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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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chick-fil-a is testing a fully automated delivery with robots and pilot programs across the country. the robots will act offer contactless delivery inspired by the lockdown and distancing mandates during the pandemic. they're going to be testing them out in texas and california for instance. how long before someone steals one? just asking for it that's it for me happy friday. that is it for fox business. evening and it starts now. >> happening now guided capping off another troubled week of his presidency, dodging the blame yet again for the economic crisis that we are all facing. earlier today he reiterated the false claim that vladimir putin's war on ukraine is feeling the red hot that's taking a bite out of your wallet. this as gas prices climb yet again reached another record high today but when will the president only problem and come up with a plan to help you save
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some cash. baby formula shortage also getting word one in five states haven't shortage rings at 90% or greater. 90% is a live report on that. the president also out with the new gun control push after the latest mass shooting in tulsa. what he is calling on lawmakers to do next. plus the white house facing backlash from parents after threatening to withhold lunch money for schools if they do not comply with lgbt policy. the bite administration they will fill gaps on the southern border while as the midterm elections loom. is it to secure the border or secure votes for democrats? i am jackie dillon just infer elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" starts right now. good evening everybody welcome. let's start by taking a look at your money by the dow ending today down nearly three to 50
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points as major indices headed to a weekly loss as well. travelers also could be approaching a major speed bumps heading into the summer. we see the national average for gas prices hitting another record high today. $4.76 a gallon. this amid ongoing economic concerns the labor department announcing employers added 390,000 jobs in may. the president took to the podium to boast about the report but continues to pass the buck when it comes to soaring prices. edward lawrence has more for us from the white house. quest jacket the jobs report a good one adding 390,000 jobs back to the economy and maybe the unemployment rate near record lows pretty look inside this report there are some areas of weakness like losing exceed 1000 jobs in retail. some question whether consumers will keep spending. but the president pending a rosy picture taking credit for this
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economy. >> america's stronger economic position today than just about any other country in the world. independent experts are projected the u.s. economy could grow faster than china's economy this year. >> he remembered china locking down in huge areas. combating inflation is number one economic priority with the wages writing by point to percent year-over-year and inflation at 8.3% people are actually losing money. republican state presidents plans are not working. >> we have seen their plans and action for their plans are disastrous. our inflation we are doing with right now is the result of democrat promises to take care of people. it does not work that way. there are no free lunches in the world. >> that lunch cost a lot more than last year, jackie. >> it sure does thank you edward lawrence. meantime the president scrambled to tame historic inflation is now starting to lose support from his own base. democrat congressman of said
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biden could be doing way more to fight to soaring prices climb these proposed economic solutions are nothing more than just reacting to headlines. reaction to all this is welcome chief economist lindsey and fox news contributor liz. lindsey wanted to talk with you it's a $4.76 against a gallon per the forecast is to see gas prices over $5 by mid june. it may be six bucks by the end of the summer. this is really starting to hit home with people per this is really starting to have an impact. and of course there is concern we can see a recession. what do you think? >> is already hitting the american household very hard. we have heard from some the largest retailers in the country arty suggesting customers are severely cutting back. and whether that means they are shifting the goods and services in their basket month to month or shifting to lower-cost goods, or they are cutting back entirely provoked they are seeing is consumers are responding to these higher prices.
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epic the cost of capitol continues to increase particulate nondiscretionary items, food and energy. eating into the household balance sheet we've already seen consumption and investment begin to slow for it is likely if the fed continues along this very aggressive pathway, continued with 50 basis point increases into the second half of the year, we could see it out right aggression. even at the fed backs off and sees a slower pace it's likely we are still not able to avoid negative growth entirely. >> of course a job support today 390,000 added when the president gets on the stage essentially tells will don't expect these kind of blockbusters reports anymore, unemployment rate is 3.6% or so 11.4 jobs to fill a lot of people have just not reenter the workforce at this point to be less sick a quick listen to what biden has assailed jobs today. >> look, i understand families that are struggling probably
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don't care either up they just want them to go down. what you need to to bring them down? it is important we understand the root of the problem so we can take steps to solve it. i've been up front the american people from the outset there would be a cost here at home on putin's decision to brutally and savagely invade a sovereign nation for this is a potent price hike. putin's war has raised the price of food because it ukraine and russia are two of the world's major bread baskets for wheat and corn. it's a basic product for so many foods around the world to pray. >> he is blaming again on vladimir putin even though a soft food prices and gas prices starting to rise the day he took office liz it. he has yet to own this problem but if you've got congressman essentially said you're reacting to headlines pretty do not understand the root of the problem. >> yes i actually find it unbelievable that joe biden still has not acknowledged the one thing he actually could do
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is help u.s. oil and gas producers increase production in the united states. it is amazing to me. we have a enormous oil and gas resources. this president from day one has tried to suppress a drilling, suppress leasing pretty talks about how all of these leases are not being drilled for that is because he sat on permits for months and months. honestly it's as though we don't have any resources to call on. and we do. why has he called all the oil and gas leaders into his office and said hey, we need to really do whatever we need to do to bring gasoline prices down. people know it is not vladimir putin's fault. they note there has been a war on fossil fuel from this administration. by the way it's not going to be confined to gasoline for it's also going to show up this winter in heating oil it's arty showing up and electricity prices. this is a policy issue. it is a policy blunder.
