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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 16, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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biden administration. elizabeth: great to have you back on, will you come back again soon? >> of course, thank you. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening, thank you for watching and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: great news, turns out there is such a thing of failing upward. fresh off tenure as border czar, kamala harris has a new gig, it's so exciting, even more prosperous than the last one. she's the new white house disinformation czar. that's right, they are giving this another go. as you recall the of administration has to because of the so-called disinformation governance board over accusations it was basically a
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thought police force. they have a new mission this time and the goal, include quote developing programs and policies to protect quote political figures and journalists from close disinformation abuse and harassment, kamala harris. see what i did there? they are not here to censor you, they are here to protect you, it's totally different. someone please fetch me my handbag so i can vomit in it. they replaced this dingdong. >> information is really controversy. ♪♪ ♪. kennedy: let me eat glass. they replaced her with this one -- [laughter] kennedy: that should go smoothly. the border vices -- she didn't
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solve it. we learned cbp had 240 thousand migrants encounters last month. congratulations madame bass president, that's the most in u.s. history, that is saying something. i'm sure you will do a splendid job with disinformation as well. she has the confidence of people helping her including homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas. merrick garland and secretary of state antony blinken. why they trying this again? did the administration learn nothing the first time around? let's meet tonight party panel from the adjacent red show, it is jason. fox news political analyst, one of my favorite of all time, juan williams and independent women's forum senior policy analyst, inez stepman. so jason, i don't know why they are giving her another job.
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i learned in fourth grade you're not supposed to start a new task unless you finish the old one. what does this say about how the administration feels about the vice president? >> they must hate her if they are going to put her in this role. perhaps it's one of those times where we are supposed to kind of dismiss board, we know she's incompetent and going to fail. we look at the border, this might be more disinformation. maybe because of all of us will assume the worst, we are not going to pay as close attention as we otherwise would, that would be a mistake, they are clearly legal implications here, constitutional considerations if we are going to come up with some board that effectively says we will stop harassment online. with all due respect to the journalists and politicians would like to stop all that, it's not going to go anywhere, you're in no position to have more protection than anybody
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else, i have dramatic eyebrows, i get teased all the time on twitter. okay, it happens, we can move on. kennedy: it's interesting because jake sullivan is the cochair of the board and he knows a lot about disinformation from the 2016 campaign when he and the former secretary of state disseminated all information about russia pollution. people hearing about this order and antony blinken, merrick garland, miguel cardona, xavier becerra, alejandro mayorkas, these are very in foreign people who right now should be busy solving things like inflation and coming up something for our broken immigration system, i don't know that this rises to the top of the list for struggling americans and unfortunately biden today, there are more americans struggling in the week or month before so why aren't all of these people focusing on those critical issues right now? >> i think they have different jobs but i think this is pretty important job, one of the things
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people can agree on across the political aisle is disinformation, lies, conspiracy theories are all over the internet and a lot of times there playing on people who are vulnerable especially older people, i speak as an older person you got qanon theaters, the russians have interfered you have all kinds of nigerian -- disinformation is a top element of modern life. kennedy: it can be but is it the job of government? it's not just about disinformation, it's about keeping women and protected vulnerable others safe from harm online. i don't know that that is the government job. >> well, who can do it? even you unmask in terms of trying to buy twitter, he said wait a second, what about these bots and trolls? was real and not real?
