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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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brian: 78 years ago today our brave allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy in an invasion that ultimately led to the end of world war ii, the liberation of europe. several dozen d-day veterans all in their 90s set feet on the sands that claimed many of their fellow patriots lives. we celebrate the heroes today and every day. "the evening edit" starts now. elizabeth: happening now, we have two polls, abc and "the wall street journal," the most ever now say they do not like this economy under biden. he inherited a v-shaped recovery but now inflation, political strychnine for every president, is hitting biden's numbers hard as well as his gaffs. we have the latest on that. plus "politico" reporting president biden behind behind te scenes is seating his polls were wore of that trump. with very jason smith,
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darrell issa, francis stacey, fox news contributor jason chaffetz, ford o'connell, national border patrol council president, brandon judd, oil and gas pro, he is phil flynn. the white house is all over the nap on economic policies. like following a senate in a hurricane. president biden claims he cannot immediately bring down gas prices after he took immediate action to undercut u.s. energy? then he can't stop climate change and he can't fix gas prices? and now biden's own cabinet, they're contradicting each other. plus we've got new biden topspin on the economy. we've got it. live report on the largest caravan ever of illegal immigrants heading to the border. now the non border is getting hit too. will special counsel john durham file even more indictments after hillary's campaign lawyer found not guilty for lying to the fbi in hillary's trump russia. the gun debate ramping up in
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d.c. powerful gop senators talking common sense legislation. we break it down. elon musk fight for free speech is heating up. he is threatening to quit his deal for twitter over spam. a top obama official make as controversial crack about the power of conservatives on social media. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with stocks, all three major indices eked out gains today. we're beginning the we go in the green. now watch this june historically is the worst month during a midterm year. we have got the bulls searching for reasons to go higher. the bears are on the march. looks like the bulls are on the run. but not today. the bulls were out today. more than eight out of 10 telling abc in a separate poll "wall street journal," that gas, inflation are top concerns.
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this will drive their vote in the upcoming midterms. the national average for gas is doubling since biden took office to more than 4.80 a gallon. again that is political kryptonite. so is biden's bad messaging. hillary vaughn on capitol hill with more. hillary. reporter: good evening, liz. president biden's jobs remarks on friday continue to pass the blame on putin for higher prices for food and fuel. president biden: families who are struggling probably don't care why the prices are up. they want them to go down. joe, what will you do to bring them down? but it is important we understand the root of the problem. putin's decision to brutally, savagely invade a sovereign nation. reporter: but the data disagrees. looks at chart on inflation. it is clear prices were climbing well before putin invaded ukraine and started their climb when president biden took office. biden also on friday painted a rosy picture of the economy saying americans feel like they are doing better today than at any point during the last decade.
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but some groups are calling out the president for misleading remarks. job creators network ceo saying this, is a shameful attempt by the president making it seem like americans approve the current economy, dishonestly playing off 7-month-old data as american's views today. we highest inflation in 40 years. gas prices doubled since the time biden took office. we all see it despite what biden may think. liz. elizabeth: hillary, great reporting. good to see you. thanks for coming on. we have ranking member of house budget, he is jason smith and market pro, francis stacy. good to see you both. congressman, first to you. powe lit call reporting president biden behind the scenes is quote seething his polls are now worse than trump. congressman, biden was supposed to be the anti-trump and now biden going on "jimmy kimmel
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live." how is messaging fixing policy problems? >> it is not. the messaging is not the problem, it is the policies. since day one, biden washington democrats created one crisis after another while ignoring the concerns of the american people, liz. when joe biden and washington democrats got one party rule over washington their first priority was to pass a 2 trillion-dollar spending bill that has now fueled inflation, highest in 40 years. we've seen gas prices like, what was lead-in, doubled since he has taken office. then he tried to blame putin. however gas prices were already up 75% before putin's invasion. inflation was up 7 1/2% before putin's inflation. it is a disaster. they need to change their policies. elizabeth: you know, francis, what the congressman is saying, now the white house is talking about dialing back trump's tariffs on china's goods in order to bring down inflation. that feels like nickel and dime. those are big but it's a