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the white house refuses to budge great honestly it is amazing to me. >> what i'm really concerned about lindsey the what the tipping point is where we see the strain is going to put on the consumer. obviously they have to drive to work. they have to drive certain places. they have to put food on the table. the new york federal reserve puts out a lot of analysis almost 300 million new credit cards were opened at the first quarter of this year alone put many of those could be second credit cards for people that is almost a one credit card for every person in the population in the united states. that scares me. >> and it should scary it we look at the patterns of what consumers are doing they are still spending in the marketplace. we are still think positive activity but at a fraction of what we saw earlier in the year end a small fraction of what we saw earlier in 2021. the trend in consumption is already on a downward trajectory
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bread but to your point what is the fueling consumer spending at this point as we are drawing down savings as a federal stimulus has a very much a dissipated if not entirely faded. a real income growth is still trending and negative territory consumers are now returning to taking on new amounts of debt in order to finance these still positive i'll be at lower levels of spending. this speaks to a very short-term's inerrant work consumers will be able to continue to finance spending unless we see a meaningful retreat and inflation leading to an offset income and compensation. that does not seem to be a near-term solution as prices are still at multi- decade levels. seven continues a debt problem. lizza peak i have what it is more a soundbite for you. saying sometimes it is okay to admit you made a mistake. >> i was always a believer the truth is the best policy when it
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comes to being president of the united states pretty think the president probably it would be helpful if he acknowledged he made a mistake along with treasury secretary and the other economists. that he is now going to take steps to try to deal with this. >> yellen is up to the other day she said i made a mistake with the present has yet to do it politically speaking is be going to the midterms you think you be wise for him to say okay, we messed this up. we are going to change course. we are going to try something else. >> i did not to beat a dead horse pretty could change policy and explain what they were doing is part of the reason we got into this problem. again going back to energy. one thing we have not talked about is not enough conversation when china comes back to life which it is beginning to deal you're going to see another big a bump up in oil demanded oil prices. if i was president biden i would try to get ahead of that with a new plan, new initiative and say hey we are so committed to
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climate change but i know you are concerned about it but we have to put that on hold for this interim. we are going to stretch out the so-called transition because it isn't working for the american consumer. be honest about what is happening. i do think it would be helpful to him. we seven insights i'm going to saudi arabia says there's no formal plan for the trip that's how he wants to fix it. it's wonderful to see you both tonight. jackie: the baby formula shortage and are getting worse one and five states have storage rates at 90% or greater we have a live report on that ahead.
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jackie: millions of parents across the nation still struggling to find formula for their babies as a shortage across the country worsens. one and five states now have shortage a rate of 90% or greater with george of the hardest hit at 94%. abbott of course my the biggest producers set to reopen one of its leading factories tomorrow. grady trimble is alive at the plant in sturgis, michigan with the latest forest. >> hey jackie. the reopening of the plant is a
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step in the right direction but is not a quick fix to the baby sharmila shortage right will make formula here tomorrow. said some of that will be available to customers as early as june 20 for that specialty brand was not part of the voluntary recall in mid february paid the company is not told us when it will start making the two brands that were recalled but once it does abbott said it could take up to two months before the product hit store shelves for it while the plant has been close abbott has been shipping and formula from its facility in ireland as part of operation flight formula by demonstrations working with companies in australia and the united kingdom to get more formula here. but in the past couple of weeks despite those efforts, the issue has gotten worse. if you take a look at this map that alludes to what you referenced in the intro. that is just how hard it is for parents to find baby formula right now. there are nine states and bright red on this map.
