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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 31, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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merit based immigration system? >> we need to secure our border, i'm not going to negotiate against myself we need to make sure we build the border wall and make sure we properly fund border patrol everything we can to protect american taxpayers first and then worry about long-term policies. david: great to see you again, great to see you. i'm in for elizabeth macdonald, you're watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, we'll see you back here again tomorrow, have a great evening. ♪♪ kennedy: hello and welcome to a short week, it's not mouth trumpet monday, i'm sorry i tweeted that, don't be cross with me, we have a lot to get to and i need you. does the white house have any clue how to tame inflation? president biden has a new plan, he claims it will fix everything. the problem is the white house has made so many mistakes, a solution seems impossible. with inflation rates at a 40 year hi, the president meeting with the federal reserve chair jerome powell and benny hill.
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the three students, inflation, monetary, misinformation today sleepy joe said part of the solution is leading the fed do whatever it wants much fun. >> my plan is to address inflation, it starts with a simple proposition respect the fed, respect the fed's independent. chair powells and others have a laser focus on addressing inflation like i am and with the larger complement of board members. kennedy: all right, the laser focus has been off for well over a year. with all due respect mr. president, here's a better idea -- let's and the fed. i'll have more on that in a moment. also mr. president, take some responsibly. i'm sorry to use harsh language. today the white house, peter doocy asked why the president isn't taking any of the blame. >> do you think any part of
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inflation is because of president biden's spending plans or is it all putin's fault? >> what i can say is we are and brian spoke to this, we are at a historic place when it comes to the economy. now we are going to a place where we are going into transition where we will see an economy more stable, more steady so that's because of the american rescue plan the president signed into law. kennedy: yeah historic because it's historically bad. the administration has a big problem with that narrative in the liberal washington post laming the biden administration is in up for the job. today they tipped off a laundry list of president biden has done wrong here. among those issues repeatedly calling inflation temporary. is he in over his head? tonight party panel, media podcast host and spectator usa contributor editor stephen l miller is here in front of me, handsome metropolitan backdrop.
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former date department deputy spokesperson and fox news contributor, marie harf with us. young americans for liberty chief of staff, live from austin, it is sean, great city, i was there is in the and had a wonderful time. let us begin with you, stephen l miller. it feels like they are doing -- they've got a playbook more about blame than solving things. walk me through this. >> they think they have a messaging problem and a policy problem and them saying we just got flat-footed on inflation, is caught flat-footed on everything whether covid, baby formula or afghanistan or putin, this is a problem with this white house and its dysfunctional. we see a report on this today about biden kind of, upset at
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his staff, wandering around and inflation and now he's laser focus on something he should have been focus on for the last two years. kennedy: absolutely. republicans pushing back on build back better were saying if you inject even more money into this overheated economy, you are going to push inflation of a couple of notches unnecessarily and do significant damage that will be a difficult bell to unring. >> weight until we forgive student loan debt. kennedy: that's another think we can't afford because there's no such thing as free college, someone has to pay for it, someone's got to pay for that stimulus, marie and it was republicans think this will create a further inflationary environment but in may of last year janet yellen said i don't think there's going to be inflationary problem, but if there is, the fed can be counted on to address that. the problem is the fed hasn't done that and they are going to
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go too far in push us right into recession. >> the fed is starting to address it, i think they probably should have sooner for they are acting now, raising interest rates and the goal here is to cool the inflation while not cooling general economic growth we seen because unemployment is historic close job growth versus historic hi, there are good indicators right now, of course inflation is the thing that gets in our pocketbooks, stairs trying to said that said, is a global problem, fear not the only country facing inflation, there are a lot of reasons for including two years of a pandemic, it's cost incalculable amount of money in terms of jobs and businesses is affected supply chains as russian invasion, there's no one magic
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solution and nothing the president united states can do on his own but he's pushing the right direction, starting to address things like the housing crisis, all of these plans for a bigger picture here, we want to address inflation but not cool the economy in general because we've seen economic growth that's important i think. kennedy: that's what happened when you race rate to quickly and it happens when the fed thinks it can get down inflation by raising rates. there hadn't been a rate hike since 2018, four years later we had to in two months, sean. so far that hasn't been enough. jerome powell repeatedly said it was transitory, he had to walk back those statements and people were questioning why he wasn't acknowledging there was a problem and it's because like janet yellen said, it is conceit they think that they can make this right with rate hikes. it goes to show the uselessness of the federal reserve and the fact that they are so full of themselves while being so ineffective and dangerous.