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monetary issue. it's a government debt borrowing issue. 2/3 of americans disapprove how biden is handling inflation. that is 16 percentage point drop from nearly a year ago. >> no. the problem is it is treating the symptoms, it is not treating the cause. like giving somebody a pain pill for cancer. it is not going to be workable. furthermore china is one of the only economies that is currently in easing mode per tear central bank. now we're giving them they have the advantage they're easing, we're tightening. we give them further advantage getting rid of tariffs at a time when the united states and china is really not in a good place, very competitive for dominating in the global world space and china night be sort of working with russia. it is a very sticky issue. if we're going to be really effective that would be one thing but just mechanically speaking it is treating a symptom but not the cause. furthermore as far as biden getting out talking about
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inflation, he has to say something to the american people that resonates as true and -- elizabeth: that's it. what frances just said. frances hit the nail on the head, messaging is bad. white house is in disarray. commerce secretary gina raymond dough saying wages are going up. labor secretary said no they're not, wages are done after inflation. biden topspin, lower job growth is a good thing. president biden: we're not likely to see the blockbuster job reports month after month over this past year. but that is a good thing. >> wages are increasing. labor market is strong. people have not been thrown out of their homes. >> we didn't see a big growth like we've seen in other areas. elizabeth: they're all over the map. again like, trying to follow a gnat in a hurricane with this messaging congressman. inflation is transitory. it is putin's fault. afghanistan was a success.
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border is not in crisis. show biden's whoppers. he is claiming, he told the u.s. naval academy he was nominated to go to annapolis. he wasn't. he graduated from the university of delaware. he is making whoppers on whoppers. saying u.s. savings rate is going up and u.s. family debt is going down. that is not true. families have basically more debt, it is up 1.7 trillion since 2019. the savings rate is lowest since 2008. congressman. >> liz, the american people, they don't need more press conferences. if biden's lips are moving you can't really believe what he is saying. no amount of speeches will normalize five or six dollar gallons of gas or a 40-year high inflation. what we need to do is stop the reckless spending that is driving up the cost of goods but what do you see chuck schumer and the democrats and joe biden
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trying to do? they're still trying to pass a 5 trillion-dollar spending bill. you think that they would learn that their policies is what put us in this position but they don't. it is all about rewarding their political friends, allies and donors and all the pork barrel spending so what the congressman said, frances, where do you come down to this? the white house will say it is the pandemic, it is putin, it is the supply chain crisis. we have talk trump may run again. trump happened ad v-shaped recovery to president biden. trump has yet to announce. we have desantis talking, there is word desantis may run, ron desantis also, mike pence. where do you come down on what the congressman just said in light of all of that? >> so, you know, as a financial person, inflation is mechanical. inflation is the ratio of money in circulation to goods and services and what happened during the pandemic is we threw a lot of money in circulation and the goods and services,
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production was cut off. you have to explain to the american people what happened to the ratio during the pandemic and exactly how mechanically you're going to bring the ratio back into balance. that is going to resonate as true. elizabeth: congressman jason smith, frances stacy, you were both terrific. thanks for joining us. great to have you both on. next up will special counsel john durham file more indictments after hillary clinton's lawyer found not guilty lying to the fbi and touting hillary's debunked trump russia? we'll dig in. gun debate is ramping up after several mass shootings in self states. we have that story ahead. >> once again the president is not being very helpful. at the end of the day it will come down whether we can reach a consensus in the united states senate. ♪. it's kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out!