6:17 pm
in those states are getting hit the hardest they have 90% of their baby formula out of stock for californians on that list, nevada, tennessee and florida as well. meanwhile the department of health and human services inspector general has launched an investigation into the fda the office is looking into whether the agency properly followed protocol when inspecting this facility before it was shut down as well as during the recall process. some relief on the way. like i said this is not something was going to be solved overnight by any means. >> it sure isn't were watching the problem get worse before it gets better but is a troubling comic grady trimble thank you so much for that. meantime tonight mounting questions over why the white house waited almost two months before taking aggressive action to address the baby formula shortage president biden this week said he was not aware of the crisis until april even the formula manufacturer said they notified his administration months ago.
6:18 pm
>> i became aware of this problem sometime and early april about how intense it was right on the can anyone anticipated the impact of the shutdown of one facility of the abbott facility. >> joining us tonight congressman byron donalds. this is a huge issue for families it gets scarier bloomberg news is reporting ten states have out of stock rated 90% in arizona, mr. b, california, nevada, tennessee, rhode island, louisiana, florida, and washington, georgia the hardest hit. 94%. we were reporting and saying we had gotten up to roughly 70%. but this is really significant. people just want to feel safe in this country the just want to feel they can put food on the table and make sure their kids
6:19 pm
have what they needed. your thoughts on what is happening? >> looked a gotten say this is an abject disaster for so many families in our country. i have three sons they are no longer formula age. but when they were buying formula something is critically important for their nutrition. to have a situation you cannot environment nourishment your baby needs is a scary proposition for any parent. this administration once again was blind to the reality of what's going on in the real world. they are so caught up in their polling issue so caught up in the radical agenda that they are not actually addressing the issues that are facing the american people. this is another example but one of the worst examples because children need nutrition. first, second, third period without it the brain development is less their body development is less. this is a real problem brought to us once again by the biden administration. jackie: you talk with mother struggling to find formula right
6:20 pm
now and how people are helping each other they see it, they got it for other people. they can help in anyway within their communities they are trying to lend a hand. you've got people who really feel left behind by this administration on so many levels not just on the baby formula. we could go on and on whether it's the economy, gas prices, or that you live in a border state you're doing with that kind of problem. do you think this president could say to these people to make it better? the things he sang at the podium are not helping right now. >> honestly the only thing joe biden can say right now is take a page and janet yellen. say he has been wrong on everything. reverse course and start actually talking to republicans and people of policy ideas that are not out of the progressive radical left. everything this administration has done since he was sworn into office is simply not work this is not politics that is the reality. people know it across the country.
6:21 pm
our alley seat across the globe. this president not saying you were notified. jackie: speaking which he said is not aware of this crisis since april we have the whistleblower letter was sent in october. the proms of the factory and fabric for the american president to stand on the podium and say i didn't know about it. it is unacceptable. >> it absolutely is but this is what happens when you have somebody who is a basic politician and not a leader. and they shake hands but they've never done anything. the examiner joe biden's track record 48 years he's never really accomplished anything. i know he sitting in the oval office. a people out there going to get a moderate president is going to bring the country together.
6:22 pm
not only are a more divided than ever we are facing massive problems. i was talking to an opera driver the other day he was dropping me off and basically said for the leica president trump or not the policies were working, final word. cooksey cooper driver is right but is not just super driver its police officers, its nurses and parents looking for baby formula. we've got to get away from politics but i have to like you in order to elect you. what we need are people who are competent. this of formula crisis could have been avoided a long time ago if the white house was paying attention to the regulation and shutdown being done by their own agencies that is what real leaders do not people who read off the teleprompter and don't even do a good job at that. congressman byron donalds thank you for coming on see you soon. >> the present out the new gun-control push after the latest mass shooting in tulsa. but he is calling on lawmakers to do proof got that story for you coming up.
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>> for god sake, how much more carnage are we willing to accept? how many more innocent american lives must be taken before we say enough? we spent hours with hundreds of family numbers whose lives will never be the same. one message for all of us.
6:27 pm
do something, just do something. for god sake do something. jackie: present biden ramping up his calls primetime address. this comes in the wake massive shootings buffalo, uvalde and most recently oklahoma. joining us tonight is tim burchett parallel people growth present biden's and messaging something needs to be done for the question is what do you do? he wants a legislation that would ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines pretty soup raise the age from 18 to 21 points limit how many he wants to expand background checks. not to pass measures to tighten up gun control in the country for other safe you do this you start to strip away and even still mental illness or whatever the case may be.