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>> absolutely. first of all the biden administration owes an apology to the american people for gas line them into thinking inflation would be temporary or not a big deal but as of today he owes an apology to them to the american people for working with the fed to solve the problem. the fed cannot solve the problem, the fed is the problem and we got to end it, returned to money and we got 80% of all dollars in circulation printed in the last two years over these stimulus bills politically connected. of course we will have this inflation. ron paul put it best, inflation happens when the fed counterfeits our money to end the fed, and the counterfeiting, you stop the inflation. it's that simple. kennedy: i don't know how many mistakes we have to make with central banking to realize an utter failure and anti- american. party panel will be back in a
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bit. president biden today saying federal reserve will pay a key role bringing down skyhigh inflation so far, the fed raised rates twice. march was a quarter points and earlier this month have a percentage points, two basis points, sharpest hike in more than 20 years. jerome powell said the bank should probably should have acted sooner but it's too late now, is it time to get rid of the federal reserve? joining me now vice president and director of cato institute center for monetary and financial alternatives, welcome to the show. >> hi, thank you, kennedy. kennedy: let's talk about the president's plan, joe biden is taking aim at past president, president trump particularly for trying to influence the fed to keep rates low, to keep the economy humming, pretty much all presidents do that so if you have a problem with an administration lobbying the fed
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and why have the chair of the federal reserve come to the white house so you can sit down with them? what else would they talk about? >> he could have called him. [laughter] it is a bit ironic to complain about everybody else what they've done and basically at least in appearance do the same thing elicits purely political. kennedy: he's got this plan, the first one respect the fed, i don't respect the fed. i think the fed is making things so much worse creating these bubbles so anytime there is a hint of rate hikes, the markets absolutely tank but he also said he wants to make goods more affordable, that sounds like mercantilism. >> he's got an incoherent policy, i wouldn't let the fed off the hook completely but i wouldn't let the administration or congress off the hook for giving the fed and impossible job but to say things like you want to make goods more affordable and implement by america and america first
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policies, it's kind of laughable. you're working against each other and to be behind these disco expenditures and just pretend the fed can make inflation going away no matter what, also not a coherent policy. kennedy: and he's talking about it, he brought deficits down, he brought jobs back but when you have a natural spending and all of a sudden you don't have as much a natural spending, that's the definition of taming the deficit. when you take everyone's job away and bring them back, it's not job creation. >> no, the only reason we have historic growth in any sense of the word is because you previously had historic decline in every sense of the word so it's strange to take credit for that. kennedy: yes. when you had a blackout and find
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a flashlight, it doesn't mean everything is illuminated so much of it is terribly disingenuous but it doesn't stop there, he's also talking about taxing the rich people. can you think of a worse economic recipe than high inflation which is going to lead to a recession because they will jack rates up to high and then raising taxes on top of that? >> i'm trying, it's a terrible combination, tariffs, regulatory barriers, tax increases, increased physical policy, increased spending, very hard to talk. kennedy: i don't understand how the president talks about taming the deficit, we've got to tame the deficit so let's spend another $3 trillion.
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i don't know that they understand the cause and effect relationship of this and we talk about a lot on the show, this forced austerity is where you end up, portugal and greece and spain from a few years ago. >> we have basically any given year 5% of the economy size deficit, call it a structural deficit if you will, nothing has been changed and that's not even talking about the entitlement problems we have. massive entitlement problems so the deficit in any given year is less important than the rest and when you look at the whole package we are not exactly headed in a good direction fiscally so i know politics can be short-term but i wouldn't be too proud of where we are if i was the administration. kennedy: and that's the problem, it is the short-term politics dictating policies that are
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going to have very painful long-term ramifications that will resonate through generations and no one is interested in tackling that neither party will talk about touching the entitlement spending and that's going to be a massive problem because you will have generations of people who are very young right now are going to be very poor little old people and they will be mad at us and we are going to party so we will be dead in whitehall heaven. norbert, thank you for coming, please come back. coming back, the jury reached a verdict, we are looking for two verdicts, we got one. michael sussmann was on trial, john durham, was he victorious? has clinton suite one out again? miranda devine is here to discuss next.