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♪. elizabeth: report the of at least a dozen dead, 38 injured in mass shootings this weekend in several states. this after the uvalde, texas, and buffalo massacre. house and senate talking gun legislation. chad pergram is in washington with more. chad? reporter: liz, this hinges on three things, the math, the math, around the math. negotiators must assemble something which can pass the
6:15 pm
senate but first they need 60 yeas to overcome a filibuster. >> there is no one thing that will prevent mass killings. all we can hope for in my view on the margins make it more difficult for someone who is dangerously mentally ill or someone who is a violent criminal to buy a firearm and hope there is some kind intervention. reporter: even if they get a deal there won't be a plan to ban assault style weapons. senators are focused on narrow ideas. they're examining plan to raise age to buy high capacity weapons from 18 to 21. background checks, money to harden schools and ways to bolster red flag laws. house is setting votes on wednesday and thursday on stricter bills. they will likely approve those on partisan basis but they're doomed in the senate senate liberals could balk at the house
6:16 pm
plan. elizabeth: we have foreign affairs congressman darrell issa. so great to have you on. senator fat toomey is cautiously optimistic he can get gun legislation. could it be doomed by a filibuster? what kind of package do you see here? >> the most important one that hardens schools. we have a program, to help non-profits, primarily churches, synagogues for years. that program has been helpful providing technical expertise and some funding to harden places of worship. the fact adults in a place of worship are less exposed to this threat than our children are in schools. by definition, the haverer vulnerability of young people is one you need to harden it against pedophiles, against gun violence and against simply people coming in that don't
6:17 pm
belong in the school and we need to do that. the other one, the one that flabbergasts the rest of us, when are we going to get to zero tolerance for violating existing gun laws? my home state of california has been just terrible at willingness to prosecute people who have already violated the existing laws including buying them when they're not entitled to. if you do that you close a lot of potential violence, not just mass shootings but gun violence in general. elizabeth: listen the second amendment is important. americans don't want to lose that. everyone is outrageed about mass shootings, massacring children. the u.s. is embarrass asment around the world. it is about keeping children safe. the common sense thing as senator lindsey graham said, as you point out, harden schools and courthouses. pete buttigieg is saying that somehow the design of doorways of school buildings is connected to shootings is an issue. they're not saying that. they're saying secure the
6:18 pm
schools. >> well we're happy to have them sit down and go through with experts the right way to secure the schools. the reality is a door should not be open for somebody with or without a gun to wander into a school. that would be dangerous for any young person inside. after all, their parents trust that their children are being safeguarded from a variety of things. the biggest challenge right now we're facing though is the president deciding that he was going to use these tragedies to promote his gun control, take your gun away type initiative. elizabeth: he is talking about assault rifles, right? not all guns. polls show nine out of 10 want background checks. seven out of 10 want the red flag laws. in developed world the u.s. far and away leads he have other nation in gun violence and death. police in england and wales, they shot and killed only two people last year. in the u.s. nearly 1100 because
6:19 pm
cops here face a lot of guns on the streets. it is blamed for why murder rate in the u.s. is four to five times higher than other developed countries. watch senator joe manchin on all of this. watch this. >> i never thought i had need for that type of high capacity automatic weapon. i like to shoot. i like to go out to hunt. i go sports shooting. i do all that. but i never felt i needed something of that magnitude. you know talking about bans, i wouldn't have a problem looking at some of these things. elizabeth: so again, you know the fear has been, right, there is a slippery slope. that we'll confiscate all guns. that is not what it is about. no way you can confiscate americans guns. we have got the second amendment. it is about assault rifles. what do you do about that? >> well the first thing you have to realize is that assault rifles are a small part of the deaths that occur. most people who commit suicide use a pistol. only 14% of all mass shootings
6:20 pm
involved somebody under 21. so many of the proposals you hear that they say are common sense, they don't fit the statistics of what you're trying to do. after all at the end of the day they have a point which is hunting rifles should be used for hunting, sports rifles should be used for sports shooting only. and in fact the 50-caliber, one of the most powerful weapons is dubious what it is for and yet nobody is promoting getting rid of something that can literally take out an engine block. so i think a lot of it has to do with what they see as the most attackable. in the term assault weapon has been around for a long time. the 223 small caliber weapon commonly talking about the ar-15, has been the weapon everyone has wanted to badmouth while at the same time it just is deadly any number of other rifles and by the way, a school
6:21 pm
with a door open and a lack of ability to deal with is still going to be a problem no matter what. elizabeth: we've got to focus on hardening schools. we have to turn schools into airports, period. we have to protect children. enough with the focus on critical race theory and all that other stuff, right? this is the priority right now. >> exactly. elizabeth: should be hair on fire moment, harden our schools, protect our children period. look at ronald reagan, ronald reagan said in 89 he need ad assault rifle to go hunting. >> i do not believe in taking away the right of the citizen to own guns for sporting, hunting, or for home defense but i do believe that an ak-47, a machine gun, is not a sporting weapon. or needed to be -- [inaudible] elizabeth: congressman what do you say to that. >> he is absolutely right.