6:28 pm
with that does not necessarily involve guns what say you? >> are trying to treat the symptoms and not the cause the causes mental health. well over 100 folks lost their lives and what did he use? ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel. my father fought in the second world war and the pacific was in the marine corps atop the japanese japanese. he told me buddy, if somebody's willing to lose their life to take you out, there's not really a whole lot you can do about it. that is really where we are at in the society today. we've got to address the mental health issue. continue to penalize law-abiding citizens to me is the wrong course. the president took an oath to uphold the constitution for the constitution is very clear in that regard in my opinion. >> is a dressing mental health at the address and the breakdown in community.
6:29 pm
where's the safety net for the shooter in uvalde? i was at a breakdown at home family is not a strong support system for him or the community did not recognize it either. he put out so many, so many warning sides people could have caught onto. and perhaps possibly helped him. but having said that, a lot of people have different ideas of what we could do here. went to take a listen. >> that they were not serious about ending school shootings because none of their solutions would work. they were serious i'd stop advertising are considering gun free zones for the schools would have gotten away from advertising the schools that have posted signs that said our staff is armed and they're willing to use force to stop someone from hurting our kids, though schools have never seen a mass shooting. jackie: congress might been holding back from saying that. i've been thinking that over the last several weeks, since we've been watching this play out within our society.
6:30 pm
if you had schools that locked doors and heart armed guards they are essentially putting up the message to people, if you walk up to the school with any kind of firearm, deadly force will be used on you, no questions asked. i am pretty sure it would reduce the number of school in this country. >> absolutely what i was a mayor of knox county and tennessee wheat bit the bullet spread we did that we have secure facilities. you have to buzz to get input once you get in your in a secure area than half the buzz to get into the area into the office. they can either turn you away or let you in. we spent 40 billion unchecked dollars basically to ukraine in a country in europe or most people could not find it a map months ago. we should be able to find the money to do this we should provide block grants and allowed communities to opt in if they want to print look is what has
6:31 pm
worked in communities and what hasn't worked in communities. currently what we're doing obviously is not working doing nothing. but in communities where it has worked where i come from it works very well. looks i've been thinking about the money that was spent during the pandemic as well to try to make schools safer while students were not even in school and they were remote learning and distance learning. i don't have the number off the top of my head but the millions of taxpayer dollars that went to re- outfitting the schools and fixing filtration systems and now we have moved be on the pandemic but some of those funds could have been used to help shore up the safety of our schools. >> absolutely. if some of those funds were use in a speaker pelosi major monty of money was in there for the kennedy performing arts center and some of the other groups that don't tend to support traditional values i should say. they continue to fund them through the epidemic. and yet other groups went without was clearly something that could be done.
6:32 pm
we could find the money for that of the clearly wanted to do something we could. it is not fit their narrative it. it doesn't fit their objective and their objective is to stay and power not providing safe school rounds for children. quickset is really sad actually what you just said is really sad but congressman get deceived tonight thank you for your time. >> thank you ma'am. jackie: present biden crises continued to pile up. it is getting so bad that even the media cannot ignore it but we are it down for you straightahead. if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events before they happen...
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our true spirit embodies goodwill, generosity, and grit. that's what's inside every spirit of america box we send to our troops and diplomats at the point of need. visit today. seven you know it's bad for present biden when even the mainstream media is covering his and mounting crises, nbc, "washington post", all out with the stores this week for they say that president biden desperately struggling to resolve issues happening on his watch while trying to manage in the west wing. fox news contributor joe concha.
6:37 pm
great to see you. >> always a pleasure on friday request i was cnn politics. i could've told you that but cnn politics is finally saying it, your thoughts? >> it's kind of like if you are a sports resort reporter or fox sports you report on the team that's currently losing 33 nothing you cannot spin that in any good way anymore. cnn "washington post" in the "new york times" of the world were very much sympathetic. even during the campaign seeking the outright you can't spin this anymore. i love in the reporting at one point we are governing this is not blackjack anymore but
6:38 pm
quickset is what is happening let's give you one more. beyond policy biden is an happy but a pattern is developed inside the west wing he makes it clear and distinct statement only aids russia explained that he actually meant something else. quickset is the thing. it begs to who is in charge here? you have the president making very definitive statements whether it's yes we will defend taiwan militarily against the chinese which is 2 million active servicemen or respond in kind of russia were to use chemical weapons in ukraine we will respond in kind. that means we are going to use chemical weapons. you see why the cleanup past tacoma. the bottom line is this is a the presidency he says one thing white house aides have to say another it asks the orb begs the question who is in charge?