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kennedy: that is absolutely right because people hide behind those things and corporations have allowed them, i don't think it's the government's job to come in and police that especially when it's one party doing the decision-making about what constitutes disinformation and can be anything politically inconvenient for us, your thoughts, i miss? >> he's right most people agree there are a lot of lies in crazy things on the internet, they don't agree on what those things are. your pointing to the exact problem, the definition but maybe we need to modify a little bit instead of standing on the human face forever, it will be a sensible heal from the lady in hr that will stop on your face forever but you're right to worry about the government, i have a secondary worried which is original board got dissolved, we got rid of nina jankowicz and all that is still happening and he doesn't have to pass a result
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in law to work because they can send the signal to twitter and facebook and have private actors essentially put the government line without stepping over the bear themselves and that seems the shape of a lot of our problems, his collusion between government and large corporations. kennedy: especially when large corporations, particularly tech companies donate to the republican party 921. speaking up the illusion of democrats, she's back and i can't get enough, hillary clinton sticking her nose in politics again, what happened? people took to twitter to speak to hit former president trump for get this, so rich, not accepting his election laws. to which we say, broke the book on that. hillary has the audacity, not audacity offer president biden advice on how to turn things
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around for his approval rating, a woman who has lost not one but two presidential elections, she even had the nerve to say quote, democracy leaders bring out the best in us, not the worst. help us address them remember when you called half the country's deplorable races? it president biden is getting campaign advice from the clinton, should he just concede now? >> i hope he's not turning to hillary clinton who does not have a long list of successes, mostly failures and anyone coming out, she's also criticizing not paying close enough attention to what's going on and basically giving up pass, it's ludicrous and why doesn't she go away? we allow her to stay in the spotlight and it really does send a message democrats don't have anyone to come after joe biden so we continue to see hillary clinton stepping up
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trying to fill that void of which i hope she does because that would be an easy defeat for the democrats. kennedy: let me ask about that, we are always watching these things, i'm not republican or democrat, probably wouldn't vote for either major party at this time but there has to be someone so who's next to come up and leave the party? obviously most democrats his former president obama and whenever he makes the democrats swoon because it embodies for them what was the best of their party for eight years. is there anyone else in the party who has that effect on people and who can create necessary coalition in these changing times? >> it depends we want to talk to. bernie sanders, he was in debate with senator graham, lindsey graham of south carolina this week with brett baier hosted by britt there in massachusetts and
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there's bernie sanders and bernie sanders with his socialist meanings and passions for the working man, the populace argument is appealing to a large segment of the democratic base so i think he can be elected, i don't think so. he says he's a biden person and he's not out there challenge joe biden. the short answer to your question about who's in line, obviously people think biden is going to run but if he doesn't, they are looking at emily harris and people are judge, amy klobuchar some people in the house, again if you like aoc, bernie sanders wing, a lot of purpose and passion but i don't think it can when. kennedy: i think you are right, i think people want someone like bill clinton, a lot of republicans would hold their nose if there were an actual democrat centrist who wanted to work with coalitions instead of
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just parties and that person is not hillary clinton. in 2015, i don't know if you remember this line, we have the tape? such a good one, i want you to respond to this, let's watch hillary masterfully alienate half the country. >> you made a few people upset to which enemy are you most proud of? >> in addition to the nra, the drug companies, iranians -- [laughter] probably the republicans. [laughter] kennedy: i'm so happy half of people i hate hate me. is she the best last hope of the party in 2024? >> the democrats problem is even though joe biden is quite old to be running for a second time, especially given doubts about whether or not he's actually in charge right now, the problem is
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they don't have anybody else who can effectively separate themselves from the left wing of the party and that cultural leftism, the woke is what is extremely unpopular. kind of disagree, bernie sanders would be a more popular alternative if he could keep himself off the woke stuff. what's more popular, democrats socialist policies are more popular than their cultural policies and the problem is the folks on that bench, they are the opposite, they are left on economic but more liberal and extremely far left on cultural issues and we found that extreme the unpopular with the american people so they are stuck with joe biden and that's why i think, they don't have one coming after them. kennedy: the only person who made roads with both parties easily with his impassioned, matthew mcconnaughhay. even if you don't fully agree, you have to grant he made good
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points and what he said resonated with a lot of people because he thought about something in a different way than most people who rely on these stale entrenched talking points so democrats can find someone like that, they will make headway. as of right now, shallow bench and hillary clinton needs to stay away from the dugout. the only reason people poker every couple of months is so she says silly stuff like this and everyone laughs, i can't get over it, it's great. the panel will return for game night. thank you all, see you in a bit. first up, oil companies signing off on biden's threats against them. does he have any idea how the energy industry works? more on that. stocks taking again today, getting worse. president biden says it's not inevitable but when it happens, how can you protect yourself?