6:22 pm
i fired that weapon. it was fully automatic of the fact is he was talking about machine guns, fully automatic. he is not talking about a semiautomatic, you pull the trigger, you get one shot, you pull the trigger again, you get one shot. it is very important to understand, all of us support that machine guns are not appropriate for general sales in any way, shape or form and currently they're not allowed to be sold broadly in the united states. elizabeth: high magazine capacity. we understand what you're saying. congressman, darrell issa. that was a great conversation. we always love having you on. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: a story about how gas prices doubled under biden but the president now claims he quote, can't immediately bring down gas prices after he immediately undercut u.s. energy? okay he can't turn the dial down on gas prices but somehow he can turn down the dial on climate change? really? that story just ahead. ♪. >> poll after poll shows that republicans, democrats alike, overwhelmingly want america to
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♪. elizabeth: okay, gas officially doubled under biden. it hit five record highs on his watch, three just last month alone. gas prices really started to take off long before russia invaded ukraine, despite the white house wrong messaging on this. we have got eight states now have gas at five or more. seven a gallon in some places in florida, excuse me, in california. kelly o'grady is in los angeles
6:27 pm
with more. kelly. reporter: good to see you, liz. prices have hit record highs 27 of the last 28 days. today marking the 10th straight day. the national average is eight cents higher double the price when president biden took office. it is begging question, how high could prices go when consumers will not drive? one station in california is charging $10. there are accusations of price gouging. analysts warn consumers will soon be forced to change their habits? >> will people stop driving? no. a lot of them will be traveling closer. closing in on also 2-dollar a gallon jump in the last year that is giving people a lot of second thoughts how much they're traveling this summer. reporter: americans are growing more frustrated how much they're shelling out. a poll by abc news find 72% disapprove how the president is handling the gas price crisis.
6:28 pm
just as members of president's own party are lam pasting his decision to turn to saudi arabia for help, analysts say we could see five dollars a gallon by mid-june. as you can see over my shoulder five dollars would be a relief. elizabeth: kelly owe -- o'grady, great reporting. have phil flynn. listen to white house chaos on gas prices. they're all over the map. he immediately undercut u.s. energy. you remember that scene i don't remember advisor i will not try to pretend to feel the pain of gas like the middle class is feeling and blue-collar class. watch this. president biden: there is a lot going on right now but the idea we're going to be able to click a switch, bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term. we can't take immediate action that i'm aware of yet to figure out how we bring down the price of gasoline back to $3 a gallon.
6:29 pm
>> you know. we see it. we see, you know, gallon of milk go to five dollars. everybody understands that that is a hit. i think i'm not going to try to say that i feel that pain personally as much as so many families who make 50 or 60,000 but, do we feel that pain? do we understand that frustration? elizabeth: phil this is all breathtakingly idiotic. the president says he has no power over gas when he immediately undercut u.s. energy? the congressional democrat campaign commit thee last year tweeted out a graph, president lowered gas two cents after draining strategic reserves, thanks joe biden. he has no power over gas no. >> he has a lot of power over gas. he has a pen and used it. killing keystone pipeline, drilling moratoriums. pen to make it harder to invest u.s. oil and gas. oh shucks, gee, golly, nothing i
6:30 pm
can do. i know because you have done everything you possibly can to make them go higher. elizabeth: the democrats block ad republican bill half a dozen times to promote u.s. energy independence bill. you reported that. biden use it or lose it policy on oil permits, is that just just a fraction of the production they're talking out there, they're talking about? >> that is a fraction of production. that is misleading even if you get permit you can't get approval to drill or get parts to drill or employees because of anti-energy policy. people don't want to work in the oil and gas industry because president biden will tell you you will be out of business and out of a job in a few years under his administration. that is really discouraging more production. elizabeth: phil the president seems to back off the planned visit to saudi arabia and middle east. saudi arabia just tripled oil prices for asia. this is happening as the
6:31 pm
president is draining the strategic reserves to lower gas. that really isn't working right, do you think? >> it isn't working. draining the reserve turned out to be more explosive for prices. people look at the u.s., they realize we don't have a backstop in case of a emergency. he drained it too early. that is a big issue. getting back to saudi arabia, listen saudi arabia, this has been a blunder after blunder. there is hard-liners in his party that don't want to deal with saudi arabia. that's great but they're still a long-term ally. one of the world's biggest oil producers in the world. you wonder now why they won't raise production. this is failure in foreign policy. president biden don't know what to do. on one hand he wants to get saudi to produce more oil. on other hand he doesn't want to take political heat from the far left. elizabeth: going after saudi arabia over human rights but not venezuela or iran, right? >> it's crazy, yeah.