6:39 pm
we have to ask that question of the current administration this country is a scary proposition, jackie. he's angry not enough democrats do not go on tv to defend him. if you were a democrat would you? >> defend him on what? talk about the major issues. >> inflation. number one issue how do you defend inflation being 1.4% not very good at math i believe that is six times higher. the gas prices defending skyrocketing crime the border parents revolting against the party and education. any crisis this president or administration is facing is all self-inflicted for the most part it. the only response they have is to blame other things and people # potent price hike.
6:40 pm
# ultra mega. enough with the hashtags admit first you have a problem in go about trying to find solutions it's an election year. >> to get people to vote for him they in fact did. had to bow down to the progressives in the party. something going on at something he is comfortable doing and that's the direction our country is headed in. underscores exactly what you said. and west virginia joe manchin has the highest approval rating of any sitting senator on the democratic side. is that nearly 60% approval and a red state like west virginia but you know joe biden is that in west virginia? 18%. the moderate the true one in manchin if you want to call him that is pulling 42 points higher
6:41 pm
than the president and that state. maybe people do like it in the middle that's the best example you can give here. quickset is a great and the purple numbers look pretty dismal they go down as inflation numbers keep going up. joe concha thank you good to see a very quick so i just now facing backlash from parents after threatening to withhold lunch money for schools if they do not comply with lgbt policy. we've got a report ahead. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> it biden administration facing mounting backlash from parents after announcing it will soon stop federal funding to school lunches of the educational institution don't come by at the lgbt policies for gerry willis has the latest. >> abide administration initiative fruits got off school lunch funds and who deviate from transgender policies is drawing
6:46 pm
heavy criticism for the department of agriculture controls the purse strings on $14 billion in school lunch funds the food and nutrition service said this a key step in advancing these principles is rooting out discrimination in any form including discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity pretty must recognize the vulnerability of the lgbtq community by the policies could for schools to transgender schools to participate on the sports team of their choice use the bathroom and locker room of their choice. and be referred to by the pronoun of their choice but already tennessee is lawsuit on behalf of 20 other states suing the department of education over its interpretation. kristi noem sank this on twitter, south dakota will continue to defend basic fairness so our girls can compete and achieve this year is that federal law prohibiting -based discrimination of those
6:47 pm
trance rights, back to you. >> to generate thank you for joining a south reaction republican strategist ford o'connell. ford great to see the cv. obviously it's a very sensitive issue. it's an issue that needs to be worked out in schools across this country within a sports within so many arenas. but to make a rule we are not going to federal funding for lunches that don't comply potentially keeping meals from 29.6 million kids. remember how bad that was during the pandemic when kids didn't have their meals but this is a long-term problem we have to solve. to do this right now seems very drastic. >> i think jackie's right party think this is a new low even for the biden administration. what was sound transgender bathrooms or other policies or hold back funding for lunches for nearly 30 million impoverished kids with florida governor rhonda sanchez this is
6:48 pm
totalitarian it's other set it is flat-out appalling. they're going to push the radical agenda through one way or another. >> 's not just who can play on certain sports teams what bathroom or locker room you can use as well pay the point being made by full governor rhonda sanchez essentially it was parents be involved in the curriculum what education the children receive. that includes sexual education as a matter fact fox news bull indicates in this country 74% of parents, 74% are concerned under what is taught in public schools. >> they should absolutely be concerned about what is being taught. parental rights in school curriculum one of the top issues for midterms to go in the the democrats need to pay a heavy
6:49 pm
price for their treacherous actions. they need to stop playing politics they need to stop pushing a political agenda and indoctrination in our schools. should be political gender free and big tsunamis coming their way because of their actions. >> were struck from so many problems in this country right now. we are sending aid overseas as the russians continue to fight this war in ukraine but we are done with border crisis i could go on and on babyish formula shortage. the administration for democrats to be focused on this issue at the moment to me just seems misguided. >> it is misguided but they don't want to talk about inflation they don't want to talk about the border for they don't want to talk about how their policies or choking 1.5 million barrels of domestic oil production away. they want to have this argument. they want some republican to stand up and say something and
6:50 pm
misspeak so they can talk about that and focus on that in the hopes of sending the book once again the bite administration is not during the people's bidding they are trying to have a war of narratives they are creating a problem that does not need to be addressed. thirty-seven ford o'connell always wait to see if things are coming on the program have a wonderful weekend for a quick thanks jackie. >> abide administration now saying it will as the midterm elections loom the question is is that to secure the border or to steer cure votes for democrats come november? we are going to break it down next.