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break it down in moments. ♪♪
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them for more gas and diesel and bashed them for turning a profit. he insisted they stop using the words brought and. they are firing back, exxon mobil released a statement saying refining capacity in the u.s., we've been investing to the downturn to increase refining capacity to process u.s. crude by about 250,000 barrels a day month the equivalent of adding a medium-size refinery. we kept investing even during the pandemic when we lost more than 20 billion. why not drill here? why not build more refineries? >> we need them to refine the crude oil which is not happening and that's what we are calling. >> right here in the u.s. though? >> we don't need to do that. kennedy: we do need to do that. we need more oil if you can't just push a button and expect
7:19 pm
everything to go back to normal so why is the biden administration pretending like you can? joining me now from power the future where he serves as executive director, energy expert, daniel turner is back. is the question drilling or the capacity to refine more of what we get out of the ground? >> we definitely have refining problems, we haven't built a refinery since 1977 so we do need more refineries they are always stopped by radical green groups, by lawsuit, we haven't had success there but we have a supply problem really and frankly the biden administration knows that, they have to increase the supply which is why he's releasing oil from petroleum reserves and by he's going to the saudi's and asking them to increase supply so for the white house to say it's not a supply problem, their own actions show the opposite. kennedy: that's what i was saying last night, he sank this is incredible opportunity to all
7:20 pm
go green. people can't afford to go green, they can't afford a $60000 electric vehicle. i'm sure a lot of people really wish they could and the grades to power the vehicles mostly run on fossil fuels but you brought up great points, the president is demonizing oil companies which are very necessary right now and threatening them with emergency powers and demonizing them saying they are gouging americans, sitting on this magical stash of oil they are withholding to make more money but the president is going to go to saudi arabia and treat them like royalty. >> i wish you would treat us as nicely as he treated the saudi's, he sent them to venezuela, on voice to iran to try to get them to release more oil or produce more and how to get into the global markets so i just wonder, last i saw in the oil and gas industry in america, we let women drive, we didn't
7:21 pm
throw gaze from rooftops, they do in iran and saudi arabia, why are you so much nicer to these other countries? why you speak with true anger, you see the wrath of joe biden not when he talks about the chinese or saudi's or iranians, you see the anger joe biden when he talks about american industries or american interest groups he doesn't like, remarkable. kennedy: one of the talking points from the left, one is this is a global problem and oil is global when we can't control the end the president has always oil companies 9000 new leases and they are not drilling, they choose not to drill. are both of those things not true? >> they are both false. it's funny how the narrative only came up now. when the evil orange man was president mckay they told us for four years was in the pocket of big oil, that was the expression, the big oil industry, funny how there was no
7:22 pm
price gouging accusations, they never talked about greed or coordinated price gouging. they just discovered green now, all these shenanigans when joe biden became president so if they would work with us, i'm not an anarchist, we need to cooperate with government, we need their support and help, i just wish the biden administration help us a little more than they are willing to help other countries achieve their goals. kennedy: is because government is so big and powerful right now and able to extract so much from taxpayers, we need to shrink the size and scope of government and to all the socialists who have taken hold of the democrat party and left wing of this country, capitalism is a beautiful thing. the free market is wonderful. when you hamper that, you get this.
7:23 pm
so government and government encroachment is to blame for all of this, i don't know what it will take for the pendulum to swing back to rationality but i will be here for it with my gas powered vehicle, daniel. always good to talk to you, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me on. kennedy: look at the big brain on daniel. wall street traders say a recession is coming, yesterday hiking interest rate 75 basis points, the american people are not pleased. a new fox news poll shows 47% of americans say they are falling behind in their personal finances. another poll shows 23% of americans approve of the president handling of inflation. those people must be higher than the price of gas. if recession is coming, how can you protect yourself? capitalist is hedge fund manager and fox news contributor, jonathan hoenig.
