a costs whether illegally entering the country or the american taxpayer
6:57 pm
we are all paying the cost is not only money but human lives as a result of this open border policy. david: used to be the heat would slow people down, summer months, immigration flows, that didn't happen much last summer, is it happening at all now? >> we continued to see record amounts of people illegally entering our country. last month more than 200 and 30,000 people in one month illegally entered our country, thus the entire population of arlington virginia and then you draw on top of it the getaways, 10000 people evading capture. i've been to the border many times as a former gang prosecutor, federal prosecutor when you have people evading detection wearing camouflage, dark clothes they do not come here because they want to work and hospitality, they come because they are working for the cartel or poison americans. david: is an interesting fact, by the way you are running for u.s. senate, you face a primary challenge in august and general election against mark kelly,
6:58 pm
sitting senator. how important is immigration to the voters in arizona? >> i think immigration is important, not only the voters of arizona but everyone across the country because every state is a border state now although 50% of the hardest drugs are coming through the southern border in arizona, they are not staying here. we know just this fiscal year alone, another fentanyl has been seized to kill every single american so one reason i'm running for the u.s. senate, first generation american, i know why people want to come here because the rule of law, it means something and we cannot have the chaos and anarchy in control of our southern border to the cartel and that's what the biden administration has done and cartel kelly has done and why i'm fighting because arizona needs someone who understands arizona and arizona values. david: you understand immigrants, an important part of
6:59 pm
this equation, we start talking about the new policies not helping immigrants, they are hurting, killing immigrants. your parents were legal, they came into the united states. president trump called for this merit based immigration system where people will be judged according to what they can present to the united states as a bonus for the united states. do you think there's any chance we can get back to the idea? canadians and australians do it effectively. >> we need to make sure first and foremost we enforce the current law and border policies and that's why i've had to see the biden administration everything from title 42 the public charge but i would say to the liberals out there, if canada can create a system based on merit, why can't the united states? that's where the left want to import everything community health care system, to whatever else why can't they look to that? >> would you push for that if you are elected to the senate,
7:00 pm
merit based immigration system? >> we need to secure our border, i'm not going to negotiate against myself we need to make sure we build the border wall and make sure we properly fund border patrol everything we can to protect american taxpayers first and then worry about long-term policies. david: great to see you again, great to see you. i'm in for elizabeth macdonald, you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, we'll see you back here again tomorrow, have a great evening. ♪♪ kennedy: hello and welcome to a short week, it's not mouth trumpet monday, i'm sorry i tweeted that, don't be cross with me, we have a lot to get to and i need you. does the white house have any clue how to tame inflation? president biden has a new plan, he claims it will fix everything. the problem is the white house has made so many mistakes, a solution seems impossible. with inflation rates at a 40 year hi, the president meeting with the federal reserve chair jerome powell and benny hill


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