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afternoon told reporters he was falsely accused. >> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury clearly recognized that for their unanimous verdict today. i'm grateful to the members of the jury for their careful thoughtful service despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved the justice ultimately prevails in my case. kennedy: one of the jurors has a child on sussmann's kids sports team. come on. in a statement special prosecutor john durham said we are disappointed, i still have a great beard. we respect the jury's decision and thank them for their service. legal experts say there were minor victories against hillary clinton so what is next for the durham investigation? joining me now, new york post columnist and fox news contributor legendary miranda devine, welcome back. >> thank you, great to be with you. kennedy: is this it? no accountability, you can just
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make stuff up, run to the fbi, lie about who you are representing, work with an it guy creating false connections and it's like your boss tells you to go to the press, the press helps you and you retweet the press account, no accountability? >> it's pretty incredible, isn't it? you can get to spirited but this is just the beginning, the first trial of the investigation and its the d.c. jury pool, 90% of them vote hillary clinton so i guess they were looking at things with rose-colored glasses when it came to sussmann. the night before he went to the fbi he said i'm not working for any client, i'm doing this basically is a concern citizen
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concerned about national security and trump's involvement allegedly not at all with russia and all the time he was charging the clinton campaign $800 an hour as their lawyer so the jury has spoken and is not a complete washout, we got valuable information on the record proven in the trial, hillary clinton approved this dirty trick russia collision hoax that one of the two we know of, the other being the steel dossier and the second thing was the fbi higher ups, even though agents took one look at the garbage and realized it was garbage, we have an e-mail that went between two fbi people and they said, one said we have to keep looking into this because the seventh floor also known as call me was, they are
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fired up about these. in other words, the fbi was ready to believe the worst about donald trump do their utmost to help hillary clinton went. the good news is she didn't win that dirty trick didn't work but all of the russian collusion garbage crippled the trump presidency for three years, it cost a fortune with the investigation and i'll pull over america's relationship with russia and donald trump of dictation so it had long lasting ramifications. >> even though the agents who testified in the trial said we looked into it, even james baker said it was three weeks, six weeks and we knew there was nothing but they wanted to keep going and james comey admitted
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on his attention seeking book to her he hated donald trump and he would do whatever it took and use the media and addition to fbi resources to bring him down and launch special counsel investigation which he was hoping would and in impeachment. >> exactly and it's using the fbi as bait to get the media to bite on a story that was garbage. as soon as you told journalists fbi investigates this, it elevates it to another level of importance and gives it gravitas and makes it worthy of becoming a front page story and it's so dishonest and vile to recognize the fbi but for the fbi to allow itself to be westernized, i think that is the more people know about it, the american people need to know, at the very
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least their trust in the fbi is at rock bottom. if the institution wants to alleviate that, it's corrosive for our culture and they have to address that. it doesn't matter people at the top are no longer there, it's a cultural problem in the fbi. kennedy: i don't think they have those cultural wrongs and that's why every time we have a mass shooting or gymnastics doctor molesting dozens of young women ended the fbi knew about it and didn't do anything, i hope people are angry because acquittals here aren't enough, we need accountability somehow somewhere. might not have gotten it today but i share your optimism, thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> thanks. kennedy: president biden pushing for gun control in the wake of last week's horrific school
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shooting in texas the comments on guns, a lot of controversy. bryan suits knows a thing about firearms, he will discuss and join us next. ♪♪