7:24 pm
i think jerome powell has been off about so much here but what he said yesterday, obviously this is a massive move, biggest hike in 30 years and he's saying the consumer is strong, consumers are totally spending, all polls say americans fear a recession is coming and they are curtailing their expenditures. >> great to be with you and they are experiencing it. what's funny, jerome powell, they like to hide about the economy, what is the economy? all these hundreds of millions of voluntary profitable reaction we all go through every day day after day and americans are hurting. 75% of americans are cutting back on their expenditures and quality of life is suffering. maybe you can't put it into a spreadsheet in excel but it's not big tech or big business hurting americans right now, it's government, the purchasing power of their assets, that's what inflation is whether jerome powell calls it a recession or
7:25 pm
not, americans are feeling right here right now. kennedy: is americans are assuming they are in recession and respondent in kind by withholding vacations, new home purchases, cars, college, whatever it is, when does it catch up? honestly there's a lag between the what they feel and what the data shows. when will there be acknowledgment we are in recession? >> long after the fact for sure but in the meantime, for those of us part of the economy not living up to government, the average american household spending about $460 extra a month. that's real money, how much the amount of wealth has been destroyed. tech stocks alone have lost $3 trillion this year in the bond market for somebody who wanted, somebody doing something so stupid as stating the monies, it's been annihilating. the worst market in modern
7:26 pm
history. simply not much for any american to do, it's already taken place, purchasing power of assets are gone so for many americans, the only thing they can do is tighten their belt and hopefully someone get the idea that putin, it's not putin causing inflation, is biden and what's happening in d.c. kennedy: do you think people already know that? >> i don't, i think they are honestly, many some on the right, government spending is what creates wealth, all we need to do is spend a little more, keep in mind, let's are justified the stimulus spending in the first place. we can't spend 2000, it has to be $3000 checks, all that spending, there's no free lunch, we are paying for it, everyday americans are paying for it and that's what this inflation is and i don't want to be on this but this, there's no stop insight, inflation has stopped at all, just now starting to
7:27 pm
feel it. kennedy: i don't know what they were talking about this year end late last year, jerome powell and janet yellen, it's going to slow down here any second, all inflation is going to cool off and we will be fine, people take you and larry summers, you have created a recipe for disaster, it is still very much baking in the oven and i worry for people, i really do. is there anything that can be done other than not eating out as much? >> tighten your belt. the fed is wrong over and over again. two years ago they thought inflation would be about 2%, it's 8% now. so frustrating and heartbreaking for everyday americans. the realization $100 is pocket change now in government is to blame. kennedy: that's my to money when i'm just walking the streets high-fiving people. was good to talk to you, take
7:28 pm
care. coming up, it is game night, thursday, whose headlight is it anyway? ridiculous headline you have to guess which mainstream media turn said it, that's next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: time to undress the press and put the screws to the news with america's favorite tabloid game, whose headline is anyway? we found some of the locust back used headlines on the web nixon a few we made up and now can are panel match headlines with the media maniacs who wrote them? jason and inez stepman are back in a special appearance from fox news headline mike, let's go.
7:33 pm
let's see who can do this. headline number one. his the orange m&m jewish? and investigation,, indian express or a fake headline? you can just use a letter, one letter alone. >> i want this to be real so badly. kennedy: just put the -- okay, you can just use the letter. [laughter] that's okay, he was writing feverishly. all right, you got it right and you got it right, you each have one. you got it right, nailing it. here we go, headline number two. don't play with your kid, seriously. is that a headline from cnn, the failing new york times or a fake
7:34 pm
headline? a, b or c, panel? jason says it's a cnn. his copying off of jason -- inez stepman got it right, the new york times. can you believe that? they hate children. i love children, about your children and your dog and i will play with all of them. headline three, could a new tik tok challenge promote the importance of designer sunglasses?, 17 magazine or a fake headline? there they go -- jason, you're back in the game. >> i'm getting wrong. kennedy: you are not good at this. i hope things turn around for you, it's embarrassing. [laughter] headline number four.