6:51 pm
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6:55 pm
director, good evening to you. your reaction to it rick scott is saying here? someone people call for president biden to resign over so many issues with the border is certainly one of them. next i agree with everything you are saying. first of all i think he should be impeached day one we take back congress. he says he's he is the secretary of homeland insecurity this is a left less safe he failed for 16 months straight every month a record-breaking month. it's going to be another record breaking month is 20 over 220,000. he needs to leave he lied in front of congress. this administration is not done a single thing today after 16 months to secure the border every thing is about catch and release bringing more people in process quicker reports say
6:56 pm
fillings on the gaps on the border while replacing some at the gate. obviously this is not a project this administration was supportive of. they left millions of dollars in materials on route used as well to finish the wall. some are wondering if this is a political stunt ahead of the midterms? >> absolutely. there is an election coming that is the only reason. again they are suing to end title 42 braid they're suing to and remain in mexico. every step they taken us to open this board for them to put a few gates and is meaningless it's not going to make a big difference. just two weeks ago the secretary made another rule change. he's ignore with the federal statute says about asylum claims. now they don't see a judge they see on the board to make immediate decisions going to be rubberstamped. so as approval goes up 90% of
6:57 pm
central america never gets relief they don't qualify for asylum the going to turn that number around more people will qualify which will what? bring more it's another example throwing another magnet out to bring more people into release them. >> was interesting earlier we were talking about president biden address in the nation. talk about gun violence in this country. congressman tim burchett said some of us is going unchecked and away. the more violence goes on they fight for stricter gun laws and chip away at the second amendment. i look at the some ways the same way as well. you essentially see what's happening down there it's the exploitation it's the humanitarian crisis to essentially further the democrats agenda, what say you? >> where is aoc of the rand up board of the trump administration when a child died more migrants have died under first year joe biden's presidency on u.s. soil than any i 35 year career.
6:58 pm
when he opened up that board of the most of all the people put their hands in the criminal cartels. more have died this year than any time in my 30 years paid over 100,000 americans have died from opioid overdose is 95% come across southwest border for taking care of families. where are the democrats scream and yell but humanity of the trump administration policies. nothing is more inhumane than a record number of migrants dying on u.s. soil and record number of americans dying because of open borders. president trump's policies, call them what you want. but we secure the border highest level in 35 years how many women didn't get sexually sells and how many children didn't did not die. president trump's policy saved the lives are much more humane than we currently have under the bite administration. specific touch on the opioids you mentioned the fentanyl which only forfeit passionate because some people crosses country are dying when they take pills or of the substances that are owned and knowingly laced with the fentanyl.
6:59 pm
it's tragic what he think about you think about the cartel through making billions of dollars off essentially the backs of americans. >> that is right. the crime rate in mexico the violence in mexico is at all-time high the cartels are making more money than they've ever made their smuggling people, their trafficking women and children on precedent amount of opioids into the united states the cartels are fighting each other for control they're making more money than ever. so exactly right these policies of the bite administration it will result in american deaths in migrant deaths a lot of deaths in mexico a lot of deaths coming up from all over the world we are not even talking about the threat of national security threats that have crossed this border they've arrested 42 there seven and 50000 god always so how many of that three quarters of a billing that got in the country how many of them on the terrorist watch list? >> the numbers are on pace to hit new records were sought have
7:00 pm
a master reset to do it again this year. so many people concerned about this the final point i will make a courses vice president kamala harris the border czar still has not taken this issue on and everywhere. tom great to see you thank you sir. >> thank you for having me records right i am jackie joins in for elizabeth macdonald. but does it for us have a great weekend and thanks for watching. >> from the fox studios in new york city this is maria bartiromo's wall street. spate happy wing until thanks for joining us welcome to the program that analyzes the week that wasn't helps helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. titans of american industry with dire warnings about the economy. i will be asking famed oregano economist art laffer what he is seeing ahead. plus a pivoting on his campaign promise to alienate saudi arabia. court reports now the bite administration and


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