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president biden suggesting the second amendment is not absolute and pushing for more gun control, lots more in the wake of last week's school massacre in uvalde texas. the president getting controversy when he said this. >> twenty-two caliber bullet in their lungs and we could probably get about, 9 millimeters bullet pulls the one out of the body. the idea of these high caliber weapons, there's simply no rationale for it, it's so
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protecting, is never absolute. kennedy: and experts say the comments is also. the 9-millimeter port of the most popular handgun in the world or in the country. is the president hurting the guns debate when he muddied the water to further his agenda by essentially making stuff up? kt deviates seattle radio host and u.s. army combat veteran bryan suits is back. suits, the president has been talking about assault weapons, the problem is, that politically manufactured term is now going to be stretched to pretty much encompass everything but muskets. >> i -- imagine my shock
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yesterday to find out i went with my glock 19 which i do not, i never have nor would be suited for the task. i'm not filled with confidence we have opponents whose confident in this issue when he says things like that, 9-millimeter would blow my lungs out or whatever, just really bizarre but something those of us who reside in california for a while and second amendment enthusiasts, we've learned to navigate this terrain. what i don't like doing is surrendering as you pointed out, politically invented terminology : assault weapons when we should be saying semi automatic rifle and i don't like getting into the room and osha when we are talking about the bodies of 19 kids. the three questions i have number one, is this about access to guns? how come guns never do this? how can minority kids in compton and sylmar have access to the
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weapons of war, also known as brothers, how can they never do this and have them switzerland democracy where boys break up with their girlfriend, one third of the household are issued assault rifles in the house hold an animal, how come those three questions have the same answer? kennedy: what do you think? >> middle-class white boys, the majority from homes in colorado to the kid and parkland florida, it's the kids that have access to guns and there's something wrong with a get off in their 18, adam lanza and the rest of them, i had access to guns and i was dumped by a girl from when i was 17 and 18 in washington, why
7:32 pm
am i not a household name? why did this start happening in the mid 90s? kennedy: you pointed that out for quite some time, relationships there, do you think people who are 18-year-old males buying guns from the gun store, should they be tested for the pharmaceuticals? >> when you fill out the form which you have to do, i don't know about states that allow firearms, i think that's going to be gone but there's a centralized form and asks, mentally defective. that's a fairly finite criteria, it is any 5150, it means adjudicated and you can light on the term because it's private, hippo, it is protected. when they do a background check, they can't lie about being a felon and if you are high as a kite, the gun dealer will see that but you can line the most
7:33 pm
important thing, the mental acuity. kennedy: yes but if you are going to shoot up a school and try and take lives of dozens of children, of course you are going to lie on a form like that but adam lanza's dad has been outspoken about this stuff and he said everyone, parents, teachers, counselors, peers, siblings, everyone has to be informed and educated on red flags and we have to do a better job spotting them and connecting the dots before these things happen. >> absolutely. my daughter's school is administered, i'm not in control how atf sells a rifle to somebody like the buffalo shooter. what i am is sending my daughter to school, a first aid kit and teacher how to stop bleeding and we should all be doing that in
7:34 pm
school and don't tell me well, it's sad it's come to that. well, it's come to that. what i am in control of is my daughter's ability and hopefully the great to have what that little girl did to survive putting her friends blood on her and playing dead. that kid has a firm grip on life. kennedy: that was an incredible story and the wherewithal she exhibited was phenomenal and what human beings are capable in a survival situation, it is awe-inspiring and thank god she made and for the others who didn't, you are right, we have to have respectful honest conversations and bring up the questions instead of resorting to these predictable talking points that have brought us nowhere. i appreciate your time, thank you so much.