7:35 pm
harry potter and the author who failed us. his a headline, npr or a fake headline? harry potter and the author who failed us. inez, you are so good at this. jk rowling, love you. jk. get it? okay. headline number five. don't worry, he will catch up. headline number five. a clear indigenous professor who died of covid-19 didn't actually exist. cnn, vice or fake headline? we are paying attention? inez and jason got it right. i have to say this, you are on a streak here. inez had five, jason has three
7:36 pm
and you have donuts. zero. loser. >> the worst. kennedy: headline number six. how president biden over delivered in the unluckiest time to be president in history. the washington post, cnn or fake headline? >> i have to get this. kennedy: no one got it right, it's fake. [laughter] could have been anyone. you didn't get it. nothing. >> my flawless streak of being wrong. >> i'm truly sad today because it's gotta be a tough job. kennedy: i know, the onion -- headline number seven. should the government control the price of food and gas? is this the daily -- cnn or fake headline? >> i haven't heard of them in a
7:37 pm
long time. kennedy: guns, you got it right. [cheering] kennedy: you are on the board. this is so exciting. honestly, i am delighted for you because that in itself, it's a win. headline number eight. let's put our thinking caps on. on top of everything else, nuclear war would be a climate problem. the atlantic, the daily beast or fake headline? on top of everything else -- >> it might be beast. kennedy: it's not the beast, it's the atlantic. they could bring out a stack of questions, it wouldn't matter. >> you're ruining my life on a thursday. [laughter] kennedy: you are a great spoil. headline number nine. no conservatives, no such thing as a woman.
7:38 pm
the daily beast, teen vogue or fake headline? >> that seems like a millennial -- >> not a good time. kennedy: triple fail, it is a fake headline. >> really? kennedy: our last one and i'm going to make this 13-point. >> all right, come back. kennedy: you still can't win if you get it right but -- headline number ten. experts say kids in war zones are at increased risk of anxiety and depression. abc news, forbes or fake headline? >> it should be fake but i think somebody actually made it. kennedy: guns has four, jason has seven and inez has nine. she wins, she's the new
7:39 pm
editor-in-chief of every publication who said something. congratulations. >> that's a big jump. [laughter] i spend a lot of time reading. kennedy: great job, i'm happy to see your first win, she will go closed in the green room. wonder for thursday. beautifully done. the russians report the capture to americans fighting in ukraine. what kind of danger could they be in and what can the biden administration do to get them out? joey jones, triple j joins me in studio next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: oh my gosh, six years
7:44 pm
ago today, the album was released. russia, a man capture to prisoners of war in ukraine. two american combat veterans, former u.s. staff sgt. and former marine quarterly was missing after volunteering to fight russia in eastern ukraine. we are told they were separated from their platoon after it came under heavy fire, state department says it's aware of the missing soldiers and monitoring the situation. russian commanders previously threatened to execute foreign fighters so what might've happened to them and will they make it home? retired marine sgt. and fox news contributor, johnny joey jones, triple j. were they fighting with? obviously, they are not wearing united states uniforms who are they fighting with? >> i don't know specifically but i do know they were ground units. this is one of the biggest things, the first thing is you don't victim blame and say i can't believe they would do that.