6:32 pm
in fact this week it is astounding to me, veto said the biden administration is turning a blind eye to sanctions, basically saying, go ahead and let iran cheat. we'll not follow up. so they're letting them get away with murder. elizabeth: phil, great to have you on. come back soon. always good to see you. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: will special counsel john durham file even more indictments after hillary clinton's campaign lawyer was found not guilty for lying to the fbi in touting hillary's debunked trump russia? we're digging in. >> there is the collusion. they're still looking for collusion. where is the collusion? there was absolutely no collusion. it's a democrat hoax.
6:33 pm
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, former utah congressman, fox news contributor jason chaffetz. jason, it is great to have you on. okay, you did a great column, we read it, how the justice
6:37 pm
department inspector general, he is michael horowitz he is finding that biden's justice department has gone really weak in prosecuting lawbreakers within the fbi and the dea and other ranks of the doj. what's going on here? >> well there is 110,000 employees at the department of justice. inevitably somebody does something really stupid. at bureau of prisons they tend to go after those people and prosecute them. if you're in the dea or fbi you do not get prosecuted. every six months they give a report to congress, one of those geekses that reads it, latest one highlights multiple allegations of people wray being the law with special police powers, engaging in commercial sex overseas, handing pills to foreign agent, recommended for prosecution. they deny it. they don't do it. they don't prosecute their own. that's the problem is that time and time and time again when these people do get caught they
6:38 pm
get recommended for prosecution and it does not happen. if you're an fbi agent or dea agent, you're going to get off scot-free. elizabeth: so if you work for the right agency it is sort of like anything goes, is that what you're saying? that is pretty dangerous stuff. >> that's the pattern. i defy the agency, the department of justice to show us a pattern where they actually do prosecute these people. the latest one that really ticked me off was the case of nasser, if you remember, the doctor that was accused of sexually assaulting over 100 women. we had usa gymnastics come forward that nasser got convicted of, for over 100 years in serving time but here's the problem. there were two fbi agents that did hear about this case nearly two years prior and did not do the right thing. they didn't fill out the proper forms. they lied on those forms. and now, just in the last few
6:39 pm
days the department of justice says, we're going to let those people retire. they get their full benefits and they, they're not going to be prosecuted. elizabeth: pretty astounding. you have that going on, jason, right? then you have the trial of michael sussman, the hillary clinton campaign lawyer. you had a d.c. jury effectively saying lying to the fbi is no big deal. the forewoman said they could have spent their time more wisely than on this case. the judge told the jury don't consider sussman's text to the fbi when coming to their verdict, that sussman saying he will come on his own, not working on behalf of anyone, when he was working for the hillary clinton campaign. let's watch former dni ratcliff on this. watch this. >> lawyer mark elias under oath admitted, yeah we paid fusion gbs millions of dollars to create the now debunk steele dossier which served as basis of investigations into the trump campaign for more than four years. so that is what june durham will be focusing on going forward.