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meanwhile, a new report claims president biden is getting frustrated and angry so staff because they keep walking back his comments. the past few months the white house is rushed to claim major policy statement were actually just gas. >> ukraine will never be for russia for god's sake this man cannot remain in power. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> it's a commitment we made. >> russia will be held accountable if it invades and it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and not do, etc. as they do what they are capable of on the border, it's going to be a disaster for russia. kennedy: every one of those remarks, somebody at the white house claimed the president
7:36 pm
didn't really mean what he said but biden reportedly things the clean up makes him look weak so who's in charge over there? is it a week president with no idea what he's saying in the moment or a committee of people who lost control of the marionette? party panel is in fact, stephen l miller, marie harf and shawn. where do you start here, stephen? you've got a president says things that are crazy and dangerous and they employ all sorts of tactics to keep them in line and can't always do that. >> this was a big problem for people who claim to be the adult back in charge over the last four years having a president who shoots his mouth off and here we have another one whose a notorious washington machine, his whole reputation is about it. if he thinks he looks weak, the weakest president in modern history reflected by polls, had
7:37 pm
him at 40%, the lowest any president has been at this time in their term, every time he goes off script, they have to get the easter bunny to corral him and make sure he doesn't start in international incident and they wheel him back and he goes back and visiting angels clean up after him and it is a pattern, developing pattern and that the problem with biden because he's 139 years old. kennedy: feels like it sometimes, marie. i want to like the guy in a think a lot of people voted for him because they like him but now they don't like him. >> and a lot of people like him because he says what he thinks, not always on the talking points every other politician repeats, he just says what he thinks and people like that. kennedy: let me stop you, people don't like that. his approval rating is 36 to 39% depending on which pool you are looking at and they are all
7:38 pm
trending down and people don't go -- i love joe biden. >> let's see what happens when he's on the ballot again but the white house said today when it comes to the comments about putin and whether he can remain in power, joe biden was involved in writing the statement they put out afterwards so the idea that some anonymous sources are telling another news outlet he's upset, i just don't buy it, i think president biden is involved in every statement that gets put out about -- i believe them. kennedy: do you believe that, sean? >> i believe if elon musk is right and whoever is truly the president is the guy behind the teleprompter think the president has a sick sense of humor. i think this will be a win-win for everybody. we take joe biden and duke print and pumper switch with saturday night live actors and.
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gas and a better foreign policy and saturday night live is funny. if you got michael summer, let's make it happen. kennedy: that would be great to have joe biden as a permanent not ready for prime time layers, that would be fantastic. i do think he is in charge, i also think he's on a toboggan to positive nonsense here and it's scary for the country. i love to think everyone likes him and thinks he's doing a bang up job, they don't. the polls are not lying, they are going in the same direction and that's with joe biden's cognitive abilities downhill. >> run claim will be upset when he finds out joe biden doesn't want him saying that anymore. kennedy: he's like i'm leaving on my own because this job could shove it. stephen, marie and shawn, thank you so much. coming up, we are waiting for a verdict in the big johnny depp amber heard defamation trial,
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did johnny clear his name? attorney andrew is here with the answers, he's got the law degree. ♪♪ he's next. ♪♪
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you're just my type, the trial between johnny depp and his ex-wife, amber heard. now in the hands of the jury, they will decide who defames who and then we will find out how many millions of dollars the stars will have to potentially pay. there's a lot of mudslinging in this case with details from their lifestyle, exposed day after day, booze, drugs, violence, bed poop. your to break it down, northwestern law professor, and are is back.
7:45 pm
the first thing, hi, andrew, welcome. the first thing that occurs to me watching his a lot of people didn't like johnny depp before the trial and now they feel that they strongly dislike amber heard, is that a victory for johnny depp? >> i think it is, the london case two years before where the judge filed amber heard but now all of a sudden he went into this everybody was thinking he would get killed again. now for whatever reason the public perception has changed, public processions is in favor of johnny depp, maybe he will get his reputation and therefore career back. kennedy: i had a friend of mine saying thank god i have a girlfriend because watching the trial i realize there are crazy women out there like amber heard and it scared the crap out of me. how does the jury make sense for that? you can have feelings about the case, testimony whether or not
7:46 pm
you think someone is lying through their teeth on the stand but how does it affect the jury given the eight pages of specific instructions? >> that's a great question and at its core, is a relatively simple case because it's the jury determined johnny depp did abuse him, that's respect to issue number one, what she wrote was factually true then the biggest problem in this case even if johnny depp wins, the question is damages, what are the damages in the case? that's what the jury is ultimately really going to struggle with. kennedy: i think what they will do is take the money he given the settlement, supposed to donate to the aclu and nonprofit organizations and they will give that back to them.