7:45 pm
i would wish they would have taken a different path because i've got friends in poland and border countries logistically helping, door kickers, guys with real-world combat experience but the risk you take as an american specifically to go pick up arms and be on the battlefield is your leverage in a situation like this. the very first thing on my mind, i hope they get home, they are captured by russians, what leverage does it give russia? now there will be pressure at home on biden to get them home what is he doing to get the home? becomes the focus see go to help and now your a hindrance in liability. i was just on twitter, they are going in after the fighting has left to make sure explosives and ied's and anything that hasn't blown up is safe for the people who live in the blown up cities
7:46 pm
but not on the front lines because this war for ukrainians. as veterans we have knowledge and experience that they don't have. kennedy: so you're saying there's a better way of taking the expertise and energy instead of putting yourselves and fellow soldiers -- >> what did we lost -- if you watch the way we pull out of afghanistan, not having children, they say i give up a lot of my life, i don't even know how to find, my country gave up on, this would be a just cause i could be part of and i understand that you're single and don't have kids, i don't blame you for doing it but this is the situation you are risking and it may put other americans at risk and thus the problem. kennedy: i've had some conversations with people, special operators over there basically doing volunteer work not picking up arms, they are developing networks of people to
7:47 pm
get people out safely and to help in that way and be of service to make sure kids especially have a safe future. >> things get messy, they might go there with that intention, i don't have the details on this. they might have gotten over there with that intention in an opportunity arose and they were needed somewhere, i'm sure that happens with many of the guys and gals i've talked to going back and forth right now but the idea is don't let war become romanticizing your mind, combat veterans have a lot more perspective but there are americans who aren't even veterans trying to go to ukraine and fight the good fight and beat the russians and war is not what you think it is, it's not this amazing thing you wear a shiny meddle in your chest and save your soul for the rest of eternity, work sucks and it's terrible, there isn't a good outcome and war, don't go looking for that kind of fight. it is a way to help, pneumatic
7:48 pm
your experience, it doesn't put you on the battlefield even if you are veteran, ukrainians fight, they probably the more help away from the front lines that on it and don't become a liability for your entire country because god for bid they are someplace where our commander-in-chief has to make a decision sending our guys behind enemy lines but that's what you risk. kennedy: so what happens if they are executed? >> that's -- what will happen? the american people will be upset, you arty have americans who think we should be involved in other ways and it makes everything that happens from there on out that much worse and i don't think this president goes to war over up at the next president may campaign on that promise because everything is can we win an election with it? why become a martyr all it's going to do is put other lives at risk? are not harping on these two guys because i hope to get home safe, they are heroes in a lot of ways but it is something you're contemplating, think about it.
7:49 pm
kennedy: listen to joey, thank you for being here. topical storm is next, join us. ♪♪
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heard trial, that's the universal experience and this is topical storm, topic number one. a panel of judges in new york ruled an elephant at the bronx zoo does not have human rights. the elephant says she forgives -- she does not forget never, ever, ever. happy the elephant we introduce you to a few weeks ago, free her from her zoo habitat on the basis that it's unnatural and inhumane. it's unclear if they were talking about the zoo or the bronx. i'm just getting. the judges ruled giving heavy human rights would have a destabilizing impact on society calling into question all pet ownership and raising of livestock. you might say the real elephant in the room was the judges
7:54 pm
chicken sandwich. she says she's relieved she's not legally considered a person because she's seen what they do to people in the bronx, it's not good especially if you're up boston red sox. topic number two. now video of the ultimate flight test, romain of french guiana embarking on a leisurely trip in this reading was deathtrap when midflight he saw something that made him pause, keep your eyes in the upper right in the corner of your screen, a scary kat. nine lives. he must've seen top gun, goes is up there? now watch when he figures it out, i'm told his exact words were i thought i saw a play kat, i did, i did. they fully they were able to turn around without shaking it off. otherwise, he be guilty of kitty litter. topic number three. if you are a beer drinker, time
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to check your guts. scientists in portugal claim a daily class of beer good improve your good health. without it, you might not have a gut at all if the study comes from nova university where the students have been putting in long against studying effects of beer on their bodies. researchers say healthy bacteria sendoff sections unless you drink too much ended up sleeping with the football team. what's? benefits from compounds and toxic barley, why nonalcoholic beer is just as good, the most amazing bookbinding drinking beer and fight obesity and they mean it would literally make to fight an obese person, well done. topic number four time to get your gut reaction, this is your mail. you again? that's what brett baier and
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