6:40 pm
that is why i'm optimistic not only will he be successful in some of the ongoing prosecutions but can expand the indictments that he wants to bring given the involvement of certain fbi officials in spreading a false narrative to the american people. elizabeth: jason, so that sounds like fraud charges or maybe conspiracy charges, what do you think? >> i do, look, john ratcliffe is one of the most competent attorneys out there. he was director of national intelligence. i served with him in congress. he has been read into this as well as far as anybody has and he does know what he is talking about, a former federal prosecutor himself. so i think there is more to come. i think what ratcliff is foreshadowing is the right direction. i'm just grad that durham tried to prosecute somebody. i wish they would have been convicted. when you have four jurors donors to hillary clinton, one whose daughter plays on same soccer team as sussman, the person that
6:41 pm
was charged it is pretty hard to get a fair hearing there in washington, d.c. yeah, but i mean at least they were actually going after him. i do think within the ranks of department of justice that's the delay. that is what we're going to see. but these people should be charged. i'm telling you liz, their pattern at the department of justices, not to do it. that's what is wrong. elizabeth: jason chaffetz. great stuff. come back soon. good to see you. largest ever caravan of illegal border-crossers heading to the southern border right now. we have the latest in a live report. elon musk, his fight for free speech on twitter is heating up. he is threatening to walk away from taking over twitter due to spam accounts. and an obama official make as crack about conservatives on social media. that story ahead. ♪
6:42 pm
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♪. elizabeth: okay, look who is back with us now. gop strategist ford o'connell. ford, always good to have you on the show.
6:46 pm
okay this fight for free speech on twitter, look at twitter's stock, it is taking big hits. elon musk, ford, is threatening to walk away because twitter he is saying is breaching their 44 billion-dollar merger agreement. they're not disclosing he says information about spam accounts. what do you think of this? could he walk away from it? >> he could conceivably walk away from it. i hope he ultimately buys it. this is no small dispute, liz. twitter is first and foremost a communications company and the true value of the company is its ability to monetize its users and if a significant portion of those users are not human users, in fact spam, then the company is worth significantly less than what is being discussed right now in terms of the merger. elizabeth: that is a good point. we'll move on to this. obama official, dan pfeiffer, he is saying it is quote dangerous for democracy for conservatives like ben shapiro to have more followers on twitter than "the new york times" or cnn. is that bad for democracy or bad
6:47 pm
for "the new york times" and cnn? >> well this is the usual nonsensical misdirection argument i expect from dan pfeiffer, believe it or not. believe it or not justin bieber and christian renaldo have more followers than cnn or "new york times." i don't think they're bad for democracy liz. elizabeth: lady gag ga has more followers. is that bad for democracy. alexandria ocasio-cortez is attacking democrats joe manchin and krysten sinema claiming big money it pushing them to go against the far left agenda. we have reports, seen numbers, aoc gets a lot of dark money as well. watch hbo's bill maher. he will talk about something really interesting about what liberals are doing. watch this. >> but you never hear anyone bragging about being a liberal. there is no liberal bob, there is liberal want to enact more
6:48 pm
liberal policies. democrats might want to think about what that means because the implication is, you're embarrassed by what liberalism has become. but what does it say about your brand if you don't want to say what you are? so much of liberal politics nowadays is identity politics. yet we seems found one thing liberals won't identify as, liberals. elizabeth: what do you say, ford? >> bill maher is onto something. it is great political irony in our day. democrats traffic in eye dentedty politics all day long until cows come home. they don't want to identify as liberal. the reason is simple. they talk about progressive other than liberal. to most voters it means woke authoritarian socialist nonsense. that is why they're ducking the term, lose. elizabeth: voters out there get what iran says if a businessman makes a mistake he suffers consequences. bureaucrats or politicians make a mistake we suffer the
6:49 pm
consequences. aoc supported defund the police. liberals supported that. liberals were behind doing things like getting rid of historical monuments and statues. listen, history is not for them to dislike or like, or erase or destroy. history is there to learn from it. if it offends anyone, that is better you won't repeat it like obama and the far left have been doing. basically they tortured statutory language as far as 2 goes to avoid constitutional claims to get away with all sorts of stuff. >> well you're absolutely right, liz. that is why there is electoral tsunami building on the horizon and why democrats get wiped out in 2022 midterms. voters need to hold them accountable from mistakes to defund the police, trying to erase history. choking off oil, high crime, what is going on the border. if voters vote with their feet, message will be sent to
6:50 pm
democrats but until then they keep spouting this nonsense. elizabeth: ford, thank you very much. we're staying on the story, largest ever caravan of illegal border-crossers might be swelling to 15,000, now heading to the southern border. we have the latest in a live report. >> it is imperative that we build that wall, that we keep 42, that we keep remain in mexico, and that we support the border patrol who are working every single day to try to protect us. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living.