7:47 pm
>> that was a bad fact, wasn't it? i know she was trying to do something nice and give the money to charity, the fact that she didn't is it good, reputation, this entire thing has been a disaster for both, cocaine use, body parts, horrific things to corpse, these are not the details you want whether you are johnny depp or amanda heard, it's a pr disaster for both of them. kennedy: yes. it has, i'm sorry, it's worse for her. what's with the brady? andrew, we will see what happens when we get a verdict. appreciate it. >> anytime, thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. topical tuesday. yeah. ♪♪
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a quarterback and fan controlled arena football league has been fired for celebrating a touchdown by smoking a joint. on the bright side, he got to finish career with high score. that's a professional puff and this is topical storm, topic number one. there it is, i knew it was going to go off. when it comes to works of art, we know mona lisa takes the cake but one nut job took it to literally when he snuck in and
7:52 pm
tried smear the painting with a piece of cake. mona lisa has been around since at least 1506 and up until now, it's by the been considered the most important or at least statement work of art but then top gun never came out and changed everything. the corporate was a deranged climate protester who disguised himself as a lady in a wheelchair popping up and attacking the artwork. luckily it was protected by the temperature controlled case because mona lisa is worried about climate change. it kept 1965, always oblivion. through a rock at the mona lisa and damaged her elbow making her one of the many people that day at the museum, the latest attackers omitted to mental health facility and thankfully mona lisa is unharmed, she's in good spirits. from what i hear, she had a smile on her face the entire time, don't worry about it.
7:53 pm
topic number two. all the, a bba, they made history holding a virtual concert in london, starting the avatars, in other words, even a bba doesn't want to go to in a bba concert, they are calling them a bba cars. fans watched cbi versions of the music created by visual effect teams that made star wars movies, they figured if they can make ewoks and wikis appear relatable than maybe they could do the same swedish people. the band members are in their 70s, adorable. the new technology will allow them perform live concerts for any time anyone wants to hear the music. in other words, it's their last show. topic number three. an amish man has been arrested
7:54 pm
for being drunk while driving a horse and buggy. the man's name is paul pelosi. i'm just kidding. no, he was on and off the wagon at the same time, it happened in ohio after police got multiple 911 calls about a buggy all over the road. sounds like he was really horsing around. the officer tried to stop the buggy but found the amish driver asleep at the reins slumped over and passed out next to an empty beer can. thank goodness the vehicle was a self driving mustang with only 1 horsepower. police engaged the buggy and low-speed chase and could could wake the driver up but they had to get a rooster. the driver pulled over and was brought to a jail cell with nothing but still toilet in the center of the room making it the most luxurious place ever spending the night. topic number four. artificial intelligence expert critics in 50 years most people will only have
7:55 pm
computer-generated virtual kids. no wonder jeffrey epstein killed himself. what did he? he didn't. she's calling them kamikaze kids based on the 90s toy people would carry around with them, feet and put to bed their pleasure, basically early version of what kim kardashian does. the expert critics in the future we will have realistic 3d children that only exist in the meta- verse. he thought today's internet was filled with a bunch of babies, kids will be accessible to virtual reality goggles to allow people to see and play with them then when you're bored, take off your headset, stop kidding around. the hope is to solve problems of overpopulation, thank you. this is ideal for people who want companionship the don't want to take the time to raise children. in other words, people like hundred biden. great for the stripper in your life. here's tonight tickle me tuesday joke. yes the punchline on twitter
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using # tickle me tuesday, do not look up. here you go. why do the french eat snails? next. ♪♪
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>> it feelings like it's monday but its tickle me tuesday. why do the french eat snails? they don't like fast-food. >> you know everything you
8:00 pm
say is funny, trying to laugh to one thing is just not possible. >> the worthingtons got it right, kathy and matt. all right, thank you for watching the best hour of your day. instagram, twitter. blah, blah, blah tomorrow night on the show, caitlyn jenner. ♪ ♪ divine inspiration. ♪ ♪ in a devilish location. brigham young received revelations this was the place. >> it was the desert. >> they built where no one else dared. >> it's not going to work. >> a group of true believers benefit


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