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why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin. the largest ever caravan of illegal border crossers more than 3 miles long heading for the southern border. it's a 10000 now, this highlights the crisis created by biden's border collapse. with jenkins is live in the rio grande valley the story, great journalism, great to see you. >> good to see you, liz. the caravan, look at this video, the organization saying 10000 strong 10000 miles long, 80% venezuelans, 2000 our children. they made it about 10 miles outside the southern border town
6:55 pm
where they began and they are down for the day but they will start marching again tomorrow. meanwhile if they do get up here to the texas border, they will find agents are already overwhelmed. look at this video we shot this morning before dawn with texas dps apprehending migrants running trying to evade capture. we got the ones we pursued today but a lot to get away. since i've been on the ground seven straight days, we've had 722 getaways, over 10000 migrant apprehensions, unbelievable. when you go to the sky, fox drum, flying west of me over the town of los evidence, you can see the river how it whines and how difficult more than 200 miles of river border rio grande here in the rio grande valley is from migrants who cross, it's a difficult task every single day. elizabeth: thank you so much,
6:56 pm
it's good to see you. joining us now, national border patrol council, brandon judd, thank you for your service to our country. your reaction to that report? what is the white house doing about this caravan. it. >> it's because of the policies the caravan is coming. this shows this administration does not care about border security. clearly shows they are incentivizing illegal border crossers releasing them into the united states and that's why the caravan forms. once they get to the united states mexico border, they know they will cross illegally and going to be released into the united states and that's why they come in white criminal cartels and organizations are so successful getting people to come to the border. it's a crazy situation we face every single day in this administration is doing nothing about it, they are encouraging it. elizabeth: it seems like mexico is doing nothing about it so this could cause even more caravans to come if mexico doesn't stop them. >> and mexico has no incentive
6:57 pm
to stop them. they recognize they are making a lot of money into the economy, these cartel generating billions of dollars of profit, the money is going right back into the mexican -- i'm sorry, mexico economy so the mexican government, they have no incentive to stop this. they stopped on the president trump because he was willing to threaten greater than the amount of money the cartel were able to bring into the economy and that's why mexico stepped up to the plate but because this administration does nothing and is not trying to put pressure on mexico to become a true partner, we see this going on in the mexican government allows it. elizabeth: even democrats admit trump border policies worked. even democrats privately admit trump was right about his border policies and now we got federal authorities warning the northern border is getting hit hard by illegal crossings. smuggling illegal immigrants crossing the northern border
6:58 pm
into seattle putting them in super cars. >> this shows that these are transnational criminal organizations, they don't operate in mexico, we are seeing china getting involved a lot more in the smuggling of humans into the united states and when they are successful in pulling resources to the southwest border taking agents of the northern border than they will hit us hard, we know what's going on, the problem is we don't have the resources to detected, we just don't know what crossing on the northern border. we know what's happening, we can't get detected because resources are down on the southwest border because of the crisis. kennedy: the northern border is huge, gigantic. how is it china involved here? >> what china has done, they got involved in drug trafficking and once they are involved in drug trafficking and the cartel, then
6:59 pm
stay involved in every single aspect of what the cartel are doing. that's why we see china and more and more evil coming from around the world not just in the northern triangle where the mexican cartel, where they operate. now we see everywhere around the world, 157 countries and that clearly shows it's a transactional, not just a mexico issue anymore. elizabeth: it's a national security issue, geopolitical issues and now to discuss this, the white house started this program, what's happening in texas where government bureaucrats will grant asylum without it adjudicated by a judge or court, how will government workers making the decision without a judge or prosecutor be better, wouldn't they be more vulnerable to pressure and even bribery? >> we have to have a system where you have checks and balances. if you don't have that were immigration judges overseeing
7:00 pm
what assignment the officers are doing than is a lot bigger chance for corruption to exist. we got to have checks and balances. elizabeth: brandon judd, come back soon, always great to have you on. you have been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. that does it for us, thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: look at this california to biggest cities being swallowed whole by crime and homelessness and when dangerous people commit crimes, they get wrist slapped when they should get ten slapped. radical synthesis of the age as taking a recall tomorrow if not only that of san francisco's have enough to recall itself is come from within the democrat party. he's in deep yogurt. sure he dropped into office on a wave of


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